Anagrams of proper nouns

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Maurits Cornelis Escher = Surrealistic schemer, no?

[Pruducer for The Beatles, among others]
George Martin = Get 'em roaring

[Perhaps an unfair characterisation, given that he might be happier just sending immigrants 'back where they came from']
UKIP leader Nigel Farage =
Ad: "Fear EU! Kill nigger ape!"

Whitney Houston
= "Shut it now, honey!"
= Showy hit, no tune.
= Who? The noisy nut?
Her fans are probably
non-white youths.

Mr Usain Bolt ~ is but normal.

Kate Winslet = Sweet-talkin'.
Kate E. Winslet acts in, ~
let's see... titanic wank.


Nigel Paul Farage = Finagler, a plague
Nigel Paul Farage = Final EU gap... large
[Maybe it's all a joke deep down...]
Nigel Farage = Real fine gag.

[The 2014 Eurovision winner and his female persona]
Conchita Wurst ~ won that circus.
Thomas Neuwirth = Shut it, manwhore!
[And a silly one]
Thomas Neuwirth ~ Tours with He-Man.

[The Game of Thrones guy]
George Raymond Richard Martin =
I order army north. Magic! Danger! =
Magic dragon may hinder terror.

[Of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer]
Keith Emerson:
Keen trio mesh
Keen: 'More hits!'

[The British stage magician]
Paul Daniels
As in 'dupe all'

Rap artist Snoop Dogg = Not good. Piss-rag. Prat.

Mohandas, or Mahatma, Gandhi =
Man had a dhoti among ashram.

[Guitar virtuoso]
Al Di Meola = A male idol.

Bill Hicks: comedian, satirist = Obit: Cancer kills him. It is sad.

[The sixth man on the moon, died, who ended up devoting much of his life to noetics, mystical realms, and his belief that aliens have visited Earth.]
Edgar Mitchell = Helmet-rig-clad
Astronaut Ed Mitchell = Lame noetic 'truths', lad.
Astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell = Add more earthlings at Luna, etc.

[It appears that this lady chose an apposite career, under the stage name 'Kitty Blair']
Ina Groll = All groin = I'll groan.


David Ernest Duke = "Darkies..." Vent, dude!
Louisiana's David Ernest Duke
= Dead dinosaur (i.e., values stink)
= Nod, livid - 'Darkies nauseate us!'
= Dude's aired skin evaluations.
= Assault on "darkies" due? Dive in!
= Dinosaur nut, seek valid ideas!
= A nut overdid Klan-issue ideas.

[An anagram that makes reference to one Australian politician's interesting and semi-recently news-making views on such topics as family and religion. I'll leave it there.]
Cory Bernardi = Dry brain core
(though some might think he has a 'brainy record')

[Teacher convicted of statutory rape for having sex with a 14-year-old male student]
Debra Lafave = Fave: bare lad!

[The hosts of the motoring programme Top Gear: first, the old...]
Car jerk's only me = Jeremy Clarkson
Corny, lame jerk's ~ Jeremy Clarkson.
[And introducing the new (in the left-hand side's farewell to the old, there's also a bonus reference to the number-plate fiasco)...]
Need a press-giant driver? Rich "BEll END"s (friends Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May) drove the ritziest cars, but so can
Top Gear's James "Chris" Evans, Matt Steven LeBlanc, Edmund "Eddie" Jordan, Sabine Schmitz (formerly Reck), Rory Reid, and Chris Harris.

The taikonaut / man in space Yang Liwei =
Put toiling man in a 'Chinese takeaway'.

The Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens =
"I prefer ampler bust / elephantine tush." =
NB: 'Neath the ripe fruits lies plumper arse.


[Making reference to his foray into Scientology, alluded to in his 'Famous Blue Raincoat']
Leonard Norman Cohen = Non-Clear? No harm done.

The writer Edgar Allan Poe ~ paled, hewing a terror tale.
(We know he was scared of at least some of the things he wrote about.)

