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1. Ext. London Street. Night.

2. Int. TARDIS Control Room. Night.

DR. WHO: He must have pulled open the door just as I de-magnetised it.

LOUISE: He's got a terrible bump on his head!

DR. WHO: Oh, nothing that a little fresh air won't cure. I'll see what's going on outside.

MAN WITH CARRIER BAG: Say, police! Hey, stop 'em! They're getting away!

DR. WHO: He'll just have to come with us, that's all.

3. Ext. London Street. Night.


MAN ON BICYCLE: What's going on 'ere then?

MAN WITH CARRIER BAG: Smash and grab!

MAN ON BICYCLE: Oh, what, another one? It's always happening around 'ere!

MAN WITH CARRIER BAG: Uh Uh...cor!(sighs)


4. Int. TARDIS Control Room. Day.

TOM: Hey, the robbers. Look, can I use your telephone?

DR. WHO: What is your name, young man?

TOM: Tom Campbell, Special Constabulary, K Division.

DR. WHO: Yes yes yes. And can you tell me the date?

TOM: The date? Oh I see, you want to know if I'm alright. Yes, it's March the 31st, now can I use your telephone?

SUSAN: We're arriving, Grandfather.

DR. WHO: Oh good. I'm afraid you can't use the telephone. For one thing we haven't got one. And even if we had, I don't think it will do any good, not in 2150 AD.

TOM: 2150??

LOUISE: That's right!

DR. WHO: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Who, this is my niece Louise...

LOUISE: Hello!

DR. WHO: ...and my grand-daughter Susan. And this is my time and space machine, TARDIS. It is capable of taking us to any age, on any planet, in any universe. You arrived just as we were about to leave for London in the year-

TOM: Yes, I know, 2150. You don't seem to realise there's been a serious crime committed. I don't know what you're all up to. I ought to report you for this. 2150!

5. Ext. Destroyed River Bank. Day.

TOM: It's all different!

LOUISE: Well, I told you to believe him.

TOM: But, it's daytime!

SUSAN: Are you sure it's 2150?

DR. WHO: Yes, quite sure, Susie.

SUSAN: But Grandfather, it looks so deserted.

DR. WHO: I should say decaying.

LOUISE: Well, what's happened to London then?

SUSAN: Maybe it's Sunday.

TOM: Course it's not Sunday, I'm playing football Sunday!

DR. WHO: Come along Louise, let's investigate over here.

SUSAN: No machines. No voices. And there aren't any birds!

TOM: That bloke must've hit me harder than I thought.

LOUISE: Susan!

TOM: Come here!

DR. WHO: Look out! Thankyou, my boy.


TOM: We'll never shift this lot.

DR. WHO: There's a warehouse over there. We'll see if we can find a crowbar or something.

SUSAN: I think I've hurt my ankle.

DR. WHO: Oh Susie! You'd better stay here with Louise. Come along, young man. Don't stand there dithering.

TOM: Look, Doc, I don't understand this at all, all this moving forward in time. And what about the inside of that thing? On the outside it's ordinary enough but...inside it's the size of a house!

DR. WHO: Ah, my boy, I like an enquiring mind. Just as time is regarded as the fourth dimension, so space is equally the fifth dimension, for space knows no boundaries, and is completely time's. Now, I'm sure that's made it perfectly clear, eh?

TOM: Oh yeah...perfectly clear...to me.

6. Int. Warehouse. Day.

TOM: There is another question I'd like to put to you Doctor. Doctor? Where are you- oh, there you are. Look, Doctor, if you can travel anywhere-

DR. WHO: Shh!

TOM: Try around here.

7. Ext. Deserted River Bank. Day.

LOUISE: Susan? Susan? Susan? SUSAN?

WYLER: No noise, and I'll let you go.

LOUISE: Where's Susan? What have you done with here?

WYLER: The kid's alright. You must be stupid, moving about in the open like this.

LOUISE: Where are we going?

WYLER: You want to see the girl, don't you?

LOUISE: Yes, but-

WYLER: Well, come on, then!!

8. Int. Warehouse. Day.

DR. WHO: He's dead.

TOM: Doctor? It's a radio.

DR. WHO: Hm. Certainly a receiver of some sort. Oh yes...highly advanced! Miniature antennae. Gunfire! Let's get back. That could be the killer.

