This is more or less a place-holder page at the moment. We just thought we would give you a quick idea what Quickie-Web-Voo has in store for the world...

Our Voo of the Past

In a world whose once-pristine lakes are fouled with frames within frames within frames, whose children cannot roam the Web freely without running into the sharp edges of unclosed tables, whose search-engine-baiting wars have led to highrise META swamps where once content stood... in such a world, there is a need for one of two things.

When tenements stand high and overpopulation is rife, disease and fire spread more easily, providing some return to a natural balance. The current Web climate favours and rewards Flashy sites and pages that are 'best when viewed over a T3 line'. It is possible that somewhere there will be quietly unleashed a virus that patches browsers to simply not display screwed-up pages. Or perhaps a Web crawler that cleanses the world by finding lousy HTML and bloated sites and, once finding them, mails the Webmaster address an appropriately disguised application that deletes the offending pages.

Until then there's option two: Quickie-Web-Voo.

A Quickie Look at the Present

All is not lost in an Interkonq Moznet bugscape, for there is a grassroots movement currently taking the corners of the Internet by storm. Quickie-Web-Voo (or QWV, as it is affectionately known) has tapped into that movement. Users who would benefit from a browser such as ours are placing QWV banners on their Web pages, letting visitors know that their browsers are inferior. Yes, this is the same tactic used to muscle newer and newer versions of IE into people's lives, but our banners point to a way out of the cycle of madness. No longer need the viewer be a slave to fear of stale technology.

With the current version of QWV, there is no need to worry about having the latest version. For the user of a nonexistent browser, there is no need to worry that someone else will top a drunken boast of 'I just installed Netscape 23.7!'. Similarly, there is no need to be the lone 'Lynx' or 'w3m' Web log entry, surrounded by much bigger, sweaty browsers. Our message is simple: link to this page and spread the voopoint:

This site has been optimised for use with Quickie-Web-Voo Version 0.9, the
thinking person's user-agent.  This browser does not exist yet (a
fact that one may argue makes it superior to most available browsers).
So, once the QWV developers have ascertained what sorts of sites and users
would be drawn to a Solution such as QWV, the browser can be tailor-made
to fit their needs.  So make your site QWV-compliant today.  And use
Quickie-Web-Voo - join the fight to take over Web access log files

Or just include in your page's footer:
This site looks best when viewed with <a href="http://theanna.org/Voo/">Quickie-Web-Voo</a>.

Voos for the Future

[there is an image here, but it isn't really worth seeing so don't bother firing up a graphical browser for the sake of it.] QWV is symbolic of the perfection for which browsers should strive, rather than the lowest common denominator. It is the client-side equivalent of some of the Web servers described here.

We envision Quickie-Web-Voo having the light feel of Lynx, the hold on the marketplace of Microsoft® Internet Explorer, and the power of wget. We also hope to banish from Earth the blight of the Netscapian <blink> tag legacy. We can do this only with your help. With your help, perhaps we can even get people to test browsers before releasing them.

Join the Campaign for a Nonexistent Browser!

© 2001-2008 Anna Shefl

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