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Intoxative summary

The Tallinn Crap Beer Festival has traditionally appeared near the thirsty queue for the Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend on Saturday afternoon.

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What is TCrBF? An overview is below...
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TCrBF 2023 updates

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8 May 2023

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.
Now that the caps have all been swept away, a quick recap -

Our Unhappy Hour attracted plenty of people in need of refuelling:
[IMG: Our crapboard] [IMG: Please, may I have some more] [IMG: Another empty glass, er, plastic]

Although we had plenty of tipples on offer,
thanks partly to surprises delivered to us at showtime...
[IMG: Stand, front] [IMG: In progress...] [IMG: Stand, right]

There were some clearly exceptional excretions.
While Saku's special releases yielded comments such as
Hyi saatana and Worst beer that comes in a fancy package,

...one drink in particular stood out as special:
[IMG: Worst prize] [IMG: From Untappd]
That loser earned itself Worst Prize of 2023.

Its stench alone will live on in history.
But even the people who missed it found something memorable.
[IMG: Better out than in?] [IMG: ]

Mission accomplished:
A crap time was had by all...
See you next beer!

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[IMG: Mystery Flip-Top Beer]


4 May 2023

Are you ready?
Are you sure you're ready?

Nobody knows what's in this bottle -

Weighing in at ?.?%,
it might be ready to knock you out.

Entering the ring from the dusty corner,
with an Uncrappd rating of ?.?,
it could contain your tears of joy or screams of hate.


3 May 2023

Monsters are lurking just around the corner...
So if you like your horror served with plenty of junk scares,
See you on Shatterday!


20 March 2023

I think we can hear the hordes coming...
The first donation has reached our shores

[IMG: Viking 12% with horns]


26 February 2023

Let's refuel the booze bus!

Ideas for us? Supplies? Then hop aboard!
But remember that very few hops are allowed on this bumpy ride!
[IMG: cartoon male silhouette drinking] [IMG: cartoon female silhouette drinking]


Older updates

Archived updates from the last festival can be found here...

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[IMG: Prosenttimies logo] You might think that the whole idea of TCrBF is nonsense - and you may be right. It might be a refreshing oasis for the stomach or beer scene, or it might be just a mirage. Either way, you blink and then it's gone.

As with everything in life, there are two sides to every story, and that includes beer. TCrBF is that other side. TCrBF is those memories about beer that you've forgotten you even had. TCrBF is the wide-eyed view of the world that was accepting of all, without prejudice. TCrBF is you.

Any opinions expressed on this page are opinions. And any resemblance to real facts or events is purely coincidental.