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The War Games

Episode Nine

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(The Doctor turns to ascend the ramp, when a squad of guards appears at the top cutting off the escape route.)

DOCTOR: Stand still, don't move! You are completely surrounded!
ZOE: Doctor!

(The Security Chief strolls up to the Doctor followed by the War Chief, his eyes glittering malevolently.)

WAR-CHIEF: Thank you Doctor. A nice, neat little package for us to dispose of.

(The Doctor looks desperately around at the faces of his friends.)

JAMIE: What's happened?
RUSSELL: We were idiots to trust you. I'll kill you for this!
WAR-CHIEF: Idle threats Doctor, have no fear. Guards, disarm them and take them away.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Take him too.
WAR-CHIEF: No! He is working for us.
SECURITY-CHIEF: What further use is he?
WAR-CHIEF: He has proved his loyalty by helping us. And he has great knowledge of time travel mechanics.
SECURITY-CHIEF: The War Lord shall decide. Take these prisoners to the processing room, hold them there under strict guard until further orders. I shall be with the War Lord.

(He exits as the prisoners are lead away.)

WAR-CHIEF: Don't worry Doctor, the War Lord will welcome your loyalty and assistance.
DOCTOR: Well I hope so. But you know, I find it hard to understand why you need me.
WAR-CHIEF: We need each other.
DOCTOR: It's something to do with the TARDIS travel machines isn't it?
WAR-CHIEF: Shall we join the War Lord? It doesn't do to keep him waiting.
DOCTOR: I-I must congratulate you on them, you know. You're achieved a remarkable degree of control.
WAR-CHIEF: Simply a variation on the old models.
DOCTOR: Oh my dear fellow, you're too modest. Dimensional flexibility? Remote control? In my day these things were impossible to achieve without shortening the life of the time control units.
WAR-CHIEF: There have been many advances made in space-time technology.
DOCTOR: Yes, there must have been. That particular problem is impossible to solve! ...How did you solve it?
WAR-CHIEF: It's not a thing one can explain in a few words. We'll discuss it later, now we really should join the War Lord.
DOCTOR: You haven't solved it, have you? Your machines have a limited life span! Sooner or later they're going to be useless!
WAR-CHIEF: Very well. Yes, you're right.
DOCTOR: Now I understand - it's my TARDIS that you're after isn't it?!
WAR-CHIEF: Exactly! When we are in control all of the machines I have brought here will have expired.

(He places a comradely arm around the Doctor's shoulder.)

WAR-CHIEF: If we hold the only space-time travel machine, we can rule our galaxy without fear of opposition.
DOCTOR: Yes, but without me and my TARDIS your ambitions are going to be rather hard to realise, aren't they?
WAR-CHIEF: That's right. And without my influence these aliens will surely kill you.


(The guards roughly herd the prisoners into the room, then stand with their weapons raised.)

RUSSELL: Alright!
JAMIE: Alright!
ZOE: Oh!
RUSSELL: Well, a fine mess your friend the Doctor got us in, eh? I'll break 'is neck when I get hold of him.
CARSTAIRS: Oh I don't believe it!
JAMIE: Look, he must have had a good reason!
VILLAR: Ah, to have us killed perhaps, to save his own skin! When I get my hands on him I kill him too!
JAMIE: Now look, the Doctor wouldn't betray us!
ZOE: No of course he wouldn't! Why did he get us to come here?


(The chiming note echoes briefly through the war room.)

WAR-LORD: He seems to have done very well. We have the leaders of the resistance, and the immediate threat to the war games is over. But your sudden decision to join us worries me.

(He glances at the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: Well, I like to be on the winning side.
WAR-LORD: Previously you thought the resistance to be the winning side; what made you change your mind?
DOCTOR: Well I hadn't realised how-how small and weak their groups were compared to your might and power.

(He chuckles to himself and walks around the map table.)

WAR-LORD: You have a silver tongue just like your friend the War Chief.

(He sits in one of the chairs.)

