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The Visitation

Written By: Eric Saward

Episode Three

1. Squire's House. Living Room

TEGAN: Get out of here!

(ADRIC jumps out of the window. The ANDROID fires above TEGAN'S head. She freezes, putting her hands up.)

TEGAN: I hope you realise this means I've surrendered.

2. Miller's Barn

RICHARD MACE: (to donkey) Are you capable of carrying a tired thespianer?

(The DOCTOR comes from the previously locked harness room.)

DOCTOR: Nothing in there.

(He pats RICHARD MACE on the shoulder.)

DOCTOR: Let's get back to the TARDIS. Help Nyssa.
DOCTOR: At once!

(They turn to leave. VILLAGERS enter the barn and surround them. RICHARD MACE gets his guns out, but is apprehended. They are brought to their knees.)

VILLAGER 1: Plague carriers...
RICHARD MACE: You jest, sir. I am without plague.
VILLAGER 1: The mark of the plague is on you.
RICHARD MACE: You're mistaken, sir.
DOCTOR: We haven't got the plague. I can help you. Wait! Listen!
VILLAGER 1: Execute them!

(A MAN with a large scythe enters the barn, and crosses over to the DOCTOR & RICHARD MACE. It is obvious that he's going to slice off their heads in one blow.)

DOCTOR: Not again!

(The DOCTOR & RICHARD MACE are bent over for execution. The HEADMAN and the POACHER enter the barn.)

HEADMAN: (Holding up his arm) Wait!
VILLAGER 1: They must die. They bring plague to the village.
HEADMAN: These men are wanted vandals.
VILLAGER 1: And the sooner they're dispatched the better.
HEADMAN: They are wanted alive.
POACHER: There's a reward.
VILLAGER 1: What use is that if you're dead?
HEADMAN: No! I am the headman of your village, you will listen to me.
POACHER: Kill them, scythe-man, and you die as well.
HEADMAN: No! Trust me!
DOCTOR: (Getting up) Thank you! I'm the Doctor. I can help...
HEADMAN: Lock them in the harness room.

(The HEADMAN points to the room, showing that he is controlled by a bracelet. The VILLAGERS put the DOCTOR and RICHARD MACE into the harness room.)

3. Nyssa & Tegan's Bedroom

(NYSSA rearranges the furniture, so the sonic booster will be able to fit in the room.)

4. Driveway Leading to the Squire's House

(ADRIC runs from the house.)

5. Squire's House. Cellar, Control Room

(The TERILEPTIL takes a bracelet for TEGAN.)

TEGAN: No, please!
TERILEPTIL: Do not struggle, and you will feel no pain.

(He puts the bracelet on her wrist. She stops struggling, and becomes hypnotised. The TERILEPTIL accesses the communication panel.)

HEADMAN: (on the speaker) We.. Ha... Carried ...out your instructions... uctions...

(The reception fades and the static noise becomes louder.)

TERILEPTIL: The primitiveness of these creatures astounds me. Listen to the state of this fools brain. (into the communicator) I said report! Concentrate on your thoughts. Then, I will hear them.
HEADMAN: (on the speaker) The... Doctor... is... my... prisoner...
TERILEPTIL: Excellent! Bring him to the house, at once.

6. TARDIS Control Room

(NYSSA disconnects the sonic booster from the console and drags it through the corridor and into...)

7. NYSSA and TEGAN'S Bedroom.

(Once there she sits on the bed to rest.)

8. Squire's House. Cellar, Control Room

TERILEPTIL: Do not try to fight it, and you will feel no pain. Do you understand?

(The TERILEPTIL crosses over to a tray of vials full of a green liquid and hands them to TEGAN.)

TERILEPTIL: Take these to the cellar and pack them with the rest.

(TEGAN goes, but is stopped in her tracks by a remote device of the TERILEPTIL's. She turns to face him.)

TERILEPTIL: Take care not drop them. If you do, you will be dead in minutes. Go!

(TEGAN walks away with the tray.)

9. TARDIS Console Room

(NYSSA walks in from inside the TARDIS and rummages through the toolbox resting on some wooden steps. There is knocking on the exterior TARDIS doors. She is not sure who it could be, but opens them. Adric walks in, agitated.)

