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The War Games

Episode Six

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs crouch in a dark corner and watch as a SIDRAT appears. On the ramp above the Landing Bay a squad of guards also watch, their weapons in their hands. The door to the green box scrapes open and Jamie, Russell and the resistance soldiers cautiously wander out into the Landing Bay not seeing the guards. Zoe turns to the Doctor and whispers.)

ZOE: It's an ambush!

(But they can do nothing but watch as the guards discharge their stun-guns with deadly accuracy into the unsuspecting crowd of resistance fighters. One by one they all drop, and the last to fall under the lethal onslaught is Jamie. The guards rush down the ramp.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie... Doctor we've got to help them!
DOCTOR: No there's nothing we can do!
CARSTAIRS: We must get away from here.
ZOE: But we can't. Jamie... We...
CARSTAIRS: D-do you want us all to get killed? Now go on!

(The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs scramble off as the guards drag the prisoners away.)


ZOE: Oh Doctor, what about Jamie? Have they killed him?
DOCTOR: I don't know!
CARSTAIRS: Let's go this way.
DOCTOR: No-no, this way to the processing room.
CARSTAIRS: Why do you wanna go to the processing room?
DOCTOR: Please don't ask questions, just follow me.
ZOE: Oh!


SECURITY-CHIEF: I believe that amongst this resistance group that attacked this base are people who have arrived on this planet without being brought here by us.
SCIENTIST: That's impossible!
SECURITY-CHIEF: Is it? What about that girl, Zoe. And this man the Doctor she spoke of. She said he had a space/time-travel machine.
SCIENTIST: Yes I know, but...
SECURITY-CHIEF: Have we taken humans from later than the Earth year nineteen-seventeen?
SCIENTIST: Of course not, greater technological knowledge would be dangerous.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Yet this man who tricked you had sufficient technological knowledge to understand the mental processing machinery.
SCIENTIST: Yes that's true, but how could these people get here?
SECURITY-CHIEF: The War-Chief. His people have the secret of time-travel.
SCIENTIST: Are you suggesting he's bringing in his own people - the Time Lords?
SECURITY-CHIEF: He came to us because he wanted power, perhaps there are others of his people who feel the same.
SCIENTIST: Can you prove this? If so you must tell the War-Lord immediately.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Unfortunately I have no proof. You must help me find proof. I insist.

(The scientist sighs.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: This is a matter of security.
SCIENTIST: Alright, what do you want me to do?
SECURITY-CHIEF: These resistance people. Before you reprocess them study them carefully, if you find anything unusual send the prisoner concerned to me for questioning.


(The Doctor eyes a group of guards covering the entrance to the processing room.)

DOCTOR: We've got to get in there.

(The Doctor eyes the doorway, deep in thought.)

DOCTOR: Not that room, the other side. That must've been next door... yes, come on.

(He heads off towards another room.)

CARSTAIRS: Now what's he up to?
ZOE: I've no idea, but we'd better follow. Come on.

(They move after the Doctor.)


(They enter a room containing racks and racks of uniforms. Walking through a mass of nineteen-seventeen trenchcoats, the Doctor comes to a wall and touches it delicately.)

DOCTOR: Some sort of preformed plastic wouldn't you say Zoe?
ZOE: Yes, but why are you so interested in it Doctor?
DOCTOR: Little bits of metal imbedded in it... Yes, I think these, these panels must be held together by some kind of magnetic forcefield. Now if I could, if I could reverse that field...

(He pulls out a reel of masking tape and some fine silver wire, handing the tape to Zoe.)

DOCTOR: Uh-uh... Cut me off some pieces of tape will you please, Zoe?
ZOE: Oh yes.

(Zoe and Carstairs deliver the Doctor pieces of tape, and he begins to stick the wire to the wall panel.)

DOCTOR: One there, that's good. And one just there.


(All around the room the resistance fighters are still unconscious. The Scientist probes the mind of the nearest one with the truth machine. He sees through the mans head to a whirling mass of brain tissue, satisfied the Scientist turns off the machine.)

SCIENTIST: Alright, take him away.

(Guards move the resistance member.)


(The Doctor has taped an intricate pattern of wires all along the face of the wall panel.)

CARSTAIRS: Doctor what on Earth are you doing?
DOCTOR: Well there's no secret boy, it's simply a case of reversing the magnetic field. Uh...

(He looks around.)

ZOE: Doctor, why don't you use your sonic screwdriver as a power source?
DOCTOR: What a good idea, yes.

(He pulls his screwdriver out of his pocket.)

