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first broadcast - 7th December 1968
running time - 23 minutes 20 seconds


JAMIE: (In horror.) They're coming at us from both directions!

(Two Cybermen are at the far end of the tunnel, and a third one is approaching from the other side, rapidly. The third one seems to be screaming in a form of agony.)


(A Land Rover carrying Captain TURNER, Sergeant WALTERS, and a private drives up and parks close to the manhole where Corporal BENTON is waiting for them.)

BENTON: Down here sir.
TURNER: (To WALTERS.) Sergeant, get the torch.

(WALTERS runs back to the Rover.)


ZOE: (Panicking.) What are we going to do?
JAMIE: Back! Against the wall!

(JAMIE presses everyone back against the wall as the Cyberman reaches them. It's suffering from something so horrible that it ignores them completely and runs straight past them. JAMIE, ZOE, and ISOBEL gape in astonishment.)

JAMIE: It's out of control, sort of wild.

(At the ladder to the pothole, Captain TURNER shines a torch up and down the tunnel as the last soldier climbs down the ladder into the sewer.)

WALTERS: Come on lads, let's hurry it up.
BENTON: What's that voice, sir?
TURNER: I don't know. Come on, let's try this way.

(He leads the way, to their right. TURNER has a pistol at the ready and the others all carry rifles. TURNER shouts out down the corridor.)

TURNER: Isobel, where are you? Jamie?

(Down the tunnel, JAMIE and the others hear him.)

TURNER: (OOV.) This is Captain Turner! Where are you?
ISOBEL: You see, somebody coming. I told you.
JAMIE: No, wait! There's Cybermen between us remember.
ISOBEL: What are we going to do? We just can't wait here for more to come along.
TURNER: (OOV.) Are you down there?

(ISOBEL looks like she is about to answer but then turns back to JAMIE and ZOE.)

ISOBEL: At least, let him know we're here.
JAMIE: Aye, and the Cybermen too.

(Meanwhile, WALTERS looks about him nervously.)

WALTERS: Reckon they copped it as well, sir?
TURNER: Can't be sure, that's the trouble.
WALTERS: Aye, these sewers are a right maze. They could be anywhere?
TURNER: Yeah. We'd better get in touch with the Brigadier immediately.

(They turn around to head back for the manhole when suddenly WALTERS sees something.)

TURNER: What the...
WALTERS: Sir, what...

(Down the tunnel, stand two Cybermen, chest units glowing in the darkness.)

TURNER: Move back, all of you... slowly.

(One of the Cybermen calls to them in a very computerised voice.)

CYBERMAN: Do not move!

(TURNER talks to WALTERS quietly.)

WALTERS: Sergeant, Grenades!
CYBERMAN: Do not resist. You will obey instructions.
TURNER: (Calls.) What do you want us to do?
CYBERMAN: You will come with us. Obey.

(WALTERS gives TURNER a grenade.)

WALTERS: Ready sir.
CYBERMAN: Obey or you will be destroyed.

(WALTERS starts to throw his grenade when TURNER stops him as suddenly the crazed Cyberman appears behind this pair. The two advancing Cybermen stop and turn around in logical surprise, as the rogue Cyberman crashes into them, flailing its limbs around wildly. TURNER sees their chance.)

TURNER: Now! Get down!

(The soldiers throw their grenades into the pile of Cybermen, and two explosions throw them to the ground. One of the normal Cybermen staggers to its feet, stepping on its fallen comrades.)

TURNER: And again, Sergeant, Grenade quick!
WALTERS: Come on, Perkins, Come on.

(PERKINS, the private, rises and panics.)

PERKINS: It's too late, Sergeant. I'm getting out!

(He stands, turns, and runs for it.)

TURNER: Perkins! Come back, man!

(The Cyberman looks at PERKINS, and a fierce glow shines from the top of its chest unit. The glow bathes Perkins in its lethal light, and he collapses to the floor, his body shining in an oscillating negative. JAMIE, ZOE and ISOBEL have heard the sounds of battle.)

ISOBEL: Well, at least we could have warned them!

(They hear three more explosions down the tunnel.)