WAR-LORD: What contribution can you make to our plan?
DOCTOR: Well your processing machines. I can make them work more effectively.
WAR-LORD: Our scientist is at this moment producing new machines on the home planet.
DOCTOR: Ah yes, but that will take time. I can make the old ones work just as well - probably better.
WAR-LORD: Very well, you shall have the opportunity to prove your ability. You will adjust the machines, and reprocess your resistance friends.
DOCTOR: They are no longer my friends; they are our enemies!
WAR-LORD: Of course they are. Take him to the processing room, see he has every facility.

(The Doctor leaves followed by two guards and the Security Chief.)

WAR-LORD: The resistance groups, where are they?
WAR-CHIEF: They are all now concentrated in this one area. I have ordered the conventional troops to move in on them.
WAR-LORD: Good, when the situation returns to normal order all the security guards to return to the control centre. All control points on the planet are to be repaired, and the war games recommenced.
WAR-CHIEF: Will you be returning to the home planet?
WAR-LORD: No. I'm waiting until the emergency is over. You will inform me immediately if there's any change in the situation.

(The War Lord exits and a chair groans as the War Chief slouches in it, deep in thought.)


ZOE: ...They making us wait here for?
CARSTAIRS: Probably going to reprocess us again.
CARSTAIRS: Brainwash us, send us back to fight.
RUSSELL: No I doubt it, they know their processing machines don't work on us.
VILLAR: They will shoot us, what else do you do with prisoners?
SECURITY-CHIEF: Your friend the Doctor has a better idea.

(They all look around to see the Security Chief, the Doctor and two guards with deliberately aimed weapons.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: He is going to adjust the machines and re-process you himself.
JAMIE: He wouldn't do that!
ZOE: Doctor you can't!

(Russell valiantly pushes himself to the front of the group.)

RUSSELL: You just try it!

(Russell stops short of the guards.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: I don't think they like you. Unfortunately I cannot spare any of my guards to protect you, so you will have to fend for yourself.

(The Security Chief leaves with the guards.)

DOCTOR: What?! But...y-you..!

(The Doctor glances at the door, but the resistance fighters have moved to cover it.)

RUSSELL: Well, well, well, it seems your new friends don't like you either.

(Arturo Villar advances on the Doctor.)

VILLAR: Leave him to me, I kill him first!
DOCTOR:, don't come any closer, no!


(Then Security Chief Joins the War Chief at the far side the map table.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: How is the battle progressing?
WAR-CHIEF: The resistance group were all concentrated in this one area. We have them completely encircled.
SECURITY-CHIEF: And now you will destroy them?
WAR-CHIEF: Of course. They are falling into disorder, naturally enough since we have their leaders here. Has the Doctor started processing them?

(The Security Chief glances across the room.)


(A visored technician hands him a report which he reads.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Where is the War Lord?
WAR-CHIEF: You did take the Doctor to the processing room?
WAR-CHIEF: I don't trust you.
SECURITY-CHIEF: The feeling is mutual.

(The War Chief moves away. As soon as the Security Chief is sure he is out of sight, he walks over to the control console where the technician is sat.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Play back the recordings.

(The technician presses a control and the tape winds back with a mickey-mouse-on-amphetamine-sulphate gabble.)


(The Doctor is in the middle of a mass of heaving bodies.)

DOCTOR: Oh no...leave me alone!

(Jamie and Carstairs rush into the middle of the group and break it up.)

CARSTAIRS: Leave him be!
JAMIE: Now look! Just give him a chance to speak!

(The Doctor jumps to his feet.)

RUSSELL: Yes, we listened to him once before and look where it got us! He led us into a trap!
DOCTOR: They were going to drop the neutron-bomb! You'd all be dead now, and all of your resistance friends with you if it wasn't for me!
VILLAR: He's lying!
RUSSELL: You did a deal to save your own neck!
VILLAR: But your deal didn't do you no good, they turn you over to us and now we kill you!

(Carstairs grabs Villar from behind.)