NYSSA: Adric! (sees his mood) What's the matter?

(NYSSA closes the TARDIS doors.)

ADRIC: Where's the Doctor?
NYSSA: Come and sit down.
ADRIC: Where is he?
NYSSA: He went to find the miller.
ADRIC: We have got to get back to the house. Tegan's still there.
NYSSA: What happened?
ADRIC: The android caught us escaping, and I had to leave her behind.
NYSSA: Was she hurt?
ADRIC: I don't know! We've got to get back there and find out.
NYSSA: We should wait for the Doctor. We can't take on the android by ourselves.
ADRIC: Why isn't he here? Why's he never around when you want him?

10. Miller's Barn. Harness Room

RICHARD MACE: I have appeared before some of the most hostile audiences in the world. Today, I met death in the cellar. But, I've never been so afraid until I met the man with the scythe.

(The DOCTOR has been trying the door. It is locked. He turns to RICHARD MACE.)

DOCTOR: The headman was wearing a bracelet.
RICHARD MACE: Should I care! He saved our lives.
DOCTOR: ...for the Terileptils.
RICHARD MACE: I thought you wanted to meet them?
DOCTOR: Not as their prisoner.
RICHARD MACE: It couldn't be worse than what we've just experienced.
DOCTOR: They might be more subtle.
RICHARD MACE: I feel my mind slipping into a bottomless pit of gloom and despair.
DOCTOR: Well! You better snatch it back again, quickly. The headman's coming and I want to get his bracelet off.

(The door is heard being unlocked. It begins to open.)

RICHARD MACE: Is that wise?
DOCTOR: We have no choice. Without it, we may be able to reason with him.

(The HEADMAN and POACHER enter.)

HEADMAN: You are to be taken to the manor house.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes! Of course, of course. But... first I would like to thank you very much (extends his hand) for saving our lives.

(The DOCTOR reaches for the HEADMAN'S hand and puts it in his, as if in a handshake. RICHARD MACE, realising that this is his cue to do something, knocks over the POACHER. The DOCTOR takes the power pack from the HEADMAN'S bracelet, rendering it useless. The HEADMAN falls back onto the door, opening it, and is helped from the room by VILLAGERS. The DOCTOR seems to curse himself for this misfortune. The DOCTOR turns and sees RICHARD MACE kneeling over the unconscious POACHER. The DOCTOR crosses over to take the power pack from his bracelet too.)

11. Miller's Barn

(The HEADMAN staggers amongst the VILLAGERS, then collapses to the ground.)

VILLAGER 1: What happened?

12. Miller's Barn. Harness Room

RICHARD MACE: Well, that didn't get us very far...
DOCTOR: It was worth a try.
RICHARD MACE: So, what do we do now? Ransom the poacher?

13. Squire's House. Cellar, Control Room

(An alarm begins to sound on the TERILEPTILS control panel. The ANDROID awaits commands.)

TERILEPTIL: Primitive fools! They have allowed the Doctor to disconnect their power packs. (to the ANDROID) Bring me the Doctor and his companion. I want them here. Go!

(The ANDROID leaves.)

14. Miller's Barn

(The VILLAGERS have gathered around the HEADMAN.)

HEADMAN: I don't remember anything very clearly.
VILLAGER 1: Who are those two? And why were you taking them to the manor house?
VILLAGER 1: That's what you said.
HEADMAN: I don't know. I heard a voice, and then I was here...
VILLAGER 1: A voice?
HEADMAN: Find the Doctor, it said, and then I saw a picture of that man inside my head.
VILLAGER 1: A vision!
HEADMAN: It was horrible! It was horrible! I couldn't control my mind. I had to do what this voice said.
VILLAGER 1: You were possessed. There's evil at work, here. The plague carriers are warlocks as well.

15. Miller's Barn. Harness Room

(RICHARD MACE is trying to find a way out through the timber walls, as the DOCTOR tries the door, unsuccessfully.)

DOCTOR: Oh, dear!


DOCTOR: How is he?
RICHARD MACE: I think he's asleep.
DOCTOR: (bending over the POACHER) He'll be alright.
RICHARD MACE: But, what about us, hey? I would think our jailers sound decidedly against us.
DOCTOR: There must be some way out of here! Adric and Tegan are depending on me.
RICHARD MACE: Wait! Wait! Wait!

