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The War Games

Episode Seven

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs are laying on the floor almost pancaked by the ceiling and walls which are now the size of a large doll's house.)

DOCTOR: Oh-oho-oh-oh!
CARSTAIRS: Arghughah
JAMIE: Urgh! Urgh!
WAR-CHIEF OOV: Thirty seconds before you are crushed to death!
CARSTAIRS: What are we gonna do Doctor?
DOCTOR: We've got no choice we, we have to do what they say!

(They all continue gasp frantically, looking for somewhere safe to crawl away to.)

WAR-CHIEF OOV: Twenty seconds!


SECURITY-CHIEF: What are you doing now?
WAR-CHIEF: Reducing the dimensions further.

(The door to the SIDRAT scrapes open and the Doctor crawls out on his front carrying a white handkerchief.)

DOCTOR: Oh oh, ooh oh.

(He gets up looking utterly defeated and wanders into the middle of the floor in full range of the stun-guns from all the assembled guards.)

WAR-CHIEF: Bring out the others.
DOCTOR: What are you going to do with us?
WAR-CHIEF: Bring out the others!
DOCTOR: I-I won't have my friends ill-treated you know!
SECURITY-CHIEF: You are in no position to make terms!
DOCTOR: I am here under a flag of truce! I demand to know what you are going to do with us!
WAR-CHIEF: For the last time, tell your friends to come out. Or would you sooner they were crushed to death?
DOCTOR: Oh I think that that's a perfectly horrid idea!

(He raises the last gas-filled valve which he had concealed beneath the handkerchief and dashes it to the floor, in an instant it fills the room with smoke. As everyone is reeling from the noxious fumes, he rushes towards the main control panel.

SECURITY-CHIEF: Guards, stop him! Kill him!

(But it is no use. Handkerchief to mouth, the Doctor snatches a handful tiny magnetic shapes that control the SIDRATs, and in an instant he deftly skips back into the safety of the capsule again the door closing behind.)


(Jamie and Carstairs are recovering from their ordeal when he Doctor rushes in. He holds the precious circuits aloft as if they were some kind of holy relic.)

JAMIE: Oh well done Doctor! Oh!

(He breathes a sigh of relief.)


(As the noxious gas clears the War-Chief and the Security Chief struggle up, but are too late as a warm sparkling indicates that the Doctor and friends are away. The War-Chief rushes to the console.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Can't you stop them?

(The War-Chief looks dour.)

WAR-CHIEF: Locked off the controls and taken the master circuit rods. What an ingenious fellow he is.
SECURITY-CHIEF: His ingenuity could ruin everything!

(He turns to a guard.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Alert all time zones!
WAR-CHIEF: I suggest we pay particular attention to the nineteen-seventeen zone.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Is that where they are going?
WAR-CHIEF: I can't tell for sure, these master circuit rods could guide the machine to any one of the time zones.


JAMIE: Well where are we going Doctor?
DOCTOR: Anywhere but the nineteen-seventeen zone Jamie.
JAMIE: A-are we not going back to Zoe and the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: Yes eventually, but not just now. That's where-d they'll be looking for us.
CARSTAIRS: What are we going to do then Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well we'll go into one of the nearby zones and cross the time-zone barrier on foot. Oh!

(He rummages in the pocket of his jacket.)

DOCTOR: Hah. Ah...yes! Here we are.

(He sticks a magnetic circuit to the control board.)


(The Security-Chief wanders over to the War-Chief.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Haven't you traced them yet?
WAR-CHIEF: It's impossible to pick them up when the SIDRAT is still moving. I'll pinpoint their position the moment it lands.
SECURITY-CHIEF: All time-zones are ready to hunt them down as soon as you provide the necessary information.

(A new alarm begins to echo throughout the chamber.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: The War-Lord is arriving from the home planet.
WAR-CHIEF: He's chosen rather an inconvenient time.
SECURITY-CHIEF: I shall go and receive him.
WAR-CHIEF: No, I'll receive him. You stay here and supervise the capture of that resistance group.
SECURITY-CHIEF: The war Lord will expect me! He-!
WAR-CHIEF: The War-Lord will expect everything to be running smoothly and under control, which at the moment it isn't.

(The War-Chief walks out of the room. The Security-Chief notices a few of the technicians have been watching the conversation.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Keep your eyes on the operations maps! I want to know the moment that capsule arrives in time zone!

(The technicians follow their orders.)