CARSTAIRS: No, you can't just murder him!
VILLAR: Is not murder, is execution!
CARSTAIRS: Have you got any explanation for your conduct?
DOCTOR: Yes, I am trying to save your lives! If you do exactly as I tell you'll be alright!
VILLAR: We don't listen to your lies no more!

(Villar tears away from Carstairs and jumps on the Doctor throttling him wildly just as a pair of security guards rush in and break it up.)

WAR-CHIEF: I'm sorry Doctor, there seems to have been some kind of misunderstanding.

(The Doctor rubs his bruised neck, still trying to ease his breathing.)

DOCTOR: Yes, and it was very nearly fatal!


(The technician presses a control on the board and the War Chief's voice pipes out of the speaker.)

WAR-CHIEF VO: Doctor, this is also a matter of your own survival. Unless I can convince the War Lord that you will help us...
SECURITY-CHIEF: Stop! Wind further on.

(The technician does as he is told.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Now! Try there.

(This time the War Lord's voice is heard on the tape.)

WAR-LORD VO: ...Responsible for the success of the plan. Failure will mean death - for both of you.

(There is a pause on the tape for a moment as the sound of receding footsteps is heard.)

DOCTOR VO: I never promised to help you!
WAR-CHIEF VO: But you will, you have no alternative!
DOCTOR VO: To help people like that gain control of the galaxy?
WAR-CHIEF VO: Not people like that, people like us! I will take over as Supreme Galactic Ruler. You can help me rule - if you will cooperate.

(The technician switches off the tape.)



(The resistance leaders are all under guard in a corner nervously watching. Jamie is lying on the couch, his head in the jaws of the clamp as the Doctor makes a show of processing for the War Chief.)

WAR-CHIEF: Are you sure that this new process will be completely effective?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, quite sure. I think that will do.

(The whine of power dies away as he turns off the machine and opens the jaws.)

DOCTOR: There we are. Now then, when this man comes to he will believe himself to be fighting the English Redcoats in seventeen forty-five.

(The Doctor claps his hands.)

DOCTOR: Now get up!

(Jamie blearily gets to his feet.)

JAMIE: Eh, oh...oh.
DOCTOR: What is your name?
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: Your name.
JAMIE: Ah, J-James Robert McCrimmon.
DOCTOR: Do you know where you are?
JAMIE: Oh well...
DOCTOR: You are in my castle, I am the McCrimmon McCrimmon, your hereditary Chieftain!
JAMIE: Y-ah yes of're the Chieftain!

(He glances at the War Chief.)

JAMIE: Oh, er, who's that?
DOCTOR: Well th-that is a, that is a friendly Chieftain; you will obey his orders as you will mine.
JAMIE: Oh oh-oh aye, I'll obey you!
DOCTOR: There you are, you see, complete loyalty and devotion. I can do the same with all the other resistance people that you capture.
WAR-CHIEF: Excellent! Continue with the others. If you can successfully process characters like these, you will have made an immense contribution.
DOCTOR: Thank you. Bring the girl!
ZOE: Oh leave me alone, don't! Oh!

(The guards drag Zoe over to the couch and thrust her into it. The Doctor adjusts the equipment.)

JAMIE: Look, do as you're told!
DOCTOR: You will obey us.

(Then whispers.)

DOCTOR: It is for your own good.

(And gives her a clandestine wink.)


WAR-CHIEF: What a stupid fool you are! You deliberately disobeyed the War Lord's orders. Arrest him!

(The guards stand immobile.)

WAR-CHIEF: Arrest him!
SECURITY-CHIEF: You are no longer in command.

(He nods to the technician who plays back the recording to the War Chief's chagrin.)

WAR-CHIEF VO: I will take over as Supreme Galactic Ruler. You can help me rule - if you will cooperate.
SECURITY-CHIEF: I had all discussion that took place between you and the Doctor recorded. What a stupid fool you are. Guards, take him to the security area!

(The War Chief struggles wildly as the guards grab him by the arms.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: On your way pick up his accomplice the Doctor. If they offer any resistance shoot them both!

(They lead him away still fighting to get free.)


(The Doctor has Villar's head in the processing machine.)

