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The 2022 Pile of Crap...

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We stepped back into place this year:

We aligned ourselves with the cultured cattle,

and this is how we appeared...

through a pair of cheap plastic-tinted glasses.

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A few of the beers posed for mug shots to be posted on some Web site -
Uncrappd or something like that.

Hey, you, on the right! No glass glasses allowed!

[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

The line-up ranged from some real sweeties ... to the roughest of criminals
[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

And then the heavies stepped in,
reminding us who's boss:
[IMG: ]

As always, the most important thing was this:
there were plenty of perverts on hand,
requesting the worst we had to offer.

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The Crap We Did in 2021...

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The spring(ish) weather saw our TCrBF trainers on hand
to lead hands-on training in the obvious field.

[IMG: Toilet training sign Some of them drawn in by the Health and Safety officer's announcement
and others rolling in along the red carpet,
soon the trainees began to arrive:

[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

And here are some of the drainees (with Lithuania Leading the way)...
(Yes, everything was drained)
[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

Training of this sort clearly required limbering up one's muscles,
so there was plenty of weight-lifting equipment available.
Some eager learners were soon ready to try with both hands
[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

'Please, sir, may I have some more?'

'Dark beers matter too!'

'Anyone need brewing lessons?'              

[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

There was time for a few classics too,
thanks to this Q&A question: 'Why?!'

Is that green?    ...Yes, it's green.              

[IMG: ] [IMG: ] [IMG: ]

While a Crap time was had by all,
there is a clear need for refresher refreshment training -
after all, the slideshow was very clear about avoiding spills!
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