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My Attic Pages

Below, I link to a few things that have seemed to be of interest to some people. This pile is a 'home page' insofar as 'home' is connected mostly with those people and comfortable motifs. I return every so often to throw more junk onto these pages.

I might put a general CV up here somewhere, but it belongs more on the business site. For most purposes, it suffices to say that I am an anthropologist whose current work largely involves editing and fine-tuning academic output in numerous fields, doing one-on-one work with translators, and so on.

I would link to a 'who I am' page, but the Web needs no more such pages. You may consider this my 'blog offset' if you wish.

The main things you can find here

Also available here

Things linked to from beyond the Web

General questions and comments may be directed to me at the email address below (which should safely appear in a monospaced font). If you are writing in reply to a particular section of the site, please consult any email/contact information in that section preferentially.

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Added after receipt of rather entertaining threats by email...
While complaints about any of the sets of pages collected here may be sent to this email address, emailing me constitutes permission for me to quote them in full or in part on the site concerned, though I will consider requests otherwise. Such permission may not be revoked after the fact.

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