TOM: Well, we'd better investigate. Come on! Aah! Oh Doc, get me in. Pull me in. Thanks, Doc.

DR. WHO: I...can't see the girls anywhere. Where have they gone? Come on!

9. Ext. Warehouse. Day.

DR. WHO: Quite remarkable!

TOM: It's a flying saucer!

DR. WHO: Yes, that's a very apt description! Well, it appears to be landing in the vicinity of Sloane Square!

TOM: Hey, come on, Doc. Let's find the girls and get out of here.

10. Ext. Streets of London. Day.

11. Int. London Underground. Day.

SUSAN: Louise!

LOUISE: Oh, thank heavens you're alright!

WYLER: Come on, keep moving!

LOUISE: Wha-what about the others?

WYLER: What others?

SUSAN: My grandfather, and a policeman called Tom.

WYLER: I'll go back for them later. Come on!

12. Ext. Deserted River Bank. Day.

DR. WHO: Any sign of them?

TOM: No.

DR. WHO: Let's try over here.

13. Int. London Underground. Day.

WYLER: We're nearly there.

DAVID: Wyler. Who are these two?

WYLER: Oh, I found them down by the river. Open targets.

DAVID: Well, I was nearly caught at the warehouse. There were two of them. White haired old man and a young man.

SUSAN: That must have been my grandfather and Tom.

DAVID: The Robomen know about the warehouse.

WYLER: Are you sure?

DAVID: There was a Roboman waiting for me. I had to kill him. Then these other two arrived. I didn't know who they were, so I came out the back way.

SUSAN: Please get my grandfather.

DAVID: I'll try.

WYLER: No! It's too dangerous!

DAVID: I'll try.

LOUISE: Thanks.

14. Ext. Deserted River Bank. Day.

DR. WHO: This is Susan's. It's wet. Perhaps Louise was bathing her ankle.

TOM: Yeah, they might be down by the river.

DR. WHO: Yes.


DAVID: Oi you!

DR. WHO: Daleks!

DALEK: Take the prisoners to the spaceship. Move!

DALEK: Intercept escaping human in river area. Intercept escaping human in river area.

15. Int. Rebels' Hideout. Day.

DORTMUN: New recruits, Wyler?

WYLER: I picked them up near the river.

DORTMUN: Came down in a boat, eh? Trying for the coast, but you couldn't get through to London, huh? Well, we can use you. You'll be safe here.

DALEK: Attention. Attention. Survivors of London. The Daleks are the masters of Earth.

SUSAN: The Daleks?!?

DALEK: Surrender now, and you will live. Resist, and you will be exterminated. Show yourselves in the streets immediately and obey the orders of your masters, the Daleks.

DORTMUN: Obey motorised dustbins? We'll see about that! Good, keep that gun well-oiled. We'll show them who the masters are. We'll show them.

WYLER: Hey, what's going on?

SUSAN: We can't stay here. We must go.

WYLER: Now, don't be silly. You can't go out there, you're safe here.

LOUISE: But what about the others, outside?

WYLER: Oh, stop worrying, they're sure to be alright.

SUSAN: But it's my grandfather!

WYLER: Well, it's no good. The streets'll be crawling with Daleks.

DORTMUN: Oh, what's this?

WYLER: Oh...there's another two of them out there.

DORTMUN: There's nothing we can do for them. I'm sorry.

LOUISE: What's going to happen?

DORTMUN: No-one's absolutely certain. They've turned the whole of Bedfordshire into a gigantic mining area. If you want me to guess, I'd say they're burrowing right down to the Earth's core, but don't ask me why.

WYLER: They'll blow this planet to bits before they're finished.

DORTMUN: Do you think we'd let them? They've bombarded us with meteorites, subjected us to cosmic rays, smashed our cities, destroyed whole continents of people! Some of us they've turned into living dead. Robomen. Thousands of others are dying inside their mine. But I tell you this, Wyler. The wheel's turning full circle. Our day's coming!

WYLER: Maybe.

DAVID: I was just too late. They were both captured and taken to one of the flying saucers.

LOUISE: What will they do with them?

DAVID: I don't know.

16. Ext. Dalek Spaceship. Day.

DR. WHO: I do not understand it. The Daleks were destroyed. I was there, I saw it happen.

TOM: When was this?

