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(This room is a large cave at the centre of a labyrinth of tunnels. Although not seen in this scene, the room is lit by a number of candles mounted in candelabras set into the walls. We first see the Medusa's head in close up, snakes writhing about her head, then we cut to The Doctor and Zoe who are huddled close together, the Doctor's arm around Zoe's shoulder. They stare off into space, their eyes averted from the Medusa, which is approaching. They can hear the hiss of the many snakes on her head.)

DOCTOR: (Urgently.) Don't look in her eyes. Don't look. The Medusa doesn't exist, you must believe that.
ZOE: (Panicked.) I can feel her fingertips, like ice.
DOCTOR: No, no, that's marble. Think of her as a marble statue. A legend.
ZOE: But she's real. I've got to look at her, I've got to.


(This room consists of two linked areas. The first is a bare white room roughly square in shape. It contains an arched window in the centre of the back wall. To the right of this window is an small arched exit. To the left of the window is a large square arched opening with a step leading down into the second area. The second area is where Jamie is standing by the teleprint machine, reading. This area contains a number of machines.)

JAMIE: (Reading.) "One glance from her eyes would turn them to stone. But all was not yet lost. Suddenly the Doctor found a sword at his feet, picked it up, and with one stroke, slew the monster."

(He looks up and stares off into the distance, deep in thought.)


(The Doctor is bent over. He suddenly straightens up holding a sword in his right hand. His left hand is held protectively around Zoe's shoulder.)

DOCTOR: A sword!
ZOE: Well, that's it - you're supposed to use the sword, like Perseus.
DOCTOR: Maybe it's another trap?
ZOE: Oh Doctor, please!
DOCTOR: No, how can I kill something that doesn't exist.

(He throws the sword to the floor.)

ZOE: I've got to open my eyes, I've got to see.
DOCTOR: No wait! Perseus, of course, a mirror.

(He reaches into his right hand jacket pocket and produces an oval mirror with a handle.)

DOCTOR: (Forcibly.) There, look at her reflection in the mirror, look.

(The Doctor holds the mirror so Zoe can see the Medusa's reflection. We see from Zoe's point of view. We can see the face of the Medusa.)

DOCTOR: You see her.
ZOE: Yes.
DOCTOR: This is how Perseus escaped. He looked at her reflection in his polished shield. There's no danger in the reflection.

(Slowly the snakes on the Medusa's head slow and stop moving. Eventually the Medusa becomes a statue again. Both the Doctor and Zoe cautiously turn to look at it.)

DOCTOR: (Calmly.) You can look now, the statue has become a statue again.


(Jamie is still reading from the teleprint machine.)

JAMIE: Cancel! cancel! cancel! The Doctor test report failure.

(He drops the message reel and sets off across the room. He passes out of the machine area, past the arched window through which he entered the castle, and begins to leave the room through the arched exit. As he does so, an alarm sounds. He rushes back into the room.)

THE MASTER: (Voice only.) Attention! Attention! There is a stranger inside the building.

(Jamie attempts to climb out of the window but a metal grille swings down, blocking his escape. Jamie jumps back to avoid the swinging grille.)

THE MASTER: (Voice only.) Call out a search party.

(Jamie checks through the archway, where he appears to see someone approach. He runs back into the machine room, hiding to the left of the connecting archway. We can see a small metallic device mounted into the wall about 30 cm from the floor. We see a figure enter the room through the narrow arched entrance. The figure who enters carries a sword. He crosses the room quickly, and as he spots Jamie, is revealed to be Gulliver.)

GULLIVER: Ah the young traveller. I had wondered as much.
JAMIE: Have you been sent to find me?
GULLIVER: His companions were in a state of some anxiety concerning his present whereabouts.
JAMIE: Companions! Zoe and the Doctor. Where are they?
GULLIVER: Safe and well.
JAMIE: You've actually spoken to them?
GULLIVER: The gentlemen desired I let him know what place I came from and whither I was bound.

(We hear a strange mechanical sound.)

