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The War Games

Episode Eight

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(A SIDRAT Appears and a couple of guards exit. Two men rush to block the door, but are gunned down.)


(From down behind a table Jamie and Russell fire a few shots. The guards move into the room and spray their lethal stun-gun fire around. As the Security-Chief makes for the processing machine, the Doctor tries to stop him.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Stop! Take him!

(The Doctor gets roughly grabbed by the guards as the Security Chief scoops up the machine.)

DOCTOR: Oh-argh! Oh-oh! No! Oh-oh!

(Carstairs raises his weapon, but Jamie places a hand on it.)

JAMIE: Don't shoot you'll might hit the Doctor!


(The Doctor is bundled into the SIDRAT which vanishes. They all stand looking at the space where the SIDRAT once was.)



(SIDRAT appears and the door opens, four guards surround the Doctor and aim their weapons.)

DOCTOR: Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.

(They lead him away and the Security Chief emerges with the processing machine.)


CARSTAIRS: Should have been prepared for it!
JAMIE: It's no good talking about what we should have done! Zoe, can you work that stuff to get another one of those things to arrive here?
RUSSELL: Not on your life! You call one of those things it'll be full of guards! They may have taken one anyway.
CARSTAIRS: Sergeant? Do you have any explosives?
RUSSELL: Got some dynamite, sir.
CARSTAIRS: Right, we'll put some here, where the thing lands.
ZOE: But if you blow this place up you'll destroy the time-barrier equipment, and then their troops will be able to get in.
RUSSELL: Yes, she's right. But we can keep the place guarded. You, get a machine gun and get it set up in here.

(The soldier doesn't move.)

RUSSELL: Right come on!

(Both Russell and the soldier move out.)

JAMIE: That's all very well, but it's not going to get the Doctor back is it?


(The War Lord is examining the processing machine for signs of damage.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: The prisoner is in the security room awaiting interrogation.
WAR-LORD: Good, a very successful venture. Congratulations.
WAR-LORD: Give it to the scientist, he will return to the home planet and have it mass produced.
WAR-CHIEF: The interrogation of that resistance leader might prove difficult.
WAR-CHIEF: He is obviously a man of substantial intellect, he will need special treatment.
WAR-LORD: Then you must see he gets it, mustn't you?
WAR-CHIEF: I will!


(The Doctor is sitting calmly in the chair with his eyes closed as the Security Chief uses the interrogation machine on him.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Answer me! You must answer. Admit that the War Chief sent you here. You are both of the same race. Your arrival here is part of a plot to betray us to the Time Lords. Answer!

(The Doctor remains steadfast, so the Security Chief twists the knob on the side of the interrogator a little more.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: You will answer me now, or I will destroy your mind totally!


(Russell watches two Confederates as they struggle with a machine gun placed upon a stack of munitions boxes.)

RUSSELL: Right lads, now see that this place is guarded at all times.

(He strides out.)


(Carstairs sits at a table poring over a map as Russell joins him, stomping to attention.)

RUSSELL: Machine gun set up.

(Carstairs doesn't look up.)


(Jamie walks over.)

JAMIE: Aye, maybe now you'll do something about getting the Doctor back?
RUSSELL: I've got more than your friend the Doctor to worry about, lad!
JAMIE: Now look, we can't just leave him you know!
RUSSELL: If there was any way of helping him I would!
ZOE: We must carry out the Doctor's plan, that's the best way we can help him.
CARSTAIRS: How far did you two get with contacting the other resistance groups?
RUSSELL: Not very far sir, the attack on this place got in the way.
ZOE: We sent out guards to contact the other resistance groups, the ones we couldn't reach.
RUSSELL: Can you remember their names?
ZOE: There's Marcus Octavius from the Roman Zone, Arturo Villar from the Mexican Civil War Zone, Ivan Petrov from the Crimean war Zone...
RUSSELL: Yes alright, alright, I believe you.
ZOE: And I can remember the locations of all their camps too.
RUSSELL: Arturo Villar... Now he's the one we've got to convince.
JAMIE: Arturo Villar? Well what's so special about him?
RUSSELL: He's got one of the biggest resistance groups I know about. Bandits most of 'em.

(The sound of a SIDRAT materialising galvanises them into action, Russell rushes into the other room.)