DR. WHO: Well, I don't know. TARDIS took us by accident to the Dalek planet Skaro, but perhaps that was sometime in the future. Those Daleks could only travel on metal. But these are-

ROBOMAN: Forward. These men killed the other two men in my patrol.

RED DALEK: Then you shall replace them. Join the other prisoners. Continue your patrol.

THOMPSON: We'll have to make a break. Once they get us inside the saucer, that's it.

CRADDOCK: No, no, there isn't a hope.

THOMPSON: Isn't there? Watch me!

CRADDOCK: Thompson, Thompson come back! Come back, Thompson, you'll never make it! THOMPSON! Thompson, you'll never make it, come down from there!


RED DALEK: Exterminate! Exterminate!

THOMPSON: Aah..aah...aaaaah...aarrrrgh!

RED DALEK: Prisoners will proceed into the ship. Any further resistance will be dealt with in the same way.

17. Int. Rebels' Hideout. Day.

LOUISE: How long will the saucer stay on the ground?

DAVID: Fix this in there? That's it. Until they've, um, got enough prisoners to take to the mine, I suppose.

SUSAN: Do they take them all to the mine?

DAVID: Yes, of course. Well, look. I've never been inside a saucer, how do I know?

SUSAN: Is that where they robotise the prisoners?


First three prisoners.

Next three prisoners.

Forward, last three prisoners.

All Daleks return to central control, immediately!.

DR. WHO: They're going. Now if they've only left the exit ramp down.

CRADDOCK: Do you think they're going to let you walk out?

DR. WHO: Turn out your pockets, both of you!

CRADDOCK: Well, how are you going to get the door open?

DR. WHO: I'll show you, if I can find what I want.

TOM: I've got some loose change and a pen.

CRADDOCK: No, I haven't got a thing.

DR. WHO: No, I need something non-conductive.

TOM: I've got a comb here, Doctor.

DR. WHO: Yes, I believe that will do the trick nicely! Excellent!

TOM: Well, what's the idea?

DR. WHO: These doors are closed by magnetics. All we have to do is to break the two poles.

CRADDOCK: Er, is that all?

DR. WHO: Yes! Yes, here. We have to force our comb in - here!

DR. WHO: Back in the cell?

Stay where you are! You have passed the intelligence test by escaping.

DR. WHO: And what are you going to do with us?

You will be robotised. Move!

Rebels of London. This is our final warning. Leave your hiding places. Show yourselves, in the streets. Work is needed from you, but the Daleks offer you life. Soon we will destroy London completely and you will all die. This is your last chance to come out of your hiding places.

DORTMUN: We'll come out of our hiding places...and fight!

DORTMUN: We can do it, Wyler. We can do it with these bombs.

WYLER: And how do we get near enough to throw them? Show me! Go on, show me!!

DORTMUN: Well, at least we can make the gesture.

WYLER: With people?

DORTMUN: Why not?

WYLER: Forget it!


WYLER, DORTMUN & DAVID: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Robotising process completed.

Release them. Obey Daleks without question.

ROBOMEN: We obey without question.

Patrol area near this spaceship.

Move into the compartments. Move!

Prepare robotising process.


DAVID: We're taking the prisoners to the spaceship.

What sector do these prisoners come from?

DAVID: Sector four.

No patrol has been allotted to sector four.

General alert! All Daleks to main ramp! We are under attack! Emergency! Emergency!

Emergency! Emergency!

Shall we stop the robotising?

No! Proceed.

Aah! Aargh!

DAVID: Come on!

DAVID: Now, now.

TOM: Thanks mate.


TOM: He's stuck!

WYLER: Never mind, leave him!

All Robomen reserve into action. Destroy invaders! Destroy invaders!

DAVID: Come on!

TOM: Where's the girl? Have you see- Have you seen the girl? Listen, where's the girl!

Yah- hah!

Exterminate rebels! Exterminate rebels!

Exterminate rebels! Exterminate rebels!

DAVID: This way, come on!

DR. WHO: N-no, but-

DAVID: No, come on!

WYLER: They're no good! The bombs are no good!

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Daleks and Robomen! Return to spaceship!

WYLER: No! I'm alright. I'm the only one, eh?

DORTMUN: Yes, you're the first.

WYLER: Or the last.

DORTMUN: What happened?

