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The Visitation

Written By: Eric Saward

Episode One

1. Night. The living room of a Squire's 17th century house

(The squires son, MASTER CHARLES, is cleaning his guns. RALPH, the servant brings in a candelabra. The SQUIRE is asleep in a chair.)

2. Main Hall

(The Squire's daughter, ELIZABETH, peers through the curtains. It is dark, but she watches bright lights in the sky.)

ELIZABETH: Papa... Papa...

3. Living Room

(ELIZABETH enters.)

SQUIRE: Oh!... What's all the noise Elizabeth?
ELIZABETH: Have you seen the sky? It's beautiful.
SQUIRE: What're you talking about?
ELIZABETH: The whole sky is ablaze.

(She looks through the curtains in the living room.)

ELIZABETH: Oh! They've gone
SQUIRE: What're gone?
ELIZABETH: The lights.
SQUIRE: What sort of lights were they?
ELIZABETH: Like a hundred shooting stars. I wish you'd seen them.
SQUIRE: (Clears throat) I don't like the sound of it.
SQUIRE: Strange lights in the sky never bode well for the future.
ELIZABETH: You're so old fashioned.
SQUIRE: Yes...

4. Night. Garden

(An escape pod, which has crashed there, emits strange noises.)

5. Living Room

(ELIZABETH and the SQUIRE are playing chess, as MASTER CHARLES continues to check his guns.)

SQUIRE: (Shouts) Ralph! Bring a log!
RALPH: (out of shot) Yes, sir!
SQUIRE: I feel a chill.
ELIZABETH: You can't, papa. It's a perfectly warm evening.
MASTER CHARLES: Father always feels a chill when he's losing. It's either that or his gout bothers him.
SQUIRE: Arrant nonsense! I feel a definite chill about my shoulders.

(RALPH enters, carrying a log. The candles flicker as if in a breeze.)

SQUIRE: There you are, you see! (to RALPH) Have you left the door open?
RALPH: Me, sir? No. Would you like me to fetch your shawl?
SQUIRE: No. (clears throat) I think I prefer a warmer. I'll have my posset now.
RALPH: Yes, sir.
MASTER CHARLES: You're incorrigible, father. Haven't you drunk enough, already?
SQUIRE: This is medicinal.
MASTER CHARLES: I'm going to bed.

(MASTER CHARLES walks to the door.)

MASTER CHARLES: Goodnight, father.

(MASTER CHARLES closes the door behind him.)

6. Cellar Hall, Staircase

(Point of view- something breathing heavily. It walks through the hall.)

7. Servant's Hall

(MASTER CHARLES replaces his guns into the gun cabinet. Ralph enters from the living room carrying an empty tray.)

RALPH: Are you sure you're not having a posset, Master Charles?
MASTER CHARLES: No, thank you.
RALPH: In that case, I'll bid you good night.
MASTER CHARLES: Good night, Ralph.

8. Cellar Hall, Staircase

(Point of view- something breathing heavily. It looks up the stairs towards the door to the Servant's Hall. RALPH enters through the door and sees it. He screeches and turns to run, but the thing fires his laser and shoots him in the back. RALPH falls down, dead. MASTER CHARLES rushes through the door to aid RALPH. He sees RALPH laying on the floor, then he sees the thing. MASTER CHARLES shoots at it, and it shoots back. He goes off to refill his guns. The thing starts to follow.)

9. Servant's Hall

(MASTER CHARLES gets some guns out of the cabinet. The SQUIRE descends the stairs.)

SQUIRE: Oh! It's you, sir. What the Hades is going on?
MASTER CHARLES: There's someone down there with a gun, the likes I've never seen before.
SQUIRE: Ralph? Where's Ralph?
MASTER CHARLES: I fare he's hit.

(MASTER CHARLES hands the SQUIRE some guns There is a flash of light. It has fired its gun, and hit a tray left on the cabinet.)

SQUIRE: Fire in brimstone!

(The SQUIRE sees it and takes aim.)

SQUIRE: God protect us!

(The intruder is hit and falls, screaming, onto the floor, dead.)

SQUIRE: What was that?
MASTER CHARLES: I don't know!

10. Living Room

(Something else is trying to enter via the door from the Main Hall.)