ZOE: There's just one thing though...
ZOE: All these panels are interlinked.
DOCTOR: Yes, well?
ZOE: Well if you take one away what's to stop all the others falling down like a pack of cards?
DOCTOR: Well we'll just have to take that risk won't we? Now then, stand well clear...

(They all stand back and the Doctor activates the screwdriver linked to the wire lash-up. The panel begins to glow for a moment, then the Doctor turns off the power and pockets his screwdriver. Cautiously they approach the panel.)

CARSTAIRS: Nothing's happened.
DOCTOR: Watch.

(The Doctor pulls the panel and it comes away in his hand. They peer through a slim gap into the processing room.)


(Jamie is being examined by the Scientist.)


ZOE: It's Jamie! He's alive!
DOCTOR: I hoped he would be.
ZOE: Oh but how? They shot him down!
DOCTOR: Well the guns they use can be adjusted, I think he was just stunned.


(The Scientist examines Jamie's head with the truth-machine and notices that his brain patterns are orderly block-like instead of all scrambled like the other resistance member.)

SCIENTIST: He was right! Take this prisoner to the Security-Chief for questioning.

(The guards take Jamie away.)


ZOE: Doctor, why are they taking him away?
DOCTOR: I think they've possibly discovered that he was never processed.
CARSTAIRS: We'd better get him out of there then.
DOCTOR: No-no, wait...


(There is a short bleep and the War-Chief appears in the doorway.)

WAR-CHIEF: Have you started the reprocessing yet?
SCIENTIST: No, I've just been carrying out the preliminary examinations.
WAR-CHIEF: Why? Why not just reprocess them?
SCIENTIST: I... Well, these people have shown considerable courage and enterprise, they may make future leaders.
WAR-CHIEF: Where is this prisoner being taken?
SCIENTIST: Oh, the Security-Chief, he wants to question one of them before reprocessing.
WAR-CHIEF: Really? Why this one in particular?
SCIENTIST: Oh, he just seemed the most suitable.
WAR-CHIEF: For what reason?
WAR-CHIEF: For what reason?!
SCIENTIST: His er, brain patterns are different.
WAR-CHIEF: Different how?
SCIENTIST: Well, he appears not to have been processed before...
WAR-CHIEF: Really? How interesting. Alright carry on.

(The guards remove Jamie.)

WAR-CHIEF: But in future inform me of all such unusual developments.

(The War-Chief leaves and the Scientist sighs to himself.)

SCIENTIST: Prepare the reprocessing machine, we shall begin with this one.

(He moves over to Russell.)


ZOE: Oh Doctor we're too late, where've they taken him?
DOCTOR: I don't know...but don't worry, at least we know that he's alive. We've got to get in there. Uh, Lieutenant.

(The Doctor gestures to the Carstairs.)

CARSTAIRS: Right sir.


(Carstairs nips out and grabs the scientist's assistant, dragging him soundlessly back through the hole in the wall. The Doctor creeps up behind the Scientist who is absorbed in his work on the machine.)

DOCTOR: I think you'll find that bit goes there.

(He plucks a block from the man's hand and adds it to the board.)

SCIENTIST: Ah thank you!

(The Scientist turns to see the Doctor smiling at him.)


(The nervous young figure of Private Moor stands on guard over Von-Weich whose hands are tied.)

VON-WEICH: How long do you intend keeping me here?
MOOR: Until...they come back.
VON-WEICH: And supposing they don't come back?

(As Moor looks around nervously Von-Weich gets up, but before he can get anywhere Moor's rifle is pointed at his chest again.)

VON-WEICH: I'd like some water.
MOOR: Alright, si'down.

(Von-Weich sits again and Moor moves over to a canteen and turns to pick it up, then spins around with his rifle catching Von-Weich trying to escape.)

MOOR: Stop!

(He motions Von-Weich down again with his rifle.)

MOOR: Try that again and I'll kill you!

(He tosses the canteen to Von-Weich.)


(The Security-Chief is interrogating Jamie with the truth-machine.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: But who sent you here?
JAMIE: Nobody sent us, I came with the Doctor.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Why did he decide to come to this planet?
JAMIE: He didn't i-it was an accident.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Accident? Explain.
JAMIE: It's the TARDIS you see, he can't control it. We just arrived here.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Was the Doctor summoned here by one of us?
JAMIE: No, we just arrived.

(The door to the Security room glides open and the War-Chief strides in with a guard.)

WAR-CHIEF: Don't let me interrupt you.

