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The War Games

Episode Three

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(A large group of men rushes towards the Doctor Jamie and Zoe from the distance, yelling loudly. They are clad in metal and leather tunics and have shiny metal helmets, all have long shields and swords drawn. To the front, a wooden chariot pulled by two galloping horses carries a rider, and the soldier at the lead bears a large gold banner bearing the emblem of an eagle and a laurel wreath with the word SPQR emblazoned on it.)

ZOE: Oh come on!

(They scramble back down the hill towards the Carstairs, Lady Jennifer and waiting ambulance as fast as their legs will carry them.)

DOCTOR: Start the engine!
ZOE: Quick!
JAMIE: Look!

(Carstairs turns to Lady Jennifer.)

CARSTAIRS: Switch on!

(She rushes into the cab and the others climb into the back of the ambulance. Carstairs rushes to the engine and desperately cranks the handle. The Roman garrison rush inexorably down the hill towards them. Carstairs cranks again and again and suddenly the tired old engine splutters into life and Carstairs jumps in. Lady Jennifer throws the ambulance into reverse and slowly backs the ambulance up causing it to fade away again. As the Romans reach the point where the ambulance vanished they all freeze with their mouths open. At first it appears as if they have stopped in astonishment, but they are standing completely still; frozen in mid-scream as if by going near the barrier they had suddenly switched themselves off.)

2, EXT: 1917 ROAD

(The ambulance reappears on the dirt track and then stops.)


ZOE: That was a close shave! Oh where are we Doctor?
JAMIE: Oh no, we're not back here again!

(The Doctor turns to Carstairs.)

DOCTOR: Ah, Lieutenant Carstairs, is this the only map you're supplied with?
CARSTAIRS: Yes, that's the one.
DOCTOR: It's a bit inadequate isn't it?
BUCKINGHAM: Doctor, who were those people who attacked us just now?
DOCTOR: Oh they were Romans.
CARSTAIRS: Oh but that's impossible!
DOCTOR: Oh, lots of impossible things happen when you pass through time.
BUCKINGHAM: Time? But no-one can alter time!
DOCTOR: Look, it is nineteen-seventeen where we are now on this map. Where we were attacked by the Romans it is two-thousand years ago.
CARSTAIRS: But surely Doctor...
DOCTOR: Surely before we met the Romans we passed through a, through a mist didn't we? A gas you called it. Now supposing this mist is a barrier between different time-zones?
ZOE: I see! So we went off the edge of this map and into a different time-zone!
DOCTOR: Yes...what we need is a map which covers all the time zones! I'm afraid we shall have to get back to General Smythe's headquarters, to the Chateaux. JAMIE: Well how are we gonna get back there?

(The Doctor turns to an astonished Carstairs.)

DOCTOR: You will take us!


(Captain Ransom is on the telephone.)

RANSOM: Not trace of them? Well keep searching!

(He wearily slams down the receiver. The large "SALOON BAR" doors the Ransom's office open and the Doctor and group walk into the room with Carstairs pointing a gun at them.)

CARSTAIRS: Lieutenant Carstairs reporting, sir. I brought back the prisoners.

(Angrily, Ransom jumps up and unseen by him Jamie slips quietly behind.)

RANSOM: Carstairs what on Earth are you up to?! And what do you mean by giving me that fake report from the General?! I warn you Carstairs, you're in very serious trouble! You're i...

(Carstairs gets bored with his blustering and does something he's been wanting to do for a long time. He swings the revolver to cover Ransom, but in deference to his rank he still loath to be uncivil to his superior.)

RANSOM: Have you gone mad?!
CARSTAIRS: I'm sorry about this, sir.
RANSOM: You'll be shot for this Carstairs!

(Ransom reaches for his gun, but Jamie is on it. He grabs it from Ransom's holster before he can get it. Carstairs levels the gun closer and more fiercely.)

CARSTAIRS: Don't do anything foolish sir. I think it might be better if you raised your hands.

(Ransom does as he is told. Seeing everything going well, the Doctor moves over to the other side of the room where he searches for maps.)

CARSTAIRS: Bandages Doctor!
DOCTOR: What? Oh yes... I'm afraid that there's nothing here, only local maps. Here we are. Perhaps there's something in the General's room. I'll go and see.
RANSOM: This is mutiny, I order you..!

