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What do we expect to find?

Our work so far

We have searched [Count] pizzas since the inception of the project in September 2000. Although the canonical Jesus Pizza has not yet been found, there have been some near misses which deserve mention as inspiration to all true seekers. Please contact us at feedback@annaeht.org(reverse the letters in the bit before the 'org' first, though) if you find a pizza that you think belongs on this page.
[IMG: Ganesha surprise: click for larger image] [IMG: Allah pizza: click for larger image]
  Left: Shiva's offspring Ganesha, traditionally represented as a
potbellied man with an elephant's head.  In his left hand are flowers, in
his right hand is a ceremonial stylised axe, in his third hand is the
broken piece of his tusk, and in his fourth hand is a bowl of mangoes.

  Right: Allah pizza, found by Weird Al-Pacino of Chicago.  There may well
be a pizza for each name of Allah.

For historical interest, we should also point out the pizza that gave our project its final impetus. [IMG: Om: click
for larger image] [IMG: Che Special: click for larger image] Without this urge to come together in search of universal peace, we might never have begun our holy crusade. Our thanks go to the discoverer of this pizza and to all those who supported us in the early stages, before our project gained the publicity it so richly deserves.
Also pictured is a more secular pizza which gave us added inspiration. There must be a fine line indeed between religious and political revolutionary pizzas.
  Left:  'Om' pizza.  Remember that the jewel is in the lotus, folks.
Behold it.
  Right:  A saviour of a different flavour, Che Guevara, found by 
Anonymous Coward.  This pie conjures up a familiar image.

But here is the closest match yet found. It passed the initial Probable Piety tests but, alas, does not refer to the Saviour of the World. Rather, it is a depiction [IMG: The rugged crust: click for larger image] of the cross to the left of His, whereon a criminal was placed. False messiahs are only one of the many dangers we at Jesuspizza face on a regular basis. (Note: due to a bug in the software, this was initially reported as a Southern Cross Satanic pizza. Although we believe this problem has been rectified, if you discover a similar off-by-180 error, please report it to feedback@annaeht.org - and put 'features' in the subject line so that your message reaches our features department (NOTE: you must reverse the letters in the bit before the 'org').
  This pizza, featuring the other guy, was found by Roland Pilsbury
of Poughkeepsie, New York.  We like to call this 'Pizza Bandito', but it
rather more readily brings to mind some of the less flamboyant though
flavoursome Nordic pizzas.

We have also heard reports of Virgin Mary sightings in pizzas, but nobody could verify the children's reports. We suspect blue mould.

Our hopes for the future

For comparison's sake, here is an artist's rendition of what we expect the one true Jesus Pizza to look like:
[IMG: Artist's rendition of the one true pizza] [IMG: Artist's rendition of the one true pizza, back view]
  Left:  our staff artist's conception of the Canonical pizza, top view.
As you can see, this is a rough sketch only, and the real Jesus Pizza may 
differ from this in one or more important respects.  Most depictions of 
Jesus feature a halo around his head.  What halo holier than a crisp, 
hot pizza?
  Right: Canonical pizza, bottom view.  This rendition is, again, 
obviously only our artist's conception.  Other than carrying the
stigmata--the mark of Christ's suffering--who knows what other wonders 
we may behold in the real thing?  


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