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The War Games

Episode Four

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(The Doctor, Zoe, Lady Jennifer and Jamie get up from their hiding place and look at the large green box.)

DOCTOR: I must have a look inside...

(The Doctor wanders through the open doorway of the SIDRAT.)

JAMIE: Be careful now Doctor!
BUCKINGHAM: What on Earth is it?
ZOE: Some kind of space-time machine I think.
BUCKINGHAM: But it suddenly appeared from nowhere!

(From outside the barn the sound of gunfire is heard. Zoe stands at the doorway of the SIDRAT calling in.)

ZOE: Doctor! Doctor!
JAMIE: Getting closer!

(Lady Jennifer wanders over to the door of the barn to see what the shooting is all about and Jamie calls to her from near the SIDRAT.)

ZOE: Oh Doctor come back!

(Zoe rushes into the machine after the Doctor.)

JAMIE: Oh Zoe, there's a-! ...Lady Jennifer!

(Jamie runs to pull Lady Jennifer away from the door of the barn just as behind him the door to the SIDRAT scrapes closed.)

JAMIE: Come away from the door!

(He sees the closed door of the SIDRAT, and runs towards it as fast as he can, but the warm sparkling sound has already started up again.)

JAMIE: Zoe...n-Doctor!

(He arrives at the machine too late. As the box becomes translucent Jamie finds himself grappling with thin air.)

JAMIE: Oh no!

(But that is the least of their worries as a group of soldiers rush into the barn, weapons raised, and surround them. A battle-weary Sergeant Thomson of the Union army surveys them suspiciously.)

THOMSON: And just who might you be?


(Inside the steadily humming SIDRAT is a massive softly lit space. It is impossible to tell how large the craft is as a small way from a metal wall, membrane partitions of PVC inlaid with a regular hexagonal pattern gently flutter as if the craft were breathing. Beside the doorway is a panel with a variety of flat, oddly shaped controls and a set of shelves containing rows of goggle-like visors.)

ZOE: Doctor look, it is like the TARDIS - bigger inside than out.
DOCTOR: Yes Zoe, you're right.
ZOE: But who else would have space-time machines like the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: Well there is an answer to that, but I hope... I just hope...

(He wanders off apparently lost in his own thoughts.)

ZOE: What?

(Zoe looks around and picks up a pair of plastic visors.)

ZOE: Doctor, what are these?

(A small way away the Doctor is exploring the ship. He walks past another membrane wall and gazes into the distance and stops before whispering back.)

DOCTOR: Zoe, come and see.

(Zoe walks over to him and stops in astonishment. Before her are rows and rows of immobile Boer War soldiers, each living breathing and perfectly uniformed for the period. They resemble a kind of ghastly living terracotta army.)

ZOE: Why are they just standing there like that?
DOCTOR: They seem to be in some sort of hypnotic trance.

(The Doctor moves a little way along and peers into another part of the SIDRAT. He looks unsurprised when he sees legions of Roman soldiers staring forwards as blankly as the others.)

ZOE: Romans. Like the ones that attacked us. But these soldiers, what are they here for?
DOCTOR: They're going to fight Zoe, that's what soldiers are for.
ZOE: But they're all from different times.

(The sound of rematerialisation echoes through the craft.)

ZOE: We're landing!

(The Doctor leads Zoe a little deeper into the infinity of 'branes.)

DOCTOR: Quick, in here!

(As they remain still in their hiding place a stream of fully kitted Roman soldiers clatter past them and out of the doorway.)

ZOE: We could get away.
DOCTOR: No, we'd only land up right in the middle of another war.
ZOE: Well then, what are we going to do?
DOCTOR: Well this thing must eventually go back to its base - that's where we've got to get to.
ZOE: Oh but Doctor surely...

(There is a sound of scraping door, then a sparkling of dematerialisation.)

DOCTOR: It's taking off again. That settles it.


(Jamie and Lady Jennifer are being interrogated by the haggard looking Sergeant Thomson and a weasley-looking Corporal Riley with a fanatical gleam in his eyes.)

THOMSON: Where do you come from, what are you doing here?
JAMIE: Um...
BUCKINGHAM: Well that's um, rather difficult to explain actually.
RILEY:'re English.
JAMIE: Oh I'm not, I'm a Scot.
RILEY: You're English!

(He turns to Sergeant Thomson.)