(RICHARD MACE spots a knife on the POACHER and takes it.)

RICHARD MACE: Maybe I could test the strength of this blade against the planking of the wall!

16. Nyssa & Tegan's Bedroom

NYSSA: We need the heavy duty cable and an adapter.
ADRIC: Will that thing really work?
NYSSA: Of course!
ADRIC: It doesn't look very portable.
NYSSA: I know. I wish the Doctor would hurry up. He knows far more about these things than I do.
ADRIC: (leaping up) I'll go and look for him.
NYSSA: No! (stopping ADRIC in his tracks) If you miss each other, we'll, then, have to send out a search party for you.

17. Squire's House. Cellar, Control Room

(Two other TERILEPTILS are shown on the screen. Their leader, in the Manor House talks to them.)

TERILEPTIL: Our work is complete. I will deliver it to our base in London this evening for immediate release. And I have more news. I have discovered a group of time travellers. Soon, they will be our prisoners, and their ship under our control.

18. Woods. Near the TARDIS

(The villagers spot the TARDIS. They debate what to do.)

19. TARDIS Console Room

(ADRIC tinkers in the toolbox, then crosses to the console, where he seems to spot something on the floor. He bends over to examine it, unaware that the VILLAGERS can be seen on the scanner. They are seen to split up and hide within the wood.)

20. Wine Cellar

(A controlled TEGAN sits at a desk, taking boxes from a pile, and filling them with vials full of the green liquid. Closing the boxes, she puts them with the ones she's already done.)

21. TARDIS Console Room

(ADRIC has picked up a cylinder from the floor. He turns to look at the scanner. There is, now, no one in sight. He exits the console room.)

22. Miller's Barn

(The VILLAGERS are tossing wood from the loft, which is then carried outside, ready for a fire that will burn the plague carriers/ warlocks. The HEADMAN drinks from a hip-flask.)

VILLAGER 1: Come on, lads! Quick as you can. Let's have them burnt before they can work anymore of their magic.

23. Miller's Barn. Harness Room

(RICHARD MACE is trying to loosen the planks of the wall with the knife with no success.)

RICHARD MACE: I fear the gentleman who built this wall knew his trade too well.
DOCTOR: Here, let me try.
RICHARD MACE: If only we had some of the skills of which we are accused. A small spell (waving his hand at the wall, as if casting a spell) would work wonders.

(The wall crashes open.)

RICHARD MACE: (fearing he has made a spell) I didn't say a word.

24. Miller's Barn

(The VILLAGERS still take out the wood)

VILLAGER 1: Build it high!

(There is a noise from the harness room.)

HEADMAN: What was that?
VILLAGER 1: More of their magic. (running to the harness room) Quickly!

(The ANDROID dressed as DEATH emerges from the room. The VILLAGERS scream in fear. The scythe is taken from the scythe man, and the ANDROID holds it up.)

HEADMAN: Ah! Death!

(The ANDROID is the image of what the middle ages have depicted as DEATH.)

25. Nyssa & Tegan's Bedroom

(ADRIC brings the heavy duty cable from the console room.)

ADRIC: I can't see why you wanted to work in here.
NYSSA: I need the extra space.

(ADRIC give the cable to NYSSA who attaches it to the sonic booster.)

ADRIC: Why? You're not going to operate it in here.
NYSSA: Only to test it.
ADRIC: Won't it damage the TARDIS?
NYSSA: It's less likely to here, than in the console room, and I'm not really sure it will work at all.
ADRIC: It'd better!

26. Squire's House. Cellar Hall

(The DOCTOR and RICHARD MACE are brought through the cellar, but are stopped by some remote control the ANDROID has. The ANDROID opens the door.)

27. Wine Cellar

(TEGAN is still working on packing the vials. The DOCTOR and RICHARD MACE walk into the room, followed by the ANDROID.)

DOCTOR: Tegan?
TEGAN: (Controlled) Yes?
RICHARD MACE: She is wearing a bracelet.
DOCTOR: Concentrate, Tegan! You can override the effects. Concentrate hard! Get back to the TARDIS and tell Nyssa what's happening.