(The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs sit on the floor of the SIDRAT having a short picnic out of one of their bags. Jamie talks through a mouthful of apple.)

JAMIE: Its takin' its time isn't it?
DOCTOR: Yes Jamie, I-I probably confused the controls readjusting them in space, in...

(He draws an apple out for himself while Carstairs scrutinises the map.)

CARSTAIRS: Mn, you've no idea which zone we're going to land in Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well, no, not really, no.
JAMIE: Oh, Just like the TARDIS eh?
DOCTOR: Hah-ha.

(The Doctor continues to quietly buff an apple against his lapel. The sound of rematerialisation is heard through the SIDRAT and they all stand.)

DOCTOR: Come on, here we go. Help me on with the processing machine.

(Carstairs lifts the knapsack onto the Doctor's back.)

DOCTOR: Now remember, as soon as we land we must make ourselves scarce.
DOCTOR: Well they're bound to be on the alert for us.


(The Security-Chief addresses a technician.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Alert the Roman zone commanders in sector five! Transmit map references and order troops to surround the area. These resistance people must be captured or destroyed!

(The technician leaves as the alert sounds through the chamber. War-Lord and War-Chief arrive flanked by guards. The War chief is a small bespectacled figure; his hair and elegantly sculpted beard are both styled excessively close, and he wears in a neat black suit.)

WAR-LORD: Can my information is correct? I've heard disquieting rumours of serious trouble here - are they true?
SECURITY-CHIEF: There have been temporary difficulties.
WAR-LORD: But they have been overcome.

(He smiles coldly.)

WAR-LORD: War-Chief. The defective processing machinery, has it been rectified?
WAR-CHIEF: Your scientists did get effective machines, but...
WAR-LORD: But what?
WAR-CHIEF: Unfortunately it was removed by an intruding party of resistance men.

(The War-Lord's icy calm begins to crack.)

WAR-LORD: They penetrated the control area? They just walked in, how?
SECURITY-CHIEF: I have the situation under control War-Lord. It is only a matter of time before they are recaptured.
WAR-LORD: Then I hope that time is on your side.

(A technician moves to the side of the Security-Chief and gestures.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Report from the Roman zone.


CARSTAIRS: Are you sure this is the right way sir?

(They pause to pore over a map.)

DOCTOR: Well I don't know, it is rather difficult to tell isn't it?
JAMIE: I think it is Doctor, I-I seem to remember that hill.
CARSTAIRS: Isn't this where we were attacked by the Romans?

(As soon as he says this, as if on cue the angry Romans sweep over the hill again towards them.)

DOCTOR: Come on! Back to the time zone barrier!

(They run down the road that they had driven down in the ambulance the previous day.)


WAR-CHIEF: They're escaping again! Moving back to the time zone barrier. Our processed Roman legions won't be able to follow them there.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Then we will send in my security guards from the control centre.
WAR-CHIEF: No, not again. We are carrying out a delicately controlled operation. The presence of guards in the time zones could stretch he credulity of the processed humans - it would be most dangerous!
SECURITY-CHIEF: It would be even more dangerous if we allow this Doctor to remain alive.
WAR-CHIEF: Have you looked for this space-time machine of theirs?
SECURITY-CHIEF: What use is that to us?
WAR-CHIEF: They will no doubt try to return to it, that's where we should be looking for them. It's a simple enough conclusion, you might even have reached it yourself!
SECURITY-CHIEF: I have reached a number of conclusions about you and about this man the Doctor!
WAR-CHIEF: Indeed? Perhaps you'd like to share them with us?
SECURITY-CHIEF: This Doctor arrived here on this planet we have chosen for the war games; he brought with him companions who have not been subjected to our mental processing.
WAR-CHIEF: A fact you tried to conceal.
SECURITY-CHIEF: They came in a space-time machine, the secret of space-time travel is known only to you and to your people.
WAR-CHIEF: And I brought that secret here.
SECURITY-CHIEF: You have shown us how to operate these machines, but not how to construct them. These people were summoned by one who is in league with his own kind - plotting to betray us!
WAR-CHIEF: You cannot produce one single atom of proof!
SECURITY-CHIEF: The accumulation of evidence is overwhelming!
WAR-LORD: That's enough! That's enough from both of you. Now I am tired of this eternal bickering. Your inability to work together is endangering our whole plan. You have a choice: co-operate or be replaced.

(The War-Chief and the Security-Chief glare at each other.)


