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Written by Andy Lane & Helen Stirling
Directed by ???

Before The Stranger and Probe, Auton and Mind Game and every other independenly made Doctor Who spin-off, there came War Time starring John Levene as Warrant Officer Benton. The Spin-off, made during Sylverster McCoy's time as the Doctor in 1987, was created by Reeltime Pictures as part of their 'Mythmakers' Series and was produced and directed by Keith Barnfather. Described by Doctor Who Magazine as "An intriguing Ghost Story", Wartime is a well made story which introduced spinoffs to the world of Doctor Who, something which hadn't been done before. Wartime is available to buy on video, with The Making of and documentaries on spinoffs made before and after Wartime!

For more information, send a SAE to :
Reeltime Pictures,
PO Box 7920,
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