Miscellaneous anagrams

This is a grab bag, things that don't neatly fit into another category on these pages. As with the others, the quality varies.

Anagrams that are new since the last update will have a 'NEW:' in front of them (new 'grams are not necessarily at the top).

The drag racers. = Red cars gather.

Visa revocation = Vacation is over.

A lunar eclipse =
Special. Unreal. =
Allure in space. =
Alien curse, pal! =
[That last one might be exaggerating, but the celestial bodies do seem to work well together: the line-up's clear without any need for a peculiar lens]

A collector's item = Relic cost me a lot!

Skating on thin ice = The action: sinking
Skating on thin ice: I.e., in "Not thick!" snag
Skating on thin ice = It's one giant chink!

A pair of handcuffs =
Cops had fun affair...

Doom and gloom = Mood among old.


'Peace in our time' = Mere nice utopia

A holiday guide = "Glad I aid you, eh?"
Holiday guide = "Die, ugly Idaho!"


The nuclear apocalypse = Let roaches clean up / pay.

[An advertising slogan]
I love fashion
= Foolish. Naive.
= Oh-so-vain life
= He is vain fool.

One-night stand =
That 'Son?' ending...

Crimes against humanity = China's staying immature.

Super-villain = Rivals line up.

Mortal sin?
It's normal.


[The seven deadly sins]
Get odd push: "Utterly worth trying all seven!"

Cops track ~ crackpots.


An all-out military strike = Mortality - unit kills area

Tasteless jokes = Jest, take losses.

A sensory deprivation tank = Private, dark, no noise. Nasty.

The family trees = My leaf, it's there.


Peace in the Middle East
= 'Caliphate' meets end... Die!
= It needs epic male death.
= Patience steadied helm.
= I need deep atheist calm

Fashion models = Famished loons.
Fashion models = Manifold shoes!
Fashion models = Sad, foolish men...

The doctor of dental science - Field's tooth-care-connected.

A midnight snack = McD's? Think again.

The Las Vegas Strip ~ is stag revels' path.
The Las Vegas Strip = Hats. Legs. Privates.


Magic tricks = Grim, sick act!
Escapologist = Slip cages too!
A bad devil in ~ David Blaine.

Urgent help = The plunger!

I peg nun:

Hunger strike = Rethink urges.

Gigs' endings, annually =
Singing 'Auld Land Syne'

Economic theory:   "Come hire tycoon."
Modern economic theory: The moronic money credo

A writer of science fiction novels =
I cover infinite wars of clones, etc.

Mental disease
= See sad ailment
= Sane ideas melt.
- i.e., madness tale
= A senile, mad set
= Alienated mess.
= Dementia's seal.
= Mislead Senate

To screw up:
Power cuts

Tourist resort = Tortures! Riots!


Professional wrestling
= Gist: Ref's on ropes. All win.
= Giants. Fellow prisoners?
= No grief in lawless 'sport'

Rest. Let snow/ice hit. = The winter solstice.
The winter solstice = Testicles wither, no?

Santa cherishes most ~ the Christmas season.

Stone circle = Electronics?
[Paging von Daniken...]

Lying under oath = No guilt? Er, handy.

Money-laundering: (noun) Mainly greed

Viewer discretion is advised =
Directive's "News is dire. Avoid."


Cyclone? Demons?
My condolences.

I'm on call tonight = Not calm. Toil nigh.
I am on call tonight = "Can't log in!!" (Hotmail)

'Damaged in transit'
= 'It gains dent' drama
= It's a danger, damn it.


The adult diaper = Ah, I treat puddle
Adult nappies ~ insulted Papa.
Need pure strength? Demand ~ the Depends undergarment.
Dump-endangered sterns?     Depends undergarments

A diaper fetish = Shit. Pee. Afraid?


Crass, I lost charm. = Christmas carols

To declare martial law = Alert media: Call to war!
To declare martial law = Lame tirade / call to war

Knife + scared cat = Freak accidents!

The winter solstice = Snort 'Sleet with ice!'