(All is misty, opaque white within as before. The Doctor coughs a little on the curious quality of the air within the time zone barrier. Whenever they talk it has a curious echoing quality as if the barrier were attempting to swallow up their words.)

JAMIE: Aye. Are we safe in here Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes-yes they can't follow us into a, into a-a time zone barrier. Oh. Lieutenant Carstairs, do you feel alright?
CARSTAIRS: Perfectly, why?
DOCTOR: Oh good! That means that the processing machine is working alright.
JAMIE: Oh look, where do we go from now, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Just follow me Jamie.

(They move away.)

12, EXT: 1917 ROAD

(The three strange figures fade into existence on the road amid the muffled sound of constant shelling. The Doctor points and they all rush off; not however, before a soldier positioned deliberately beside the barrier spots them, and makes a call on his field telephone.)


(Back in the familiar surroundings of the chateaux, the Sergeant-Major Burns answers the telephone.)

BURNS: I'll tell General Smythe immediately sir.

(He replaces the phone and scurries to the large desk.)

BURNS: S'cuse me sir.

(The tall, sadistic form of General Smythe turns his swivel-chair to face the front of the desk.)

SMYTHE: What is it?
BURNS: Report from number three observation point sir. Three persons spotted answering to the descriptions of the two spies and the officer wanted for desertion, sir.

(The Sergeant-Major unfurls a map.)

BURNS: They'd be just about, sir.

(He points.)

SMYTHE: How very convenient. Right next to a machine-gun emplacement.

(The Sergeant-Major looks at him uncomfortably, wondering if he heard right.)


(The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs scramble down one side of a muddy bank. The Doctor slipping for a moment. As they move a machine gun silently tracks them, then without warning the weapon begins spraying bullets at them with a dull chattering.)

CARSTAIRS: Take cover!

(They all drop to the ground.)

CARSTAIRS: They got us pinned down.

(Behind the machine-gunners, out of the sight of the Doctor and co. Zoe and a group of resistance fighters arrive. A Crimean soldier knocks the gunners out with the butt of a rifle, but by the time they have done this the Doctor's party are surrounded by Smythe's troops, all pointing rifles. The soldier aims his rifle, but Zoe holds him back.)

ZOE: No don't shoot, you'll hit my friends! We'll follow them.


(Smythe turns from the window to his three prisoners.)

SMYTHE: You've caused me a great deal of trouble.
DOCTOR: Good, I'm very glad to hear it! I suppose you're going to subject us to another one of your farcical court-martials?
SMYTHE: In your case that won't be necessary. You have already been condemned to death.
DOCTOR: What about my friends?
SMYTHE: They will be given the chance to redeem themselves - in the most dangerous sector of the front line.
DOCTOR: After some more of your mental processing I suppose?
SMYTHE: They will have the opportunity of making the supreme sacrifice for their King and country!
CARSTAIRS: You can drop all that nonsense, we know what's going on.
SMYTHE: Do you Carstairs?
CARSTAIRS: Yes. This isn't the war, we're not even on our own planet - do you realise that Sergeant-Major?

(He glances over.)

CARSTAIRS: This General of yours isn't even a human being!

(Smythe places his glasses on his nose and fixes the Sergeant-Major with a piercing hypno-stare.)

SMYTHE: The prisoner is delirious Sergeant-Major, he's talking nonsense.
BURNS: Yes sir, delirious sir. Talking nonsense sir.
CARSTAIRS: Listen to me Sergeant-Major!
SMYTHE: It's no use Carstairs, nothing you say will have any effect. Sergeant-Major, prepare a firing squad!

(He snaps to attention, turns and leaves.)

DOCTOR: Do you have the authority to have me killed?
SMYTHE: I don't need any authority.
DOCTOR: Your alien superiors will want to question me!
SMYTHE: You've caused me a great deal of trouble and embarrassment, now I'm afraid you're going to pay for it. With your life!
DOCTOR: So you're simply being malicious!
SMYTHE: Revenge can be very satisfying.
BURNS: Firing party ready sir!
SMYTHE: Take him away!

(The soldiers march the Doctor out of the room.)

DOCTOR: Oh..oh..oh!
JAMIE: Look, leave him alone!

(Jamie is held back.)

SOLDIER: Come along!
SMYTHE: Keep these other two here.

(Smythe goes to his room.)


(Smythe moves to activate the video screen behind the portrait.)

