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The War Games

Episode Two

By Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks


(Against a wall the Doctor is trussed up like a prize guinea-fowl waiting for the oven. Before him a line of soldiers stands with their rifles raised.)


(Ransom draws in a breath to issue his final order. There is the sound of gunfire and the Doctor tenses himself, and then relaxes for a moment opening his eyes. He is still very much intact, but one of the soldiers is not so lucky. Ransom rushes over to him as he falls to the ground blood seeping from a hole in his shoulder. Ransom pulls out his service revolver and looks around, keeping low. A strangely dressed sniper at a high window adjusts his aim. Another rifle shot explodes singing past the Captain, he turns to a soldier.)

RANSOM: Run back!

(Ransom and the others rush forwards and engage the man in a firefight. Another man drops, and Zoe rushes over to him, but he is dead. She swiftly moves over to the Doctor and attempt to untie him.)

DOCTOR: Phew! Well done Zoe! Can you undo it?
ZOE: Oh Doctor!

(She struggles a little.)

ZOE: Oooh! ...Come on!

(The Doctor and Zoe run off while Ransom and his men are engaged.)


(General Smythe faces his video link.)

SMYTHE: I am leaving for the conference now.

(He turns the link off and closes the hinged picture of the King. There is a faint breeze as dimensions blur and air is displaced with a rich sparkling sound. In the corner of the room is a tall featureless green box the size of a wardrobe which wasn't there before. With a dry mechanical scraping the front section of the box extends outwards like a vertical drawer revealing a dark interior. The door to the General's room is thrown open as Ransom blusters in.)

RANSOM: General Smythe, the prisoners 'ave...

(He stops and stares at the box a little vaguely as if his mind were trying to decide whether he has seen it or not.)

SMYTHE: Ransom, get out!
RANSOM: Oh, what..?

(The General places his spectacles upon his nose.)

SMYTHE: There is nothing there. You can see nothing!
RANSOM: No sir, there's nothing there.
SMYTHE: You have not seen me. I have been called away to an important meeting.
RANSOM: Important meeting... Yeah.

(The General removes his spectacles and smiles thinly at Ransom who is still trance-like, then he walks into the box, the door sliding closed noisily behind him. With a sparkling sound it vanishes into thin air leaving nothing but wooden panelled wall. Ransom snaps out of his haze, and looks around the room.)

RANSOM: General Smythe?! Oh... 'Course, he's gone to that meeting!

(He leaves the room closing the door behind him.)


(Jamie holds the barbed wire entwined bars of the external door on the military prison.)

JAMIE: Hey do I not get any breakfast?

(Two guards approach and open the door. They roughly thrust a prisoner into the cell who trips and falls to the floor. As the guards are leaving Jamie tries to creep out, but a guard grabs him and shoves him back into the cell, then departs closing to door behind him. Jamie looks at his cellmate incredulously. He is a confused looking young English redcoat from his own time - silly wig and all, here in 1917!.)

JAMIE: Redcoat?! What are you doing here?
REDCOAT: Highlander!

(Upon seeing Jamie he jumps up and scampers into a corner looking like a frightened bedraggled rabbit.)

REDCOAT: Keep away from me, you!
JAMIE: Hey, e-easy now! I-I I'm a prisoner too you know! How'd you get here? Well come on how did you get here?!
REDCOAT: I don't know, I can't remember! I got lost I think.
JAMIE: What year d'you think it is?
REDCOAT: Year? Well, it's seventeen forty five!
JAMIE: Sss?!


(High up, from a hiding place in a forest on the edge of the perimeter the Doctor views the cluster of buildings that make up the military prison through a battered brass telescope.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes...yes. Yes that's it. That's the military prison all right. That's where Jamie'll be. Take a look.

(He hands the telescope to Zoe who looks.)

DOCTOR: Trouble is those sentries.

(He taps the telescope case with a finger as he considers the problem.)

ZOE: What are we going to do?
DOCTOR: Dunno... We shall have to think of something. Come on.

(Along the road that runs next to the forest, a wonderful old staff car chugs. Zoe and the Doctor scramble and slide down the side of a steep verge until they are in the road before the car, which he stops by holding up to arms at the bewildered looking driver.)

DOCTOR: And about time too!
DOCTOR: You were sent to meet us!
DRIVER: Meet who?
DOCTOR: Now don't argue! Take us to the prison! Hah, in you get Miss Herriot.