WYLER: It was a failure. Oh, we managed to get one or two of the prisoners away but-

SUSAN: What about my grandfather?

WYLER: What, an oldish man, thin-faced?


WYLER: I think he's with David. Your bombs were no good, we didn't have a chance.

DORTMUN: We've got to go on resisting, we must.

WYLER: But you can't fight metal with flesh and blood.

An attack on the Dalek spaceship has been defeated...

WYLER: We'll have to get away from here.

DORTMUN: Right. We'll make our way to the outskirts of London. We can pick up a van there, there's plenty of transport lying about. Then we'll hide out in the country somewhere until we can regroup.

SUSAN: What about my grandfather and Louise?

WYLER: Well, if they're with David they'll come back here. L-leave a message.

TOM: Shh...it's alright, it's me, it's Tom. Look, don't talk.


TOM: There's a marvellous place to hide over here, come on! Behind this thing.

LOUISE: I don't believe it!

TOM: What have you done?! Stop it! Try and stop it! Look, don't let it...Try the top one there! Oh. Come here. Lift that up. Come on. What are you doing here?

LOUISE: I was trapped in the raid.

TOM: Yeah, so was I. Saw the Doctor escape, though.

LOUISE: Oh, he's alright then?

TOM: Yeah, I think so. Get me out of this thing, will you?

DAVID: No sign of the Daleks anywhere. Dortmun and the others must've decided to move on.

DR. WHO: Yes, but where have they gone?

DAVID: I dunno.

DR. WHO: Susan was here, you say, and Louise?


DR. WHO: You should've made them stay.

DAVID: They wouldn't listen.

DR. WHO: YOU should've made them listen.

DAVID: Alright!

DR. WHO: This may give us some idea of where they've gone.

DAVID: Yes, that's the, er, big mine area. Dortmun must've ringed it. He was a geologist once, had some, er, pretty wild ideas about what the Daleks were up to in that mine.

DR. WHO: Hmm. There's nothing wild about these notes. A lot of well-informed guess work, I should say.

DAVID: Well aren't we going to stay here, it'll be safe enough?

DR. WHO: I don't know about you, young man, but I am going to that mine in Bedfordshire. You, er...you don't have to come, you know.

DAVID: I always did prefer the country.

DR. WHO: Most unlike Susan, not leaving me a message.

DR. WHO: I wonder if the constable's up there.

TOM: Sorry.

LOUISE: I wonder where they taking us.

TOM: I don't know, we might be stuck in here for days.

LOUISE: When we land, I wonder if we could get out of that disposal chute.

TOM: I don't know.

SUSAN: More prisoners.

DORTMUN: At least we know your grandfather isn't one of them.

WYLER: Come on, we'd better be going.

DORTMUN: Right Susan, in you get. I'll open the doors.

WYLER: No, I'll get them!

DORTMUN: Go on! I can manage.

WYLER: Dortmun! Dortmun, come back! Don't be a fool! Dortmun!

DORTMUN: Aaarrrrgh!

SUSAN: Look!

Patrol nine to spaceship. Intercept escaping humans.

Intercept escaping humans, travelling in area nine.

Check for them!

We have located the rebels' machine.

Prepare to annihilate!

WYLER: What is it?

SUSAN: There's a flying saucer overhead. It's coming closer!

WYLER: You alright? You still think this grandfather of yours will follow you to Watford?

SUSAN: If he reads the message I left.

WYLER: Well, it's a long way on foot.

SUSAN: We'll make it.

WYLER: We'd better get started, then!

DR. WHO: Mm. You're right. We'll have to bypass Watford. The place is full of Daleks. Well, here we go. On up to Bedfordshire. We must find out what they're up to.

DAVID: How far have we gotta go now?

DR. WHO: About three miles.

DAVID: Halt!

DR. WHO: As I was saying, about three miles.

LOUISE: Everything's still.

TOM: Hm?

LOUISE: The saucer's landed.

TOM: Come on! Back! I don't think we can get out this way.

LOUISE: Well, we can't stay in the saucer, either!

TOM: Alright! I'll go first. Alright?


TOM: Shh...come on.


WELLS: Stay where you are. Who are you?

TOM: Well...er...

WELLS: Why aren't you in your work detail? Just arrived, haven't you?