[In case anyone needs reassurance: the idea here isn't to make light of suffering]
A suicide bomber: Idiom's "barbecue".
Suicide bomb belt = Bible: "Combust! Die!"

Humane society = Each tiny mouse...
Animal urges = Murine galas.
Semi-bestial = "Lassie bit me!"

Cruelty to animals = It comes naturally.

Night guards = Drag in thugs.

World leaders ~ ordered walls.

One giant leap for mankind = Apt. Neil and freaking moon!

At the grassy knoll: Ghastly stalker, no?

Intercontinental ballistic missiles =
Still-brainless .mil ninnies' tic-tac-toe

Gender equality = Quietly enraged?
Gender equality = I, queer gent-lady...

In the closet, ~ hence lost it.

[These views don't represent those of the Annagement]
Women's rights = Go mint shrews.
Women's rights = 'Worst', men sigh.

Paranormal activity = I'm a clairvoyant prat.

Extrasensory perception = I crept nearer to 'spy on' sex.

New Year's resolution... Only we aren't serious.

Utter failure = Future: retail.

Carbonated milk ~
at drinkable?.com

Peanut butter squares = Super banquet! US treat!

A disgusting junk food = Soon judging US kid fat


The name's Bond. James Bond. =
On jets... Bad men... Beds... Oh, man!

A drive-by shooting
= Be angry, visit 'hood...
= The bad, gory vision...
= It's over, a body nigh.

[Some things associated with hipsters]
Gutsy lie invents it: Gluten sensitivity
A stupid penis error = Drainpipe trousers
Grant no boys ~ granny boots
Horror - pop's changed! = Phonograph records
So claim idea: social media
Oh, laptop glee! - the Apple logo
That glove's nice = Vintage clothes (or: Love 'ethnic' tags? = Vintage clothes
Cast of 'Fuck Beers!' = Starbucks Coffee


A sushi restaurant ~ suits a tuna-sharer.

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." - Oscar Wilde =
Elegant verbal floodlight - one sees nice logic for onanism, no wife, ...

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
sugar is sweet,
and so are you.
Great love, briars
(a year or two),
lose desires,
and sue, sue, sue!

On a Monday morning:
Mad, annoying moron.
Damn annoying room

Indolent stare hit ~ the idiot's lantern.

US foreign policy = Fry using OPEC oil.

To go on a bender = 'God! Beer at noon?!'

Genetically modified organisms = Eerily, Monsanto dig 'magic' fields
Genetically modified foods = Iffy Seed Lot, Inc. aided gloom.

I'm unfair, cheat = A fruit machine.

Rodeo clowns = Coolers-down.

Late unemployment check = Let meek clutch money pan.

Politics and intrigue
= Into dirt, guile, panics?
= 'Patriot' inducing lies
= Linguistic predation
= Guilt-inspired action

Voting in Chicago = Go inciting havoc.


Even the tone in 'fatal drowning':     'In the event of landing on water...'
'Remember, this is a no-smoking flight' = Men's lighters making fire, BOOM!, 'shit'.
Safety card:     Ready facts
Safety card = Sad fate. Cry.
In-flight movies ~ give no hit films.

[Wall Street explained]
A stock market crash = That's a crack-smoker!


A nuclear meltdown
= A tunnel-world came
= Call me unwanted or...
= Unclean world, mate
= Our cull. Chaos - neat!

Volkswagen Beetles = Eleven gaskets blow.


Wedding anniversary = Graveyard wins in end.

"I signed a recording contract" = Stronger cocaine-addict grin

"I'll sit gene-tending" = Intelligent design

Gentle persuasion ~ negates repulsion.

Rotundness? = Undress not!

Use strong encryption ~ or spy ring use content.

The shoulders of giants = Hassles, then good fruit.

It will all be outsourced to China =
It's "No EU child labour law" toil, etc.

Meet corny audio:
Comedy routines

Gratuitous violence = Rogues can live it out.

Corporal punishment = Complain, hurt person!

International copyright laws = Losing at 'Thwart Online Piracy!'