JAMIE: Oh what's that?

(Jamie rushes across the archway and hides against the opposite wall, his back to it.)

GULLIVER: I heard nothing.

(Jamie pops his head round the corner to take a look.)

JAMIE: Probably the search party.

(Gulliver follows him and stands nearby.)

GULLIVER: By the laws of this kingdom, every chamber must be searched.
JAMIE: If they find me, I'm done for.
GULLIVER: You should be put to death.

(As Jamie leans back against the wall, a panel slides across, revealing a darkened recess beyond. Jamie stumbles backward into it. He leans forward and emerges again.)

JAMIE: What about you?
GULLIVER: I will come to no harm.
JAMIE: (Pointing at Gulliver.) If you give me away this time, I'm finished.

(Jamie enters the recess and slides the panel across, leaving Gulliver alone in the room. Gulliver draws his sword in his right hand and a small flintlock pistol in his left.)

GULLIVER: (To Himself.) I was ready with the hazard of my life to defend this person.

(A group of the three White Robots enter. They move slowly across the room accompanied by a mechanical sound and periodic electronic beeps. They pass close to Gulliver but ignore him. He continues to look around the room as he stands vigil. It is unclear if he sees the White Robots at all. Eventually the three White Robots cross the room and stand at a black door at the far side of the machine area. It opens and they begin to leave. Jamie then emerges from his hiding place.)

JAMIE: Where have they gone?
JAMIE: The White Robots!
GULLIVER: Young Sir, I do assure you, there was no such person here.
JAMIE: Aye, well, robots or not, I'm getting out of this place.

(Jamie walks to the grilled window and begins to pull on the bars, to no avail. As he struggles, Gulliver approaches and stands near.)

GULLIVER: You desire your liberty?
JAMIE: Yes. I mean, I got in alright - the thing is how do I get out?

(Gulliver moves away from the window and Jamie joins him.)

GULLIVER: After some consideration...
Gulliver: ...I was of the opinion that...
JAMIE: Go on, go on.
GULLIVER: ...this was altogether impossible.

(Jamie looks to the heavens for help.)


(We see a many-towered castle, high on a hillside. The castle turrets are toped with ornate coned roofs and the battlements are adorned with crenellations.

DOCTOR: (OOV.) Oh yes, that's the citadel alright.

(The Doctor and Zoe are revealed standing close to a cliff wall, looking off to their left at the Citadel high above them.)

DOCTOR: The question is, how do we get up there.
ZOE: It's an awful long way to climb.

(We hear a strange noise.)

DOCTOR: (Alarmed.) Zoe, duck!

(The Doctor pulls Zoe to the floor. Behind them, a rock explodes as some weapon narrowly misses the time travellers. The pair cautiously look up. The Doctor focusing on the exploded rock. Zoe turns and her mouth falls open in surprise.)

ZOE: (OOV.) The Karkus.

(A comic-book style effect, involving an expanding star design, occurs, and an armed figure is revealed. The figure is wearing tight black pants or leggings with a large buckled belt above. He has a light covered shirt with exaggerated musculature design embossed onto it, and large padded shoulders. He has a long black cape. He is wearing a dark mask covering the top part of his face. He is holding a futuristic-looking gun in his left hand.)

KARKUS: (Heavily accented.) You are my Prisoners.
ZOE: It's the Karkus.
KARKUS: You will come out and put the hands above your head.

(The Doctor and Zoe emerge from behind their cover and approach the Karkus, cautiously. Neither raises their hands. Zoe plays with the buttons on Jamie's jacket nervously. The Doctor merely holds his hands to his side.)

ZOE: You know, He's fictional too.
KARKUS: Obey, or I will fire.

(Both the Doctor and Zoe raise there hands quickly. The Karkus approaches to stand a few feet away. We can see he is much taller than both the companions.)

DOCTOR: What with that thing? What sort of weapon is that?
ZOE: It's an anti-molecular ray disintegrator.
DOCTOR: Rubbish. Such a weapon is scientifically impossible, it doesn't exist.