DOCTOR: There we are. Now then, sit up, sit up!

(Villar does so.)

DOCTOR: Now then... You are in la Castille de la Cruz de San Antonio de la Frada Forma, in Mexico.
VILLAR: Uh? Are you crazy? You machine is no good! Villar is too strong for you!

(He leaps up eager to resume throttling the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: Oh! Oh no, stop! Get him off me! Oh oh-oh!

(There is a struggle in which the single guard leaps to the defence, but gets mobbed by the unprocessed resistance fighters. Finally Jamie manages to tear Villar away from the Doctor.)

JAMIE: Can you not pretend like the rest of us ya great loon?!
VILLAR: Uh? Is all a trick?
VILLAR: You fix the machine so she don't work?
DOCTOR: Yes. I fixed her, and you nearly fixed me.
VILLAR: Hahaha! And you only pretend to be loco?
JAMIE: Exactly!
RUSSELL: But Doctor, why did you get us here at all?
DOCTOR: They were going to drop the neutron bomb. You were better alive here, than dead out there!
CARSTAIRS: Zoe watch the door will you?
ZOE: Right.

(She skips out.)

CARSTAIRS: Sergeant, now we're here, surely we can take over?
RUSSELL: W-it depends upon how many of those guards they've got.
CARSTAIRS: Ah, but we've been drawing them out to the Time Zones!
DOCTOR: Yes, very successfully from what I hear.

(Zoe rushes in.)

ZOE: Doctor, somebody's coming! Three of them are heading this way.


(The guards march the War Chief along at the point of their stunguns. They usher him into the processing room.)


(As the guards enter they are mobbed from the sides and incapacitated.)

DOCTOR: Uh, don't harm him. We may need him.
WAR-CHIEF: It seems my trust in you was a little misplaced.
DOCTOR: Did you really think I'd take part in your disgusting steam...scheme?
WAR-CHIEF: Why not? You must have been a little tempted by the thought of becoming the ruler of an entire galaxy.
VILLAR: All this talk! When we fight?
RUSSELL: We haven't got anything to fight with! We've no guns.
CARSTAIRS: We've got those alien guns if we can work out how to use them.
VILLAR: I no trust those things! I need my guns, they good guns, never miss!
RUSSELL: I'm sure he knows where they're stored.
WAR-CHIEF: I might.
RUSSELL: You'd better, because I've got...
DOCTOR: I'm sure that the War Chief is going to cooperate. He's going to help us gain control of the war room.
WAR-CHIEF: That may not be so easy. You see, our little arrangement had been discovered, I was under arrest.
RUSSELL: Oh yes? Yes, that could be right, he did come in here under gunpoint!
WAR-CHIEF: But the personnel in the landing bay are not aware of my arrest. When the security guards return from the Time Zones you won't stand a chance. I can stop the arrival of the time-machines.
DOCTOR: I see. Very well, but first you'll take us to the war room, you're the only one who can stop the fighting in the Zones.
VILLAR: Hey, wait a minute! First we get our guns, no?
DOCTOR: No...I mean, yes. Come on Jamie, Zoe.


SECURITY-CHIEF: I want a blanket broadcast to all security guards in the War Zones: This is the Security Chief, the resistance groups are scattered over the Civil War Zone, they will be dealt with later. All security guards will now proceed to the nearest control point, there are...

(The resistance leaders rush in and grab the two guards stationed in the room.)


(Two more guards rush forward, but each collapse from a single flash from each of Villar's guns in turn.)

VILLAR: I told you, my guns best!

(The Security Chief is cowering beneath a control panel with the technician.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Emergency alarm!

(The technician reaches up and touches a control causing the wailing alert to start up again, but collapses immediately as another shot is fired. Keeping down, the Security Chief moves across the floor towards a rack of stunguns, but he is too late. The last thing he sees is the triumphant face of the War Chief, weapon in hand. Clutching his face in agony, the Security Chief dies in a swirl of energy. The War Chief swings around to see how the skirmish is going, and notices that the resistance has won. facing the muzzle Carstairs' revolver, he lowers his weapon.)