(He helps Zoe into the back of the car.)

DOCTOR: Well drive on!

(The driver thinks for a moment, but then shrugs and continues driving.)


(Jamie is attempting to coax more information from his cellmate, but isn't having much luck. He brandishes a leg that he pulled from a chair about at no-one in particular.)

JAMIE: Look, you must try and remember!
REDCOAT: I told ya! I was fighting in the Highlands, I got lost and I don't...

(A neuron in the Redcoat's brain fires.)

REDCOAT: There was this mist...
REDCOAT: It came down all round me. The next thing I knew everything was different.
JAMIE: Well, how d'you mean different?
REDCOAT: Well th-there were these great big guns, bigger than I'd ever seen before, and carts moving along without 'orses!
JAMIE: Aye, I-I I've seen those too. Now go-on go-on...
REDCOAT: Well, then-then these fellows in the funny uniforms came along, and they caught me and brought me 'ere. Where are we?
JAMIE: I don't know. But I've gotta get to the Doctor. Look, and you're gonna help me.
REDCOAT: Oh no! I don't trust you, your one of them rebels!
JAMIE: Now look, just you listen to me a moment!

(He advances on the Redcoat menacingly, the chair leg in his hand....)


(A chubby mustachioed Commandant speaks into a black phone.)

GORTON: Who? Civilians?! Well tell them to wait, I'm having my tea!

(He delicately stirs his tea and taps the spoon on the side of his cup three times before placing it on the desk. He regally picks it up with a finger and thumb and takes a sip. The door bursts open and the Doctor storms in.)

DOCTOR: How DARE YOU treat me like THIS Sir!

(A torrent of tea explodes over Gorton's neat uniform as he is caught in mid-gurgle, unsure of whether to spit or swallow.)

GORTON: What?! Who the blazes are you?!
DOCTOR: Don't you address me like that sir! This is DISGRACEFUL! I shall make a complaint directly to the MINISTER himself!
GORTON: Minister? Oh, I don't understand... Who are you?
DOCTOR: I-I I'm the examiner from the war office, I-I'm here to inspect the military prisons! This young lady is my secretary. Wha..Well-ah well you were expecting us surely?!
GORTON: Well ah, there must be some mistake, I mean... Can I see your identification papers?
DOCTOR: HOW DARE YOU! You send no car to meet us on our arrival, and now you add insult to injury by doubting my credentials! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM SIR?!
GORTON: Well I'm-I'm terribly sorry and all that. It-it's probably our adjutant's fault. Would you care for some tea?
DOCTOR: We are here to inspect the security arrangements of the prison. Now I suggest we stop wasting time and get on with it!


(Ransom, Carstairs and Jennifer pore over a map.)

RANSOM: Not a trace of them. General Smythe will be furious. We must get those people back.
CARSTAIRS: Yes of course sir.
RANSOM: Now you're got to help me, both of you. Get a party from my sergeant and search this building.
RANSOM: I'll take a patrol towards the German lines.
BUCKINGHAM: What shall I do?
RANSOM: I'd like you to stay here and man the telephone. I've put out an alert and someone might phone in some information. Alright Carstairs?
RANSOM: Er, Lady Jennifer...if the General returns perhaps you'd explain what has happened?
BUCKINGHAM: Certainly. Where's he gone?
RANSOM: He's... Been called away to an urgent meeting.

(Ransom marches off, and Carstairs returns to the table for his hat.)

BUCKINGHAM: I know it's an awful thing to say but I can't help hoping that they get away.
CARSTAIRS: I know just how you feel. Still...

(He places his hat on his head and grins.)

CARSTAIRS: Excuse me.

(He leaves.)


(The redcoat is attempting to pin Jamie to the floor who is struggling wildly.)

JAMIE: Help me, guard!
REDCOAT: Yerright...I'll kill you!
JAMIE: He's trying to kill me! Stop it!
GUARD: Get off 'im!

(The guards pull the redcoat and Jamie up from the floor.)


(They both swing into action thumping the guards who fall surprisingly easily.)

JAMIE: You fight very well - for a redcoat.

(They rush out of the cell.)


(Carstairs walks through the door which has been marked "SALOON BAR" by some graffiti artist, and over to Lady Jennifer who is finishing a telephone call.)