(Jamie gleefully stuffs a handkerchief into English officer's mouth and ties the bandages around to keep it in.)


(The Doctor walks through and looks around, he moves the pillow in a cursory examination, but as he thought it would no be something which the General would leave in plain sight. He moves to the large iron safe in the corner of the room and examines the lock. Carstairs Joins the Doctor.)

CARSTAIRS: Did you find anything?
DOCTOR: Well only this safe.

(Carstairs looks at the Doctor with a touch of sarcasm.)

CARSTAIRS: No, we'd never get inside that. We'd have to blow it up.
DOCTOR: Oh what a good idea!
CARSTAIRS: You serious?
DOCTOR: Well this is a military establishment, there must be some explosives around here.
CARSTAIRS: Right, I'll see what I can find.

(Carstairs leaves and Jamie joins the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, I wonder whether perhaps I can pick this lock.
JAMIE: Aye, with a tuning fork?

(The Doctor shoots Jamie a look.)


(Carstairs looks around for anything he can use. He pulls the top off an ammunition crate with a loud clatter and peers inside. On the floor behind a sofa a bandage wrapped Ransom wriggles about looking like a badly wrapped human mummy. He desperately struggles to free himself from his bonds.)


(The Doctor is trying to pick the lock of the safe with a bent pin.)

JAMIE: Oh come on Doctor, we haven't got all night! Someone's bound to turn up!
DOCTOR: Yes I know Jamie! Oh dear this is useless.

(Carstairs strolls briskly into the room carrying a metal pineapple-shaped grenade with a green band around it.)

JAMIE: What's that thing?
CARSTAIRS: It's a Mills bomb, it's all I could find. I thought that we might hang it on the front of the safe and let it off.

(He hands it to the Doctor who examines it.)

DOCTOR: Oh well yes, that might blow the room up very nicely, but I don't think it would affect the safe much.

(The Doctor continues to chat matter-of-factly as he dismantles the grenade. He unscrews the top.)

DOCTOR: Ah, you see we have to concentrate the...
CARSTAIRS: Look out!
DOCTOR: ...whole explosion in, ah, into the lock there.

(He removes an inner portion and pokes his fingers inside as if he were doing nothing more dangerous than unblocking a sink.)

CARSTAIRS: ...Blow us all up!
DOCTOR: Now then, if I can, if I can pack the explosive into the lock and then detonate it. Ah...we are! There! Now then, ah yes I see...

(The Doctor pulls out a mini-component, and pulls out the pin. The springloaded lever on the grenade pops open and the Doctor accidently drops it. Jamie and Carstairs recoil.)

CARSTAIRS: Agh! For goodness sake be careful, that's Amatol in there!
DOCTOR: It's alright, I do have the detonator you know!

(He holds up a miniature fuse-like component.)

DOCTOR: Now then, press to release this...there we what have we got? Oh yeh...

(He tips the grenade's contents onto a grubby paper bag and holds up the fuse.)

DOCTOR: This, er, this fuse - how long does it last?
CARSTAIRS: About four seconds.
DOCTOR: Oh, that's not very good is it?

(He fingers one of the tassels on Jamie's sporran, then decides against it. Reaching up he lifts down a silver candle holder, removes the candle and snaps it in two then tugs the wax from the wick.)


(Ransom struggles desperately against his bonds.)


(Having tipped the powder into the lock and packed it in tightly, the Doctor very delicately pushes the wick of the candle into the centre. He dusts off his hands and sighs.)

DOCTOR: There we are!

(Carstairs rushes out.)


(Ransom is screaming at the top of his voice.)


(Carstairs replaces the gag which has fallen from his mouth.)

CARSTAIRS: Sorry about this sir, can't have you making a row!

(He gets up from behind the sofa and looks straight into the face of the young Lieutenant Crane.)

CRANE: Hello.
CARSTAIRS: Hah...dropped my pen.
CRANE: Ah. Captain Ransom about?
CARSTAIRS: No, I'm looking after things. Can I help?
CRANE: Well it's a bit tricky actually. The sentry found these two ladies hiding in an ambulance.
CARSTAIRS: Well? What about it?
CRANE: Well you remember there was this spy flap earlier today. Something about them getting away in an ambulance and one of them was a woman.

(He looks at Carstairs again.)

