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first broadcast - March 2nd 1968


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE, VICTORIA, ANNE, EVANS and the COLONEL watch in horror as two YETI walk in. Following them is the gaunt figure of PROFESSOR TRAVERS. The onlookers gasp as they see him.)

JAMIE: Oh no!
COLONEL: I just don't understand what's happening!
JAMIE: Poor Travers!

(There are general murmurings of disbelief, which cut off abruptly as TRAVERS speaks.)

TRAVERS: Silence!
ANNE: Father!

(She steps forward; the DOCTOR restrains her.)

DOCTOR: No, no! No!
ANNE: But I must...
DOCTOR: No, Anne! Don't go near him. Just... just listen to him.

(TRAVERS now speaks, but the voice is not his own - it has a hissing, rasping tone to it. The speech is halting, and he takes deep breaths between phrases.)

TRAVERS: I... am... the Intelligence!

(There are cries of shock and denial from the onlookers.)

TRAVERS: Listen to me! I speak to you with this man's voice because the time has come for you to understand my purpose.
EVANS: What's he getting at?
DOCTOR: What do you want?
TRAVERS: You defeated me in Tibet, Doctor.
TRAVERS: Now you have fallen into the trap that I have so carefully prepared for you.

(As TRAVERS speaks, a strange thin mist is emanating from his mouth.)

DOCTOR: Oh, I see, so that's why you've brought me here. Revenge!
TRAVERS: Oh, no. Revenge is a very human emotion. My purpose for you is far more interesting.
DOCTOR: And what's that?
TRAVERS: Through time and space, I have observed you, Doctor. Your mind surpasses that of all other creatures.
DOCTOR: (Shouting.) What do you want?
TRAVERS: You! Your mind will be invaluable to me. Therefore I have invented a machine that will drain all past knowledge and experience from your mind.
VICTORIA: But you'll kill him!
TRAVERS: Oh, no. He will survive, his mind unharmed - only empty as a newborn child's.
DOCTOR: And if I refuse?
TRAVERS: Then I shall have to seek the help of lesser mortals, like your companions here. And many, many others.
DOCTOR: But you can't!
TRAVERS: I can and I will.
DOCTOR: Yes, I believe you.
JAMIE: You can't - we'll fight!
TRAVERS: That will not do. The Doctor must submit willingly.
DOCTOR: And if I... if I do submit, what of the others?
TRAVERS: Then the others will go free.
ANNE: And my father too?
TRAVERS: Oh, him too. I'm only using his body to communicate with you.
ANNE: He didn't help you before, then?
TRAVERS: Oh, no. I have many other human hands at my command.
DOCTOR: And who are they?
TRAVERS: Always questioning! Even now, you're seeking to destroy me! I see I shall have to guide your thoughts.

(TRAVERS steps forward and grabs VICTORIA, who cries out in alarm. JAMIE starts forward, but the YETI roar in warning. The DOCTOR holds him back.)

DOCTOR: No, Jamie, no!
TRAVERS: Cooperate and the child will be unharmed. You have twenty minutes to make up your mind.

(Still holding VICTORIA, he turns to leave, followed by the YETI.)

JAMIE: Let me go, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Jamie, don't be a fool! You don't stand a chance.
JAMIE: Let me go! Victoria!

(He calls forlornly after the departed YETI, and shakes himself free of the DOCTOR's grip. The COLONEL steps forward, shuts the door and stands in front of it.)

JAMIE: Let me past, Colonel!
COLONEL: No. The Doctor's right. There've been enough lives wasted.
JAMIE: And what are we going to do? Just sit around and wait for the next thing to happen?
COLONEL: Don't be a fool, boy! Can't fight those things bare-handed. We must work out a plan!
JAMIE: Well you do what you want - I'm going.

(He pushes past the COLONEL and pulls the door open to see a YETI standing guard just outside. The YETI roars, and JAMIE closes the door again.)

