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first broadcast - February 10th 1968


(WEAMS stands by a plunger as KNIGHT returns from downstairs.)

KNIGHT: It's alright, they were on their own. OK Weams, no sense in wasting any more time. Off you go.
WEAMS: Right, sir.

(WEAMS pushes down the plunger.)


(The sound of an explosion fills the platform, and as the crates detonate the web glows with a brilliant white light. The DOCTOR is thrown from the platform with a scream. The noise dies down, leaving the crates glowing white inside the web.)


(JAMIE and VICTORIA, having been locked in the Common Room, are banging on the door to attract attention.)

JAMIE: (Shouting.) Come on, let us out! Let us out!
VICTORIA: It's no good, Jamie, they can't hear!... What have we done?
JAMIE: Not we, Victoria - me. I'm the one that's to blame. I should have told them about the Doctor.


(ARNOLD has told KNIGHT, WEAMS and ANNE TRAVERS that the DOCTOR was in the tunnels when the explosion was set off.)

KNIGHT: A doctor! Well, if he was anywhere near those explosives when they went up...
ARNOLD: Yes sir. Don't you think I should go and have a look, sir? The youngsters said he was following the cable.
KNIGHT: Yes, you'd better.

(ARNOLD salutes.)

KNIGHT: Oh, and Staff, take someone with you.

(He leaves the room.)

KNIGHT: Yes, Weams?
WEAMS: This blast recorder ain't working, sir.
KNIGHT: Rubbish. Miss Travers checked it!
WEAMS: Well it ain't registered, sir.
ANNE: (Looking at the equipment.) He's right!
KNIGHT: But it fired - look at the circuits! You can't have an explosion without a blast, can you?
ANNE: Well, come to think of it, we didn't hear anything either. We should have heard something, even at this distance.
WEAMS: Sir, this Doctor bloke that's in the tunnel - he could have tampered with the charges, you know.
KNIGHT: Sabotage... I think it's time we had a chat with those two youngsters.


(JAMIE and VICTORIA are sitting at the table, still alone.)

VICTORIA: You mustn't blame yourself, Jamie. After all, the Doctor did tell us to be careful. Now we still don't know who these people are.
JAMIE: No, we don't know anything, except the Doctor might have been blown to kingdom come.

(The door is unlocked, and KNIGHT and ANNE enter the room, followed by HAROLD CHORLEY. JAMIE and VICTORIA jump up asking about the DOCTOR.)

KNIGHT: Sit down, both of you.
VICTORIA: Is it bad news, then?
ANNE: Oh, no - well at least, we hope not.
KNIGHT: We don't know for the moment. I've sent a couple of men along the tunnel to investigate. But that's not why I came in here. You three are up to something, and I mean to find out what.
JAMIE: We're up to something? Now just a moment. Suppose you tell us first just what's going on down here.
CHORLEY: (Thrusting a microphone at VICTORIA's face.) How did you get into the tunnel? Or let me put it another way - where did you break in?
VICTORIA: We didn't break in.
CHORLEY: But you must have done. All the stations are sealed, aren't they?
VICTORIA: We just arrived - we were brought here.

(Weams opens the door and enters in a hurry.)

WEAMS: Sir, Lane's got Holborn on the line. Sounds like trouble.
WEAMS: Could be, sir. Something's up.
KNIGHT: OK, Weams.

(The two soldiers leave, with CHORLEY tagging on behind them, leaving ANNE alone with the two travellers.)

JAMIE: Yeti? Did he say Yeti?


(Corporal LANE sits hunched over the desk in the corner, speaking into the telephone. He is watched by another soldier, Private O'BRIEN.)

LANE: Hello, hello, Holborn?... This is HQ to Holborn. Can you hear me?... (To O'BRIEN.) Not a sausage.
O'BRIEN: There must be someone manning the phone.


KNIGHT: OK, Lane, what gives?
LANE: Well, it's just firing at the other end, sir.
KNIGHT: Firing?
LANE: Yes, sir. Listen.

(He hands the receiver to KNIGHT, who hears muffled sounds of a fierce gun battle. A soldier screams and a Yeti roars before the line goes dead. CHORLEY holds his microphone to the receiver and tapes the sounds of the battle.)

