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The Visitation

Written By: Eric Saward

Episode Two

1. Front Hall

(A gloved hand bolts the front door.)

2. Cellar Hall, Staircase

NYSSA: (shouts) Doctor?

(The door behind them closes.)

TEGAN: (screams) Doctor??

(The DOCTOR pokes his head through the wall at the bottom of the stairs.)

NYSSA: Oh! Thank heaven.
RICHARD MACE: What an incredible illusion.
DOCTOR: It is, isn't it!
TEGAN: How do you do that?
DOCTOR: Very simple. I've found the door.
TEGAN: I don't see it.
DOCTOR: It's there all the same. I knew there was something peculiar about this wall.
NYSSA: Is it an energy barrier?
DOCTOR: Right! I picked the lock.
ADRIC: But, if the barrier's open, why can't we see through it?
DOCTOR: Camouflage. As you pass through it, it opens around you.
RICHARD MACE: With a trick like that you could make a fortune around the fairground.
DOCTOR: I must speak to the people who invented it.
NYSSA: Any survivors?
DOCTOR: Not yet!

(They all walk through the 'wall'. As they do so, the door behind them opens.)

3. Cellar Hall

(On the other side of the energy barrier, RICHARD MACE feels the 'wall'.)

RICHARD MACE: An amazing illusion. I must learn how it's done.

(The TARDIS crew look around.)

ADRIC: What's that smell?
DOCTOR: Soliton gas.
NYSSA: I thought I recognised it.
TEGAN: Who'd want this kind of atmosphere? It's stifling.
DOCTOR: Well! Someone who needs it to breathe properly. Let's find them!

(The DOCTOR tries a door. It's locked.)

DOCTOR: I said let's find them!
RICHARD MACE: Uh! Should you find the wine cellar, sir, a bottle of Sacaby would be most appreciated.
TEGAN: That's stealing!
RICHARD MACE: I am a highwayman, madam.
TEGAN: This isn't a highway.
NYSSA: (Trying a door) It's locked.

(He tries the furthest door. It opens.)

DOCTOR: This must be it.

4. Cellar Hall, Staircase

(A figure in robes approaches the 'wall' energy barrier.)

5. Wine Cellar

(The TARDIS crew and RICHARD MACE enter)

TEGAN: So gloomy!
DOCTOR: They're here!
TEGAN: How do you know?
DOCTOR: The smell of soliton is much stronger.
RICHARD MACE: Why do we lurk in the cellar when there is a whole house to loot?
DOCTOR: You said you wanted wine... (points to barrels of wine) Help yourself!
RICHARD MACE: Ah! I'm so impetuous. Always looking to the hills and missing the treasure at my feet.
TEGAN: (noticing some covered cages) Wonder what those are for?
DOCTOR: Just, don't disturb anything.

(TEGAN disturbs them, anyway.)

(NYSSA and the DOCTOR smell the soliton emitted from a green egg-shaped machine.)

NYSSA: You recognise any characteristics?
DOCTOR: (Coughs) The regulator isn't pulsing properly.
TEGAN: Doctor, look! (Showing there are rats in the covered cages)
DOCTOR: Oh! Well, perhaps they're just for research.
TEGAN: (Backing away from the cages) Feel itchy just looking at them.

(The robed figure, Death, enters unnoticed by all.)

ADRIC: What does that stuff taste like?
ADRIC: Oh! What does that taste like?
RICHARD MACE: You stupid... (Seeing the figure) Ahh!

(TEGAN picks up a pot to throw at the figure.)

DOCTOR: No, don't!

(TEGAN throws the pot. Richard shoots a gun. The figure shoots TEGAN. She collapses. NYSSA tends to TEGAN. RICHARD MACE fires again, then, as ADRIC tackles the figure, makes good his escape,. The ANDROID fires and ADRIC collapses.)

DOCTOR: Nyssa, get out of here!
NYSSA: What about Tegan?
DOCTOR: Just get out of here!

(NYSSA reluctantly goes, as the DOCTOR opens fully the soliton machine.)