DOCTOR: He left one of those things there to stop us getting away. Now Victoria is quite safe.
JAMIE: Safe!
DOCTOR: The Intelligence knows that if it harms her, I won't cooperate.
ANNE: Does that go for my father too?
DOCTOR: Yes, Anne, it does.
ANNE: Oh, are you sure?
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm sure!
EVANS: Permission to speak, sir.
COLONEL: Eh? Yes, what is it, Evans?
EVANS: Well, stop me if I've got it wrong, sir, but... if this Intelligence thing here gets the Doctor, will he leave us all alone?
COLONEL: Yes, that's what it looks like. What's in your mind?
EVANS: Well, sir, why don't we just let it have him? Then we could all go home!


(TRAVERS's possessed body drags VICTORIA through the tunnels. A YETI is in attendance.)

VICTORIA: Please... my wrist... Professor!

(There is a distant bleeping in the tunnel ahead.)

VICTORIA: Professor, please, you're hurting me! My wrist! Professor!

(TRAVERS is unmoved; he keeps hold and stares blankly ahead, heading towards the bleeps like a zombie.)


COLONEL: Will this Intelligence keep its word, do you think?
JAMIE: Well it didn't in Tibet!
DOCTOR: Jamie!
EVANS: Least ways, it's a chance.
JAMIE: But it's not you that's taking the risk, is it?
EVANS: I reckon he ought to give himself up now.
COLONEL: Evans, when I want your opinion I'll ask for it!
EVANS: Sorry, sir.
DOCTOR: It's alright, Evans. If I don't come up with the answer, I will give myself up, I promise.
EVANS: That's OK then.
JAMIE: You will not give yourself up.
DOCTOR: Don't be foolish, Jamie!
JAMIE: But Victoria!
DOCTOR: She will be your responsibility. And when it's all over, you'll just both have to look after me, that's all.
DOCTOR: Well, if what the Intelligence says is true, my mind will be like that of a child. You'll have to look after me until I grow up!
DOCTOR: Don't worry - I'm going to try not to let it happen.

(During the conversation, EVANS has moved over to the door. He now cuts in.)

EVANS: Eh! Wait a minute!
COLONEL: What is it, Evans, what's the matter now?
EVANS: Stand back everyone!

(He cautiously opens the door ajar, looks carefully through, then pulls the door fully open. The YETI guard has gone.)

EVANS: I thought I heard it go!
COLONEL: Yes, well we'd better make sure. Evans - you, myself and McCrimmon will go and search the place. Doctor, you'd better stay behind here and get on with your tinkering.

(The COLONEL, JAMIE and EVANS leave. The DOCTOR turns back to the gadget he's assembling at the work bench, watched by ANNE.)

ANNE: You're not seriously thinking of giving yourself up to those creatures, are you?
DOCTOR: Well I sincerely hope it won't come to that, Anne.
ANNE: It's so hopeless. What can we do?
DOCTOR: This control box - we've got to get it working!
ANNE: Doctor, we've only got twenty minutes.
DOCTOR: Then there's no time to lose, is there? Oh come on, Anne, don't give up. I need your help!
ANNE: (Smiles.) Yes, yes of course.
DOCTOR: Right. Now hand me that sphere, will you?


(JAMIE, EVANS and the COLONEL continue their search of the Fortress.)

JAMIE: I suppose that Yeti was left there as a kind of rearguard.
COLONEL: Possibly.
JAMIE: If we went into the tunnels, we'd run into them again.
COLONEL: Yes, probably would.
JAMIE: But supposing we were to go over the top? You see, Colonel, as I see it, there's only one way for them to go - south.
JAMIE: So if we could get there ahead of them...
COLONEL: What, take them by surprise, you mean?
COLONEL: What's the point? You can't fight those things. I know, I've tried.
EVANS: Anyway, we'd never get back in, sir. All the stations are locked.
JAMIE: We might find one that's open. I mean, after all, the Yeti get in and out - why can't we?
EVANS: Well, reckon we're safer here, sir.
JAMIE: Aye, we are. But what about Victoria and Travers, eh? Oh, if you're both too scared, I'll go myself!