SMYTHE: Smythe, nineteen-seventeen zone. I have recaptured three of the escaped prisoners.


(Smythe's face peers out of the gaming map.)

WAR-CHIEF: Excellent! I want them sent here immediately!
SMYTHE: Unfortunately one of them is already dead.
WAR-CHIEF: Which one?
SMYTHE: The one that calls himself the Doctor. He was shot...trying to escape.
WAR-CHIEF: Did you recover the machine?
SMYTHE: Machine?
WAR-CHIEF: Didn't you receive your instructions? They took with them the new processing machine - it must be recovered!
SMYTHE: Yes, of course I will.
WAR-CHIEF: Don't fail us Smythe, the War-Lord is here and he doesn't like failures.


JAMIE: Gonna try and save the Doctor?
CARSTAIRS: I wouldn't get anywhere near him.

(He eyes the guard; alert, with rifle outstretched.)

JAMIE: How about if I...

(Smythe appears behind them in a fury.)

SMYTHE: That machine you took - where is it? Where is it?!
CARSTAIRS: The Doctor's got it.

(Smythe moves to the window, torn between appeasing his superiors and his thirst for revenge.)

SERGEANT-MAJOR OOV: Firing squad attention! Load!
CARSTAIRS: Only the Doctor knows where it is. You kill him you'll never get it back.
BURNS: Squad, aim. Squad...

(There is the sound of gunfire.)

SMYTHE: Stop!*t!

(Smythe pulls out his revolver and fires off a shot as the doors to one side of the drawing room burst open. He retreats to his room.)


(As Jamie and Carstairs attempt to wrest the guns from the soldiers, the doors on the other side of the room take a heavy pounding and finally give way. Resistance lead by Russell men flood into the room and grab the two guards.)

JAMIE: Russell! The Doctor, what happened to him?
RUSSELL: I don't know we've just attacked the front of the building.

(Another two familiar figures appear in the doorway.)

JAMIE: Doctor! I thought they'd shot you!
DOCTOR: Fortunately Zoe arrived in time. Where's General Smythe?
RUSSELL: He's in there.

(Russell points to the room.)

DOCTOR: What? Well he'll be calling for help, we've got to stop him!
RUSSELL: Quick lads, over here!


(The War Chief gazes from the screen.)

SMYTHE: It's the resistance, they're attacking in force! You must send help!
WAR-CHIEF: Did you recover the machine?
SMYTHE: I haven't had the chance! You must send help!
WAR-CHIEF: New master circuit rods for the travel machines are being prepared.
SMYTHE: You must send help now!
WAR-CHIEF: Smythe, de-activate the area control.


RUSSELL: Right lads, stand back.

(Russell sets to work on busting in the door.)


WAR-CHIEF: Deactivate the area control, deactivate the area control, deactivate the area control!

(Smythe moves below the video screen; and pulling the fake cover from the fireplace, reveals a complex mass of boxy white circuit packs. As he tries to tug one of the fuse-like objects from its slot the door bursts open. Smythe fires a shot, but Russell has used his own momentum to slide safely to the floor firing a single shot in response.)

RUSSELL: Quick Doctor, in here.

(The Doctor peers cautiously into the room, then moves to examine the dead body of Smythe.)

RUSSELL: Look. I think he was trying to destroy it.
DOCTOR: Why would he want to do that?

(He gazes at the fireplace cavity.)


(Zoe places her hand over the viewscreen and the scanner in the gaming table fades to darkness.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: They have taken over the Chateaux.
WAR-CHIEF: And the Doctor is still alive. Smythe was a fool he deserved to die!
WAR-LORD: The Doctor has the processing machine - does he have the knowledge and the ability to use it?
WAR-CHIEF: Yes. I think he has.
WAR-LORD: Then the situation's urgent, isn't it? Fortunately they're in a very vulnerable position now. If they've made a mass attack than all their forces are concentrated in one position - the chateaux.
SECURITY-CHIEF: This time we must use the guards.
WAR-CHIEF: No, we will invalidate the experiment. If they are concentrated in one place it would be simple enough to wipe them out with an artillery barrage.
WAR-LORD: Simple, but just as foolish as using the security guards. A violent attack on the Chateaux would almost certainly destroy the control units there. The time zone barriers would disappear. No, use the conventional forces; could be quite amusing.

(For a moment a malicious smile flickers upon his face as moves to the map table.)