6. Cellar Hall

(RICHARD MACE tries to find the entrance in the 'wall' with his gun butt. NYSSA joins him.)

RICHARD MACE: I can't find the gap.

(NYSSA uses the switch to open the door. RICHARD MACE runs off. She wants to go back and help the DOCTOR.)

NYSSA: Doctor?

7. Wine Cellar

DOCTOR: Now, I don't know if you can understand me, but I would like to point out how volatile soliton is when mixed freely with oxygen.

(DOCTOR checks TEGAN.)

DOCTOR: You fire that beam of yours, you'll turn this house into an inferno.

(The figure of Death, actually an ANDROID, crosses over to the soliton machine.)

DOCTOR: Adric, can you move?

(No response, as the ANDROID switches the soliton machine off.)

DOCTOR: Tegan?

(No response, as the ANDROID prepares to fire.)

DOCTOR: Adric, look after her. I'll be back.

(The ANDROID fires his gun. The DOCTOR escapes, narrowly missing the blast.)

8. Front Hall

(RICHARD MACE is trying to get out the front door. Nyssa runs up to him.)

NYSSA: We must wait for the Doctor!
RICHARD MACE: Your Doctor is a dead man. You saw what was in the cellar. The great reaper, Death.
DOCTOR: (From behind) That's what you're supposed to think.
RICHARD MACE: Well, what was it then?
DOCTOR: An android. A mechanical man. A machine...
RICHARD MACE: Android? Your brain is addled, sir. That was Death. You saw what effect my pistols had on him?
DOCTOR: Oh, it takes more than a pair of flintlocks to damage an android.
NYSSA: Is Tegan dead?
DOCTOR: No, but I don't know how badly hurt she is. (to RICHARD MACE) Where are you going?
DOCTOR: I came up here to get you.
RICHARD MACE: I would rather be sealed up in a plague house, sir, than stay here.
DOCTOR: Adric & Tegan are hurt. I need your help to get them out.

(The DOCTOR pulls RICHARD MACE into the living room.)

9. Wine Cellar /Cellar, Control Room

(The ANDROID takes TEGAN, opening another energy barrier, to a dug-out control room.)

10. Living Room

DOCTOR: You see this?

(The DOCTOR holds the broken green ornament around RICHARD MACE'S neck.)

DOCTOR: It is a part of a control bracelet. It's a device used on prison planets to control difficult prisoners. It isn't an ornament. And the thing you saw in the cellar comes from the same place as the bracelet.
RICHARD MACE: How can that control anyone?
DOCTOR: Like this!

(The DOCTOR takes out a power pack and inserts it into the bracelet. It starts to glow.)

DOCTOR: If this was on your wrist, you'd've lost control of your mind by now.
RICHARD MACE: Nonsense, sir! That glow is a conjuring trick. I'm a man of the theatre. I'm not impressed by trickery, however clever it is.
DOCTOR: Well! This is a trick you won't see done for many a day.

(The DOCTOR takes the power pack from the bracelet, and twists it. This produces, to RICHARD MACE'S amazement, sparks.)

DOCTOR: That's what happens when you discharge a power pack.
RICHARD MACE: How does this android, as you call him, come from another world? There are no other worlds. Any fool knows that.
DOCTOR: Why are Earth people so... parochial?

11. Cellar, Control Room

(TEGAN & ADRIC are conscious, but strapped to beds. A screen shows the DOCTOR, talking, in the living room.)

TERILEPTIL: Who is this man?
TEGAN: Who said that?
TERILEPTIL: Answer my question!
ADRIC: The Doctor.
TERILEPTIL: And where is this Doctor from?
TEGAN: He's never told us. He likes to be mysterious. Although he talks a lot about, er, Guildford. Think that's where he comes from?
TERILEPTIL: You are being a very stupid woman.
TEGAN: That isn't a very original observation.
TERILEPTIL: I know that he is not of this planet, or time.
ADRIC: What rubbish!
TERILEPTIL: The Doctor has a sonic device which he used to dismantle the energy barrier. He also has an understanding of the gas known as soliton.
ADRIC: We don't know anything about that.
TERILEPTIL: You are wearing synthetic garments manufactured by technology as yet unknown on this planet.
TEGAN: You'll have to ask my tailor about that.
TERILEPTIL: I'm asking you. For the last time. Where are you from?

