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first broadcast - 9th March 1968


(As ARNOLD and EVANS leave the laboratory, the far wall disintegrates, giving way to a mass of glowing fungus which floods unhindered into the Fortress.)


(ARNOLD and EVANS run from the Fortress into the tunnels and pause for breath.)

EVANS: What are we going to do now, Staff?
ARNOLD: The main door should keep the fungus out of the tunnels for a bit. We must warn the others that HQ's had it.
EVANS: Right.
ARNOLD: Well, come on, then.
EVANS: Oh, oh no, not me.
ARNOLD: You're not disobeying an order, are you, Evans?
EVANS: Now look here, Staff. If we go up there, and this stuff breaks out, we'll be trapped!
ARNOLD: Now look, lad, you're scared, that's understandable. But you've been in the Army long enough to know that orders is orders. There's four people up there. If we don't warn them, they're for the chop.
EVANS: So? Four of them's getting the chop - there's no reason to make it six, is there?

(ARNOLD loses his patience.)

ARNOLD: I've had enough of your lip for one day. Now come on! Follow me.

(He sets off up the tunnel; as he goes, EVANS turns and bolts in the opposite direction. ARNOLD shouts after him.)

ARNOLD: Evans! Come back here!
EVANS: Not on your nelly! Cheerio, Staff!

(EVANS disappears into the darkness, leaving ARNOLD shouting after him.)

ARNOLD: Right, lad - I'll get you for this!


(The DOCTOR and ANNE walk through another section of the tunnels, followed by a bleeping YETI. The DOCTOR is carrying the small control box. He stops and turns to face ANNE.)

DOCTOR: Anne...

(The YETI carries on going, brushing straight past them.)

ANNE: Hey!
DOCTOR: Stop! Come back here!

(The YETI obeys.)

DOCTOR: Stop! Anne, I've been thinking. Until we know who else is working for the Intelligence, everyone must be suspect.
ANNE: Yes?
DOCTOR: Well, the fewer people who know this chap's on our side, the better.
ANNE: Yes... yes, and whoever is the Intelligence is bound to know that you're controlling this Yeti.
DOCTOR: Mmm... I know.

(He clears his throat theatrically and turns to the YETI.)

DOCTOR: You are to remain here for... (To ANNE.) Do you think a minute will be enough?
ANNE: What for?
DOCTOR: For us to get clear.
ANNE: Perhaps.
DOCTOR: (To YETI.) You are to remain here for ninety seconds, and then resume acting on orders from the Intelligence until you are told otherwise. Is that understood?

(The YETI roars in confirmation.)

DOCTOR: Right. Switch off, for ninety seconds, starting from... now.

(The bleeping stops, and the YETI stands lifeless.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Anne.

(They run off.)


(JAMIE and the COLONEL see two figures in the distance. Approaching, JAMIE recognises them as the DOCTOR and ANNE.)

JAMIE: It is them! Come on!

(He moves forward to meet them.)

JAMIE: Am I glad to see you! There's fungus at Warren Street.
DOCTOR: Yes, I know.
JAMIE: Oh. What are you doing down here, anyway?
DOCTOR: Well, as a matter of fact...

(He notices ANNE giving him a warning glance as the COLONEL comes to join them.)

DOCTOR: I'll tell you another time. (He speaks up.) Hello, Colonel.
COLONEL: Glad to see you're both safe. Any luck with your gadgets?
ANNE: No. No, I'm afraid not.
DOCTOR: Any news of Victoria?
JAMIE: Yes, she's at Piccadilly Station.
DOCTOR: Piccadilly?
ANNE: Is my father there too?
JAMIE: Aye, he's with her.
DOCTOR: Are they alright?
DOCTOR: (Suspiciously.) How do you know?
COLONEL: Ran across Arnold - he saw them.
DOCTOR: Arnold?
ANNE: Arnold! But Evans said - the fungus...
COLONEL: Yes, he went into it, alright, but he came out again somehow. Says he can't remember what happened.
DOCTOR: Well we haven't got any time to find out.
ANNE: No, time's nearly up.
COLONEL: Yes, your twenty minutes.

