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first broadcast - February 24th 1968


(Professor TRAVERS screams as a YETI strikes him, and he collapses to the ground. ANNE rushes in, sees the YETI, screams in horror and faints before the creature can turn on her. The YETI, emitting its characteristic bleeping noise, drags the unconscious TRAVERS away.)


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE, VICTORIA and EVANS are racing to reach Covent Garden and the TARDIS. They come to a junction in the tunnel.)

JAMIE: Which way?
DOCTOR: It's this way to Covent Garden.

(He points down one of the turnings.)

JAMIE: You're sure Chorley's after the TARDIS though?
DOCTOR: Yes, certain of it. Why else would he lock us in?
JAMIE: Aye, mebbe you're right.

(EVANS indicates the other tunnel.)

EVANS: Like me to take a shufty down this tunnel? He might have taken a wrong turning.
DOCTOR: No, no, no, if he did it doesn't matter, does it?

(He heads off down his chosen turning, followed by the others.)


(The COLONEL and ARNOLD are trying to catch up with Captain KNIGHT's group. The COLONEL stops and listens.)

ARNOLD: What is it, sir?
COLONEL: Something up ahead.

(He advances cautiously.)

COLONEL: It's alright. Captain Knight and his party.
ARNOLD: They've been very quick, sir!

(He walks forward with ARNOLD to meet KNIGHT and his soldiers.)

COLONEL: Any luck?
KNIGHT: Afraid not, sir. The fungus beat us to it. A hundred yards this side of Holborn.
ARNOLD: Just as if it knew what we were up to, sir.
KNIGHT: There's just a chance, Colonel, that we might be able to get to Holborn via Piccadilly.
COLONEL: Fungus on the Central Line only, eh?
KNIGHT: Well, it's worth a try, sir.
COLONEL: Yes, right. Tottenham Court Road, down to Leicester Square, and up past Covent Garden. Come on, follow me.

(He leads the party off.)


(The DOCTOR's group continue through the tunnels.)

DOCTOR: This looks familiar - it's around this corner.

(They go round the corner, and are met by a wall of the web-like fungus totally blocking the tunnel.)

JAMIE: Oh no!
VICTORIA: Oh, we can't get to the TARDIS!
DOCTOR: No, Victoria, I'm afraid we can't.
JAMIE: What's happened to Chorley, then?
DOCTOR: That's what I'm wondering. Did he reach the TARDIS before the fungus, or... or did he not?
JAMIE: You mean to say, he could have got to the TARDIS and already have taken off in it?
DOCTOR: I don't know...

(He thoughtfully approaches the fungus and examines it.)

JAMIE: Hey, come back, Doctor!
DOCTOR: It's alright, Jamie, I'm not going to do anything silly. I... I just want to try and get a little bit for an analysis.
VICTORIA: Oh Jamie, stop him!
DOCTOR: It's alright, Victoria.

(The DOCTOR studies the web.)

DOCTOR: Has anyone got a box?
EVANS: I've got my tobacco tin.
DOCTOR: Oh, splendid.
EVANS: But then, it's got tobacco in it.
DOCTOR: Never mind.

(He takes the box from EVANS and empties the contents.)

EVANS: Eh!... Oh, alright. I only hope you think the sacrifice is worth it!
DOCTOR: Hold the tin for me, would you, Evans?

(The DOCTOR produces a pair of tweezers, approaches the fungus and clasps a strand. As he does so, the fungus starts pulsating and billowing. The DOCTOR struggles to tear the strand away.)

EVANS: Gone and set it off! Come on, now!

(The fungus continues to pulsate angrily.)

VICTORIA: Oh, it's horrible!
JAMIE: Go on, Doctor, get it out!
DOCTOR: Hold the tin underneath!

(He finally tears off a strand and drops it into the tin. EVANS closes the lid.)

DOCTOR: There we are - now back, everyone, quickly!

(They all make a hasty retreat.)


(ARNOLD and BLAKE are ahead of the main party.)

ARNOLD: All right, Corporal. Nip back and tell Captain Knight it's all clear up 'ere. And get 'em to get a shift on!
BLAKE: Righto, Staff.