(JAMIE heads off.)

COLONEL: Wait a minute, McCrimmon!

(JAMIE stops and turns round.)

COLONEL: I think it's pointless, but at least we'll be doing something active.
EVANS: What about the Doctor and Miss Travers, sir?
COLONEL: Oh, yes. Mustn't leave them unprotected. You stay here, Evans.
EVANS: Right, sir.
COLONEL: And don't go taking any chances!

(The COLONEL and JAMIE leave.)

EVANS: (To himself.) Don't worry, I won't!


(The DOCTOR and ANNE continue their work. The DOCTOR is adjusting some wires with a pair of tweezers.)

DOCTOR: ...and the cross wires here. Hmm?
ANNE: I still don't see how you can...
DOCTOR: Well, I haven't finished yet. Now if you detach the germanium crystal strip here, and then attach the collector and the emitter...
ANNE: Yes, yes, and link up there - of course! Then the frequency variations, they'll automatically change!
DOCTOR: Simple?
ANNE: Yes!
DOCTOR: Right. You get on with that, and I'll just check this sphere.

(He turns his attention to the inner workings of the YETI control sphere.)

DOCTOR: Yes... yes, that should complete the circuit, good... I wonder...


(The door from the Fortress to the surface is closed. JAMIE and the COLONEL stand just inside, ready to open it.)

JAMIE: There's only one way to find out.
COLONEL: Yes. Certainly no sound out there.
JAMIE: Shall we chance it, then?
COLONEL: Why not?

(JAMIE puts his hands on the door handle, and waits for the COLONEL's signal.)


(JAMIE opens the door. Covering the entrance is a thick wall of billowing, glowing fungus!.)

JAMIE: No! Back! No!

(He throws himself against the door as the fungus starts to burst in. The COLONEL helps, and they both push against the huge weight of fungus.)

COLONEL: Push! Push! Push, hard as you can! Push, get your back to it! Get your back to it!

(The two men both turn their backs against the door and shove with all their strength, but the weight of fungus is too much. It continues to spill through the doorway.)

COLONEL: Fire door - by the stairs - go and unhitch it, and I'll try to hold this. Go on, McCrimmon!
JAMIE: You sure?
COLONEL: Yes, go on! Go on!

(JAMIE races back down the corridor, while the COLONEL tries in vain to hold the door against the mass of fungus. After a moment, JAMIE shouts back.)

JAMIE: (OOV.) Alright, Colonel, come on!

(The COLONEL gives up holding out against the fungus, and sprints down the corridor. As he goes, the fungus engulfs the entrance and spills along after him.)


(While ANNE works on a small electronic box, the DOCTOR examines the now reassembled control sphere on the workbench. The sphere appears totally inactive.)

DOCTOR: Strange, it's not picking up. The Intelligence must be transmitting... I wonder why it's not working...

(He thumps the sphere, which immediately starts bleeping.)

DOCTOR: Aha! Success! It's going, Anne! (To sphere.) Come along.
ANNE: Oh, oh that's marvellous. I'm sorry I'm being so long - this is such a fiddling job.
DOCTOR: Help you in a minute...

(He puts the sphere at one end of the bench.)

DOCTOR: There we are. Now then...

(The sphere rolls across the bench.)

DOCTOR: Yes, you see, it's homing!

(He retrieves the sphere before it can roll off the edge of the bench, and puts it on the floor. The sphere rolls off again.)

DOCTOR: There we are... fairly strongly...

(He claps his hands and cackles with glee. The door opens and JAMIE and the COLONEL walk in; the DOCTOR turns in alarm as the sphere heads straight for the door.)

JAMIE: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Careful - shut the door!

(He and JAMIE slam the door closed before the sphere can escape.)

ANNE: The sphere! The sphere, it's working.
JAMIE: Never mind about that.
DOCTOR: Why, what's happened?

(He picks up the sphere.)

