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first broadcast - 30th November 1968
running time - 23 minutes 25 seconds


(Staccato tones rise in pitch as the webbed cocoon writhes in agitation. Its surface tears at its top, and two metal hands part the fabric to free its head, a head with a blank face, no nose, a slit for a mouth, featureless eyes, metal for skin, and jug-handle-shaped stiff hoses replacing ears. The figure struggles out of its berth, revealing stiff metal limbs, a complex bank of lights and equipment affixed to its chest, and a looming stature. It could only be one thing.)

JAMIE: (Whispering.) The Cybermen.
DOCTOR: Shh...
JAMIE: Where do they come from?
DOCTOR: I don't know, Jamie, but they're here, aren't they?! Come on, let's go back to the canoe.

(They both quietly leave the warehouse, heading back for their canoe.)


(JAMIE and the DOCTOR paddle through the canal in the same manner they came - up the river in the canoe.)


(ISOBEL, ZOE and Captain TURNER gather about the command table.)

ZOE: And what do you think will happen?
TURNER: Well, it's not really a military matter now.
ISOBEL: You'll simply hand this over to the police?
TURNER: More or less.
ISOBEL: Pity. I could have got some great pictures and made a bomb selling them to the papers. Oh well.
TURNER: Look, perhaps I can compensate by buying you dinner.
ISOBEL: (Looks surprised and delighted at the thought.) That would be nice.

(A thought suddenly occurs to her.)

ISOBEL: Hey are you stinking rich?
TURNER: (Laughs.) Not on a Captain's pay, I'm not.
ISOBEL: It's not my day is it?
TURNER: Money isn't everything, you know...

(Their conversation is interrupted when JAMIE and the DOCTOR return to the UNIT HQ aeroplane.)

ZOE: Doctor, any luck? What did you find out?
JAMIE: Some old friends of ours are here, Zoe.
ZOE: Who?
JAMIE: The Cybermen.

(ZOE, looking a little shocked, turns to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I'm afraid it's true, Zoe.
ZOE: That's what you suspected, wasn't it?
ISOBEL: What on Earth are Cybermen?
DOCTOR: They're from another world - inhuman killers.
TURNER: You mean... they are from space or something?
ZOE: And that spaceship on the other side of the Moon was obviously their craft.
ISOBEL: (Jokingly.) What are they? Little green men?

(She notices the DOCTOR sit down with a very worried expression on his face.)

ISOBEL: You're serious?
ZOE: (Very serious.) We've met Cybermen before and seen what they can do.
TURNER: Where exactly are they and how many?
JAMIE: At Vaughn's headquarters in London...
DOCTOR: Hundreds... possibly thousands.
ZOE: So Vaughn's helping them.
DOCTOR: That deep-space radio transmitter is obviously going to be used by the Cybermen spaceships to home in on.
TURNER: So that's what all those UFOs were. But there have been hundreds of those sightings...
JAMIE: Aye, they must have quite an army by now. The thing is, where are they hiding them all?

(The DOCTOR stands up again.)

DOCTOR: I don't know, Jamie. Captain, where's the Brigadier?
TURNER: At the Ministry of Defence. I'd better get on to him immediately and tell him what you've discovered.
DOCTOR: No, no, Captain. The people who went into Vaughn's HQ were different when they came out, weren't they.
ZOE: Do you think they're been controlled, Doctor?
TURNER: (Puzzled.) Controlled?
ZOE: The Cybermen have means of controlling people's minds. They appear to be almost normal, but they're not, they're controlled.
DOCTOR: Who is the Brigadier immediately answerable to?
TURNER: Major-General Rutlidge.


(The BRIGADIER is in now in RUTLIDGE's office, and is not happy at the way he is taking his report.)

BRIGADIER: (Incredulously.) No cause for alarm? Billy, do you know what happened? They tried to shoot down one of my helicopters.
RUTLIDGE: You were trespassing over their top security area.
BRIGADIER: Oh, for heaven sake. If you can't trust a UNIT force, who can you trust?
RUTLIDGE: There's nothing we...

(He breaks off suddenly.)

BRIGADIER: What's the matter?
RUTLIDGE: Nothing. Nothing at all.

(But he does have an odd glazed look on his eyes. The BRIGADIER tries a different track.)