WAR-CHIEF: It's alright, it was a personal debt I had to settle.
DOCTOR: Will somebody turn off that hideous noise, I cannot think!

(Russell moves to the control console and stabs a number of buttons at random, finally the noise cuts out.)

ZOE: One thing I don't understand Doctor, is how are you going to get all these people back to their own time?
DOCTOR: Yes, I... Yes I've been thinking about that.

(He walks over to the War Chief.)

WAR-CHIEF: You realise that we have very little time now that the alarm has been sounded?
DOCTOR: Yes. Call off the fighting at once!
WAR-CHIEF: We could just go to the landing bay, order a machine and leave.
DOCTOR: You could, we can't. The fighting has to be stopped and everyone sent back to their own times!
WAR-CHIEF: Sent back, how?
DOCTOR: Well your TARDIS travel machines of course!
WAR-CHIEF: There are only two machines left with enough life in them.
DOCTOR: What? But...oh my word, well that's happened rather sooner than I expected.
RUSSELL: Doctor, does that mean that you can't do as you promised and get us all home?
DOCTOR: Oh, Well er, yes.

(He looks rather vague for a moment.)

WAR-CHIEF: You can't!
DOCTOR: I-I can still do that.
WAR-CHIEF: You can't unless...

(For the first time the War Chief's icy control begins to crack and the colour begins to drain from his face.)

WAR-CHIEF: Doctor, you mustn't call them in or it will be the end of us. They'll show no mercy!
DOCTOR: You stop the fighting!

(Russell moves in thrusting his revolver in the villains face.)

RUSSELL: Do as you're told!

(The War Chief moves down, and under the harsh gaze of Villar and the other resistance leaders, operates a control on the main console. A blanket communiqué is sent to all the leaders in the Zones.)

WAR-CHIEF: This is the War Chief to all War Zones, this is a command direct from the War Lord. All fighting will cease. I repeat, all fighting in the War Zones will cease. You will stand by for further orders.
ZOE: What did he mean Doctor? Who mustn't you call?
DOCTOR: The only people who can put an end to this whole ghastly business and send everyone back to their own times. The Time Lords.
JAMIE: Wha, who are they?
DOCTOR: They're my own people Jamie.
JAMIE: Oh, well that's alright then.
ZOE: But it isn't alright is it Doctor?
DOCTOR: No it's not Zoe, but I'm afraid that there's no alternative.

(The Doctor pulls out six yellow plastic squares from his pocket and arranges them in a pile on the floor. Then he sits down in the lotus position and meditates patiently.)

JAMIE: What's he doing?

(The War Chief struggles wildly to free himself, but his arms are pinned either side by Russell and Villar.)

WAR-CHIEF: Don't do it Doctor, you can't! You know what will happen!

(Gradually, as the Doctor concentrates on the squares, each rises up, edges moving towards edges; and as the corners seal together the squares lock themselves into the shape of a cube.)

JAMIE: Look at that!

(They all stare at the trick.)

CARSTAIRS: That's fantastic!
VILLAR: Magic!
ZOE: Doctor are you alright?
DOCTOR: Yes Zoe, I'm alright.
JAMIE: Doctor, what's that?
DOCTOR: It's a box Jamie.
JAMIE: I know, I can see that!
DOCTOR: It's a very special sort of box. It now contains all the information about what's been going on here, and an appeal for help.
JAMIE: Help? Er, who from?
ZOE: The Time Lords?

(The Doctor looks downcast.)

DOCTOR: Yes Zoe.
JAMIE: Well why haven't you ever asked them for help before?
DOCTOR: I've never needed it before Jamie, but this business of sending everyone back to their own times...well, it's too difficult for me.

(He slips the cube into his coat pocket and looks around.)

DOCTOR: Now, now come along... The War Chief!
DOCTOR: He's gone!
DOCTOR: He must be trying to get away before the Time Lords get here!
CARSTAIRS: Well what are we gonna do Doctor?
DOCTOR: We must go to the landing bay and stop him!

(They rush out of the room.)


