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The War Games

Episode Five

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(Lieutenant Carstairs is pointing his gun squarely at Zoe's chest with an impassive, sightless look on his face.)

ZOE: Well what are you doing? It's me, Zoe!
CARSTAIRS: You're a spy...German...spy. It's my duty to shoot you.

(Carstairs grips the sensitive trigger of his revolver and with a metallic clicking the barrel moves towards a fresh bullet, the hammer beginning to draw back...)

SCIENTIST: Carstairs!

(The Scientist has appeared behind Carstairs with a squad of guards, evil-looking stun-guns slung over their shoulders.)

SCIENTIST: Well done Lieutenant you've captured a dangerous spy!
CARSTAIRS: Yes...and this time she won't escape.
SCIENTIST: Lieutenant we mustn't kill her.
CARSTAIRS: She's a spy, she must die. She...must...

(Carstairs relaxes his grip on his weapon.)

SCIENTIST: Lieutenant Carstairs, I am your superior officer, you will obey my commands.

(Carstairs lowers his weapon and stands to attention.)

CARSTAIRS: Yes sir. Prisoner delivered sir.
SCIENTIST: Take her away - security section.

(The guards take Zoe and march her away.)

SCIENTIST: Now Lieutenant, we have work to do. Come with me.

(He leads Carstairs away in the opposite direction)


(Von-Weich is standing in the barn with a gun at his chest held by a member of the resistance. Jamie and Lady Jennifer turn from where they are sitting on two bales of hay.)

JAMIE: You realise we have saved your life?

(Von-Weich remains stoically silent.)

BUCKINGHAM: I don't think he's going to be grateful. We're lucky they didn't kill all three of us.

(Jamie sees Harper walk by and calls out to him.)

JAMIE: Look, how long are we gonna be kept here?
HARPER: Until Russell arrives - he'll decide what to do with you!
JAMIE: Well who's Russell?
HARPER: He's our Captain, he'll be along.

(Harper walks over to Von-Weich.)

HARPER: Where is it?

(He grabs the officer by the scruff of his neck.)

HARPER: Are you gonna tell me where that tunnel is?!
BUCKINGHAM: What tunnel?
HARPER: Look we've been watching this place, it's where the recruits keep coming from.
BUCKINGHAM: But what makes you think there's a tunnel?
HARPER: Come on we've seen the recruits come out of here.
JAMIE: Look, there's no tunnel! They come out of a big green box, a-a sort of machine!
HARPER: A what? Machine?

(He glances at Jennifer.)

HARPER: Look is he crazy or somethin'?
BUCKINGHAM: I know it's difficult to believe, but it is true - I've seen it myself.
HARPER: Oh come on, quit kidding about huh? We've got to find that tunnel.
JAMIE: But even if you do find out how the troops get here, what good is it going to do you?
HARPER: Maybe we can get out of here back to where we came from!
BUCKINGHAM: Where do you think you are?
HARPER: Look I don't know, all I know is I was brought here and I wanna find my way out, right?!

(Spencer, an old weasly-looking redcoat with a beard and a Yorkshire accent strolls in and fiddles with his rifle for a moment. He looks spitefully at Harper.)

SPENCER: You found your tunnel yet?
HARPER: Oh we're still lookin'.
SPENCER: The supplies are loaded, let's get out of here.
HARPER: Not until we find that tunnel!
SPENCER: There's no tunnel! We've got the supplies, let's go.

(Spencer turns and aims his rifle at Von-Weich.)

HARPER: Hey do you think you are doing?
SPENCER: We can't afford to take prisoners!

(Not wanting to let Spencer get the upper hand, Harper grabs the rifle and struggles with him.)

HARPER: Oh no you don't!

(Harper forces the redcoat down to the floor, the rifle clattering away. Spencer tries to pick up the rifle, but Harper steps on his hand. Spencer counters by butting him in the stomach and punching Harper. While they are fighting there is a moment where Spencer gets the rifle back and almost shoots Harper, but a member of the resistance who are watching the fight in amusement, pulls it away. While the resistance fighters are watching the tussle on the floor, Jamie silently mouths "Now! Come on!..." to Lady Jennifer, and they tiptoe out towards the door... Before they can escape a stocky Boer War soldier strides in cutting off the escape. The soldier withdraws a revolver from his holster and fires two shots into the air causing everyone on the barn to stop what they are doing and look. With a stern expression he rushes towards Harper and Spencer who are kneeling on the floor glaring at each other.)