CHORLEY: Oh, good grief, no!
LANE: (Into telephone.) Hello, HQ to Holborn?
KNIGHT: What happened, Lane?
LANE: Well, it was difficult to hear, sir. I think the truck was late getting there...
KNIGHT: Then what?
WEAMS: Well they must have got the ammo unloaded, sir, 'cos he says they were jumped when they were moving.
KNIGHT: (To Lane.) Take O'Brien and a couple of the others.
LANE: Sir! (To O'Brien.) Come on, mate.
CHORLEY: Here, you're not going out there?
KNIGHT: Yes, Mr Chorley. Want to come? Report some action first hand?
CHORLEY: (Nervously.) Well, I don't think I'd better get in the way. I... er... think I'd better stay here, don't you?
KNIGHT: Yes. Yes, I think you better had.


(ARNOLD and BLAKE have followed the cable to the station platform, which they find deserted and undamaged.)

BLAKE: There hasn't been an explosion, Staff!
ARNOLD: I can see that, lad... Here!

(He points out the crates of explosive - now just a pile of splinters covered in the white web substance.)

BLAKE: No sign of that Doctor bloke.
ARNOLD: No... here, give me a hand with this.

(ARNOLD points at an object on the ground, which Blake examines.)

BLAKE: It's our detonator, alright. It's fired, too... 'ere, hang on a minute. All the ammo, Staff. If it's fired, then why didn't...
ARNOLD: Yeah, why didn't this tunnel go up?... No damage at all...

(ARNOLD looks at the remains of the crates.)

ARNOLD: Yet something blew up here!
BLAKE: It's obvious, ain't it? It's been got at.
ARNOLD: Where's that Doctor? That's what I'd like to know.


(Professor TRAVERS stands by his work bench, examining some relics from his expedition to Tibet. The bench holds a number of small model Yeti, no more than two inches tall, and a silver control sphere. TRAVERS picks up the sphere, opens it, and examines the internal circuitry. Behind him, ANNE enters.)

ANNE: Father?
TRAVERS: Hmm...?
ANNE: The soldiers have found two youngsters in the tunnels. They seem to know a great deal about the Yeti.
ANNE: They know they're robots!
ANNE: And they know about the control spheres, too.
TRAVERS: But they can't have - I mean, the public were never told!
ANNE: I know.
TRAVERS: Well, where are they?

(He marches through the door, followed by ANNE.)


(JAMIE and VICTORIA, alone again, are sitting at the table.)

JAMIE: Don't you see, it makes sense, Victoria! If the Yeti are in London, then the Intelligence is here too!
VICTORIA: What, you mean controlling them?
JAMIE: Aye, and not only them! Look, it must have been the Intelligence that got hold of us in space, and it must have brought us here.
VICTORIA: Oh, but why?
JAMIE: I wish I knew. Revenge perhaps.

(TRAVERS and his daughter enter. TRAVERS looks accusingly at JAMIE and VICTORIA.)

TRAVERS: Hmm... Well now, you've got some explaining to do, haven't you?
JAMIE: We have? Now look here...
TRAVERS: Now now, just what do you know about the Yeti?
JAMIE: Quite a lot, but before we go into all...
TRAVERS: And the spheres? Where'd you find out about them?
JAMIE: That's none of your business. I'd just like to...
TRAVERS: Who are you?
JAMIE: I'd like to ask you the same question!

(A look of amazement slowly creeps across VICTORIA's face.)

VICTORIA: Wait a minute, Jamie! (To Travers.) I'm Victoria Waterfield...

(TRAVERS looks puzzled.)

VICTORIA: ...and that's Jamie McCrimmon!

(TRAVERS is stunned.)

ANNE: Father?
TRAVERS: But it... it can't be...

(TRAVERS collapses into a chair.)

TRAVERS: Why that's... that's over... forty years ago!
JAMIE: What's going on here?
VICTORIA: Oh Jamie, don't you recognise him? It's Professor Travers.
JAMIE: So it is! Professor Travers! Here, hasn't he got old!
JAMIE: Oh, but we're very pleased to see you, Professor, very pleased.
TRAVERS: The time machine... it was all true then?
JAMIE: The TARDIS - I mean aye, of course it's true! Hey, do you know what's happened to the Doctor?
VICTORIA: Oh, is he safe?
TRAVERS: Isn't he with you?
ANNE: No, he's in the tunnels. Arnold's gone to look for him. Father, what is going on?
TRAVERS: Oh dear, I do hope he's alright. Come on, Jamie, let's go and find out if he's got back yet.