(The weapons is suddenly gone from the Karkus' hand.)

KARKUS: (In rage.) Ah.

(The Doctor drops his hands.)

DOCTOR: That seems to've taken care of that.
KARKUS: I shall tear you limb from limb.

(The Doctor and Zoe huddle together again.)

ZOE: Oh Doctor, be careful. He could do it, you know. The Karkus has super-human strength.
KARKUS: You will be minced meat.
ZOE: Quickly, Doctor, say it, you know he's a fictional character.
DOCTOR: But I don't. I've never heard of him.

(The Karkus leaps at the Doctor, who ducks under his swinging arm.)

DOCTOR: Oh Zoe, run!

(The Doctor's momentum carries him forwards and he ends up behind Zoe.)

DOCTOR: What are you doing?

(The Karkus picks Zoe up by the waist and throws her out of the way. The Doctor holds his hands out defensively.)

ZOE: (Alarmed.) Oh.
DOCTOR: No, Please. I'm sure we can talk this over.

(Zoe approaches the Karkus from behind, catches his right hand and throws him. She turns to the Doctor.)

ZOE: Lesson seventeen.

(The Karkus stands up, pulls his cape off and angrily throws it away. He approaches Zoe. She backs off and takes a defensive stance.)

DOCTOR: Be Careful.
ZOE: Oh dear.

(The Karkus approaches Zoe deliberately. He raises his right arm and brings it down with some force. Zoe blocks him, and twisting her body performs a hip throw on the giant man.)

ZOE: Lesson thirty-two.

(The Karkus rises again. He turns to face Zoe and draws back his arm to strike a blow. The Doctor grabs his hand but doesn't have the strength to hold him back. The doctor is thrown out of the way. The Karkus now rounds on the Doctor and begins to approach him. Zoe sneaks around the back of the Karkus and, as he is about to attack the Doctor, she kicks him in the backside. The Karkus rounds on her and delivers a swinging hay-maker, which she easily ducks under. The Karkus attacks Zoe again but once again misses, landing close to a panicked Doctor.)

DOCTOR: Don't do anything rash.

(The Karkus once more turns his attention to Zoe. He lunges, and is thrown once more. He rises and attacks again. Yet again, Zoe blocks his attack and throws him to the ground. The Karkus rises, but he is visibly swaying. His next lung is weak and he is thrown once more. Zoe rushes over to where he has fallen. She gets behind him, and as the Karkus half rises, she gets him in a neck hold. Zoe has her right arm across his wind pipe and her left across the back of his neck. She grimaces with effort.)

KARKUS: (Begging.) Mercy.
ZOE: You'd better submit you know.
KARKUS: (In Pain.) Mercy.
ZOE: (Partial obscured by Karkus' cries of pain.) Coming from Earth you can only take a certain amount of pressure. Do you submit.
KARKUS: I submit.

(Zoe smiles and releases her hold.)

ZOE: That's better.

(Both Zoe and the Karkus stand, and they are joined by the Doctor.)

KARKUS: I am your slave. Command me.
ZOE: (To Karkus.) Do you know the way to the Citadel.
KARKUS: I know it.
DOCTOR: (Raising one finger.) Well, well take us there, there's a good chap.

(Zoe snaps her fingers.)

KARKUS: (Bowing.) I obey.

(The Karkus departs. Zoe again smiles. She is out of breath from her exertions and she remains behind with the Doctor.)

ZOE: (Breathlessly.) We all followed his adventures in the strip sections of the hourly telepress.
DOCTOR: The strip. Ah, oh. Oh. A strip cartoon of the year two thousand
ZOE: You've been in the year two thousand haven't you?

(They both turn to stare off in the direction that the Karkus went.)

DOCTOR: Yes, but I hardly had time to follow the strip cartoons.
ZOE: (Pointing.) Well you better start following this one, he's half way up that cliff you know.

(She pulls the Doctor after her as she heads off.)


