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(Against a black background, a unicorn rushes towards the companions, shaking its head, whinnying.)

JAMIE: (Poised to run away, to escape.) It's coming straight for us. Run!

(He and Zoe start to take a step away from the Doctor to escape, but the Doctor grabs them each by the arm in an unshakeable grip.)

JAMIE: We haven't got a chance! Don't you see, it's my dream all over again.
ZOE: It's real
DOCTOR: (Shouting.) No, it's not real, it's a legend. You mustn't believe in it, you mustn't. Say it "doesn't exist", say it.

(The unicorn continues to approach.)

JAMIE AND ZOE: (Together OOV.) It doesn't exist.

(The unicorn freezes. They all stare with open mouths.)

JAMIE: What happened?

(The Doctor sighs with relief. They approach the unicorn, which has transformed into a cardboard statue cut-out.)

DOCTOR: Another test.
JAMIE: But, it was alive, we all saw it.
ZOE: It was terrifying.

(She looks up at the unicorns face.)

DOCTOR: He challenged us to believe it.
JAMIE: Who? The Master?
DOCTOR: Whoever it is who's setting up all these conjuring tricks.
ZOE: But I don't understand.
DOCTOR: The unicorn appeared to be real until you said it wasn't, then we were safe.
ZOE: But we believe in it, Jamie and I.
DOCTOR: Yes, but that was just the danger. Your belief was affecting me.
JAMIE: Who would think up a crazy notion like this?
DOCTOR: I don't know. A fantastic mind.


(The figure of The Master is sitting behind a console with his back to us. Images of the three companions, taken from different angles, can be seen on the three suspended monitors.)

THE MASTER: Too kind. (He bows slightly.) And if I may, I'd like to return the compliment. It's obviously supremely intelligent. He is learning the rules with admirable speed. Yes, you were right to choose the good Doctor.


(The three companions are standing, as before, but The Unicorn is no longer visible. We hear the disjointed sound of the Toy Soldiers.)

JAMIE: Doctor. (He points in front of him.)
ZOE: The Soldiers.

(Three Toy Soldiers walking in a column march past.)


(The Master is watching on a monitor. He raises a hand, which appears to hold a pen.)

THE MASTER: Stop! Let them go. Wherever they run, whatever they do, every step they take will only brings them nearer. The trap is set, let them walk into it.


(The three companions are moving through a bare forest. A strange mechanical sound can be heard. The knurled trees are covered in thick cobwebs. Jamie uses his knife to cut through the thick strands while the Doctor, with a look of disgust, pulls the webs out of the way. Zoe tags along at the back.)

ZOE: Oh, how much further
JAMIE: There's no sign of the toy soldiers now.
DOCTOR: We have to get out of this place.
JAMIE: (He points off to his left.) Look, there's a house

(He approaches, and spots the Redcoat standing before a closed door.)

JAMIE: You again.

(He raises his knife.)

JAMIE: I'll sort you this time.

(He rushes forward.)

JAMIE: (Shouts.) Creag an tuire

(The Redcoat fires from almost point-blank range, releasing a huge plume of smoke.)

(Zoe rushes over, and as the smoke clears we see Jamie has been turned into a cardboard cut-out again. The Redcoat has disappeared. The Doctor arrives a second or two after Zoe. He uses his hand to waft some of the smoke away.)

ZOE: Jamie! ... Doctor?
DOCTOR: Now it's alright Zoe. Mmm.

(He looks up in the air.)

DOCTOR: Oh come on.

(He snaps his fingers angrily a couple of times.)

DOCTOR: Come on, if you want to play games, let's get on with it.

(The Master gives a sinister laugh OOV.)

ZOE: What's that?

(A blackboard on an easel has appeared. It has four sets of eyes, four noses and four mouth sections stuck to it.)

DOCTOR: (Stroking his chin.) Well, I have to make up his face again.
ZOE: (Accusingly.) You did this before?
ZOE: And that's how Jamie's face got changed, you got it all wrong.
DOCTOR: What! (Flustered.) No...No, No...No well...I...I was rushed. Now then...