ELIZABETH: Papa! What's happening, papa?

(The SQUIRE and MASTER CHARLES enter from the door to the Servant's Hall.)



SQUIRE: Would it be too obvious to say, we are under attack?
ELIZABETH: But from whom?

(An android crashes through the door leading from the Main Hall.)

SQUIRE: From whatever that is.
MASTER CHARLES: Our shots stopped its comrade on the stairs.
SQUIRE: But this one's in armour!
MASTER CHARLES: Which at this range is useless. Come on, father! Now!

(All three take aim and start firing at the android.)

11. Morning. The Squire's Grounds

(There are drilling noises coming from the grounds and the, now deserted, and visibly wrecked house.)

12. TARDIS Console Room

(The DOCTOR, ADRIC, and NYSSA are there. NYSSA is reading a journal.)

DOCTOR: How many times have I told you, Adric? Not to interfere with...

(The DOCTOR appears not to understand what he's doing on the console.)

DOCTOR: ...with things that you don't understand.
ADRIC: I was trying to escape.
DOCTOR: In the TSS? You were lucky you didn't destroy the whole Kinda tribe.
ADRIC: I didn't realise it would be that difficult to control.
DOCTOR: That isn't the point. You should never have got into that unit.
ADRIC: Well, as it turned out no one was hurt.
DOCTOR: Apart from Aris...
ADRIC: A flesh wound.
DOCTOR: Try to understand, Adric. Because you get away with something, it doesn't justify it.
ADRIC: I'm sorry.
DOCTOR: Next time you want to escape from somewhere, walk!
NYSSA: Poor old Adric. Always in trouble.
ADRIC: And I try so hard.
DOCTOR: (to NYSSA) Is Tegan ready?
NYSSA: I'll check!

(NYSSA goes off to fetch TEGAN. The console begins to beep.)

ADRIC: What's that?
DOCTOR: A fault!
ADRIC: Serious?
DOCTOR: Must be the lateral balance cones again. You know, I must do some maintenance after we've delivered Tegan.
ADRIC: It's going to seem strange without her. Though I must admit, I'm not entirely convinced that she likes me.
DOCTOR: Now, don't jump to conclusions, Adric. Sometimes we... humanoids try to disguise our... our true feelings.

(He pats ADRIC on the back, then, returns to console.)

DOCTOR: Well, don't just stand there, Adric. Help me!

13. NYSSA & TEGAN'S bedroom

(TEGAN sits at a dressing table and is putting on lipstick. NYSSA sits nearby. TEGAN suddenly looks worried.)

NYSSA: What's the matter?
TEGAN: It's only sunk in properly, what happened to me on Deva Loka.
NYSSA: What? The Doctor said nothing eventful had occurred.
TEGAN: He would. But, while you were enjoying 48 hours of peaceful sleep in the delta-wave augmentor, my mind was occupied... taken over.
NYSSA: By whom?
TEGAN: More a 'what'. Something called a Mara. (gets up) It makes me shiver to think of it.
NYSSA: You weren't hurt?

(NYSSA helps TEGAN with her jacket.)

TEGAN: No... No, but that's not the point. it's unnerved me.
NYSSA: You'll soon be on Earth with all this unpleasantness forgotten.
TEGAN: Can't wait.
NYSSA: Least, you won't have any awkward questions to answer about where you've been.
TEGAN: So the Doctor says, but I don't understand how?
NYSSA: Just accept what he says.

(TEGAN is ready and they begin to walk to the console room, via a corridor.)

14. TARDIS corridor

NYSSA: You'll arrive back at the airport exactly on time for your flight; Half an hour after you entered the TARDIS.
TEGAN: Some half hour. Now, I have to pretend nothing's happened in the mean time.
NYSSA: You'll soon settle down.
TEGAN: I hope so. (Turns to face NYSSA) I know I haven't always been the best of companions, I'll miss you. All of you.

15. TARDIS Console Room

DOCTOR: Earth, Heathrow. 1981.
ADRIC: Doctor?
DOCTOR: Not one of the most stimulating places in the universe, but never-the-less, where requested to be...
ADRIC: Doctor?

(The scanner opens to show a forest.)

DOCTOR: Oh, no!