CRANE: I don't think we've met before have we?


(The Doctor strikes a match and holds it to the wick which is sticking out of the lock of the safe.)

DOCTOR: Now we light the blue touch paper and retire immediately!

(He and Jamie run to one side and crouch down by the bed. Jamie wraps his head in the pillow and the Doctor sticks his fingers in his ears looking for all the world like as if they are in a 30s gangster movie.)


(Lady Jennifer steps forward.)

BUCKINGHAM: This is all completely ridiculous!

(Carstairs ignores her.)

CARSTAIRS: You know old chap you can leave them to me. I can sort it out.

(Crane looks reluctant to go back out into the cold again.)

CRANE: But don't you think I'd better wait for Captain Ransom?
CARSTAIRS: He may be quite some time.
CRANE: I can wait. How long d'you say you've been on attachment here?


(Jamie looks up, listens to the voices coming from the other room and whispers to the Doctor.)

JAMIE: Someone's out there with Carstairs!

(Cautiously he and the Doctor move to the door to listen.)


CARSTAIRS: You may...leave them to me old chap, it's quite under control.
CRANE: Oh well...right you are! Sorry about this, do hope you understand. Can't afford to take chances you see.
ZOE: We quite understand.


(The voices from the other room continue.)

DOCTOR: We shall have to put the fuse out!

(He rushes towards the safe, but the flame has crept up the naked wick and is almost to the lock.)

DOCTOR: It's too late! Duck!

(They both throw themselves to the side.)


CRANE: Cheerio!

(The door closes.)


(With a titanic boom the door of the safe pops open in a cloud of smoke.)


(The Corporal races back into the room.)

CORPORAL: What the blazes?!

(He rushes towards the General's room.)


(Crane rushes in to find the Doctor and Jamie hacking and coughing with a cloud of smoke issuing from the inside of the safe and it's shattered door. He hears a click of a gun being cocked and turns to see Carstairs pointing a revolver at him. Slowly raises his hands. Carstairs removes Crane's weapon.)

CARSTAIRS: Now don't do anything foolish old boy! Doc, have you got any more bandages?

(The Doctor fishes out the map delightedly and reads.)

DOCTOR: Ah. we are Jamie.

(He hands over a bundle of bandages.)

CRANE: You're Carstairs, the one who went off with the spies!

(Jamie begins to wrap the bandages around the Corporal's hands. Carstairs motions with his gun.)


(They move through. The Doctor wastes no time in finding his map, and spreads it out on the ground. To say that the map is unusual would be an understatement. It is divided into twelve triangular segments each tessellating to form a pattern over the landscape. Each segment is marked with a different war in a different time and place, but all are from the planet Earth, 1917 being the most advanced time of them all.

The Doctor points to each segment in turn.)

DOCTOR: Ah, look Zoe! Nineteen-seventeen Zone, Roman Zone, American Civil-War Zone! This whole place is divided into time-zones!
ZOE: But there's a blank space in the middle there's nothing marked at all!
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, and I think that that's where we've got to get to!


(The ambulance judders over the muddy ground. It beeps it's horn three times, twice more, then grinds to a halt as four German troops rush up and level large, ugly-looking rifles. The Doctor wearily raises his hands.)

DOCTOR: This is an ambulance! Ah, we have a seriously wounded officer in the back!

(Skeptically the officer in charge moves around to the back of the ambulance. Having heard the dialogue Carstairs lies down and Lady Jennifer and Zoe make a show of tending to him. The German soldier moves to the front again and addresses the Doctor.)

GERMAN OFFICER: Sie müssen mit uns kommen!
DOCTOR: Ah. You want me to come with you. Ah well, if you put it like that, yes. Here we go...


(Jamie and Zoe sit on a pile of sandbags as they wait as above them an ignorant soldier blasts noisily away with a rifle.)

ZOE: Well what's going to happen to us?!
JAMIE: Ah, foreigners! Look, what's the use of pretending that Carstairs is injured? They're bound to find out sooner or later.
ZOE: Well at least it stopped them from taking him to a prison camp, besides it's safe in the ambulance with Jennifer.
JAMIE: Aye, for how long though?
ZOE: Well perhaps the Doctor will be able to talk them into letting us go!


