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first broadcast - 23rd November 1968


(As the alarm bell sounds throughout the compound, JAMIE crouches down inside the crate he's hiding in.)

PACKER: (OOV.) You two, search this one!

(And other Guards' voices are heard outside, forcing JAMIE to stifle himself as he feels something beneath him move. The guards' voices recede into the distance and the DOCTOR climbs out of his hiding crate. He opens JAMIE's.)

DOCTOR: Jamie... Jamie!
JAMIE: Doctor, I think...
DOCTOR: Shh...
JAMIE: But Doctor...
DOCTOR: I think the guard's still out there.

(He takes a look about the entrance of the train. JAMIE comes over to join him.)

JAMIE: Doctor...
DOCTOR: (Hissing.) Keep your voice down!
JAMIE: That thing in there... It moved!

(The DOCTOR looks at him.)

JAMIE: In the crate, there's something alive in there.
DOCTOR: Alive?

(The DOCTOR looks outside. Not a guard to be seen.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, the darkness plays funny tricks with the imagination...
JAMIE: Look it moved I tell ya!

(The DOCTOR looks harder at him.)

DOCTOR: Are you sure?
JAMIE: Positive!
DOCTOR: All right, let's have a closer look.

(As they are about to look inside the crate, they hear a guard's voice outside shouting.)

GUARD: (OOV.) You two! Over here! Get those two girls over the Main Administration Building! Move!
JAMIE: Zoe and Isobel!

(He starts to climb out of the train.)

DOCTOR: Wait! We'll follow in a few moments!


(PACKER reports to Mr. VAUGHN in his office.)

PACKER: The whole compound's under alert, Mr Vaughn.
PACKER: Well... um...
VAUGHN: You haven't yet found them.
PACKER: It's only a matter of time.
VAUGHN: Is it? I doubt it, Packer. This Doctor's far too clever a fish for you to net.
PACKER: (Upset.) Well, if you'd let me take care of them properly in the first place and obeyed the orders of our allies...
VAUGHN: Orders? Me Packer? I told them and I'll tell you. I give orders, not take them.
PACKER: You told them that?
VAUGHN: The invasion's under my control, and when our purpose has been achieved, I shall still be in control.
PACKER: You can't fight them.

(An amused look appears on VAUGHN's face.)

VAUGHN: Packer. Why do you think I kept that old fool Watkins alive.
PACKER: Well, to work on his machine of course.
VAUGHN: And why did you think I wanted him to do that?
PACKER: Well I... I dunno.
VAUGHN: Our allies appear to find the Professor's machine somewhat disturbing. So much so, in fact, that when they saw the prototype, they ordered us to destroy it and all similar machines.
PACKER: You mean, they're frightened of it?
VAUGHN: Hmm... The teaching power of the machine didn't worry them, but ah...when I generated some emotion pulses... I'm convinced, Packer, that emotion could be used to destroy them.
PACKER: But that's only a guess.
VAUGHN: A gamble, Packer, a reasonable gamble and, after all, we are playing this game for very high stakes, are we not?
PACKER: Well, I think you're taking too big a chance.

(VAUGHN comes out from behind his desk and moves towards him.)

VAUGHN: Do you wish to be totally converted? Would you prefer to be one of them? Completely inhuman?
PACKER: (Shivering.) Ah, no! But...
VAUGHN: That's what will happen if "they" take over. We will cease to be human. (Musing.) So...We must use their force and their might, and then... (Makes a throwing away movement.) ...discard them.
PACKER: And you're sure that this machine can do it?
VAUGHN: Even if we fail, we could escape. The Doctor. We must secure this spacecraft of his.
PACKER: (Seeing.) Oh yeah, I see. Insurance.
VAUGHN: Exactly, Packer. The two young ladies have arrived, I hope?
PACKER: Yes, Sir, they're under guard.
PACKER: They're being taken over to the Main Administration Building now, sir.
VAUGHN: When they're safely tucked away, we'll flush out our clever Doctor...