(The DOCTOR and ANNE murmur their agreement.)

COLONEL: Well come on, then.

(He sets off with JAMIE; the DOCTOR and ANNE lag behind and talk quietly.)

ANNE: What are you going to do?
DOCTOR: We can't do anything until we get back to Headquarters, and... then, if we've got time, we'll try and increase the range of the control units. Come on!

(They hurry to catch up.)


(The DOCTOR's YETI starts bleeping, and is soon joined by two others. The group move off towards the distant sounds of human footsteps.)


(The COLONEL stops and listens.)

DOCTOR: What is it, Colonel?
COLONEL: Something up ahead.
ANNE: We can't go back!
COLONEL: What, fungus, you mean?
ANNE: Yes.

(A voice is suddenly heard from the darkness ahead... it has an unmistakable gruff Yorkshire accent.)

ARNOLD: (OOV.) Is that you, Colonel?

(The COLONEL relaxes.)

COLONEL: It's Arnold. (Shouts.) Hang on, Staff!
JAMIE: Why isn't he in HQ?

(The group go to meet ARNOLD, who salutes the COLONEL.)

ARNOLD: Sir - the fungus. It's swamped HQ.
ARNOLD: I'm afraid so, sir. The main doors should keep it out of the tunnels for a bit, but...
COLONEL: Where's Evans?
ARNOLD: Scarpered, sir.

(As he speaks, two savage roars are heard, and the giant forms of two YETI appear behind the group. They roar repeatedly as they surround the humans.)

ARNOLD: Our time's up! We're all together - they've come to fetch us!


(In another part of the tunnels, EVANS hides in an alcove as a bleeping noise approaches. He watches as a YETI lumbers past, and cautiously emerges from his hiding place as it heads off. He fails to see or hear the second YETI waiting right behind him. It looks at him and roars a warning.)

EVANS: H... hello! If you... if you're looking for your friend, he went that way...

(The first YETI returns.)

EVANS: Look, you don't want me!... I'm not one of them, see?... Driver, that's what I am... shouldn't be down here at all, really...

(He flinches as the two YETI reach out and grab his arms.)

EVANS: Hey, steady on!

(The YETI lift him off the ground and head off down the tunnel, carrying the helpless soldier between them.)

EVANS: Oh, going for a walk, are we? There's lovely.


(Two YETI escort the COLONEL, ARNOLD, the DOCTOR, JAMIE and ANNE through the tunnels. They come to a junction, and the YETI roar to them to stop. They bleep out a signal. ARNOLD takes the opportunity to whisper to the COLONEL.)

ARNOLD: I'm going to make a break for it, sir.
COLONEL: Think you can?
ARNOLD: Well, it's worth a try. On the loose, sir, I might be able to do something. If only you could distract them, sir.
COLONEL: Right, Staff.

(The YETI roar again, and begin herding them down one of the turnings.)

ARNOLD: I think it wants us to go on, sir.
COLONEL: Right. Here we go.

(He begins to move on, then stumbles with a yell into the DOCTOR, knocking him over. The DOCTOR also cries out in surprise. One of the YETI roars threateningly, and JAMIE steps in.)

JAMIE: Wait!... Can't you see, he's fallen over!

(He helps the DOCTOR to his feet.)

JAMIE: Be careful, be careful!

(In the confusion, ARNOLD manages to slip away unnoticed.)


(Two YETI lead TRAVERS and VICTORIA into the deserted ticket hall of the station. The large room is dimly lit by lights in the ceiling.)

VICTORIA: Where are we being taken, Professor?
TRAVERS: Oh, to meet the Intelligence, I suppose.

(They move on. In the middle of the chamber is a large triangular pyramid structure, about 10 feet tall. The outside is made of a transparent material, like glass; there is an entrance in one of the walls, and a seat inside. VICTORIA recalls the pyramid that housed the INTELLIGENCE in Tibet.)

