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Updated 21st October 2002

Release year Title Comp. Eps.
Peter Cushing films:
1965 Doctor Who and the Daleks Susan, Barbara, Ian 1
  Status: All needed - to help, contact me (see main page)
1966 Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 Susan, Louise, Tom 1
  Status: Complete as of 9 Oct. '99, from direct e-mail
Companion stories:
1999 Wartime Sgt Benton 1
  Status: Complete as of ????, from ????
1994 Whatever Happened to Doctor Who's Granddaughter,
Susan Foreman of Class 5B?
Susan 1
  Status: Complete as of 1 Mar. '01, from direct e-mail
Rowan Atkinson as nth Doctor:
1998 The Curse of Fatal Death: 1 2 3 4 Emma 4
  Status: Complete as of 7 Jul. '99, from direct e-mail

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