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first broadcast - 16th November 1968
running time - 23 minutes 44 seconds


(PACKER watches the guards load the unconscious forms of ZOE and ISOBEL into two of the crates.)

PACKER: Load it onto the return van.

(JAMIE sees the guards pick up the crates.)

JAMIE: Zoe's there!

(JAMIE starts to charge out of his hiding place.)

DOCTOR: (Dismayed.) No, Jamie, wait.

(JAMIE rounds the corner and tackles PACKER to the floor.)


(JAMIE lets go of PACKER and he and the DOCTOR start to run away. Meanwhile, the other guards and some friends of theirs hear PACKER's cries and turn towards them. The DOCTOR tries to lead JAMIE away but their way is blocked by more guards. PACKER draws his revolver as he pulls up off the floor and gloats at the DOCTOR and JAMIE, and their raised hands of surrender.)

PACKER: Like rats in a trap... You really don't learn, do you? This is private property. A restricted area.
JAMIE: Where's Zoe? Where have you taken her?!
PACKER: Be quiet!
JAMIE: Look, we heard them scream. If you hurt her...

(JAMIE lunges for Packer's throat, but PACKER catches JAMIE and easily hurls him back across the wall. PACKER intends further damage to JAMIE's well-being until VAUGHN steps into the room.)

VAUGHN: Packer! You really must try and control this violent streak in your nature, Packer. Although I must admit, the situation is provoking. (To the DOCTOR and JAMIE.) So here you are again. You really are beginning to try our patience, you know.
JAMIE: (Nodding at PACKER.) And he's beginning to try mine.
DOCTOR: Jamie, Jamie. (To VAUGHN.) We came here looking for two friends of ours.
VAUGHN: Two young ladies? Yes?
JAMIE: So he admits they are here.
VAUGHN: (Laughs.) Ha ha. Correction - they were. It would seem that you have been chasing each other's tails. They came here - looking for you.
DOCTOR: Where are they now?
VAUGHN: Why, they left of course.
JAMIE: Aye, carted off by two of your thugs in a box.

(VAUGHN smiles.)

VAUGHN: Oh really...
JAMIE: Look it's true. We heard them scream and I saw some of Zoe's clothes trapped in the lid.
VAUGHN: You really do have a very fertile imagination, young man.
JAMIE: Now listen you, I'm telling... I definitely saw those...
DOCTOR: Jamie, Jamie. (To VAUGHN.) It would set our minds at rest if we could take a look inside those boxes.
VAUGHN: Then you shall. (To PACKER.) Packer, I assume the only crates going out of here are the empty ones being returned to the factory.
PACKER: Yes sir, they're loading now, sir.
VAUGHN: Then you shall inspect them at your leisure. After you.
DOCTOR: How kind.

(VAUGHN gestures for them to lead the way. On the way out, he turns and signals to PACKER. PACKER turns on a small wristwatch radio he is wearing.)

PACKER: This is Packer. Get the return van moving - immediately. Do you understand? Immediately!


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE, and VAUGHN emerge into open air to find they've just missed the train carrying the boxes.)

VAUGHN: Ah, just too late, I'm afraid. Such a pity. Still, all is not lost - I am myself going down to the factory today. Care to join me? We can meet the train on its arrival.
DOCTOR: That's very civil of you.
VAUGHN: My pleasure.

(The three turn back into the building.)


(The BRIGADIER is on the radio to his surveillance crews.)

BRIGADIER: How long ago did they go in?
BENTON: (OOV.) Some time ago, sir. Tracy followed them as far as the official boundary of the railway sidings. They went in about an hour ago.
BRIGADIER: Is Tracy still round there?
BENTON: (OOV.) Yes sir.
BRIGADIER: Right, stick around for a while...
BENTON: (OOV.) Just a minute, sir.
BRIGADIER: What is it, Benton?
BENTON: (OOV.) The Doctor and the boy. They're coming out sir... with Vaughn.

4. CAR

(The DOCTOR and VAUGHN climb into VAUGHN's very large private car. JAMIE darts round the car and takes the front seat, to the annoyance of PACKER, who wanted it.)


