Cheladafest 2008

[IMG: Don't drink piss!

Mindful of the warning shown at the left, a group of elite beer-lovers decided to challenge themselves to try something a little different. From all around Europe they came, gathering to 'Drink a Red One' - Bud Light Chelada. The beer itself was conveyed by courier at great personal expense from its birthplace in the wilds of the United States to Finland, whence it made its way to Copenhagen in time for the 14 September 2008 fest.

So, what is this pinkish beverage? Bud Light Chelada, at 4.2% ABV, and its slightly heftier cousin Budweiser Chelada, weighing in at 5% alcohol, are the twisted brainwrong brainchild of Anheuser-Busch and Cadbury Schweppes. The drink is best served after gently being rolled in the hand to ensure mixing of the ingredients: clam juice, tomato juice, Bud Light, and a touch of salt and lime juice. Further description is available on the Ratebeer Web site.

If you wish to see higher-quality images of the chelada-drinking experience as chronicled on this page, simply click on the image desired. A photo of you enjoying Bud Light Chelada could be a useful accompaniment to your letter of thanks to the creators of the drink, or your local pub might want a copy to hang on their beer fridge.

The culprits enjoy their first sip of many...


'To your good health...'


'Among the best 10,000 beers I've ever had!'
 -- Papsoe

'One look at the can and you know that this beer is the real thing --
Budweiser and Bud Light mixed with authentic Clamato.'
 -- Ana Vitrano, product manager, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.


When sampling a new brew, one should always stop to appreciate the look and aroma.

All beers are different. There's De Molen Cuvée, and then there's Bud Light Chelada...

As these beer connoisseurs know, 'this is a savory beer that will appeal to adult beer drinkers, particularly those who enjoy beer mixed with Clamato,' in Ana Vitrano's words.

Some people's sips were tentative at first...
but pretty soon almost everyone was gulping the beer down.


At the end of Cheladafest 2008, some in attendance smiled wistfully.

They knew that it might be a long time before they get to have this beer again. An example is shown on the left. In this publicity shot, one visitor hopes to conclude his chelada experience by listening to the fading sounds of the beer.

Perhaps the receding sounds of frolicking on a beach near Mexico - the land that gave birth to the chelada - when, several decades ago, people began mixing beer with hot sauce or salsa? Or just the sound of a satisfied sigh after a tasty drink?

At the same time, however, there are those (see right) who might claim that Bud Light Chelada actually sounds more like the screams of all of the souls that have become trapped inside the can of death. Some of these killjoys have weighed in on the Ratebeer page linked to above and are even immortalised in the form of my anagram on this page.

Indeed, the conclusion of those without true vision can best be summarised thus:

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