12. Living Room

RICHARD MACE: You are asking too much of me, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Come on, Nyssa! Let's go!
NYSSA: What about Adric and Tegan?
DOCTOR: Well! There's nothing we can do now... until we've dealt with the android.
NYSSA: But how? We haven't any weapons.
DOCTOR: No, well! We'll modify the sonic booster in the TARDIS. If we connect it to a frequency accelerator...
DOCTOR: Well! We may just get a high enough pitch to vibrate the android to pieces.
NYSSA: Really? And how close do we have to get for it to have an effect?
DOCTOR: Very...

(The DOCTOR makes for the hall.)

NYSSA: The android's armed. If it wanted, it could destroy us ten times over.
RICHARD MACE: Once would be enough.

(The DOCTOR returns from hall.)

NYSSA: Doctor? You cannot afford to improvise against an armed android.
DOCTOR: I have no intention of doing so. Now, if you've quite finished lecturing me, I suggest we go back to the TARDIS and get started.

(RICHARD MACE makes for the front door, the DOCTOR & NYSSA go in the opposite direction.)

DOCTOR: (shouting back at RICHARD MACE) That way's locked. Good day!

13. Cellar, Control Room

(There is a large green lizard-like alien. A TERILEPTIL. ADRIC is shocked.)

TERILEPTIL: Now, tell me about your mode of transport.
ADRIC: The TARDIS? A sort of time-space machine.
TERILEPTIL: And where is this TARDIS now?
ADRIC: I don't know. In the woods somewhere. Only the Doctor knows exactly where.
TERILEPTIL: And you are both crew members of this ship?
TEGAN: That's right. Vital members. Kill us and you'll never get to ride in it.

(An alarm goes off. The DOCTOR & NYSSA are seen fleeing from the house. RICHARD MACE follows.)

TERILEPTIL: (Ironically) It seems that your companions have abandoned you. Perhaps you over-rate your importance. (Laughs)

14. Squire's House. Back Garden

NYSSA: (to RICHARD MACE) Where will you go?
RICHARD MACE: As far away from that house as possible.
NYSSA: You won't reconsider helping us?
RICHARD MACE: Madam, it shames me to tell you that I will not go back inside that house.
DOCTOR: (calling angrily) We're wasting time, Nyssa.

(The DOCTOR calms down a bit and talks to RICHARD MACE.)

DOCTOR: If you see anyone wearing a bracelet like this, stay away from them.
RICHARD MACE: Yes, I will, sir.

(RICHARD MACE departs.)

DOCTOR: (to NYSSA) Come on!

15. Squire's House. Outer grounds

RICHARD MACE: (screeches) Doctor? Doctor? What is that?

(The DOCTOR & NYSSA run to join him. They look on...)

16. Cellar, Control Room

TERILEPTIL: (to ANDROID) Activate the poacher and his friends. I want them to bring me the Doctor. Then, get a group of villagers to search for the TARDIS.

17. Woods

(The poacher's bracelet activates. He stops what he's doing. He seems hypnotised.)

(The axe-man's bracelet, also, activates. He puts his axe over his shoulder in readiness to follow instructions.)

(Then, the wood collector's bracelet activates. He, too, seems hypnotised.)

18. Squire's House. Outer grounds

(The DOCTOR, NYSSA & RICHARD MACE approach an alien escape pod, half emerged from the ground. They enter.)