(TRAVERS and JAMIE start to leave; ANNE calls after them.)

ANNE: Father!
TRAVERS: Eh? Oh, Victoria, try and explain to Anne, will you?... It's alright, Victoria, you were born... I mean... (To Anne.) She was born years before I was!

(He leaves, still flustered.)

ANNE: A time machine?
VICTORIA: Oh dear!


(ARNOLD and BLAKE have returned from Charing Cross to find Weams and Chorley in the Ops room.)

ARNOLD: The Captain's been gone about twenty minutes, you say?
WEAMS: Yes, Staff.
CHORLEY: Quite a battle - I should think we've lost those chaps bringing back the ammo.
ARNOLD: Well it's to be hoped you're wrong, Mr Chorley. Alright, Blake, you can stand down now. You too, Weams.
WEAMS: Righto, Staff.

(JAMIE enters with TRAVERS.)

JAMIE: Ah, Sergeant, the Doctor. Is he alright?
ARNOLD: He weren't killed in the explosion, if that's what you mean.
TRAVERS: Oh, thank heavens!
ARNOLD: For the simple reason that there weren't no explosion.
ARNOLD: Somebody had tampered with it - and it's my guess it was this Doctor feller.
TRAVERS: What rot, Arnold, the Doctor's a friend of mine. He's the one man that can help us!
ARNOLD: Is he now? Well, he weren't nowhere to be seen; he'd disappeared.
JAMIE: Do you think the Yeti got him?
JAMIE: What makes you so sure?
ARNOLD: Dunno - just a hunch.

(JAMIE makes for the door.)

ARNOLD: Hey, wait a minute, where d'you think you're going?
JAMIE: He may be lying injured!
ARNOLD: No, we'd have found him. Unless you know where he is?
JAMIE: I might...
ARNOLD: Take me to him, could you?
ARNOLD: Right, well come on, lad!

(They both leave.)


(ANNE is incredulous at VICTORIA's explanation of the TARDIS.)

ANNE: It flies? Through time and space?
VICTORIA: Not exactly "flies"... it's difficult to explain.
ANNE: Not half as difficult as it is to believe!
VICTORIA: Your father believes it.
ANNE: Yes... yes, he seems to. And you met him - when was it you said? In 1935? In Tibet?
ANNE: You couldn't possibly have. You're no older than... but you seem to know about the Tibet business... Why didn't my father tell anyone about this Doctor friend of yours and his TARDIS?
VICTORIA: You're his daughter, and even you find it difficult to believe. So how would other people react?

(They look up as Harold CHORLEY walks through the door.)

CHORLEY: Sorry to barge in. Left my typewriter in here, and I want to knock up a quick piece about this mysterious Doctor chap. A bit of a turn-up for the book, wasn't it? Any theories?
ANNE: On what?
CHORLEY: On what the Doctor and these two kids were doing in the tunnel.
ANNE: Mushrooming?
CHORLEY: (Laughs.) No, seriously.
ANNE: Ask a silly question...
CHORLEY: Well hasn't she told you anything?
ANNE: Nothing that you could print, Mr Chorley.
CHORLEY: (Indignantly.) Oh for goodness sake, why is everybody being so evasive? Why won't anybody answer any questions?
ANNE: Perhaps they're afraid you'll interpret them in your own inimitable style.
CHORLEY: And what does that mean, pray?
ANNE: It means you have a reputation for distorting the truth. You take reality, and you make it into a comic strip - in short, Mr Chorley, you are a sensationalist.
CHORLEY: You smug little redbrick university...
ANNE: Don't say it, Mr Chorley, I have a very quick temper and very long claws.
CHORLEY: There's no sense in losing our temper, Miss Travers. I'm sorry that my journalistic style doesn't appeal to you, but there are millions of people who...
ANNE: Yes, the Gutter Press has a very large following.
CHORLEY: Yes, it does, it does indeed, and you'd do very well to remember that, because I intend to print all the facts when we get out of here.
ANNE: If we get out of here - the Yeti, remember?
CHORLEY: I'm not forgetting. (Looks at VICTORIA.) In fact, I think our little friend here could tell us a few things about them. It was quite a coincidence, wasn't it, you three pitching up when you did.
VICTORIA: What do you mean?
CHORLEY: Ah, don't give us the innocent bit, love. You know very well that the Doctor sabotaged that explosion.
ANNE: Mr Chorley, what are you talking about?
CHORLEY: Arnold's just come back and confirmed there was no explosion in the tunnel - and the only person who was in there, as far as we know, was your Doctor friend.
VICTORIA: If the Doctor did stop it, he had a very good reason.
CHORLEY: Yes, well we'll find out soon enough, because Arnold's just taken the lad back in to hunt him out.
VICTORIA: Jamie's gone into the tunnel?


