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Torchwood transcripts - series 2

This page provides transcripts of Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, each episode transcribed by Intrepid and/or beccaelizabeth of the Torchwood Transcripts LiveJournal community, as noted below.

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Torchwood transcripts:
BE = beccaelizabeth as transcriber, IN = Intrepid as transcriber

All transcripts are as presented by the transcriptionist indicated.

  Series 2
Ep. 1 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang BE IN
Ep. 2 Sleeper BE IN
Ep. 3 To the Last Man BE IN
Ep. 4 Meat BE IN
Ep. 5 Adam BE IN
Ep. 6 Reset BE IN
Ep. 7 Dead Man Walking   IN
Ep. 8 A Day in the Death   IN
Ep. 9 Something Borrowed   IN
Ep. 10 From out of the Rain   IN
Ep. 11 Adrift BE  
Ep. 12 Fragments BE  
Ep. 13 Exit Wounds BE  

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