JAMIE: We tried to get out the surface door, but the fungus is there!
DOCTOR: Well, I'm not surprised - I thought the Intelligence would try to hem us in.
COLONEL: Yes, unfortunately it's got into HQ.
ANNE: What?
COLONEL: Don't worry. Managed to get a fire door closed. Should hold it.
ANNE: I hope you're right.
DOCTOR: Come on, Anne, we must get to work.
COLONEL: Doctor, tell me, this sphere of yours. Exactly how's it going to help us?
DOCTOR: Well the sphere itself - it won't.
DOCTOR: No. But it will help us to test the control box.
JAMIE: Is that all?
JAMIE: You mean to say you've wasted all this time, just to...
DOCTOR: Wasted - we haven't been wasting our time!
JAMIE: Well I think you have!
COLONEL: Must agree with the boy, Doctor. You don't seem to have achieved very much.
ANNE: Colonel, if you left us alone we'd get along a lot quicker.
COLONEL: Huh? Oh, very well. Come on, McCrimmon, we'll leave them to it.

(Sighing, he leaves with JAMIE and shuts the door.)

DOCTOR: Right, Anne. Let's get on with this control box.

(He puts the control sphere down on the bench, and laughs as it bleeps and rolls off again.)


(Just outside the door to the Operations Room. JAMIE and the COLONEL prepare to enter the room.)

COLONEL: Right, let's have a look at this board.

(He opens the door.)


(As they enter, EVANS appears from behind the door, pointing a rifle at them.)

COLONEL: Evans! What exactly do you think you're playing at?
EVANS: Been working it out, I have, see. Come to the conclusion one of you two must be working for this Intelligence.
JAMIE: Oh for heaven's sake...
EVANS: No! It told us it had another pair of hands working for it. Well I know it's not me, see, so it must be one of you two. Stands to reason, dunnit?
JAMIE: Oh, don't be daft, man, it's Chorley! I've said so all along.
EVANS: Well, it's only natural you'd say that, ain't it?
COLONEL: I don't know what you're talking about, Evans, and quite frankly I don't care. Now McCrimmon and I are going out into the tunnels. You'd better join the Doctor and Miss Travers.

(EVANS points with the rifle.)

EVANS: If it's all the same to you, sir, I'd prefer to stay here.
COLONEL: Evans, I gave you an order.
EVANS: A better position here, sir - keep an eye on the corridors, I can. Better tactically, don't you think, sir?

(The COLONEL and JAMIE push past, ignoring EVANS and the rifle, and head for the exit.)


(TRAVERS and VICTORIA are guarded on the station platform by a YETI with a web-gun. TRAVERS still holds VICTORIA's wrist firmly, but is otherwise standing motionless, as if in a trance.)

VICTORIA: Please, Professor, let me go. I won't try to escape. Oh, please!

(As she pleads, she hears the raucous whispering voice of the Intelligence, seemingly from all around her.)

INTELLIGENCE: Release her, Professor. As she says, she will not escape. There is nothing for you to be afraid of, child.

(VICTORIA looks around, trying to locate the source of the voice.)

VICTORIA: Isn't there?... Where are you?
VICTORIA: Why don't you show yourself?
INTELLIGENCE: All in good time. Travers, you have served your purpose. Awake!

(TRAVERS suddenly comes out of his trance, slumps against the platform wall and collapses to the ground in shock. VICTORIA catches him as he falls.)

INTELLIGENCE: Soon you will both see me.

(TRAVERS tries to gather his senses. He speaks dazedly, but his voice is again his own.)

TRAVERS: What's happened? Where are we?
VICTORIA: I think you'd better rest for a bit.
TRAVERS: Rest? No... work to do. I've got to help the Doctor!

(He catches sight of the YETI guard, and whispers to VICTORIA.)

TRAVERS: Don't run, Victoria, but there's a Yeti, over there, on the platform.
TRAVERS: Yes, well we'll try and give it the slip... what did you say?
VICTORIA: I know. That's the one that brought us here.

(VICTORIA hesitates.)

TRAVERS: Well, come on, Victoria...