BRIGADIER: Benton, what's happening? WHAT'S HAPPENING?
BENTON: (OOV.) Oh, sorry sir. Nothing really, they've all got into Vaughn's private car... oh, they're driving off, sir.
BRIGADIER: Is any force being used?
BENTON: (OOV.) No, not that I can see. Packer was there but it looked very friendly to me. Shall we follow?
BRIGADIER: No, I have them tracked more discretely. Over and out.

(He signs off, and then turns to Sergeant WALTERS.)

BRIGADIER: Sergeant Walters.
WALTERS: Yes sir?
BRIGADIER: Alert all area patrols in section three.

(He turns to TURNER.)

BRIGADIER: Did you hear all that, Jimmy?
WALTERS: Yes sir.
BRIGADIER: Look, we'll get you aboard a chopper and you can rendezvous with the tracking agent.
WALTERS: All right, sir. Are there any specific instructions?
BRIGADIER: No, we're playing a bit by ear for the moment, so try to keep out of trouble. Should the Doctor contract us for help, I have his signal relayed straight to you.
WALTERS: Right, sir.

(He walks off towards the exit.)


(VAUGHN's car drives to the main gate of the countryside IE compound the DOCTOR, ZOE and JAMIE left earlier. The guards open the gates and allow the car to drive through. As they close the gates, they see a helicopter hovering nearby, watching them.)


(Inside the chopper, the Captain is on the radio.)

TURNER: They've just gone into the IE area, sir. Should we follow?


BRIGADIER: No, circle the area. We can't really do anything until we get a request from the Doctor.
TURNER: (OOV.) Standing by, sir.
BRIGADIER: Oh, and Jimmy, keep out of sight. If Vaughn's private army see you, they might have the wind, and they might make things rather unhealthy for the Doctor and the boy. Over and out.


(VAUGHN's car parks next to the main building and PACKER, VAUGHN, JAMIE, and the DOCTOR climb out. The security guards in front of the building all give a loud militaristic salute as VAUGHN passes them.)

10. LIFT

(Inside the building, VAUGHN leads the party to the end of a corridor and a lift.)

JAMIE: Hey, what's happening? I thought we were looking for Zoe and Isobel.
VAUGHN: All in good time, young man. The train on the indicator will take some time to get here. In the meantime, I'd rather like to talk to you.
DOCTOR: Oh really?
VAUGHN: Yes... Those circuits you gave me, they're rather fascinating. I'd like to know more about them.

(The door opens.)

VAUGHN: This way gentleman.
DOCTOR: Thank you.
VAUGHN: Packer.

(When the lift reaches its destination, the four people file out, but VAUGHN and PACKER lag behind - PACKER in the doorway, VAUGHN in the corridor.)

VAUGHN: Be a good fellow and see if Professor Watkins is finished, will you?
PACKER: Very good, Mr. Vaughn.

(The lift door starts to close but PACKER stops it.)

VAUGHN: You might offer him a little encouragement. (To the DOCTOR and JAMIE, walking off.) Coming gentlemen.

(PACKER climbs back into the lift and smiles.)


(JAMIE, the DOCTOR, and VAUGHN enter VAUGHN's office. JAMIE gapes in astonishment because this office is exactly the same as the one in London - the video screens, the swirly patterned carpet, the desk, the window (with a different view, of course), everything.)

JAMIE: Hey!? Doctor, it's...
VAUGHN: Confusing, isn't it?
JAMIE: Exactly the same as your office in London.
VAUGHN: In all basic assertions - yes it is. That's the secret of my success, you see: uniformity, duplication. My whole empire is based on that principle. The very essence of business efficiency. Do sit down.
DOCTOR: Oh, how kind.

(The DOCTOR sits down - JAMIE turns and stares out of the window at the different view.)