RILEY: Spies for the South!
JAMIE: Oh not again! Look we're not spies, we're-we're nothing to do with your war!
BUCKINGHAM: We're neutral.
THOMSON: In a civil war ma'am, no-one's neutral. Now who to you support the North, or the Confederates in the South?
JAMIE: What are they talking about?
BUCKINGHAM: American Civil War Jamie, remember?
JAMIE: Oh aye.
RILEY: Ah, they're reb spies sure enough.

(He turns to a nearby soldier.)

RILEY: Tie 'em up.
BUCKINGHAM: What are you going to do to us?
THOMSON: Now that's up to the General. But when we leave here you're coming with us.
RILEY: And the General, he doesn't take kindly to Spies. He shoots 'em!
BUCKINGHAM: This is disgraceful, we are neutral civilians!
RILEY: Okay, over there!
THOMSON: Alright you guys, ten minutes rest.

(A bearded soldier near the door moves to sit down, but the Captain stops him.)

THOMSON: Not you! Out on sentry duty.

(Wearily the soldier walks out of the barn, as he moves out of the doorway, there are a series of shots and the beardy falls to the floor dead.)


(He pulls out his gun, drops low and begins to fire out of the door, the corporal joins in with his rifle. Further back in the barn the tied Jamie and Lady Jennifer can do little but watch. Jamie speaks in a low whisper.)

JAMIE: Can you get my knife?
RILEY: Sarge, there's too many of them!
THOMSON: Gimme your rifle! Okay make a break for the woods, I'll stay behind and give you covering fire.

(The Corporal looks uncertain for a moment.)

RILEY: Alright Sarge.

(The Union soldiers all rush out through the back of the barn. The Sergeant stays to exchange fire until the last possible moment before fleeing himself.)

BUCKINGHAM: They've forgotten all about us.
JAMIE: Aye, just as well. How're we doing?

(Lady Jennifer look up and her face falls at the sight of Confederate soldiers.)

BUCKINGHAM: Oh. No good Jamie, too late.

(A soldier called Leroy walks up to them, holsters his gun and attempts a smile. He immediately sets to untying them.)

LEROY: Now don't you worry ma'am, you're safe now. Ooh...just like those Yankees to treat a...

(He looks at her style of clothes curiously.)

LEROY: ...A lady like this.
BUCKINGHAM: Thank you.
LEROY: Oh that's my pleasure ma'am.

(He touches his hat.)

LEROY: Happens all the time ma'am. Yankees, they take over your house, tie ya up, steal your food... Oh, will you excuse me ma'am?

(Leroy moves off to talk to his superior, a bald-headed man.)

LEROY: The Yankees had some civilian prisoners sir.
CAPTAIN: These people are enemies of the South.
LEROY: But Captain...
CAPTAIN: The boy is a Yankee soldier, the woman is a spy. You tie 'em up.

(The Leroy stiffens.)

LEROY: Yes Captain.

(The General removes his hypno-monocle. As he turns he reveals himself to be none other than the scarfaced General Von-Weich from the 1917 German Zone.)


(In a far corner of the room, away from the bustle of normal operations a plastic-visored scientist is arguing with the War-Chief. As he does so he fiddles with a strange piece of apparatus which resembles a metal clamp fixed to a tall stand, one side of the machine has a control panel resembling the technology of the SIDRAT.)

SCIENTIST: But the difficulties of this form of mental processing are considerable.
WAR-CHIEF: I'm not interested in excuses. The process should be universally effective.
SCIENTIST: We only have a five percent failure rate.
WAR-CHIEF: That five percent is causing us endless trouble!
SCIENTIST: What harm can they do?
WAR-CHIEF: Sabotage, murder and subversion. Pockets of resistance building up everywhere.

(The scientist seems unconcerned with the politics of the games.)

SCIENTIST: But five percent? So few of them cause you trouble?
WAR-CHIEF: Their numbers are growing all the time. If ever they band themselves together in an organised group they could cause enough trouble to upset the Major Plan! The process must be improved.
SCIENTIST: It already has been. I am hoping to give a first demonstration to the students very shortly.
WAR-CHIEF: I hope for your own sake that the experiment will be successful.

(A hideous wailing alert echoes through the Central Control, and a malevolent face appears at a monitor, eyes shining sadistically.)

VON-WEICH: Von-Weich, American Civil War Zone to Central Control.

(The War-Chief walks over to the monitor.)