(BLAKE goes back along the tunnel. ARNOLD stops as he hears quiet footsteps approaching from the other direction, and turns to see EVANS coming cautiously around a corner.)

EVANS: Hello, Staff. (Calls back.) It's alright, it's just Staff Arnold!
ARNOLD: One of these days, Evans my lad, you're going to creep up onto someone once too often!
EVANS: Well, that's life, innit Staff?

(The DOCTOR, JAMIE and VICTORIA approach from behind EVANS, and KNIGHT and his party arrive from the other direction.)

DOCTOR: Any luck at Holborn?
ARNOLD: No - fungus.
JAMIE: Same back there.
ARNOLD: Right. I'll tell the Colonel. (To the civilians.) You lot had better get back to HQ. We'll be along in a few minutes.
DOCTOR: Come on, Jamie, I'll just show this bit of fungus to Travers.
JAMIE: Right.


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE, VICTORIA and EVANS approach the Goodge Street Fortress' metal entrance door.)

JAMIE: The door's open, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Let's see, Jamie.

(They go through the door, and are met by a scene of devastation; smashed furniture and other objects litter the floor inside the fortress.)

JAMIE: Hey, look at this!
DOCTOR: Good Lord! That's Yeti!
JAMIE: You don't think they may still be here?
JAMIE: I hope not!

(They move on. VICTORIA screams as she sees the floor ahead covered in the cobweb material.)

VICTORIA: Oh, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Quiet, Victoria!

(They inch carefully past the cobweb towards the Operations Room.)


(ANNE lies on the floor in a dead faint as the DOCTOR's group enter.)

JAMIE: Miss Travers!

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE run to her, and lift her to a sitting position as she begins to stir.)

VICTORIA: Will she be alright?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes I think she'll be alright. Evans, get a chair for her, would you? Get her up, Jamie, come on.

(EVANS pulls a chair over, and they help ANNE onto it.)

DOCTOR: It's alright... it's alright now, Anne. Sit down...

(ANNE is now conscious, and gasping with shock.)

DOCTOR: ...there you are. It's alright now.
ANNE: (Gasping.) Oh, Doctor, Doctor, the Y... Yeti. Have they gone?
DOCTOR: Yes, they've gone now, it's quite safe now.
JAMIE: What happened?
ANNE: My father... the Yeti! The Yeti, they've taken him! Oh, my...

(She is still gasping, and close to hysterics.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, you'd better get her to the Common Room. You go too, Victoria.
JAMIE: It's alright, we'll find him for you...
DOCTOR: Lie her down.
JAMIE: Easy, that's it.

(He helps ANNE up.)

JAMIE: Yeah, I'll manage, thanks.

(He leads ANNE out of the room, followed by VICTORIA.)

EVANS: D'you reckon they have?
DOCTOR: Have what?
EVANS: Taken him? Like she said?
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm very much afraid they have. But why? Why didn't they just kill him? Unless...
DOCTOR: Well, unless they had a use for him.

(The COLONEL and CAPTAIN KNIGHT arrive back from the tunnels.)

COLONEL: Ah, Doctor. What's this I hear about Travers?
DOCTOR: Well, the Yeti broke in while we were out looking for Chorley.
COLONEL: Chorley?
KNIGHT: What the devil was he doing in the tunnel in the first place?
DOCTOR: (Abruptly.) Well I'm not quite sure.
KNIGHT: I knew that one would panic.

(ARNOLD enters, a downcast look on his face, and salutes.)

ARNOLD: I'm afraid... young Weams has had it, sir, like the other poor devils outside.
COLONEL: I see. Staff, you'd better get...
ARNOLD: Yes, alright sir, we're doing that now. Evans, come with me.
EVANS: Staff!

(EVANS turns to leave, but stops by the COLONEL on his way.)

EVANS: Glad to see you're alright, sir.
EVANS: Drove you to Holborn, I did, sir.
COLONEL: Ah yes, so you did.
ARNOLD: Evans!
EVANS: Sorry, Staff.

(He hurries off after ARNOLD.)