RUSSELL: Get up.

(They don't move, so the soldier yanks them up by their collars.)

RUSSELL: UP! You're just like a couple of kids aren't ya? I leave you alone and you start fighting amongst yourselves!
SPENCER: He started it, you ask any of 'em!
HARPER: We were taking prisoners, he wanted to shoot 'em!

(Spencer rushes at Harper with a growl, but Russell yanks him back again and holds him by the scruff of his neck.)

RUSSELL: Alright Alright! Spencer, take those stores over to our HQ.

(Knowing when his is beaten Spencer grumpily obeys and leaves, Russell prods at Harper.)

RUSSELL: You ought to know better Harper.
HARPER: He wanted to shoot him, I couldn't let him!

(Jamie creeps up behind Von-Weich who has silently wandered towards the back of the barn and grabs him.)

JAMIE: Look at that! Now do you believe us?

(As Jamie pulls Von-Weich back, a secret panel in the wooden wall of the barn falls open. Within the space are the controls and screen of a video link...)


(A guard leads Zoe through a door into the Security Room, the two sections of the door gliding down and sliding left to close. She is pushed into a white formica bucket seat. The room is weird sixties pulp-sci-fi decor to the very extreme, with more than a touch of Wonkaland to it. The wall and door Zoe was led through floor is decorated in a mass of concentric circles spilling out over the floor. To the sides of the room, the edges of the ceiling and floor have curious diagonal panels which are studded with rows of curious metallic bristles. Towards the back is a railed-off, raised upper level in which there are more bristling panels, and a large black chair, upon which is sat an odd piece of apparatus.)

ZOE: Oh what's gonna happen? What are you gonna to do to me?

(The guard remains silent.)

ZOE: Well you might answer me!

(The Security Chief strides towards the rail and looks down. He is a sinister man with round glasses and a nasal voice.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: You are the one who will answer the questions.
ZOE: Who are you? I won't tell you anything!

(The Security Chief picks up the apparatus, a truth-machine which is shaped like a strange kind of helmet, from the chair and descends a set of steps. He places the machine on his head and pulls down the a hinged visor in front of his eyes. He adjusts the power with a knob at the side and a light beams from the end transfixing Zoe.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: What is you name? My name is...
ZOE: Zoe Herriot.
SECURITY-CHIEF: To which resistance group do you belong? When did you join the resistance?
ZOE: I did not join the resistance
SECURITY-CHIEF: I joined the resistance

(Zoe looks confused.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: What time do you come from?
ZOE: The twenty-first century.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Impossible, there is no twenty-first century Time Zone. I was born in...
ZOE: I was born in the twenty-first century.

(He turns up power and Zoe begins to show signs of strain.)

ZOE: Ooh!
SECURITY-CHIEF: I was born in...
ZOE: I was born in the twenty-first century.
SECURITY-CHIEF: You were first reported in the nineteen-seventeen Time Zone.
ZOE: Yes.
SECURITY-CHIEF: How did you get there?
ZOE: I arrived in the TARDIS.
SECURITY-CHIEF: TARDIS? What does that mean?
ZOE: Time and relative dimensions in space. It's a space ship.
SECURITY-CHIEF: You have a space ship?
ZOE: The ship belongs to the Doctor.
SECURITY-CHIEF: I'm going to show you some photographs. You will identify anyone know to you, particularly this doctor!

(A series of images is superimposed over Zoe's face.)


(The Doctor bumbles into the room from the central quadrant without looking where he is going. The processing room is small and doorless. One wall seems to be decorated by some kind of slides, the other wall is made from panels each with a filigree metal pattern. To the rear is a collection of large inflated balls.)

SCIENTIST: What are you doing in here?

(The Doctor turns to see the Scientist.)