VON-WEICH: Two more of the escapees from the nineteen-seventeen zone have been recaptured. The woman and the boy. The older man and the girl are still free. Soldiers are now hunting them down.
WAR-CHIEF: Excellent. When you have captured the other two send them all here.

(The screen goes blank.)

WAR-CHIEF: They will make excellent specimens for your reprocessing experiment.


(The bubbling-sparkling sound echoes around as a light above the door blinks on and off.)

ZOE: We're landing again.
DOCTOR: Yes, all the soldiers have been delivered so this must be its base.
ZOE: Oh Doctor, how do we get back to Jennifer and Jamie? It's working on remote control!

(The Doctor moves to the control panel beside the door with it's multi-shaped, two dimensional buttons.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well there-there are some controls here. I daresay I could get the hang of them...


(The landing bay is a large empty area reserved for the incoming and outgoing vehicles for transporting personnel and materials (mainly human soldiers) to the various time zones. At the front is a control panel which resembles the one in the SIDRAT, only this one is far larger and is illuminated. Upon its face are myriad patterns all formed by the arrangement of the small two dimensional shapes. At the far wall a visored technician sits at the controls with his back to the bay. He adds a few more shapes to the overall pattern, sticking them to the face of the panel like fridge magnets. To the technician's right side is a ramp which winds its way around the wall and through a doorway several feet up, and to his left is a archway out of the bay. There is a curious bubbling-sparkling sound and a SIDRAT appears in the corner, the door automatically scrapes open and the Doctor and Zoe cautiously poke their noses out. The Doctor spots the technician and whispers to Zoe.)

DOCTOR: He must be the person who's controlling this thing.

(Zoe shushs the Doctor for a moment as she spots movement. A plastic-visored officer from the Crimean war strides past them without a trace of curiosity about their being there. Zoe looks at the pair of visors in her hands.)

ZOE: These glasses... They're both wearing them.
DOCTOR: Yes you're right. I think we'd better put them on.

(They slip on the visors and the Doctor relaxes a little breathing a sigh of relief.)

DOCTOR: Well...come on, let's explore.

(Like a pair of bizarre futuristic highwaymen, the Doctor and Zoe move off the way the soldier went)


(Jamie and Lady Jennifer are tied up again in a corner. Leroy and a subordinate are sat on some wooden pails playing cards. Somewhere outside a cock crows.)

JAMIE: How long are we gonna be kept here?

(The soldiers ignore him, so Jamie speaks addresses Leroy in a louder voice.)

JAMIE: Hey, you with the blonde hair, I'm talkin' to you!

(Wearily Leroy gets up, taking his gun with him.)

LEROY: You're stayin' here until the Captain finds those friends of yours. And then we're gonna shoot all four of ya together. Yankee spies!
BUCKINGHAM: But we're not Yankees, we were their prisoners - don't you remember?
JAMIE: Aye, you found us. Look you were gonna let us go!
LEROY: Me let you go? You must be crazy! You're dangerous Yankee spies.

(Leroy and his officer go back to playing cards. Jamie finds a sharp nail in the beam they are tied to and proceeds to try and use it to cut his bonds.)

BUCKINGHAM: It's no good Jamie, you can't possibly get it undone, it...

(Lady Jennifer falls silent as a hand moves across her mouth from behind. Jamie looks up to see a black American civil war soldier crouching in the shadows.)

HARPER: Not a sound Mister - one sound.

(The soldier proceeds to untie them.)

HARPER: There's a hole in the planks over there. Quick, get a move on.

(The soldier draws his gun and watches the officers.)

LEROY: Heheh! How 'bout that? I'll get some water.

(Leroy notices too late that the prisoners are gone.)

LEROY: Hey look!

(A firefight ensues between the Harper and the Confederates as Jamie and Lady Jennifer get away. Jamie pauses half out.)

HARPER: Run for it!
JAMIE: Come on!
HARPER: No, run on! I'll hold them off.
JAMIE: Where to?
HARPER: Trail, due North. Old camp.
JAMIE: Right.

(Jamie disappears through the hole and Harper moves to follow, but isn't quick enough. Von-Weich runs over and cover him with a weapon.)

VON-WEICH: What happened?
LEROY: They got away, he turned them loose.

(He gestures towards the soldier.)

LEROY: They can't have got far.
VON-WEICH: Get a cavalry patrol, get after 'em. Hunt them down!

(He turns to the Harper.)

VON-WEICH: So you turned them loose? Now where're they makin' for boy?
HARPER: Look, I ain't gonna tell you nothin'!