TURNER: (OOV.) Isobel, Jamie, Zoe! Are you down there!?
JAMIE, ZOE & ISOBEL: Yes! Yes, we are!
TURNER: (OOV.) Get to the ladder, as quickly as you can.
JAMIE: Right.

(All three run down the tunnel towards the manhole. Here, TURNER and the other soldiers have reached the ladder.)

TURNER: Come on, hurry it up. Come on Sergeant, keep those men moving. Get the body quickly.

(The three civilians arrive, and ISOBEL nearly rushes into TURNER's arms.)

ISOBEL: Oh, thanks goodness...
TURNER: (Angrily.) Shut up! Come on, get out of here and keep out of the way. I've already lost one man and I don't want to lose any more. Now up that ladder. Get moving!

(Both ISOBEL and ZOE start to climb the ladder.)

TURNER: Jamie, any more behind you in the tunnel.
TURNER: Good. (To WALTERS.) Get the body up. (To JAMIE.) Jamie, keep a good look-out. I think one of those Cybermen is still alive.

(JAMIE looks down the tunnel. TURNER is correct - one of the Cybermen is still moving.)


(JAMIE is the last to make it up the ladder.)

TURNER: Quickly! I'm with you!

(Before he clears the manhole, a large metal hand grabs the calf of his leg and he cries out in pain, unable to move and being dragged back down into the manhole.)

JAMIE: Ah! My leg!
TURNER: All right! All right, Jamie!

(TURNER helps keep JAMIE topside, but they can't break the tie between their strength and the Cyberman's.)

TURNER: (Calls.) Sergeant!

(WALTERS, who was helping BENTON carry PERKINS' body, runs to the Land Rover and picks up his previously discarded rifle. He then runs to the manhole and starts to hammer at the Cyberman's arms and chest with the gun's barrel. After six full hits, the Cyberman finally lets go of JAMIE's leg and starts to fall back down into the manhole.)

TURNER: Benton, grenade!
BENTON: Coming, sir!
TURNER: Quick, man! Hurry!

(BENTON runs over to them with a grenade and drops it down the manhole after the Cyberman. A flash, a loud explosion, and smoke pour out of the manhole, followed by silence.)

WALTERS: I just don't believe it, sir. All them grenades and he still came out of it.
TURNER: Yes. Come on, Let's get out of here.

(WALTERS and BENTON help JAMIE walk to the Land Rover.)

5. LAB

(The DOCTOR sits in WATKINS' lab and peers into a microscope. He looks up frustratedly as the BRIGADIER comes in.)

BRIGADIER: Any success?
DOCTOR: No, not yet. There's an alien logic in these circuits that I hasn't been able to work out yet.
BRIGADIER: Hmm, so we're no further ahead.
DOCTOR: No, not yet.

(The DOCTOR looks down the microscope again.)

BRIGADIER: Miss Watkins is developing her photographs. I'm taking a full report to Geneva and UNIT Central Command.
DOCTOR: How long will that take?
BRIGADIER: Depends. I leave in the morning. If I can get the report to the Council tomorrow, we should get some action between two or three days.
DOCTOR: That might be too late!

(ISOBEL, ZOE, and JAMIE enter the lab. ISOBEL goes over to the BRIGADIER carrying several photographic prints.)

ISOBEL: There we are, some beauties.

(She shows them off proudly to the BRIGADIER, who looks over them with disappointment and says "yes" in what he hope is a reassuring tone. The first of the two pictures is a close up of a CYBERMAN, but is very fuzzy and out of focus. The second is of a Cyberman standing under a Sewer light, and it can be shown that it is a man-form but not exactly what it is.)

ISOBEL: What's the matter?
BRIGADIER: Nothing. They're very good. But I don't want to hurt your professional pride, Miss Watkins, but they do look, er, a little like, ... fakes.
ISOBEL: (Exclaims.) Fakes?!

(ZOE looks over the somewhat fuzzy photographs and off-center Cybermen.)

ZOE: Yes, I see what you mean.
ISOBEL: (Irritated.) Oh, charming, I don't know why I bothered!

(She storms out of the room.)

JAMIE: (Looking at the photos.) Of course it's a Cyberman! Any fool can see that!
BRIGADIER: You do, McCrimmon.
JAMIE: (Puzzled.) Hey?
BRIGADIER: You know them.
BRIGADIER: But the people I'm trying to convince are a little more sceptical.