19. Escape Pod

DOCTOR: No one here.
NYSSA: The place has been stripped.
DOCTOR: Most of the hardware is up at the house, I should think.
RICHARD MACE: What is this structure?
DOCTOR: An escape pod. A sort of life boat, only, from a ship that flies.
DOCTOR: That's right!
RICHARD MACE: But... How are the dimensions greater within?
DOCTOR: Because it buried itself on impact.
RICHARD MACE: And how is it lit?
DOCTOR: Vintaric crystals. Quite a common form of lighting.
RICHARD MACE: I don't understand any of this.
NYSSA: This is all that's left of the craft that brought the android to Earth.
DOCTOR: The lights you saw in the sky, a few weeks ago, were the main part of the ship burning up in the atmosphere.
RICHARD MACE: I can't believe any of the things you are telling me.
NYSSA: It's true!
DOCTOR: The presence of the pod confirms it.
RICHARD MACE: How do you know all these things?
DOCTOR: Ah! That would be rather difficult to explain.
NYSSA: You can trust us!
DOCTOR: Which is more than you can say for the owners of this ship.

20. Cellar. Cell

(The ANDROID puts ADRIC & TEGAN into a cell, and locks the door.)

TEGAN: Bleak, isn't it?
ADRIC: I'm a fool. I should never have told him about the TARDIS.
TEGAN: Don't let it get you down. If you hadn't have told him, I would have. I don't think he was joking about torturing us.
ADRIC: We've got to get out of here.
TEGAN: Oh, sure! But, how?

21. Escape pod

(The DOCTOR presses a switch, closing the door.)

DOCTOR: I wonder how many Terileptils this pod could carry?
NYSSA: And androids!
DOCTOR: Yes! Terileptils build those things too well.
NYSSA: Are you still sure the sonic booster can deal with it?
DOCTOR: It has to. The androids are programmed to protect. The only way around them is to destroy them before they destroy you.
NYSSA: But, it didn't kill Tegan.
DOCTOR: Well! It obviously wanted prisoners. We can't rely on it being so benign.
NYSSA: Then, we'd better hurry up with that booster.
DOCTOR: Yes. A refresher course in android design might help as well.
RICHARD MACE: How can you possibly get that?
DOCTOR: I, too, have a ship of sorts. It isn't the most reliable of machines, but, it's aged memory banks might contain something of use.
RICHARD MACE: Then, may I accompany you?
DOCTOR: Are you beginning to believe that I'm telling the truth?
RICHARD MACE: It seems I've little choice.
DOCTOR: Let's see if the coast is clear.

(The DOCTOR opens the door to the pod. He goes outside. RICHARD MACE follows.)

22. Squire's House. Outer grounds. Just outside Escape pod

(The poacher, the axe-man and the wood collector are approaching the pod. They spread out.)

23. Cellar, Control Room

(The TERILEPTIL takes a vile full of purple liquid.)

24. Cellar. Cell

ADRIC: (trying the door) Solid. We'll never break it down. We'd make too much noise.
TEGAN: Any way through the bars in that window?
ADRIC: (checking window) Not without a cutting device.
TEGAN: The key's, still, in the lock.
ADRIC: Can you think of a way to get it in here?
TEGAN: No. Can you?

(They sit on a small bench, defeated.)

25. Squire's House. Outer grounds. Just outside Escape pod

(The three men spread out. The poacher arms his bow.)

RICHARD MACE: He has a bracelet.
DOCTOR: I see it.

(RICHARD MACE takes out his flintlocks.)

DOCTOR: They won't do any good.
RICHARD MACE: You forget, sir. I'm an actor as well as a highwayman.
DOCTOR: The bracelet overrides fear. Unless you're prepared to use them, they're quite useless.
RICHARD MACE: They're useless anyway. I didn't have time to reload them.
DOCTOR: Go back to the pod.

(RICHARD MACE does as he says.)

POACHER: You are the Doctor?
DOCTOR: I am indeed. How do you do?

26. Escape Pod

NYSSA: What's going on out there?
RICHARD MACE: Controlled villagers.
NYSSA: Didn't take them long to find us.
RICHARD MACE: The poacher can smell you on the wind.

27. Squire's House. Outer grounds. Just outside Escape pod

POACHER: You will come with us.
DOCTOR: Another time, perhaps.