[If you know the band Rush, you know it fits.]
Vocalist Geddy Lee (Gary Weinrib) =
Weird, big-nosed legacy - try a veil!

[Though Samuel P. Langley was made a laughingstock in the public eye due to his expensive and unsuccessful flying experiments, he received much recognition by the American government and others for his pioneering efforts in aviation.]
Samuel P. Langley = Lame, ugly planes.

[As part of his protest against same-sex marraige, this man recently shot himself at the altar of Notre Dame Cathedral, thus decreasing the number of people on his side by 1.]
The French essayist and blogger Dominique Venner =
Queer end. Itched for less-gaybashing environment?

[RIAA head, who retired for 'personal reasons']
Hilary Rosen ~ is real horny.

[The man behind the new Doctor Who, previously known best for controversial, gay-friendly programmes such as 'Queer As Folk'.]
Russell T. Davies = Lad's virtueless.

The guitar hero Steve Siro Vai =
Ever-great virtuoso - he is a hit.

[Lead singer in Bad Manners, Buster Bloodvessel, known for a long tongue]
Douglas Trendle's tongue = Long, dangerous... let's duet!

[Not everyone has heard of the Mexican president's wife]
Marta Sahagun = Sumatra? Ghana?

[Not necessarily apt...]
Professor Stephen Hawking = Thinker goofs - news perhaps?


Trump--Pence = Men crept up
Vice President Michael Richard Pence = P.S. Nicer end: impeach/evict rich leader!
[And, from Donald Trump's point of view anyway:]
Michael Pence = "Help came - nice!"
Mike R. Pence = Meek prince

[In honour of the death of Idi Amin, a double-meaning anagram]
The Butcher of Uganda = Fat thug. Head bouncer.

Anthony Blair = Bah! I only rant!

[Is he up to no good?]
Magician David Blaine = Aid Bin Laden via magic.

The pulp writer & polygamist L. Ron Hubbard =
Grubb, Northrup & Whipp are totally misled.
[Margaret Grubb, Sara Northrup, and Mary Sue Whipp were the Scientology founder's three wives. He misled each of these women as to the existence of one or more of the others.]


[Often regarded as preventing World War III, he saw himself as just having done his job.]
Stanislav Petrov~'s pivotal servant.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, author of Dianetics =
Oaf's incoherent a lot. Bad fraud habit, adultery,...

A rush of green hue. Do I just kill? =
Louis Jude Ferrigno as the Hulk

[The young princess of the Netherlands]
The princess, Amalia ~ has special raiment and
The princess, Amalia ~ is in arms / the palace.
Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria Prinses der Nederlanden, Prinses van Oranje-Nassau =
A national job earns her extra admirers and universal respect: Scandinavian, American, Persian...

[The hosts of television programme Top Gear]
'Gents' honk at old lemons - James May, Richard ~
Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and also the Stig.

Groups of people / companies / institutions

The Bonobo Conservation Initiative ~
is into the erotic, innovative baboon.

Coors Brewing Company ~ power magic by corn, son.

[An organisation that wants to restore 'Biblical common sense']
Quackenbush Association = U.S. Bookish acquaintances

The British Women's Institute =
Bitter with men! No-tit hussies!


[The makers of Pokémon Go, a Big Data powerhouse who are a spin-off of Google's parent company.]
Niantic Labs = Cabals, innit?
Niantic Labs = It's cannibal...
Niantic Labs = "Scan it in!" lab

[The bank and their slogan...]
Barclay's Bank - now there's a thought. =
Bah! Wrong! That's a huckster's baloney!

Drug Abuse Resistance Education
= Rescue units nag to cure bad ideas.
= Assure best guidance on acid, true.
= 'Addict, cease snorting/use!' bureau.

Nokia Mobile Phones = Bemoan Helsinki poo.

The National Security Agency =
'They' lay on unceasing IT trace.

National Security Agency ~
certainly get you in a scan.

[The Vatican's little-understood force]
The Swiss Guard = Weird-ass thugs

[I probably don't need to wonder how many of the victims of Jordan Belfort and his company Stratton Oakmont will get their life savings back as a result of his profits on the film and his memoirs. This is the 'Wolf of Wall Street''s company.]
Stratton Oakmont = To start, not a monk...