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE follow the guards that have ZOE and ISOBEL in their boxes, and they hide when PACKER appears.)

PACKER: (To the guards.) Take them inside. Central block. Tenth floor.

(The crates are wheeled inside the building, and JAMIE looks up at a whirring noise and sees a helicopter hovering over the compound.)

JAMIE: Could be the Brigadier's lot! Call them up for help!
DOCTOR: No, no, not yet. We've got to rescue the girls first. Tenth floor, central block. Come on.

(They set off across the compound for the central block, hiding in shadows on the way.)


(We see a close-up of Captain TURNER in the helicopter, who is reporting in to the BRIGADIER.)

TURNER: There's a lot of unusual activity, sir. Guards everywhere. It looks like some sort of emergency.
BRIGADIER: (OOV.) Any sign of the Doctor and the boy?
TURNER: No sir. None at all.
BRIGADIER: Right, Jimmy. Get out of the area and stand by.
TURNER: Right, sir. Will do.

(TURNER signals to the pilot, and the helicopter pulls back across the IE property line.)


(The BRIGADIER, inside his cargo plane HQ, turns to WALTERS, who is manning the communicator.)

BRIGADIER: All units please, Sergeant.
WALTERS: Yes sir.

(He throws some switches on the radio and passes the microphone to the BRIGADIER.)

WALTERS: Go ahead, sir.
BRIGADIER: (Into the microphone.) This is the Brigadier. All units - stand by. Full penetration of red sector imminent.


(However the helicopter has been spotted. PACKER is re-reporting to VAUGHN.)

VAUGHN: A helicopter?
PACKER: Yes sir, and two of the outer perimeter guardposts reported seeing strangers in the area outside, sir.
VAUGHN: I see.
PACKER: I think this Doctor's with the UNIT organisation. And what are we gonna do?

(VAUGHN thinks about it.)

VAUGHN: Nothing.
PACKER: (Shocked.) NOTHING! But they...
VAUGHN: (Calm.) They can't harm us, Packer. We're in control...or at least I am. Leave this to me.


(Outdoors, the alarm continues to blare over JAMIE and the DOCTOR's heads as they find the tall central block building.)

DOCTOR: I... I should think that's the central block, wouldn't you, Jamie?
JAMIE: How do we find out which room they're in? And when we have, how do we get them out?
DOCTOR: Stop looking for problems, Jamie. Let's get along up here, shall we?

(They set off for the fire escapes snaking down the central block building. Suddenly, the alarms stop and VAUGHN's amplified voice echoes across the compound and the DOCTOR and JAMIE stop to listen.)

VAUGHN: (OOV.) Doctor. If you can hear me, listen. You have ten minutes, Doctor. Ten minutes to relinquish your freedom. At the end of that time, your young friend Zoe will pay the consequences of your foolish and totally pointless opposition. Ten minutes, Doctor, ten minutes.
JAMIE: There's not much time.
DOCTOR: There's just about time enough to effect a simple rescue operation. Come along, Jamie..
JAMIE: Simple?!
DOCTOR: Yes, come along.

(He leads the way up the fire escape towards the roof of the building.)


(Inside a large-windowed room on the tenth floor of the building, ZOE and ISOBEL pound on the locked door.)

ISOBEL: Oh, let us out of here, you stupid idiotic... (To ZOE.) Oh why have they brought us here.
I suppose, because I ruined that stupid computer of theirs. Well, I'm sorry.
ISOBEL: But why kidnap us? Why didn't they just turn us over to the police or something?
ZOE: I don't know. Anyway, we've got to get out of here.
ISOBEL: (Looking down.) We can't get out this way, look!

(They both look out of the window.)

ISOBEL: It's a sheer drop.

(Suddenly, ISOBEL sees JAMIE and the DOCTOR climbing nearby fire escapes on the side of the building.)

ISOBEL: Hey, Zoe! Zoe, Look!
ZOE: Doctor! Jamie!