Secret Agent = Gee, can't rest.

A top banker = An apt "Broke!"
Top bankers =
"Bonkers!" apt. =
Apter: "Knobs!"

Copier is gonna operate ~ in corporate espionage.

Bad timing = Big "Damn it!"

Medevac helicopters ~ are docs' temp vehicle.

Let the roses champion ~ the hopeless romantic

Female chauvinist pig = I fume: "Lace?! Pit-shaving?!"

Our aim: use myths
A history museum

In the black? = Bilk 'n' cheat.

Surstromming means ~ 'strong minus mars me'

Entry-level position:
Not senior-level, pity.
In loneliest poverty
An entry-level position:
Nap over, toil intensely
Or maybe even...
Toil ineptly near ovens

Lawmakers or politicians = Capital is warlike morons.

[This one's dedicated to the pubs]
On New Year's Eve ~ we serve anyone!

Too much free time? = Cue fortieth memo!

A case of police brutality = I fear to cite cop as a bully.

Arms erect this:
Christmas tree
[And another Christmas-related one]
Fairy lights =
Frailty (sigh!)

Cinema fans do not roar ~ "Nominated for an Oscar!!"
The Oscar-nominated movie ~ has cinema verite mood - not!

Classic nudes: Clean? Discuss.

Seek guidance from above ~ and evoke magic before us.

A coffee and doughnut shop. =
Huge daft cop has found one.

Fluoride toothpaste = Attitude's "Hole-proof!"

Thwart one error: The 'war on terror'.

Slow news day = We sold yawns.

The florist's = For thistles?
A florist = Soft liar.

The dope fiend = He'd feed pot in.

See a short skirt = Heatstroke, sirs?

'Homeopathic science' ~ choice has impotence.

Swerving cars killed -> Reckless driving law.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. =
Find a brainless sod. Get married.

In a surgical procedure ~ I'd puree crucial organs.


[In search of faces gone by]
Plastic surgeon =

"I said to stop running with scissors!" =
Grown-ups' histrionics - so sad, isn't it?

Customer-focused = Comfort/seduce us.

Unstable personality = Tipsy neurons beat all.

No-clothes duty in ~ the nudist colony.

Wedding receptions = Gown? Rice? It depends.

A stand-up comic =
I sound/act camp.

Mutually assured destruction =
You'd tumult, nuclear disasters, ...

[Google's slogan]
"Don't be evil" = Bet on devil

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun
Multinational capitalists sell suet cones, peacock feed, bees' wee. Obese sheep can sue.

Senatorial = A lie's art, no?

Top secret: ~ Street cop ~ to respect ~ 'copter set.
Top secret: ~ Toes crept ~ to SPECTRE, ~ to Pres., etc.

= So, priest lying?
= Pitying losers.
= I reply: 'Got sins?'

[An anti-religious-extremism anagram]
The path to heaven: it isn't piled with God-loons.

Shark bites = Shit breaks.

Oh, dear. Sunbathers do risk ~ a hundred or so shark bites.
[That was an all-too-elaborate attempt to save this non-anagram:
* Bathers risk ~ shark bites.]

Educational TV = A not-adult vice.

Gender reassignment ~ mends a gent: er, resign!

[A definition]
Massive heart attack = I am vast chest-karate.

Unpaid invoices = End vicious pain!

Middle-age spread
= Lard-impeded sage
= Add dimple, grease
= Pig's deed alarmed
= Side graded 'ample'

[Bringing photography into the computer age]
Digital cameras = A magical stride.
Digital cameras = It's magical, dear.
[Any sufficiently advanced technology, after all...]

Appeasing Hitler = Helping parasite.

Guilty of 'financial irregularities' =
FAIL! if you recruit all Nigerian gits.

The white supremacist ~ upsets with hate crime.
[And another option]
White supremacy nut:   Tune's "Up with my race!"

The flight of Icarus = Cue his fright aloft.

Dead man walking! = Damn glad I waken!

Insiders in Washington:
I witness son-hiring and ~
gain 'in' to swish dinners.