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster =
Out teaching fresh, light myth - perfect nosh! =
My perfect faith. His length touches throng.

International School in Robotics and Intelligent Systems =
NB: It's sent in, into history, to eliminate gals called S. Connor.
And to accompany this:
The Terminator = Threat on timer.

Standard & Poor's = Sand & Trapdoors

[A fictitious outfit on Doctor Who]
The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce ~
like the Doctor: a fine (alien) gent, nice stunts.

Got a physical customisations reference? =
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
= Cheesy scalp/toe transmogrification? Sue!
~ chops a lot. Unnecessary artifice, egotism...
= If cheap, some large tits/a tiny nose occurs.
= Researching some liposuction case, Fatty?

Good Times Restaurants, Inc.
= Eat in, customer; it's so grand!
= It's darn great! So consume it!
= Meat's grit, no? Sauce's dirt, no?
= Assorted mutations - cringe!
= Stout eat orgasmic dinners.
= Meat's rancid - guests riot, no?
= Score meat outstanding, sir.

[Someone anagrammed the Origami Society of the Netherlands, and I wondered if there might be similar organisations elsewhere, in this rather silly anagram...]
The Origami Society of Finland =
The aim: forays into ice folding.

The Campaign for Real Ale
= Fear/hate lager? Complain!
Anti-lager chap (or female)?
~ Eager for a pint? Ah - call me!:
The Campaign for Real Ale

My gang make toxin pills? Oh, crud. =
Drug company GlaxoSmithKline.

Survey & Ballot Systems: 'Travesty!' & 'Bless my soul!'

Brigham Young University = 'Very into bigamy? Uh, ring us.'

[Dedicated to any programmers who dislike the work environment there]
Freescale Semiconductor = Lucifer's menace to coders.

Bristol and West Building Society
~ is good. Will be best-in-industry act.
= Bullying, twisted, racist nobodies.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
= On occasion, a bosom/cyst/genital/digit reference galls.
= So, aging genital docs sociably reference tits? Cool, man!
= Carnal federation. Oocytes! Eggs! Genital/bosom clinics!

Dales Pharmaceuticals Limited =
A small 'medical use': the acid trip.

[Here is a slightly silly anagram covering three groups for people with albinism]
NOAH, Albinismus Selbsthifegruppe, and Natalie's Way =
Blond hair, blue eyes. "Pain! Sun is fatal," gasps white man.

The Federal Express couriers ~ use pliers, exert a force, shred...
The Federal Express couriers ~ slept. Horrid excuses are free!
Or, if your packages vanish without a trace,
A Federal Express courier = Residue of ex-parcels rare.

[If you have been on USENET for any length of time, you'll have heard of the Usenet Central Administration - the authority to which posters are asked to appeal when other posters or the entire newsgroup won't admit to being wrong, wrong, wrong and deserving of punishment. I'm not sure that as many are aware of the group's full name, which I have decided to anagram here.]
Usenet Central Administration Bureau and Advocacy League
= Naive argue 'But I need an email/URL, a contact address, a county...'
= A cute idea but... A contact address/a URL in Guyana? No email? ...Never!


The Islamic Republic of Iran =
Familiar bunch set oil price.

The Bermuda Triangle =
Big nut alarmed there.

The Rocky Mountains ~ mean hot ski country!

[Where a nine-year-old girl proved unable to manage the recoil of an Uzi and ended up killing the shooting instructor]
Bullets and Burgers = Bunglers rued blast.
= Dabbler. Guns. Result?
= Get a RL blunderbuss!
The Bullets and Burgers Adventure = Bet absurd result unnerved the gal.

Russian Federation =
Tear under fission.

Helsinki--Vantaa Airport =
Real shit aviation prank.

Wetherspoons Pub = Posh uptown beers?

Greece and Italy =
Needy? Eat garlic!