(He gets to his feet, and the two of them quietly move along the platform towards the motionless YETI. As they pass it, the giant creature springs to life and looks menacingly at them. VICTORIA screams as the YETI roars a savage warning.)


(The DOCTOR works on the control box, while the sphere bleeps by the door, monitored by ANNE.)

ANNE: Doctor... Doctor, do hurry!
DOCTOR: Nearly ready... there. Now then, let's see if it works.

(The DOCTOR flicks a switch on the box and looks expectantly at the sphere. It continues bleeping.)

ANNE: Isn't it at full power?
ANNE: Then we've failed.
DOCTOR: Hang on a minute...

(He moves closer to the sphere, still flicking the switch. As he approaches, the sphere suddenly stops bleeping.)

ANNE: Oh, it works!
DOCTOR: Back you come.

(He flicks another switch, and the sphere rolls towards him.)

DOCTOR: Yes, the trouble is, it only works at very short range.
ANNE: But still, that's better than nothing. So now what do we do?
DOCTOR: Well, we know that your control box can stop a Yeti. Now then, if I can re-program this sphere to obey our verbal commands...
ANNE: Yes, but can we do it? I mean, in the time?
DOCTOR: How long have we got?

(ANNE looks at her watch.)

ANNE: Twelve minutes.

(The DOCTOR grunts.)


(JAMIE and the COLONEL edge carefully through the tunnels. They come to a junction.)

COLONEL: Do we go on or turn back?
JAMIE: Let's go on.

(He moves off down one of the turnings, then stops and turns as he realises JAMIE hasn't followed him.)

COLONEL: Come on, what are you waiting for?

(He goes back to the junction.)

JAMIE: What made you choose this turning, Colonel?
COLONEL: What? Well, I don't know really. Why?

(JAMIE is silent.)

COLONEL: You're not still thinking about what Evans said, are you?
JAMIE: Well, he was right about one thing. One of us is working with the Intelligence.
COLONEL: I can assure you it's not me, McCrimmon.
JAMIE: Aye, maybe so.

(They look at each other suspiciously for a moment, then the COLONEL grunts and leads off. JAMIE follows, then calls ahead as he sees something lying between the rails.)

JAMIE: Hey, wait a minute!

(He picks up the object - a white handkerchief.)

JAMIE: This is Victoria's! We're on the right track!


(TRAVERS and VICTORIA are still guarded by the YETI.)

TRAVERS: Anne's alright, you say?
VICTORIA: Don't worry, Professor. The Doctor's bound to come up with something.
TRAVERS: I wish I shared your confidence, my dear.

(Over the steady bleeping noise of the YETI, he hears a faint noise coming from the tunnels.)

TRAVERS: Hello, what's happening?

(The two humans watch as a figure emerges from the tunnel, unseen by the YETI. The figure is wounded and the face is covered with dirt, but it is still instantly recognisable as ARNOLD. After checking that the YETI guard is not looking, he crawls along the tracks, below the level of the platform, towards TRAVERS. The Professor moves to the edge of the platform and whispers down to him.)

TRAVERS: Arnold! How'd you get here! I thought - well Victoria said...
ARNOLD: What... what's happened, sir?
TRAVERS: Sssh! Just a moment...

(He glances across to the YETI, who still stands motionless.)

TRAVERS: Do you think you can get to HQ?
ARNOLD: I can try, sir.
TRAVERS: Yeah, well get hold of the Doctor, and tell him where we are.
ARNOLD: Right, sir.

(He quietly sneaks back to the tunnel. TRAVERS moves back to rejoin VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: Can't we go with him?
TRAVERS: No, Victoria. That Yeti's guarding us. if we go, it'll follow. I don't think they've found out about Arnold yet.


(Back at the Fortress, the Doctor's bleeping control sphere rolls across the floor of a corridor, and goes through the door to the Operation Room.)


(EVANS sees the sphere and immediately jumps onto a chair in panic. The DOCTOR and ANNE come in to find the Welshman pointing his rifle at the sphere.)

DOCTOR: No, don't shoot!

(EVANS lowers his rifle.)