(The Security-Chief takes off the truth-machine.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: The questioning is over.
WAR-CHIEF: What have you learnt?
SECURITY-CHIEF: Nothing of importance.
WAR-CHIEF: Really? Will you be questioning the others?
SECURITY-CHIEF: They are all from the same resistance group, they will all tell the same story.
WAR-CHIEF: But this one is different, surely.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Why should he be?
WAR-CHIEF: This one hasn't been processed before has he?
SECURITY-CHIEF: It's possible.
WAR-CHIEF: It's a fact! Why was I not informed?
SECURITY-CHIEF: This is a matter of security. Security is my responsibility as you often remind me!
WAR-CHIEF: Your first responsibility is to me!
SECURITY-CHIEF: No! My first responsibility is to the War-Lord and to my people!
WAR-CHIEF: You don't trust me. But if you question my loyalty tell the War-Lord, but I warn you be absolutely sure of your suspicions because if you accuse me without proof, I shall crush you!


(The Doctor is attempting to revive the resistance members with a phial of smelling salts.)

CARSTAIRS: Can't you hurry it up?
RUSSELL: What happened, where am I?
DOCTOR: It's alright you're quite safe.
CARSTAIRS: Who are you?
DOCTOR: We're your friends.
CARSTAIRS: You'll have to hurry it up Doctor.
RUSSELL: Doctor? You must be the one that Jamie was talking about. Where is he?
DOCTOR: Well I'm-I'm afraid that they've taken him away, now up you get.

(He helps Russell to his feet.)

CARSTAIRS: Doctor we're wasting time.

(A guard walks around the corner with his weapon raised and Carstairs is forced to shoot him.)

CARSTAIRS: Come on Doctor let's get out of here!
DOCTOR: Quickly through the gap in the wall here, Zoe help him.

(He rushes to the processing machine and attempts to remove it from its stand.)

CARSTAIRS: Come on Doctor.
DOCTOR: I'll be a minute.

(Another guard rushes over to his fallen comrade, and ducks away as Carstairs fires a warning shot. The Doctor is still struggling to unscrew the processing machine.)

CARSTAIRS: Come on Doctor!
DOCTOR: Just a minute!
CARSTAIRS: No now! We'll all..or we'll all be caught! Come on.

(They get through the panel and replaces just as the guards begin to mass outside the processing room.)


RUSSELL: What is this place?
DOCTOR: Ah, well it's the headquarters of the people who are running this whole disgraceful business.

(Russell fills his gun with bullets.)

RUSSELL: Just the people I want to get my hands on!
DOCTOR: Yes, it's not quite as simple as that, there are rather a lot of them.
RUSSELL: I don't care how many of them there are!
DOCTOR: They have rather sophisticated weapons, you wouldn't stand a chance.
RUSSELL: Oh. So what do we do now?
DOCTOR: We've got to return to the time-zones and organise the resistance into one big army!
RUSSELL: If you can find them, they're spread all over the place. I've been trying to link them up myself, but it's finding them and you don't know who you can trust.
DOCTOR: Ah yes, we do now. My friend Zoe has ah, memorised an entire list of the resistance, ah, and their whereabouts.
ZOE: Yes, I memorised the files when I was in the security room.
DOCTOR: Now I must get you back to the landing bay.
CARSTAIRS: Those guards'll be all over the place.
DOCTOR: Yes...yes, what we need is some kind of disguise...

(He looks around.)


(Moor is still suspiciously covering Von-Weich.)

VON-WEICH: British Private aren't you? Nineteenth century.
MOOR: You can see that can't you!

(Von-Weich stands.)

VON-WEICH: Oh would you mind reaching my monocle for me? It's in my pocket there.

(Moor obliges him, and Von-Weich places it in his eye and engages Moor with a terrifying hypno-stare.)

VON-WEICH: Thank you.
MOOR: Now sit down again.
VON-WEICH: Don't you talk to me like that I'm a British Officer!
MOOR: No you're not, you're my prisoner!
VON-WEICH: I'm not your prisoner Moor, I'm your commanding Officer.
MOOR: I'm not, I'm not in the army. The resistance I'm in!
VON-WEICH: You're in the British army Private Moor, the year is eighteen seventy-one.

(As Von-Weich's words echo in his brain Moor begins to gape, as if he's not sure what to believe.)

VON-WEICH: You're in the British army Moor, and I am your commanding Officer. Now untie me!


(Guards cover the entrance to the processing room as The War-Chief joins the Security-Chief.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: They are in here, trapped.

(He nods to the guards.)


(The guards rush in, weapons raised.)