(Inside the trenches, the cold and muddy rathole has been converted into as neat a military post as possible just as the English lines had been. The precise neatly-bearded Leutnant Lücke stands before the Doctor looking every bit as if he were Barrington's opposite number.)

LÜCKE: For ze last time what is your name?
DOCTOR: Why don't you just call me Doctor?
LÜCKE: That is not a name! I want your full name!
DOCTOR: Oh very well, er, Doctor John Smith.

(Lücke smiles coldly.)

LÜCKE: Good! Now we are getting somewhere.

(He walks over to the desk and writes in his report book.)

LÜCKE: What are you doing behind our lines?
DOCTOR: Well we were lost you see.
LÜCKE: So, you are lost! And very conveniently you find your way through our lines.
DOCTOR: Wh-I realise this must seem rather strange.
LÜCKE: I find it both strange and suspicious.
DOCTOR: But I can assure you we're quite harmless!
LÜCKE: Three people dressed in civilian clothes trying to infiltrate through our lines. Admit it, you're spies!
DOCTOR: No-no-no, we are not spies!
LÜCKE: Then tell me where you came from before you were picked up by zat ambulance.
DOCTOR: Well you see that's rather difficult to explain.
LÜCKE: Everything seems to be difficult for you to explain.

(He slowly points an ugly looking Luger at the Doctor.)

LÜCKE: I advise you to tell me the truth. Now!
DOCTOR: Alright, if you insist.


(Jamie and Zoe are still sitting in the dug out waiting as the battle still rages a few metres away. A sympathetic German soldier approaches them with two spiked tin helmets, then walks away without a word. They place the helmets upon their heads.)

JAMIE: Oh! I don't know how they stick it out here!
ZOE: It's the same with the British remember.
JAMIE: Aye. What a way to fight though, hiding in wee holes and blasting each other with big guns!
ZOE: Oh!

(Zoe jumps at a particularly large explosion and swings her legs over Jamie.)

ZOE: Oh I wish we could get out of here Jamie!


LÜCKE: Ozer planets? A time-machine? Ze girl is from ze future and the boy is from ze past?
DOCTOR: Well you told me to tell you the truth!
LÜCKE: I think you must be mad!
DOCTOR: Why don't you ask my companions if you don't believe me?

(Lücke moves to the Doorway.)

LÜCKE: Bringen Sie die anderen Engländer herein! Sofort! We shall soon see if your stories are the same.

(He addresses Zoe.)

LÜCKE: Young woman, where did you meet this man?
DOCTOR: Tell him the truth, both of you!
LÜCKE: Silence! Well?
ZOE: We met at a space-station.
LÜCKE: A space-station!

(He turns to Jamie.)

LÜCKE: And you, where did you meet zis man?
JAMIE: Ah, in Scotland.
LÜCKE: Ah, so. Now tell me, when?
JAMIE: Ah, in seventeen forty-five. I-I was fighting the Redcoats.
LÜCKE: you were fighting the seventeen forty-five?! Zat ambulance, was it going to a hospital or to a lunatic asylum?!
DOCTOR: Oh dear. Look-look, I can prove to you that we come from another time. This is a sonic screwdriver.

(He holds up a small device resembling a pencil-torch.)

DOCTOR: Now where can I demonstrate... Ah, that revolver will do.

(Lücke looks at him suspiciously.)

DOCTOR: It's alright.

(Slowly and cautiously the Leutnant places his weapon on the table, but keeps his hand upon it. The Doctor points his slim black device and pressed a concealed button. A buzzing sound and a strange glow comes from the tool and a screw in the handle begins to revolve until it is standing proud of the gun.)

DOCTOR: There we are!

(The Doctor waits a few moments before screwing Lücke's weapon back together again.)

DOCTOR: And back it goes.
LÜCKE: Phantastisch!
DOCTOR: Do you believe me now?!
LÜCKE: But it's impossible. You did not touch the screw it just...moved. Is it possible you are telling ze truth?

(The small, pallid, bullet-bald form of Von-Weich creeps through a doorway. His uniform makes him out to be a German Kapitän and across one side of his pudgy, moist face a deep livid scar runs from eyebrow to jaw. His beady eyes glare across the room like two malevolent coals.)

VON-WEICH: Leutnant Lücke!

(Lücke snaps to attention.)

