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Doctor Who and Related Transcripts

These pages mirror and add to materials from the Doctor Who Transcript Project (the link is to KingSpyder's mirror; the original site is down).
Corrections and transcripts of additional episodes are most welcome and can be e-mailed to me (at whoniverse@ this domain) for integration into the archive, with the demise of Yahoo Groups.

They also feature transcripts of Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, each episode transcribed by Intrepid and/or by members of the Torchwood Transcripts Livejournal community, as noted.

Classic Doctor Who

The First Doctor
The Second Doctor
The Third Doctor
The Fourth Doctor
The Fifth Doctor
The Sixth Doctor
The Seventh Doctor
The Eighth Doctor
Related Stories

New Doctor Who: all still needed...

The Ninth Doctor
The Tenth Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor


Series 1
Series 2
Series 3 - Children of Earth

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