(Suddenly the DOCTOR looks up from his microscope.)

DOCTOR: Yes of course!
BRIGADIER: What, what?
DOCTOR: It could be, it just could be!

(He looks through the microscope again.)


(PACKER stands before VAUGHN's desk.)

PACKER: It was definitely the UNIT force. They attacked three Cybermen and destroyed two of them.

(VAUGHN shrugs this off.)

VAUGHN: How very clever of them.
PACKER: They got out alive. Now if they report on what they saw...
VAUGHN: Their report would be meaningless, Packer. In a few hours time, the invasion will be complete. There cannot possibly be any serious opposition.
PACKER: Well, I hope you're right.
VAUGHN: I am, Packer, I am.

(He stands and looks out his office window, through the vertical blinds at the skyline of London outside.)

VAUGHN: Just look at it out there. Soon we shall control all that.

(He turns from his dream and back to PACKER.)

VAUGHN: Has the Professor completed his work on the Cerebraton Mentor machine?
PACKER: Yes. Gregory's bringing him now.

(The door alarm goes off.)

PACKER: That would be them.

(PACKER opens the door and VAUGHN welcomes GREGORY and WATKINS into his office, and their accompanying guard.)

VAUGHN: Ah, come in gentlemen. Well, Gregory, Success?
GREGORY: (Worriedly.) I don't know yet, sir. We added narrow bandwidth transducers which should make transmission more directional.
VAUGHN: Good, good. Show me.

(VAUGHN takes the machine and looks over the additions, including a small black trumpet-like horn attached to the top of the open metal frame of a box.)

WATKINS: This is madness! That machine is a deadly weapon now.
VAUGHN: (Mock surprise.) Really?
WATKINS: The modifications were quite unnecessary. It worked perfectly well as it was.
VAUGHN: For your purposes, perhaps, Professor. I have a somewhat... different use for it.
WATKINS: All right, all right. Do with it what you will. The machine's yours now. Will you let get out of this place? And let Isobel go free as you promise?

(VAUGHN is still looking over the controls of the machine.)

VAUGHN: (Casually.) My dear fellow, she is free.

(WATKINS looks at him in shock.)

WATKINS: Free?! Where? Where is she?
VAUGHN: Probably sitting quite comfortably at home. Now then, how does one operate this?

(GREGORY notices that VAUGHN has the machine pointed towards WATKINS, whilst fiddling with the controls. He reaches forward to steady the machine in VAUGHN's hands.)

GREGORY: Careful, Mister Vaughn. Don't point it at anyone.
VAUGHN: No? Dangerous is it?

(His face changes from one of mock surprise to one of malice, as he asks WATKINS.)

VAUGHN: Fear, Watkins. Do you know what fear is?

(WATKINS realises what he's going to do.)

WATKINS: No, don't! Don't do... Don't...

(VAUGHN switches the machine on. It issues out a harsh metallic whine which crumples Watkins to the floor, writhing in panic and terror.)

GREGORY: Mister Vaughn! You'll kill him! Stop!

(GREGORY tries to wrestle the machine away from VAUGHN, but PACKER jumps forward and catches GREGORY in a vice-like grip. VAUGHN rounds on GREGORY.)

VAUGHN: Perhaps we should try the effectiveness of the machine on you Gregory! At full power!!

(PACKER throws GREGORY down on the floor next to the whimpering WATKINS.)

GREGORY: (Worriedly.) Mister Vaughn. It's only a play... and we still need the Professor!
VAUGHN: I'm aware of that. I suppose that I still need you, otherwise I...

(He breaks off, and controls his temper somewhat.)

VAUGHN: (To the guards.) Pick them up!

(And the guards roughly pick the scientists up off the floor.)

VAUGHN: Professor, you'll be taken back to the factory compound. I want these machines on the production lines immediately. Do you understand?

(WATKINS can't stand on his own, but is held upright by a guard on his left and a guard on his right, neither being careful about how tightly they hold him.)

WATKINS: Vaughn, obviously I can't choose but to work for you.

(He swallows and goes on.)

WATKINS: If I refuse, you'll torture me and kill me. (Sadly.) I know I can't stand up to torture, and I don't want to die. (Strongly.) You're an evil man Vaughn! You're a sadistic man. You're a megalomaniac.