DOCTOR: Ah hah-ha yes, I was so interested in your demonstration I-I felt I had to come along and see how you were getting along.
SCIENTIST: But you... There's a security alarm out for you!
DOCTOR: Really...why?
SCIENTIST: The War-Chief, he pointed you out.
DOCTOR: Oh no-no-no. Not me, the girl!
SCIENTIST: Then why did you run?
DOCTOR: Ehm...Well I was, I was trying to catch her of course! Has she been caught?
SCIENTIST: Yes. I sent her to the security section for questioning.
DOCTOR: Oh good. How're you getting on with him?
SCIENTIST: I was just about to reprocess him.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, this is interesting. I think you'll find that bit goes just there.

(He places a magnetic block onto the control panel.)

DOCTOR: Erm, will there be enough of these advanced models ready for our major plan?
SCIENTIST: If I knew the precise timing of the plan that would be easier to answer.
DOCTOR: Oh but surely you must know, in your position...
SCIENTIST: Yes of course, just as you do. But only the War-Chief knows the timing. Now really, I am very busy...
DOCTOR: Oh I...I would consider it a great honour if I could simply stand and watch.
SCIENTIST: Oh very well.
DOCTOR: Thank you. Haha! What are we doing now?
SCIENTIST: I am about to de-process him just as you suggested at my lecture.
DOCTOR: Oh I see yes, this is intriguing... Ah-ah... Will he remember everything when he wakes up?
SCIENTIST: Yes, he'll remember everything. Uh, would you strap him down please? As soon as the de-processing has completed everything will return to normal.
DOCTOR: Oh...oh, yes. Certainly.

(He pretends to tie Carstairs down. The bleeping of the machine reaches a peak then dies away as the Scientist turns off the machine.)

DOCTOR: There we are! Is the de-processing complete?
CARSTAIRS: Oh where am I?

(Looks around and then sighs reassuredly.)

CARSTAIRS: Oh, Doctor!
SCIENTIST: You, he recognises you! You're one of...

(He chases the Doctor around the couch that Carstairs is lying on.)

DOCTOR: Oh no, please argh...hurt him...get it off...

(Carstairs springs up and grabs the Scientist.)

DOCTOR: No, don't hurt him...put him on there. In the machine quick!

(As Carstairs holds the Scientist onto the chair, the Doctor clamps the processing-machine around his head and turns on the power. The Scientist convulses under the power of the machine.)

DOCTOR: Haha! Hoist with his own petard! Come along Lieutenant!

(Carstairs stands by the machine looking a little dazed.)

DOCTOR: Lieutenant?
CARSTAIRS: Doctor where are we?
DOCTOR: What? Well what do you remember?
CARSTAIRS: Well I remember you and Lady Jennifer... And I was captured wasn't I?
DOCTOR: Yes that's right, unfortunately. And brought here, to the aliens war centre and brainwashed again, but you're alright now.
DOCTOR: I'll explain as we go along, we must find Zoe.

(They both leave, then the Doctor slinks back to where the machine is still busily processing the Scientist. He turns down the power a bit and feels the Scientist's forehead.)

DOCTOR: Oh...oh. Better leave him on simmer.

(He dashes out after Carstairs.)


(Russell glances at the video link.)

RUSSELL: You expect me to believe all this?
JAMIE: Yes! They use that thing to talk to each other!

(Russell reaches towards the video link.)

JAMIE: Ah d-don't touch it!
BUCKINGHAM: It works like a telephone.
RUSSELL: And you say that something appears in the middle of the barn and hundreds of men get out of it; a box?
JAMIE: Aye, we've both seen it!

(Von-Weich breaks free from Jamie's grasp and presses a control, Jamie rushes up and grabs him again.)

RUSSELL: What's that noise?
JAMIE: Don't know.

(Von-Weich leers.)

VON-WEICH: You'll find out soon enough!


(A technician sits at a control panel.)

TECHNICIAN: This is Central Control, what is your emergency? This is Central Control, what is your emergency?


(The War-Chief glares coldly at the Security-Chief.)

WAR-CHIEF: Did she identify her friends?
SECURITY-CHIEF: No, they are not on our files of resistance people.
WAR-CHIEF: Then they must be a small independent group.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Yes, five of them. First reported in the nineteen-seventeen Time Zone. One has been caught and is being reprocessed, two believed to be still at large in the American Civil War Zone.
WAR-CHIEF: And one still at large in this control.
SECURITY-CHIEF: He will be caught!
WAR-CHIEF: He's evaded your security guards so far, perhaps he will continue to do so?