Swords into ploughshares = Hope lost, so Darwin shrugs.

[A large European company's list of values]
Customer Focus
Impeccable Ethics
Great Talent
The team newcomer can happen to develop
* tuberculosis
* necrotising fascitis

[Two, quite different schools of thought...]
Undergoing a psychiatric evaluation =
A graying purist: "Lie on a couch, deviant!"
Critic: "Uh, gauge personality on a divan?"

The handsome prince's ~ into sheep! Charm ends.

Most theologians agree:
Eating host, erase gloom.
"Go shoot/smear a gentile!"
"No, Ali! Get more hostages!"
Goal: to erase something
"No morals? Gee, go eat shit."
"_Elohim_ as greatest? Go on!"
Holiest go 'Amen', so great.
Go eat host. Go earn smile.

'Be all that you can be in the Army' or ~
Internet Relay Chat: HELLO, BUM BOY!

Denote martini load:
'Tired and emotional'
Or maybe
'Tired and emotional' = Ale: idiot adornment.
One thing's clear:
'Tired and emotional' probably does not mean lemonade tradition.

[A hawk's response to a famous saying]
The pen is mightier than the sword = Dim! Get shot in the war, then perish.

Drugs/illegal substances = Sell giant LSD sugar cubes.
[And take your pick from the following]
Drugs or illegal substances
= LSD sugar cubes - Great! No ills!
= Grass, ice, LSD, glue: brutal, son!
= Bud, grass, all glues. Snort ice...
= Ice, angel dust, grass; roll bus.

[This might explain a lot]
London's public transportation system =
City planner's trip monotonous? LSD tabs!

Breaching of copyright = Bitch "Poaching! Forgery!"

The fair sex = A hex. Strife.

Surgeons amputate ~ so guarantee stump.

Long-term relationship =
Poll: nightmare in store

Rote learning = Retain longer?

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America" =
Pact ran "Fight, go get oil, defeat enemies, cause death to all life."

Ease temptation ~ one step at a time.
[The exact path is up to the reader, of course.]

Persistence = Sincere pest?

Audio cassette tape = Acetates autopsied.

Orwellian dystopia
= Wiretap on 'disloyal'.
= Await snooper idyll.

Don't noted bankers hit smack ~
in the stock and bond markets?

These Biblical stories = Shite! Cobblers! It's a lie!

Lurid nastiness ~ in slander suits...
Libel suit = It bullies.

A freak show = Oh, far askew!

Do-it-yourself work = Weld-your-foot risk.

A psychic hotline
= It's a phony cliche.
= Coy 'I can help' shit.

To have an eating disorder... =
Have dinner! _I'd_ go eat roast.

The silicone breast implant surgeon:
hinting balloons = true masterpieces.

At leper colonies:
"A sore? Ten? I'll cope."

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind"
- Mahatma Gandhi =
Alas, why do any men keep on with an unending mad death game? Horrible folly.

Lying: 'Strc prst skrz krk' - a wise choice. =
Strictly parsing Czech skrike works?
[The sentence, rather extreme in its lack of vowels, is an oft-cited tongue twister. Some use it as fun proof that Czech is a weird language. It means 'stick a finger through your throat'.]

Parallel universe = I've real/unreal pals.

I don't believe a word of it! =
Fib too evident. A word: 'lie'.

An animal rights protester = "Roasting shrimp later? Neat!"

What's in a name ~ when I am 'Satan'?

Re-education camps
= Capture comedians!
= Consume rice. Adapt.

Southern hospitality = Spur on hostility & hate.
Southern hospitality: It's poor. It's unhealthy.

[The motto of The Onion - if you haven't heard of this publication, hie thee to http://wwww.theonion.com/...]
'America's finest news source' =
Mission's free, accurate news.
'America's finest news source' =
Nemesis of accurate news, sir?

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
Ever need gold? I'll urge 'Go lie at yon rainbow-end.'

Secret identity = discreet entity.

At the dentist's office:
Sniff at cost. Teeth die.