(The War Chief rushes down the ramp and moves to the control panel. Moving a few circuit rods into position, he summons a SIDRAT which obediently sparkles into existence behind him, the door sliding invitingly open. The War Chief is cut off by a pair of guards as he rushes towards the machine. Spinning around, he finds himself face to face with the War Lord and another two guards.)

WAR-CHIEF: I thought...
WAR-CHIEF: You have arrived just in time. There has been a revolt, the prisoners have escaped. How many guards do you have?
WAR-LORD: Only the ones you see here.
WAR-CHIEF: Then we must return to the home planet to bring reinforcements.

(He moves to enter the SIDRAT, but the War Lord holds him back.)

WAR-LORD: Where is the Security Chief?
WAR-CHIEF: Prisoners have taken over the War Room, they've killed him.

(The War Lord smiles.)

WAR-LORD: You killed him, but a little too late. I heard the recording.

(The War Chief backs away towards the guards.)

WAR-CHIEF: He wanted to stop the War Games. He was a incompetent fool, jealous of my position, surely you realise that? He forged that recording you heard.

(In a single movement the War Chief leaps onto the ramp and runs up, but is cut off by another two guards who appear from the doorway.)

WAR-CHIEF: He wanted to stop the war games! He tried...
WAR-LORD: Kill him!

(The guards simultaneously open fire on the War Chief and he is consumed in the combined energy bursts, slumping and rolling down the ramp.)


(The War Chief's dying scream echoes across the corridor to the landing bay.)

CARSTAIRS: Doctor! Doctor, that came from the landing bay!
DOCTOR: Yes, but they won't be expecting us, come on!

(They rush on towards the landing bay.)


(The War Lord and the guards stand over the body.)

WAR-LORD: Remove the traitor's carcass.

(The guards obey.)

WAR-LORD: We will return to the home planet and bring back an army to quell this revolt once and for all.

(The resistance creep up stealthily from the direction of the central quadrant, remaining concealed. The element of surprise swiftly vanishes as Villar appears the top of the ramp, having gone around the back.)

VILLAR: Viva el Villar!

(He fires his guns, and the other resistance fighters leap out and begin to brawl with the guards before any of them have the chance to use their stun-guns. Jamie shoots a guard with his rifle, and knocks the stun-gun from the hands of the next one grappling with him. Villar calls down from the ramp.)

VILLAR: Out of the way, I shoot the dog!

(As another guard makes for the fallen weapon Carstairs steps on his hand, yanks him to his feet and gives him a swift right hook. Jamie's guard forces him to the floor, and is about to bash him with the butt of his own rifle when Russell grabs him from behind. Jamie leaps up and he and Russell take it in turns to slug the poor guard. Carstairs thumps another guard and throws him across the room to Russell and Jamie who each contribute a punch along the way. As Villar holds the War Lord at gunpoint, the Doctor rushes over.)

VILLAR: Leave me be, I kill him too!
DOCTOR: No-no, that won't be necessary. We'll leave him for the Time Lords to dispose of.
RUSSELL: When will they be here Doctor?
DOCTOR: I'm going to send for them now. And I want you all to stay here and wait until they come.
RUSSELL: And what are you going to do?

(The Doctor wrings his hands looking nervous.)

DOCTOR: Well I-I cannot stay here. Jamie, Zoe, this is where we say goodbye.
JAMIE: W-what are you talking about?
DOCTOR: Well the Time Lords will return you home.
ZOE: Well why can't we stay with you?
DOCTOR: Because when I send this box the Time Lords will know where I am.
JAMIE: But I thought they were your people, your-your friends..?
DOCTOR: Well yes Jamie, they-they are my people, but... Oh, it'd take too long to explain. I-I have to go!
JAMIE: Now look, if you're gonna be in trouble you'll need me to look after you!
ZOE: Me too!
DOCTOR: But you don't understand! Oh very well, but don't say I didn't warn you! Right then, we must return to the Nineteen-seventeen Zone and find the TARDIS, and make good our escape.
CARSTAIRS: Doctor, can I come back there with you? I'd... I'd rather like to try and find Lady Jennifer.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, very well.