(VAUGHN looks at WATKINS strangely, as though he were really listening for once.)

WATKINS: I pity you, but if I get half a chance... I'll kill you!

(VAUGHN suddenly looks amused.)

VAUGHN: Kill me? Would you?

(He reaches out a hand to PACKER.)

VAUGHN: Give me your gun, Packer.

(PACKER obediently hands over his pistol to VAUGHN. WATKINS looks at VAUGHN as though it were inevitable. VAUGHN steps forward and nearly presses the barrel of the gun in WATKINS' weary face. He stops, turns the gun around in his hand, and laughs.)

VAUGHN: Take it!

(WATKINS looks at it for a moment as though it were a trick.)

VAUGHN: There you are. Take it!

(WATKINS changes his mind and in one motion grabs the gun and shrugs off the guards. The two guards, PACKER, and GREGORY all back away toward the wall as they watch WATKINS straighten his coat back onto his shoulders with a shrug as he grasps the gun firmly.)

VAUGHN: Now you're free to shoot me, Professor. Shoot!

(WATKINS just looks at VAUGHN in surprise, since VAUGHN has given him the gun and is now making no moves to escape him.)


(VAUGHN slaps WATKINS across the face sending him to the floor.)

VAUGHN: Come on, the gun's loaded, or haven't you got the courage to pull the trigger?

(WATKINS giggles hysterically and he leaps to his feet, holding out the gun and firing off one, two, and three shots rapidly in succession. WATKINS looks disappointed, his face freezing with a new kind of horror, fear, and hopelessness. He faints dead away. Three bullet holes stain VAUGHN's business shirt. But there is no blood, no pain, no holes and no death in Vaughn. VAUGHN looks down at WATKINS' unconscious form and laughs in wry amusement.)

VAUGHN: (To the guards.) Take him away. Get work started on the machine immediately.

7. LAB

(The DOCTOR still continues to work, studying circuits in the microscope intently. Across the room, Captain TURNER also works at setting up a radio set. The room is otherwise silent but for the ticks of the clock, and then for the slide of the door as ISOBEL enters, carrying a tray full of cups of tea. ISOBEL crosses the room, and first offers the tea to the DOCTOR.)

ISOBEL: Tea, Doctor.

(He looks up, accepts the tea and thanks ISOBEL.)

DOCTOR: Oh thank you.

(ISOBEL's next intended recipient is JAMIE, who is sleeping very comfortably indeed in a chair against the opposite wall. She tries to wake him and give him his tea.)

ISOBEL: Jamie... Jamie, tea.

(He doesn't budge. She sets the cup on a tray next to him.)

TURNER: (Into the radio microphone.) Captain Turner calling UNIT Control. Captain Turner calling UNIT Control. How do you read me, over?
WALTERS: (OOV.) UNIT Control. Loud and clear, sir.
TURNER: Relay all important messages and reports direct through to here, Sergeant, over.
WALTERS: (OOV.) Wilco, over.
TURNER: Good. Over and out.

(ISOBEL hands Captain TURNER his cup of tea and then steps back as he sips it.)

TURNER: Thanks.

(He smiles at her appreciatively.)

ISOBEL: I'm forgiven then?
ISOBEL: For being such a twit and going down those sewers. I'm sorry about the soldier.
TURNER: Yes, well it's alright. You weren't to know what you were really letting themselves in for.
ISOBEL: Why? I would have got us all killed.

(She sits down.)

ISOBEL: I just didn't realise. And yet those Cybermen things. I've just been listening to Zoe telling the Brigadier about them for his report, and they didn't sound so murderous as they look.
TURNER: You know, we dropped five grenades right on top of them and one still came out of it. I'd hate to have to fight a whole army of them.
DOCTOR: (Cries.) No, no, no, no, no!

(He jumps off his chair and tosses a piece of paper to the ground petulantly. JAMIE stirs at the sound of the DOCTOR's voice.)

JAMIE: Hmm... what's the matter, Doctor? Would someone mind telling me what's going on?
TURNER: Never mind, Jamie. Just finish your tea and go back to sleep.

(Sergeant WALTERS' voice crackles over the radio set.)