(JAMIE looks up and spots them.)

JAMIE: Doctor, it's them, look!

(The DOCTOR spots ZOE and ISOBEL waving.)

DOCTOR: Good. As long they don't give the game away too soon.

(The DOCTOR motions for ZOE and ISOBEL to move back from the window.)

10. CELL

ISOBEL:  It looked as if they're were trying to tell us something.
ZOE: The Doctor wants us to keep away from the window for some reason.
ISOBEL: I wonder why?
ZOE: Well, I'm not sure.

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE continue climbing the building, past the tenth floor. ZOE suddenly realises what's going on, so she tells Isobel.)

ZOE: (Whispering.) Just try and act as though nothing has happened.

(She motions with her eyes across the room.)

ZOE: Don't look now, but we're being spied on.


(The BRIGADIER gets a call from the DOCTOR, and he tells him to come in.)

BRIGADIER: Yes, Doctor, come in.
DOCTOR: (OOV.) Brigadier, I think we shall require a little assistance in a few moments.
BRIGADIER: Why? Are you in trouble?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) No, but we shall need help. You have a helicopter in the area?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) I wonder, have they a rope ladder on board?
BRIGADIER: Yes, I'm pretty sure they have. Where are you?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) We're just going up to the roof of the main building. That is the central block on the... on the north side. That should give your helicopter cover, should there be any ground fire. Have you got that?
BRIGADIER: Yes, I got that. Over and out.


(PACKER is issuing orders, using his wrist radio.)

PACKER: All right. Keep looking. FIND THEM! (To VAUGHN.) I've got the whole place covered, Mr Vaughn.
VAUGHN: Don't worry, Packer. They won't risk any harm coming to their little friends.

(He turns on the loudspeakers again, and speaks into the microphone.)

VAUGHN: Doctor, you have five minutes. Five minutes.
PACKER: They won't give themselves up. They'd be mad to.

(VAUGHN comes round from behind his desk, and looks at PACKER with a sneer.)

VAUGHN: Not mad Packer, merely human.

(Suddenly they hear something outside their window and they go to look.)


(The UNIT helicopter approaches the main administration building's north side.)


PACKER: It's the same one! The same helicopter.
VAUGHN: (Watching the helicopter approach the roof.) Yes. Perhaps they do mean to save their own skins after all. Probably the helicopter's trying to pick them up. (To PACKER.) Stop them! SHOOT IT DOWN IF NECESSARY!
PACKER: Yes, sir.

(He rushes out.)

15. ROOF

(The helicopter hovers over the DOCTOR and JAMIE.)

JAMIE: (Shouting.) You're not going to leave the "lassies" by themselves are you?
DOCTOR: No, no, of course not _____.

(The helicopter extends a very long rope ladder down to them, and the DOCTOR extends the extra length across the roof, secures the rope on the ledge, and then drops the rest over the side of the building at the right point, so that it lines up nearly with the room ZOE and ISOBEL are in.)

DOCTOR: Right, down you go, Jamie!

(At the sound of more alarms, he swallows his fear and starts climbing down the side of the building.)

16. CELL

ISOBEL: Something must be going on.
ZOE: It is a helicopter!

(Suddenly they see JAMIE climbing down to them.)

ZOE: Hey, look, It's Jamie!!
ISOBEL: Oh yes!
ZOE: Give me a hand with this to barricade the door.

(The girls run over to barricade the door to their room by piling filing cabinets and office furniture in front of the door. JAMIE forces open the window from the outside, but has a little trouble climbing in.)

ZOE: Jamie, be careful!

(JAMIE enters the room and fully opens the window.)

JAMIE: Right, now quick, up you go.
ISOBEL: (Taking a look at the rope ladder.) You don't think we're going up that, do you?!
JAMIE: Do you want to be left with Vaughn and Packer? Now go on!

(ISOBEL climbs up and then ZOE, and JAMIE keeps telling them hard-to-hear instructions such as "not to let go" and "Whatever you do, don't look down either.")