WAR-LORD: A mass attack on the chateaux. A pincer movement with our little band of heroes caught in it's jaws.

(He converges two of the perspex blocks upon a third until they collide.)


(The Doctor is examining the equipment in the fireplace.)

ZOE: What do you make of it Doctor?
DOCTOR: I'm not quite sure Zoe, I think they've got something to do with the time zone barriers.
JAMIE: Doctor.
JAMIE: There's troops moving in from all sides.
DOCTOR: Oh no! Oh my word... How many resistance did you bring?
ZOE: Well not enough to stand up against an army. Hadn't we better try and get away?
JAMIE: Look it's too late for that, we're surrounded!


(The constant sound of firing is ever-present as Carstairs gestures with a bullet to the map which is spread across the table.)

CARSTAIRS: We could try to make a break for it down here, some of us might get away.

(He resumes refilling his revolver with ammunition.)

RUSSELL: Not a chance, we'd be caught between two armies!
DOCTOR: Mr Russell, how long can you hold on here?
RUSSELL: Well not long Doctor and our forward position is about to crawl back already.
DOCTOR: Well you must hold on for as long as you can, I-I think I've got the answer! see we've got to have a safe base from which to fight these people, I... I I-I must go and get on with my work, er...

(He rushes back to the General's room.)

RUSSELL: What does he mean? What's he up to?
CARSTAIRS: I dunno. But we'll do as he says and stick it out here for as long as we can.
RUSSELL: Well that won't be long sir, listen to that lot.

(He holsters his gun.)


(Jamie and Zoe are whispering as the Doctor moves towards the fireplace and it's rows of circuitry.)

DOCTOR: Give some help Zoe, I want to dismantle this.
ZOE: What for?
DOCTOR: To find out how it works of course. Ah...don't ask questions, just do as I say.
JAMIE: Well what can I do?
DOCTOR: Ah, you go and ask, Uh... You go and help Mr Russell.
JAMIE: Right.

(Jamie leaves.)

DOCTOR: Now then.

(He removes a circuit pack from the slot and sets to work upon it with his sonic screwdriver.)


(The War-Chief pores over the map table.)

WAR-CHIEF: British troops are advancing from here and here, converging with French troops advancing from here. Germans are advancing from this side together with the Austro-Hungarians.
SECURITY-CHIEF: It is taking longer than it should, these resistance people are putting up a good fight.
WAR-CHIEF: They will be crushed.
SECURITY-CHIEF: They have escaped before, they could do it again.
WAR-CHIEF: Not this time, I am in control.
SECURITY-CHIEF: And the Doctor? Will he die with the rest?
WAR-CHIEF: Why shouldn't he?
SECURITY-CHIEF: He seems to have a charmed life.
WAR-CHIEF: Only when you have a hand in his fate. This Doctor will die.


(The pitch battle has reached the drawing room. Jamie, Russell, Carstairs and the resistance fighters are all stooped; exchanging fire with the people outside the window.)

JAMIE: It's no good.
RUSSELL: And this is just the vanguard, we know there's more to come.

(A French soldier who has climbed the balcony tosses a grenade into the room through the French windows.)

RUSSELL: Grenade!

(Russell rushes up to the French soldier, pulls him through and knocks him to the ground.)

JAMIE: Look out!

(Jamie rushes forward, scoops up the grenade and throws it out the window.

JAMIE: Duck!

(Everyone recoils at the explosion. A plume of smoke drifts into the room.)

CARSTAIRS: It's no good Russell, we must get away from here.


(Carstairs rushes in.)

CARSTAIRS: Hah, Doctor. You and Zoe must try and get away from here.
DOCTOR: No I don't think that will be necessary.
CARSTAIRS: But Doctor...
DOCTOR: Um, shall we try it? Zoe? Right here we go.

(He adds a final component to the electronic lash-up in the fireplace. A steady, curious humming-pulsing sound emanates from all around.)

CARSTAIRS: Doctor now what...
DOCTOR: Sh-sh-shh! Listen.

(He stands up and holds a finger in the air as if he were a magician emphasising a latest trick. The still air is silent and crisp, the backdrop of constant firing has ceased.)

CARSTAIRS: Stopped... Stopped.

(Carstairs walks a little uncertainly through to the drawing room again followed by the Doctor who is looking smug.)


(Everyone is standing around looking equally baffled.)