(He takes one of the eye sets from the board. He begins to turn and notices Zoe shaking her head. He replaces the eye set.)

DOCTOR: ... alright, I know.

(He selects another.)

DOCTOR: ... there we are.

(He sticks it in the appropriate place on the cut-out of Jamie.)

DOCTOR: ... one ...

(He turns, rubbing his hands in glee.)

DOCTOR: ... now then... oh yes that's his nose. You can't mistake his nose, can you.

(He selects a nose section and sticks that on the cut-out.)

DOCTOR: ... and ...

(He goes to select a mouth set, looks at Zoe, and hesitates. He makes a selection. Zoe smiles, and he places the mouth onto the cut-out.)

DOCTOR: ... ha ha ha.

(He claps his hands together excitedly.)

DOCTOR: ... oh ... there you are we see.

(The Frazer Hinds version of Jamie comes to life, slashing downwards with his blade.)

ZOE: (Laughing.) Jamie!
DOCTOR: (Smiling.) Jamie.
ZOE: Thank goodness you're back.
JAMIE: (Looking at his knife.) Back? What do you mean back? I haven't been anywhere.
ZOE: But you've got your face back.
JAMIE: (He begins to feel his face.) I have?
DOCTOR: (Offering him a mirror.) Yes, look.
JAMIE: (Looking in the mirror.) Oh you're right, I have. That's much better. Oh the house...

(He points off in front of him and sets off.)

DOCTOR: Yes, come along, let's go inside.

(He takes Zoe's hand and leads her. Jamie begins to open the door.)


(A spider's web dominates the POV as we see the companions enter, lead by Jamie holding his knife. The door makes an eerie screech as it opens. The companions enter, looking around as they go. The interior is revealed to be made of rough stone, lit by an elaborate candelabra on which many lit candles burn. The door to the house swings mysteriously shut with another loud screech and an ominous thud.)

ZOE: There must be someone here (Points to candles.) these candles are alight.

(Zoe catches her hand on a cobweb, her face contorted in disgust.)

ZOE: eehh

(The Doctor hands her his handkerchief, which she uses to wipe her hands.)

JAMIE: (Cups his hand over mouth and shouts.) Hello there. (Echoes.)
ZOE: One, two, three, four,... four tunnels leading off.
JAMIE: It would be easy to get lost in there.

(The Doctor notices something on floor and steps forward to pick it up.)

DOCTOR: Just a moment.
JAMIE: What's he found?

(They step forward to join Doctor.)

DOCTOR: Ah, yes, A ball of twine. (Begins to unravel end.) Oh yes, This must be an invitation.
ZOE: Why?
DOCTOR: Well, it's the classical way of getting through a maze. (Hands end to Jamie.) Now Jamie, tie that to the door will you.

(Jamie walks over to the door and tries to open it.)

JAMIE: Hey, it's locked.
ZOE: Then we are meant to go on.
DOCTOR: Yes I think we are.

(In the background Jamie ties the thread to the door handle.)

ZOE: That means that wherever we go.... At any time they know...
ZOE: They're expecting us.

(Jamie approaches.)

DOCTOR: Don't break the thread. Come along.

(They move off into an unseen tunnel.)


(He has moved further along his control console. The three monitor screens can be seen to his left.)

THE MASTER: Ah, at last.

(He is looking at another screen with a map of a network, or labyrinth, of tunnels on it. The three companions are shown as three lights moving along one of the passageways.)

THE MASTER: The Doctor is commendably prompt. I wonder how long it will take him to get to the heart of the mystery.


(The tunnel is covered in cobwebs and lit by more candles set in candelabras mounted on the walls. Zoe appears first, followed by the Doctor. They exchange a glance. The Doctor then points off to his left, and they move on.)


(Jamie is moving along, unravelling the ball of string. It is now substantially reduced in size. He moves on.)


