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first broadcast - February 17th 1968


(The noise crescendos, and the fungus continues to close in on JAMIE and Private EVANS from both sides. Jamie spots an archway leading off to the side of the tunnel.)

JAMIE: We've got to get to that archway!
EVANS: There's something coming through, look!

(A bleeping noise becomes audible, as the giant figure of a YETI emerges from the Web, carrying a small glass pyramid.)

JAMIE: The pyramid! Shoot the pyramid!

(EVANS aims his rifle and fires two shots. The YETI continues to advance.)

JAMIE: The pyramid - get it!

(EVANS fires two more shots, but both miss again.)

JAMIE: Come on, man, try again!

(EVANS shoots again and hits; the pyramid is destroyed with an explosion, but to JAMIE's horror, the Yeti and fungus both continue relentlessly.)

JAMIE: But we've destroyed the pyramid. It doesn't work!
EVANS: Let's get out while we can!
JAMIE: But you shot it!
EVANS: Don't argue, come on!

(They run for the archway, reaching it moments before the station is engulfed in glowing fungus.)


(VICTORIA wanders aimlessly through the tunnel network, alone and afraid. The silence around her is broken by the sound of quiet footsteps nearby.)

VICTORIA: Doctor? Doctor, is that you?

(Just ahead of her, the DOCTOR steps out from an alcove into the tunnel. Behind him is a soldier, wearing the insignia of a COLONEL with a tartan headband; the soldier is holding a revolver to the DOCTOR's neck.)

COLONEL: One moment!
DOCTOR: Victoria!

(VICTORIA gasps at the two figures, then recognises the DOCTOR.)

VICTORIA: Oh, Doctor, thank goodness I found you! Are you alright?
DOCTOR: Well... well you see, Victoria...

(His eyes indicate the COLONEL behind him.)

COLONEL: Well, before you begin this rapturous reunion, there are one or two questions I'd like answered. For a start, is there anyone else down here playing hide-and-seek?
VICTORIA: W... well...
DOCTOR: Well yes... where is Jamie, Victoria?
VICTORIA: He came out to look for you.
COLONEL: Out? Out from where?
VICTORIA: The fortress at Goodge Street.
COLONEL: Goodge Street? Hang on, are you anything to do with Travers and his daughter?
DOCTOR: Travers? What do you mean, Travers?
VICTORIA: It's the same man we met in Tibet! I've come to warn you, he thinks you're responsible for the Yeti.
COLONEL: Oh, does he? The plot thickens, doesn't it? I think it's time I got you two back to HQ. Lead on!


(KNIGHT, ARNOLD, WEAMS and ANNE TRAVERS stare at the underground map; a solid black line now encircles their position.)

ANNE: Well, that's it. The whole of the Circle Line gone. We're completely hemmed in.
KNIGHT: Yes - we can't get out, and no one can get in. Not very healthy, is it?

(Corporal LANE enters and salutes the CAPTAIN.)

LANE: 'Scuse me, sir.
KNIGHT: Yes, Corporal, what is it?
LANE: That girl's turned up again, sir, and that Doctor feller you was looking for.
ARNOLD: Oh, him?
LANE: Yes, Staff. They was brought in by a Colonel.
ARNOLD: A Colonel?
KNIGHT: Where did he spring from?
LANE: I don't know, sir.
KNIGHT: I suppose I'd better show my face. Where are they?
LANE: Corporal Blake's got them in the Common Room, sir, under guard.
KNIGHT: Anne, you'd better fetch your father. He'll want a word with the Doctor. And you carry on here, Staff.

(He salutes, as KNIGHT leaves with LANE and ANNE.)

WEAMS: Staff, this Colonel - where'd he come from? And what's he doing here?
ARNOLD: Don't ask me, lad. It's turning into a proper holiday camp, this place.


(The DOCTOR and VICTORIA are sitting at the table, with the COLONEL standing watching them. Corporal BLAKE stands guard, rifle held aloft.)

VICTORIA: You're sure?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, I'm quite alright, Victoria. I was just knocked out a bit by the explosion, that's all.
VICTORIA: (Whispering.) Where did the Colonel come from?
DOCTOR: (Whispering.) Well, I don't know. When I came to, there was no sign of the Yeti, so I wandered around for a bit; and then, as I was on my way back to you, he suddenly popped out from nowhere!
VICTORIA: How did you find out about the Intelligence?
DOCTOR: When I saw the Yeti, I put two and two together. And now you say Travers is here, well...