WALTERS: UNIT Control to CO. UNIT Control to CO. Over.
TURNER: (Into microphone.) Captain Turner here, Sergeant. Stand-by. (To ISOBEL.) Isobel, will you go and get the Brigadier for me?
ISOBEL: Oh sure.

(ISOBEL runs out of the room.)

TURNER: (Into microphone.) Brigadier's on his way now, Sergeant. What's the flap? Over.
WALTERS: (OOV.) Report from red sector one at 2030 hours...
TURNER: (Into microphone.) Hold on a sec.

(The BRIGADIER enters with ISOBEL.)

TURNER: Right, the Brigadier's listening now. Go ahead, Sergeant.
WALTERS: (OOV.) Benton on routine observation reports two guards and another man leaving with the Professor. He is on their tail now, sir. Over.
TURNER: (Into microphone.) Hold on, Sergeant. (To BRIGADIER.) Look sir, we could intercept them and release the Professor.
BRIGADIER: Well, officially we...
ISOBEL: (Pleads.) Oh do, please do.
DOCTOR: Brigadier, if you do rescue him, he might help us with our problem.

(The BRIGADIER smiles.)

BRIGADIER: All right, your shindig Jimmy.
TURNER: (Into microphone.) Sergeant, tell Benton to stay with them. I'm on my way now. I'll contact en route, over.
WALTERS: (OOV.) Wilco, over.
BRIGADIER: Jimmy, don't take any chances. Vaughn's lot know we mean business, so they won't be playing games.
TURNER: Aye, sir. I'll take the full assault platoon with me.
TURNER: (Into microphone.) Sergeant, alert the full assault platoon. I'll relay instructions on route. Have you got that, over?
WALTERS: (OOV.) Yes, sir. Over
TURNER: (Into microphone.) Good. Over and out.
ISOBEL: (To TURNER.) Good luck.
BRIGADIER: Good luck, Jimmy.

(TURNER leaves and the BRIGADIER muses over the situation with a smile.)

TURNER: I think Mister Vaughn is going to have quite a scrap on his hands.


(Some time later, GREGORY stands in VAUGHN's office, but things have changed. He seems a little more worried than usual, as he explains to VAUGHN what a long night it's been for him. This is obvious, since his glasses are missing and his face is stained with dirt.)

GREGORY: (With alarm.) There were at least thirty of them, all UNIT men and all armed, Mister Vaughn. We didn't stand a chance. Out of nowhere... They came out of nowhere.

(VAUGHN sneers at him from near the dark windows of the brightly-lit office.)

VAUGHN: And they just took the Professor?

(GREGORY swallows nervously.)

GREGORY: What else could we do? There were at least...
VAUGHN: ...Thirty of them?
GREGORY: They shot the two guards, and they would have shot me if...
VAUGHN: ...if you hadn't run away.

(GREGORY realises that he is caught.)

GREGORY: Well... Yes.

(VAUGHN crosses from the window to approach the concerned GREGORY.)

VAUGHN: You realise, of course, that without the Professor's assistance, it will not be possible to get the Cerebraton Machine on the production line.

(GREGORY sees a ray of hope.)

GREGORY: Oh, Mr Vaughn, I can. Given a little time, I'm sure I can!
VAUGHN: (Icy calm.) But you have no time Gregory. No time at all...


(A few minutes later, GREGORY runs through the sewers. Behind him, PACKER turns to two Cybermen.)

PACKER: Kill him!

(The Cybermen follow GREGORY. One of them fires its chest unit weapon after him. GREGORY is caught in the glare, his back arches in pain, and he collapses to the floor, writhing in agony.)

10. LAB

(Professor WATKINS sits in safety, exhausted, but glad to be free. He drinks from a glass of brandy or wine. The assembled group is the DOCTOR, the BRIGADIER, JAMIE, ZOE, ISOBEL, and Captain TURNER.)

WATKINS: I'm sorry... I can't tell you.
DOCTOR: (Gently.) You've no idea what these micro-monolithic circuits are for.