WELLS: I thought your clothes looked too clean. Have you just escaped out of that spaceship that just landed? You fools, you haven't a- Follow me, I'll do the talking.

ROBOMAN: What are these two doing here?

WELLS: I took them out of a work detail to help me collect some tools.

ROBOMAN: The have no identificati- Eeeee!

WELLS: What do you think your doing, you...crazy idiot?!? The Daleks'll miss him! We've gotta get rid of him.

TOM: Stick him under that tarpaulin. That's it. Come on, roll him in. Now come on, show us where we can hide.

WELLS: The tool shed over there, that's your only chance. I'll send you some food later!


WYLER: Cut that out!

SUSAN: I'm sorry.

WYLER: Well, we can't get to Watford that way. The Daleks are everywhere. I couldn't get any food, either.

SUSAN: Never mind. There's a cottage just over there.

WYLER: Where?

SUSAN: Across the stream.

WYLER: Yeh, nobody saw you, did they?

SUSAN: No, but there's someone outside.

WYLER: Let's take a look. Come on!

YOUNG WOMAN: Stop there!

SUSAN: We only somewhere to rest...and a little food if you've got it.

OLD WOMAN: Where are you from?

SUSAN: London. My friend's hurt his leg.

OLD WOMAN: Where are you heading?

SUSAN: The Daleks' mine in Bedfordshire.

WYLER: I thought you said Watford.

SUSAN: Well Grandfather won't stay there, will he, when he finds it full of Daleks. I think he'll go on to the mine. He's bound to be curious. Can we come in?

OLD WOMAN: You were lucky to get this far. The patrols are everywhere. They never stop, day or night.

WYLER: Yes, I know. They nearly got us. Why haven't the patrol's taken you? They must know you're here.

OLD WOMAN: Oh they know, alright. But we can't harm them. We mend the clothes of the slave workers. We're more useful doing that than working in the mine.

WYLER: Well, how do you manage for food?

OLD WOMAN: They give us some, not enough. Hungry most of the time.

WYLER: Okay. We'll just rest for a bit, then push on.

YOUNG WOMAN: Give them some of the soup. You can't walk on that leg for a while. You can stay here till it's better, if you like.

SUSAN: Thankyou.

OLD WOMAN: Mostly potatoes, but there's a bit of meat in it.

YOUNG WOMAN: I'll have to deliver these clothes.

OLD WOMAN: Mind how you go!

YOUNG WOMAN: I'll be careful.

DAVID: You know what'll happen if we go down that mine, don't you? Chances are we'll never get out again.

DR. WHO: My boy, this mine is the centre of the Dalek activity. Now Dortmun has various theories on the subject, none of them conclusive. But all based on one fundamental idea.

DAVID: They want something that's under the earth.

DR. WHO: Yes, but what? Minerals? Most unlikely, don't you think?

DAVID: Well, oil!

DR. WHO: If we were in Texas or the Middle East, I might agree. But no. No. The Daleks have a far greater reason, a much more alien one. Strong enough to make them wage war on this planet. They are not enslaving Earth merely for conquest. What they are doing in this mine...is the whole purpose of their invasion. We must learn what that is, if we are to find out...where their weakness lies.

DAVID: The Daleks have no weakness.

DR. WHO: Everybody has a weak-

BROCKLEY: Don't try it. Hold the rifle by the barrel. Sling it over there.

DR. WHO: What is the meaning of this?!

BROCKLEY: Shut up. What are you two jokers up to? Sounded to me as if he wants to get into the mine.

DR. WHO: We do.

BROCKLEY: Mm. Most people want to get out of it. There's a sack up there. Get it. It's full of food, I'm taking it into the mine to sell.

DAVID: Sell?

BROCKLEY: There's only one safe way in and out of the mine and I know that you can come with we if you really want to. Ah...this pays your fare. Two singles, of course. If you want return that comes higher.

DAVID: Why should we trust you?

BROCKLEY: You won't get in without me.

DR. WHO: And why are you willing to help us?

BROCKLEY: It's my line of business.

DR. WHO: Well, we're ready when you are.

BROCKLEY: Have you got a death wish or something? We stay here the night and slip into the mine...when the early shift goes on in the morning.

YOUNG WOMAN: Look! A tin of soup! Another tin!

OLD WOMAN: You've done well.


OLD WOMAN: I knew they'd give us more food if you told them.