(KNIGHT opens the door and enters.)

COLONEL: (Turning to greet the CAPTAIN.) Afternoon. Captain Knight?
KNIGHT: Afternoon, Colonel... um...
COLONEL: Lethbridge-Stewart. Expect you're wondering who the devil I am, eh?
KNIGHT: Well, as a matter of fact, sir - yes.
COLONEL: Well, I couldn't tell you before - you're a bit cut off down here, aren't you? I'm taking over from Pemberton. Sorry about him - very fine soldier.
KNIGHT: Taking over? I see. Well, excuse me, Colonel, but have you got any, er...
COLONEL: Authorisation? Yes, of course. Here are my papers.

(He produces them from a pocket.)

COLONEL: Glad to see you don't take things at face value.
KNIGHT: (Reads papers.) Alright, Blake, you can fall out.

(He salutes and leaves the room.)

KNIGHT: How did you get in, sir?
COLONEL: Holborn. Ammunition party. Got badly beaten up. All the men dead, I'm afraid.
KNIGHT: Not all - Evans managed to escape.
KNIGHT: The driver.
COLONEL: Oh yes.
KNIGHT: Evans didn't mention any other survivors.
COLONEL: No, well it all got a bit confused. Driven into a side tunnel, myself. After that, got a bit lost, and then found this Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes, I was wondering when you where going to get around to me.
KNIGHT: Yes, well the Professor's spoken for him. We do know a little bit about the Doctor already.
COLONEL: I see. In fact, more than you do about me, eh?
KNIGHT: To tell you the truth, sir, yes.

(The conversation is interrupted as TRAVERS bursts into the room and rushes over to the DOCTOR.)

TRAVERS: Doctor!

(The DOCTOR stands.)

DOCTOR: Who...?
TRAVERS: Oh my dear fellow, am I glad to see you!
DOCTOR: My word, it is! It's been a long time!
COLONEL: Professor, I'm told you know this man.
TRAVERS: Huh? I'd have thought that was obvious. And if it comes to that, who are you?
COLONEL: Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. New CO.

(TRAVERS grunts.)

COLONEL: So you can vouch for the Doctor here?
TRAVERS: Well, of course I can.
COLONEL: And what about this girl?

(He points towards VICTORIA.)

DOCTOR: Oh, she's on my staff.
TRAVERS: We've got lots to do, Doctor. Time's running short - need your help. Captain Knight, I'll take him straight down to the lab. Now come on, Doctor. You'd better come too, Victoria. Things are getting a bit desperate, and I've got an idea...

(His voice is lost as the three of them disappear.)

COLONEL: It would seem that the Professor's in charge down here, Captain.
KNIGHT: Yes, well he does have a job to do, sir. I think it's best to let him get on with it, don't you?


(The DOCTOR is examining TRAVERS's opened control sphere, watched by the Professor, ANNE and VICTORIA.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well as I say, when I came to, there was no sign of the Yeti, so I... I wandered around a bit, got lost... saw the fungus...
ANNE: You've seen it, then?
TRAVERS: Foul stuff. Oh, it was the Intelligence, alright.
DOCTOR: Not me, then?
TRAVERS: Huh? What do you mean?
DOCTOR: From what Victoria said, you had one or two suspicions about me.
TRAVERS: Rubbish, my dear fellow. Whatever gave you that idea, Victoria? Pah! Never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life!
ANNE: (To VICTORIA.) So you did hear us talking, then?
TRAVERS: Oh, that! Well, it was only... just idle chatter. Yes, it was the Intelligence that brought you here, alright.
DOCTOR: But why? That's what I can't understand, why?
TRAVERS: Yes... Well, you've given it the slip, Doctor. It doesn't know where you are - yet.
VICTORIA: I hope it hasn't caught Jamie...


(JAMIE and EVANS emerge from the tunnel into a station. JAMIE reads the sign on the wall.)

JAMIE: Saint... Paul's.
EVANS: We're on the Central Line, alright.
JAMIE: Right, come on...
EVANS: Wait a minute!
JAMIE: What - what is it?
EVANS: Nothing. Just want a bar of chocolate, that's all.

(EVANS digs in his pocket for some change.)

JAMIE: Och, don't be daft! Those beasties might be right behind us. Now come on!
EVANS: All this walking - shouldn't be down here at all, you know. Driver, I am.