RUSSELL: Right lads, now don't fire until the door opens.

(The door of the box scrapes opens and a guard exits the machine.)


(The machine gun chatters away and the guard drops. The door to the machine closes.)

RUSSELL: Hold it!

(A few quiet seconds pass and the door opens again. A sneaky stun-gun pokes out the gap, firing a burst at the resistance men. Russell manages to dodge to the side, but the soldiers fall down dead. Incensed, Russell grabs the machine gun from where it is placed, and rushes to protect the doorway to the drawing room. Carstairs joins him.)

RUSSELL: Get back!

(Ignoring him, Carstairs skips up to the door, and in a sneakier move, he pulls a grenade from his belt and tosses through the doorway of the machine. Carstairs and Russell jump back as a boom and a wisp of smoke come from inside the SIDRAT. The door lamely closes and it vanishes into the ether.)

RUSSELL: Well they won't try that again in a hurry.
CARSTAIRS: Phwoar. Soldier get him out of here. Sergeant, get another machine-gunner in here.


(Jamie has a rifle raised in anticipation of another pitch battle.)

JAMIE: What happened?
RUSSELL: It's alright, panic's over.

(Jamie lowers the weapon.)

RUSSELL: Zoe, you'd better...better hurry with those resistance names, if you would.
ZOE: Alright.
JAMIE: What're...what're you gonna do then?
RUSSELL: We've gotta round 'em all up. Get 'em here for a meeting.
JAMIE: Oh, let's go then.
RUSSELL: Not you, Jamie.
RUSSELL: Someone's gotta be in charge here.
RUSSELL: Yes lad, you.

(As he walks away Jamie begins to grin.)


(The Doctor is still being probed by the Security Chief.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Admit it, the War Chief sent for you.

(He twiddles the knob on the interrogator a little more.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: At this volume your mind will only last for fifteen minutes; thirty if you are lucky! Now admit that the War Chief sent for you!
WAR-CHIEF: Are you trying to kill him?

(The Security Chief removes the helmet.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: I am trying to get the truth out of him.
WAR-CHIEF: You'll never make him talk that way.
SECURITY-CHIEF: You are very sure.
WAR-CHIEF: He is one of my own race, your truth machine cannot work on us if we choose to resist.
SECURITY-CHIEF: You admit it then, you do know him?
WAR-CHIEF: Of course I do. And only I can deal with him - release him!
SECURITY-CHIEF: He is my prisoner!
WAR-CHIEF: But I am your superior.

(The Security Chief undoes the clamps and stands back.)

WAR-CHIEF: You and I are going to talk alone.
DOCTOR: I have nothing to say to you.
WAR-CHIEF: We shall see. Guards take this prisoner to the war room.
SECURITY-CHIEF: You have no right to interrupt my interrogation!
WAR-CHIEF: Your interrogation had been completely unsuccessful! I have methods of my own.

(He strides out of the room. The Security Chief waits for a moment, then ascends the second level and taps an intercom.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: I want to speak to the War Lord on the top security channel.


(The War Chief glares at a technician.)

WAR-CHIEF: See I am not interrupted.

(The Technician and two guards exit, but one technician stays at his post.)

WAR-CHIEF: You also, outside!

(He waits until the room is empty.)

WAR-CHIEF: You may have changed your appearance, but I know who you are.
DOCTOR: Oh do you?
WAR-CHIEF: Your machine is a TARDIS. You're too familiar with it's controls to be a stranger.
DOCTOR: I had every right to leave.
WAR-CHIEF: Stealing a TARDIS? Oh I'm not criticising you, we are two of a kind.
DOCTOR: We most certainly are not!
WAR-CHIEF: We were both Time Lords and we both decided to leave our race.
DOCTOR: I had reasons of my own.
WAR-CHIEF: Just as I had.
DOCTOR: Your reasons are only too obvious - power!
WAR-CHIEF: How much have you learnt of our plans?
DOCTOR: I know you've been kidnapping soldiers from the Earth from various times in it's history and bringing them here to kill one another.
WAR-CHIEF: But do you realise our ultimate objectives?
DOCTOR: No objective can justify such slaughter!
WAR-CHIEF: The war games on this planet are simply a means to an end. The aliens intend to conquer the entire galaxy. A thousand inhabited worlds.
DOCTOR: Yes, but why choose the people of the Earth?
WAR-CHIEF: They are the most suitable recruits for our armies. Man is the most vicious species of all.
DOCTOR: Well that simply isn't true!
WAR-CHIEF: Hmph. Consider their history; for a half a million years they have been systematically killing each other. Now we can turn this savagery to some purpose. We can bring peace to the galaxy - and you can help. You see, I'm not the cold-hearted villain you suppose me to be. My motives are purely peaceful.