Forward! Or you will be exterminated!

YOUNG WOMAN: Well, (sniff), they wanted to go to the mine anyway. Uh huh huh huh huh hahaha! (cheap!)

TOM: We'll never make it tonight, the place is crawling with Daleks.

LOUISE: We'll just have to wait then, that's all.

TOM: Yeh, might manage it in the morning, while they're having their breakfast. Hm. Yeh.

DAVID: Well, that smells good!

DR. WHO: Yes, it does.

BROCKLEY: Try some.

DAVID: Oh, thank you!

BROCKLEY: Come on.

CONWAY: Alright, you can come out! They sent you some food. Not much, I'm afraid, but it is something.

TOM: Thanks a lot.

CONWAY: Well, what are you going to do? You can't stay here forever. Brockley?

BROCKLEY: Who else?

LOUISE: Doctor!

DR. WHO: Louise!

CONWAY: Keep your voices down! Who are those two?

BROCKLEY: Two work lovers. They wanted to be in on the big deal. `s quite a reunion, mm?

CONWAY: Got the food?

BROCKLEY: How about your end?

CONWAY: I've got it.

BROCKLEY: Let's see it then. There's not as much as before. So...you can have the food. I'm doing you a favour though.

CONWAY: Is that what it is?

DR. WHO: How much do you know about this mine?

CONWAY: I know the work's nearly finished.

DR. WHO: Do you know what they're doing?

CONWAY: Yes. The Daleks are going to extract the metallic core of the Earth. It's an insane idea of piloting the planet and using it like a giant spaceship.

LOUISE: But that's impossible!

CONWAY: Maybe. The Daleks say they've found a fracture in the Earth's crust. They're going to use that fracture like a diamond cutter would. They've set up an explosive device to drop right through the fracture...so the metallic core will burst out and plunge towards the sun. Then death to all the people here, for all I know this whole area maybe blown to atoms.

DR. WHO: And the Daleks are nearly ready?

CONWAY: They will be ready tonight.

DR. WHO: Ah. Could you obtain a plan of the mine workings?

BROCKLEY: I think I might arrange that.

The planet's outer core has been penetrated.

The capsule containing the explosive will now be made ready!

Engage circuit four.

Pre-circuit four check commencing now.

Final pre-release check continuing. Blast-off will take place as scheduled.

When the Earth's magnetic core is extracted, we can pilot this planet to the vicinity of our own...and occupy it!

DR. WHO: This is obviously the main shaft bored by the Daleks, leading straight to the fracture. Alongside it here is the original shaft of the old mine which leads to the meeting point of the magnetic influence of the north and south poles.

CONWAY: That shaft is boarded up now.

DR. WHO: Yes, yes, yes. But it is my belief that if we could somehow...deflect their device down the old mine, the field of magnetism so released would be powerful enough to suck the Daleks into the very core of the Earth.

CONWAY: I know how we could deflect it.

DR. WHO: Good! Tom, you go with him. Now, the rest of us must cause some sort of diversion.

BROCKLEY: I'm not in the rest of this.

CONWAY: No, I didn't think you would be. No profit in it, is there?

BROCKLEY: None. See you.

DR. WHO: Now then you two, on your way.

CONWAY: What kind of a diversion are you going to make?

DR. WHO: You'll know when it happens. And when it does, get everybody away from this area as fast as you can.

TOM: `Bye Doc.

LOUISE: Good luck.

DAVID: What do you want us to do?

DR. WHO: David, I want you to take Louise and find a good hiding place for her, then help get the people away from the mine.

LOUISE: Well, what about you?

DR. WHO: I shall stay here.


DR. WHO: We have a reason.

LOUISE: Well, why can't we stay here with you?

DR. WHO: No, no, no, no. It is time for you to go. Take care of her.

TOM: That was a bit close, wasn't it?

CONWAY: Yeh. Not far now. `s deserted here. Come on. Dalek control room's directly above us now. The bomb's over our heads.

TOM: Where's the old shaft?

CONWAY: Straight up.

TOM: Would be, wouldn't it? It's alright. It's Craddock. Hey Craddock! Come and give us a hand! Come on!


DR. WHO: Ooh...so you've come back, have you?

BROCKLEY: Look, I've just had a very good idea to help you.

DR. WHO: Really?