(TEGAN and NYSSA walk in and view the scanner.)

TEGAN: Is that supposed to be Heathrow?
ADRIC: It is.
TEGAN: Well, they've certainly let the grass grow since I was last there.
ADRIC: Well, actually, they haven't built the airport yet. We're about three hundred years early.
TEGAN: That's great! Perhaps I can go out, file a claim on the land. When they get round to inventing the aircraft, I'll make a fortune.
DOCTOR: Mm! Yes... A small error has been made.
TEGAN: You call three hundred years a small error?
DOCTOR: It's probably due to nothing more than a temperamental cellunoid on the lateral balance cones.
TEGAN: Why do you always have some incomprehensible answer?
DOCTOR: And, as you know, the TARDIS is not always...

(The DOCTOR accidentally pulls off a handle from the console.)

DOCTOR: Uh!... reliable.
TEGAN: Call yourself a Time Lord? A broken clock keeps better time than you do. At least that's accurate twice a day. Which is more than you ever are.

(TEGAN has opened the TARDIS doors, and storms out.)

DOCTOR: (sighs) Why does she always over-react?
NYSSA: I think she's finding the idea of going more painful than she thought.
DOCTOR: Then why didn't she say so? Rather than... (looks at handle in his hand) fly off the handle like that.
NYSSA: That's Tegan!
ADRIC: Perhaps you'd better talk to her?
DOCTOR: No! Too much has been said already.

(NYSSA & ADRIC look at the DOCTOR disapprovingly.)

DOCTOR: Earthlings...

(He makes his way outside.)

16. The forest just outside the TARDIS

(The DOCTOR approaches TEGAN. NYSSA & ADRIC also exit the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: I'm sorry. I realise how disappointed you must be.
TEGAN: I'm sorry, too. But, you did make a promise...
DOCTOR: And I'll keep it. Consider this a fortuitous mistake. It isn't everyone who gets the chance to wander around their own history.
TEGAN: I'm not sure I want to. This place stinks.
DOCTOR: What? Well! I suppose it does a bit.
ADRIC: Look, Doctor!

(ADRIC points to smoke billowing through the trees.)

DOCTOR: Sulphur!
ADRIC: Some sort of volcanic action?
DOCTOR: Wrong time and place for that.
TEGAN: Are you sure this is Earth?
DOCTOR: Undoubtedly. When we find the person who's burning the sulphur, perhaps you'll believe him.

17. Forest clearing

(Two VILLAGERS tend to the sulphur fire. In a tree another VILLAGER indicates something to them.)

VILLAGER 1: (Tending to fire) Four strangers coming this way.

(The TARDIS crew approach the clearing.)

NYSSA: Is it sensible to go on?
DOCTOR: Probably not.
TEGAN: I've lost my bearings already.
DOCTOR: (sniffs the air) There's potassium nitrate in with the sulphur.
TEGAN: Oh! That's great.
ADRIC: What's wrong?
DOCTOR: Potassium nitrate and sulphur are constituents of a primitive explosive. Gunpowder.
TEGAN: I don't like this place.
NYSSA: Doctor! (Points to VILLAGERS coming towards them)
TEGAN: Shouldn't we get back to the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: This time I agree.

(Three more VILLAGERS have sneaked up behind them. The DOCTOR sees them as he turns.)

DOCTOR: Ah! Good morning!

(A fight starts, but the TARDIS crew get the upper hand.)

DOCTOR: Come on! To the TARDIS.

(The VILLAGERS start to get up.)

VILLAGER 1: You alright?

(The other VILLAGER seems to be fine.)

VILLAGER 1: Don't worry! We'll get them!

18. Forest

(The TARDIS crew are obviously lost, the DOCTOR taking up the rear.)

NYSSA: Now which way?
ADRIC: I don't know.
NYSSA: Use your homing devise.
ADRIC: (Looking in pockets, he finds nothing) Arrgh! I must have dropped it during the fight.
TEGAN: Oh, Tremendous!

(The DOCTOR joins them.)

DOCTOR: Come on, come on. This way.

19. Further in the forest

(They all run, but ADRIC suddenly twists his ankle.)