(Failing to find any coins in his pockets, he pulls hopefully at a lever on the vending machine, which deposits a bar of chocolate into his hands.)

EVANS: Well, there's lovely!


(CHORLEY and ARNOLD are arguing, while WEAMS looks on.)

CHORLEY: Don't you understand, Sergeant? I've... I've got to get out of here!
ARNOLD: Well I don't see as I can put it any clearer, sir - (Points at the map on the wall.) we're here at Goodge Street, right, and the fungus has gone all the way round the Circle Line.
CHORLEY: Yes, I know that, man, but th... these other tunnels... the Northern Line, the Central Line. I mean, they're not filled, are they?
ARNOLD: No, sir...
CHORLEY: They must be on a different level to the Circle Line, I mean - wait, it's absolutely simple! We go out under the stuff.
ARNOLD: Now look, sir. You know we've already lost two men trying to do that. The influence of this fungus extends through the earth, both downwards and up. Believe me, sir, we're trapped!
CHORLEY: But I've got to get out. You see - well, my reports are so important, I mean - I mean, the world must know what's going on down here, I mean... well... there must be a way out! The surface - what's on the surface?
ARNOLD: Well, there's a ground level door in Cheney Street, sir, but...
CHORLEY: Of course, of course, of course! Thank you, Sergeant, thank you!

(He leaves the room hurriedly.)

WEAMS: 'E's a nutter.
ARNOLD: You're telling me! Can't even get my rank right.
WEAMS: (Smiling.) Yeah, I noticed that, Sergeant!
ARNOLD: Cheeky!


(The DOCTOR, TRAVERS, ANNE and VICTORIA are gathered round the work bench.)

DOCTOR: But how, that's what I can't understand? What brought the Intelligence back again?
TRAVERS: That was my wretched curiosity, I'm afraid. You see, when I came back from Tibet, I brought quite a bit of stuff with me - you know, broken Yeti, bits of control spheres, things like that - oh, the monks were only too glad to see the back of it... And then - then, my dear fellow, one of the control spheres was intact. So naturally, I wanted to find out how it worked.
DOCTOR: Oh dear!
TRAVERS: I fiddled with the thing on and off for years, and then one day...
DOCTOR: Don't tell me, it just disappeared.

(TRAVERS grunts.)

DOCTOR: Yes... well presumably, once the sphere started working, the Intelligence just homed in on it.
TRAVERS: Yes, and with a fully functional Yeti, well, it was a ready-made pair of hands for the Intelligence.
DOCTOR: Hmm...

(Captain KNIGHT opens the door.)

KNIGHT: Sorry to interrupt, Professor, but Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart has decided to hold a briefing. He'd like you all to attend.
ANNE: A briefing? We're not in the army yet, Captain.
KNIGHT: Yes, I know that, Miss Travers. But now that he's taken over command, he thinks it would be the simplest way of being put in the picture.
TRAVERS: Splendid idea! Might help you too, Doctor. Now come on, I'd like to show you the layout as I...

(TRAVERS leads the DOCTOR off.)

KNIGHT: (Calling after them.) If you'll just make your way to the Common Room, you'll find that he's waiting for you.

(He turns to follow.)

ANNE: Captain...

(KNIGHT halts.)

VICTORIA: Any news of Jamie?
KNIGHT: No. No, I'm afraid not.


(JAMIE and EVANS continue their journey along the Central Line.)

EVANS: Come on, boyo. Not far to Chancery Lane now.
JAMIE: You're in a hurry, all of a sudden.
EVANS: Aye, well I've got it all worked out, see. Next station's where I'm getting off.
JAMIE: What!
EVANS: Aye! Last time, the Yeti were at Holborn Station, so I reckon if I can get out at Chancery Lane, I might be able to reach my lorry.
JAMIE: So you meant what you said, then? You're not going back to HQ?
EVANS: No, I'd be more of an 'inderance, I would. Anyway, I'm not supposed to be down here. I'm a driver, I am.
JAMIE: There is another word I could use. Look, all you want to do is save your own skin.
EVANS: Well, it's the only one I've got! Look, boyo, they don't stand a chance back there. Hop it with me now, boy, while the while the going's good!

(JAMIE sighs in disgust as EVANS walks off; the soldier calls behind him as he leaves.)

EVANS: You've got to take care of Number One in this world! You'll learn! I'm getting out of these tunnels, fast!