(Von-Weich places his monocle into his eye and fixes the soldier with a terrifying hypno-stare.)

VON-WEICH: You're gonna tell me where they're makin' for!

(The soldier looks back with an expression of unaffected contempt.)

HARPER: Sorry Captain, but that stuff doesn't work on me!
VON-WEICH: You're with the resistance!
HARPER: That's right, and I'm not one of your...

(He turns to the human soldiers.)

HARPER: Listen you all; you're not fighting the war between the States you know, he's just usin' you!

(The soldiers just stare blankly.)

VON-WEICH: It's no use, you'll never get them to understand. They're under my control...


(Jamie rushes across the hillside, but loses sight of Lady Jennifer.)

JAMIE: Lady Jennifer? Lady Jennifer?

(He turns at the sound of hoofbeats and sees a civil war soldier galloping towards him, sword drawn. Jamie throws himself to the ground and the soldier rushes by. Jamie finds a thick branch on the ground, and picks it up as the rider comes around for another pass. He jumps up and knocks the rider off the horse in one movement, pulling himself up and riding off. The Soldier pick himself up off the ground and fires his gun twice at the receding figure, but he is out of range.)


(Through another keyhole-shaped archway, the Doctor and Zoe find themselves in a strange metal walled central square decorated with translucent panels making it look more like a kind of futuristic cloak room. All around are keyhole archways similar to the one that lead out of the landing bay.)

ZOE: Passed a reception area, living quarters, lecture rooms - it's just like a university.
DOCTOR: Yes, a sort of training school, but for what?
ZOE: Ssh!

(They both stand still as three officers pass by, one looking directly their way, but they don't seem to see them as anything out of the ordinary and don't stop.)

ZOE: Why didn't they take any notice of us?

(The Doctor touches his visor.)

ZOE: Because of the glasses?
DOCTOR: Yes I think so. Come on, let's see what else we can find.

(They wander a short way before a guard beside a doorway, clad head to toe in black rubber fetish-type outfit and visor notices them. He gestures with a lethal looking stun-gun, a ridged, black weapon.)

GUARD: You two, in!
DOCTOR: Well we were just...
GUARD: In here! You're late.
DOCTOR: Oh, well if you insist.
GUARD: The lecture's already started.
DOCTOR: Lecture...


(Inside the lecture room the scientist who was working upon the processing machine is toying with a long stick whist talking to an audience of various differently clothed, visored officers sitting all around. To one side is a processing machine.)

SCIENTIST: Should you arrive on another planet, you may not be aware that the problem is to retain the specimen's personality as a fighting man while at the same time putting him under our control. As you know, we remove the human specimens from their own world and time and place them in a context which seems to them to be the same. It is vital that they continue to believe that they are living their own lives on the planet Earth and fighting the wars from which they were taken.

(Zoe turns to whisper to the Doctor.)

ZOE: So this isn't Earth!
DOCTOR: Quite right Zoe, quite right.

(The Doctor makes an attempt to listen again.)

SCIENTIST: With the majority of human specimens used the process used is both lasting and effective. However, in the case of certain humans of particularly strong character and individuality, the effects of the process have not been permanent. Gradually the processing tended to fade and the specimens developed the ability to pass through the Time Zone Barriers. Some formed themselves into resistance groups which have considerably hampered the progress of our plan. It is to overcome this problem that I have further refined our processing technique. To demonstrate the process I chosen a particularly difficult specimen, a man who finally shook off the effects of the process completely, and allied himself to resistance elements in order to fight us.

(Two guards move to a small mortuary-like cupboard and wheel out and sit up a nervous looking Carstairs tied to trolley. The scientist taps him on the chest with a stick.)

SCIENTIST: This Lieutenant Carstairs is a nineteen hundred and seventeen British army officer who for some time after his initial processing believed himself to be fighting for his country. However as I shall now demonstrate, the process has completely lapsed and he is now fully conscious of his surroundings. Where are you?
CARSTAIRS: I don't know.
SCIENTIST: Describe what you can see.

(He struggles to free himself then lies back.)

CARSTAIRS: Oh... A room. Filled with a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo. Funny people, strange clothes and those sort of...glasses that you're wearing.

(He tails off as he notices the Doctor sitting in the audience who cautiously places a finger to his lips.)

SCIENTIST: As you can see he is now fully aware of his surroundings and very hostile. After my new technique has been applied he will not only be completely docile, but he will be fully convinced that whatever I tell him will be the truth.