VICTORIA: A pyramid!
TRAVERS: Yes - but it's different! We... we've never seen one like this before. It's fascinating! This must be the machine that the Intelligence intends using on the Doctor.

(His scientific curiosity getting the better of him, TRAVERS moves closer to examine the pyramid. One of the YETI guards roars to warn him away.)

VICTORIA: Oh, no no. No, I shouldn't if I was you.
TRAVERS: Yes, I think perhaps you're right.

(VICTORIA's attention is caught by the shadows near the exit to the platform area. She quietly speaks to TRAVERS.)

VICTORIA: There's someone there...
TRAVERS: Who's that? Who is it? D'you see who it was?
VICTORIA: No. Do you think it could have been...
TRAVERS: The Intelligence? (Grunts.) If only we could do something!
VICTORIA: I'm sure the Doctor will think of something.
TRAVERS: No, not this time, Victoria. The Doctor would never risk the chance of the Intelligence harming you.
VICTORIA: You mean he'll just give in?
TRAVERS: Yes, I'm afraid so. Afraid there's no alternative.

(The grating disembodied voice of the INTELLIGENCE rasps out, echoing eerily throughout the large hall.)

INTELLIGENCE: Yes, you're right, Professor. He has no alternative. I am sorry not to be here to welcome you personally, but I am sure you will not be offended. After all, the guest of honour is the Doctor - he, I am sure, will cooperate, as I advise you to do. Any attempt to interfere would be pointless. My Yeti can destroy you so easily.

(TRAVERS is distraught at his helplessness.)

TRAVERS: It's all my fault! If I hadn't tampered with that sphere - people killed, London invaded, all because of my wretched curiosity!
VICTORIA: Don't blame yourself, Professor.
TRAVERS: Why not? I... I've sacrificed you all! And for what?


(Three YETI hold the DOCTOR, ANNE, JAMIE and the COLONEL captive on the station platform. The DOCTOR plays the 'Skye Boat Song' repeatedly on his recorder, while the COLONEL paces restlessly up and down. JAMIE sits next to the DOCTOR, and whispers to him.)

JAMIE: Why didn't you tell me all this before?

(The DOCTOR breaks off from playing, and indicates the COLONEL.)

JAMIE: You don't think the Colonel...
DOCTOR: Well, you never know, do you?

(JAMIE looks at the three YETI.)

JAMIE: Which one is ours?
DOCTOR: I don't know.
JAMIE: What!
DOCTOR: Well unfortunately I've lost track of him.
JAMIE: Oh, that's a great help!
DOCTOR: Well, never mind, I... I want you to take this microphone and keep on calling our Yeti to you.

(He surreptitiously hands a small microphone to JAMIE.)

JAMIE: How will I know I've got the right one?
DOCTOR: Well, you'll soon know if you haven't got the right one, won't you! (Chuckles.) Jamie, I hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia!


(ARNOLD walks through the tunnels, and suddenly bumps into the dishevelled form of HAROLD CHORLEY. The journalist sounds afraid and desperate, a far cry from his previous confident manner.)

CHORLEY: Sergeant! Oh, oh thank heavens I found you! I've been wondering down here by myself for... for ages!
ARNOLD: Well well well, quite forgotten about you, we had, Mr Chorley!
CHORLEY: Tried to get out over the surface, but... there were Yeti everywhere! And there's this... this fungus, and fog, all around, you see, and... it's hopeless! I tried to get back to HQ, I tried, but... all the stations were locked, you see, and I couldn't get back in, and all the time I kept seeing more and more Yeti, and they were closing in on me. I was retreating... I was always retreating... and then, at last I found I could get into Piccadilly, but... when I got down there, there was this machine, and... the Professor, and the girl. And more Yeti... they're everywhere!
ARNOLD: My, my, my, we are in a state, aren't we, sir?

(CHORLEY tries to compose himself.)

CHORLEY: Yes... alright... no, I'm fine. I've just been so scared, that's all!

(ARNOLD is sympathetic.)