(From the ground, PACKER and some guards see the rescue attempt in operation.)

PACKER: There he is - fire!

(The guards start to open fire at the figures climbing the ladder, now some twelve stories above them. No one comes close to hitting them.)

PACKER: Get up there! Stop them!

18. ROOF

(All four are now on the roof as ZOE and JAMIE climb the last rungs of the ladder.)

ISOBEL: Thank goodness that's over.
DOCTOR: I'm afraid it isn't quite yet, Isobel.

(He points to the ladder leading to the helicopter. Once all are on the roof, the DOCTOR frees up the extra length of ladder and all start climbing the ladder to the helicopter.)


(More guards start firing.)

PACKER: Come on! Get up there after them! Quickly!


(Guards emerge onto the roof and start to fire at the helicopter hovering high above. JAMIE still hasn't gotten into the helicopter when the firing begins.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Jamie, hurry up! (To the pilot.) Get us out of here! (To JAMIE.) Hold on, Jamie.

(The guards fire everything they've got, including some machine guns, at the departing helicopter and the figure of JAMIE hanging beneath it. JAMIE continues climbing up and finally gets inside the chopper.)


(The BRIGADIER hears shots over the RT.)

BRIGADIER: Jimmy! What's happening, Jimmy? Do you want ground support?
TURNER: (OOV.) Hello, sir! No, mission accomplished. On our way back now.
BRIGADIER: (Happy.) Splendid. No casualties?
TURNER: (OOV.) No, sir. All well. Fortunately Vaughn's jackboots couldn't... couldn't shoot a flying elephant.

(Laughs are heard from the cockpit.)

TURNER: Over and out.

(WALTERS flips some switches on the radio - to clear the channel.)

BRIGADIER: All units, please, Sergeant.
WALTERS: Yes, sir. Go ahead, sir.
BRIGADIER: All UNIT groups - Red Alert cancelled. I say again - Red Alert cancelled. Return to base.


(A sweaty and upset PACKER is reporting to VAUGHN.)

PACKER: That helicopter was one of the UNIT force group. I told you.
VAUGHN: (Still calm.) Don't panic Packer. You've blundered again, but fortunately it won't really matter.
PACKER: (Still upset.) Matter? There's bound to be an official reaction.
VAUGHN: There will be no official reaction. I've told you, we're in command.
PACKER: But...

(Suddenly VAUGHN starts screaming at PACKER.)

PACKER: Yes sir,
VAUGHN: (Calmer, but still sounds annoyed.) Now. I want Professor Watkins' Cerebraton machine loaded into my car. We're going back to London.
PACKER: Back to London, sir? But... you can't... we...
VAUGHN: Due to your clumsiness, Packer, we must now alter our plans. I intend to bring the invasion forward. We have twenty-four hours to prepare for it.
PACKER: Twenty-four hours! But they'll never agree to it. The invasion forces aren't anywhere near complete, sir.
VAUGHN: (Now back in his calm voice.) They'll be sufficient for our immediate purpose. After the invasion we'll no longer have any need for secrecy. Now you attend to the Professor and... I'll deal with our UNIT friends. Bring Watkins up here to me when you're ready.

(PACKER stares at VAUGHN for a moment, before replying.)

PACKER: Yes sir.

(VAUGHN sits down in his desk and presses the intercom switch.)

VAUGHN: Get me the Ministry of Defence and switch it through to my visual circuit.

(A SECRETARY appears on his monitor screens.)

SECRETARY: (OOV.) Good morning. Ministry of Defence. Can I help you?
VAUGHN: (In his usual calm, arrogant tone.) Yes, get me...

(He looks up and sees the SECRETARY.)

VAUGHN: Ah, good morning. Major General Rutlidge, please.
SECRETARY: (OOV.) Just one moment.

(The SECRETARY checks something.)

SECRETARY: Who is calling, please?
VAUGHN: Tobias Vaughn.