[If you take the metro at least]
Saint Petersburg = Get superb trains.
And also
St. Petersburg / Leningrad = Gangster printed rubles.


Art: 'Venus de Milo' = It's unarmed love.

The Order of the British Empire ~ do prefer the 'Sir' bit: 'I'm the hero!'
The Order of the British Empire ~ hoped mere 'Sir' fit the Brit hero.

[Now a few aerospace anagrams...]

The NASA Apollo Eleven mission = Ohioan Neil's 'one small step' EVA.

The NASA Space Launch System rocket =
Here man can cast capsules to the sky.
Hey, NASA techs sculpt me! = The Space Launch System

The NASA Saturn V Booster =
von Braun stares at those =
Astronauts so brave then.

Iskander missile system = It misses Kremlin. Sad, yes?

[Some video-game 'grams]
Arcade games = SEGA-made car.
Playing 'Space Invaders' = Evading scrappy aliens.
Playing Tetris = Tiles partying.

Bing Translator = Rants - bring a lot!
[And a professional option]
Loads do distrust ~ SDL Trados Studio.

Valentine's Day = Deny evil Satan!

Cyber Monday
Decay by morn

The 'high-energy plankton product' Soylent Green =
Let Thorn's gang reckon "People!". The hungry deny it.

[An 'infant simulator' used by schools and others to make the demands of caring for a baby a bit more concrete. Teens, often in pairs, must look after the doll, which cries, registers when it is attended to, and is fitted with accelerometers etc. to detect whether it's been abused. Teens typically find the experience frustrating.]
The Baby Think It Over Doll
= Kill the toy (oven, birdbath, ...)!
= Both driven to kill, by hate.

A Patriot Missile ~ impairs site a lot.
A Patriot Missile = Irate? Aim pistols!

The deoxyribonucleic acid molecule =
Core aim: double helix code cut nicely.
[Unzipping is a better analogy, but the letters weren't in there.]


The Garden of Earthly Delights = The gods find the art gallery, eh?

American Presidential election = Elite criminals' deception arena.

The Miss Germany Pageant = Man eying a temptress/hag.

The Fourth World Scrabble Championship
= Chic perform word hunt. Oh, alphabet bliss!
= Hold public performances worth shit. Bah!

Books, film, television, events...


Les Miserables = Aimless rebels!

National Geographic = Nice photo: gal in a rag

Star Trek...
The Motion Picture ~ (I): Into the computer...
The Wrath of Khan = Frank "Oh, what the...?!"
The Search for Spock = Ah, fret "corpse shock!"
The Search for Spock ~ has rocks. Oh, perfect.
The Voyage Home = Oh, they move age.

Star Wars...
The Phantom Menace = A cheap moment then.
The Phantom Menace = Theme, then coma/nap.
Revenge of the Sith = Heft the sovereign!
Oh, that describes the wrong film. Let's try this instead:
Revenge of the Sith = Even fight. So there.
A New Hope = Weapon, eh?
The Empire Strikes Back = Theme is Trekkie crap/BS
Or is that the wrong franchise?
Return of the Jedi has ~ the Darths injure foes.
And a spin-off:
Loner watches ~ The Clone Wars.

[This advert might be uttered by J.J. Abrams and the others who have now worked on both of the relevant franchises]
Hasten, as we cast Worf an' Riker ~
in /Star Wars: The Force Awakens/.


[Various characters from sci-fi classics...]
[Flash Gordon]  Stench! Slime! Grime! = Ming the Merciless
[Doctor Who]  Threats? Me? = The Master
[Superman's supernemesis]  Extol/Hurl = Lex Luthor
[Jurassic World]  Mix - ruin's done! = Indomius rex
[A guy who's already an anagram, from the Planet of the Apes remake]  Halt, renegade! = General Thade
[The wrinkled Star Wars potentate]  Reaper, I topple man = Emperor Palpatine
[Star Wars again]  HR advert/ad = Darth Vader
[Straight from the Matrix]  Meta things = Agent Smith
[The eponymous creature]  Report death = The Predator
[Total Recall]  Havoc, gain/lose. = Vilos Cohaagen
[The seductress from Buck Rogers]  Rape scandal, sir? = Princess Ardala

Eurovision Song Contest = Contents: vigorous noise
The Eurovision Song Contest =
Noises etc. Our vote's "Nothing!"