(We see a solid-looking wooden door with a small grille in the centre. The Grille provides a lookout point for the people inside the citadel. There is a hinged panel behind the grill which is closed. The door is contained in an arched entrance with a bell pull to the right.. The Karkus arrives at the doorway and stands to the right, his arm stiffly to his side. He is joined by the Doctor and Zoe. Zoe is unchanged; however, the Doctor has collected the Karkus' discarded cloak and is wearing it wrapped around his shoulders.)

DOCTOR: Well thank you, thank you Mr... (To Zoe.) what did you say his name was?
DOCTOR: Ah yes, Mr Karkus, thank you.
ZOE: We won't be needing you any longer, run along.

(Zoe snaps her fingers, and the Karkus bows. This once again brings a smile to Zoe's face.)

KARKUS: I obey.

(As the Karkus departs, Zoe lets out a brief sigh. The Doctor clears his throat.)

DOCTOR: Come along.
ZOE: We can't just ring the bell and ask to go in.
DOCTOR: Well why not. It's the usual way.

(The Doctor pulls at the bell cord and a bell rings softly.)

ZOE: Oh. Are you sure this is a good idea.

(The panel behind the grille slides open in two parts, revealing a black space beyond.)

THE MASTER: (Mechanically.) State your name and attribution.

(The Doctor pulls Zoe under his cloak, hiding her from view.)

DOCTOR: (Mimicking Karkus.) I am Karkus.
THE MASTER: And your attribution?

(Zoe suddenly pops her head out from under the cloak.)

ZOE: What's that?

(The Doctor forces her head back down.)

DOCTOR: (To Zoe.) Ssh. (To door panel.) Year two thousand, comic strip creation, the hourly telepress.
THE MASTER: Authenticated, you may enter.

(The door swings open automatically. The Doctor, still with Zoe wrapped under the cape, enters the Citadel. The door then swings closed with a creak and a solid bang.)


(Jamie is standing by the sliding door which the White Robots used to leave the room. He is feeling around the panel, trying to see if there is a way to open the door. He finally gives up and turns to Gulliver, who is standing across the other end of the Machine room.)

JAMIE: Come on now, you heard them given an order to look for me. Why do you suppose that happened?
GULLIVER: I conjecture these were orders given by some person in authority.
JAMIE: (Pointing at Gulliver.) The master?
GULLIVER: It is possible.

(Jamie walks over to join Gulliver.)

JAMIE: Oh, now I'm getting somewhere. Now listen, if there aren't any robots, who do you think was carrying out those orders? I mean, who was I hiding from?
GULLIVER: Why sir, the Yahoos.
JAMIE: Who's the Yahoos?
GULLIVER: A cursed race of inferior creatures. I've never beheld a more disagreeable an animal.
JAMIE: Well I haven't seen any Yahoos. You haven't seen any robots. A fine pickle we're all in.

(The Doctor and Zoe arrive at the alarmed archway.)

ZOE: Jamie!
DOCTOR: What happened?

(Jamie holds up his hand in alarm, and rushes over to join them.)

JAMIE: No! No! Stay where you are!

(Jamie uses his arms to trace around the edge of the archway.)

JAMIE: There's an electrical gadget round here somewhere which sets off an alarm gong. I walked through it, the gong went off and they set a gang of robots after me.
ZOE: (To Jamie.) Robots. You mean the same ones we saw before.
JAMIE: Aye, the big white ones, aye.
ZOE: (To Doctor.) Oh Doctor, did you hear that.

(The Doctor is bent over examining the archway.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I thought they'd turn up sooner or later. Yes it's a simple photoelectric cell. We just...

(He picks Zoe up in his arms.)

DOCTOR: Better if I lift you over it.
JAMIE: Be careful.

(He throws Zoe across the threshold, clear of the alarm trigger.)

DOCTOR: There you go.

(The Doctor then leaps over himself, and begins to look around the room.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word.