ARNOLD: 'S alright, sir, nothing to be ashamed of.
ARNOLD: There's just one thing that puzzles me though, sir.
CHORLEY: Oh, what's that?
ARNOLD: How you managed to exist all this time - why didn't the Yetis get you?

(CHORLEY appears shocked at the insinuation.)

CHORLEY: I'm sorry, what are you suggesting? You're not suggesting that I...
ARNOLD: Oh no, sir, I was just wondering, that's all. I think perhaps you'd better come along with me, don't you, sir? Come on, now.


(The YETI are still on guard. The DOCTOR and ANNE stand together, with the COLONEL nearby, just out of earshot. JAMIE is nowhere to be seen. ANNE whispers to the DOCTOR.)

ANNE: Where's the control box?
ANNE: The control box!
DOCTOR: It's in my pocket.
ANNE: Well, why don't you use it on these Yeti? And then maybe we can escape!
DOCTOR: Oh, no. I must meet the Intelligence face to face.

(The COLONEL comes to join them.)

COLONEL: Doctor?
DOCTOR: What is it?
COLONEL: Been thinking - the Yeti haven't noticed McCrimmon's disappearance yet. Not that I think he'll be able to achieve anything.
DOCTOR: Go on...
COLONEL: Well, I don't really know how to say this, but, um... there's Miss Travers and Victoria to think of, and, er...
DOCTOR: You mean, am I going to give myself up?
COLONEL: Yes. Of course, the decision must be yours, and yours alone. But the Intelligence did promise to release Travers and Victoria.

(A bleeping sound becomes audible in the background as the DOCTOR replies.)

DOCTOR: You believe that?
COLONEL: Well, why not?

(ANNE hears the bleeps.)

ANNE: Hello, we've got company.

(A pair of YETI arrive from the tunnels, carrying EVANS between them. They dump him down with the others on the platform. EVANS turns cheerily to the COLONEL.)

EVANS: Hello, sir!
COLONEL: Evans, where the devil have you been?
EVANS: Didn't Staff Arnold tell you, sir?
COLONEL: Yes. Sounded very like desertion to me.
EVANS: Desertion? Me? Oh, good heavens, no! No, I... I thought I'd try a single-handed and desperate attempt to rescue Professor Travers and the girl!

(He looks around worriedly.)

EVANS: Isn't Staff Arnold about?
EVANS: Good!

(As they talk, the bleeping sounds coming from the YETI intensify.)

DOCTOR: Listen!...

(One of the YETI guards reaches out for the DOCTOR, grabs him, and moves him away from the other captives. The DOCTOR calls back as he is herded towards the station entrance.)

DOCTOR: Now listen, everyone - when the Yeti come for you, don't struggle. Whatever you do, don't resist them!
EVANS: Don't struggle, he says! He must be joking!

(The DOCTOR and the YETI disappear into the station.)

COLONEL: The Doctor will have to give in. There's no other choice!

(ANNE is about to reply, but she is interrupted by a roar from one of the remaining YETI. The creature motions them towards the same passageway that the DOCTOR disappeared into.)

EVANS: Aye, aye, time to get fell in!

(They exit with the YETI, leaving the station platform deserted. A moment later, the lid of a large metal sand bin on the platform is slowly lifted off, and JAMIE peers cautiously out.)


(A passageway in the station. One YETI, still bleeping, escorts the DOCTOR; they are met by a second YETI carrying an electronic headset device. As the newcomer raises the device to the DOCTOR's head, the DOCTOR fumbles in his pocket, pulls out the control box, and flicks a switch. The two YETI stop and are silent. The DOCTOR then takes the headset from the YETI's grasp.)

DOCTOR: Thank you!

(He examines the headset for a moment, fiddles briefly with the connections, then puts it back in the YETI's paw. He then flicks the switch on the control box and the YETI spring back to life. The second creature puts the headset firmly on the DOCTOR's head, starts bleeping again, and leads the group off.)


(The YETI bring ANNE, the COLONEL and EVANS to join VICTORIA and TRAVERS. ANNE is delighted to see her father again.)