BUCKINGHAM: All right Corporal, I'll tell the Captain.

(She replaces the receiver.)

CARSTAIRS: Not a sign.
BUCKINGHAM: Command and Control post, nothing to report.
CARSTAIRS: Poor old Ransom! He's in for a sticky time when the General gets back.
BUCKINGHAM: Didn't you think that there was something rather strange about that court-martial?
CARSTAIRS: Ah well, military justice you know - s'not like The Old Bailey.
BUCKINGHAM: No but, you remember we were talking about not remembering things?
BUCKINGHAM: Well things are starting to come back to me.
CARSTAIRS: What sort of things?
BUCKINGHAM: Well I was on the way to the hospital, well behind the lines; I was driving through a forest and all of a sudden there was a strange sort of... Mist... Fog. And then I was in the field dressing station looking after some wounded soldiers.
CARSTAIRS: Hmm. Loss of memory...
BUCKINGHAM: No, but isn't it strange that you should to be suffering from it too?

(Carstairs clicks his fingers as if he had just had a sudden revelation.)

BUCKINGHAM: What about it?
CARSTAIRS: I wonder, could it be some kind of new gas? If perhaps the Germans have invented a new type of poison gas - one that affects our mind. Minds...


(Gorton is showing the Doctor and Zoe a map of the prison and it's defences.)

GORTON: And finally on the outer perimeter there are the concealed tripwires and the patrols.
ZOE: Certainly does look escape proof!
DOCTOR: I'd like to see the records.
GORTON: What? Oh yes, they're over here. You won't find anything wrong there.
DOCTOR: I sincerely hope not!
GORTON: There you are!
DOCTOR: Oh yes!
GORTON: Arrivals...
DOCTOR: ...Yes
GORTON: Lengths of sentences! Discharges.

(The Doctor reads the record book.)

DOCTOR: Yes, arrivals... Latest arrival Scottish deserter awaiting return to his regiment. Possible to talk to a prisoner?
GORTON: Well, er, it's very irregular...

(The Doctor shoots him a steely look.)

GORTON: Ah-hah, however, er for you I'm sure I can arrange...

(The telephone rings and Gorton answers it.)

GORTON: Excuse me. Gorton here. What? Escaped?! Well get onto it right away man! Let me know as soon as you've got them!

(He slams the phone down then looks up, as if he'd momentarily forgotten the Doctor was there.)

DOCTOR: Is something the matter Commandant?
GORTON: Er, nothing important.
DOCTOR: Did I hear you say that someone had escaped?
GORTON: Oh well-eeh, as a matter of fact, yes. Two chaps. Ah, one of them was the Scotsman that you were talking about...


(Jamie and the redcoat move along beside a wall. Jamie puts up a hand to stop the redcoat, then motions him forward. As they approach a gate a squad of guards jump up from behind the cover of a stone wall and level their revolvers.)

GUARD: Halt or we fire!
JAMIE: Come on!

(Jamie and the redcoat run back the way they came as shots begin to ring out.)


(Gorton is talking on the telephone.)

GORTON: Shot? Both of them? I see, right. Keep me informed.

(He replaces the receiver.)

GORTON: That's one of 'em! Shot while trying to escape!
ZOE: Shot?! Well which one was it, the Highlander?
GORTON: No, but does it matter?
DOCTOR: MATTER? Why, eeh...of COURSE it matters! Shooting down prisoners, why it's barbaric!
GORTON: But they were trying to escape!
DOCTOR: Well that's no excuse for murder! I-I want the other man brought here.
GORTON: Well what for?
DOCTOR: I'm not satisfied, I want to hear the prisoner's side of the story.

(Gorton looks extremely annoyed but his military mind still remains obedient to his apparent superior.)



(Jamie is dragged along to the Commandant's office by two guards.)


(The guards deposit Jamie who looks around and greets the Doctor enthusiastically.)

JAMIE: Doctor!
DOCTOR: We'll see you get a Doctor if you need one, my man! Right let him go ...Uh-uh, Commandant, dismiss your man!
GORTON: Uh, carry on.

(To Jamie's astonishment the Guards release him and leave. As Jamie attempts to talk the Doctor talks over him.)