LÜCKE: Jawohl mein herr!
VON-WEICH: Wer sind diese Leute?
LÜCKE: Wir haben hier...
VON-WEICH: Was ist hier los?
LÜCKE: Wir haben hier drei Englische zivilisten herr Kapitän!

(Von-Weich approaches the Doctor and gazes at him.)

VON-WEICH: What are you doing here? Where do you come from?
LÜCKE: Er hat mir gesagt, dass er aus einem anderen Zeitalter in etwas namen TARDIS!
VON-WEICH: Time-travellers?
DOCTOR: Well it is a bit difficult to understand, but...
VON-WEICH: Leutnant Lücke! Kommen sie mit mir.

(Von-Weich leads Lücke though a curtained partition.)


(Von-Weich places a monocle in his eye and fixes the Leutnant with a terrifying hypno-stare.)

VON-WEICH: Es sind Englische spione! Wir müssen sie festhalten! Ich werde mit dem General darüber sprechen.
LÜCKE: Jawohl herr Kapitän Von-Weich.

(Von-Weich nods to Lücke.)


(Lücke walks stiffly into the main room.)

LÜCKE: You are dangerous English spies.
DOCTOR: But this is ridiculous!
LÜCKE: You are spies! And you are going to be shot!

(The Doctor looks exhausted.)


(In his room Von-Weich opens up a portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Within is a communications device exactly the same as the one in Smythe's room. He looks around and then operates the machine.)

VON-WEICH: Von-Weich, nineteen-Seventeen German front line to central control. We have captured three people who escaped from the British sector. They claim to be time-travellers.


DOCTOR: NO-no-no! We are NOT SPIES! Er, the sonic screwdriver. We've just shown you... With the gun!

(Lücke looks confused.)

LÜCKE: Yes... You did something with ze gun...
JAMIE: Ah, let the Doctor show you again.
DOCTOR: Yes Jamie, now-now it's very simple. Put the gun on the table.

(The Leutnant hesitates.)

DOCTOR: You can keep your hand on it again if you like! Now, watch.

(The gun is placed upon the table and the Doctor repeats his earlier unscrewing action.)

LÜCKE: Yes! And zen you put it back again!
DOCTOR: That's right!

(The Doctor reverses his screwing action. Lücke stands up and puts his hand to his head looking quite confused.)

LÜCKE: Is it possible?!
DOCTOR: Oh we've got lots of tricks like that! Let me show you...catch Jamie

(He snatches up the Luger and throws it to Jamie who neatly catches it and points it at the Leutnant.)

DOCTOR: Now Lieutenant, I'm sorry about this, but perhaps you'd be good enough to take us back to our ambulance?!


(The War Room is revealed properly for the first time. It is extremely large, stark and futuristic with walls lined with rows of computer banks with lights winking on and off, and desks lit by strange curving lamps. In the centre of the room is a large clear perspex game map showing in detail all of the time zones with communication devices set into each. Placed upon the map at strategic points are several toy soldiers encapsulated inside transparent oblong blocks representing the human forces on the ground. All around the room are technicians wearing funny white visors over their eyes and General Smythe stands before the map. Towards the back of the room is a desk with another visored technician sitting behind. A screeching alarm echoes though the War Room and three guards dressed in rubber S&M type outfits and visors, carrying electronic cattle-prod like stun-guns rush through the door and stand to attention, as do the technicians. The tall, dark, imposing figure of the War-Chief strides into the War Room. He is dressed in a neat black outfit, has piercing blue eyes and a long moustache that is almost, but not quite a short stubby beard. Around his neck he wears a long gold chain and pendant shaped in the square and crossing elipses that represent the Arcalian seal of Omega. He nods to Smythe. Smythe turns to the technicians and ushers them away before facing the War-Chief again.)

SMYTHE: Did you have a comfortable trip sir?

(The War-Chief regards the General in the manner of a hungry serpent would a rather small mouse.)

WAR-CHIEF: Excellent. The War-Lord is pleased with our work. But the rate of progress must be accelerated.
SMYTHE: A report I might add sir, the prisoners that escaped from the Chateaux been recaptured in the German lines. I have advised they be shot immediately. They gave some ridiculous story about being time-travellers!
WAR-CHIEF: Time travellers..?

(He thinks for a moment.)

WAR-CHIEF: And you ordered them to be shot? I want them brought here for re-interrogation.