Circling dynamo contest ~ on Strictly Come Dancing

Game of Thrones = Orgasm often, eh?


[Names of some houses in Game of Thrones]
House Lannister = 'Lions' nurse hate
House Lannister = Southern aliens
House Targaryan = Angry? Rouse heat!
House Targaryan ~ are young haters!
House Frey = Oh, see fury!
House Baratheon = Ah, has-been, or out.

Desire in the Twilight of Life
= It'd frighten hostile wife. Lie.
= He identifies with "Ogle! Flirt!"

On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin
= Genetic answers horrify a nice old bishop.
= Do apes enter horribly, show significance?
= Rich, desirable genes: Why I can soon profit

[An iconic emo album]
I Hate Myself - Ten Songs
= Emo feel. Anything less?
= Semi-ghostly teen fans
= Goth-style finesse, man.
= "Hang myself?" noise test

The Princess and the Pea =
Spread sheet, then... panic!

The Miss World Pageant = That's empowering, lads!
(After all, it's not supposed to be a beauty pageant anymore)
The Miss World Pageant = Pagan wet-shirt models?
The Miss World Pageant = Hoping wet dream lasts

[A 1970s video for educators of developmentally challenged persons]
The ABC's of Sex Education for Trainable Persons =
As chief focus, explain nobs & boners to 'retardate'
['Trainables' are those who may be expected to achieve some self-sufficiency. A rather non-PC anagram follows.]
Trainables = Brain's late.

West Sussex County Times = Smutty news excites us so!

No fool, I'd whistle perky song by a fool to finish off my terminal breath.
= 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life', from Monty Python's Life of Brian

Gardener's Question Time
= Its quest: greener domain.
= A gnome set isn't required!

Lonely Planet Guides = Tip: you'll see England.

[A place for anyone with something to say, or with nothing to say]
NB: Gobshite welcome to post ~ on the website

Webster's Dictionary = Brainy set cite words.

On The Springer Show ~ throng snipes: "Whore!"

[Amid questions of how susceptible it is to fraud and error...]
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia = Yelp in ire: "A heap of wicked deceit!"


The Olypmic Games = Memo: Get physical!
Olympic Games = So, I'm gym place.

[In August each year, Estonia celebrates what many call 'Re-independence Day', remembering the day in 1991 when the country declared itself independent from Soviet rule.]
Estonia's Re-independence Day =
Idea is: no eastern dependency.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary = Beware discriminatory terms!

[This 'gram isn't fair to the Finnish newspaper]
Helsingin Sanomat = Anti-English moans.

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary =
Horrors! Their hefty, giant lexicon's odd!
Shorter Oxford English Dictionary =
Thirst for dry, grandiose lexicon?

The American Standard Version of the Bible =
Bad lions free to eat brave Christian men. D'oh!

[And its book-within-a-book]
Revelation = Native lore.

[I saw the serialised version of this Stephen King film]
Langoliers = Long serial!


Democratic National Convention = Intent on comical tornado / cave-in


Republican National Convention
= Loon / no-brain active nut - nice plan!
= Banner: "Political novice / nut anon!"

[It couldn't match the hype...]
Star Wars Episode Three = Stratosphere-wide arse.

[For those who remember watching the crumbs fall out of Cookie Monster's mouth]
See monsters eat ~ on Sesame Street!
[The South African version of the programme is called 'Takalani Sesame' ('takalani' meaning 'be happy' in the Venda language).]
'Takalani Sesame' ~ makes neat alias.

Food additives and scary foods

Modified corn starch = A discomfort-rich end

Monosodium glutamate = Ultimate Doom among us

Soy lecithin = Itchy lesion

Hydrogenated vegetable oil = Violent death, gored by eagle

Acesulfame-K = A sale! Fuck 'em!