(He sits on the floor in the lotus position again, places the cube before him and in moments it fades away. Getting up, the Doctor glances around the faces of the resistance members for the last time.)

DOCTOR: Well goodbye gentlemen, I'm sorry but I must rush.
VILLAR: You leave us?
RUSSELL: Yes, what about us?
DOCTOR: The Time Lords will return you home! Now come along.

(Arturo Villar raises his weapons again.)

VILLAR: No! No-one is going anywhere. This Doctor, he cheat us! He resc, er, we rescue him and now he leaves us here to die!
RUSSELL: Yes, it's only fair Doctor! If these Time Lords are friends of yours why don't you wait for them to arrive?
DOCTOR: But you don't understand Mr Russell! I must go, please!
VILLAR: You stay here with us, my friend.
DOCTOR: Look, I am not going to argue. Jamie, Zoe, Carstairs. Into the machine.
JAMIE: Ah but-but-but Doctor, look he's not joking you know!
DOCTOR: For once Jamie, do as you are told!
VILLAR: You move and I kill you!
DOCTOR: Then you will just have to kill me Mr Villar!
VILLAR: Well Mister Doctor, that is just what I will do!

(As the Doctor departs Russell and Carstairs grab Villar from behind to prevent him from shooting.)

VILLAR: Let me go, I kill him!

(Carstairs slips away leaving Villar to Russell, and enters the SIDRAT.)

RUSSELL: You can't shoot him in the back, he's done too much for us.
VILLAR: Ah the back, the front - what's the difference?!

(The door scrapes close and with a blasting of finely tuned temporal engines the SIDRAT vanishes.)

RUSSELL: It's too late now anyway.

(The War Lord looks over from where he is being guarded.)

WAR-LORD: Don't worry, when the Time Lords get him he'll wish you had killed him.

(All around the air has become thicker and a little more distorted as the sound of an ethereal howling begins to echo around the landing bay. The War Lord looks up.)

WAR-LORD: They're coming.


(All around the air of the Nineteen-seventeen Zone is still and perfectly silent. Carstairs, and the trio stumble down a slaggy slope.)

CARSTAIRS: Fighting's stopped.
DOCTOR: Yes, well goodbye Lieutenant.
DOCTOR: There's the TARDIS there. We-we've got to get on.

(He shakes Carstairs by the hand and rushes off.)

CARSTAIRS: Goodbye Doctor.
ZOE: Oh but Doctor, wait!

(She turns to Carstairs.)

ZOE: Goodbye!

(And scrambles after the Doctor.)

JAMIE: Oh, bye Lieutenant.

(Jamie shakes his hand and follows the others.)

JAMIE: Er...

(Jamie scrambles after the Doctor and Zoe. Carstairs waves at them with a curious expression on his face, and then fades into nothingness. Jamie, who has looked back for a moment, resumes his flight to the TARDIS with the others.)

JAMIE: Hey he-he's...

(The air has suddenly turned to treacle. Every step and word seems to string out into eternity. Their voices slur as they talk, as if they were a record being played at the wrong speed.)

DOCTOR: Come..on!

(A few yards from the TARDIS the howling force of relative time dilation descends upon them like an invisible predator. They desperately fight the turgid haze for each step closer to the sanctuary of the tall, blue box.)

DOCTOR: Come...on!
DOCTOR: Time...Lords! Try...harder! We...must...get...away!

(They stumble before the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: We...must...get...away!

(They are all feeling a greater effect from the Time Lord's power now, steadily pressing them ever increasing strength. On his hands and knees the Doctor manages to push the key into the lock of the Police Box, but even this small effort seems to have taken every ounce of strength he has. His hand slowly slips down the face of the TARDIS, his many travels ending face-down in the primitive mud-churned battlefield of an alien world.)

Episode Ten

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Arturo Villar
Michael Napier-Brown

Graham Weston

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Security Chief
James Bree

War Lord
Philip Madoc

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

Directed by
David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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