COLONEL: I can't make out why the Yeti broke in. I mean, they could have destroyed the place if they'd wanted to.
DOCTOR: Well, the answer's simple. They came for something, and they got it.
COLONEL: What was that?
DOCTOR: Well, Travers!

(Corporal BLAKE enters.)

BLAKE: 'Scuse me, sir, but I think you ought to come to the Ops Room.
KNIGHT: Why? What's happening?
BLAKE: That fungus stuff, it's on the move again!

(They all head through the door.)


(The illuminated map of the Underground network shows the black lines slowly closing in on Goodge Street. The DOCTOR, the COLONEL, KNIGHT and BLAKE watch the fungus's relentless progression.)

BLAKE: It's like a spider's web, ain't it?
DOCTOR: Yes. And we're the flies, alright, but... where is the spider?
COLONEL: Better give the others a hand, Corporal.

(He salutes and leaves.)

COLONEL: Doctor. Been thinking about what you were saying earlier, about someone here in HQ being responsible for all this. Could it have been Travers?
DOCTOR: I doubt it.
KNIGHT: Well, after all he has disappeared.
DOCTOR: Yes - so has Chorley. I'd say he was a much more likely suspect.
DOCTOR: On the other hand, of course, whoever is in league with the Intelligence could still be amongst us here.
COLONEL: That's a fact of which I am uncomfortably aware. But tell me, Doctor, this Intelligence - exactly what is it?
DOCTOR: Well I wish I could give you a precise answer. Perhaps the best way to describe it is a sort of formless, shapeless thing floating about in space like a cloud of mist, only... with a mind and will.
COLONEL: What's it after? What's it want?
DOCTOR: I wish I knew. The only thing I know for sure is that it brought me here.
KNIGHT: Brought you here?
COLONEL: Yes, been wondering how you got here.
DOCTOR: Yes, well I... I don't think there's any harm in telling you now. I - I have a craft, that travels in time and space.
KNIGHT: Oh, come now Doctor, you can't expect me to...
COLONEL: This craft of yours, this time-space craft. Could it get us out of here?
DOCTOR: Well, yes - but it's at Covent Garden!
COLONEL: What does it look like?
DOCTOR: It's a police box.
KNIGHT: Oh really, Colonel, surely you're not...
COLONEL: So - if we could rescue that craft, you could take us out?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes I could, but I have to stay here and finish Travers' work!

(JAMIE comes in.)

JAMIE: Ah, Doctor. Miss Travers is feeling alright now, and would like to see you right away.
DOCTOR: Very good, Jamie. Excuse me, gentlemen, please.

(The DOCTOR and JAMIE leave the room.)

KNIGHT: Well, I've heard some stories in my time, but that one really takes...
COLONEL: So you don't believe him?
KNIGHT: No, of course not, sir! The whole idea is screwy. A police box!
COLONEL: Well whether you think it foolish or not, we are going to rescue that craft.
KNIGHT: Oh, but sir! Our job...
COLONEL: Captain Knight. The Army has failed to defeat this menace. Now the Doctor thinks he might succeed. Personally, I doubt it. But if we stay here, we're as good as dead. Therefore I do not intend leaving any escape route unexplored, however... screwy you may think it.
KNIGHT: Oh, surely Colonel...
COLONEL: Let's get on with it, shall we, Knight?

(KNIGHT marches out, but turns back to the COLONEL as he leaves.)

KNIGHT: I suppose you've considered that the Doctor might be leading us into a trap?


(ANNE, now recovered, is talking to the DOCTOR, JAMIE and VICTORIA.)

ANNE: But... but there must be a chance! If the Doctor says...
DOCTOR: No, the soldiers could comb these tunnels for a fortnight and still never find him. I'm afraid your father's been taken by the Intelligence. The only way that we can save him is by finding the central control source.
JAMIE: Aye, if he's anywhere, that's where he'll be.
ANNE: But why? Why him? Why not me, or one of the soldiers, or...
DOCTOR: Yes, I know. Tell me, what was your father working on just before the Yeti broke in, Anne?
ANNE: Um... oh, we were ready to test the sphere with the control unit, but I don't see what this has to do with anything, Doctor.
DOCTOR: But don't you? If he was near to success...
VICTORIA: That's why they took him!
DOCTOR: Well, it's a possibility, isn't it? Now Anne, do you feel strong enough to come back to the laboratory?
ANNE: Yes, yes of course.
JAMIE: Anything we can do?
DOCTOR: No, no, you just take it easy, Jamie.