(The Security-Chief and the War-Chief follow and find the room curiously empty.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: They were seen in here by my men.
WAR-CHIEF: Where are they now, vanished into thin air?
SECURITY-CHIEF: There is only one way they could have escaped - by use of a space/time machine!

(The War-Chief moves across the room and examines the walls.)

WAR-CHIEF: I'm sorry to crush your wild theories.

(He pushes the panel and it falls with a clatter.)

WAR-CHIEF: There's your space/time machine!

(The Security-Chief turns to the guards.)

WAR-CHIEF: You're too late for that! By now they will be on their way to the landing bay now I should imagine. Try and get there before them.

(The guards file out.)


(Jamie looks up and sees a gas masked figure in a trenchcoat looming over him. He is still a little muzzy from the truth machine.)


(The figure pulls off the mask.)

DOCTOR: It's alright Jamie, it's me.
JAMIE: Oh...oh.
DOCTOR: Now come on, we're going to put on this great-coat.
JAMIE: W-w-where's Zoe, what-what's happened?
DOCTOR: She's waiting outside, now come along.

(Jamie doesn't resist as he is helped into a trenchcoat, and they rush out of the room.)


DOCTOR: All in by twos. Come along, there's no time to be lost. Right is everybody ready? Quick march!

(They all march towards the landing bay.)


(A technician is sitting working at the main board when he is grabbed from behind. The Doctor moves to the control board.)

ZOE: Are you sure you can work the controls Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, I-I think I can. Now let me see...
ZOE: More guards!
DOCTOR: Oh my goodness!

(As a number of guards rush towards them the Doctor manipulates the controls. A pulsing forcefield sets up, but it is not quick enough to prevent two of the guards from getting through.)

DOCTOR: There that should stop them!

(He looks a little worried as the two guards that got through run towards them, but Jamie, Russell and Carstairs begin to tussle with them before they can use their weapons. The Doctor claps excitedly and returns his attention to the control board.)

DOCTOR: Now we preset it for the nineteen-seventeen zone, and off we go!
ZOE: Doctor, how did you do it so easily?
DOCTOR: It's not very difficult Zoe, now the doors...

(He manipulates the controls and the door to the nearest SIDRAT scrapes open.)

DOCTOR: Come along, don't be afraid, you've gone before.
CARSTAIRS: After you Doctor?
DOCTOR: No-no, I-I-I-I shall follow on in a moment.
ZOE: D'you mean you're staying here?
DOCTOR: No, but I must get the processing machine!
JAMIE: Aye, if you're staying, I'd better stay too!
CARSTAIRS: Ah, you can count on me then, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Oh very well. Go on Zoe, off you you go. We'll follow on in a few minutes, good luck.

(He manipulates the controls and the SIDRAT vanishes with a warm sparkling sound.)

CARSTAIRS: What are you going to do about those guards Doctor?
DOCTOR: We're going to let them in.

(He moves the controls again and the forcefields vanish. The guards rush into the landing bay, but looking round they find it empty. Reasoning that the quarry has left in the SIDRAT, they move off up the ramp. When they are gone, the Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs peep out from behind the main panel.)


VON-WEICH: You understand now Moor? I am your commanding Officer.
MOOR: You... You are my commanding Officer, yes sir.
VON-WEICH: Good. Now Moor, give me your gun.

(Moor looks a little uncertain. With a sparkling of materialisation the SIDRAT appears, the door scrapes open and Russell, Zoe and a soldier disembark.)

VON-WEICH: Moor shoot them, that's an order!

(Moor raises his rifle and aims, but doesn't fire. The Soldier bundles Zoe back into the SIDRAT.)

SOLDIER: Back in 'ere quick.

(Russell walks forward.)

RUSSELL: Moor? Moor it's me, Russell.
VON-WEICH: Private Moor, shoot him!
RUSSELL: Don't take any notice of him, you're one of us, one of the resistance, remember?
MOOR: Resistance? No, I'm in the army. Oh-oh-two-three-nine Moor! Private Moor!
VON-WEICH: Shoot him!

(Having reached a close enough distance, Russell takes advantage of Moor's confusions and pulls the rifle away from him. They fight amongst themselves, but Russell is far the superior and it isn't long before he has knocked the Private out, throwing the Moor across the barn, his head colliding with a beam.)


(Von-Weich has picked up a revolver dropped by Moor in the struggle and is pointing it at Russell.)

VON-WEICH: You come one step nearer you'll die!

(He does as he is told.)