(Another candle-lit tunnel, very similar to Tunnel 1. The Doctor and Zoe approach and stop. They look around them.)

DOCTOR: Which way, do you think?
ZOE: To the Right.

(Jamie enters the area via an opening to the right of the Doctor and Zoe. He is now left with only a few feet of string. He approaches them.)

DOCTOR: They both seem equally unattractive to me.
ZOE: But it must be to the right. I've been working it out as we went along.
JAMIE: (Interrupting.) Doctor...
DOCTOR: Ssh... how?
ZOE: Well, as soon as we avoided the dead ends, it soon fell into a clear pattern. One left, (Indicates using her hands.) two right, three left, four right and so on. It's a simple arithmetic progression.
JAMIE: (Interrupts again.) Yes, but Doctor...
DOCTOR: Sssh, Jamie.

(Jamie makes a face and puts his hands on his hips.)

DOCTOR: What it is to have an arithmetical brain, eh. (To Jamie, irritably.) What do you want?
JAMIE: The thread's run out!

(Holds up the end of the twine.)

JAMIE: Now, should we not go back?
DOCTOR: No, you stay here...
DOCTOR: ...and Zoe and I will explore a little further. There must be another way out of this maze. I just need to find it.

(The Doctor heads off to the right.)

ZOE: (To Jamie.) It seems they don't want us to find a way out, only a way in.

(She follows the Doctor.)

(Jamie is left alone. He puts his hands behind his back and begins a fairly tuneless whistle.)


(The Master is viewing the map of the labyrinth. One of the light sources has stopped moving. Two others continue to move towards a large open space on the map.)

THE MASTER: (Excitedly.) Go on, go on, almost there.


(The Doctor appears from a partially concealed tunnel. He glances around and then indicates to Zoe to follow. He leads her by the hand into a large open space. They move cautiously. The cave is lit once more by candles set in wall-mounted candelabras. The floor is uneven and they take care as they move to slightly higher ground.)

ZOE: I was right, this isn't the way out. We're in the middle of the maze. Oh Doctor, I don't like it. Let's go.

(She begins to head back in the direction she came from.)

DOCTOR: Just a minute...

(Zoe turns back.)

DOCTOR: I was rather expecting a welcoming committee but perhaps I was wrong.

(He rubs his fingers together nervously.)

ZOE: Well I hope you were.
DOCTOR: Ah yes... (Points to something on the ground.) but there has been someone here, and not that long ago either. Look.

(They look down at a skeleton.)

ZOE: Oh. (Bringing her hand to her mouth.)
ZOE: (Points at another part of the cave floor.) And they're some tracks of an animal too.

(The Doctor bends over to examine them.)

ZOE: Oh Doctor let's get...

(A huge animal roar echoes through the cave. The Doctor looks up in alarm. Zoe rushes to him and the Doctor wraps his arms around her.)

ZOE: ... it couldn't be.
ZOE: I know it's silly but do you remember the story of the Minotaur?
DOCTOR: Half man, half bull, yes.
ZOE: And he lived in the heart of a labyrinth ... and there were human sacrifices.
DOCTOR: Exactly, but I don't think we need be too alarmed, after all...

(The animal roars again. They huddle even closer, a look of fear on their faces.)

DOCTOR: I was saying... as long as we're quite certain the minotaur is only a...
ZOE: Doctor, look. (She points off to her right.)

(A shadow falls across a cave wall. It appears to he an enormous horned head. The animal roars again.)


(Jamie is still holding the end of the string. He hears the animal roar from the cave. He moves toward the tunnel that the Doctor and Zoe left by.)

JAMIE: (Shouting.) Doctor are you alright. What's happening?

(He throws the end of the string, which he is still holding, down on the floor and sets off down the tunnel. Almost immediately he hears the mechanical marching noise of a toy soldier. He darts back into the tunnel junction and hides. A toy soldier marches into the area. It passes Jamie and then turns to face him. Jamie examines the Toy Soldier closely.)