(The COLONEL's briefing - the civilians and soldiers are sitting on chairs or tables in front of Captain KNIGHT and the COLONEL, who stand by a large projector screen. Corporal BLAKE is at the controls of a slide projector. The only absentees from the briefing are Harold CHORLEY and Craftsman WEAMS.)

KNIGHT: So this was the situation on the 5th. Next slide, Blake.

(A picture of a London Street covered in an eerie mist appears on the screen.)

KNIGHT: Ah, yes sir, this will give you a better idea. You can see the fog, or mist, very clearly.
DOCTOR: This mist - does it do anything? I mean, is it poisonous or anything?
TRAVERS: No, no... but if anyone goes into it, they just... well, they just don't come out again.
COLONEL: As soon as the effect of the mist was known, this whole area was cordoned off. But by the 6th, the area had expanded to include South Ken tube station. Right, carry on, Knight.
KNIGHT: (A touch annoyed.) Sir... next slide please, Blake... Now, you can see how quickly it was spreading...
COLONEL: Ah yes, that'd be the 7th, the day the fungus was first reported in the Underground. The tube system had to be abandoned, of course.
DOCTOR: Any sign of the Yeti by this stage?
KNIGHT: No, they weren't sighted until the 9th. Next slide.

(A picture of a YETI is shown on the screen.)

DOCTOR: Ah yes, my word, I thought I wasn't mistaken. Those - those Yeti have changed in appearance, look.
TRAVERS: Why yes, I see what you mean!
DOCTOR: A sort of Mark II, isn't it?
TRAVERS: Yes, very interesting.
DOCTOR: I wonder how the Int...
KNIGHT: (Interrupting.) Gentlemen!
TRAVERS: I'm so sorry.
DOCTOR: Sorry.
KNIGHT: Now by this time, the fungus below ground and the fog above had both extended. Slide!

(Another slide appears, showing two sections of fungus linked by a thin strand of mist.)

COLONEL: Ah yes, that's it. Now notice this thin area of mist linking the two arms. I think we must now assume that this mist covers the entire area enclosed by the Circle Line.
DOCTOR: Have you had any success against it yet?
KNIGHT: No. We've tried chemicals, flame throwers, explosives, all to no avail.
COLONEL: That's why we're dependent on you three coming up with the answers. If you fail, London's finished - England itself, perhaps. Now the army will, of course, give you all the support you need. Tell me, Miss Travers, what progress have you made so far?
ANNE: Well... my father and I think we may be able to jam the transmissions to the Yeti.
TRAVERS: What we really need is some additional equipment.
COLONEL: Knight?
KNIGHT: Well, sir, the main problem has been lack of communication. As you know, this fog absorbs all radio waves.
DOCTOR: What about telephones?
KNIGHT: Alright for a while, but the Yeti soon destroyed them. We've laid a couple of lines ourselves, between here and Holborn, but I don't know how long they'll last.

(CHORLEY bursts into the room, to be greeted by a general groan.)

CHORLEY: Ah, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart.
COLONEL: What is it, Mr Chorley? We're in the middle of a briefing.
CHORLEY: Yes, so I see. Did you know about this door to the surface? A helicopter could lift us all out!
COLONEL: Could it? Always assuming we could make contact with the outside world - which we can't - how do you imagine they would find us in that mist? Sit down, please.
CHORLEY: Look, Colonel, I resent your tone. You seem to forget that I'm here as a representative of the Press, and as such...
COLONEL: And as such, Mr Chorley, you are no more than a passenger. Staff, lights please!

(He flicks a switch, and the lights come on.)


(CHORLEY turns and storms out; the others mutter quietly as he goes, until the COLONEL interrupts them.)

COLONEL: Right, let's get down to some constructive thinking.


(WEAMS is on duty in the Ops Room. CHORLEY enters.)

CHORLEY: Ah, Weams. Weams, I'd like some information, man.
CHORLEY: Now wouldn't I be right in thinking there are a lot of very tall buildings in this area?
WEAMS: Well, the Post Office Tower, that ain't far away.
CHORLEY: The Post Office Tower, yes... Do you think that's above the mist?
WEAMS: I wouldn't know about that, sir, would I?
CHORLEY: Where is it in relation to the Circle Line? (Indicates the Underground map.) Come on, man, where is it?

(WEAMS walks over, looks at the map and points.)

WEAMS: Well, it's about 'ere... crikey!
CHORLEY: What's the matter?
WEAMS: Can't you see? It's that fungus stuff, starting up again! I've got to tell the Colonel!