(The DOCTOR helps ANNE out of the room. JAMIE looks at a pensive VICTORIA.)

JAMIE: What's the matter?
VICTORIA: I've been thinking about what the Doctor said. Anything we do, the Intelligence always knows!
JAMIE: Aye, but I wouldn't let it worry you. The Doctor will soon find a way out.
VICTORIA: I wish I could believe that.


(Watched by ANNE, the DOCTOR looks through a magnifying glass at the workings of the control sphere which TRAVERS had been working on.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes. Yes, this seems to be in order, Anne.
ANNE: My father didn't want it put together until this was in proper order.

(She shows him a small box-like controlling device.)

DOCTOR: Very wise. Let's have a look at this...

(He takes the control box.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes, yes... My word, this is a splendid piece of work, Anne.
ANNE: Thank you.
DOCTOR: Yes, this should control the sphere, alright, but would it override the commands issued by the Intelligence, I wonder?
ANNE: No. No, I'm afraid it won't. I just didn't have the time. Do you think we can do it?
DOCTOR: Oh, we can do it, if you've got the right bits and pieces.

(They look up as EVANS comes in, holding a small object in his hand.)

EVANS: Hope I'm not disturbing, Doctor, but Staff asked me to give you this.

(He shows them the object - it is one of the miniature model Yetis. The DOCTOR looks at it with horror.)

DOCTOR: Where'd you get this?
EVANS: On the floor, by that young lad Weams, it was.
DOCTOR: But this is what brought the Yeti to the explosives store! It's obviously been reprogrammed as a homing device, and you've given it to me!
EVANS: Here! You don't think I had anything to do with these Yeti, do you?
ANNE: Doctor! The other models - they've gone!

(ANNE indicates the workbench, where the remaining models had previously stood. The DOCTOR looks at EVANS suspiciously.)

EVANS: Well don't look at me! I didn't want to come down here in the first place! I shouldn't be down here at all, really. Driver, I am, see. You'd better have this, before you say I've nicked it.

(He hands the model Yeti to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The DOCTOR begins examining the model. EVANS sees his tobacco tin sitting on the workbench.)

EVANS: And I'll have the tin back, when you've finished with it.
DOCTOR: Don't look so unhappy - we're all under suspicion, you know, including me.

(He walks off briskly.)

ANNE: What's in the tin, Doctor?
DOCTOR: It's the fungus from the tunnel. I thought if we examined it, it might give us a clue. I must get this dismantled. It's like holding a time bomb.

(He starts work on the Yeti model.)


(The COLONEL is holding a briefing. He stands by a street map of Central London, while KNIGHT, ARNOLD, LANE, BLAKE, EVANS and a group of SOLDIERS watch.)

COLONEL: So my party will get above ground and approach Covent Garden by Neal Street. Is that clear?

(The soldiers murmur their understanding.)

COLONEL: Now Staff here will be taking the trolley through the tunnel, and will arrive, we hope, at the same time as we do. You picked your two men, Staff?
ARNOLD: Yes, sir. Lane and Evans.
COLONEL: Right. Now as soon as we get there, we shall be looking for a police box.
BLAKE: A police box, sir?
COLONEL: Yes, a police box. Now I want that box either out of the station or onto the trolley as quickly as possible. Is that understood?
ARNOLD: Yes, sir.
COLONEL: Right. Any questions?
BLAKE: Yes, sir, this, um... police box. Is it important?
COLONEL: Corporal Blake, we'd hardly be going to this trouble if it weren't.
KNIGHT: Who's going to look after the civilians, sir?
COLONEL: I'd like you to stay behind and look after them, Captain Knight. The Doctor's got work to do. Right gentlemen, time to go.

