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Welcome to the anagram section of my Web space.

Wordplay site = Adroitly spew!

The following things can be found here.

Newsgroup FAQ

The alt.anagrams FAQ is here in HTML form. The flat text version is available here.
If you have additions or comments, please post them to the group.

... And some help for those who can't access alt.anagrams

Here is a list of some free USENET servers, checked in August 2010. Please contact me if you have any additions or corrections for this.

Photos from alt.anagrams gatherings

Go here for photos and descriptions of alt.anagrams gatherings from the last few years. Anagrams created at the meets or in relation to them are also featured on the pages.

Some of my anagrams

I've now put a categorised archive of some of my own anagrams online, in case anyone would like to look at them. Anagrams that are new since the last update are indicated. While not all of these anagrams are magnificent, I've tried to pick the better ones, and there should be at least something that you'll like. For a more varied batch of anagrams, have a look at the newsgroup.

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