(KNIGHT, LANE and three SOLDIERS are carrying the ammunition crates which they have salvaged from Holborn. KNIGHT, together with one of the soldiers, has built a barricade of explosives boxes across the tunnel, while LANE and the two others form a rearguard behind them.)

KNIGHT: (To soldier.) Right, Thompson, that's the best we can do. Now go and tell the Corporal to get the men back here as fast as he can...

(We hear gunshots from nearby.)

KNIGHT: No, you're too late. Stay where you are.

(KNIGHT shouts down the tunnel.)

KNIGHT: Lane? Lane! Fall back, you'll never hold them!

(LANE and the other two SOLDIERS appear, firing wildly at two YETI in the distance. The bullets seem to have no effect on the giant creatures.)

THOMPSON: Will nothing stop them?
KNIGHT: Come on, back!

(The YETI advance relentlessly, as the soldiers take up position behind the barricade and fire a fusillade of bullets along the tunnel. The YETI come closer, then raise white, gun-like weapons. With a sweeping, rushing noise, they fire their web substance at the soldiers. One soldier is caught in the face by the web; with an agonised scream, he collapses, dead. KNIGHT and LANE retreat down the tunnel, followed by THOMPSON.)

LANE: We couldn't hold 'em, sir. They're coming, two of 'em! They got O'Brien and Cocksey, nothing stops them!

(Muffled shouts come from down the tunnel, in the opposite direction to the Yeti, and two human figures appear in the distance.)

LANE: It's Staff Arnold!
KNIGHT: Yeah, come on.

(They retreat towards ARNOLD and JAMIE.)

ARNOLD: Captain?
KNIGHT: (Breathless.) Yeti!
THOMPSON: They got two of us!
KNIGHT: And the ammo detail - they're all gone.
ARNOLD: What's the plan then?
KNIGHT: I brought a load of explosives down from Holborn. I'm going to blow it - and them with it.
ARNOLD: Taking a bit of a risk, aren't you, sir?
KNIGHT: Yeah, I know.

(He aims his rifle at the barricade of explosives, now some way along the tunnel. In the distance, the sound of Yeti web-guns can be heard.)

JAMIE: Hey, look what's happening!

(They look as the YETI stand over the explosives, smothering them with web.)

LANE: What are they doing?
JAMIE: Looks like the cobwebs!
KNIGHT: Cobwebs or not, I'm going to blow it sky high. Get back!

(The others retreat. With the YETI standing straight over the barricade, KNIGHT fires a single shot into the explosives, which detonate with an enormous bang. The YETI roar, and the noise of shock waves fills the tunnel.)

LANE: What's that noise?
JAMIE: The boxes are pulsating!

(The boxes in the web glow with an eerie white light. The YETI roar again and continue their advance towards the soldiers, who again start shooting.)

KNIGHT: Get back!

(They turn to run from the robots, but stop motionless when they look down the tunnel behind them - striding towards them are another pair of YETI!.)


(The PROFESSOR and ANNE are working at the laboratory bench.)

TRAVERS: Chorley's an idiot - telling Victoria the boy's gone. Those two are all that child's got in the world.
ANNE: I asked her to make some tea - thought it would take her mind off things.
TRAVERS: Oh, good idea. Switch the soldering iron on, would you?
ANNE: (Turns on the switch.) Father?
ANNE: Have you ever seen this TARDIS?
TRAVERS: No, no, I can't say I have.
ANNE: It all sounds a bit far-fetched to me.

(Outside the door, VICTORIA, carrying a tea tray, stops and listens to the conversation.)

ANNE: You know, I think the Doctor's at the back of all this.
TRAVERS: What do you mean?
ANNE: Doesn't it strike you as odd that on the two occasions you've encountered the Yeti, you've also come across the Doctor?
ANNE: Well, it's obvious - he controls them!
TRAVERS: Oh, but surely...