NYSSA: Are you alright?
ADRIC: I don't know.
DOCTOR: (Tending to ADRIC'S ankle) There's nothing broken. Can you stand?
ADRIC: I'll try.
NYSSA: Lean on me.
ADRIC: Oh! I'll be alright in a minute.
TEGAN: We may not have a minute...
RICHARD MACE: (Calling from atop a tree) Can I be of any assistance?
DOCTOR: Can you help us?
RICHARD MACE: I have a convenient refuge nearby.
TEGAN: How do we know we can trust him?
RICHARD MACE: You have little choice. You either trust me or give yourselves up to your pursuers, who would probably cudgel you to death.

(RICHARD MACE fires his two guns at the VILLAGERS, then jumps from the tree.)

RICHARD MACE: I don't think they will bother us again. If the lad can walk, my camp is this way.
DOCTOR: Lead on, Sir!

20. Forest. A few yards away

(The VILLAGERS talk amongst themselves.)

VILLAGER 1: Go back to the village for help. We'll follow them.

21. The Squire's barn

(The door opens and the DOCTOR, NYSSA, ADRIC, TEGAN and RICHARD MACE enter.)

TEGAN: This is home?
RICHARD MACE: For the last night or two fortune has made me itinerant.
DOCTOR: Why were those men following us?
RICHARD MACE: You don't know?
DOCTOR: Well! We're new to the area.
RICHARD MACE: You must be new to the world, sir. Haven't you heard there is plague.
TEGAN: Where?
RICHARD MACE: Everywhere. That is why the village is guarded so vigilantly. They're terrified of strangers and the pestilence they may carry.
DOCTOR: Of course! The reason for the sulphuric smoke. Purification fires.
NYSSA: Is that why you're not staying in the village?
RICHARD MACE: Alas, because of the plague, everywhere is unfriendly.
DOCTOR: Hence, the guns?
RICHARD MACE: Oh! Not entirely. I was once a noted thespian until forced into rural exile by the closure of the theatres. It is only with the aid of these properties, I'm able to command the attention of an audience nowadays.
TEGAN: You sound like a highwayman or a robber.
RICHARD MACE: A gentleman of the road, madam. Richard Mace at your service. (He bows) Though I plan to rob you of a little of your time and company. After many weeks alone in the wood, I would risk anything for an hours good conversation. Yes...

(RICHARD MACE sits waiting for conversation. None is forthcoming.)

DOCTOR: How bad is the plague?
RICHARD MACE: Oh! The worst I've ever seen. More virulent here, than the city. But that's only to be expected.
RICHARD MACE: Did you not see the comet a few weeks ago? A portent of doom, if ever there was one. It's aurora barely faded from the sky before the first case was reported.
ADRIC: You were clear until then?
RICHARD MACE: Completely!
DOCTOR: You're not due for a comet for years.
RICHARD MACE: It lit up the sky as I've never experienced it before.
NYSSA: Are you sure it wasn't a meteor?
RICHARD MACE: Call it what you wish. I have seen many falling stars, but this was without parallel.
DOCTOR: Interesting... And so is that ornament around your neck.
TEGAN: Doctor? Don't you think we should be getting back to the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: Yes, Not yet! (to RICHARD MACE) May I see?
RICHARD MACE: Oh! Surely, yes

(He takes it off, and hands it to the DOCTOR)

RICHARD MACE: I... Uh! I found it in the loft last night.
DOCTOR: Mm! Interesting piece of work. What do you think?

(The DOCTOR shows it to TEGAN, who's not interested, then to NYSSA.)

NYSSA: It's made from polygrite, isn't it?
DOCTOR: Yes...
NYSSA: From such a primitive society?
DOCTOR: Do you mind if I have a look around your loft?
RICHARD MACE: As you wish, sir.
DOCTOR: (begins to climb to the loft) Fit for a climb, Adric?
TEGAN: Doctor! He should rest.
ADRIC: (starts to follow the DOCTOR to the loft) Don't worry, Tegan. We Alzarians are different from you. We recover faster.
NYSSA: Is there anything I can do?
DOCTOR: (out of shot: calling from loft) Oh! Have a look round down there.
TEGAN: (to NYSSA) What exactly are we looking for?