BRIGADIER: Look, Billy, Vaughn's a powerful chap, I know that. We can at least request a formal investigation.
RUTLIDGE: This isn't our province.
BRIGADIER: (Thundering.) Well then who's province is it?
RUTLIDGE: It's no good in getting angry about this. You must see this from my point of view. All you have given me is vague reports, nothing conclusive, no proof.

(The BRIGADIER can't believe his ears.)

BRIGADIER: No proof?!
RUTLIDGE: I'm sure this is a misunderstanding. I'll talk to the C in C of internal security myself.
BRIGADIER: But Billy. Talk won't help. I want some sort of action, and I want it now. At least get the civil authorities to investigate.
RUTLIDGE: You have to leave this matter with me.
BRIGADIER: (Threatening.) Will I?
RUTLIDGE: If you're thinking about going to see the C in C yourself, I shouldn't bother, you'll be wasting his time.
BRIGADIER: So you're going to do nothing?

(A thought suddenly occurs to him.)

BRIGADIER: What sort of hold has Vaughn got on you?

(This catches RUTLIDGE off guard.)

RUTLIDGE: Vaughn? I...

(He then pulls himself together.)

RUTLIDGE: Brigadier, your UNIT force will take no precipitous action without top-priority permission. That is an order.
BRIGADIER: (Firmly.) I see,... sir. Well, you can override my authority, but not that of UNIT Central Command. I'm sending a full report to them in Geneva.

(He salutes, turns on his heel, and leaves briskly. RUTLIDGE looks worried and he reaches for the communicator.)

RUTLIDGE: International Electromatics - Central Office.
PHONE OPERATOR: (OOV.) Just one moment please, sir.
RUTLIDGE: Oh... with priority scramble.


(PACKER holds the London office door open for the entering Tobias VAUGHN. His telephone is ringing on his desk and he answers it.)

VAUGHN: Have Gregory work with Professor Watkins on the machine.
PACKER: Yes, Mister Vaughn

(PACKER turns to leave.)

VAUGHN: No, wait.

(He presses a button on his desk.)

VAUGHN: Report.
VOICE: (OOV.) Communication from Major General Rutlidge on public video.
VAUGHN: Switch to visual circuit.

(A close-up of RUTLIDGE's face appears on three screens set into the wall of the office.)

VAUGHN: What is it, Rutlidge?
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) The UNIT group.
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) There'll be trouble. I can't stop it.
VAUGHN: Why not? You have authority to.
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) I have no authority outside this country. A report is being made to UNIT Central Control. They're bound to investigate and take action.
VAUGHN: I see. How long before this will be effective?
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) I think... I should...

(RUTLIDGE tries to say something, but his sentence falters and he just stares into the camera.)

PACKER: What's the matter with him?
VAUGHN: Listen to me, Rutlidge?
LISTEN! You will obey my commands. You understand?
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) Your commands.
VAUGHN: You will leave your office and come here to me.
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) To you?
VAUGHN: Immediately. Do you understand?
RUTLIDGE: (OOV.) I must... your commands.
RUTLIDGE: Yes. I understand. I understand.
VAUGHN: Good fellow.

(The picture fades away.)

PACKER: What was the matter with him?
VAUGHN: Our control over him is weakening.
PACKER: That could be dangerous. If he doesn't obey your orders to come over here, he might...
VAUGHN: Oh, he will, Packer, he will.


WALTERS: Are you sure, Miss? I see. Right, thanks.

(Sergeant WALTERS hangs up a phone and turns to Captain TURNER.)

TURNER: Got him?
WALTERS: No sir, General Rutlidge's secretary says that he left some time ago.
TURNER: I see. What about the Brigadier?
WALTERS: Apparently he wasn't there long, sir. He must be on his way back now.
TURNER: Right.

(The DOCTOR comes into view.)

TURNER: Doctor, It seems to be too late. The Brigadier's already been in to see Rutlidge.
DOCTOR: (Looking worried.) Oh, dear.
TURNER: The question is now: where exactly do we stand with Rutlidge?


(RUTLIDGE is currently standing in VAUGHN's office and is glassy-eyes before VAUGHN's desk.)

VAUGHN: I must know, Rutlidge. You must tell me.