JAMIE: Oh, so that's how you can see - that wee lighthouse of yours.


(The Master watches this encounter on the central monitor.)


(Jamie crouches and removes his jacket. He Approaches the Toy Soldier cautiously.)


(The Master continues to watch this encounter on the central monitor. He sees Jamie approach and throw his jacket over the Soldier. The monitor screen goes blank.)

THE MASTER: (Angrily.) No. Brainless Idiot. Get yourself free, don't let the boy escape. Forward. Forward.


(The Toy Soldier, his head covered by Jamie's Jacket, moves forward and drops his head. The Jacket falls to the floor. Accompanied by his mechanical noise, the Toy Soldier heads off in pursuit of Jamie who is nowhere to be seen.)


(The horned-head shadow moves across the cave wall.)

ZOE: Doctor, it's moving.

(They are still huddled together.)

ZOE: It's coming closer.

(The shadow of the beast falls across them.)

ZOE: It's going to attack.
DOCTOR: Zoe, it's a legend...

(They stare in horror as a massive bull-headed creature approaches.)

DOCTOR: ...Another mythical beast like the unicorn.
ZOE: (Afraid.) But it's there.
DOCTOR: No. (Forcibly.) The minotaur is a mythical beast. Say it.
ZOE: The minotaur is a mythical beast. It doesn't exist.

(Suddenly the shadow lifts and the creature disappears.)

ZOE: It's gone.
DOCTOR: Yes. (Puts a hand to one of his hearts.) Yes, I'm afraid we made it too difficult for it to stay. Come on, let's go find Jamie.

(He begins to lead her off.)


(Zoe leads the way as they move through the tunnel complex. They enter a small clearing or cave. The Doctor looks over her shoulder and points. They enter another clearing.)

ZOE: I think this is the place.
DOCTOR: Yes, but there's no sign of him. I'm sure he wouldn't've gone off without...

(Zoe bends over and picks up a jacket.)

DOCTOR: What's that?
ZOE: His jacket.
DOCTOR: Well he must be around somewhere.

(He turns around and begins to looks for Jamie.)

ZOE: (Shouting.) Jamie ...

(She sees someone approaching.)

ZOE: Who's that?

(The Stranger approaches. As before he is dressed in black breeches with white socks, a white shirt with a waistcoat, and a white neckerchief. He has a three-cornered hat and carries a knapsack over his right shoulder.)

DOCTOR: Oh. Oh my dear sir.
STRANGER: Your servant sir.
DOCTOR: You have a knack of turning up unexpectedly.
ZOE: Have you seen Jamie?
STRANGER: I walked alone, but no sign of any inhabitants.
ZOE: Are you absolutely positive.
STRANGER: I would not impose a falsity upon you. I adhere strictly to truth.
DOCTOR: Of course. This... this person that controls this place... The Master.
STRANGER: The Master, yes.
DOCTOR: Have you seen him?
STRANGER: Upon occasions he has been pleased to grant me an audience.
DOCTOR: Where might I find him?
STRANGER: The Master's palace is no ordinary edifice...

(Zoe looks at him with bafflement.)

STRANGER: ...but a citadel, a walled town at the top of a hill, or cliff, that is recognised the highest in the kingdom.
DOCTOR: (Smiling.) Yes, now I think I understand. May I ask, sir, where you come from? Would it not be Nottingham?
STRANGER: My father had a small estate in Nottingham, sir. I was the third of five sons. He sent me to Emmanuelle College in Cambridge at fourteen years old, where I applied myself close to my studies, learning navigation and other parts of the mathematics ...
DOCTOR: ... useful for those who intend to travel, ...
BOTH: ... as I always believed it would someday or other, my fortune to do.
DOCTOR: Now I know who you are sir. Your name is Lemuel Gulliver.

(He grasps Gulliver's free hand in both of his.)