22. Loft

ADRIC: What is it he's wearing?
DOCTOR: Part of an alien bracelet made for a very special purpose.
ADRIC: How could it have got here?
DOCTOR: Oh, make your own guess. Comet when there shouldn't be a comet. A meteor that doesn't look like a meteor. Whatever the phenomenon was, it certainly wasn't natural.
ADRIC: Some sort of space-craft landing?
DOCTOR: ...Or burning-up in the atmosphere.
ADRIC: But, surely for the bracelet to be here some of the crew must have survived?
DOCTOR: Ah! Not necessarily. The bracelet is strong enough to have survived the crash. However, if we find something more fragile...
ADRIC: ...Then there are survivors.
DOCTOR: Correct!

23. The Squire's Barn

NYSSA: (Calls up to the loft) Doctor! Power packs!
DOCTOR: (Calls down) Well done!

(The DOCTOR & ADRIC climb down from the loft.)

DOCTOR: (To RICHARD MACE) Tell me. Who owns this barn?
RICHARD MACE: I will show you...

(RICHARD MACE lead the TARDIS crew from the barn.)

24. Driveway leading to the Squire's house

(The MILLER: packs some more boxes onto his cart.)

(The DOCTOR, NYSSA, TEGAN, ADRIC, and RICHARD MACE approach the house. Some VILLAGERS that have followed, stop and watch from the gate.)

VILLAGER 1: (to himself) Now, what are they up to?
RICHARD MACE: Surely, you must be aware, sir, that there's a certain protocol to be observed when approaching the gentry?
DOCTOR: Of course! I've met kings, emperors, megla-maniacs in my time.
RICHARD MACE: Ah! Then you must know, sir, that the nobility will not take kindly to being knocked-up and questioned about the contents of their barns. It's a sure way of us all being horse-whipped. And I have a particularly sensitive skin, sir.

(The MILLER'S cart moves off. The DOCTOR is ahead of the main group, but the cart nearly runs-over NYSSA, TEGAN, ADRIC, and RICHARD MACE. They jump out of the way into the muddy verge.)

NYSSA: Is the man blind?
ADRIC: He nearly killed us.
RICHARD MACE: The Miller. A man of very sour disposition.
TEGAN: And not much road sense.

25. The Squire's front door

(The DOCTOR has reached the door, and rings the bell.)

RICHARD MACE: Uh! Shouldn't we use the tradesman's entrance?

(The DOCTOR knocks loudly on the door.)

DOCTOR: I'm calling on the master of the house, not his servants.
RICHARD MACE: Please, sir. Knock with a little more humility.
DOCTOR: You knock, while I look around.
TEGAN: Can we come with you?
DOCTOR: Just Nyssa. If anyone opens the door, call me.

(A window on the first floor closes.)

26. Back of the Squire's house

(NYSSA & the DOCTOR look around.)

DOCTOR: No one at home.
NYSSA: Then, who was the miller visiting?
DOCTOR: Perhaps we should find out. That window doesn't look fastened properly.

(The DOCTOR opens the window.)

27. Front door

RICHARD MACE: What do we say if the door is opened?
ADRIC: Hello?

28. The Squire's house. Living room

(The DOCTOR & NYSSA have just climbed through the window.)

DOCTOR: What a very pleasant room.
NYSSA: Shall I let the others in?
DOCTOR: No, not yet! Let's see who's at home first. (Shouts) Hello?
NYSSA: Why are you so certain the aliens have come here?
DOCTOR: Well, I'm not. For all I know they went to the village.
NYSSA: They could also have died from the plague.
DOCTOR: Indeed. So the sooner we find out, the sooner we can return Tegan to her own time.
DOCTOR: (Shouts) Anyone at home?
NYSSA: Any idea who the aliens might be?
DOCTOR: No, not really. Polygrite is found in many parts of the universe; so are power packs.
NYSSA: Why are you so concerned about them?
DOCTOR: Well, if I'm right, the comet that actor saw was their ship burning up in the atmosphere. They're probably stranded here. Desperate. They could wreak havoc.

(The DOCTOR and NYSSA have moved on to the...)

29. Servant's Hall

NYSSA: So, what are you going to do if you find them?
DOCTOR: Oh! Twist their arms a bit to let me take them back to their own planet.
NYSSA: I hope they have arms to twist.
DOCTOR: I'll find something...