JAMIE: Ehwhatareyoudoing?!
DOCTOR: SPEAK when you're SPOKEN to! Now then what's all this about trying to escape?
JAMIE: Whatareyouupto?!
DOCTOR: I'm NOT concerned with that! What about the-the other man you were with?
JAMIE: Oh, he was shot in the leg, a-and they were going to shoot me too!
DOCTOR: I see. This is very serious, I shall have to make a full report.
GORTON: But they were trying to escape! My men had no alternative but to shoot!
DOCTOR: We'll see what General Smythe has to say about that! Hahaha.

(Gorton has had enough.)

GORTON: Indeed we will!
DOCTOR: Ah, what are you doing?
GORTON: I'm going to telephone General Smythe. I've had about all I can take from you sir!

(He picks up the telephone receiver.)

GORTON: Er, General Smythe.
DOCTOR: Ah, you'll regret this, er, the Minister...
GORTON: I don't care two hoots about the Minister! Hah! Besides, I'm not even sure you're from the War Office! Yes, where are your identity papers?
DOCTOR: My identity papers?

(The Doctor makes to search his pockets.)

GORTON: I thought so! I thought there was a fishy story all along! Hello, is that...aiiigh!

(Gorton is swiftly cut off by Zoe as she obliterates a vase of flowers on his head.)

ZOE: I'm sorry Doctor but it seemed the only way.
DOCTOR: Oh well done Zoe!

(He examines Gorton.)

DOCTOR: Yes I, I think he'll survive. Right, come on. Let's see if we can bluff our way out of here!

(The Doctor rushes over to the door, Jamie and Zoe following.)

JAMIE: W-yeah, but why were you kidding wh...

(As the Doctor opens the door his face falls at the sight of a bemused Captain Ransom and guards standing in the doorway.)

RANSOM: Going somewhere? Perhaps I can give you a lift?


(Carstairs is still chatting to Jennifer.)

BUCKINGHAM: General Smythe had made up his mind that those men were guilty, he wanted that man to be shot!
CARSTAIRS: But perhaps he knew that they were guilty?
BUCKINGHAM: Oh you don't really believe that?!

(Carstairs shrugs.)

CARSTAIRS: No I don't.

(Ransom swaggers in grinning happily.)

RANSOM: Well we've got them! You'll never believe where we found them.
CARSTAIRS: Hah, where were they?
RANSOM: Well I was on the way back here, I'd given up the search. Suddenly occurred to me I'd better go and tell old Gorton about it.
BUCKINGHAM: Well who's Gorton?
RANSOM: He's the Commandant at the prison. Popped into his office and there they were!
CARSTAIRS: What were they doing there?
RANSOM: Hahaha! Well, you know that chap, he'd convinced old Gorton that he was the Minister from Whitehall! And he'd nearly bluffed him into letting that Scots lad go! Hahaha! I don't know... I must say I admire his er... Gore. It seems a pity really... Have to shoot him.

(He places a pipe into his mouth and contemplates silently to himself as he strikes a match. Carstairs approaches him.)

CARSTAIRS: Sir, I'd like to speak to you sir; the court martial, it wasn't in accordance with King's regulations.
CARSTAIRS: Ah, I'm not satisfied.
RANSOM: Oh don't be ridiculous man it's perfectly fair! General's a great stickler for that kind of thing. Sentence will be carried out as soon as he returns. Lady Jennifer, notify Command Posts will you? Let them know the hunt's over.
BUCKINGHAM: Ah, yes, certainly.

(He walks out puffing on his pipe.)

BUCKINGHAM: D'you see, he didn't remember what happened at the court martial!
CARSTAIRS: He really seems to believe they had a fair trial!
BUCKINGHAM: The General wanted that man to be shot - why?
CARSTAIRS: I don't know... I think I'd better have a word with those civilians and try and find out. If Ransom comes back, try and keep him occupied will you?

(Carstairs leaves.)


(The Doctor is pacing the cell trying to fit all the pieces together to come up with a vaguely recognisable picture.)

DOCTOR: A redcoat Jamie?!
JAMIE: Aye, and he thinks he's in 1745!
DOCTOR: But that's a complete anachronism!
JAMIE: Aye... Eh, it's a what?
DOCTOR: It's something out of it's own time.
ZOE: Yes, like the telecommunications unit in the General's room that I told you about.
ZOE: I found it when I was looking for the key.
DOCTOR: Both these things are in the wrong time! But what are they doing here in 1917?

(The door opens and a stern Carstairs, his revolver held up walks into the cell.)