(The ANDROID pulls the DOCTOR away from TEGAN.)

DOCTOR: (to RICHARD MACE) You'd better prepare yourself for a shock.
DOCTOR: I don't think you'll've seen anything quite like a terileptil before.

(The ANDROID crosses to the energy barrier's switch, and presses it.)

28. Cellar, Control Room

(The energy barrier concealing the room is opened. The TERILEPTIL can see that the ANDROID has the DOCTOR and his companion, RICHARD MACE, prisoner. He breathes a sigh of satisfaction that makes RICHARD MACE cower against the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (to RICHARD MACE) It's alright! (to TERILEPTIL as he enters the room) How do you do? I'm the Doctor. Are you in charge here?
TERILEPTIL: You will remain silent!
DOCTOR: Sorry! It's just... I'm quite concerned about a couple of friends I left here. I've already seen Tegan, but I'd like to know that the boy, Adric...
TERILEPTIL: Your friends are of no interest to me.
DOCTOR: Well, that's unfortunate, because we had intended to help you.
TERILEPTIL: Help me? (turning, to show the DOCTOR his scaring) You would help a terileptil?
DOCTOR: get back to your own planet, yes!
TERILEPTIL: You must think me a fool!
DOCTOR: Not at all!
TERILEPTIL: Look at me, Doctor. Do you see this?

(The DOCTOR seems to recoil at the scaring, and missing eye.)

TERILEPTIL: This is not natural to my physiognomy.
DOCTOR: So, you've been to prison. What does that matter?
TERILEPTIL: How do you know that?
DOCTOR: There's only one place in the universe a terileptil can acquire such scaring. Tinclavic mines on Raga.
TERILEPTIL: And to be sentenced to Raga is always for life.
DOCTOR: Terileptil law was never my strong point.
TERILEPTIL: Doctor, I am a fugitive. The last place I want to go is home. Only death awaits me there.
DOCTOR: I see your point, but there are countless uninhabited planets you could settle on.
TERILEPTIL: Ah, yes. To live a primitive life without grace or beauty.
DOCTOR: You're highly intelligent. You have your androids; your skills. Your way of life wouldn't remain primitive for long.
TERILEPTIL: But, we would have no ship, and without one we would be defenceless; Prey to any terileptil scout party.
DOCTOR: I can take you anywhere you want. A billion light years from your home planet. You'd never be found.
TERILEPTIL: No, Doctor. A barren rock in space is not an acceptable alternative. Especially when you are my prisoner, and your ship is for the taking.
DOCTOR: I can't let you do that.
TERILEPTIL: You are not in a position to refuse.
DOCTOR: The TARDIS is a very temperamental machine, needing very careful handling.
TERILEPTIL: Oh, we shall see that it is handled with the utmost care.
DOCTOR: You didn't take very good care of your own ship.
TERILEPTIL: Had it not been damaged in an asteroid storm, it would have not succumb to the gravitational pull of this planet.
DOCTOR: I gather it's break-up made an impressive spectacle.
TERILEPTIL: (Gasps in horror) It cost the lives of all but myself and three of my comrades.
DOCTOR: There are only four of you?
TERILEPTIL: Three now. But, it is enough.
DOCTOR: ...against the millions who already live on this planet? You'd never establish yourself here.
TERILEPTIL: You are assuming we plan to coexist.
DOCTOR: Genocide?
TERILEPTIL: The primitives on this planet are too wilful and aggressive. I have little need for them. Especially, now, we have your TARDIS.
DOCTOR: You'll find their annihilation more difficult than you think. And the TARDIS will not help you.
TERILEPTIL: The TARDIS will not be necessary.

(RICHARD MACE steps up to the DOCTOR to talk to him.)

RICHARD MACE: This thing is talking of mass murder?
TERILEPTIL: Is he a primitive?
DOCTOR: ...Uh?!...(clears his throat)
RICHARD MACE: There is nothing primitive about me, sir!
TERILEPTIL: So much pride in something so stupid. I could destroy you now.
RICHARD MACE: Let me see you try.

(The TERILEPTIL lashes out in anger, knocking RICHARD MACE aside, into the arms of the ANDROID.)