(He marches out of the room, followed by the others.)


(The DOCTOR has donned a pair of large gloves, and is reaching inside a clear observation dome. His hands hold EVANS's tobacco tin. ANNE watches over his shoulder.)

DOCTOR: Now you'd better stand back, Anne.
ANNE: Is it really necessary, Doctor?
DOCTOR: This fungus is an unknown quantity, you know.

(JAMIE and VICTORIA enter the laboratory.)

JAMIE: Ah, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Oh Jamie, what is it?
JAMIE: The Colonel says to tell you he's on his way.
DOCTOR: On his way where?
JAMIE: To rescue the TARDIS!
DOCTOR: He's wasting his time.
VICTORIA: Well that's what I told him. And I think that man Chorley must be behind...
DOCTOR: Now look! Get behind me, both of you, and keep clear. Here we go...

(Carefully opens the tobacco tin, keeping it safely within the observation dome. As he removes the lid, he sees that the tine is totally empty!.)

ANNE: What is it, Doctor?
DOCTOR: The tin's empty!... Evans!


(ARNOLD and EVANS prepare their gear for the journey through the tunnels.)

EVANS: Course, really I shouldn't be doing this, you know, Staff. Not officially on the strength down here, see. What I am really is a driver, you see...
ARNOLD: Don't try to come the old soldier with me, lad!
EVANS: Who, me?
ARNOLD: Yes, you! And when we get in the tunnels, don't you try to skive off, 'cos if you do I'll have you for breakfast. D'you understand?

(Corporal LANE appears from the direction of the tunnels.)

LANE: Trolley's ready, Staff.
ARNOLD: Right, come on!


(The COLONEL, BLAKE and a number of soldiers march through the deserted streets of the capital.)

COLONEL: So far, so good. If we don't see any Yeti, we should make Covent Garden in about ten minutes. Come on!


(KNIGHT, the DOCTOR, ANNE and VICTORIA are gathered in the Ops Room. JAMIE comes into the room.)

JAMIE: Captain, they've gone, and Evans with them, I think. I can't find him anywhere.
KNIGHT: Yes, well we'd better question Evans carefully when he gets back.
JAMIE: Aye, if he gets back.
KNIGHT: It's a funny business, Doctor, that fungus disappearing.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes I know... Don't worry about that just at the moment. I've been working on this control box with Miss Travers. There's a few more things I need - transistors, circuits...
KNIGHT: Aren't there any in Stores?
DOCTOR: No, not of the right type.
KNIGHT: Well in that case, Doctor, I can't help you.
DOCTOR: Well - I was wondering... if I could go up to street level...
VICTORIA: The mist! Or the Yeti!
DOCTOR: There's no mist directly above us here - we'd have to risk the Yeti.
KNIGHT: No. No, I'm afraid that's out.
ANNE: It's terribly important. Please!
DOCTOR: It'll only take five minutes.
KNIGHT: (Reluctantly.) Alright. I'll get my gear.
DOCTOR: Well done, Travers!
KNIGHT: And while we're gone, you three lock yourselves in.

(KNIGHT and the DOCTOR leave.)

JAMIE: Oh aye!


(ARNOLD, LANE and EVANS are taking a trolley along the rail tracks to Covent Garden. They have found their way blocked by a wall of fungus.)

ARNOLD: The Colonel will be through there at Covent Garden in a few minutes, right?
EVANS: Do you think they'll be able to load the police box on here, Staff?
ARNOLD: Well, if we can get this thing through the fungus stuff - there's not much of a gradient in this section of the tunnel. Right, I want one volunteer.
EVANS: Volunteer? That's a dirty word, that is. Not me!
LANE: What for, Staff?
ARNOLD: Well, if this thing wants some help going through to Covent Garden, I'm going through with it...
LANE: Into that stuff?
ARNOLD: Have we got those respirators?
LANE: Well yeah, here.

(He digs in a pack, and pulls out three gas-mask objects.)

ARNOLD: I reckon we should be all right in these.

(Puts one of the respirators on, and ties a rope to the back of the trolley. He sees LANE looking nervous.)