GULLIVER: Your Servant
ZOE: (Incredulously.) Gulliver!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes. Oh I'm looking forward to a long talk with you, one of these days.
GULLIVER: I would like that above all things, but it would not be proper at this juncture to trouble you with the particulars of my adventures.
DOCTOR: I wouldn't dream of detaining you.
GULLIVER: Ah, having been condemned by nature and fortune to a restless and active life, I must take my leave of you. Farewell.
DOCTOR: Farewell.

(He makes a little mock bow, still grinning hugely.)

ZOE: Why did he talk in such an extraordinary way.
DOCTOR: Well he can only speak the words that Dean Swift gave him to say.
ZOE: But that's ridiculous. There never was such a person as Gulliver. He's a fictional character.
DOCTOR: Of course he is. Don't you understand? This world that we've tumbled into is a world of fiction. Unicorns, minotaur, Gulliver's travels - they're all alive here.
ZOE: Then what are we doing here? What do they want with us?
DOCTOR: I'm not sure I understand that yet. Come along, we'd better find Jamie. Better put this on.

(He wraps Jamie's Jacket round her as they set off.)


(Jamie runs up a gully. He stops by a steep cliff or rocky hillside. He looks around. A single Toy Soldier approaches accompanied by its strange mechanical sound. Jamie immediately begins to climb the cliff. The Toy Soldier approaches, scraping the bayonet at the end of his musket against the cliff edge. Jamie climbs on, occasionally looking back down to see that the soldier has not been able to follow him up the steep rock face. He struggles for grip, finds it, and climbs on. Eventually the sound of the Toy Soldier fades and is gone. He climbs onto a narrow ledge, stands up, and looks around him. He is faced with an almost sheer rock wall.)

JAMIE: Oh no. I'd need to be a human fly to get up that lot. I can't go back though. What I really need is a...

(A long length of rope suddenly falls from an unseen source high above him. Jamie grabs the rope.)

JAMIE: Who says wishes don't come true.

(He tests the strength of the rope and then begins to climb. Below him the Toy Soldier moves off.)


(Jamie can now see that the rope has come from a window in a round tower. He climbs up to a ledge just outside the window.)

JAMIE: (To himself.) Jamie, so far so good... Some sort of Castle... Ok Jamie, now where. You don't have much choice do you?

(He pulls on the rope.)


(The rope is revealed to be a part of her hair, which is blonde, set in a centre parting, with a long braid which she wears over her right shoulder. She wears a long sleeveless gown with braiding and embroidery down the front and a thin gauze-like long sleeved undershirt. She has two thick gold chains around her neck.)

PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: I suppose you know that hurts.
JAMIE: You mean, this is your hair?
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: Of course. I don't object to people climbing it -  I'm quite used to it actually - but you would keep tugging it so.
JAMIE: Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: Are you a Prince?
JAMIE: No, why?
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: You're supposed to be. I'm a princess, but I suppose you knew that. My name is Rapunzel. (Excitedly.) You're not a woodcutter's son by any chance
JAMIE: No, I'm the son of a piper.
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: Oh how very disappointing. Well in that case I think you'd better go. Goodbye.

(She begins to leave.)

JAMIE: (Urgently.) Your highness, wait.
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: (Returns to window.) Well
JAMIE: I can't go back there. It's a sheer drop, and I can't just stand out here. I'll... I'll have to climb though the window.
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: Well, I don't know if that will be allowed.
JAMIE: Well I won't stay long, just passing through you might say. Oh please.
PRINCESS RAPUNZEL: (Sighing.) It's a pity you're not a prince, you'd have made rather a good one. Well I suppose you'd better come inside. For goodness sake be quiet.


(Jamie climbs through a window into the castle. The window is arched with a sloping window sill. The interior is almost entirely white in colour. To the right of Jamie is an Archway. Jamie looks through this.)

JAMIE: Rapunzel... Your Highness... where have you gone. Don't be silly, I'm not going...