CARSTAIRS: Close the door!

(The door shuts and locks behind him.)


(Lady Jennifer is talking on the telephone.)

BUCKINGHAM: Yes Major, they were recaptured half an hour ago. Captain Ransom wanted me to let you know. Goodbye.

(She replaces the receiver.)

BUCKINGHAM: I've notified all the command posts.
RANSOM: That's awfully kind of you. Has the General not returned yet.
BUCKINGHAM: No. Er, does he often disappear like this? I mean, surely he ought to keep you informed?
RANSOM: Well, he's a very busy man you know. Where's young Carstairs?
BUCKINGHAM: Oh er, he's-he's gone to look for some transport.
RANSOM: Oh good! I think I'd better go and make certain those prisoners are safely under lock and key.

(Ransom gets up.)

BUCKINGHAM: ...Ooh it-it, um... It must be very difficult working for someone like General Smythe...
RANSOM: Yes, I suppose he is a bit of a martinet, he has a great deal of responsibility you know.
BUCKINGHAM: Oh yes, but a great deal falls upon your shoulders, Captain.
RANSOM: Yes I suppose it is a job, running a place like this you know. Quite a problem. People don't understand it's the paperwork you see! It's quite fantastic how many forms we have to fill in. Just look at that!

(Ransom hands Lady Jennifer a wad of papers and sits down again as he begins to talk.)


(Carstairs is struggling to understand.)

CARSTAIRS: But what is a video screen? Is it some kind of cinematograph?
ZOE: Oh well it's a bit more complicated than that. If only I could show it to you.
DOCTOR: If you'll take us to the General's room, we'll prove this thing exists!
CARSTAIRS: Alright, you show it to me and I'll believe you!

(He knocks twice on the door with his revolver.)

CARSTAIRS: But you'd better be right!

(The door opens.)


(Lady Jennifer smiles at Captain Ransom.)

BUCKINGHAM: I see! But how do you keep a track of all the equipment?
RANSOM: Ah well, now that's the problem. I keep sending the Sublieutenants the forms, and they... They just don't fill them in!
BUCKINGHAM: But if they're at the front fighting...
RANSOM: There's no excuse for mislaying valuable military equipment. Do you the...last push we lost over one hundred shovels?

(The telephone rings and Lady Jennifer swiftly picks it up just as Ransom makes a grab for it.)


CARSTAIRS: Hello, la-lady Jennifer? Carstairs. Look, I... What there with you now? Well get rid of him, quickly!


BUCKINGHAM: Y-yes, all right. I will.
RANSOM: That for me?
BUCKINGHAM: Yes alright.

(She replaces the receiver.)

RANSOM: Who was there?
BUCKINGHAM: The General.

(Ransom jumps up.)

RANSOM: The General?!

(Lady Jennifer nods.)

BUCKINGHAM: He's at um, number seventeen command post and he'd like you to join him there immediately.
RANSOM: Oh right. Well what's he doing there? That's the farthest point in the sector! Mm, I better join him I suppose. Jolly nice talking to you! You know... Not many women take an interest in the problems of supply. Goodbye.

(Taking his hat from the table, he leaves. Moments later the phone rings and she picks up.)

BUCKINGHAM: Yes, yes he's just gone. Oh. Oh alright.

(She replaces the receiver, then moves over to the window to check that Ransom has left in his car. She turns to see Carstairs and the prisoners walking about free.)

BUCKINGHAM: What on Earth are you doing?!
DOCTOR: There's no time to explain now. Now where is this thing Zoe?
ZOE: It's over there.

(She leads the Doctor towards the General's room.)

BUCKINGHAM: But that's the General's private room!


(Carstairs opens the door to the General's room and they all pile inside. Zoe goes straight for the picture of the King and opens it, beneath, the video screen glows to itself.)

ZOE: There it is!
CARSTAIRS: There's nothing there, only wall.
DOCTOR: What, d'you mean you can't see that screen?

(The screen appears as a section of blank wooden wall to them.)

BUCKINGHAM: What are we supposed to be looking at?
CARSTAIRS: Well I still can't see anything.
DOCTOR: Look at the wall! Concentrate!

(Slowly the blank wall melts away.)

BUCKINGHAM: It is there, I can see it!
DOCTOR: Can you see it yet?
CARSTAIRS: Yes, but... What's it for?
ZOE: Well it's like a telephone, only you can see people as well as hear them.
BUCKINGHAM: What's on the other end?