(The wailing alarm sounds through the chamber again. The War-Chief and Smythe turn to a nearby communicator and as it blinks on they see the face of Von-Weich.)

VON-WEICH: Those prisoners have escaped. They will probably go back to your line.
SMYTHE: How did that happen?
VON-WEICH: They tricked my human Lieutenant.
SMYTHE: Oh that's sheer incompetence!
WAR-CHIEF: They also escaped from you General Smythe.

(He addresses Von-Weich.)

WAR-CHIEF: Organise pursuit and report back here.

(The screen goes blank.)

WAR-CHIEF: Issue a general alert.

(The general moves eagerly forward, but the War-Chief puts up a hand to stop him and whispers menacingly.)

WAR-CHIEF: But I want these people captured alive.

(He allows the General past again.)

SMYTHE: General alert to all time zones. Five escaped prisoners travelling in a nineteen-seventeen British Army ambulance clearly marked with a red cross. These prisoners may be capable of crossing the time-zone barriers. Officers are to describe the ambulance to their human troops as a hostile vehicle which much be d-destroyed at all costs!

(Across the room the War-Chief ponders to himself. For a moment his inner thoughts are revealed.)

WAR-CHIEF VO: Time travellers? I wonder...
SMYTHE OOV: The description of the prisoners is as follows...


(The ambulance drives down a country road, beside a tree a concealed soldier pulls out a gun. The vehicle stops and Carstairs gets out and walks over to the back of the ambulance.)


(Carstairs enters the ambulance and moves over to the Doctor.)

CARSTAIRS: Can I have a look at that map Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yeah yeah.
CARSTAIRS: We've just gone through another one of those mists and we've gone off the edge of my map.
ZOE: Well where do you think we are Doctor?
DOCTOR: I think we're right about there.
ZOE: America 1862. That was the American Civil-War wasn't it? Another war?!

(They hear then sound of two shots.)

CARSTAIRS: Get down!

(Carstairs Scrambles out.)


(Carstairs moves out keeping low, and fires at his opponent who shoots back again.)


(Slowly the ambulance pulls away and leaves, Carstairs stays with it for cover as it drives. The back flap of the ambulance opens and the Doctor peers out at their attacker.)


ZOE: Oh Doctor be careful!
DOCTOR: Zoe we're right that was an American Civil-War soldier.
JAMIE: You mean we're mixed up in another war now?!
DOCTOR: Yes. Well it-it means we're on the right road, and we're still making for that blank space in the middle of the map.


(The Ambulance drives down the road. Suddenly a tree falls across the road blocking their way. Carstairs disembarks and looks around suspiciously, his gun raised.)


(Jamie, the Doctor and Zoe Join him. There is the sound of a shot as a Confederate soldier fires his rifle from the cover of some bracken and everyone hits the ground. On a hillside two more soldiers begin to shoot at them with handguns. Carstairs aims and picks off the nearest hillside soldier.)


(Carstairs moves along the length of the ambulance with his back pressed up against it, then he picks off the second hillside soldier. A third comes running over and Carstairs grabs his rifle and wrestles with him. On the other side another Confederate rushes over and aims his gun at the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe. Suddenly Jamie grabs the gun and wrestles with the soldier. Yet another soldier gallops over on a white horse. He dismounts and shoots and Carstairs returns fire. Jamie punches his soldier into unconsciousness and joins the Doctor and Zoe who have just finished struggling the tree off the road. The Doctor looks at Jamie accusingly.)

DOCTOR: Where have you been? We've done it without you!

(They pile into the ambulance again. Across the hillside sweep three more horsemen, one carrying a fluttering flag. Two dismount and rush down the hill towards Carstairs.)


(Carstairs remains behind shooting with the Confederates who are steadily gaining in numbers. The ambulance drives off without him.)


(The ambulance drives along the road for a long way, but eventually it stops by some dense undergrowth and Lady Jennifer gets out. She watches as some soldiers on horseback a short distance away gallop across the hill, then turns to the ambulance and lifts the bonnet looking underneath.)

DOCTOR: What's wrong?
BUCKINGHAM: 'Fraid we've run out of petrol.
DOCTOR: Oh no!
BUCKINGHAM: Where is Lieutenant Carstairs?
JAMIE: Eh? He held them off while we got away.