ANNE: Father! Oh, father, are you alright?
TRAVERS: Yes, I'm alright again... Don't, don't worry, Anne.
VICTORIA: Jamie and the Doctor - where are they?
ANNE: (Quietly.) Oh.

(She looks despondently to the ground.)



(JAMIE has emerged from his hiding place and now stands on the track just below the platform, talking into the DOCTOR's microphone.)

JAMIE: Yeti... come towards me... I'm standing beside the platform at Piccadilly Station!... Yeti, wherever you are, come towards me!

(A bleeping sound becomes audible from the tunnel, and JAMIE hears heavy footsteps approaching. He looks as the giant form of a YETI appears, walking straight towards him.)

JAMIE: Come towards me... Like that, that's it... Come to...

(JAMIE steps up onto the platform, and the YETI follows.)

JAMIE: Right now. Raise your right arm.

(The YETI lumbers on, its arms firmly by its side. JAMIE speaks more urgently.)

JAMIE: Raise your right arm!

(The Scotsman backs away as the YETI advances, still ignoring his latest command.)

JAMIE: Oh, what's the use?

(He backs into a corner; the YETI reaches him and roars.)


(The large room is illuminated by an eerie incandescence.)

TRAVERS: (To VICTORIA.) Well, there's nothing to be afraid of, dear. Just - just be calm.

(The others talk in low voices among themselves. They suddenly break off as the DOCTOR is led into the room by two YETI. The DOCTOR is wearing the headset, and has a resigned expression on his face. Several of the other captives all gasp at once.)

TRAVERS: The Doctor!
ANNE: Doctor!
VICTORIA: What are they going to do?
DOCTOR: Now don't worry, Victoria.

(The DOCTOR's voice is strangely calm; he sounds like a man totally resigned to the inevitability of his fate.)

VICTORIA: But... I...
DOCTOR: Everything's under control. Don't be frightened.
VICTORIA: But Doctor, what are they going to do?

(The DOCTOR cuts in insistently.)

DOCTOR: Everything is under control. Tell her, Anne, you understand?
ANNE: Yes... yes, I think so.

(One of the YETI by the DOCTOR growls impatiently.)

DOCTOR: Now listen, everyone. Don't do anything foolish! I am perfectly alright.

(The voice of the INTELLIGENCE echoes out from all around them.)

INTELLIGENCE: Yes, he is perfectly alright. Thank you, Doctor, for being so cooperative.

(Exasperated, the COLONEL shouts.)

COLONEL: Why don't you show yourself? Who are you?
INTELLIGENCE: Silence! You will know soon enough.

(As the voice speaks, the sound of running footsteps can be heard from the passageway leading from the platform area. As they turn to look, the figure of CHORLEY appears!.)

TRAVERS: Good grief!
ANNE: But that horrible little man...
EVANS: You, the Intelligence?
ANNE: No... no!
COLONEL: No no no, he can't be the Intelligence, he can't! It doesn't make sense!

(CHORLEY, having recovered his breath, is flustered and close to tears. He turns and points down the passageway.)

CHORLEY: It isn't me! It isn't me, don't you understand! I'm not the Intelligence! The Intelligence is him!

(In the passageway, a figure is appearing in the gloom. As it comes nearer, the onlookers are totally stunned.)

TRAVERS: It can't be!
ANNE: Oh, oh it's too horrible! I don't believe it!

(The figure walks into the eerie light of the room - it is ARNOLD. He wears a headset similar to the DOCTOR's, and his face is impassive.)

ANNE: Arnold.

(ARNOLD now speaks, but the voice is different. The gruff Yorkshire manner has gone, replaced by the calm, less accented tones of the INTELLIGENCE.)

ARNOLD: No. Merely Arnold's lifeless body in which I have concealed myself. But let us to work. There will be time for discussion later. In fact, all the time in the world.
ANNE: Oh... so you weren't going to let us go then, afterwards?
TRAVERS: Did you think he would?

(ARNOLD's body looks towards the passageway.)

ARNOLD: The last member of the party. Come and join us!