(He grabs Zoe's head in his hands and snaps it up so he can see her face clearly.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: From which time does she originate?
WAR-CHIEF: She was a nurse like the other girl. Nineteen-Seventeen.
SECURITY-CHIEF: And the man?
WAR-CHIEF: The same, nineteen-Seventeen.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Why did they come here?
WAR-CHIEF: They had some confused idea they were getting home.
SECURITY-CHIEF: She told you nothing else? Everything quite straightforward?
WAR-CHIEF: Yes. The normal pattern of resistance activity - did you expect something else?

(The Technician dashes into the room and stands to attention.)

TECHNICIAN: Emergency call from the American Civil War Zone sir.
WAR-CHIEF: What's wrong?
TECHNICIAN: The signal was activated, but there was no message, no contact at all.
WAR-CHIEF: Alright, I'll deal with it.

(Turns to the Security Chief.)

WAR-CHIEF: Come with me.
SECURITY-CHIEF: But the girl!
WAR-CHIEF: She can wait.


(The War-Chief strides out of the Security Room and away. The Doctor cautiously moves through a keyhole-shaped arch into the area, Carstairs beside him, and points.)

DOCTOR: That must be the Security Room.

(They flatten themselves against the wall as the Security-Chief follows the War-Chief, starchily looking forwards.)


(The Doctor creeps into the room, past a guard and over to Zoe.)

DOCTOR: Zoe, what have they done to you?

(The guard covers the Doctor with his weapon.)

DOCTOR: Don't you point that thing at me!

(He walks to the side of the room, the guard turning to keep him covered with the weapon.)

DOCTOR: You ought to be ashamed of yourself treating a poor girl like...

(Carstairs pulls out his gun and pistol whips the guard into unconsciousness from behind.)

DOCTOR: Oh well Done.

(The Doctor pulls out a phial of smelling salts and wafts it under Zoe's nose. Gradually she comes to.)

DOCTOR: There we are, now are you feeling better?
ZOE: Oh my head! What happened?
DOCTOR: That's was just the question I was going to ask you - what did happen?
ZOE: They questioned me. Someone came in, put on that strange headset and questioned me.
DOCTOR: Well let's have a look.

(He fetches the truth-machine.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes, it's a very interesting little gadget.
ZOE: I saw pictures of people.
DOCTOR: Really? Oh, well let's try it shall we?

(He places the machine on his head.)

DOCTOR: Now then... Where does this switch...oh yeah, oh...with a slight a adjustment...

(With a twiddling of the knob an image is superimposed that alternates from Russell to Harper.)

DOCTOR: There we are, yes. What questions did they ask you about these people, Zoe?
ZOE: He was talking about the resistance. At first he seemed to think I was one of them.
DOCTOR: Ah yes, the resistance, of course. Yes...

(He adjusts the machine a bit more and different images spring forth.)

DOCTOR: That's the American Civil War...the nineteen-fourteen/eighteen war, yes it's all recorded here. Scattered groups of resistance. Now if we could organise...

(The Doctor replaces the truth-machine where he found it.)

DOCTOR: Zoe, could you remember all the details of the resistance members from that thing? Names, faces, Time Zones and so on?
ZOE: Yes, of course I can.
DOCTOR: Good. Then we can return to the Time Zones and organise the resistance groups into one big army! That way they'd have a better chance.
CARSTAIRS: But how do we get back?
DOCTOR: Well that's simple - the way we came! Come on.
ZOE: Oh Doctor, are you sure?

(They all exit.)


(The War-Chief and the Security-Chief have returned with the technician to his post.)

TECHNICIAN: Still no message sir, just the emergency signal.
WAR-CHIEF: Well? This is your sphere of responsibility.

(He walks away.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Arrange transportation for guards.
TECHNICIAN: Central control to Landing Bay, transportation required for security guards.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Security squad to report to the Landing Bay immediately. Proceed to American Civil War Zone to investigate the reported emergency.


(The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs are walking from the Security room when the squalling alert siren sounds, they rush towards the Landing Bay at an increased pace. Behind them marches a squad of guards, but they turn towards the right and walk away. The Doctor and co. creep back, and he peeks after the guards.)

ZOE: What was all that about?
DOCTOR: I dunno, but they're going to the Landing Bay. Come on.