EVANS: Is that thing on our side, then?
DOCTOR: It is now. (To the sphere.) Stop!

(The sphere stops bleeping, and the DOCTOR picks it up.)

DOCTOR: Were you scared?
EVANS: Eh? Oh no, no, I mean, I just got up here to get a better aim, that's all. How did you make it stop then?
DOCTOR: Simple - I told it to.

(EVANS looks at him in disbelief. The DOCTOR puts the sphere down and motions to EVANS to try.)

EVANS: Here - ball. Why don't you go back where you come from?

(The sphere does nothing.)

EVANS: Now, pull the other one.
ANNE: Oh, show him, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Alright, I will. Move forward.

(The sphere bleeps and obeys.)

DOCTOR: Stop... Move to the left... Stop.

(The sphere obeys each of the DOCTOR's commands.)

DOCTOR: There you are, how about that?
EVANS: Hey, that's great! Make a smashing toy, that would.
ANNE: Toy? That's a highly complex piece of equipment.
EVANS: Oh, is it? Well I don't see how it's going to help us.
DOCTOR: But it obeys our commands!
DOCTOR: Well, once we get it inside a Yeti, we'll have a powerful ally!
EVANS: (Horrified.) Inside a Yeti?
ANNE: Yes, certainly. Will you help us?
EVANS: You must be joking, Go near one of them things? I may be stupid, but I'm not daft...
DOCTOR: Oh very well, Anne, I shall have to do it myself.
ANNE: Oh, I'm coming with you, Doctor.
DOCTOR: No no, it's far too dangerous.
EVANS: There you are, what'd I tell you?
ANNE: Not another word, I'm coming with you.

(They leave. EVANS stays behind, sighing.)


(The COLONEL and JAMIE see a figure ahead in the shadows. They move closer to get a better look.)

COLONEL: Staff Arnold? It can't be, we'd given you up for lost!

(ARNOLD looks worn out and near to collapse. He staggers.)

JAMIE: Easy, easy...

(He helps ARNOLD stand.)

JAMIE: That's it.
ARNOLD: Sorry about this, sir.
JAMIE: What happened?
ARNOLD: I don't know. Can't remember. I were pushing the trolley through the fungus, and... and I blacked out. I thought I were... falling. When I come to, sir, I were in the tunnels... Where's the Doctor, sir? I met the Professor and the girl back there...
JAMIE: Victoria! Is she alright?
ARNOLD: Yeti - guarding them, but... I promised I'd tell the Doctor, sir.
COLONEL: Right. Come on, back to HQ.
JAMIE: I'm going for Victoria.
COLONEL: Really, we'd stand a better chance if we stick together. Go ahead! Come on, Staff.

(JAMIE moves on in front, the COLONEL behind supporting ARNOLD, and they head back towards Goodge Street.)


(TRAVERS looks at his watch and sighs.)

TRAVERS: Doctor's twenty minutes' almost up.

(A fast bleeping noise as a second YETI emerges from the station to the join their guard.)

VICTORIA: Professor...?

(The two YETI surround them and herd them towards the corridor leading into the station.)

VICTORIA: Where are they taking us?
TRAVERS: Now keep calm, Victoria. I'm sure the Doctor will think of something.

(VICTORIA, unconvinced, looks worriedly at the YETI guards.)


(EVANS hears noises in the corridor outside, and hides. The COLONEL, ARNOLD and JAMIE walk into the room, look around, and immediately see him.)

COLONEL: Evans, come out from behind that board.

(EVANS cautiously appears.)

EVANS: Oh, it's you, sir.
COLONEL: Where's the Doctor?

(He is answered with a guilty silence.)


(EVANS starts stammering in panic.)

EVANS: B-b-but y-y-y-you...
ARNOLD: Stop bleating like a Welsh baa-lamb, Evans, and answer the Colonel.
COLONEL: Doctor and Miss Travers, where are they?
EVANS: Gone, sir.
JAMIE: Gone - where?
EVANS: Warren Street, I think.
EVANS: After a Yeti, they said.
ARNOLD: Have a look at the board, sir.