(Jamie places a jacket around Zoe as she lies dozing over a table. A great war soldier on guard yawns in his seat, his rifle on his lap. Another guard droops in his seat, when out of nowhere he is clubbed unconscious. The yawner looks around, then closes his eyes, only to snap awake to the feeling of a rifle jammed up against his chest. A chubby man in scruffy clothing, a rough beard and a large round sombrero walks through the French windows with a revolver held in front of him. He walks over to where Zoe is sleeping.)

ZOE: Jamie...

(She raises her head and looks at the stranger curiously.)

ZOE: Wha?

(The Mexican claps a hand over her mouth.)

VILLAR: You don't speak. Make no noise, y'understand?

(He removes his hand.)

VILLAR: This man Russell, where is he?
ZOE: Who are you?
VILLAR: Arturo Villar!
ZOE: Well why didn't you tell us you were coming?
VILLAR: Traps are for animals to fall into. Hey get these men rations - and no tricks! My men surround this place.
ZOE: Well I think you might as well have a...
VILLAR: Women should never think! For such a little woman your mouth is too big! Get rations.

(He motions with his gun.)


(Zoe tiptoes into the room where Jamie is sleeping.)

ZOE: Jamie?
JAMIE: Mm? Something happened?
ZOE: I'll say it has! Arturo Villar has arrived with all his bandits, and he's surrounded the Headquarters.
JAMIE: Has he now? Soon sort him out!
ZOE: Oh Jamie, no! They'd shoot you as soon as look at you!
JAMIE: Eh, I-I thought they were supposed to be on our side?
ZOE: Well he is; well he will be if we can persuade him to join us.
JAMIE: Well didn't you explain to him?
ZOE: Well yes I tried, but he wouldn't listen. Got rather primitive ideas about women knowing their place.
JAMIE: Has he now? Oh, sounds like a nice chap.

(He chuckles.)

ZOE: Jamie this is no laughing matter. We've got to persuade him to stay here until Russell gets back.
JAMIE: Well look if he won't listen to you, he's not going to...
ZOE: No, not to me, but... Quickly over here, I've got an idea.
JAMIE: Zoe, what are you doing?
ZOE: Jamie come on!


(Villar is slouching on a desk, eating some food from a tin pot with his fingers. Zoe enters and clears her throat, but he doesn't look up from his meal.)

VILLAR: Well? Where is this Russell?
ZOE: He's not here.
VILLAR: Then I go!

(He jumps up, casually tossing the pot to the floor with a clatter.)

ZOE: Erm...wait! I think perhaps you'd better meet our other leader.
VILLAR: Ah? Who is this?

(She peers into the room.)

ZOE: Jamie!

(She gives Villar a winning smile.)

ZOE: Our leader, James Robert McCrimmon!

(A curiously different Jamie stumbles out of the room, weighed down by belts of bullets from which hang suspended grenades. On his head he has jammed a peaked cap that was probably stolen from Smythe's top drawer. He stands and faces Villar trying to look menacing. Villar takes one look and bursts out laughing, then grabs Jamie by the hand pumping it vigorously.)

VILLAR: Salut!
JAMIE: Oh, how do you do... Ooh-ow-ow-ooh!

(Villar releases his hand and Jamie rubs his shoulder.)

VILLAR: So, you call everyone huh? Why? Maybe you plan to take over my territory, huh?
JAMIE: Oh no-no. No, it's nothing like that, no. Uh...

(Zoe whispers to him.)

ZOE: Unity is strength.
JAMIE: Yeah right, er, unity is strength.
VILLAR: And when you have this strength, what do you do with it?
JAMIE: Ah, do with it...aye...
ZOE: We attack the aliens that brought everybody here.
JAMIE: Aye, we attack them all together- in force!