(General Smythe and a subordinate wearing a pair of strange futuristic glasses peer down at a transparent map which is divided into sections as if it were the board of a game. In the centre of the board everything that is going on in the room is being observed in an integrated screen. The tiny image of the Doctor looks up out of the game board.)

DOCTOR: Good heavens this thing is switched on!

(The image of the Doctor reaches forwards, towards the screen and vanishes.)


ZOE: But we didn't see anything on the screen.
DOCTOR: No, but somebody may have seen us! We've got to get away from here, all of us.
CARSTAIRS: Get away, where d'you hope to get to?
DOCTOR: Well anywhere so long as it's away from here.
CARSTAIRS: I-I-I just can't let you go - just like that!

(He turns to Carstairs and Lady Jennifer.)

DOCTOR: Yes you can! And you've gotta come too, your lives will be in danger now, both of you!
BUCKINGHAM: I think he's right.

(Carstairs raises his revolver.)

DOCTOR: Now look, my friends and I are leaving here - are you going to shoot us down?!

(Carstairs lowers the gun.)

CARSTAIRS: Alright. I'll believe you.

(He closes the picture and replaces his gun in his shoulder holster. They all exit the room.)


BUCKINGHAM: I'll get the ambulance.
CARSTAIRS: Ah yes, ah meet you by the front entrance.
DOCTOR: What do you want us to do?
CARSTAIRS: Ah, just clamber into the ambulance and keep quiet, I'm going to have to bluff our way past the sentries. Now just wait here, I'll get some maps.

(He leaves.)

JAMIE: Are we going back to the TARDIS now?
DOCTOR: No-no-no-no, we must stay here, er...and see what is happening!
ZOE: We can't leave these people now anyway!
JAMIE: No I suppose not.
DOCTOR: Right, are you ready? Come on!

(As the are leaving Ransom walks in and is surprised to see the prisoners.)

RANSOM: Carstairs, what's going on?
CARSTAIRS: Orders from the General sir. He wants the prisoners taken to HQ immediately!
RANSOM: Are you sure your message is genuine?
CARSTAIRS: Well yes sir, I spoke to the General personally!
RANSOM: Well I dunno, I had a message to meet him at command post seventeen, that was a fake!
CARSTAIRS: Well the General was most insistent sir, but of course it uh, it is up to you, sir.
RANSOM: Oh you, you'd b-better carry on.
CARSTAIRS: Very good sir.

(He levels his gun at the prisoners.)

CARSTAIRS: Alright, move off. Any trouble mind, I won't hesitate to fire!
RANSOM: Just a minute Carstairs...
RANSOM: Where's Lady Jennifer?
CARSTAIRS: She's somewhere around sir.
RANSOM: Right.

(Carstairs and the others leave.)

RANSOM: I want a word with her!


(The ambulance draws up and stops with it's engine running.)

DOCTOR: Right Zoe, up you go

(They pile into the back and Carstairs walks around the front.)

JAMIE: Okay, right.

(Jamie grabs a dangling strap and hoists himself onto the back of the ambulance as it drives off.)


(With a sparkling sound the green box materialises. The door scrapes open and General Smythe strides out looking around. He moves to the picture which hasn't be closed properly, and snaps it shut.)


(With a thunderous look the General leaves his room approaches Ransom, who stands to greet him.)

SMYTHE: Where are the prisoners?
RANSOM: Everything's alright sir, they're on their way to HQ just as you ordered!
SMYTHE: I gave no such order!
RANSOM: Well... They've just left with Lieutenant Carstairs sir.
SMYTHE: Ransom you're a fool! Where's Lady Jennifer?
RANSOM: I don't know sir. She gave me a message to meet you at command post seventeen.

(He moves to the window.)

RANSOM: The ambulance sir, it's gone!
SMYTHE: Now we know what to look for! Well issue a general order at once!
RANSOM: Yes sir.


(The old ambulance judders along the rough dirt track.)


(Ransom is speaking into a telephone.)

RANSOM: Good, thank you.

(He replaces the receiver.)