(The scientist wheels over the processing machine over to Carstairs, opens up the metal pincer-like clamp setting his head between its jaws and turns the power on. Carstairs begins to struggle but he is firmly tied down. Zoe looks horrified as a rising whine of power comes from the machine.)

ZOE: Oh can't we help him?
DOCTOR: Nonono, not yet. later.
SCIENTIST: This machine is of course only a prototype. In due course other machines will be built which will of course be capable of processing large groups of specimens simultaneously.

(The whine reaches a peak then tails off until all is silent again.)

SCIENTIST: Release him.

(He opens the jaws of the machine as two rubber guards move to release him from bondage.)

SCIENTIST: What is your name?
CARSTAIRS: Carstairs.
SCIENTIST: I am your superior officer you know.

(Guiltily Carstairs snaps to attention.)

CARSTAIRS: Sorry sir.
SCIENTIST: Where are you Carstairs?
CARSTAIRS: Well sir, I'm-I'm...
SCIENTIST: You are in my office at headquarters. I am your commanding General.
CARSTAIRS: Yes sir, I'm in the General's office.
SCIENTIST: As you see, whatever he sees he transforms into something he can understand. Now then, what is this?

(He taps the processing machine with his stick.)

CARSTAIRS: What sir?

(He repeats his action.)

CARSTAIRS: I'm sorry sir, there's nothing there.
SCIENTIST: Objects which are beyond his comprehension he will not see at all. Now, who are these people?

(He points to the bizarre students.)

CARSTAIRS: They're my brother officers sir.

(He scrutinises the people carefully.)

CARSTAIRS: Except those two people...those are German spies!


(Lady Jennifer is on the point of exhaustion. She runs along a hillside from a soldier on a horse, then collapses to the ground. The man sheathes his sword and dismounts, grabbing her by the arm, just as Jamie comes riding up. With a cry, Jamie jumps off the horse and knocks into the man, sending Lady Jennifer flying. He sucker-punches the man squarely on the chin, who falls to the ground unconscious. Jamie helps Lady Jennifer up.)

JAMIE: Come on! There'll be more of them after us!

(He looks around to see it is too late, a crowd of soldiers with rifles are standing on the hill. Their leader is sitting in front of them casually swigging from a canteen. Finishing his drink, he advances and his officers follow with their weapons raised.)


(The Guards have begun to tie Carstairs down again as he has become hysterical.)

CARSTAIRS: But they're GERMAN SPIES! I was at the court martial! You've GOT to believe me!

(Finishing their work they lead him away.)

SCIENTIST: I'll examine him later.

(The Doctor wanders over to the scientist.)

DOCTOR: Wha...well I-I don't think very much of that as a demonstration!

(The scientist regards him with disdain.)

SCIENTIST: Will you kindly return to your place?!
DOCTOR: Well the man was obviously unhinged as a result of your experiment!
SCIENTIST: The experiment was successful.
DOCTOR: Then why did he call me a German spy? It's obviously ridiculous isn't it?
SCIENTIST: The aberration is only temporary. He was probably involved with tracking down some German spies before he came here. It has obviously become a fixation.

(The Doctor begins to fiddle with the apparatus absent mindedly.)

DOCTOR: Wha...then he's obviously no use for our purposes is he? Oh yes, just as I thought. This is your trouble you know...
SCIENTIST: Will you leave this apparatus alone?

(The Doctor presents a magnetic shape that he has picked off the control panel.)

DOCTOR: Yes, this circuit is overloading the neural paths.
SCIENTIST: You are here in the capacity of a student!

(The Doctor ignores him as he pretends to come to a conclusion.)

DOCTOR: You didn't de-process that man first, did you?
SCIENTIST: There was no need, his processing had completely lapsed - you saw that for yourself.
DOCTOR: I saw a man whose processing had partly lapsed. You should have completely de-processed him first! But I-I don't suppose you can do that on a machine like this.
SCIENTIST: Of course you can!

(The scientist moves to the machine and points at the panel.)

SCIENTIST: It is simply a case of reprogramming these circuits here...
DOCTOR: What there?
SCIENTIST: And here...
DOCTOR: Yeah...
SCIENTIST: And here...

(The Doctor does his best impression of a dewy eyed novice.)



(Jamie, Lady Jennifer and the Soldier are tied up and sat down against a short wooden partition.)