BROCKLEY: Mm. I want to show you something.

DR. WHO: Is it safe?

BROCKLEY: Oh yes. 'course. I'm so sorry.

DR. WHO: Oh no, don't apologise. I expected it.

You will come with me.

BROCKLEY: I told you he'd be here, didn't I?

The rebels' leader has been captured.


Prepare to position capsule.

Capsule to forward position.

SUSAN: Grandfather!

DR. WHO: Susan!

SUSAN: Oh, I knew you'd find me!

You two, wait with him.

DR. WHO: Yes, and I've found Louise too.

SUSAN: This is Mr Wyler. He looked after me.

DR. WHO: Thankyou Mr Wyler! Thankyou.

WYLER: Now, these beats me. Why did they bring out all these people to dig their mine with their bare hands? Surely they could use a drill and do the job in half the time.

DR. WHO: (cutting in) I cannot explain that now. But Dortmun was right...they have a bomb.

Move! Now!

ROBOMAN: Reserve Section Roboman Nine...will come to mine control centre. Section Eight and Ten to continue to patrol mine area.

This is the rebel leader.

You will be exterminated!

DR. WHO: You may be interested in something I have discovered. I know your weakness.

The Daleks have no weakness!

DR. WHO: Then why are you afraid to dig your own mine...hmm? Your bomb is designed to slide down this shaft, strike a fracture in the Earth's inner surface and so release the magnetic core of our planet. But the fracture is near the meeting point of the magnetic influence of the north and south poles. You are afraid of that magnetism are you not? But you know...that it cannot harm human beings. One mistake, one deviation in the aiming of your bomb, and enough magnetic energy will be released to destroy you.

There will be no mistake! Nothing can stop us now! These prisoners are to be exterminated!

DR. WHO: One moment! You must listen to me. If you spare us...I can help you. I can show you how to neutralise this magnetism, so that your plan can be carried out without danger to yourselves.

Reserve Section Roboman Nine as ordered...Halt!

Speak quickly!

DR. WHO: But I...I'll show you. Look! Attention all Robomen, attack the Daleks! This order cannot be countermanded! Attack the Daleks!

Stop him! Stop him! Stop him!


Attention! Robo-rebellion has been defeated.

Engage final release circuit, immediately!

Rel counter is now set at zero.

Emergency! Slaves escaping! Slaves escaping!

Release the explosive device! Order all Daleks to subdue the rebellion.

All Daleks proceed to control point. Destroy all resistance!

Explosive device is now set. Release will be at twenty rels. Explosion will be at fifty rels.

Order all Daleks to follow me to spaceship at forty rels!

Explosive device is locked on course. It will detonate in twenty-three rels.

Danger! Danger! The device has exploded off course. Abandon mine area! Abandon mine area!

Magnetic force past danger point. Abandon mine area. Abandon mine area.

DR. WHO: Look out!

WYLER: I've got her.

DR. WHO: Oh good, it's working!

Am affected by magnetic force. Cannot control. Cannot control! Cannot control!

Cannot control! Cannot control!

SUSAN: Look!

WYLER: That's the finish of that lot, anyway.

DR. WHO: The end of all the Daleks who invaded Earth, Wyler. They'll never dare to land here again. The power to destroy them...is at our feet. Strong irresistible magnetic power from Mother Earth herself. Same with everything else, Susie. There's always an answer to be found, if you only dig deep enough.

TOM: I'm all ready, Doctor.

DR. WHO: Huh? Oh yes, yes! Splendid, my boy. A credit to the force!

TOM: Erm...Doctor? Doctor, you erm...Doctor! You did say you'd put me back a couple of minutes before the villains robbed the jewellery store, didn't you?

DR. WHO: Oh yes, and so I shall.

LOUISE: Don't worry Tom.

TOM: (laughs nervously)

DR. WHO: Your destiny awaits you.

SUSAN: Shall I release the doors, Grandfather?

DR. WHO: Yes please, Susan.

DR. WHO: Good luck!

TOM: Ta.

ROBBER: Let's go! Here boy!


2ND ROBBER: `Ere, what's that-ooh!

TOM: (laughs) Detective Inspector Tom Campbell...OBE! (laughs) Thank you lads! (laughs again). (sighs)

End Credits.

Transcribed By
Matthew Jeffery

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