(He runs to the door.)


(JAMIE, now alone in the tunnels, hears footsteps behind him. He hides in an alcove, waits as the steps get closer, and jumps out with a yell onto a startled EVANS. EVANS screams in surprise.)

EVANS: You gave me a fright there for a minute, boy!
JAMIE: I thought you were supposed to be...
EVANS: Aye, well, I changed my mind, see. Quite right, you were - can't leave your mates when they're in trouble, can you?
JAMIE: Oh aye?
EVANS: No, well it wouldn't be right, would it?
JAMIE: (Suspiciously.) Well, what was it like up top then?
EVANS: Dunno... between you and me, I couldn't get out, see. The gates were locked!
JAMIE: Come on.
EVANS: Aye, let's get over to HQ. At least we'll be safe there.


(The SOLDIERS - except Lane - plus the DOCTOR, TRAVERS and CHORLEY, are looking at the illuminated map, on which the black lines are now spreading along the Central Line.)

COLONEL: Queensway, Lancaster Gate, Strand, Chancery Lane - all in a half hour, and it's creeping in all the time. How long do you think we've got, Professor?
TRAVERS: It's difficult to say - why, at this rate, a couple of hours at the most.
CHORLEY: Look, Colonel, you've got to do something. We can't just stand here waiting, can we?
COLONEL: Ah, Mr Chorley. You'd like to help, wouldn't you?
CHORLEY: Well, I...
COLONEL: Yes, of course you would. Now look, I'll tell you what I want you to do. We shall all be rushing about a bit, so what I want you to do is to wait in the Common Room. Act as a sort of Liaison Officer. You could do that, couldn't you?
CHORLEY: Well, I don't know...
COLONEL: Yes, of course you could. Off you go! We'll all report progress to you personally.
CHORLEY: What, do you mean coordinate things?
COLONEL: Yes, that's it. Corporal Blake?
COLONEL: See that Mr Chorley has everything he needs. Desk, comfortable chair, plenty of paper and so on.
BLAKE: Yes, sir!
COLONEL: Off you go!

(He pauses as a bewildered CHORLEY leaves with BLAKE.)

COLONEL: Right, that's enough diplomacy for one day. Now, let's get down to some practical soldiering. Doctor, you've been very quiet. Any ideas?
DOCTOR: Well, as far as I can see, what we most need is time. Now... (Indicates the map.) ...if we were to blow the tunnel here, just above Goodge Street, we could seal ourselves in for a bit.
COLONEL: Good - practical suggestion. Staff, have we got any explosives?
ARNOLD: There is a bit, sir.
COLONEL: Enough to blow the tunnel?
ARNOLD: Just about enough, sir.
KNIGHT: The trouble is, every time we lay the charges, the Yeti cocoon them.
DOCTOR: I thought of that. Got anything on wheels, something that will run along a track?
KNIGHT: Yes... yes, there's a baggage trolley. I think it's beside the stairs. Go and see, would you, Staff?
ARNOLD: Yes, sir. Be the wrong gauge, of course - we'll soon fix up that though, sir.

(He leaves the room.)

COLONEL: What's the plan?
DOCTOR: Well, it's simple enough. We lay the explosives on the trolley and set a triggering device, and then blow it up while it's on the move.
COLONEL: Yes, yes, that should work.
DOCTOR: Come on, Travers, let's fix up this detonator.

(The two of them leave.)

COLONEL: Think I'll take the opportunity to have a look around the place. Let me know when you've got the trolley organised.

(The COLONEL leaves.)

WEAMS: Glad to see we're doing something active at last, sir.
KNIGHT: Yes - let's hope that it works... It had better!


(The door to the fortress is made of thick metal, and held by giant clamps. The hand of an unseen man furtively opens the clamps, leaving the fortress unlocked and unguarded...)


(ANNE and VICTORIA are in the Professor's lab. VICTORIA looks worriedly at one of the Professor's miniature model Yeti.)

ANNE: You've... seen those things before, Victoria?
VICTORIA: Yes. I remember them in Tibet. The Intelligence used them to guide the robot Yeti.

(The door opens, and the DOCTOR enters.)

DOCTOR: Ah, there you are, Victoria. I've been looking for you everywhere.

(He sees the model Yeti VICTORIA is holding.)

DOCTOR: Oh my word, that looks familiar. It doesn't work, does it?
ANNE: No. Neither do the other three.
VICTORIA: Three? There are only two.
ANNE: Well that's funny, there's one missing! I wonder where that's got to.