ARNOLD: Oh all right, Lane lad. I'll go by meself.
LANE: No, 'ang on a sec, Staff. That trolley's heavy, it'll take two of us to shift it.

(He pulls a respirator over his face.)

ARNOLD: Good lad. Come on.
EVANS: You're potty, the pair of you!
ARNOLD: Shut up, will you! Do as you're told. Play that rope out as we go; any sign of trouble whip us out sharpish. Right?
EVANS: Well, it's your neck.
LANE: Alright then...

(The two of them slowly advance into the fungus, pushing the trolley ahead of them. EVANS watches as their two forms gradually disappear. The fungus starts suddenly glowing and pulsating; EVANS steps back, and as the glow increases, he hears a piercing scream, followed by a second. Then silence.)

EVANS: Arnold? Staff Arnold?

(There is no reply. EVANS pulls frantically on the rope, and soon the trolley appears. Lying on it is the dead body of LANE, the respirator pulled from his face. He is covered with the fungus. The body of ARNOLD is gone.)

EVANS: (Quietly.) Staff? Staff Arnold?... Staff?


(The COLONEL and his group arrive at Covent Garden, and find their way blocked by a number of YETI.)

BLAKE: Look, sir!
COLONEL: In Here! Quick!

(He dives for cover into an enclosed yard outside a nearby warehouse.)


COLONEL: Come on, through the gate!

(The troops all run through the gate, which the COLONEL shuts behind them.)

COLONEL: I'm going to find a way out. Split up!

(The soldiers scatter in all directions, taking cover behind tarpaulin-covered market stalls. The YETI appear outside the gates to the yard; the soldiers fire with rifles, but to no effect.)

SOLDIER 1: Yetis - three of them, sir!
COLONEL: Grenades!

(Two of the soldiers throw hand grenades at the towering creatures, but again to no effect.)

BLAKE: Right, fire!

(The troops fire off another round of rifle shots. The YETI continue to break down the gates, seemingly impervious to the bullets.)

SOLDIER 1: Sir, they're smashing down the gate!

(More sounds of gunshot.)

BLAKE: We can't hold 'em, sir!
COLONEL: Over the top, all of you!

(The SOLDIERS break cover and leap over the large wooden crates stacked behind the stalls, but one is caught by a YETI before he can reach cover. He is instantly killed. The YETI follow relentlessly, the troops' weaponry still having no effect on them.)

SOLDIER 2: Grenades!

(Another round of grenades is just as useless. The COLONEL leads his men from the front, but is equally powerless. Eventually, as the YETI press, he orders a retreat. He runs for the far side of the yard, nearest the warehouse, followed by some of the soldiers.)

SOLDIER 3: Through the yard, come on!
COLONEL: Right, bazooka here to cover the others.

(A SOLDIER kneels by the COLONEL, a bazooka over his right shoulder, and fires. The YETI advance still, mowing down soldiers as they move.)

COLONEL: Dawson! Langley!

(His shouted warning is too late; two more soldiers are attacked from behind and killed. As the remaining men barricade themselves behind a trader's cart, the YETI produce their deadly web guns and turn them on the soldiers. Several scream in agony and slump to the ground.)

COLONEL: Make for the warehouse!... Murphy!

(Again, his warning is too late, as another soldier is covered in the web spray. The COLONEL, BLAKE and the few survivors run into the warehouse as the YETI web guns fire again.)


(The DOCTOR hunts for components among the shelves of the shop, while KNIGHT stands guard near the door. Sounds of gunfire can be heard in the distance.)

KNIGHT: There it is again, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Just one more thing.

(He scrabbles through the shelves. KNIGHT looks nervously around.)

KNIGHT: For heaven's sake, hurry up!
DOCTOR: I just need one more component. I'll look through here.

(He disappears into the back room of the store. KNIGHT watches him go, then hears a bleeping noise behind him. He turns to see two YETI coming through the doorway! He yells a warning to the DOCTOR..)

KNIGHT: Doctor! Doctor, look out!