(RUTLIDGE at first says nothing, and suddenly VAUGHN slams his fist into the desk and screams at him.)

RUTLIDGE: I... One day, maybe two.
VAUGHN: Good. Time enough.

(PACKER interrupts from his perch near the window:)

PACKER: Well, I don't like it. Supposing the UNIT forces move faster than that? Supposing they...
VAUGHN: Let me do the supposing, Packer.
PACKER: Yes, Mister Vaughn.
VAUGHN: Ah, just to be on the safe side - I think that we should conduct an experiment.
PACKER: What do you mean?
VAUGHN: Have the Professor's machine taken down to the warehouse. Wait outside. I'll join you later.
PACKER: What are you going to do?
VAUGHN: Wait and see, Packer. Wait and see.
PACKER: Yes, sir.

(PACKER points at RUTLIDGE.)

PACKER: What about him?
VAUGHN: Oh, leave him to me.

(PACKER leaves and VAUGHN stands. VAUGHN crosses to the rear wall and presses the slide control. Again the wall pivots back on a corner and reveals the dark alcove and the "apparatus" [which can now be described as the CYBER-PLANNER] standing and whirring at him. RUTLIDGE stares at it - hardly able to believe his eyes.)

VAUGHN: There has been some difficulty. We must alter our plan.
CYBER-PLANNER: Report the difficulty and we will assess it.
VAUGHN: We must bring the invasion forward.
CYBER-PLANNER: Our invasion force is not yet complete.
VAUGHN: The invasion must take place in fifteen hours' time, otherwise we may have to face the combined military forces of the entire world.
CYBER-PLANNER: Wait while the report will be assessed.

(VAUGHN immediately jumps in.)

VAUGHN: You will accept what I say or our partnership will be at an end. The invasion will take place at dawn tomorrow.

(The Planner begins spinning and it whirrs at a different pitch as it transmits the data into space and receives instructions.)

CYBER-PLANNER: It has been agreed. The data will be computed and the invasion details transmitted to you. Discussion terminated.


(Men wearing welding masks operate the controls of the waking device as it pours power into another one of the gauze-like cocoons. We see two already powered Cybermen standing in the corner. The cocoon tears open as the Cyberman within emerges. PACKER enters and marches up to one of the workmen.)

PACKER: How many more?
WORKMAN: About fifty more crates, sir.
PACKER: Hurry it up.
WORKMAN: Yes, sir.

(PACKER walks over and throws a switch which opens a secret door built into the wall.)

PACKER: Follow me.

(Both Cybermen follow willingly through a door into an adjoining room with a raised platform with a large opening set into its floor. PACKER stands on this platform, having thrown another switch to open the large opening.)

PACKER: Have you received your instructions?

(One of the two CYBERMEN speaks in a robotic high-pitched voice.)

PACKER: You will proceed through the sewer tunnels to your allotted sectors. There you will obey the commands of your section leader.
CYBERMAN: We understand.
PACKER: Proceed.

(The CYBERMEN acknowledge the orders and start climbing up the platform.)


(The DOCTOR studies yet another map, this one of the sewers of London, which he describes to his audience of the BRIGADIER, JAMIE, ZOE, TURNER and ISOBEL.)

DOCTOR: You see, a network of tunnels underneath London.
BRIGADIER: And that's where you think they might be?
DOCTOR: Yes... and look!

(He points out a main flood-release sewer running under the warehouse.)

DOCTOR: There's a main flood-release sewer running right beneath the warehouse.
BRIGADIER: Yes, but if there is water in the sewers, wouldn't that affect them?
DOCTOR: Oh no, no. Besides, many of these tunnels are dry and only flood during heavy rainfall.
ISOBEL: What are we going to do - pray for a cloudburst?
BRIGADIER: Miss Watkins, this could be very serious.
ISOBEL: I'm sorry, but, well it's a pretty fantastic story to swallow.
BRIGADIER: Yes, but so was the attack from the Yeti, but nevertheless it happened.

(Captain TURNER bends over the BRIGADIER's shoulder.)

TURNER: With all due respect sir, she's right. Nobody believed in the Yetis until they saw them. If you go to Central Command with this story, they'll think you're mad.
BRIGADIER: Yes, Jimmy, you're right. Course, what we really need is some sort of evidence... some proof.
DOCTOR: I think that it might be better at the moment to find out what form that attack is going to take.