(Zoe and Jamie hang back while the Doctor enters the machine area of the room. Zoe removes Jamie's jacket and hands it to him. He immediately puts it on.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie, what happened to you when you left the tunnel?
JAMIE: I got chased by one of those tin soldiers. Luckily, I climbed up the cliff - up here. Hey, the thing is - how do we get out?
DOCTOR: I'm not going yet. I'm here on business.
ZOE: (To Jamie.) No, the Doctor's made up his mind. He's going to see the Master.
GULLIVER: (To Doctor.) This resolution may perhaps appear very bold and dangerous.
ZOE: (To Doctor.) There you are, you see.
DOCTOR: (To Gulliver.) Why do you say that?
GULLIVER: I think you should not be here. The Master makes up the rules for the government of his Kingdom. It is unwise for you to disobey.
ZOE: So you think we shouldn't try to see the Master.
GULLIVER: If you would take my advice - swear a peace with the Master and his kingdom - find yourselves a place to lodge - stay quietly with the expectation that things would mend.
DOCTOR: (Smiling.) Yes, well. I see. I'll think it over very carefully.

(Gulliver bows low and heads towards the alarmed archway.)

GULLIVER: Your Servant, Doctor.

(He turns, removes his hat and bows to Zoe and Jamie.)

GULLIVER: Your Servant.

(Gulliver then leaves.)

JAMIE: You're not really going to do as he says, are you?
DOCTOR: No, of course not. I said I'd think it over. Well I have thought it over. We're staying on and fighting on.
ZOE: We'll be fighting on in the dark. We don't know where the next attack will come from. Medusa was bad enough.
JAMIE: Ah Medusa. I read about that on this machine here.

(Jamie leads the Doctor and Zoe over to the teleprint machine.)

JAMIE: Wee words keep coming out of it all the time. Look.

(Jamie holds up the printout.)

DOCTOR: Let's have a look.

(The Doctor takes the print from Jamie. Jamie looks over his shoulder and point at a passage.)

JAMIE: There. Look.
DOCTOR: (Reading.) "Cancel, Doctor test report failure." Oh, I think I'm beginning to understand.
JAMIE: Well, I wish I was.
DOCTOR: Well, when someone writes about an incident after it's happened - that's history.
DOCTOR: But, when the writing comes first - that's fiction. If we had fallen into the Master's trap, we would have become fiction.
ZOE: Oh that's horrible. Come on.

(Zoe starts to run across the room towards the alarmed archway.)

DOCTOR: (Calling after her.) Zoe, where are you going?
ZOE: Let's get out of here before it's too late.
DOCTOR: Don't go...
ZOE: (Over her shoulder.) It's alright
DOCTOR: ...not through there.

(Zoe runs through the archway and the alarm gong sounds.)

JAMIE: Oh no.

(Zoe hides in a corner by the door.)

THE MASTER: Attention. Attention. There are still strangers at large. Renew the search. The strangers must be found.
ZOE: (Shouting.) What are we going to do?
JAMIE: (To Doctor.) That's funny - Gulliver walked through.
DOCTOR: (To Jamie.) Gulliver's not real - we are.

(Zoe rushes over to the Doctor and Jamie.)

ZOE: They're coming. Where are we going to hide?
DOCTOR: No need to hide.
ZOE: Why not? If they find us...?
DOCTOR: Let them find us.
JAMIE: You mean, just stand here and wait?
DOCTOR: Yes, why not? We'll ask for an interview with the Master.
ZOE: They may not give us time to ask for anything.

(Three White Robots enter via the alarmed archway and close in on the Doctor and his companions.)

JAMIE: (Alarmed.) Look!
DOCTOR: (To Robots.) Are you looking for us, by any chance?

(The White Robots continue to advance, driving the three companions back towards the sliding door.)

DOCTOR: (Nervously.) ...We... (Demandingly.) We demand an interview with the Master.

(The door behind them slides open.)

THE MASTER: (OOV.) How very fortunate. Do come in Doctor. I've been expecting you.

(Zoe flinches.)