(The DOCTOR runs to the pod.)


(The POACHER fires his bow.)

28. Escape Pod


(All crouch down. The arrow enters and embeds itself in the far wall. NYSSA closes the door.)

RICHARD MACE: Right! We are ready to engage them. (Pointing his guns in anticipation)
DOCTOR: There are three at the moment. Fire those, we could have a dozen to contend with.

(Loud banging is heard.)

RICHARD MACE: What is that?
DOCTOR: Our friendly neighbourhood axe-man.
NYSSA: He'll never cut through that hatch.
DOCTOR: He might get lucky. Hit an opening mechanism on the other side... Hang on!

(The DOCTOR runs to the escape hatch on the far wall.)

DOCTOR: There must be some sort of timer for the escape hatch.

(He searches his pockets for something.)


(He sees the arrow.)


(He takes arrow, and uses it to open the escape hatch mechanism.)

DOCTOR: I just hope this part of the pod isn't buried. Are you ready?

(He pulls the handle within, then runs to a safe distance.)

NYSSA: What are you trying to do?
DOCTOR: Get down!

(All crouch.)

(The hatch explodes open)

DOCTOR: Let's go.

(They all run out, the DOCTOR taking up the rear.)

29. Cellar. Cell

TEGAN: Look! There's a fan light above the door.
ADRIC: What's that for?
TEGAN: A window to give natural light onto the passage.

(TEGAN gets the stool to stand on.)

TEGAN: Steady the stool for me. I think I can move them.
ADRIC: Let me try. I'm stronger.
TEGAN: But, not as determined.

(She pulls a few panels free. She looks onto the hall, and sees the ANDROID. She crouches down.)

ADRIC: What's wrong?
TEGAN: The Android.

30. Cellar, Control Room

(The ANDROID enters. The TERILEPTIL leaves what he's doing and accesses a communication panel.)


(There is static coming from a speaker, and the faint trace of words.)

TERILEPTIL: Concentrate on your thoughts!
POACHER: (on the speaker) The doctor... at your craft... but escaped... we are t... tracking him...
TERILEPTIL: Good! Change of order. Follow, but do not apprehend. Report when he reaches his TARDIS.

31. Woods

(The DOCTOR, NYSSA & RICHARD MACE are running from the pod, but RICHARD MACE stops to rest. He finds somewhere to sit.)

RICHARD MACE: Ah! I'm dead. I'm afraid my frame was never designed for rapid acceleration.
DOCTOR: Well, you can't rest yet.
RICHARD MACE: I'm not moving from this spot unless supported by a horse.
NYSSA: A horse?
RICHARD MACE: Yes. The miller has one. You could steal it.
DOCTOR: The miller? Of course. Why didn't I think of that?
NYSSA: Doctor! You can't steal the poor man's horse.
DOCTOR: Oh! It's him I'm interested in, not his horse. He comes and goes from the house as he pleases. Maybe he can help us. (to NYSSA) Why don't you go back to the TARDIS and start work on the booster, while we look for him.
NYSSA: Alone?
DOCTOR: Well, you're more than capable.
NYSSA: Well, I...
DOCTOR: Well. We may not be able to find the miller. We can't afford to waste any time.
NYSSA: (reluctantly) Very well.
DOCTOR: And I'll be back as quickly as I can.
NYSSA: Even sooner, if at all possible.

(NYSSA starts her walk to the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Now, then! Which way to the mill?
RICHARD MACE: I'm not moving.
DOCTOR: Just direct me, then. You can wait here for the poacher and his friends.
RICHARD MACE: Very well. (starts to get up) You have a mean way of exposing a man's cowardice.

32. Woods. In a tree, a few yards away

(A VILLAGER points that the group are splitting up)

33. Cellar Hall

(TEGAN has escaped through the fan light and is looking around.)

34. Miller's Barn

(The DOCTOR & RICHARD MACE arrive. There is a horse and cart waiting.)