(Major General Bill RUTLIDGE sits at a desk in an ornate office inside the MOD building in London. He is on the telephone.)

RUTLIDGE: Fine, sir, fine. We'll meet this evening for dinner then.

(He listens to the phone.)

RUTLIDGE: What? About eight. Yes, at the club.

(He hears a second phone ring.)

RUTLIDGE: Good. Fine. Goodbye, sir.

(He hangs up the first phone. He picks up the second.)

SECRETARY: (OOV.) Outside call for you, sir.
RUTLIDGE: Male or female?
SECRETARY: (OOV.) It's a Mr. Tobias Vaughn, sir.

(The General suddenly looks worried.)

SECRETARY: (OOV.) Yes sir. Shall I put him through?
RUTLIDGE: Vaughn? Yes... yes.
SECRETARY: (OOV.) Just one moment.

(RUTLIDGE thinks for a second.)

RUTLIDGE: Operator?
SECRETARY: (OOV.) Yes, sir?
RUTLIDGE: Priority scramble.
SECRETARY: (OOV.) Yes, sir.

(There is a whine over the line and then VAUGHN's voice comes through clearly, as does his picture on a video screen.)

VAUGHN: (OOV.) Ah, Rutlidge. Can we be overheard?
RUTLIDGE: No, no, no. Priority scramble is in operation.
VAUGHN: (OOV.) Good. Now listen. Your friends in the UNIT groups has been causing trouble. They must be stopped, understand!
RUTLIDGE: I... er... I understand.

(His face is confused and glazed over, unsure of himself.)

VAUGHN: (OOV.) There must be no more interference.
RUTLIDGE: No, no. I'll deal with it.
VAUGHN: (OOV, smiling.) Good fellow. Knew I could rely on you.

(RUTLIDGE looks around for a moment and says to himself:)

RUTLIDGE: I understand.


(Everybody is about the table in the centre of the aeroplane and is drinking tea.)

BRIGADIER: You were lucky. Dead lucky.
JAMIE: (Looking at the DOCTOR.) He said that it would be a simple rescue operation. Simple.
ISOBEL: But what about my uncle? They've still got him prisoner.
BRIGADIER: Don't worry, Miss Watkins. As soon we have returned to base, I'm going to raise hell and get some action.
JAMIE: You think they'll listen to you now?
BRIGADIER: (Seething.) No one, not even Tobias Vaughn, can go as far as trying to shoot down one of my helicopters!
ISBOEL: Oh, I wish I'd had my camera. I could have got a fortune for those pictures.
TURNER: Yes, it was a pity. (To the BRIGADIER.) That would have clinched it as far as the Ministry are concerned, sir.
BRIGADIER: Don't worry, Jimmy. Billy Rutlidge will have to take some action now.

(JAMIE notices the DOCTOR in a deep contemplative mood.)

JAMIE: Doctor? Hey, Doctor, what's the matter?
DOCTOR: Hm... Jamie. That object on the other side of the moon...
BRIGADIER: (Overhearing this.) Other side of the...
ZOE: Yes. The TARDIS went wrong, you see. And we had a sort of... what Doctor, a forced landing?
DOCTOR: Mm... Yeah..
ZOE: And then they fired a missile at us.
ZOE: Well, whoever it was who was on that spaceship on the other side of the moon.
BRIGADIER: Spaceships? On the other side of the Moon?
DOCTOR: And then there was that deep-space radio transmitter. I wonder.
TURNER: Look, sir. I know this may sound ridiculous, but could those reported sightings of UFOs have anything to do with this.
JAMIE: UFOs? What's that?
ISOBEL: Unidentified Flying Objects... Flying saucers?
TURNER: But these weren't saucers. All of the sightings were quite clear on that.
DOCTOR: Did anyone, by any chance, photograph any of these objects?
TURNER: Oh yes, we've got several in the files. Shall I get them?
DOCTOR: Oh, if you would be so kind.
TURNER: Right.
DOCTOR: (Muttering to himself.) Unidentified Flying Objects.