(He thinks for a moment, then turns to JAMIE.)

DOCTOR: Jamie...
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: That transistor radio that Vaughn gave you, have you still got it?
JAMIE: Aye, here.

(He hands it over to the DOCTOR, who starts to dismantle it.)

DOCTOR: Brigadier, do you have any IE equipment here?
BRIGADIER: Hmm, Jimmy, have we?
JIMMY: Yes, we have sir. A computer and several radios and various radar components.
DOCTOR: May I see them please?
BRIGADIER: Certainty, Jimmy, would you...
TURNER: I'll show you Doctor, this way...
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(TURNER leads him to them.)


(PACKER watches as the two Cybermen climb down through the "Cyber" manhole, then gets up and returns to the wake-up room. There, VAUGHN and GREGORY are waiting for him.)

VAUGHN: Ah, there you are, Packer. Everything going well?
PACKER: Yes, Mister Vaughn.
VAUGHN: Good. Time for our little experiment.

(GREGORY looks worried.)

GREGORY: Mister Vaughn... I don't really think...
VAUGHN: We must try the machine, Gregory.
GREGORY: It could be dangerous.
VAUGHN: It could be even more dangerous if they didn't try it. We must make sure we have an effective weapon against the Cybermen.
PACKER: You're going to try it on one of them?!
VAUGHN: Why not?

(He steps forward and examines one of the cocoons. He turns back to the Technicians.)

VAUGHN: Revive it... umm, just enough to bring it out of its cocoon.

(One of the technicians attaches wires to the cocoon. They activate the waking device and the Cyberman slowly tears its way out of the web, and then stops and stands in place.)

VAUGHN: Hold it there. Now Gregory... connect the Professor's machine.

(GREGORY steps forward hesitantly, kneels down on the floor nervously, sets the box of wires that is the machine on the floor apprehensively, gets up.)

GREGORY: (Panicking.) Mister Vaughn, please!!

(GREGORY attaches wires around the Cyberman's neck cautiously, then picks up the machine again and steps back finally with a high degree of concern.)

GREGORY: What emotion should I induce.
VAUGHN: Fear! Let's see how the Cybermen will react to fear.

(GREGORY already knows how he reacts to fear as he switches on the machine. At first the Cyberman does nothing, but then begins to move a little, somewhat in pain.)

VAUGHN: Increase the power!

(GREGORY does. The Cyberman suddenly cries out in an electronic frenzy of half-choked screams and begins to writhe in pain.)

VAUGHN: More power!
GREGORY: (Shouts.) That's all there is.

(The Cyberman suddenly goes berserk and tears the wires from its neck. It screams in agony and twists its arms in circles, slowly moving PACKER against the wall. PACKER pulls his pistol and fires several shots into the Cyberman to no effect.)

PACKER: Quick!

(The three humans hide behind one of the unopened cocoons as the Cyberman suddenly changes its deranged mind and stumbles in the opposite direction, out the door into the room leading to the sewers, watched by VAUGHN and GREGORY.)

GREGORY: I warned you... that machine isn't ready yet.
PACKER: It's following them down into the sewers.
VAUGHN: Let it go.
PACKER: It's gone mad. It could have killed us all.
VAUGHN: Possibly, but we proved that the Professor's machine can be effective. Get him to work on it, Gregory. I want twice as much power and I want directional control.

(PACKER points to the mad Cyberman, who we can see through the door climbing down into the sewers.)

PACKER: But what about that one. We can't let it roam down there alone!
VAUGHN: (Calmly.) Why not?
PACKER: (Protests.) It will kill anyone who gets in its way.
VAUGHN: Good. Anyone fool enough to be down in those sewers deserves to die.

(He walks off, leaving PACKER and GREGORY to stare after him.)


(The BRIGADIER and ISOBEL talk about getting some proof. On a bench, JAMIE and ZOE are listening.)

ISOBEL: Now, you really believe that these Cybermen things are down in the sewers.
BRIGADIER: Seems to make sense.
ISOBEL: But you can't do anything about it without proof or evidence.
BRIGADIER: Central command would think I was mad.
ISOBEL: Well, the answer's simple surely: go and get some proof.
BRIGADIER: And how can I prove that in the sewers of London that there are creatures from outer space waiting to attack us. Go and get one?