RICHARD MACE: Ah! The object of my desire. (pats the horse)
DOCTOR: (shouts) Hello?
RICHARD MACE: Sh! Sh! Sh! Sir! Thievery is a matter of stealth, not hearty greetings.
DOCTOR: We're here to see the miller.
RICHARD MACE: You are without pity, sir.

(RICHARD MACE spots a donkey.)

35. Cellar Hall

(TEGAN returns to the cell to see ADRIC climbing out of the fan light.)

TEGAN: What are you doing?
ADRIC: What do you think?
TEGAN: I was going to unlock the door for you.
ADRIC: Now, she tells me.

36. Cellar, Control Room

(An alarm goes off. TERILEPTIL turns to the ANDROID.)

TERILEPTIL: There is someone in the house. Destroy them. Go!

37. Miller's Barn

(The DOCTOR discovers caged rats in the back of the MILLER'S cart, just like in the Squire's house. The MILLER appears from a small harness room, previously locked, and walks to his cart, hypnotised.)

DOCTOR: Ah! Good day. I'm the Doctor. You must be the miller?

(The MILLER ignores them and mounts his cart.)

DOCTOR: Um! I'd like a word with you. We'd only keep you a moment.

(RICHARD MACE points a flintlock at the MILLER.)

RICHARD MACE: You heard what the gentleman said.
DOCTOR: No. No. Let him go.
MILLER: Gid-up! Walk on!

(The cart moves off.)

38. Squire's House. Living Room

(ADRIC tries to open the window to get out.)

TEGAN: Hurry!
ADRIC: It's stiff.
TEGAN: You were boasting your strength a few minutes ago. Get on with it.

(ADRIC manages to open the window just as the ANDROID enters the room.)

TEGAN: Jump!
ADRIC: What about you?
TEGAN: Get out of here!

(ADRIC jumps out of the window. The ANDROID fires above TEGAN'S head. She freezes, putting her hands up.)

TEGAN: I hope you realise this means I've surrendered.

39. Miller's Barn

RICHARD MACE: (to donkey) Are you capable of carrying a tired thespianer?

(The DOCTOR comes from the previously locked harness room.)

DOCTOR: Nothing in there.

(He pats RICHARD MACE on the shoulder.)

DOCTOR: Let's get back to the TARDIS, help Nyssa.
DOCTOR: At once!

(They turn to leave. VILLAGERS enter the barn and surround them. RICHARD MACE gets his guns out, but is apprehended. They are brought to their knees.)

VILLAGER 1: Plague carriers...
RICHARD MACE: You jest, sir. I am without plague.
VILLAGER 1: The mark of the plague is on you.
RICHARD MACE: You're mistaken, sir.
DOCTOR: We haven't got the plague. I can help you. Wait! Listen!
VILLAGER 1: Execute them!

(A MAN with a large scythe enters the barn, and crosses over to the DOCTOR & RICHARD MACE. It is obvious that he's going to slice off their heads in one blow.)

DOCTOR: Not again!

(The DOCTOR & RICHARD MACE are bent over for execution.)



The Visitation

Written by Eric Saward


THE DOCTOR: Peter Davidson
TEGAN: Janet Fielding
NYSSA: Sarah Sutton
ADRIC: Matthew Waterhouse
ANDROID: Peter Van Dissel
MILLER: James Charlton
RICHARD MACE: Michael Robbins
TERILEPTIL: Michael Melia
POACHER: Neil West
VILLAGER 1: Richard Hampton

Designer: Ken Starkey
Costumes: Odile Dicks-Mireaux
Make-Up: Carolyn Perry
Studio Lighting: Henry Barber
Visual Effects: Peter Wragg
Film Cameraman: Peter Chapman
Film Editor: Ken Bilton
Studio Sound: Alan Machin
Title Music: Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop arranged by Peter Howell
Incidental Music: Paddy Kingsland
Special Sounds: Dick Mills
Production Assistant: Julia Randall
Production Associate: Angela Smith
Assistant Floor Manager: Alison Symington
Script Editor: Anthony Root
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Director: Peter Moffat



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