(He stops talking as VICTORIA opens the door.)

TRAVERS: What? Oh, tea. Thank you, my dear.

(He sees that there are only two mugs on the tray.)

TRAVERS: Oh, aren't you having any?
VICTORIA: No, I think I'll go and lie down for a bit.
TRAVERS: Good idea.

(VICTORIA quickly leaves.)

ANNE: Do you think she heard?
TRAVERS: No... in any case, what you say is nonsense, Anne. I saw the Doctor defeat those robots and save Detsen Monastery. He wouldn't do that if he was in league with them, now would he?
ANNE: No, no I suppose not. In a situation like this one imagines all sorts of things...


(The group of SOLDIERS is surrounded by YETI, two on each side. The YETI are standing motionless.)

THOMPSON: This waiting's getting on my nerves. Why the heck don't they do something?
ARNOLD: Steady, lad. We'll know soon enough.
THOMPSON: We can't just stand here. Can't we make a run for it?
JAMIE: We wouldn't stand a chance, not with them switched on.
KNIGHT: (Accusing.) How do you know that?
ARNOLD: It's alright, sir. The Professor's vouched for him. Understand he knows a great deal about these robots.
JAMIE: See, you have to find out...

(He stops as the YETI suddenly start emitting their familiar rhythmic bleeping noise.)

JAMIE: What's that?

(The YETI suddenly move off, totally ignoring the soldiers.)

KNIGHT: What made them do that, I wonder?
ARNOLD: Couldn't say, sir. But I don't think we should stay to find out.
KNIGHT: Yes, you're right, Staff. Come on, let's get back.
JAMIE: Wait - can we not just see what they're up to?
KNIGHT: No! If there's one thing that I've learned, it's never push your luck. Now come on.

(They head back along the tunnel towards Headquarters.)


(WEAMS and BLAKE are on duty - they both sit drinking from mugs.)

WEAMS: Tibet? Tibet? You're joking.
BLAKE: That's where old Travers says they come from. He reckons they're Abominable Snowmen.
WEAMS: Well, he's off his chump, ain't he? How'd they get here in the first place?
BLAKE: Come through the post, don't they?
WEAMS: Nah, seriously. Outer space, that's where they come from. Well that's what I reckon, anyway.
BLAKE: Oh do leave off! You've been reading too many kids' comics, you have!
WEAMS: Alright then, Corp, where do they come from?
BLAKE: It's a foreign power, ain't it? Bacteriological warfare, that's what that stuff is in the tunnels.
WEAMS: What, that fungus stuff?
BLAKE: Yeah. And them Yeti are some sort of new weapon. Well, a sort of robot army.
WEAMS: What, you mean it ain't real then?
BLAKE: Well of course they ain't, you nit! Otherwise we'd be able to knock 'em out with the small arms, wouldn't we?
WEAMS: Yeah - nothing hardly touches 'em, does it?
BLAKE: Not unless you can cop 'em straight between the eyes. Then they've had it.
WEAMS: Yeah, well that'll take some doing. I mean, I'd have a job just holding me arm steady if one of them ugly creeps came at me, wouldn't I?
BLAKE: I wish we had some more hand grenades, 'cos they're the things that seem to stop 'em dead in their tracks.
WEAMS: Yeah, but we ain't got any, have we?.
BLAKE: It's a pity that ammo truck they stopped at Holborn had all the gear in.
WEAMS: Stone me! 'Ere, we ain't got much of a chance if we come up against that lot, 'ave we?
BLAKE: Not with the funny old crowd we got down here with us. You got civvies, RE's, REME...
WEAMS: (Smiles.) 'Ere, watch it, mate!
BLAKE: The lot. A right old Fred Karno's Army, innit? Still, (Stands up and walks to the kettle.) not to worry, me old son. Not the end of the world, is it? Want some more tea?
WEAMS: Yeah, alright then.
BLAKE: Well move then!

(WEAMS moves his chair out of the way, and glances up at the wall.)

WEAMS: Here, Corp, look at this!

(He indicates a wall bearing an illuminated map of the London Underground. The rail lines are marked with a bright white, with a line of black around the Circle Line, from the Embankment, through Paddington, to Euston Square. The northern end of the black line is now spreading towards Kings Cross.)