(JAMIE walks in sullenly, followed by his YETI captor.)

VICTORIA: Oh, Jamie!
JAMIE: Victoria, are you alright?
ARNOLD: Your solicitude is touching. Nevertheless, it is wasting time.
DOCTOR: Frightened that something might go wrong?
ARNOLD: (To JAMIE.) Join the Doctor.
DOCTOR: Do what he says, Jamie.

(JAMIE does so.)

ARNOLD: Take him!

(The YETI standing by the DOCTOR reaches out and grabs JAMIE viciously around the neck, almost lifting him off the ground in a neck-brace.)

DOCTOR: Leave him! Leave him be!
ARNOLD: I must ensure your complete cooperation, Doctor. Should you prove at all unhelpful, your young friend's neck will be broken.
DOCTOR: You gave your word that no one would be harmed. I refuse to submit until you release Jamie!
ARNOLD: Alright. Release the boy!

(The YETI relaxes its grip, and JAMIE staggers away, gasping.)

ARNOLD: But at the first sign of trouble from you...
DOCTOR: Don't worry. I will do what you say.
ARNOLD: Good. Into the machine, Doctor.

(The others gasp and murmur helplessly as the DOCTOR steps forward, turns his back to the pyramid machine and slowly sits down on the small chair inside it. ARNOLD steps over and adjusts a metal circlet in the roof of the machine, lowering it until it comes into contact with the DOCTOR's headset.)

ARNOLD: Soon your mind will be absorbed by the Great Intelligence. You should be very proud, Doctor - your knowledge of the past will help to shape the future of this planet.
DOCTOR: Just get on with it, please.
ARNOLD: You seem very anxious suddenly.
DOCTOR: I just want it over and done with.
ARNOLD: Submission is essential. You must understand, Doctor, that without your complete cooperation, this transference would be of no value. Should you offer any opposition, either physical or mental, I shall be forced to punish you, or rather your friends. Prepare for a great darkness to cloud your mind.

(Unnoticed by ARNOLD, JAMIE has produced the microphone. He suddenly yells into it.)

JAMIE: Attack now! Attack the Yeti!

(VICTORIA screams as the YETI which brought him into the ticket hall lunges at its fellow robots. Chaos ensues, with everyone shouting at once over the ferocious roars of the battling YETI.)

CHORLEY: Stop it! Stop it!
JAMIE: Get Arnold!

(His YETI moves towards ARNOLD and clubs him savagely to the ground, then returns to holding off the other creatures. Amid the confusion, the DOCTOR's voice rings out.)

DOCTOR: No, Jamie, no!
COLONEL: Come on, get the Doctor out!

(As JAMIE's YETI fights to cover them, the COLONEL, JAMIE and EVANS run to the DOCTOR's chair. A YETI turns a web-gun on the COLONEL, but before it can fire its lethal weapon EVANS, in an uncharacteristic act of bravery, kicks it from the creatures hands. The YETI is then attacked by JAMIE's robot. CHORLEY has now joined the attempts to rescue the DOCTOR - attempts which are hampered not only by the YETI battle, but also by the DOCTOR himself!.)

DOCTOR: No, you don't understand, you'll ruin everything! No!
JAMIE: Professor! Anne! Give us some help!
DOCTOR: No! No!... No! Leave me be! You don't understand, I've got to stay here!

(The YETI continue fighting behind them. The combined efforts of the rescuers finally prevail, and EVANS manages to pull the DOCTOR clear of the machine. He still struggles madly as JAMIE wrenches the headset from his head and hurls it at the heart of the pyramid. Immediately there is a blinding white flash of light and a huge explosion, throwing everyone to the ground. The pyramid begins to vanish, and the white glow of the INTELLIGENCE dims and disappears. After a moment, everyone staggers to their feet, choking and coughing in the dust. The remaining YETI have collapsed and lie motionless, gaping, smoking holes in their chests showing where their control units have exploded.)

EVANS: Well, that's that then, innit?

(The DOCTOR, now recovered, is hopping mad and rounds on the poor soldier.)

