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This just in:  we are moving from a beta release at our test sites
to a proper release.  As we deem each release stable, it will be
added to this page for download.  
  If you would like Jesuspizza to be available for an 
operating system not listed here, please do not hesitate to write it.
  If you can't find what you want on this page now, please let us know
so we can add you to the development team.

This version works just as well on any two-bit or higher version of Windows and is generally responsible for fewer than 2 in 100 crashes of said OS.

Mac version:
You should get the official Mac version directly from Apple. Accept no substitutes.

Linux/UNIX version:
Designed with the Linucine spirit of sharing, our project thrives on the command line. There is also a GUI interface provided for Red Hat users.

Other OSes:
We are developing a WAP version. Rather than waste your spare processor cycles on that screensaver you downloaded from www.dumbphonelogos.com, you will soon be able to get our special lightweight version. This will work just as well on Palm Pilots.

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