Sodium benzoate = Sauted zombie, no?

Pringles potato chips = Pathologists Prep, Inc.

[A new Pepsi product undergoing testing among college students in the US: Dewitos - this yellow-orange concoction is a Doritos-flavoured version of Mountain Dew.]
Pepsi Dewitos
I deposit spew.
P.S. Idiots! Weep.

[From Starbucks, a drink that 'boasts a layer of marshmallow-infused whipped cream, followed by milk chocolate sauce and then a combination of milk, coffee, graham and ice'. It 'is then topped off with more marshmallow whipped cream and a sprinkling of graham cracker crumble'.]
The S'mores Frappuccino =
Un-promo: 'Shit! Feces! Crap!' =
Men, it's 'cup of horse crap'.

Brand names and the like

The Dyson Airblade dryer = Or "Bye, dirty hands!" leader.

Oculus Rift headset ~ caused truth of lies.
The Oculus Rift headset ~ fed us the "it's real!" touch.

Marlboro cigarettes = Bet more tar clogs air.

[Some tea]
English Breakfast = Relief bags - thanks!
Twinings Breakfast Tea = Best at first awakening

Late o'clock? Have ~ Kalev chocolate!

Axe Body Spray = Sexy ad by a pro.

[Branding for the US]
Columbia, the gem of the ocean =
Home to 'Chug it!', beef, cola, 'A-men!'

[In 2012, Sara Lee, purveyors of ready-made outrageously sweet things for people who like Twinkies, went out of business, but the operations continue under another name, and the general idea seems the same]
The Sara Lee Corporation = Hear 'prone to caries' a lot?
The Hillshire Brands Company
= I ship harm: dental Chernobyls.
= Ornery child/man's habits. Help!

Polident denture cleanser = Real dependent senior cult.
The Poligrip Total Care denture cleanser =
Geriatric-pearl dollars. Ten Teeth, One Cup.

Victoria's Secret lingerie = Girls rave 'Nice erotic site!'

November choice in DC, so need a tilt light.
Obscene device: No chad or tilt light in me.
The Diebold electronic voting machines
[I now envision a pinball voting machine but am not quite sure of the implementation details]

Wife Beater = A wee, brief T.

Fear to chew, Ma? = Cream of Wheat

Frosted Cheerios ~ fostered heroics.

Types of LSD

Orange Sunshine
= Ah, singe neurons!
= A noun's greenish!

= Tragic hell!
= Great chill!

Mister Natural
= Is tantrum real?
= Rare stimulant?

Blue Microdot = Clubroom diet?

Things medical

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome =
Re. super-disease, many try to recover.

Frontal lobe dementias ~ often led to lame brains.

[Introducing one of the nastier food poisoning bacteria...]
With Listeria monocytogenes, ~
I'm noisy in the water closet. Go!

Accident and Emergency ~ can't mend generic decay.

[A selection of ills]
Ebola virus disease ~ is bad. Serious. Leave!
Amoebic dysentery = Doc, are my intes- Bye!
Food poisoning = Onion-dip goofs.
True issue: circumstances in hospitals' locality = Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusis
Herd sit, pensive. ... Boom! = Deep-vein thrombosis
Pampers OD. It's not super. = Post-partum depression

[And slightly less serious perhaps]
Annoy nurse = A runny nose
fecal tuba, foul note = A bout of flatulence
Rear fiasco ahead = A case of diarrhea
Eat fast, chaos comes up = A case of stomach upset

Constipation, or dyschezia =
In panic 'cos zero shit today!

Acute hypochondriasis = Adore physician's touch?

Find great misery on couch? =
Chronic fatigue syndrome

Senile dementias ~ eliminated sense.

Active-phase paranoid schizophrenia =
Pariah's path: achieve crazed opinions

Electroconvulsive therapy
= Act conveys evil or true help?
= 'Help' via one's covert cruelty.
= Ah, volts! Violent, creepy 'cure'.

Oh, ill period? -> Haloperidol
Haloperidol = Poor, ill head?

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