(He fires two rifle shots at the creatures, but they are unharmed. The lead YETI roars and strikes KNIGHT down with a massive blow. KNIGHT manages to cry out in the struggle.)


(His yells die out in an agonised scream. The DOCTOR runs through from the back room to find the YETI standing over KNIGHT's dead body. The YETI turn to look at him, and as he freezes, they hold his stare for several seconds. Finally they turn and exit the shop, leaving the DOCTOR unharmed. Their bleeping noise slowly fades into the distance. The DOCTOR goes to KNIGHT's body, and on a hunch, searches the pockets. In one, he finds a model Yeti.)


(The DOCTOR has returned to the Fortress, and shows the model Yeti to JAMIE, VICTORIA, ANNE and EVANS.)

JAMIE: And this was in his pocket, you say?
VICTORIA: How did he get it? You said it was stolen.
ANNE: You can't think that he...
DOCTOR: No no no, he didn't steal it. The person who did planted it on him.

(He looks accusingly at EVANS.)

EVANS: Eh, don't you try and pin this on me, boyo! Strikes me, anything goes wrong around here and I'm always the one to get the blame.
DOCTOR: Alright, alright, let's keep our temper, shall we? The point is, two of these were missing. Now where's the other one?


(The COLONEL, BLAKE and a few SOLDIERS are desperately holding off the YETI. The troops are running out of ammunition, and the bleeping YETI track them down and kill them relentlessly. The COLONEL takes cover on a pile of crates to avoid being seen. The others try to hide but are all caught. Finally, the YETI corner BLAKE, who tries to fend them off, but they hammer him down viciously. His cries of "No! No!..." tail off as he also dies. The COLONEL, seeing the entire squad wiped out, sprints for the yard, hurdles over a wall and runs to safety.)


(The DOCTOR dismantles the model Yeti, while JAMIE, VICTORIA, ANNE and EVANS watch.)

DOCTOR: There. That one shouldn't bother us any more. Now then, come along, Anne, let's get down to work. Where did I put those bits and pieces?
VICTORIA: (Looking at the model.) I wish I knew who put it in the Captain's pocket.
JAMIE: Well it must have been Chorley.
VICTORIA: Well look, he left ages ago.
JAMIE: It doesn't matter. He could still...
DOCTOR: Colonel!

(The conversation breaks off as the COLONEL walks into the room, looking tired and dejected. He slams the door angrily behind him, and props himself up against the workbench.)

VICTORIA: Are you alright?
JAMIE: What's happened?

(The COLONEL looks down, silently.)

DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Colonel, what happened?

(There is a pause, until the COLONEL answers.)

VICTORIA: Not all of them?

(The COLONEL grunts in confirmation.)

DOCTOR: All of them?
COLONEL: I said so, didn't I? All of them. Evans, what about your party?

(EVANS shakes his head.)

COLONEL: Arnold?
EVANS: Gone, sir.

(A quiet bleeping noise can be heard in the background - nobody has yet noticed it.)

JAMIE: Captain Knight, too.
COLONEL: Knight! Hopeless.

(He pauses, a look of despair in his eyes.)

COLONEL: Can't fight them - it seems... indestructible. Can't fight them! You were right, Doctor, when you said they were... formless, shapeless... you were right.

(The DOCTOR has now heard the bleeping noise; there is a look of horror on his face.)

DOCTOR: Listen... listen, everyone! It's the other Yeti model! It's here! It's somewhere in this room!
COLONEL: That noise, I've been hearing it on and off all day...
DOCTOR: Your pockets!
DOCTOR: Open your pockets, Colonel! Quickly, quickly, come on!

(The COLONEL searches hurriedly through his pockets, and soon finds the remaining model Yeti.)

COLONEL: How... how...
DOCTOR: They bring the Yeti!

(They hear a sudden crash of splintering wood from behind them, followed by a savage roar. They turn to see two YETI coming through the smashed doorway to the laboratory; walking just behind them is Professor TRAVERS!.)

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Anne Travers



Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart

Captain Knight

Staff Sergeant Arnold

Corporal Blake

Corporal Lane

Driver Evans


Fight arranged by

Story Editor



Directed by

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