(WATKINS is brought before VAUGHN who is standing by the door.)

WATKINS: What was that shooting going on? If you've harmed Isobel...
VAUGHN: (Still calm.) She's perfectly safe, Professor.
WATKINS: Why am I being taken back to London? What about my niece? What's happened to Isobel?
VAUGHN: I tell you, she's perfectly safe.
VAUGHN: So you shall - when you've finished working on your machine. Do as I ask, and you shall both go free.
WATKINS: You don't even expect me to believe you, do you?
VAUGHN: Well... you've very little choice. Now, we're going back to London. There you will work on your machine to my specifications. You will have 24 hours to complete it. Only if you hadn't finished your work by that time would you have cause to worry about your niece.
PACKER: Got everything you need?
WATKINS: (Sadly.) Everything.
PACKER: Come on then. Come on.

(They leave.)


(The DOCTOR looks over the pictures of cylindrical-shaped, glowing objects in the night skies.)

BRIGADIER: Mean anything to you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Possibly. How long ago were these objects first sighted?
BRIGADIER: Reports have been drifting in for well over a year now. We sent up fighter planes to investigate, but nothing ever came of it.
TURNER: The odd thing about these sightings is that they usually seem to disappear somewhere over south-east England.
ISOBEL: But... isn't that where all those factories and laboratories of Vaughn's are?
TURNER: Exactly. That's why I brought it up.
DOCTOR: Jamie, when you were hiding in that crate, you say something moved?
JAMIE: Aye, it was wrapped up in that gauze stuff.
DOCTOR: Did you recognise it at all?
ZOE: What do you think it was, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I dunno. We've got to find out, and quickly.
ZOE: How?
DOCTOR: Well obviously they bring these things, whatever they are, up from the factory in the country to the London premises. That's where we're going to find the answer.
JAMIE: (Worried.) You mean, go back to Vaughn's place?
BRIGADIER: I don't think that's wise, Doctor. You've been lucky so far.
JAMIE: Aye, if you think I'm going back inside there...
DOCTOR: Jamie, we have to find what is inside these crates. Brigadier, have you got a map... including the... the London premises?
BRIGADIER: Yes, yes I think so. Sergeant Walters!
WALTERS: (From the communicator.) Sir?!
BRIGADIER: May we have map number 8 please?
WALTERS: Yes sir.
TURNER: I'll get it, sir.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The table is cleared, and a medium-sized map of London is placed before them. The DOCTOR looks over the map.)

DOCTOR: Here we are.

(His finger follows the route towards the London IE premises.)

BRIGADIER: Now this... this is the whole area in detail - London offices, warehouse area and surrounding buildings.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, I see.
JAMIE: But Doctor, you can't go back the same way again. They'll be waiting for us this time.

(The DOCTOR spots something on the map.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word. How very fortunate.
BRIGADIER: Anything I can do to help?
DOCTOR: Brigadier, you don't, by any chance, know where I can find a canoe?

(The BRIGADIER looks a little surprised.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE are paddling a canoe down a small canal leading into the IE London premises.)

JAMIE: You sure this is how we get in?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, now come on! Go on ________.

(They climb out and beach the canoe, and then walk into a small entrance at the back of the premises. They head off down a corridor.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE enter a bland laboratory in the IE building, and hide behind a piece of equipment. They watch as men in lab coats activate a strange, alien-looking spinning device. across the room stands one of the webbed cocoons JAMIE saw earlier. The DOCTOR stares at the outfit.)

DOCTOR: (Whispering.) Jamie,  I'm afraid I was right!

(The device emits a low-pitched pulsing sound. It grows in pitch, volume, and frequency, and as the pitch gets louder, a shape inside the cocoon stirs and stirs until finally, something pierces the web from the inside. A metal hand emerges and the cocoon tears. A large man-shaped creature strides out, with metal limbs, piping on its joints, a large complex chest unit, and a blank nose-less face with jug-handle hoses for ears. It is a Cyberman.)

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