A Tale of Two Beers...

The left-hand side of this anagram is the summary of a consumer complaint as copied and pasted from the UK Advertising Standards Authority's Web site. The decision and more on the case can be found at http://www.asa.org.uk/asa/adjudications/non_broadcast/Adjudication+Details.htm?Adjudication_id=40872.

Though more frightening by far, the stuff of the right-hand side is not made up either. It concerns a special Anheuser-Busch product, described at, for example, http://ratebeer.com/beer/bud-light-chelada/75444/ and shared at, for example, this twisted event.

   Advertising Standards Authority

      Objection to a national press ad for beer that was headed "Afraid
   of the dark, Lagerboy?" and stated "HOBGOBLIN Deliciously dark". The
   ad featured a picture of a hobgoblin holding a pint of beer.
      1. The complainant, a lager drinker, objected that the ad was
          aggressive and offensive.
      2. The ASA challenged whether the ad was irresponsible, because it
          portrayed drinking Hobgoblin as a challenge.


   A challenge?  Pah!

   Anna's test: Sip a big can of this chelada...

   Not joking, A-B said:
     "Enjoy the best of both worlds: a refreshing Bud Light and [...]
     Clamato. Drink a Red One, ready to go or use your favorite
     ingredients to make it yours wherever, whenever."

   A Ratebeer chap, holding his afflicted nose, declared it, in fact, to
   be perhaps drinkable.  The rest all paid, had a sip, had a gag too,
   began barfing, said "Bad! Bad!", and called it "a total insult to the
   word 'beer'".

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