VAUGHN: I must say I'm rather glad that we have this opportunity to talk.
DOCTOR: Really?
VAUGHN: I should of course be angry with you. You've thwarted my elaborate security precautions twice. I'd like to know why.
DOCTOR: Oh, that's quite simple. I hate computers, and refuse to be bullied by them.
VAUGHN: Your young friend Zoe...
JAMIE: Well, what about her?
VAUGHN: She appears to have the same instincts. She so confused one of my computers, she ruined its memory store.
JAMIE: (Turning from the window.) So that's why your thugs dragged her and Isobel away.
VAUGHN: My dear young man, I wasn't angry with her. On the contrary, I found the incident quite amusing. She's a remarkable girl. And you, Doctor, are obviously a man of no mean scientific ability.
DOCTOR: Why do you say that?
VAUGHN: Oh, my research department found these... (He pulls the TARDIS circuits from a breast pocket.) ...quite fascinating, particularly the illogical factor in their construction. Are they your own invention?

(The DOCTOR gives a noncommittal answer, with his eyes fixing themselves on something interesting on the ceiling.)

VAUGHN: Ah, you're determined to guard your secret, I see.

(He puts the circuits down.)

VAUGHN: I don't blame you. I promise not to pry any more. In fact, I'll do all I can to help you.
DOCTOR: Oh, how kind.
VAUGHN: Now you say you came here looking for Professor Watkins because you thought that he might be able to help you.
VAUGHN: Then I'll "try" to persuade him to put aside his work and um... concentrate his efforts on your behalf. Make yourself at home.

(VAUGHN stands and walks out of the room.)

JAMIE: Look, you're not going to trust him, are you? What about Zoe and Isobel?
DOCTOR: I haven't forgotten them, Jamie.
JAMIE: They're in that box, I'm sure of it.
DOCTOR: Jamie, we're not going to help Zoe by annoying Mr. Vaughn, are we.
JAMIE: I don't think you can annoy that man even if you want to. He's being as nice as pie.
DOCTOR: He's too nice.
JAMIE: Why should he be?
DOCTOR: I don't know. He was a little too interested in these circuits for my liking.
JAMIE: Hey, you think he knows about the TARDIS then?
DOCTOR: (Surprised.) Well, I don't see how he could do.
JAMIE: Perhaps this Professor Watkins will be able to tell us what's going on around here.
DOCTOR: Yes, that's what's worrying me.
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: If... if Vaughn has anything to hide, why is he letting us talk to Watkins.


(PACKER is talking with a bearded man (WATKINS).)

PACKER: I'd think about it if I was you, Professor. After all, she is a pretty girl. It'll be a shame to spoil all that.
WATKINS: What a vicious sadist you are, Packer. I don't believe you anyway.
PACKER: I don't make idle threats, Professor, as you well know. If you want to see that girl again in one piece, I suggest you do as Mr. Vaughn asks.
WATKINS: How do I know you haven't already harmed her. If you got her...

(VAUGHN enters the room.)

VAUGHN: You can take my word for that, Professor.
WATKINS: Your word. (Laughing.) Oh, I know how much value I can put on that.
VAUGHN: Harsh words, Professor, harsh words. (To PACKER.) Any progress?

(VAUGHN crosses the laboratory to examine a tangle of technology on the table.)

VAUGHN: So you haven't yet completed the machine.
WATKINS: No, and I don't intend to.
VAUGHN: Oh I think you will, Professor. Much as I detest violence... I find it difficult to restrain Packer's... er... indisputable talent for persuasion. Your niece is in our custody, and unless you do as I ask, I shall hand her over to Packer. The choice is yours...
WATKINS: (Thinks.) If I do co-operate, will you let her go?
VAUGHN: (Laughs.) Oh no, she's our guarantee, but she'll come to no harm.
WATKINS: All right. But I must see Isobel first.
VAUGHN: Of course. Oh, there is just one other thing.

(WATKINS looks hard at him.)

VAUGHN: Don't look at me so suspiciously, my dear Professor. It's merely that there are some friends of yours that wish to see you.
WATKINS: Friends?
VAUGHN: (Purrs.) Yes, they're going to great pains to seek you out.
WATKINS: But I haven't been allowed visitors since I came here. Why are you suddenly considerate? I might tell them everything.
VAUGHN: Everything? My dear Professor, you know nothing that can harm me. And besides, there's always Isobel to consider, isn't there.
PACKER: Or would you rather leave her to me.
VAUGHN: Now, now, Packer. The Professor's going to do exactly as we ask, aren't you.