(ZOE overhears.)

ZOE: You wouldn't stand a chance against them, Isobel.
ISOBEL: Ah, you wouldn't have to go anywhere near them. Photograph them.

(The BRIGADIER rounds on her with a look of "Eureka!" on his face.)

BRIGADIER: That's not a bad... Oh wait a minute, it would be pitch dark in those tunnels.
ISOBEL: You could use an infrared film, a twenty-five filter on a 35 mil camera with a telephoto lens and you can take frame after frame without getting anywhere near them.
BRIGADIER: Is that all gibberish or do you really know what you're talking about?
ISOBEL: (Irritated.) Of course I know.
BRIGADIER: If you're right, this could well be the sort of proof I need to get some action.
ISOBEL: (Energised.) Well, all I need is her cameras from the house and then I'm all set.
BRIGADIER: (Facing her, warning.) Wait a minute, this isn't a job for you.
ISOBEL: Why ever not?
BRIGADIER: (Trying to be tactful.) Well, you're a young woman. This is a job for my men.

(This doesn't go down well. ISOBEL totally explodes.)

ISOBEL: Well, of all the bigoted, anti-feminist, cretinous remarks...
BRIGADIER: (Insists.) This is no job for a girl like you, now that's final.
ISOBEL: (Stammering.) Oh, you, you... you MAN!

(The BRIGADIER isn't phased at all.)

BRIGADIER: I'll get in touch with my photographic unit and get them onto it.

(As the BRIGADIER walks off, ISOBEL returns to JAMIE and ZOE.)

ISOBEL: Oh, that stupid... bigoted... idiotic...

(JAMIE stands up.)

JAMIE: Aye, well, he's right you know!
ZOE: (Astonished.) Jamie McCrimmon!
JAMIE: Well, he is.
ZOE: Just because you are a man, you think that you're superior, do you?
JAMIE: Now I didn't say that... Of course, it's true.
ZOE: Is it really? Right, coming Isobel?
ISOBEL: (Catching on.) What a splendid idea.

(And the two step towards the exit of the UNIT plane.)

JAMIE: Where are you going?
ZOE: (Conspiratorially to ISOBEL.) Do you think we should let him come with us.
ISOBEL: Oh, I don't know. Men aren't much good in situations like this.
JAMIE: Just a moment, where are you're going?
ISOBEL: London... coming?
JAMIE: London? Now we shouldn't do anything without the Doctor!

(ZOE and ISOBEL aren't listening to him, and in fact exit the plane. He looks back for the DOCTOR, but can't see him anywhere.)

JAMIE: Och...

(Reluctantly, he follows them. Above, in another section, the DOCTOR is looking through a magnifying glass at some IE circuitry, watched by TURNER.)

DOCTOR: This is like looking for the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack.

(He spots something.)

DOCTOR: Just a minute...
TURNER: Found something?
DOCTOR: I don't know. Just a minute.

(With a pair of tweezers, he pulls out a small piece of circuitry.)

DOCTOR: Yes... Yes, I'm almost sure that this is same sort of circuit that was in Jamie's radio.
TURNER: But what does it do?
DOCTOR: I've no idea. But it's certainly not part of that equipment. Have a look.

(The DOCTOR passes the glass to TURNER.)

TURNER: But why put it a circuit... if it doesn't do anything.
DOCTOR: Oh, it does something all right. The question is what?


(The CYBER-PLANNER is once again active.)

CYBER-PLANNER: One hour before invasion, the Cyber-transmitter units will be launched into orbit around Earth.
VAUGHN: The effect will be immediate?
CYBER-PLANNER: Yes, transmissions will penetrate all areas.
VAUGHN: And if it doesn't work?
CYBER-PLANNER: Humans cannot resist Cyber-control. Our forces will penetrate all areas and select suitable humans for cybernetic conversion.

(This throws VAUGHN a little.)

VAUGHN: Conversion to Cybermen?
CYBER-PLANNER: Yes. The unsuitable humans will be destroyed.

(VAUGHN explodes with anger.)