VON-WEICH: Good! Now you're both coming back with me. Get inside the machine.
RUSSELL: No, you'll have to shoot me first.
VON-WEICH: Very well, if you prefer to die that's your affair!

(He raises the handgun and aims it at Russell. There is a shot. Von-Weich doubles up, then collapses. Moor has recovered and shot Von-Weich with his rifle. Moor stares at the corpse and Russell walks over to him.)

MOOR: I-I had to shoot him didn't I?
RUSSELL: Thank goodness you did lad.
MOOR: I'm not sure what happened.
RUSSELL: You've just saved our lives, that's what 'appened.


(With Carstairs on guard at the doorway, the Doctor hurries to remove the processing machine from the stand with Jamie by his side.)


WAR-CHIEF: So you have lost them. They have got away.
SECURITY-CHIEF: One of them knew how to operate our space/time machines.
WAR-CHIEF: Are you blaming me for that?
SECURITY-CHIEF: You knew they would head for the landing bay. You knew one of them could operate our machines.
WAR-CHIEF: Well of course, that is after all how they got here. Logic seems to be your weakpoint. Do something about this resistance group before the War-Lord arrives.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Wherever they are I shall find them.


(Jamie places a knapsack large enough for the processing machine before the Doctor.)

JAMIE: Is this alright Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes Jamie, that's splendid.

(He slips the machine off the stand and into the bag.)

DOCTOR: There we are. That's it, right off we go.

(He spots something and pauses, handing the bag to Jamie he picks up a handful of glass objects.)

DOCTOR: Just a minute... Hold that.
JAMIE: Now what?
CARSTAIRS: What are those Doctor?
DOCTOR: They're gas-filled valves. Come on!

(They exit the processing room without looking back. In the shadows behind them the scientist lurks, and as they move off he slips into the processing room looking around.)


(The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs rush along towards the landing bay.)


(They arrive to a bay full of guards. The Doctor throws one of his gas filled valves to the floor, filling the chamber with smoke. While the scientists are incapacitated, the Doctor moves the controls on the board. The gas-masked trio slip through the fuggy air and inside a SIDRAT.)


JAMIE: Will we get away alright?
DOCTOR: Yes I hope so Jamie.

(The Doctor smiles at the sound of materialisation.)

DOCTOR: There we go.

(But as he listens the sound cuts out.)

DOCTOR: But... They must have stopped it from the outside!
JAMIE: W-well can they get in the doors?

(The Doctor moves a few shapes in the miniature control board.)

DOCTOR: No, not now I've set the emergency lock.
JAMIE: W-w-will we get away alright?
DOCTOR: Yes, it's only a question of overriding the master control, now it's a slightly different design to the TARDIS...

(A familiar voice pipes through the SIDRAT's communication systems.)

SECURITY-CHIEF OOV: Open the doors and surrender, you are trapped!


SECURITY-CHIEF: There is no chance of escape! Surrender and we will spare your lives!

(Outside the SIDRAT two guards have their weapons aimed at the door.)


CARSTAIRS: What are you going to do Doctor?
DOCTOR: Now don't worry, these things are impregnable against outside attack.
JAMIE: Ah, you mean like the TARDIS?
SECURITY-CHIEF OOV: This is your last chance, surrender now!


WAR-CHIEF: How do you propose to get them out?
SECURITY-CHIEF: We will wait, they will come out.
WAR-CHIEF: No, we won't wait. We'll force them out!

(He moves to the control panel and shoves the technician sitting the aside.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: What do you intend to do?
WAR-CHIEF: Activate the dimensional control.

(He moves a shape on the board downwards.)


(There is a curious sound in the SIDRAT, but no-one notices it at first.)

JAMIE: Are we doing alright Doctor?
DOCTOR: Very nicely Jamie. Now don't worry, nothing can happen to us in here!
CARSTAIRS: Am I seeing things? The walls! Look!
JAMIE: And the ceiling too!
DOCTOR: Oh no! Argh! Everybody get down! Argh! Oh oh argh!

(They are all forced to the ground as the SIDRAT interior shrinks down further and further.)


WAR-CHIEF: You must surrender Doctor, or you will all be crushed to death! You have thirty seconds to decide.

(He moves the shape on the board down a little more.)


WAR-CHIEF OOV: Thirty seconds...

(The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs can do nothing as the ceiling and walls continue to push in on them.)

Episode Seven

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Wendy Padbury

Frazer Hines

Security Chief
James Bree

Vernon Dobtcheff

Graham Weston

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Von Weich
David Garfield

David Troughton

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

Directed by
David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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