(WATKINS looks totally defeated.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE are looking out the window in VAUGHN's office at something interesting in the compound.)

JAMIE: Can you see?
DOCTOR: Yes, Jamie, I can see. Let's have a closer look at that, shall we?

(The DOCTOR takes an extending telescope from a pocket and rests it on JAMIE's shoulder to get a better look.)

DOCTOR: Now just hold still a minute. Keep your shoulder still.

(Through the lens he sees three large white spheres resting on buildings.)

DOCTOR: That's odd. That's very odd.
JAMIE: What is it?
DOCTOR: It looks like a deep-space radio communication system. What's it doing here?
JAMIE: Don't ask me. You're the brains.

(JAMIE then sees something else.)

JAMIE: Hey, a helicopter. Could it be the Brigadier's lot?

(He hears something.)


(Understanding the meaning, the DOCTOR and JAMIE turn round just in time to see PACKER enter.)

PACKER: Come on.

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE pass him to leave the room.)


(Sergeant WALTERS is manning the radio.)

WALTERS: Hold on, sir, he's just here.

(He turns as the BRIGADIER approaches.)

WALTERS: Sir, it's Captain Turner.
BRIGADIER: (Into the microphone.) Yes, Jimmy. Any news?
TURNER: (OOV.) No, sir. Not a sign of them.
BRIGADIER: Right, stay in the area. We daren't make a move until we hear from the Doctor. Over and out.


(WATKINS, the DOCTOR, and JAMIE are alone in WATKINS' lab.)

WATKINS: Yes, of course, I remember Anne Travers telling me about you. She was a student of mine, you know, some years ago - brilliant girl, brilliant.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, they... they went to America, didn't they?
WATKINS: Oh, Travers was getting past it, a little you know, and Anne had persuaded him to go with her.
DOCTOR: Oh yes.

(The DOCTOR looks around the room, still nervously and suspiciously.)

WATKINS: What are you doing here?
DOCTOR: Well, it's a long story...


(VAUGHN stands in his office, confiding events to PACKER.)

VAUGHN: This strange Doctor has been on another planet, Packer.
PACKER: That's not possible!
VAUGHN: It is a fact, Packer. He has some sort of machine. Now let's see if we can learn more about it shall we? Switch on, Packer... with sound.

(PACKER throws a switch, and a view of the lab and the DOCTOR's voice appear on the monitors in the room, and Packer smiles as he realises this is the reason VAUGHN wanted them to talk alone.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) we went to see Mr. Vaughn. He said you were working on something important.
PACKER: I see... That's why you want to leave them alone together.
VAUGHN: Exactly, Packer.


(The DOCTOR has spotted something on a wall.)

JAMIE: But the Doctor needs some help with some electronic circuits that the TARDIS has.
WATKINS: Really?
JAMIE: Aye, aye...
DOCTOR: Jamie, Jamie... I don't think the Professor wants to hear about that.
WATKINS: On the contrary, from what Anne told me of the TARDIS, it's most intriguing... I'd like to hear a lot more about...
DOCTOR: Professor, I... think that I should warn you that Anne Travers allowed her imagination to run a little wild.
WATKINS: (Turning to JAMIE.) You mean to say that there is no such machine.
JAMIE: Of course there is...
DOCTOR: Jamie, I think that there are other more important things to talk about at the moment.

(While saying this, the DOCTOR points to the camera, from out if its shot. JAMIE and WATKINS catch on.)

JAMIE: Oh, I see, yes.
DOCTOR: Professor, tell us about what you're doing.

(The DOCTOR fumbles in his pockets for something.)

WATKINS: Oh, it's very simple, really. I've been developing some new kind of teaching Machine.
DOCTOR: Oh yes? A teaching machine?
JAMIE: What's it called?
WATKINS: I call it the Cerebraton Mentor. The main difference from the other teaching machines is that it is able to induce emotional changes in the subject.