BLAKE: What... oh crikey! That's what comes of talking about it!
WEAMS: It's that fungus stuff, it's moving again!

(They watch as the black line continues spreading...)


(TRAVERS is working at the bench; his hands are struggling with some delicate adjustments.)

TRAVERS: Oh Anne, come and do this for me, would you?
ANNE: Alright, father.
TRAVERS: It's my hands - can't control 'em! Getting old, that's my trouble.
ANNE: Don't worry!
TRAVERS: Can't help it - I feel... responsible somehow. If only the Doctor would turn up. I'm sure he could help us.

(BLAKE pokes his head around the door.)

BLAKE: 'Scuse me, sir...
TRAVERS: Eh, what?
BLAKE: That fungus stuff, it's on the move again. Euston Square's gone.
TRAVERS: (To ANNE.) Come on, let's have a look!

(The three of them leave.)


(TRAVERS, ANNE and BLAKE have joined WEAMS looking at the map. Harold CHORLEY has also arrived.)

TRAVERS: It's on the move again, Weams?
WEAMS: Yes, sir. Kings Cross has gone, and it's moving on to Farringdon.
ANNE: It's never moved as fast as this before!
WEAMS: Hasn't moved at all the last three weeks, Miss.
BLAKE: What started it up again all of a sudden?
TRAVERS: Can't say.
CHORLEY: Strange, isn't it, that all this should happen on the very day that your mysterious Doctor friend turns up?
ANNE: He hasn't turned up.
CHORLEY: Precisely. He could have sent those kids in here as spies.
TRAVERS: Rubbish! Would Jamie go away and leave Victoria, if he didn't intend coming back again?
BLAKE: Excuse me, sir, but where is the young lady?
TRAVERS: Oh, in the Common Room, I suppose.
BLAKE: No she's not, 'cos I went in there when I was looking for you!
TRAVERS: What? Well... where is she then?


(VICTORIA wanders alone in the tunnels, hopelessly lost.)

VICTORIA: Jamie? Doctor?... Jamie? Doctor?


(ANNE and BLAKE come in through the door; the others are all still standing around the illuminated map.)

ANNE: Not a sign of her.
BLAKE: We looked everywhere.
TRAVERS: Well then, she must have gone...
CHORLEY: Like I said, a couple of spies!
WEAMS: Look, sir, the fungus! It's moving again!

(The black line on the map continues its journey round the Circle Line, engulfing Farringdon and closing in on Liverpool Street.)

BLAKE: Hope the Captain and Staff Arnold ain't anywhere near that little lot.


(JAMIE and the SOLDIERS come to a halt as they hear a voice in the distance, singing.)

ARNOLD: (Whispering.) What is it, sir?
KNIGHT: Quiet! Listen.

(The voice sings some musical scales.)

KNIGHT: Quick, get in here.

(They all hide in a nearby alcove. The voice starts a rendition of 'Sospan Fach' in Welsh; as it gets closer, the source, an army Private, appears round a corner [EVANS]. As the soldier passes the alcove, ARNOLD steps out in front of him.)

ARNOLD: Soldier!
EVANS: (Seeing the group in the alcove.) Well, there's a sight for sore eyes!
KNIGHT: (In a loud whisper.) Are you stark raving mad?
EVANS: Aye, well I always sing when I'm scared, see.
ARNOLD: Stand to attention when you're talking to an officer!

(EVANS stands rigid.)

ARNOLD: Name and serial!
EVANS: (Loudly.) 6-0...
ARNOLD: Shush!
EVANS: (In a whisper.) 6-0-1 Evans, sir!
KNIGHT: Evans? Anybody know him?
EVANS: Oh, I'm not one of your lot, sir.
ARNOLD: Then what are you doing down here?
EVANS: Trying to get out, Sarge!
ARNOLD: Don't try to be funny with me, lad! How did you get down here in the first place?
EVANS: Driver on the ammo truck to Holborn. Got jumped, we did - quite a dust up, there was. Couldn't get past them hairy creatures, see? Been wandering for hours. Lost, I was. I tried one way, but there seemed to be some sort of cobweb muck moving down the tunnel.
KNIGHT: Moving? Are you sure it was moving?
EVANS: Well of course I'm sure!...sir. Sounds daft, I know, but it seemed to be following a Yeti that had a kind of pointed glass thing in its hands.
JAMIE: Was it shaped like a pyramid?
EVANS: Well, I suppose it was, really.
JAMIE: Well that's it! Smash the pyramid, and you put the Intelligence out of action!
KNIGHT: What Intelligence?
ARNOLD: Whereabouts did you say this happened?
EVANS: Kings Cross, Staff.
ARNOLD: Headquarters, sir - HQ may be in danger!
KNIGHT: Yes, we'd better get back as soon as we can. Come on.