(He goes over to the illuminated map of the Underground, which shows only a small stretch around Goodge Street still clear of the fungus. ARNOLD points to a point on the map.)

ARNOLD: Warren Street.

(The black line is spreading south towards the station.)

JAMIE: Come on!

(He makes to go. ARNOLD follows.)

COLONEL: No, not you, Staff. Evans, make yourself useful. Get a dressing for the Staff Sergeant's head.
EVANS: Yes, sir.
ARNOLD: Thank you, sir.

(The others leave.)


(The DOCTOR, holding his control sphere, and ANNE stand by a wall of the fungus. The DOCTOR examines it.)

DOCTOR: Do you think it's mutating, Anne?
ANNE: I... I don't know, but I don't think we'll stay and find out.
DOCTOR: No, perhaps you're right.

(They turn away, to find a YETI standing in the tunnel behind them.)

ANNE: We're trapped!

(The YETI starts bleeping, roars and advances.)

DOCTOR: Give me the control box, Anne.
ANNE: The control box...
ANNE: Haven't you got it, Doctor?
DOCTOR: What! What... hold the sphere!
ANNE: Oh Doctor, you must have it!

(The DOCTOR frantically searches through his pockets as the YETI comes ever nearer.)

DOCTOR: Yes...

(He pulls the control box out from a pocket. He presses several buttons, but they have no effect. The YETI still gets closer.)

ANNE: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Don't worry, it'll work!... It's got to work!

(The YETI comes within striking distance. As the DOCTOR frantically fiddles with the switches on the box, the creature raises its right arm to strike out at him... then stops, motionless. ANNE gasps with relief.)

ANNE: I know you said it only worked at short range, but for a moment...
DOCTOR: (Grins.) Well, don't tell me you were worried? Would you like to hold this for me?

(He gives ANNE the control box, goes to the now lifeless YETI and looks for the flap in its chest. ANNE watches, worried.)

DOCTOR: It's alright, it's quite safe.

(He finds the flap, opens it, and gently manoeuvres the YETI's control sphere out.)

DOCTOR: Nearly out... there.

(He takes the sphere and swaps it with the one ANNE is holding.)

DOCTOR: Right.

(He fits the replacement sphere into the YETI and closes the flap of fur.)

DOCTOR: Now then - turn round!

(The DOCTOR laughs gleefully as the YETI obeys.)

ANNE: Oh, it works! You've done it!
DOCTOR: We've done it, you mean! Now then, with my reprogrammed sphere and your control box, we should be able to work him over quite a distance. (To the YETI.) And put your arm down!

(The YETI does so.)

DOCTOR: Now we've got a chance, Anne. Come on!

(The two of them move off; the YETI stays motionless.)

DOCTOR: Oh, mustn't forget him. Come on, Fred, at the double!

(The YETI bleeps and follows them.)


(ARNOLD sits on a chair while EVANS tends to his wounds.)

EVANS: Hold still, can't you?
ARNOLD: Oh come on, Evans, get on wi' it!

(EVANS finishes, and steps back to admire his handiwork.)

EVANS: I reckon I ought to have been a doctor. Real professional, that is.
ARNOLD: (Smiles.) Alright then, doctor. Take your gear back to the lab.
EVANS: Oh, righto then.
ARNOLD: And when you've done that, you can come back and shift that chair.

(EVANS picks up the First Aid equipment and heads off towards the laboratory. After a moment, he calls back in panic.)

EVANS: (OOV.) Staff! Staff!
ARNOLD: What is it?

(ARNOLD jumps to his feet and runs out.)


(ARNOLD comes running in to join EVANS.)

ARNOLD: What is it, Evans?

(EVANS makes choking noises, and points at the far wall, which is bulging inwards under an enormous pressure.)

ARNOLD: Go on, Evans lad, get out of it!

(EVANS turns and runs, closely followed by ARNOLD. As they go, the far wall disintegrates, giving way to a mass of glowing fungus which floods unhindered into the Fortress...)

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