(The door to the fortress's explosives store bears a sign warning 'Danger - High Explosives'. The hands of the unseen saboteur place the missing model Yeti on the floor outside, next to the door's padlock. The model starts quietly emitting the familiar high-pitched bleeping sound.)


(A robot YETI springs to life, bleeping in response to the small model, and starts moving through the tunnels...)


(TRAVERS comes in, to join the DOCTOR, ANNE and VICTORIA.)

TRAVERS: Doctor? Sorry to have been so long, but I've got your blowing-up thingamajig - here we are.

(TRAVERS puts the detonator on the work bench.)

DOCTOR: Ah, good. Fine. This should do the trick. It's both timing and contact.
ANNE: Well, I think Victoria's right.
TRAVERS: What on earth are you talking about?
ANNE: The explosion - we'll be cut off, alright, but so will Jamie!
VICTORIA: Don't you see, he'll be trapped!


(The robot YETI, no longer bleeping but still acting in response to the model's signal, approaches the now unlocked door to the fortress. It pushes the door open, and enters.)


(The DOCTOR, KNIGHT and the COLONEL discuss the detonating device.)

COLONEL: And this will explode in 60 seconds?
DOCTOR: Yes - just push the trolley down the gradient, and that should give you enough time to get clear.
KNIGHT: Yes, but suppose the Yeti stop it before it goes off?
DOCTOR: Well, if it comes into contact with anything, it'll blow up at once.

(ARNOLD comes in and salutes.)

ARNOLD: We've got the trolley on the line, sir.
KNIGHT: Ah, thank you, Staff.
ARNOLD: Funny thing, though, sir - the main door was open.
COLONEL: Open? You sure about that?

(BLAKE enters in a hurry.)

BLAKE: Sir! Sir, sorry to interrupt, sir, but I found this.

(He holds out a large padlock.)

KNIGHT: What is it?
BLAKE: It's the padlock from the explosives store, sir. And this thing was with it.

(BLAKE produces the model Yeti.)

DOCTOR: Did you see inside?
BLAKE: No, I thought best not. I left Lane on guard, sir.
KNIGHT: Come on!

(The officers, ARNOLD and the DOCTOR all leave.)

WEAMS: 'Ere, let's have a look at that thing.
BLAKE: There.

(He hands the model to Weams, who studies it intently.)


(The DOCTOR, ARNOLD and the two officers arrive to find the entrance door open, and LANE standing guard. The door to the storeroom is nearby.)

COLONEL: Staff, close that door, would you?

(He goes to the main door and closes it.)

COLONEL: Alright, Corporal.
LANE: Sir!

(LANE goes back inside the HQ building. KNIGHT Examines the door to the storeroom.)

KNIGHT: Well, it seems quiet enough. Do you think there is something in there?
DOCTOR: There's only one way of finding out, isn't there?

(He tentatively opens the door to the storeroom - to reveal the room is full of the pulsating fungus, which starts expanding out through the doorway! He tries to push the door shut.)

DOCTOR: Oh, shut it!

(He makes no headway on the door until the soldiers help, and eventually they manage to push it shut.)

DOCTOR: Well, now we know. How are we going to blow up the tunnel now?


(A tearful VICTORIA sits on the bench, being comforted by ANNE and her father.)

ANNE: Don't worry, Victoria. The Doctor promised he wouldn't blow the tunnel until the very last moment.
VICTORIA: Yes, but Jamie...
ANNE: Jamie might be a lot safer than you or I at this moment. Have you thought of that?
VICTORIA: Safe - but how?
ANNE: Perhaps he was right off the Circle Line by the time it closed up.
VICTORIA: Oh, do you really think so?
ANNE: Of course.
TRAVERS: Don't you worry, my dear; why, the Doctor will find a way. Once we've blown the tunnels and sealed ourselves off, we'll be able to get on with the job in hand. Why, with Anne's technical knowledge, and the Doctor and I, the Intelligence won't stand a chance!


(The DOCTOR and the COLONEL remain by the entrance.)

DOCTOR: The Yeti have dealt with the explosives here, and I'm willing to bet they'll do the same with those at Holborn as well.
DOCTOR: I think you're wasting your time now, Colonel.
COLONEL: Yes. Still, at least there's a chance. We must check.

(ARNOLD arrives and salutes.)