(He strikes a fist into his palm.)

VILLAR: Ah, you bring all the resistance together in one place, you know what happens? We rob and kill each other!
ZOE: You'll never win unless you work together. It's the only way.
VILLAR: Why do you let a woman speak for you?
JAMIE: Well why not? O-only if she's right of course.
ZOE: And I am.
VILLAR: We always fight in small groups, far apart. That's why they don't catch us.

(He punctuates this by jabbing Jamie in the chest with a finger.)

JAMIE: Aye, and that's why getting nowhere!

(Jamie jabs him back in a similar manner, to an evil look from Villar.)

VILLAR: We are free men. We do anything we want to.
ZOE: You are hunted fugitives and they'll pick you off one by one unless you join with us. It's the only way you'll ever get home!
VILLAR: Home! No-one can get away from this place!
ZOE: Oh but you can!
ZOE: The same way you all came here. But first we've got to defeat the people who run everything. They have a stronghold...
VILLAR: I have heard! It is impossible to get in there!
ZOE: Well we have been there, and if we can get a big enough army together I can take you all there.
VILLAR: Alright, I stay for a little bit eh? But then we see.


WAR-CHIEF: We have soldiers from most of the major wars in the planet Earth. The first world war, the war between Russia and Japan of nineteen hundred and five, thirty years war...
DOCTOR: But why make them kill each other?
WAR-CHIEF: How else can we find the most disciplined and courageous fighters?
DOCTOR: You have given these aliens our science and our knowledge to carry out this disgusting plan!
WAR-CHIEF: We are going to bring a new order to the galaxy; one United Galactic Empire!
DOCTOR: An Empire of slaves! With you as one of it's rulers!
WAR-CHIEF: Doctor, this is also a matter of your own survival. Unless I can convince the War Lord that you will help us...

(The chiming alarm is heard through the room, and the War Lord, Security Chief and guards walk in.)

WAR-LORD: What is the prisoner doing here?
WAR-CHIEF: I am interrogating him.
WAR-LORD: You interrogate without guards?
WAR-CHIEF: I know this man, he is a fugitive from the Time Lords.
WAR-CHIEF: That's right, as I am.
WAR-LORD: Did you bring him here?
WAR-CHIEF: No, he arrived by chance.

(The War Lord turns to the Doctor.)

WAR-LORD: Did the Time Lords send you.
WAR-LORD: Have you informed them?
WAR-CHIEF: He dare not, that would betray him.
SECURITY-CHIEF: He has allied himself with the resistance and has organised them against us. He must die!
WAR-CHIEF: No! He has agreed to help us destroy the resistance, he will cooperate, he has no alternative.
SECURITY-CHIEF: He should be killed now, we cannot trust him!
WAR-LORD: If he helps us destroy the resistance, if. His life will be spared.
WAR-CHIEF: I have decided!

(He turns to the War Chief.)

WAR-CHIEF: I hold you responsible for the success of the plan. Failure will mean death - to both of you.

(The War Lord sweeps away with the Security Chief in tow like a pet poodle. The Doctor checks they are gone for a moment.)

DOCTOR: I never promised to help you!
WAR-CHIEF: But you will, you have no alternative!
DOCTOR: But to help people like that conquer the galaxy?
WAR-CHIEF: Not people like that, people like us!

(He grasps his pendant.)

WAR-CHIEF: I intend to take over as Supreme Galactic Ruler. You can help me to rule - if you will cooperate.


VILLAR: I tell you it's crazy, it'll never work!
RUSSELL: We don't know 'til we've tried it. We've never had all the resistance groups together before.
VILLAR: You bring everyone together in one place, you know what happens? The enemy will go pow! We are all killed!
PETROV: What he says makes sense. Alone we annoy them a little, together we wipe them out.
JAMIE: That's exactly what the Doctor says!
CARSTAIRS: Look, we should get together a large body of men. Armed, disciplined. And then, and only then can we strike at their headquarters.
VILLAR: How do we get there?
ZOE: We use one of their own space-time machines!
VILLAR: Ah, these little boxes you talk about, holding thousands of men! Fairy stories!
PETROV: I have seen one. I have seen soldiers come out of them, whole regiments!
CARSTAIRS: You see Seņor Villar? We're not talking nonsense.
VILLAR: These... Magic boxes. Where do we get one?
ZOE: They have certain landing points in each time zone. That room over there, that's one of them.
VILLAR: How do you get the whole army in here? The place is surrounded! It's hard enough for one man at a time to get in.
CARSTAIRS: Yes...quite right. We must uh, use one of the other places.
JAMIE: Well, what about that American barn where we met Mr Russell?
CARSTAIRS: Yes, that's er, that's here.