RANSOM: Ambulance spotted sir!
SMYTHE: Where?
RANSOM: Sector four, heading east, travelling very fast! I'll send out a motorcycle patrol.
SMYTHE: No need for that.
RANSOM: Well sector four could cut them off.
SMYTHE: Mmm. Concentration of artillery there. Yes, that should reach 'em.
RANSOM: Well, use artillery on an ambulance sir?
SMYTHE: That ambulance is in enemy hands Ransom!
RANSOM: But there are two women on board!

(Smythe places his spectacles upon his nose.)

SMYTHE: I want a creeping barrage laid along that road. Do you understand? Do you understand?!
RANSOM: Yes, I understand.

(He removes his spectacles.)

SMYTHE: Well order the artillery to fire then.
RANSOM: A very good idea sir! Creeping barrage! Stop 'em dead!
SMYTHE: That's just how we want them. Dead.

(The General scowls sadistically.)


(The ambulance begins to get shelled, the artillery gradually getting closer. The ambulance stops and Carstairs runs around into the back.)


(They all flatten themselves down and study the map.)

CARSTAIRS: Artillery barrage, and we're still eleven miles from the German lines!
DOCTOR: Well perhaps it's not, perhaps it's not German artillery!
CARSTAIRS: Well our chaps wouldn't fire at us!
DOCTOR: No, but General Smythe might!
JAMIE: Whoever it is it ain't getting better!
CARSTAIRS: Let's get out of here! Bring the rest of the maps.
DOCTOR: Righto! Stay here, keep under cover.

(The Doctor and Carstairs exit and walk around to the front.)

DOCTOR: Oh a-ah.

(The ambulance drives along the road and as it is driving slowly fades away into thin air.)


(The ambulance appears to have driven into a void, all around is brilliant featureless white mist, but oddest of all it seems to be having a curious effect on Carstairs and Lady Jennifer. They start to become woozy and unable to focus or move properly.)

DOCTOR: What is it?
CARSTAIRS: Fog...can't see...
BUCKINGHAM: I can't go on, there's something stopping me!
DOCTOR: It's not gas, go on.
DOCTOR: Well move over let me, come on.

(Lady Jennifer moves aside and the Doctor drives.)


(The ambulance fades into existence on a neat winding road which is quite different to the muddy dirt track they were on before, then stops. The air is still, fresh and warm - nothing like the damp litter-strewn mudhole smelling of rot and burning cordite they have come from.)

JAMIE: That's more like it!
ZOE: That mist Doctor, what was it?
DOCTOR: I don't know Zoe, some sort of force field.
ZOE: Where are we? No sign of the war here!
JAMIE: Yes, and the guns have stopped too.
DOCTOR: Yes it's odd Jamie.

(He wanders to the side of the road and up the hill, Jamie and Zoe follow. Carstairs and Lady Jennifer disembark from the ambulance.)

CARSTAIRS: Feeling better?
BUCKINGHAM: Ah, yes. Thank you.

(The Doctor and his companions have reached the brow of the hill. Jamie stretches and takes a deep breath.)

JAMIE: Oh-ah, that's better!

(Zoe looks over into the distance.)

ZOE: What's that?

(A large group of men rushes towards them from the distance, yelling loudly. They are clad in metal and leather tunics and have shiny metal helmets, all have long shields and swords drawn. To the front, a wooden chariot pulled by two galloping horses carries a rider, and the soldier at the lead bears a large gold banner bearing the emblem of an eagle and a laurel wreath with the word SPQR emblazoned on it.)

ZOE: Oh come on!

(They scramble back down the hill towards the ambulance as fast as their legs will carry them.)

DOCTOR: Start the engine!
ZOE: Quick!
JAMIE: Look!

(They all climb into the back of the ambulance as Carstairs rushes to the engine and desperately cranks the handle. The Roman garrison rushes down the hill towards the defenceless, immobile ambulance....)

Episode Three

The Doctor
Patrick Troughton

Captain Ransom
Hubert Rees

Wendy Padbury

General Smythe
Noel Coalman

Frazer Hines

Tony McEwan

Commandant Gorton
Richard Steele

Leiut. Carstairs
David Saville

Lady Jennifer
Jane Sherwyn

Military Chauffer
Peter Stanton

Military Policeman
Pat Gorman

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Incidental Music by
Dudley Simpson

Special Sound by
Brian Hodgeson and the
BBC Radiophonic

Special Effects Designed by
Michael John Harris

Roger Cheveley

Derrick Sherwin

David Maloney

(C) BBCTV 1969

Transcribed by


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