(The SOLDIERS start off down the tunnel.)

JAMIE: No, look...
ARNOLD: Now listen to what the officer said, young man. Come on!
JAMIE: Look, I came down here to find the Doctor. I'm not going back till I have!
ARNOLD: Now look here...
JAMIE: No, I'm not going! And if I get a chance to smash that pyramid, I will!
KNIGHT: That's quite a risk you're taking.
JAMIE: Aye, but it's me that's taking it.
KNIGHT: Alright, it's your neck, chum.
EVANS: I'd like to volunteer to go with the young gentleman, sir.
KNIGHT: Well, you're not one of my lot... alright. Come on, the rest of you.

(The others head off.)

JAMIE: Thanks!
EVANS: Don't be daft, boyo. First chance I get and I'm skipping!


(The black line on the map has now progressed to the eastern side of the underground network.)

WEAMS: Liverpool Street gone now, sir.
TRAVERS: Aha... but still no movement on the southern section.
BLAKE: No sign of the Captain yet.
WEAMS: Once this stuff joins up, we've had it. Why don't we try and get out now, while we've still got a chance?
CHORLEY: Sounds like a very good idea to me...
TRAVERS: No, no! The decision to evacuate this fortress must be taken by Captain Knight!
ANNE: Yes, but where is he, father? He's been gone for ages!
BLAKE: Let's just hope he's not on the Circle Line.


(JAMIE and EVANS are standing on the station platform, examining an underground map which JAMIE has spotted.)

EVANS: (Pointing at map.) Here we are, then. Cannon Street. Circle Line.
JAMIE: We've gone miles out of our way!
EVANS: I told you I didn't know one tunnel from another, didn't I?
JAMIE: Why didn't you tell me about these maps before?
EVANS: You never asked. Who wants to find a Yeti anyway?
JAMIE: (Reading the map.) Monument next... then Tower Hill. Come on, we must find that pyramid.

(JAMIE sets off back into the tunnels, followed by a reluctant EVANS.)


(Captain KNIGHT and his party arrive.)

CHORLEY: Oh, thank heavens you're back, Captain!
ANNE: Where are the other men?
TRAVERS: Captain, come here!...

(TRAVERS shows KNIGHT the map - the southern end of the black line is now moving as well.)

TRAVERS: The southern section's on the move. Charing Cross and the Temple have gone.
CHORLEY: Look, Weams says there's a danger we might be cut off. Now don't you think it would be a very good idea if...
KNIGHT: If you want to leave, Mr Chorley, no-one's stopping you.

(CHORLEY stops protesting.)

KNIGHT: Now, when did all this happen?
TRAVERS: Just after you left. Still no sign of the Doctor?
ANNE: Or the girl?
KNIGHT: Has she gone too?
ARNOLD: That means - all three of them are out there, sir.
KNIGHT: Yes - but where?


(VICTORIA is still alone and hopelessly lost.)

VICTORIA: Doctor? Jamie?... Doctor?

(Nearby, the booted foot of an unfamiliar soldier silently makes its way towards the sound of the girl's voice...)


(ARNOLD and KNIGHT have moved away from the main group, and are talking in the background.)

WEAMS: I think we've had it, Corp!
BLAKE: Yeah, that stuff's got us trapped, alright.
TRAVERS: (To Knight.) Captain? Look, I know it seems hopeless, but... if we could find the Doctor! I'm sure he could help us.
KNIGHT: Perhaps. But I'm sure that he must be dead by now.
ARNOLD: If any of those three are on the Circle Line, sir - they've had it.
CHORLEY: Captain Knight? Captain Knight! Cannon Street and Tower Hill have gone now!
KNIGHT: (Looking at the illuminated map.) That just leaves the Monument.


(JAMIE and EVANS walk along the railway track into the station area.)

JAMIE: (Reading the signs on the wall.) Monument! Then it's Tower Hill next.
EVANS: Wait a minute! