Anagrams of spam subject lines or short pieces of spams posted to alt.anagrams are given first. Anagrams of full spams follow. Please note that the most potentially objectionable full spams are at the bottom of the page, so you can stop reading if/when your comfort level is met or exceeded.

Anagrams that are new since the last update will have a 'NEW:' in front of them (new 'grams are not necessarily at the top).

Subject lines and bits of spams

Re: Police Forensic and Eliminating software =
An idiot, I collect free warning from an ISP, see?

Tempt mass to choke ~ at


Online pharmacy:
= Mainly hone crap.
= Inhaler company?

Remote mind control =
Men direct moron lot.

An easy way TO GAIN FOLLOWERS on Instagram and Get POPULAR
An online spam gets you a friend or pal at last!
Wrong. Go away.


---- SEXY TEEN CLIP ---- click here
= Erectly: "Heck, nice pixels!"
= Pitch is "Recycle Kleenex".
= Expect sick-lechery line.

= XL-type nieces?
= Nips excel, yet...
  ...yet excl. penis

---- click here =
Chick! Leer!

IndiaTourVisit = Invidious trait

[The start of a piece of spam]
= Boo! I push PIs' validation of sleaziness, oil crime, ...
= If spam spiel's all idiocies, no thorazine. Obvious.

[The beginning of a lengthy spam in Swedish]
Annonsera Nya och Begagnade Produkter och Prylar
= Anyone near Google, backhand crap-poster, and hurry!
= Encrypted crap on radar! Henson 'Bork!' langauge ahoy!

Pedophile warnings = "Idol"'s raping nephew!

Boost your manhood into a monster
"Gosh, don't let your tyrannosaur/mammoth indoors - I'd be upset!"

[This hosting service provider sent spam to the group] = Access remover.

[Spam was cross-posted to this, among other groups]
= Wanton size-L armored mama.
= Mad! Want a more normal size!

Cheap Cigarettes Online =
i.e., his plea.

[A slight alteration of the list of groups to which a spam was posted] Newsgroups: alt.agnosticism,alt.alien.research,alt.alien.visitors, alt.alt.alt.alt.alt,alt.alumni.warwick,alt.america,alt.anagrams, alt.anarchism,alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian,alt.animals.horses.breeding

Newsgroups: alt.erotica.hackers.male,,, alt.albinism.minimal-sun, alt.swear.arse.arse.arse, alt.religion.wicca.randi,, alt.carrots.anal, alt.televangelism.amish, alt.hag.anna

[Two spams wrote the following]
'Clear food is the target'
I've not heard of
'clear food', which might be a 'cooler fad' among a 'fool cadre' that includes our 'drool-face' spammers. Whatever it is, if spammers eat it, it probably has a 'fecal odor'.

[A spammer known as wrote this]
Mail the 6 envelopes to the following addresses:

J. Ranker =
Jerk ran. [away from the Internet, one would hope] [URL advertised in a spam]
I hate spam, or theft, plenty.

[A spammer asked us to 'Play the UK lotto + Euromillions for free']
'Play the UK lotto' = They talk up 'loot'.

[We were supposed to 'Get a YourName.WS website now! If you missed out on getting a dot COM...']
'Get a YourName.WS website now!' spam: =
guano by some arse.

[Reasonably well-known nut Ed Conrad posted a spam starting a bit like:
I've said it before and I'll say again -- for the zillionth time -- that the factless Theory of Evolution has been kept afloat for many decades ONLY because of the vested interests of its proponents.'
So we get the following]

"I've said it before and I'll say again:
I'd believe tinfoil aids against a ray."

Want monthly PayPal deposits?.............. =
Only a pest with spam. Typo land!

'Britney Spears naked'
= Send in a perky breast!
= Party needs bare skin ...
= Nips streaked nearby.
= Bystanders peek: 'Nair?'
= A repressed Yank bint?

[We were spammed by this entity] =
It's 'moron777@mad-cow.filth'.

[The spam,
could be re-worded thus, with each line as a new anagram]

So, have free films
~ of feverish males!
I offer "Mel Shaves",
"Fish Flavor"... See 'em!

E-marketing programs = Get error making spam?

[ spammed this selection of newsgroups with multiple ads for penis enlargement pills]
Newsgroups: alt.amtgard,alt.anagrams,alt.anarchism,alt.andy.whine
Start laughing at poster? Certainly - man has a Damn Small Wang award!

Free porn pics = Nips for creep.

$$$ PayPal $$$ READ ME!! = $$$$$$! - Dreamy appeal!

Missive is tantalizing, eh? Who'll bite - you?

Want a much bigger penis? =
Wait... Paging Ubermensch...

Cue beggin', shrimp.

[The spammer gave the address 'Americana Cookbook, Swefinger Enterprises...']
Swefinger = new griefs.

The Americana Cookbook = I note a checkbook aroma.
Maybe the poster isn't evil. It might not have been in its right mind when posting; I might recommend "Fewer gins!" in that case.

Full spams

You will find all the advertisement resource you need!!!!
If you don't know how, will show you everything...

MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20040826185243D3b5RaC9


How nice, flimflam-artist friend - bastardised, Zero-Wing-type wordsmithing. Yet you will never find even one or two your base.

Launch all 20,040,826,185,243,359 Zig! You have no chance to peddle shit make your time.

Postlor is one of the best graphic designing company in Chennai,
India. It is an independent Advertising agency which also develops 2d,
3d animation films for different industries.


In addition, it can provide help in correct grammar and, yes, aid vastly in beginning to address how not to spam USENET.
<sniff> I find I need this help coping. I confess I need a life.
- Singh23


Hi everyone.

Prior to the debate about the light, it should be interesting to describe the
 sustainability of the line in an efficient way;
who has some competencies in the light remote surveillance or its association 
with the line customizing?



Using Markov models:
It is the easiest way to robo-generate hellish hit documents on the basis of the input corpus (i.e., elite academic thingies, bitchy online nonsense, etc.), either fishy writing worth citation or the fail zenith in the little beaut above.

Hey Everyone, If you are determined to lose weight this year, do it right, and do it with help. There is a great program out there that will help you not only lose weight but help you keep it off. I lost twenty pounds on this plan and I had my weight loss Mentor there at my disposal. You can get help and good information at, don't wait and start now, this way you can reach your goals for an energetic summer?


It was the year two thousand two.
Weepy, we pleaded with the Luddite parole officer guy and promised not to spam you that year.
Yet that lasted 4 days - not throughout the whole year.

Anyway, now we mean it, indeed.

Gee, that Bulk Mail Pest thingy's running right now? I'll go stop the program*!

I firmly resolve with the help of thy grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasions of sin. Amen.

Segue to 'Liar' (Henry Rollins)

* Hey, try it out!

Get in on the Highly Profitable Business Of Recycling Today!
We offer a Complete Start up Package Including Long Term Support.
Low Investment-Great Potential
Come To To Learn More Now


Mr./Mrs. Newsgroup-whose-name-starts-in-'a', I notice you look empty. Grow tenfold - full to the brim with a can of nice tasty spam! Low-cal recipe - no pet pig, cow, or egg - and no vegetable content (carrots, etc.)!


Top fun! Which renowned worm is that?
A gun - how perfect: BANG!

Age doesn't matter but participation does so, help us make it a great place to come to and speak of things that real people speak about.


I know a forum or two that were established many moons ago but that still get posters - person or 'bot - on occasion: 'Usenet'. A rough guide:

How To Get One Million People

To Send You #2.00

Learn my easy method plus receive

Proof that this method really Works!

send email to:


Lonely? Empty? Do employees, eminent/holy relations, or dead mammals seldom keep in touch with you? Forward this to them!

[Several identical spams of this form were posted]
Want free Asian Sex... All free...
You've come to the right place..


Yell, "These are off-topic without e'en a clever sex anagram!"

Lovely pic of Mz Lopez poseing topless for playboy


Poster: Nipple photos - plz click now (to install my wizzo virus...)! Bye for now!
Reply: Get Jocelyne W. off my PC!

[If you don't know of Jocelyne Wildenstein (aka 'The Bride of Wildenstein'), you can find her lovely visage by doing a Google search for 'Jocelyne Wildenstein Collection' or following the relevant link at]

Please help me with my web site and go there


Case made with empty beer cans? Grow mellow with hemp/weed. Post!

What's your screen good for if you can't capture any portion of it? With SPX you can! Using only your MOUSE! Anything you see can be saved, printed, faxed or EMAILED instantly as an attachment. To download now:


Is that modem any good if you won't have useful comments? Won't you employ your BRAIN, if one exists in that soft cranium? Most on text NGs do not want or expect ads for fancy pics and such anyway. Explore axons! Occupy dendrites today! We would propose www.go.away !


I found this great site today, has loads of fun stuff on celeberities !

check it out, have fun :)



...But I'd enjoy contact with the fuck's ISP staff.
I've the need to see fibbers tire, truthfully shout
"CURSES, FOILED AGAIN! :)", and evolve.

Anybody wanna read their e-mail and get paid for it?
If so, i know of this site the pays you to read the e-mail they send to you...

If interested, please contact at with INTERESTED in the subject line


It is a very funny idea. This idiot's internet account's just been zapped. See, without it he can't gain wealth for the floods of irate notes into it... Irony!

He may yet

Good evening from Costa Rica.
If you are an unmarried gentleman looking for something
completely different, then someone is looking for you.
Take a moment and visit
Thank you for your time.


If you like spam, read commercial gems like 'Making Money!', '<strong> </font>', or 'Try Tons Of Viagra, Mummy!!'.

No more sitting reading one on-topic note after another! Fend off vim! Why wait when you could take UCE into the loo?

Is anyone allowed to advertise income opportunities on this newsgroup?


Note to you corrupt Nigerian sods with evil plans, I'm wise - no, not a dope, see?
[The spam probably wasn't from a 'Nigerian scammer', but one can't be too careful.]



Gartner*'s Econo-dynamism News did warn us, "Please do beware, as unsolicited deals skillfully quell suspicions."

* famous weasels

Is there life after death? Eastern philosophy complied from Vedic
literature that explains how the soul travels from body to body, and
how we can end the cycle of birth and death.
This ebook is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Free download available at:
Or, download the great eastern classic Bhagavad-gita at:
Albert Einstein:
"When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this
universe everything else seems so superfluous."


   !!!! Better and brighter souls! !!!!

     Deathbed-headed and badly behaved?
     Dead?  Want that bad face rotated?

We're able to offer a big savings, chaps!
So, feel the best but keep costs low!
(Works with multi-wash halos.)

    ====== Actual TV Testimonials: =======

"I became so excited that I have had this tracking program developed...
Microsoft have plans to offer a trip to the nirvana you choose.
Give/forward this bod to fifty others to win."
-- W. Gates, Redmond

"I am become dead.  And now I can tell everyone it really works!"
-- Bob Oppenheimer, Hell

-- G.W. Bush, Wash. DC




[This was a couple of weeks after the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up on re-entry. I've done more reverent anagrams on the subject.]


!!!  Web offer  !!!

NASA goof * equipment remnant program -
Shuttle object giveaway -  10,240-tile box:  82G.  Gift for Pop!

We smuggle them slyly to your place & get most within 410 miles.

Please visit my site
Read the whole thing and as it says, either me or the Shriners.


[Please note that I haven't visited the site, so the scenario described here is just a guess...]

A lay seemed a nice idea at the time. "Rhythm" stinks...
Why's she tired? Whelps, kids!
I, Mr. No-shag, need dosh - warm, wet porn's vital.

[This anagram turns a crude sexually-oriented spam into a much less crudely worded admonition. You may skip the spam itself; my summary should be sufficient.]
Are you embarassed by a loose vagina? Has your husband or lover ever threatened to "tie a board across my ass so I don't fall in?" Would you like to have a tighter, firmer vagina so you don't have to put up with all that anal sex just to get him off?

You need alum, girlfriend! Available at any pharmacy, alum is the secret to a tight pussy with no side effects! Just rub a little bit in the right spot and you'll be so tight that your man will be looking for the KY again!


Ah, pardon. Have a moment, kind sir? Gosh, I am sorry to bother you. I couldn't help but notice your brave struggle with that awful "Newsgroups" header.

Would you mind a lot if I take this opportunity to suggest a look at Deja's *.abuse.* archive, as that may yield results that are fully revealing as to traditional habits? (If not Deja, a favourite search engine, even if that loyal favourite be Yahoo!) By agreement, flashy, titillating ads blossom on*


You can build and repair your own credit, ex spouses, tax liens, banktrupcties, late pays, defaults, innacuracies can all be fixed. This software enpowers you to do what the expensive clinics do, and build your credit clean and fast.


Seduction needs? Penis very flaccid/soft in an XXL cunt?

Try our special sex elixir, Twat!

Can also cure any wilted petunias/produce!

Or how about uses as poison: the fat and crabby wife, Dad...?
Later, plan suicide.

Buy the darned snake oil!

wanna meet someone right now - it dont cost nuthin - why not?

Live Phone Dating -

Call Now:   1-800-418-CHIC


What? No, no, no! Not when it's cheaper to go watch The Gyn. Clinic Doll / Twin Nun video 1,488,001 times, man!

Female Ejaculation ...That's important.
How to Make Women Cum - "Female Ejaculation How to Video CD
Smell it when she cums - clean it after that!


What a whim, to tell the truth! Fact: we men calculate that a major component of "ladies' jism" must be wet, homemade pee.

Follow Occam, mate, & stick with conventional clam juice when laid.

Increase your cock size 1-3 inches no pumps no pills


1) The average penis size when erect is only 5.7" to 6". Over 90% of
men posses this size.
2) By the age of 27, 97% of men can't have erections 1/5 as much as when
they were 20.
3) 30 million men in the USA alone suffer from Erectile Dysfunction
4) By the time he's 50, the average man will have lost .5" (half an
inch) in length from his penis
5) 98% of men have a much weaker, smaller more underdeveloped penis
compared to what they could possess.
6) In a poll conducted by DurexTM Condoms, 67% of women said they
were unhappy with their lover's penis size.
7) Nearly 88.7% of men would increase the size of their penis if they
knew how.
8) The average man ejaculates within 2 to 3 minutes of insertion into
the female.



Wow - amazing!  However, a few items concern me:

1) Must I give the shiny new porno willy back after posing as a macho man
for a week or 2?  Or can I attach it to someone else's chin when
finished with it?...
2) Are 0, 1, 2, or 3 nuts included?  Need I pay extra foreskin fees?
Cheez-Wiz fees?
3) Could I still conduct insertion of vegetables like zucchini in my
love tunnel?
4) Will it stop my PMS/PMT (such pure mayhem!) and how can it prevent my
car being shown online?  (The famous auto is at )
5) Oh, do you have clever ideas for how to keep my husband from seeing my nob,
as he might feel envious?
6) I feel 99% sure the thing will leak semen/wee-wee 365 days each year...
7) Will His Holiness the Pope decree this contraception for women improper?
8) Could my feet lengthen?
9) Is your cheap man-muscle fee of $677,777 sensible?
10) Oh, when I pose for magazine photos showing my new penis, must I share my
$2,223,555,888 fee with you, a creepy spammer?




Blurry, 'amateur' porn film:
  View wee-wee warts!
  View Mr. Bad Speller's wife:
     * bum infection
     * half a tit (left one)
     * not lean
     * prune

Es bueno!

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