CARSTAIRS: Not a sound.
RUSSELL: Some sort of trick.
DOCTOR: No Mr Russell, look out of the window.
JAMIE: Aye, a mist.
DOCTOR: Yes! I've set up a time zone barrier all around the chateaux.
RUSSELL: So none of the processed people will be able to get at us.
DOCTOR: Exactly, but your people can come and go as you please. At last we've got a safe base from which to fight them! We can carry out the next step in complete safety.
RUSSELL: What next step Doctor?
DOCTOR: Is this one of yours Mr Russell?
RUSSELL: Er, no Doctor. I pulled 'im through the window.
DOCTOR: He's just the man we need.

(The Frenchman rubs his neck and looks suspiciously around.)


(The War Lord toys with the perspex game pieces in a bored manner, idly listening to the War-Chief and Security-Chief bicker.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: So much for your armies of processed humans!
WAR-CHIEF: Smythe should have destroyed the machine.
SECURITY-CHIEF: We should have sent in my security guards.
WAR-CHIEF: And ruin the entire experiment?
WAR-LORD: The Security-Chief is right, you have failed.

(He looks from War-Chief to Security Chief.)

WAR-LORD: And your leadership of the security forces has hardly been spectacularly successful! I will take charge of the whole situation. Now listen carefully, this is what I plan to do...


(The French soldier has his head in the jaws of the machine as he is slowly de-processed.)

DOCTOR: I think that will do Jamie. Aah.

(The whining dies away from the machine and it is taken away. The man looks around nervously as if he is seeing the room for the first time.)

DU PONT: Que ___? Qu est-ce qui se passe?
DOCTOR: I think its worked.
CARSTAIRS: He seems pretty confused. (To DU PONT, haltingly.) Erm, er, est-ce que vous voyez ca?

(He points at the processing machine.)

DU PONT: Oui, je me vois bien, mais...

(He looks at the assembled people.)

DU PONT: Vous ne pas les bosch?
CARSTAIRS: I think it has worked, Doctor! At least he can see were not Germans.
DOCTOR: Oh dear. I wonder whether hes completely back to normal?
DU PONT: Je comprends bien. Que ___? Qu est-ce que vous faites ici dans le Chateaux?
CARSTAIRS: I think hes alright. He just wants to know what were doing here. (To DU PONT.) Er, Nous sommes le...le...le, rer...resistance.

(DU PONT still looks puzzled.)

CARSTAIRS: Er, resistance? Do you speak English?
DU PONT: (Haltingly.) English? You...English?
RUSSELL: Were all sorts here, lad!
DU PONT: (Puzzled.) Comprends pas?
CARSTAIRS: Er, er, nous combatons le, erm, sorry, my French isnt up to it.
DOCTOR: Look, try, er, er, try to explain to him whats been happening.
CARSTAIRS: Venez ici, monsieur.

(He takes DU PONT away as RUSSELL looks down at the processing machine.)

RUSSELL: So... So you bring people back to normal with that thing?
DOCTOR: Yes-yes-yes yea. Everyone we capture we can convert to our side, you'll soon have all the men you need.
RUSSELL: Yes, but if you're going to do them all one by one, it'll take until doomsday!
DOCTOR: No Mr Russl..Mr Russell I'm doing my best! If you can capture some more equipment I might be able to rig up something that would do dozens at a time! I...

(The Doctor looks up nervously as a warm sparkling comes from the direction of Smythe's room.)

RUSSELL: Well now you're talking, and... One of those machines. Quick lads, in here!


(A SIDRAT appears in the corner and two guards disembark. The two resistance men who had rushed to block the door are mercilessly stun-gunned down at the highest setting.)


(Security-Chief moves in behind the guards and takes the processing machine. The Doctor tries to stop them.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Stop, take him!

(The Doctor is roughly grabbed and manhandled back into Smythe's room.)

DOCTOR: Oh-oh argh! Oh-oh!

(Carstairs raises his weapon, but Jamie places a hand on it.)

JAMIE: Don't shoot, you might hit the Doctor!


(The Doctor is bundled into the SIDRAT which vanishes. Cautiously the members of the resistance follow, but are too late. They all stand looking at helplessly the empty space where a tall green SIDRAT had once stood.)

Episode Eight

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Security Chief
James Bree

War Lord
Philip Madoc

General Smythe
Noel Coalman

Sgt. Major Burns
Esmond Webb

Wendy Padbury

Graham Weston

Du Pont
Peter Craze

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

Directed by
David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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