(The DOCTOR looks in the arms cabinet.)

DOCTOR: There are weapons missing!
NYSSA: (Spotting something on the floor) What's that?
DOCTOR: (Kneeling down and sampling it) Gunpowder. Someone's been careless.
NYSSA: Look! A power pack.
DOCTOR: So, they have been here.
NYSSA: I think we should go, Doctor.
DOCTOR: You're beginning to sound like Tegan.
NYSSA: I begin to understand how she feels.

30. Cellar Hall, Staircase

NYSSA: What?
NYSSA: Scarring from a high energy beam.
DOCTOR: And fired from a weapon.
NYSSA: So much for my friendly aliens.

(The DOCTOR produces some string from a pocket, and unravels one end.)

DOCTOR: Hold this. There...

(He holds the other end of the string to the scarring.)

DOCTOR: Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Assume it was an accident.

(He notices a wall that shouldn't be there.)

DOCTOR: But this isn't...
NYSSA: Now, what?
DOCTOR: Well! You only build a staircase to lead somewhere.
NYSSA: As a rule.
DOCTOR: Why should anyone want to build a wall here?
NYSSA: Does it matter?
DOCTOR: Well! This should be a very important staircase. Logically it should lead from the main hall to the kitchens.
NYSSA: Perhaps there's another way.
DOCTOR: No. Something's wrong.

(Something walks through the house.)

31. Front Door

(TEGAN, ADRIC, and RICHARD MACE: are still waiting outside. The door begins to open.)

TEGAN: At last!

(NYSSA has opened the door.)

TEGAN: How did you get in?
NYSSA: We found an open window.
RICHARD MACE: You broke in?
NYSSA: It's perfectly safe. There isn't anyone here.
RICHARD MACE: Are you sure?
NYSSA: Come in and look.

(They all enter.)

32. Main hall

ADRIC: Where's the Doctor?
NYSSA: Downstairs. He's found a wall that seems to fascinate him.

(NYSSA, TEGAN, ADRIC, and RICHARD MACE have started to walk through the house towards the DOCTOR, passing through the...)

33. Living Room

TEGAN: Is there anyone else here?
NYSSA: Not that we've found.
TEGAN: I don't like this house. I think it's a bit... spooky.
RICHARD MACE: I find this house full of style and quality.
NYSSA: We should join the Doctor.

34. Cellar Hall, Staircase


(The TARDIS crew and RICHARD MACE have now reached the...)

35. Servant's Hall

ADRIC: Any sign of survivors?
NYSSA: They've been here. We found, yet, another power pack.
ADRIC: I wonder what they use those things for?
TEGAN: I bet it isn't transistor radios.
RICHARD MACE: What are these words you're using?
NYSSA: The Doctor will explain.

36. Cellar Hall, Staircase

ADRIC: Where's he gone?
NYSSA: Doctor?

(Something bolts the front door.)

37. Cellar Hall, Staircase

NYSSA: (shouts) Doctor?

(The door behind them closes.)

TEGAN: (screams) Doctor??



The Visitation

Written by Eric Saward


THE DOCTOR: Peter Davidson
TEGAN: Janet Fielding
NYSSA: Sarah Sutton
ADRIC: Matthew Waterhouse
ANDROID: Peter Van Dissel
MILLER: James Charlton
RICHARD MACE: Michael Robbins
THE SQUIRE: John Savident
ELIZABETH: Valerie Fyfer
RALPH: John Baker
VILLAGER 1: Richard Hampton

Designer: Ken Starkey
Costumes: Odile Dicks-Mireaux
Make-Up: Carolyn Perry
Studio Lighting: Henry Barber
Visual Effects: Peter Wragg
Film Cameraman: Peter Chapman
Film Editor: Ken Bilton
Studio Sound: Alan Machin
Title Music: Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop arranged by Peter Howell
Incidental Music: Paddy Kingsland
Special Sounds: Dick Mills
Production Assistant: Julia Randall
Production Associate: Angela Smith
Assistant Floor Manager: Alison Symington Script Editor: Anthony Root
Producer: John Nathan-Turner
Director: Peter Moffat




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