(The DOCTOR looks really worried.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word.
WATKINS: I couldn't understand why Vaughn wanted the modifications to the machine.
DOCTOR: You say that he is going to mass produce these machines?
WATKINS: (Nodding.) Hmm.
BRIGADIER: Why would he want a weapon like that if he has got the Cybermen to fight for him.
DOCTOR: I've no idea. Unless... Professor!
DOCTOR: You said that you develop this machine to produce excessively powerful emotional pulses.
WATKINS: Yes, that's true.
DOCTOR: (Excited.) Well, that's it! Vaughn going to use it as a weapon against the Cybermen.
BRIGADIER: What, the Professor's machine?
DOCTOR: Yes. Emotion is alien to the Cybermen's nervous system. It would destroy it.

(And suddenly another thought occurs.)

DOCTOR: The micromonolithic circuits. They're emotional circuits! No wonder they weren't logical.

(He hurriedly runs to the microscope.)

DOCTOR: Now why didn't I think of this before. Now let's see.

(WATKINS slowly follows him to help.)

JAMIE: Now what's he up to?
ZOE: No idea.
WATKINS: Doctor...
BRIGADIER: Jimmy, I'd better get back to Control. I leave for Geneva at dawn. If the Doctor should come up with anything, let me know.
TURNER: Right sir.

(JAMIE sees several seats suddenly vacant, and he lies himself down again on one of them.)

JAMIE: Oh, oh well, if anything exciting happens, wake me up, will you? I was in the middle of a lovely dream.
ZOE: Honestly, Jamie. Cybermen underneath London, and all you can think about is your sleep.


(In the sewers, the Cybermen prepare their invasion. Many march to new positions, and some have now been supplied with larger caliber weapons, like short steel guns.)

12. LAB

(ZOE shakes JAMIE to wake him up.)

ZOE: Jamie!
JAMIE: (Sleepily.) Ach, what is it?
ZOE: The Doctor's discovered something important - come on!

(JAMIE finally wakes up and crosses the lab to where the DOCTOR has everyone assembled around a large white board with some drawings on it, a visual aid for his speech. He notices JAMIE's arrival.)

DOCTOR: Oh, how do you do Jamie.

(He turns and points to the large circle on the right of the board.)

DOCTOR: Now then, here is the Earth.

(He then points to a smaller circle on the left of the board.)

DOCTOR: And here is the Moon.

(Next, he points out many small dots around the Earth circle.)

DOCTOR: And these are the communication satellites circling the Earth.

(And lastly, he points out a small dot on the left side of the Moon circle.)

DOCTOR: And here is the Cybermen's spaceship, the invasion spaceship, the one that we saw. Right, now if I'm right, I think that this... (Waving his hand over the Cyberman spaceship.) ...would come to this side of the Moon and boost signals to the Earth.

(WATKINS steps in.)

WATKINS: The signals will activate these circuits.
DOCTOR: Precisely.
ZOE: You still haven't told us what that will do.
DOCTOR: The micro-monolithic circuits are an artificial nervous system. Once activated they will produce the Cyber-hypnotic force that controls human beings.

(TURNER's eyes widen in the realisation.)

TURNER: There are hundreds and thousands of these circuits in IE equipment all over the world.
WATKINS: Exactly.
ISOBEL: So everybody would come under their control.
ZOE: Yes, the Cybermen will take over everybody.
TURNER: Well, is there anything that we can do?
DOCTOR: Yes, there is a way to block the signals, isn't there, Zoe.
ZOE: The depolarizer! Worn at the back of the neck will jam the Cyber-control waves.
DOCTOR: Yes. (Turning to WATKINS.) Have you any neuristors here, Professor?
WATKINS: A few, I think.
DOCTOR: Zoe, show the Professor what to do. The invasion could come at any moment.

(ZOE gets to work.)


(VAUGHN is gazing at the dark early morning London skyline from his office window. The alarm from his wall goes off. He opens the dark alcove once more, to reveal the CYBER-PLANNER.)

CYBER-PLANNER: Is all in readiness?
VAUGHN: Of course.
CYBER-PLANNER: There is one hour to invasion time. Countdown will start from now.

(A musical ticking sound begins, repeating every second, to VAUGHN's delight.)

VAUGHN: Excellent.
CYBER-PLANNER: We are moving into position now. Ready to transmit the Cyber-signal.

(The CYBER-PLANNER continues to tick away the remaining hour.)