[This one has not only a left-hand side and right-hand side but a leftpondian and rightpondian side. It also may hurt.]
A case of anal fissures / piles =
Epic arse fail / ass snafu. Lose.

You deserve a break today, at McDonald's. =
Travesty: add ebola sauce or add monkey.

[Some of these might be antigrams]
Atomic atoll inspired ~ diplomatic relations.
Diplomatic relations
= L'il atomic drop in East.
= Polite, social art, mind.
= Old, tamer politicians.
= Timid alliance. Troops.
= "Idle capitalist moron!"
= "Cold NATO imperialist!"

Sunday service = Envy acid users. [No, they're never boring. No.]

Political candidates ~ add topical lie/antics.

Ponytails = Yon plaits!

Summer holiday =
loud mayhem, sir! =
Your mild shame

Cops track ~ crackpots.
Noticing that they are being followed despite counter-measures, will the more delusional of the lot have...
Lost faith in ~ tinfoil hats?

"Time, please." = Ale empties.

Sit by me to read ~ a bedtime story.
[Some of these storybooks may not pass the censor's desk, though]
A bedtime story:
"Bitter Someday"
"Bratty? Some Die"
"Destroy-It Beam"
Best Tory media
"Rest, Maybe Do It"
"Dream Toys Bite"

Laughter is the best medicine, ~ but administer eight leeches.

Do maintenance rituals hurt? ~ Read the instruction manual!

The Bride of Wildenstein = Bone is whittled, refined.

Solitary confinement = Intimacy? Often loners.
In solitary confinement: = Lone. No intimacy. Strife.

The global positioning satellites =
Get lost in Gobi/sea/station? I'll help.
Global positioning system = I note: "Gang, possibly I'm lost."

Christians believe ~ invisible teachers.

Mastectomy surgery = Cuts, ergo asymmetry.

Sinking of the Titanic = 'Skating on thin ice' fit.

In the line of fire = Fini (no life there).

Collection agents = Locating sole cent.

Russian roulette = Serious nut alert!

A monk's vow of silence =
Is few/no vocals OK, men?

To see the dentist
= Edits, tones teeth.
= "Do sit." Teeth tense.
A root canal dentist ~ attends 'oral action'!

Having delusions of grandeur =
Run headline "God's Favoring Us"

One routinely swears ~ a New Year's resolution.
A New Year's resolution = Our style was 'In one ear...'

Unrequited love = Quiet. Never loud.


"Nuke them from orbit" = Memo: "hit bunker/fort!"

[An antigram, one hopes]
Tense aggressions. =
Season's greetings

Rant? Rate things 'pretty exasperating'? ~
Then start preparing an exit strategy!

Porcine? A top solution is ~ liposuction operations.

Workplace = Lack power.

Lingerie ad = Leering aid.

Read the Book of Revelation! =
Eek - that 'a river of blood...' one?

A gambling casino = Basic Gaming Loan?
In a gambling casino...
= Blaming coins again?
= Basic longing? Mania?

To smoke weed = We'd toke some.

Real-estate agent = See a great talent

"Reefer Madness!" ~ defamers sneer.

'Unconditional love' = Lies and convolution?

Alien abductions
= Lunatics abide, no?
= Incubation deals
= Education in labs

Fairy tales ~ are falsity.

Meteorologists = Mist, sleet, or goo?

[Don't you love it when your boss gives the employees little Christmas gifts?]
Buy a stocking stuffer = Fuck gifts! Try bonuses!

False idols = Sad follies.

A private religious devotion = Soul prerogative. Naive idiot.
My religious devotions = Some virgins die (you lot).

[Choose the one you like best]
The business skills course
= So, suckers, is bullshit seen?
= Shun cubes, silk ties, losers!
Business skills training workshops
= Inner workings: bullshit. SOP: kiss ass.
= Spin on workers' ass-kissing bullshit
= Bullshit. Knowing ass-kissers' prison.
The business skills training = Bullshit. Sense air's stinking?

A bowl of muesli = Boo! Awful slime!

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