THE MASTER: Oh don't be alarmed, won't you walk into my parlour.
DOCTOR: Said the spider to the fly. Come on.

(The Doctor leads them in. Jamie puts his arm protectively around Zoe and follows. The Doorway slides shut behind them.)


(Initially we see little of the room. The Doctor and his companions are standing behind a two panelled sliding glass door. The Door has a hexagonal pattern on it, picked out of a metal frame.)

JAMIE: Hard to see anything.
DOCTOR: (Shouting.) Where are you?

(We next see a vast glass globe. The globe is spinning. It contains a number tendrils and a central globe. As we pull back, we can see that the larger globe is in fact made up of a number of interlocking see-through panels. Finally, we reveal the Master himself. He is a man in late middle age. He is bearded but has no moustache. He is wearing half-rim glasses almost on the point of his nose. He is dressed in a dark jacket, with waistcoat, bat-wing collared shirt and a dark tie. He has a skull cap on his head with two cables clearly seen running from it. These cables run into a fixture at the base of the globe.)

THE MASTER: Here - patiently waiting.

(The glass door slides open and the companions cautiously enter. We see a White Robot standing to the right of the door. The Master is seated behind a large console with the panelled globe behind him. Beyond the spinning globe is a black background with stars. To the left of the Master's console is a device with many flashing lights.)

THE MASTER: Oh Doctor, this is a great pleasure. And your two young companions. Now let me see...

(The master picks up a folder.)

THE MASTER: Oh yes, yes. Zoe and Jamie. I have your dossiers in front of me.
ZOE: You appear to be very well organised.
THE MASTER: Oh yes. We have to be. The running of this place requires enormous attention to detail. It's a responsible position, but very rewarding.
DOCTOR: Responsible? Ah. To someone else.
THE MASTER: Not to someone. Another power - higher than you could begin to imagine. I must congratulate you on the great skill in which you tackled the various stages of your examination.
DOCTOR: What is the purpose of all these tests.
THE MASTER: Well, do you know, when I was first brought here myself, I was as bewildered as you are.
JAMIE: Well, how long have you been here?
THE MASTER: I left England in the summer of nineteen twenty-six.

(The Master removes his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose.)

THE MASTER: It was a very hot day, as I remember. I think I must have dozed off over my desk, and when I awoke... oh ho ho, but that is a long story. Did you ever hear of the Adventures of Jack Harkaway.
DOCTOR: No, I can't say that I...Wait a minute, a serial in a boys' magazine.
THE MASTER: The Ensign.
DOCTOR: The Ensign.
THE MASTER: And for 25 years, I delivered five thousand words every week.
DOCTOR: You are a writer?
ZOE: Twenty-five years, five thousand words a week. Well, that's well over half a million words.
THE MASTER: Yes, yes. It was probably some kind of record. Anyway, that is why I was selected to work here.
JAMIE: And you are the one that's in charge of all of this.
THE MASTER: In a sense. Yes.
DOCTOR: Or is all this in charge of you.
THE MASTER: My brain is the source of the creative power which keeps this operation going.
DOCTOR: I see. That means that you are virtually a prisoner.

(Suddenly the interior workings of the globe begin to glow and a rising electronic sound forms. The Master appears distressed and puts his glasses back on.)

THE MASTER: You must excuse me for a moment.

(The Master pick up a pen and begins to write in a large book. We can see some hand-written notes already in the book.)

JAMIE: (Aside to Doctor.) Come on Doctor, let's get out of here.
ZOE: (Aside to Doctor.) Yes let's. It gives me the creeps.
DOCTOR: No, I need to find out more.
JAMIE: Ok, you keep him talking, and Zoe and me will find another way out.
DOCTOR: Jamie, I think it will be safer If we all stick together.

(The globe stops glowing and the Master returns his attention to the Doctor. He stands up.)

THE MASTER: Oh I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Now where were we?
DOCTOR: You were about to answer my question. Are you a prisoner here?