(The Guards walk down the ramp and arrange themselves in a line. The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs watch from the shadows as a SIDRAT appears.)


(Harper walks through the doorway and over to Russell.)

HARPER: I've posted sentries all around. If they should send in any troops our outposts will warn us.
BUCKINGHAM: What if they come in one of those things the Doctor went off in?
JAMIE: Aye, that's what they'll do! That way they can attack us from inside!
RUSSELL: They've got to get inside first!
JAMIE: No you don't understand...

(There is a sound of materialisation.)

JAMIE: Quick, hide! In here Lady Jennifer.

(They all scramble for cover as a SIDRAT fades into view. The door scrapes open and two black rubber guards step out, weapons held high, and make for the door. Harper runs from cover and tries to attack them, but they swing around fire their stun-guns at him in unison. Harper is momentarily held up by the terrific rippling force of energy swirling around his body, then as the guards cease firing he slumps to the floor, dead. The rest of the resistance fighters descend on the guards and hold them, removing their weapons.)

RUSSELL: Well er...

(One of the guards is still struggling.)

SOLDIER: Grr..'old it there!
JAMIE: Well we dealt with those alright didn't we?

(Grabbing one of the guards stun-guns, Russell rushes to Harper's body and examines it.)

RUSSELL: There's not a mark on 'im! But he's dead.

(He tinkers with the weapon.)

RUSSELL: But what are these things, how do they work?

(The end of the stun-gun swings round in Jamie's direction as Russell absent-mindedly plays with it.)

JAMIE: Hey, careful!
RUSSELL: They don't work.
JAMIE: Aye, well you probably have to do something very special with them.

(Russell stands up, his revolver in his right hand and touches the side of the SIDRAT with the other.)

RUSSELL: Your green box machine.
JAMIE: Aye! this is just what we need.


SECURITY-CHIEF: This emergency call could be resistance activity. There is a large group operating in the American Civil War Zone.
WAR-CHIEF: There seem to be large groups operating in most Zones, and now they're even infiltrating here.
SECURITY-CHIEF: Only two of them and one of those has already been caught.
WAR-CHIEF: Had I not pointed them out you wouldn't have even known they were here!
SECURITY-CHIEF: Yes, that has been puzzling me. Just how did you recognise them?
WAR-CHIEF: You dare cross-question me?! The security of this entire venture is being threatened by your incompetence, you will find this intruder!
SECURITY-CHIEF: The whole base is being searched, it is only a matter of time. If the mental processing were fully effective...

(The War-Chief smiles coldly.)

WAR-CHIEF: There would be no need for security. When I came to your people I was promised efficiency and cooperation. Without the knowledge I have, this complete venture would have been impossible!
SECURITY-CHIEF: We have given you every facility. If you have complaints I suggest you take them to the War-Lord!
WAR-CHIEF: I intend to do so! And now I suggest you finish the interrogation of that girl before she escapes as well!

(The War-Chief strides out of the room leaving the Security-Chief standing on his own. Silently he crushes one of the tiny model soldiers in his hand)


(The Security-Chief returns to the Security Room to find the guard unconscious and the prisoner missing. He rushes over to the guard and attempts to shake him into consciousness.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: Where is the girl? You fool, where is she?!


(Jamie is still trying to cajole Russell into taking a trip in a SIDRAT.)

JAMIE: Do you not see though? This thing could take us all back to the place where it's controlled from!
RUSSELL: How do you know?
JAMIE: Oh, where do you think those two came from?!
RUSSELL: Well is it true? Answer me!
VON-WEICH: Do you think I'd help you?
RUSSELL: You'll do as you're told! Take those two away!
JAMIE: Now look, you want to find out what's going on don't you?

(Russell looks hesitant.)

JAMIE: Och, I can't wait for you to make up your mind!

(He walks to the open SIDRAT door.)

BUCKINGHAM: Oh, wait for me!
JAMIE: Ah, now Lady Jennifer, I don't think you should come.
BUCKINGHAM: Because I'm a woman?
JAMIE: Er, well, well in a way, yes.
BUCKINGHAM: That settles it then. I'm certainly coming. You can't go alone!

(Lady Jennifer's instant volunteering has shamed Russell.)