TERILEPTIL: (to the ANDROID) Fit the primitive with a bracelet.
DOCTOR: He is one untrained man. What will you do when they send thousands of their soldiers against you?
TERILEPTIL: Oh, you are so right, Doctor. We cannot fight as warriors. But, I have devised a plan that will make that unnecessary.

29. Nyssa & Tegan's Bedroom

ADRIC: (carrying in some components) ...these what you want?
NYSSA: That's right!
ADRIC: How much more have you got to do on that?
NYSSA: Not much. Although the Doctor will have to check some of the adjustments.
ADRIC: If we ever see him again.
NYSSA: I'm sure he's alright.
ADRIC: But, what about Tegan?
NYSSA: Try not to worry. You can't do anything for her.
ADRIC: No. I can't do anything for anyone. I can't even help you on that. I'm going to look for the Doctor.
NYSSA: Adric!
ADRIC: He might be in trouble.
NYSSA: And what will you be able to do?
ADRIC: More than just wait.

(ADRIC rushes out towards the console room. NYSSA follows.)

30. Console Room

(The scanner shows there is no one outside.)

NYSSA: Adric? Where will you go?
ADRIC: To the mill.
NYSSA: You could easily miss him.
ADRIC: So you keep saying. Look, just don't worry, Nyssa. Everything will be alright.

(ADRIC opens the TARDIS outer doors and leaves.)

NYSSA: Adric, no! (to herself) Why won't he listen to me?

31. Woods, just outside the TARDIS

(ADRIC walks towards the mill, but the three VILLAGERS jump out of hiding and capture him.)

32. Console Room

(NYSSA watches all this on the scanner.)

NYSSA: Oh, no!

(She desperately runs to the door, but it is closed. She turns round and operates the door mechanism on the console, and the door opens. She realises that she could do nothing if she went out, too. She reluctantly closes the door.)

33. Wine Cellar / Cellar, Control Room

DOCTOR: Neat idea! Dressing the Android up as death.
TERILEPTIL: It created the confusion I wanted.

(The DOCTOR breaths on the ANDROID, then makes to polish it with his sleeve. The ANDROID moves away.)

DOCTOR: I saw him in action in the stable.
TERILEPTIL: (picking up a set of ancient handcuffs) I have always found fear an excellent tool.
DOCTOR: Tell me! What happened to the occupants of this house?
TERILEPTIL: A noble death. They were allowed to die fighting.

(The TERILEPTIL puts the handcuffs on the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: I've never been able to reconcile the Terileptil's love of art and beauty with their love of war.

(The handcuffs are locked.)

DOCTOR: Don't I qualify for a bracelet?
TERILEPTIL: No. Your mind would override the effects.
DOCTOR: Cruder, but more effective, hey?
TERILEPTIL: War is honourable, Doctor. Even on this planet it is considered so.
DOCTOR: Oh, I know. But, by your admission these people are still primitive. What's your excuse?
TERILEPTIL: (angrily) Grrr!

34. Nyssa & Tegan's Bedroom

(NYSSA, upset, walks in and kicks the sonic booster.)

NYSSA: Stupid machine!

35. Cellar Hall

(The ANDROID brings the DOCTOR to a cell. The DOCTOR is again stopped remotely by the ANDROID. The ANDROID opens the door and pushes the DOCTOR in.)

36. Woods

(ADRIC is being led away by the VILLAGERS.)

ADRIC: Get off!

37. Cellar. Cell

(The DOCTOR rummages through his pockets and his sonic screwdriver drops to the floor.)

DOCTOR: Oh, for a proper key.

38. Squire's House. Front door

(The TERILEPTIL approaches the awaiting MILLER and his cart.)

TERILEPTIL: Hurry! Help the others.

(TEGAN and RICHARD MACE emerge from the house carrying boxes. The MILLER places them in the cart.)

39. Cellar, Control Room

(The TERILEPTIL enters, and places a vial in a hypodermic injector.)

40. Cellar. Cell

(The DOCTOR takes out a safety pin from his jacket, and places it with the sonic screwdriver. He has already found some string and two batteries which have been laid on the floor.)

DOCTOR: Someday, I must get a proper survival kit together.