VAUGHN: No, this is not as we agreed!
CYBER-PLANNER: It has been decided.
VAUGHN: We agreed that I should remain in control of Earth. In return, I supply the minerals you require. You will honour that bargain, otherwise there will be no invasion!
CYBER-PLANNER: To control, you must undergo complete conversion and become one of us.
VAUGHN: NO! My body may be cybernetic but my mind stays human. That is final!!

(The Planner whirrs and transmits.)

CYBER-PLANNER: It has been agreed. Discussion concluded.

(VAUGHN throws the switch and the alcove door/wall slides shut, and PACKER steps forward from his point at the rear of the room.)

PACKER: You don't trust them?
VAUGHN: Of course not. I know they'll try to take control from me when the invasion's complete, but then, they don't know about the Cerebraton Machine, do they?
PACKER: Well, I don't like it. That thing just said humans can't resist control. How do we know these Cyber transmissions aren't going to affect us?
VAUGHN: (Soothes.) They won't. We shall be protected by the implanted audio rejection capsules. You see Packer, I've thought all this out in detail. Nothing has been overlooked.


(Captain TURNER watches as the DOCTOR looks through a magnifying glass at a circuit layout inside one of UNIT's pieces of equipment.)

TURNER: Found anything?
DOCTOR: No. I'm afraid not. What I really need is laboratory facilities. I'm sure that this micro-monolithic circuit is something to do with the Cybermen's invasion plan.
TURNER: Perhaps we can find a lab for you to work in.
DOCTOR: Oh no, that's no problem, I can go up to London and use Professor Watkins' laboratory at Travers's house.
TURNER: Right. I'll arrange transport.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(They both move to the central part of the plane where the BRIGADIER is finishing an order over the radio.)

BRIGADIER: I'll arrange for a helicopter to transport the photographic detail here for a briefing. Over.
VOICE: (OOV.) Very good, sir. We'll be standing by. Out.
DOCTOR: Brigadier?
BRIGADIER: Yes, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Where's Jamie and Zoe and Isobel.
BRIGADIER: I've no idea. Sergeant Walters!

(WALTERS comes over.)

WALTERS: Yes sir.
BRIGADIER: Friends of the Doctors. Any idea where they are?
WALTERS: They took a van and went back to London, sir.
DOCTOR: (Puzzled.) London? What on earth for?
WALTERS: They said that they were going to get something important for the Brigadier, sir.
BRIGADIER: Oh no, they surely couldn't have been so stupid as... Sergeant Walters!
BRIGADIER: Get Benton on the radio link.
WALTERS: Yes sir.

(WALTERS rushes over to the radio.)

DOCTOR: What's the matter? What's happened?
BRIGADIER: I'm sorry Doctor, I think those crazy kids have gone off to the sewers to get photos of the Cybermen!

(The DOCTOR looks very worried.)



(BENTON, now wearing a UNIT uniform marked with Corporal's stripes, drives a UNIT Land Rover along a London street and parks along the side. He has three passengers, ZOE, ISOBEL, and JAMIE.)

JAMIE: Well at least let's call the Doctor up first.
ZOE: Scared Jamie?
JAMIE: No... I don't even know what we're going to do.
ISOBEL: Well, come on then.

(ZOE and ISOBEL climb out of the vehicle.)

JAMIE: Och. Women.

(BENTON smiles.)

RADIO: (OOV.) UNIT Transport Car two-three report in, over.

(BENTON picks up the microphone to his radio.)

BENTON: Car 23 to UNIT Control. Receiving you, over.


WALTERS: There you are, sir.

(WALTERS hands over his microphone in the UNIT Control plane over to the BRIGADIER.)

BRIGADIER: This is the Brigadier. Have you still got your passengers?
BENTON: (OOV.) No sir. I've just dropped them.

(The BRIGADIER sighs.)

BRIGADIER: Your position.
BENTON: (OOV.) The vicinity of red sector one, sir - Shepherd's Street.
WALTERS: That's nearly on top of Vaughn's HQ, sir.
BRIGADIER: Benton, listen. Try to make contact with your passengers again and get them to report in to me.
BENTON: (OOV.) I'll try sir, but I'm not sure which way they've gone.
BRIGADIER: Don't make excuses Benton, this is a top priority situation, out.

(He signs off, then turns to Captain TURNER.)