(The DOCTOR suddenly places a small piece of metal up against the camera's box.)


(The picture and sound from the monitor disappear, to be replaced by static.)

PACKER: Could it have broken down?
VAUGHN: Let's check.

(VAUGHN, via the controls on his desk, checks other cameras to see if it's just the screen that's broken down. All the others are working perfectly.)

VAUGHN: All the other monitors are functioning.
VAUGHN: Our friend, the Doctor, is a resourceful man. No wonder our allies fear him.
PACKER: (Surprised.) Our allies know him?!
VAUGHN: Oh yes, I was ordered to destroy him. First I must know the secrets of this extraordinary machine of his.
PACKER: If you've been ordered to destroy him...

(VAUGHN rounds on PACKER and shouts loudly:)

VAUGHN: I DON'T TAKE ORDERS. I GIVE THEM! Now, I think the time has come to stop playing games with this Doctor!

(He turns to walk out of the office.)


(The DOCTOR is looking over the machine.)

WATKINS: But what can we do? If, as you say, they have Isobel and your young friend, then we are entirely at their mercy.
DOCTOR: Oh no, not entirely. There's my friend the Brigadier, remember.
WATKINS: Do you think he can help us?
DOCTOR: Possibly. But quickly, what is Vaughn up to? What's he doing here?
WATKINS: I don't know more than you do. He's a ruthless man, without morals or principles. His object, I'm sure, is to get complete control of the electronics industry of the world!
DOCTOR: (Faintly.) I wonder... I've got a nasty feeling that he's aiming somewhat higher than that...

(JAMIE, listening at the door, turns rapidly about.)

JAMIE: Doctor, quick, somebody's coming.

(Before the DOCTOR can undo his work to the camera, VAUGHN enters.)

VAUGHN: Don't bother, Doctor. Allow me.

(VAUGHN looks at the piece of metal on the camera.)

VAUGHN: Very ingenious. A simple magnet. I congratulate you.

(He hands the magnet back to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (Staring straight ahead.) Oh how kind.
VAUGHN: However, you must surely realise that it has forced me to consider other methods to make you talk.
JAMIE: What are you going to do?
VAUGHN: Your friend, Zoe, is due to arrive here shortly.
JAMIE: So you have got her! Listen, if you have harmed her in any way...

(He moves forward to grab VAUGHN but PACKER and a guard grab him.)

VAUGHN: You may still be adolescent enough to make idle threats, young man, but I can assure you, I am not. (To the DOCTOR.) I want your travel machine, Doctor. Otherwise, I shall hand your friend Zoe over to Packer. It's a simple choice, and it shouldn't take you longer than an hour to consider. Take them away, Packer.

(PACKER escorts the DOCTOR and JAMIE, giving them a little push as they pass him.)

DOCTOR & JAMIE: All right, all right.
PACKER: (To the guard.) Leave them to me, I'll take them.
VAUGHN: Now, Professor, I suggest you continue with your work.


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE and PACKER are walking down the corridor.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear. You know Jamie, I've always been rather scared of lifts.
DOCTOR: I don't even like to start them. You'll have to push the button for me.
PACKER: Keep your mouth shut and do as you're told.
DOCTOR: (Significantly.) Yes, Jamie. Do as you're told.

(JAMIE nods recognition and steps into the lift.)

JAMIE: Oh, I see...
PACKER: Be quiet!

(The DOCTOR suddenly turns round.)

DOCTOR: Packer! Mr. Packer, I obviously can't let you harm Zoe, so I'll have to tell you all you want to know - now.
PACKER: You mean, you're willing to talk?
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm sure Mister Vaughn... (Looking over PACKER's shoulder.) Oh, there he is now...

(PACKER turns round to look at VAUGHN, but VAUGHN isn't coming. The DOCTOR instantly pushes Packer to the floor...)

JAMIE: Quick, Doctor.

(...and leaps into the lift with JAMIE, who instantly closes the door and starts the lift.)

21. LIFT

DOCTOR: Your knife... Give me your knife.

(JAMIE gives him his knife. He uses it to prise the cover off the lift's control panel.)

