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The Jesuspizza project

You might have heard your friends talk about a project, called Jesuspizza, to use thousands of Internet-connected computers to help in the search for the perfect pizza, the pizza containing the face of Jesus.

The idea behind Jesuspizza is to use the processor cycles that are usually squandered by your computer and that '3-D Text' screensaver.

This works as follows: an interested computer user such as you will download free software from our site. When your computer is idle, the software will download images of pizzas that are about to be eaten by hackers, coders, and wannabe geeks worldwide. It will analyse these images and report any likely matches. Since further tests do not occur in 'real time', our system will send a warning to the prospective pizza eater, and our researchers will conduct further tests.

The software also allows particularly bored users to view abstractions of the downloaded images as each pizza is examined.

On our site you can find these pages:
  • What we expect to find
  • The importance of our work
  • The pizza and Christendom
  • Evidence for the sceptical - other images of Jesus
  • FAQ
  • Download page - join us!
  • Making donations to the project
  • Users' thoughts

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