BRIGADIER: Jimmy, I want you to take charge of this operation. Get over there at once, will you?
TURNER: Right, sir.

(He turns to a soldier.)

TURNER: Sergeant...
DOCTOR: (To the BRIGADIER.) I'll go back to London with them and see if I can make some sense of these circuits. I'll have to leave my three friends in your very capable hands.
BRIGADIER: Don't worry, Doctor. We'll get them back.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The DOCTOR quickly turns about and walks off.)

BRIGADIER: (After the DOCTOR has left.) I hope.


(A manhole cover rings onto a street and above we hear ZOE and JAMIE's voices.)

JAMIE: I'll try up here.
ZOE: Good. Go on then, Jamie. Down we go.
JAMIE: Me? but och...

(He leads the way down, followed by ZOE.)

ZOE: (Shouting up the ladder.) RIGHT! COME ON ISOBEL.

(JAMIE shushes her, so she calls in a lower tone of voice.)

ZOE: Lower your camera down to me.


(Above them, on the street, ISOBEL starts to climb down into the sewer. Further along the street, a police POLICEMAN sees her.)

POLICEMAN: Hey you! What do you think you're doing going down there, you young idiots!

(ISOBEL vanishes into the sewer tunnel as Corporal BENTON drives up and parks. He climbs out and joins the POLICEMAN who is leaning over the open manhole, calling down into the sewer.)

POLICEMAN: Hey you kids! Come out of here, or I'll come down after you.


(The POLICEMAN's voice echoes along the tunnels.)

POLICEMAN: (OOV.) I know you're down there. Are you down there? Are you coming up or do I have to come down to fetch ya?
JAMIE: (Whispering.) That's all we need. If he carries on shouting like that, we'll have every Cyberman in the area down on top of us.

(ZOE looks down the opposite direction of the tunnel they are in.)

ZOE: Shh... Jamie, look, I think that there's something further down the tunnel.
ISOBEL: I can't see anything...

(She gets her camera ready.)

ISOBEL: Just in case though.
JAMIE: I think that we'd better get back.

(The shape in the distance grows closer.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie, look! I was right!

(On the tunnel wall a shadow appears. Moments later they can just make out the silver-limbed form of a single Cyberman sort of staggering towards them.)

ISOBEL: Fantastic.

(She steps forward and begins snapping pictures quickly with her camera.)

JAMIE: Come on, back.

(They start to move back. Meanwhile, back at the manhole, the POLICEMAN finishes climbing into the sewer and he turns on a torch.)

POLICEMAN: (Shouting.) Right, you kids, where are you? Come on now, stop playing about. Are you down there then?

(Back down the tunnel, JAMIE gets anxious at the sudden outburst of new shouting from the POLICEMAN and he motions for ZOE and ISOBEL to come on and leave.)

POLICEMAN: (OOV.) Come on, come on, I know that you're down here somewhere.

(ISOBEL continues to take photos.)

JAMIE: Come on, you're just risking our necks.
ISOBEL: Just a couple more...
JAMIE: There isn't time. Come on!

(He lifts ISOBEL up, and shoves the girls back down the tunnel.)

JAMIE: Right, come on, out.

(They run off. Back at the ladder, the policeman keeps on shouting.)

POLICEMAN: Come on, come on, you'll get lost if you go wandering about down there. Come on.

(He turns and looks behind himself.)

POLICEMAN: What the heck?

(He sees two Cybermen approach him and stop. A fierce glow shines from the top of the second Cyberman's chest unit, and the POLICEMAN is caught in its glare. He screams in agony and collapses onto the floor, his dead body glowing so brightly it appears like a photographic negative. JAMIE, ISOBEL, and ZOE freeze in place, gaping at what's happened down the tunnel and suddenly very sorry they came here.)

ZOE: The policeman! They killed him!
JAMIE: Right, come on!

(JAMIE starts to lead the way forward again, but ZOE stops him.)

ZOE: Oh, Jamie, no!
JAMIE: What?
ZOE: Don't you remember... we can't go back that way.
JAMIE: And we can't go that way... (Pointing back the way they came.) ...because that Cyberman after...

(Then the penny drops.)

JAMIE: Yes. They're coming at us from both directions!

(They look back down the tunnel in pure horror as the lone Cyberman, crazed and screaming, staggers towards them...)

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