DOCTOR: You blithering Welsh imbecile! Why can't you do what you're told?
JAMIE: Hey, now just a minute, Doctor! If we hadn't pulled you out of that, you'd have been a heap of dust by now.
DOCTOR: You're just as bad. I told you to leave it to me! Now you've gone and ruined everything!
JAMIE: Ruined every - How can we! We... we've won, haven't we?
TRAVERS: What do you mean, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, why didn't they leave it to me? I had crossed those wires on that helmet thing. The Intelligence wouldn't have drained me, I had... would have drained the Intelligence! As it is, all it got was a crossed circuit!
ANNE: You mean, all we've done is... is cut off its contact with Earth, it's - it's still out there in space somewhere, flying around?
DOCTOR: Precisely! Look!

(He turns to ARNOLD, who still lies where he was struck down by the YETI. His body lies face-up, the face contorted and blackened into an agonised death mask.)

CHORLEY: Oh, poor fellow!
COLONEL: Do you mean to say that Arnold wasn't the Intelligence?
DOCTOR: (Sadly.) No. He was just a poor soldier that was taken over. He was probably one of the first to disappear.
EVANS: You mean it might come back?
DOCTOR: Well, it's still around, isn't it? I've failed.
TRAVERS: Nonsense, man!
ANNE: You were marvellous.
COLONEL: Yes. Great victory.
DOCTOR: I doubt it.
ANNE: No - you were a hero, and you know it.

(A hint of a cheeky smile creeps onto the DOCTOR's face.)

DOCTOR: You don't really think so. Do you?
ANNE: Yes, yes I do.
CHORLEY: You've got to face facts, old man. Tomorrow you're going to be a household word, a national figure...
DOCTOR: Oh no, oh no!

(CHORLEY warms to his subject, to the DOCTOR's horror.)

CHORLEY: Yeah! I want you on my television programme, and...
DOCTOR: Oh no!

(He backs away. CHORLEY continues regardless.)

CHORLEY: ...and a big Press Conference, and...
DOCTOR: Jamie! Victoria! Come along, it's time we left!
CHORLEY: ...but the Press Conference, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Goodbye!
TRAVERS: But Doctor, Doctor, you... you can't go yet, there are a lot of things I want to discuss with you!
DOCTOR: I'm sorry, Travers, we have to go.
CHORLEY: Where are you going?
DOCTOR: Covent Garden! Come along. Come along, Jamie.

(He ushers JAMIE and VICTORIA out, and exits after them. A chorus of goodbyes follow them.)

TRAVERS: Bye!... Bye.
ANNE: Where's he going?
TRAVERS: Huh? Oh, er, back to his TARDIS, I suppose.
CHORLEY: You mean this, uh, this time machine thing, it really exists?
TRAVERS: Y... well I, er... oh, explain it to him, Anne, will you?

(He makes a hasty retreat and joins the COLONEL.)

TRAVERS: Colonel, I think we'd better check up top, don't you?

(With a meaningful glance at CHORLEY, the COLONEL readily agrees.)

COLONEL: Right, Professor. Evans!

(They head off, leaving ANNE alone with CHORLEY. ANNE tries following her father.)

ANNE: Father - father, I...

(She is intercepted by CHORLEY.)

CHORLEY: Now don't you go, Miss Travers, I'd er, I'd like you to explain all about this, this time machine for me.

(ANNE sighs.)

ANNE: Oh dear...!


(Back in the tunnels, the DOCTOR, JAMIE and VICTORIA come to a fork.)

DOCTOR: Well, where do we go? Which is the way to Covent Garden?
JAMIE: Oh, don't ask me. I've completely lost my bearings.
VICTORIA: All these tunnels look the same to me.
DOCTOR: Come on, let's try this way.
JAMIE: Well it doesn't matter, anyway. I mean, there's no danger, is there?
DOCTOR: Well, not from the Yeti, no, but who knows, they might suddenly start the trains again! Come on!
JAMIE: Trains?
JAMIE: Come on!

(They run off after the DOCTOR.)

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