(She looks aggrieved.)

ZOE: Oh well now what do we do?
DOCTOR: There's only one thing for it, we shall have to go on by foot. Come along...

(They all abandon the ambulance and walk off towards a wood.)


(Smythe and Von-Weich are standing over the translucent game board playing with their toy soldiers. Smythe moves an oblong encapsulated solder along the map face.)

SMYTHE: If my troops make a push here, what resistance can you put up?
VON-WEICH: Along here we shall have pill boxes, machine-gun nests, landmines.

(He adds an appropriate game piece as he speaks.)

VON-WEICH: You'll have no chance, but it will be an excellent test of the morale of your humans! Your entire force will be wiped out.
SMYTHE: Ah, but I will use my reinforcements to turn your flank. There!

(He adds a new piece to the game.)

VON-WEICH: Then it will not be a fair battle!
SMYTHE: Hm, perhaps not, but it will be an excellent test of your morale!
WAR-CHIEF: Those specimens we were discussing. An ambush was laid but only one was captured.
SMYTHE: Which one?
WAR-CHIEF: A young Lieutenant - one of yours. He could have got away, but he stayed behind to help the others escape.
VON-WEICH: These humans are very loyal to one another in stress situations.
WAR-CHIEF: One of their finest qualities. He's being brought back here for re-processing!


(The barn is large, warm and relatively clean, and while there are no animals inside, the old cart wheels, saddles and horse-related paraphernalia that is strewn around show that it is still very much in use. In one corner are a number of piled farm tools, and there is a ladder leading to a second level. Outside crickets chirrup noisily in the balmy night air.)

JAMIE: It's alright. This'll do for the night, eh?
DOCTOR: Oh yes Jamie, this looks alright.
ZOE: I wish we knew where Lieutenant Carstairs was.
JAMIE: Aye, we shouldn't have left him you know.
DOCTOR: It was the way he wanted it.
ZOE: Well now what do we do? We've lost Lieutenant Carstairs, the ambulance has broken down and we're miles from the TARDIS!
DOCTOR: We carry on of course, we've got no alternative.
JAMIE: Are we still heading for the blank space in that map of yours?
DOCTOR: Yes. That is where we'll find the answer, now we'd better get some rest, We'll have to start early in the morning.

(There is a warm sparkling sound and a square shape begins to fade into existence.)

DOCTOR: Quick, hide!

(The green form of a SIDRAT solidifies, then the door pushes it's way outwards with a dry rasping of machinery. Suddenly from within a stream of occupants disembark from the tiny box, all dressed in the uniforms of Union Army.)

ZOE: So many of them! That thing must be bigger on the inside than the outside just like the TARDIS!
DOCTOR: I must have a look inside...

(The Doctor wanders through the dark doorway of the SIDRAT.)

JAMIE: Ah, now be careful now Doctor!
BUCKINGHAM: What on Earth is it?
ZOE: Some kind of space-time machine I think.
BUCKINGHAM: But it just appeared from nowhere!

(From outside the barn the sound of gunfire is heard. Zoe stands at the doorway of the SIDRAT calling in.)

ZOE: Doctor! Doctor!

(Lady Jennifer wanders over to the door of the barn to see what the shooting is all about and Jamie calls to her from near the SIDRAT.)

ZOE: Oh Doctor come back!

(Zoe rushes into the machine after the Doctor.)

JAMIE: Oh now Zoe, don't! ...Lady Jennifer!

(Jamie runs to pull Lady Jennifer away from the door of the barn just as behind him the door to the SIDRAT scrapes closed.)

JAMIE: Lady Jennifer! Keep away from the door!

(He sees the closed door of the SIDRAT, and runs towards it as fast as he can, but the sparkling sound has already started up again.)

JAMIE: Doctor, nngh..Zoe, no!

(He arrives at the machine too late. As the box becomes translucent Jamie finds himself grappling with thin air.)

JAMIE: Oh no!

Episode Four

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Frazer Hines

Wendy Padbury

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Lady Jennifer
Jane Sherwyn

Captain Ransom
Hubert Rees

Lieut. Crane
David Valla

German Soldier
Bernard Davies

Lieut. Lucke
Gregg Palmer

Von Weich
David Garfield

General Smythe
Noel Coalman

War Chief
Edward Brayshaw

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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