JAMIE: What are you going to do?
DOCTOR: Try to break the circuit.

(The DOCTOR looks set to yank the wires.)

JAMIE: What would that do?
DOCTOR: It will either stop the lift, or send us out of control.
JAMIE: But we're six floors up.
DOCTOR: Well, we've got to take that risk. Hold tight, here we go.

(He pulls the wires and the lift shudders to a sudden stop.)


(PACKER is reporting the escape to VAUGHN in the office, and VAUGHN is not at all pleased.)

VAUGHN: Why are you so gullible, Packer?
PACKER: Just wait until I get a hold of them... I do...
VAUGHN: You'll do nothing! I want them in one piece.

(A call comes over PACKER's wrist radio.)

PACKER: Packer here. Have you got 'em?

(He listens.)

PACKER: Well, what happened!?

(Listens again.)



PACKER: WELL, GET ON WITH IT MAN! (To VAUGHN, hardly able to believe what he is saying.) The lift is struck between the fourth and fifth floors.
VAUGHN: So I gathered, Packer.
PACKER: Well, it's obviously a mechanical fault...

(He breaks off, while VAUGHN looks on.)

PACKER: Wait a minute... HE did it! (Referring to the DOCTOR.)
VAUGHN: Yes, Packer. Our clever Doctor has outwitted you. Oh, then that wouldn't be too difficult, would it?
PACKER: Well, it won't do him much good, will it? After all, he can't get anywhere, can he?
VAUGHN: No, but then why do it?

(He thinks to himself.)

VAUGHN: He might be playing for time. But I doubt it.

23. LIFT

DOCTOR: There was a fifty-fifty chance, Jamie.
JAMIE: Yes, but what good has it done us. I mean, we're stuck here in this lift now.
DOCTOR: No, no it's the lift that's stuck. Not us. Look!

(He draws JAMIE's attention to the emergency door at the top of the lift.)

JAMIE: Hey, where does that lead to?
DOCTOR: Out into the lift shaft, I imagine. Quickly, on your back.

(He bends down to allow JAMIE to climb up to it.)

JAMIE: You know something? You're a clever wee chappie!


(PACKER is talking into the wrist radio whilst surrounded by guards.)

PACKER: Switch over to the emergency circuits. I want that lift operational in three minutes!

(He turns to speak to the guards assembled in front of him.)

PACKER: I want all lift exits covered. I want a man on each floor. MOVE!

(The guards do so - rather fast. When they clear, we can see VAUGHN approaching PACKER.)

VAUGHN: Don't panic, Packer. Our birds can't fly away.


(JAMIE emerges onto the top of the lift and sees that they have a long climb ahead of them. He then helps the DOCTOR to scramble out of the lift.)

DOCTOR: Thank you, Jamie.

(He looks up at the huge shaft.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word! Well, that's a long way up, isn't it? Oh well, we'd better get cracking before they realise what's happened. First I'd better shut this.

(He then closes the emergency door, and then leads the way up the ladder on the side of the lift shaft.)

JAMIE: Hey, Doctor? I've just been thinking. What happens if they get the lift going before we reach the top?
DOCTOR: Oh, that's simple.
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: We get squashed.
JAMIE: What! Well, come on!

(They start to climb - the DOCTOR first, and then JAMIE.)


(PACKER gets a report on his wrist radio.)

PACKER: (Into radio.) Right! (To VAUGHN.) They've switched over the circuits. The lift's working!
VAUGHN: (Bored.) How splendid! Bring it up here.
PACKER: (Into the wrist radio.) Bring it up to the sixth floor.


(As they climb, JAMIE hears a clanging noise.)

JAMIE: Hey, that's not what I think it is, is it?
DOCTOR: I'm very much afraid it is. Come on!

(They start climbing faster, but JAMIE looks down and sees that the lift is rising quickly.)

JAMIE: We'll never make it!
DOCTOR: Yes, we will! Come on!

(The lift suddenly stops.)

JAMIE: It stopped!
DOCTOR: They must be checking it. Come on, they may guess where we are and come after us.