BUCKINGHAM: Who are you, why did you help us?
HARPER: You came from one of those other wars. You know what's going on then? You see those guys there? They think they're fightin' the war between the states. This isn't even America.
BUCKINGHAM: Where do you think it is then?
HARPER: Look, you c-came through one of those other mists to get here, right?
JAMIE: Right.
HARPER: Well every time you go through one of those mists you're in some other war, some other place.
BUCKINGHAM: How long have you realised this?
HARPER: I started noticing things quite a while back. Then I found some other guys are the same.
JAMIE: Y-you mean there's more like you?
HARPER: Oh, there are gangs of us hiding in the woods, we are trying to fight...

(Von-Weich leans lazily on the partition above them.)

VON-WEICH: Now we have combed the entire area and we still haven't found your friends.
JAMIE: Just a moment!
VON-WEICH: Now you are gonna tell me where they are!
JAMIE: I've told you before...

(A number of shots are heard and Leroy rushes into the barn, gun in hand.)

LEROY: Attack coming from the direction of the woods sir.
VON-WEICH: Get a patrol out there! Keep 'em back.

(It is to late though as soldiers in a variety of uniforms pour into the barn and begin to fight with the Confederates. After a while the motley assortment of officers manage to defeat their processed opponents and set free Jamie, Lady Jennifer and the soldier. They have managed to capture Von-Weich alive, but Harper seems to want to rectify the mistake. He begins to aim his gun at Von-Weich but Jamie stands in the way.)

JAMIE: W-what are you gonna do to him?
HARPER: Kill 'im of course, he's one of the guys running things around here.
JAMIE: No you mustn't, we need 'im.

(Harper glares dangerously at Jamie.)

HARPER: Get out of the way boy or I'll have to kill you too!


(The scientist has rearranged the pattern of magnetic shapes on the processing machines control panel.)

SCIENTIST: You see it's perfectly simple. With the circuits arranged in this manner the machine removes all traces any previous processing.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, I see. Yes that's fascinating!
SCIENTIST: And since we have now exceeded the time allotted for this demonstration I suggest you all continue to your next assignment.
DOCTOR: Oh thank you, hah. Come along Zoe.

(There is a sound of an alert, and guards rush into the room. The Doctor stands back and moves his visor up, so that it sits on top of his head like a pair of sunglasses. The War-Chief enters the room behind the guards and glances around.)

WAR-CHIEF: Was the experiment successful?
SCIENTIST: Partly, partly. But the specimen showed signs of mental unbalance after the process.
WAR-CHIEF: Then the modifications were not successful?
SCIENTIST: But I think we've found the cause. One of the students has been extremely helpful to me, er, that one over there.

(The scientist points. The Doctor, who still has his visor perched upon his head, grins modestly. The War-Chief glares coldly at him as if he almost recognises him. The Doctor takes this as a bad sign.)


(The Doctor pushes his way through the surprised students, and rushes away, Zoe following him.)


(The squad of guards fight through a gang of confused students in hot pursuit.)



(In the melee of guards and students rushing about in all directions Carstairs has been left alone. Slowly he works at his bindings until he is free, he winces at the awful noise of the alert siren - probably hearing it as a fire alarm or something. He staggers away.)


(The War-Chief speaks into an intercom.)

WAR-CHIEF: Emergency alert, emergency alert. This is the War-Chief to all guard posts. Close section areas detain two resistance members.


(Zoe has found her way back to the landing bay without any apparent pursuers, but has become cut off from the Doctor. She looks around the bay for inspiration and feels a hand clamp over her mouth from behind. Twisting from the grip she turns to see Lieutenant Carstairs facing her with an impassive, sightless look on his face.)

ZOE: Oh, Lieutenant Carstairs, thank goodness! We thought that...

(She notices that he has unholstered his gun and is pointing it squarely at her chest.)

ZOE: Well what are you doing, it's me, Zoe!
CARSTAIRS: You're a German spy...a German...spy. It's my duty to shoot you.

(Carstairs grips the sensitive trigger of his revolver and with a metallic clicking the barrel moves towards a fresh bullet, the hammer beginning to draw back...)

Episode Five

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Lady Jennifer
Jane Sherwyn

Sgt. Thomson
Bill Hutchinson

Corporal Riley
Terry Adams

Leslie Schofield

Von Weich
David Garfield

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Vernon Dobtcheff

Rudloph Walker

Alien Guard
John Atterbury

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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