ARNOLD: Search completed, sir. Headquarters all clear. No sign of Yeti.
COLONEL: Good. Captain Knight got the men ready?
ARNOLD: Yes, sir.
COLONEL: Well tell Captain Knight to start, will you?
ARNOLD: Yes, sir.
COLONEL: You and I will follow on behind, Staff.
COLONEL: Oh, better tell the Professor we're leaving.
ARNOLD: Yes, sir. What about Mr Chorley?
COLONEL: No. Less he knows, the better.

(ARNOLD salutes and leaves.)

COLONEL: Right, I shall be leaving four men behind here. You'll be quite safe, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Someone here is in league with the Yeti - maybe even controlling them.
DOCTOR: The main door didn't open by itself, did it? It may be any one of us.
COLONEL: Me, perhaps?
DOCTOR: Perhaps.
COLONEL: Or even you?


(VICTORIA and CHORLEY are talking.)

CHORLEY: Covent Garden, you say?
VICTORIA: That's where we landed.
CHORLEY: Oh, this is ridiculous. You can't land in an Underground station!
VICTORIA: The TARDIS can - it's not an ordinary sort of craft.
CHORLEY: Look, look... you say it can get us out of here?
VICTORIA: Yes. But the Doctor wouldn't go without Jamie. And now they're going to blow up the tunnel, I don't know...
CHORLEY: Blow up the tunnel? Blow up the tunnel? Well then, we'll never get out of here. And the Doctor won't leave until Jamie gets back, eh?

(He stands up and makes for the door, but bumps into the DOCTOR, who is entering the room.)

CHORLEY: Oh, there you are, Doctor, we were just talking about you. I hadn't realised what was going on.

(CHORLEY quickly leaves, shutting the door behind him.)

DOCTOR: What's the matter with him?
VICTORIA: Doesn't want them to blow up the tunnel.
DOCTOR: Well, he's too late, they've already left. Wait a minute... why doesn't he want them to blow up the tunnel?
VICTORIA: He thinks we'll be cut off from the TARDIS.
DOCTOR: (Horrified.) You didn't tell him about the TARDIS, did you?
VICTORIA: Oh dear! Oh no! No, do you think that...
DOCTOR: Yes I do think!
VICTORIA: Oh, but...

(They both reach for the door, but it won't open.)

DOCTOR: There you are, it's locked! Victoria!


(JAMIE and EVANS have arrived at the Fortress entrance, and are passing CHORLEY on his way out.)

CHORLEY: They've left already?
JAMIE: Aye, we passed them a while back.
EVANS: Aye, off to Holborn, they were.
CHORLEY: Holborn, eh?
EVANS: Right...

(CHORLEY runs off towards the tunnels.)

EVANS: Before you go, sir, could you tell me where...

(CHORLEY disappears without listening.)

EVANS: Scarpered.

(A loud banging on a door can be heard from within the Fortress.)

JAMIE: Listen!


(The DOCTOR and VICTORIA are still frantically banging on the door.)

VICTORIA: I'm so worried about Jamie!

(A moment later, the door is opened from the outside by JAMIE and EVANS.)

DOCTOR: Jamie!
JAMIE: Doctor! Good to see you!
VICTORIA: Oh Jamie, you're safe!
DOCTOR: Jamie, have you seen Chorley?
JAMIE: Who's he? Hey, why were you locked in?
DOCTOR: Have you seen anyone leave headquarters here?
JAMIE: Well aye, just now.
DOCTOR: Right, come along, no time to waste!
JAMIE: What...?
DOCTOR: Come on, I'll tell you as we go!

(He bundles the other three out through the door.)


(Professor TRAVERS and ANNE are working on some electronic equipment.)

TRAVERS: But where's the Doctor? After all, this was his idea...
ANNE: Well, shall I go and get him?

(She stops abruptly as a loud scream tears through the Fortress.)

TRAVERS: Wait here!
ANNE: Father, no!

(TRAVERS shakes off her protests, and goes to investigate.)


(TRAVERS bursts into the room, and is met by the sight of the body of Craftsman WEAMS lying on the floor, dead.)

TRAVERS: Weams? Weams!...

(He sees something on the floor by the body.)

TRAVERS: What... Good Lord!

(He picks up the object - it is the miniature model Yeti. As he looks at it, he hears a noise behind him; he turns around to find the huge form of a robot YETI standing over him. The YETI's eyes glow, and TRAVERS screams as it strikes out at him...)

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