(He points at the map.)

CARSTAIRS: Is that alright for everybody?
PETROV: Carasha! I know that place. Much forest, easy to hide men.
CARSTAIRS: Well we're all agreed then. We all gather our troops here, and we make a concerted attack on the enemy.
VILLAR: And what if he make a concerted attack on us?
CARSTAIRS: Oh, he's going to be far too busy to do that...


(Two resistance fighters stealthily make their way through the undergrowth towards an encampment.)


(The soldiers sneak into a large canvass pavilion one grabs a Roman Centurion from behind, with a hand over his mouth, and the other takes a rifle and smashes the video-screen concealed in a chest.)


(A an alarm sounds as a light flickers in Zone One on the illuminated game map. He glares at a nearby technician.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Failure of communications unit in Roman Zone. Send a technicians to repair. And send a guard!


CARSTAIRS: Right. Good! Right, carry on.

(He replaces the phone.)

CARSTAIRS: Well that's the first one, Roman Zone. Control unit's been completely destroyed.
ZOE: I wonder if it'll work?
CARSTAIRS: Oh it'll work alright. Next one's due in the Crimean War Zone.

(He glances casually at his fob watch.)

CARSTAIRS: It's due about now.


(A redcoat paces up and down outside a rough brick storehouse. Out of nowhere two resistance fighters grab him from behind and club him to the ground. One pulls out a bundle of dynamite sticks and a reel of wire. Placing the explosives in the building he reels out the wire and attaches it to a detonator box, then nods at his companion who raises, then depresses the lever. There is a bright flash and a roar of an explosion from within the building.)


(More alarms blare from the console as the light for Zone Three flickers.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Another communications failure. Crimean War Zone. Send a squad of guards!


(The Time Zone map has been placed over a notice board, and both Russell and Carstairs are sat answering calls.)

RUSSELL: Hello. Russell. Good!
CARSTAIRS: Excellent. Yes, thank you very much.

(He replaces the receiver.)

CARSTAIRS: Roman Zone, a technician and guard have arrived.
ZOE: So that's the Roman Zone then.

(She sticks a single flag into Roman Zone area of the map.)

JAMIE: Technician and guard? That's only two men!
CARSTAIRS: They're not really worried yet.

(Russell ends his telephone conversation.)

RUSSELL: They are now, they've just sent a squad of guards to the Crimean War Zone!
ZOE: Oh good! That's a bit more like it!

(Jamie sticks a flag into the Crimean Zone as Zoe pulls out another.)

CARSTAIRS: By the time we've finished with them there won't be a guard left in the place!

(Many shots of the group sticking flag after flag into the board are mixed with the people answering calls.)

ZOE: Good!

(She replaces the receiver.)

ZOE: Jamie, Boer War Zone.
CARSTAIRS: English Civil War Zone.
RUSSELL: Yes, fine.

(He puts the phone down.)

RUSSELL: Peninsular War Zone, they've sent ten guards there. Right, well that seem to be about it.
CARSTAIRS: Right, time for phase two. Villar should be at the barn by now. Carry on Sergeant.
RUSSELL: Yes sir. Okay, we'll leave one by one and display our arms.


(An alien Confederate rushes towards the barn, skidding to a halt and pulling open the secret hatch. He barely has time to operate the video-screen before he is shot dead. Two Mexican resistance bandits and Villar approach. One of the soldiers aims his gun at the device, but Villar grabs his arm.)

VILLAR: No, not yet! Now we wait.