RUSSELL: No, you're right miss, he can't. I'm going with 'im. But you're staying here.
BUCKINGHAM: Oh now look here!
RUSSELL: You're a nurse you said?
BUCKINGHAM: Yes, but what's that got to do with it?
RUSSELL: I've got hundreds of injured men back at my headquarters. They need the help of someone like you.

(She sighs.)

BUCKINGHAM: Yes I suppose you're right. Tell Lieutenant Carstairs that... Well tell him I'll see him when we all get back.
JAMIE: Right.
BUCKINGHAM: Well, good luck.

(Lady Jennifer offers Jamie her hand and he shakes it.)

JAMIE: Oh...thank you.
RUSSELL: Take her back to our headquarters.

(He salutes Lady Jennifer.)

RUSSELL: Thank you Miss.

(Pulling out his revolver again he gestures at the guard beside Von-Weich.)

RUSSELL: You. Guard him. If he gives you any trouble, shoot 'im! You two, you're coming with me. Come on move!
JAMIE OOV: Door's closing!

(Russell and his soldiers walk into the machine and with a warm sparkling it vanishes. Von-Weich leers and nods.)


(The Security-Chief walks in with two guards to find the Scientist still simmering in the processing-machine. He opens the clamp to release him.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: What happened?

(The Scientist groggily looks at the Security-Chief.)

SCIENTIST: Wha...that young officer got away.
SCIENTIST: Oh the one in the lecture who asked all the questions he tricked me. I must report this to the War-Chief.

(He glances at the guards.)

SECURITY-CHIEF: You two, wait outside.

(They leave.)

SCIENTIST: But he must be informed.
SECURITY-CHIEF: These people are no ordinary resistance group.
SCIENTIST: The girl said they have the secret of space/time travel.
SECURITY-CHIEF: That's impossible.
SCIENTIST: She was under the truth-machine.
SECURITY-CHIEF: But the War-Chief... He's the only one who understands space/time travel.
SCIENTIST: And his people.
SECURITY-CHIEF: What are you suggesting?
SCIENTIST: He is not one of our race; who knows where his true loyalties lie?
SECURITY-CHIEF: But he came to us of his own accord.
SCIENTIST: He is a traitor to his own people. How can we be sure he is not a traitor to us?

(The Scientist slowly nods)


(The technician sits monitoring the communications.)

TECHNICIAN: Transportation returning from the American Civil War Zone sir.
TECHNICIAN: But they're not following the routine sir, they haven't called in.
WAR-CHIEF: Have you tried to make contact?
WAR-CHIEF: Alright inform the Security-Chief...

(He thinks for a moment then puts an arm out to stop the technician.)

WAR-CHIEF: No! No, I'll handle this myself.

(He moves to a station and activates the communicator.)

WAR-CHIEF: This is the War Chief to security section. All guards to Landing Bay, the following procedure to be carried out...


(The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs crouch in a dark corner and watch as a technician adjusts a complex set of magnetic blocks and bars on the main control panel.)

ZOE: How long have we got to wait here Doctor?
DOCTOR: Until one of those things arrives. If I can get inside I'm-I'm sure I can control it.

(The alarm squawks through the Landing Bay.)

CARSTAIRS: The alarm signal, they've probably found that guard.
DOCTOR: The light's flashing, that means an arrival.

(A line of guards file down and take up positions on the ramp, their stun-guns raised.)

ZOE: It looks as though somebody important's coming.

(As the sound of an arriving SIDRAT echoes through the Landing Bay the guards drop their weapons from the raised position. The door to the green box scrapes open and Jamie, Russell and the resistance soldiers cautiously wander out into the Landing Bay not seeing the guards on the ramp. Zoe turns to the Doctor and whispers.)

ZOE: It's an ambush!

(But they can do nothing but watch as the guards discharge their stun-guns with deadly accuracy into the unsuspecting crowd of resistance fighters. One by one they all drop, and the last to fall under the lethal onslaught is Jamie.)

Episode Six

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Wendy Padbury

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Vernon Dobtcheff

Lady Jennifer
Jane Sherwyn

Frazer Hines

Von Weich
David Garfield

Rudloph Walker

Leslie Schofield

Graham Weston

Security Chief
James Bree

Alien Technician
Charles Pemberton

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

Directed by
David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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