(In the darkness of space, the large Cyberman spaceship begins to move slowly around the moon, towards the Earth.)

15. LAB

(The DOCTOR speaks over the UNIT radio set to the BRIGADIER.)

DOCTOR: Brigadier, they must all be fitted once. The invasion could come at any moment.
BRIGADIER: (OOV.) I'll get all UNIT groups onto it as soon as possible, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Good. Good. If you want any help, just call me up.
BRIGADIER: (OOV.) Will do. Out.

(The DOCTOR gets up and sees ZOE.)

DOCTOR: Now then, now many have you made, Zoe?
ZOE: Only three, I'm afraid. I couldn't find any more neuristors.
DOCTOR: (Shouts.) What? There must be some more amongst all this gubbins.

(He indicates the pile of scientific junk in the lab, casually ignoring the fact that he made the mess.)

DOCTOR: Come on, let's have a look. We must protect everyone here at least.

(He leads the all-out hunt for neuristors and everybody starts to pull the lab inside out.)


(The CYBER-PLANNER reports to VAUGHN.)

CYBER-PLANNER: We are proceeding to our position now. Transmission will be ready in forty minutes.

(PACKER enters the office.)

VAUGHN: A few minutes Packer, a few minutes and then... I shall control the world.
PACKER: (Uncertain.) You? You're sure?
VAUGHN: Quite certain Packer. Quite certain.


(The early morning sunlight shines over a slowly waking, but still quiet London. All is peaceful and silent, but for the morning birdsong.)


(ISOBEL looks out her window and smiles in peace and comfort. The smile deepens when Jimmy TURNER joins her.)

TURNER: Penny for them?
ISOBEL: It seems so peaceful.
TURNER: Hmm. Do you think the Doctor could be wrong this time? I mean, about the invasion.
ISOBEL: Well, he's been right up till now.
TURNER: Yeah. True, but I don't know. Look...

(He continues to look out the window.)

ISOBEL: It's incredible isn't it? Look at all that peace out there, and to think... It's difficult to imagine.

(Slowly, yet suddenly, a noise starts up, a loud and constant noise, like waves from an electronic ocean, washing ashore in London from all sides, or something electronic falling all the time, permeating all corners and circles, all streets and squares.)

ISOBEL: What's that noise?

19. LAB

(The DOCTOR hears the noise inside the lab, and he is reacting to it, to his surprise. He feels around his neck.)

DOCTOR: Zoe, my depolarizer. It must have fallen off!

(Suddenly he collapses to the floor in a deep sleep like a coma. Zoe leaps down to his side...)

ZOE: Oh Professor, get us a depolarizer quickly.

(WATKINS rushes off to find one.)


(An upper-middle-class businessman walks along a sidewalk beside a chain-link fence somewhere, on his way to work. The electronic ocean storm sounds in his ears, and he collapses against the fence, grasping the links in fear and confusion. A glazed look forms in his eyes as he cannot help but listen to the noise. A middle aged woman wearing a stocking on her curled hair looks up into the sky and presses her hands into her cheeks and her ears to try to blot out the horrible sound. A man's head is pressed against his car's horn. Other men look skyward, listening to the sound. The man at the fence, the woman, the man in his car, the other two men, all listen to the electronic cacophony, along with the whole world.)

21. LAB

ZOE: Quickly!

(ZOE fixes a new depolarizer to the back of the DOCTOR's neck and tries to revive him.)

ZOE: Doctor! Doctor!

(ISOBEL rushes into the room.)

ISOBEL: Oh, is he alright?
ZOE: I don't know.
ISOBEL: Oh, whatever is that noise?!?
TURNER & JAMIE: (OOV.) Doctor! Doctor!

(JAMIE and TURNER enter the lab. JAMIE rushing to the DOCTOR's side. ISOBEL asks Jimmy TURNER what he's looking so afraid about.)

ISOBEL: What is it? What's happening?
TURNER: It's the Cybermen. We've just seen hundreds coming out of the sewers.


(Manhole covers all over London are thrown into the air like paper plates in the wind, and Cybermen emerge from beneath them. Nowhere is sacred from their march. A squadron slowly walks down the steps of Saint Paul's Cathedral, claiming it and the planet for their own...)

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