SECURITY-CHIEF: It is a clear pattern, simultaneous attacks in all time zones.
WAR-CHIEF: And you've sent guards to every attack?
SECURITY-CHIEF: There are now very few left to send.
WAR-CHIEF: That's exactly what they wanted. Have any of the guards returned?
SECURITY-CHIEF: So you've left the base weakened for a possible mass-attack.

(The War Lord appears.)

WAR-LORD: Is that true?
SECURITY-CHIEF: I know where their attack is coming from. A communications unit was activated in the American Civil War Zone.
WAR-LORD: And how do you propose to deal with them, with your guards scattered all over the War Zones?
SECURITY-CHIEF: The neutron bomb.
WAR-CHIEF: That would wipe out the processed humans. We would have to evacuate the planet.
WAR-LORD: Well the resistance must be crushed once and for all.
SECURITY-CHIEF: So we shall use the neutron bomb?
WAR-LORD: No. We shall attempt to be rather more subtle than that.

(He glances at the Doctor.)

WAR-LORD: We shall give you an ideal opportunity to prove your loyalty - and save your life.


(Carstairs rushes into the barn and salutes.)

CARSTAIRS: All the resistance groups here Sergeant?
RUSSELL: Yes sir.
VILLAR: They are hidden in the woods. So here we all are, a nice big target.
RUSSELL: Don't worry it won't be for long. Soon as we smash that thing they'll send one of their machines and we'll take it.

(He pulls out his gun.)

RUSSELL: Right stand back.

(The Doctor's face appears on the video screen.)

JAMIE: Wait a minute!
ZOE: Oh Doctor, where are you, are you alright?
DOCTOR: Yeah. Is Mr Russell there?
JAMIE: Aye, all the resistance leaders are with us.
DOCTOR: Oh good, er, now there's no time to be lost. I think I can send you one of their space-time machines. I've-I've managed to take control of their transportation system.
JAMIE: Oh well we've got a whole army here Doctor, we could take over the entire base!
DOCTOR: Oh no-no, all I need is a-a party of picked men. There's got quite a lot to organise, I need to talk to the leaders.
JAMIE: But Doctor, would it not be better if you brought a gang with you?
DOCTOR: Jamie, please don't argue! I will send the transportation now.

(The Doctor's images fades from the screen.)

VILLAR: I don't like this, it could be a trap.

(There is a noise of an incoming SIDRAT and Petrov draws both his guns in a panic.)

PETROV: Out of the way!
CARSTAIRS: Don't panic! Now, there's nothing to worry about! Everybody take cover just in case there are some guards.

(The door scrapes open. Cautiously, the group moves to examine the craft. Carstairs peeks inside, then holsters his gun.)

CARSTAIRS: It's alright, it's empty.
RUSSELL: Right, now one of us had better stay here to look after those men. Petrov, it better be you.
PETROV: Alright, you are the boss.
VILLAR: Mine is the biggest group, I should stay here in charge!
RUSSELL: Why? You scared of getting into that thing?
VILLAR: Arturo Villar is afraid of nothing!
RUSSELL: Right. In you go then.
VILLAR: I shall lead the way!

(He Carstairs and Villar disappear into the SIDRAT; followed by Zoe, Jamie, Russell and a couple of resistance men. The door closes and the capsule fades away. Petrov and his men jump back, still shocked when faced with a dematerialisation before their eyes.)


(The SIDRAT arrives with it's usual sparkling, the door opens and the passengers disembark one by one.)

DOCTOR: Aha Carstairs.
ZOE: Oh Doctor!
DOCTOR: Jamie.
JAMIE: Are you alright.
DOCTOR: Yes-yes, everything is under control. Now-now listen everyone, just follow me. We're going to take over the war room!

(The Doctor turns to ascend the ramp, when a squad of guards appears at the top cutting off the escape route.)

DOCTOR: Stand still, don't move! You are completely surrounded!
ZOE: Doctor!

(The Security Chief strolls up to the Doctor followed by the War Chief, his eyes glittering malevolently.)

WAR-CHIEF: Thank you Doctor. A nice, neat little package for us to dispose of.

(The Doctor looks desperately around at the faces of his friends.)

Episode Nine

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Security Chief
James Bree

Graham Weston

War Lord
Philip Madoc

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Arturo Villar
Michael Napier-Brown

Ivan Petrov
Stephen Hubay

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

Directed by
David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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