(The DOCTOR hears the door being unlocked. He, quickly, tries to stuff everything into his pockets, handicapped by the handcuffs he is wearing. The door opens, and the TERILEPTIL walks in. The DOCTOR has had no time to hide the sonic screwdriver, and hides it from him)

TERILEPTIL: Stay where you are, Doctor!

(RICHARD MACE appears from behind the TERILEPTIL.)

TERILEPTIL: (to RICHARD MACE) Shoot him if he moves. (to DOCTOR) Now, turn around.

(TEGAN walks in with a large cage, covered with sack cloth. She puts it down on a bench, and stands beside it. The DOCTOR turns, still trying to hide the sonic screwdriver.)

TERILEPTIL: Drop the sonic device.

(The DOCTOR drops it to the floor.)

DOCTOR: Isn't my day, is it?

(The TERILEPTIL aims at the sonic screwdriver with one blast of his gun. It bursts into flames.)

DOCTOR: I feel as though you've just killed an old friend.
TERILEPTIL: It is with some sadness that I tell you, you are about to join it.
DOCTOR: Why not smile, and let me live?
TERILEPTIL: If I did that, you'd be more of a menace than all the primitives on this planet.
DOCTOR: You overestimate me.
TERILEPTIL: ...and then there would be the argument over the TARDIS. Ah, you would have made a useful ally, but I'm afraid I think you are better dead (pause) I said I would demonstrate how I'm to rid this planet of all it's primitives. It's very simple.

(He waves at TEGAN. She uncovers the cage, revealing rats inside. The TERILEPTIL uses his hypodermic injector to administer the contents of the vial.)

DOCTOR: The poor old black rat and his flea.
TERILEPTIL: The infection it now carries has been genetically re-engineered. Although heavily infected, it will outlive you all.
DOCTOR: But, you'd need thousands of them.
TERILEPTIL: I have thousands of them! They're awaiting release in... a nearby city. Their infection will kill every living thing.
DOCTOR: I thought the local plague was already doing that?
TERILEPTIL: Ah! But, our rats will insure there are no survivors. A final visitation.
DOCTOR: Then, who will serve you?
TERILEPTIL: Now we have your TARDIS, we can travel the universe and acquire androids.
DOCTOR: This carnage isn't necessary!
TERILEPTIL: It's survival, Doctor! Just as these primitives kill lesser species to protect themselves, so I kill them.
DOCTOR: That's hardly an argument...
TERILEPTIL: (angrily) It's not supposed to be an argument. It's a statement. (pause) If you try to escape or interfere with this cage, your friends controlled minds have but one thought. To kill you!

(The TERILEPTIL leaves, locking the door behind him. RICHARD MACE, holding a (flintlock) gun, moves to cover the door.)

DOCTOR: Tegan? I know you never listen to a word I say, but, please put the cover back on the cage. You can do it. Just concentrate and you can override the control. Think hard! Cover the cage!

(TEGAN starts to release the cage door. The DOCTOR moves forward. RICHARD MACE raises his gun, stopping the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: No, don't! Please listen to me! It's the Doctor. Don't open it! If you do it's the end for us all...

(Zoom in on TEGAN'S hand opening cage door.)



Written by Eric Saward


THE DOCTOR: Peter Davidson
TEGAN: Janet Fielding
NYSSA: Sarah Sutton
ADRIC: Matthew Waterhouse
ANDROID: Peter Van Dissel
MILLER: James Charlton
RICHARD MACE: Michael Robbins
TERILEPTIL: Michael Melia
HEADMAN: Eric Dobson
POACHER: Neil West
VILLAGER 1: Richard Hampton

Designer: Ken Starkey
Costumes: Odile Dicks-Mireaux
Make-Up: Carolyn Perry
Studio Lighting: Henry Barber
Visual Effects: Peter Wragg
Film Cameraman: Peter Chapman
Film Editor: Ken Bilton
Studio Sound: Alan Machin
Title Music: Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
arranged by Peter Howell
Incidental Music: Paddy Kingsland
Special Sounds: Dick Mills
Production Assistant: Julia Randall
Production Associate: Angela Smith
Assistant Floor Manager: Alison Symington
Script Editor: Anthony Root
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Director: Peter Moffat



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