28. LIFT

(The lift doors open and PACKER enters, gun ready. He is followed by VAUGHN.)

PACKER: They vanished! They just vanished!

(PACKER steps outside the lift and speaks into his radio.)

PACKER: This is Packer. Check all the lift exits and get me the engineer.

(He listens to the reply.)

PACKER: Hello? Yes?

(He listens.)

PACKER: Did the lift stop at any other floors on the way up?

(He listens again.)

PACKER: You're certain.

(And again, and then turns to VAUGHN.)

PACKER: Right, the engineer's certain...
VAUGHN: (Cutting him off.) The shaft terminates in the roof, doesn't it, Packer?
PACKER: Yes, sir.
VAUGHN: Why didn't you think of that?
PACKER: (A little fearfully.) I'll get them!
VAUGHN: (Angrily.) Call me when you do, Packer. I'll be in my office, and PLEASE DON'T FAIL THIS TIME, THERE'S A GOOD FELLOW.

(VAUGHN walks out. PACKER talks into the radio again.)

PACKER: This is Packer. Get some men on the roof. They're still in the lift shaft.

(He listens.)

PACKER: NO! Don't take the lift. Those two might still be...

(He stops and thinks.)

PACKER: Hey, wait a minute! (Into the radio.) I'll take the lift. Tell the engineer to take it right to the top.

(The lift doors close, and PACKER stands in the centre of the lift with his arms folded, with a grim/furious look on his face.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE are nearing the top of the shaft. On the wall is chalked "Kilroy Was Here!".)

JAMIE: Are we nearly there, Doctor?

(The lift starts moving again.)

JAMIE: It's started again!
DOCTOR: Hurry, Jamie! Hurry!

(They continue to climb faster and faster.)

30. ROOF

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE climb out through a door onto the open rooftop of the IE building. They crawl on the ground for a little bit before they straighten up on their knees. Both are exhausted from the climb.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Jamie.
JAMIE: Wait a minute, Doctor.
DOCTOR: No, come on. Let's see where we are.

(They stand up and walk over to the edge. The DOCTOR looks down.)

JAMIE: Now where?
DOCTOR: Down there.

(JAMIE looks six floors down.)

JAMIE: Oh no!
DOCTOR: We can't go down the lift again, can we? Hello.

(He spots something that we can't see.)

DOCTOR: There's a fire escape. Come on.

(They run over to it and the DOCTOR begins climbing down. JAMIE swallows and follows.)


(PACKER is reporting the DOCTOR's escape.)

VAUGHN: Oh, Packer, you do disappoint me.
PACKER: They must have gone down the fire escape.
VAUGHN: And, of course, you didn't think to have a guard on that!
PACKER: Well, normally...

(VAUGHN shouts him down.)



(The DOCTOR and JAMIE hide in an alleyway formed by a wall and a railcar. They crouch down and crawl under the train, hiding from guards passing by. They come up from the other side and then climb into the door of the car, closing it behind them, while another alarm starts.)


(The railcar is filled with crates like the ones which ZOE and ISOBEL were in.)

JAMIE: Hey, Doctor. Do you think that this is the train that Zoe and Isobel came on? Vaughn said that one had empty crates on it, didn't he?
JAMIE: Well, we'll soon see. Let's peak inside.

(They push one of the crates open, and to JAMIE's disappointment, it's full of a cobwebby substance.)

JAMIE: Oh no, these are full.

(PACKER's voice comes from outside.)

PACKER: (OOV.) I want all these trains searched from top to bottom! MOVE!
DOCTOR: Jamie! Hide! Quickly, Hide!

(The DOCTOR dashes off to the left, off-screen, and JAMIE opens up the box to climb inside and hide beneath the lid - just in time, for as JAMIE's lid closes, the door is opened and light is thrown into the railcar.)


(JAMIE lies next to something covered by a sheet and he hears PACKER's voice.)

PACKER: (OOV.) You two, search this one.

(JAMIE lies still nervously, and then even more nervously as he feels something shift beneath him. He turns and looks and sees that the cobwebby substance he's on top of is stirring silently...)

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