(Jamie walks down a step into another part of the room.)

JAMIE: Hey, this doesn't look like the inside of a princess's castle to me.

(Three strange metallic devices protrude from the wall, close to the window. In the lower area of the room several strange machines and devices are operating. A large circular screen can be seen. Jamie approaches it. The control mechanism for the screen is just in front of it to the right. Jamie operates it. A double page spread from a book appears on the screen. An illustration is on the left-hand page, while text appears on the right-hand page. The title 'Treasure Island' can be seen along with the legend 'Chapter 1'. Jamie switches the machine off and continue to examine the room. He bumps into a machine, which starts up.)

FEMALE VOICE: "Christmas won't be Christmas without presents," grumbled Joe, lying on the rug. "It's so dreadful to be poor," sighed Meg, looking down at her old ro...

(Jamie switches the reading machine off. He notices a set of lights on a huge machine. The lights have labels above them. He can clearly see a label which reads 'Vanity Fair'. The lights flash on and off. Other labels visible read 'Don Quixote', and 'The Pit and the Pendulum'. Jamie can hear another machine operate. It looks like an old-fashioned ticker-tape message printer. A tall glass bell jar houses the mechanism, and a stream of ticker tape emerges. Jamie approaches, picks up the ticker tape and begins to read out loud.)

JAMIE: "The Doctor and Zoe,"

(The words can clearly be seen on the ticker tape as Jamie reads.)

JAMIE: "unable to find their companion in the labyrinth, decide to return to the cave in search of him, where a new terror awaited them."

(Jamie looks up in alarm.)


(The skeleton in the middle of the cave can clearly be seen. We can hear the Doctor's voice as they approach the cave.)

DOCTOR: There must be at least one more test... I wonder what it will be?

(The Doctor and Zoe enter the cave. Zoe is now wearing Jamie's jacket over her usual costume. They stand a little distance apart.)

ZOE: I can't believe you are beginning to enjoy all this.

(She looks at something across the cave.)

ZOE: That wasn't there before, was it.

(The Doctor looks over a full-sized statue in white stone. It is of the Medusa. Stone snakes form her hair, and her features are strangely angular. Her eyes are larger than a normal human's. Snakes cover her cheeks.)

DOCTOR: A statue.
ZOE: Like the unicorn.

(Zoe approaches the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: Yes. Only, the unicorn was alive first, and then became a statue. Only this time...
ZOE: What?
DOCTOR: Have a care Zoe. I have a feeling the situation is going to be reversed.
ZOE: It is coming to life.

(The snakes on the statue's head begin to writhe and move. They emit a low hiss.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) Medusa.


(One of the labels above the flashing lights reads 'Legends of Ancient Greece'. Jamie doesn't notice it, as he has his back to it, reading from the ticker-tape machine.)

JAMIE: "The Doctor and Zoe where face to face with Medusa. One glance from her eyes would ... would turn them to stone."


(The Doctor and Zoe are huddled close together. They stare off into space, their eyes averted from the Medusa which is approaching. They can hear the hiss of the many snakes on her head.)

DOCTOR: Now, we know what we have to do Zoe?
ZOE: Yes.

(She risks a glance over her shoulder.)

ZOE: She's moving. (Afraid.) She's going to look at us.

(The Medusa approaches. Snakes are coiled around her neck as well as moving on her head.)

DOCTOR: (Forcibly.) Zoe, we have to say "Medusa doesn't exist."
ZOE: (Panicked.) But, she does.

(The Medusa moves closer.)

DOCTOR: (Very forcibly.) Zoe, Medusa is a myth. If you believe it her, she can turn us both to stone. Now Zoe, say it: "The Medusa is a myth," say it.

(The Medusa's hand approaches over Zoe's left shoulder.)

ZOE: (Terrified.) But she's alive.
ZOE: (Terrified.) She's real
DOCTOR: No. Don't look in her eyes, don't look.

(The Medusa stands next to them, snakes writhing on her head.)

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