(Zoe and Jamie have how walked over to stand near the console.)

THE MASTER: Well, no, no. I wouldn't say that. In fact I rather like being here.

(Zoe and Jamie make there way slowly behind the globe machine and disappear from view.)

THE MASTER: I have everything I could possibly want. This vast library with all the known works of fiction. All the masterpieces written by Earthmen since the beginning of time.


(Jamie and Zoe enter a large library. The walls are lined with books. We can see several tables covered in books and papers. Several shelves of books exist, forming a near maze.)

ZOE: I don't think he noticed.
JAMIE: No, let's try down there.

(Jamie and Zoe set off in another direction.)


(The master remains standing behind his console with the Doctor in front of him.)

DOCTOR: I see, yes, and only an Earthman type creature has the power to create fiction. The power to imagine.
THE MASTER: Exactly. This is the one field in which the intelligence I serve cannot compete. They need man. A man of boundless imagination, as a powerhouse. A lifeline, you might say.
DOCTOR: What is this intelligence you serve, and why have you brought me here.

(The master removes his glasses.)

THE MASTER: Well as you can see I am no longer young, where as you Doctor are ageless. You exist outside the barriers of time and space.
DOCTOR: And you want me...
THE MASTER: To take over this unique situation. To take my place.
DOCTOR: (Emphatically.) I refuse.

(The globe begins to glow and the frantic sound begins again.)

THE MASTER: (Mechanically.) Refusal is impossible. You are here to serve us. There is no alternative.


(Jamie and Zoe run back from another part of the Library.)

ZOE: There's got to be a way out of here.
JAMIE: There must be a door somewhere.

(A White Robot enters from the right, initially unseen by the companions.)

JAMIE: Look, if we're going to get the Doctor away...

(Zoe spots the robot.)

ZOE: (Pointing.) Jamie!

(Zoe and Jamie head for an opening, but it is blocked by another advancing White Robot.)


(They try running in another direction, and this too is blocked by a White Robot.)

JAMIE: back this way.

(They take the only remaining route away.)


(The machine to the left of the Master's console is now glowing and flashing. The Master remains seated, with the Doctor standing in front of the console.)

THE MASTER: (Mechanically.) Resistance is useless. Submit your will for the sake of the greater good. It has been decided.
DOCTOR: (Defiantly.) I refuse. I shall make that decision for myself.

(Suddenly the mechanical noise from the globe stops.)

THE MASTER: (Normal voice.) You will find there is only one decision open to you.

(The mechanical noise resumes.)

THE MASTER: (Mechanically.) Mission accomplished. Procedure as arranged.
DOCTOR: What does that mean?
THE MASTER: The latest chapter of the serial story. I'll read you the last sentence. (Reading from a book.) "Zoe and Jamie, attempting to escape, Bu..." ha ha... "in making it through the library they were ambushed by a sortie of guards and were overpowered."
DOCTOR: Oh no, Zoe... Jamie...
THE MASTER: Are you prepared to co-operate now. Your life in return for theirs. Is that a bargain. Look!

(A monitor is mounted facing The Master's console. On it we can see the three White Robots attacking Jamie and Zoe.)


(The White Robots are attacking Zoe and Jamie. A wave is being emitted from a weapon mounted on their chest units. Zoe and Jamie reel from the assault. They hold there arms up defensively.)

ZOE: Oh Jamie, My eyes.

(The pair back away from the attackers.)

JAMIE: I can't see, my eyes, quick, back, back away Zoe.

(Jamie grabs Zoe's arm and pulls her.)

JAMIE: Here, Quick.

(He suddenly realises that they are trapped inside a giant book. A chapter heading 'Pris au piece' can be seen. One of the White Robots stands by the cover of the book.)

JAMIE: No, it's a book - back out again.

(A second White Robot takes position at the other cover and begins to close the book.)

ZOE: Push.
JAMIE: Push. It's closing.

(Jamie and Zoe struggle against the Robots, but the book closes and they disappear from view. Fade to black.)

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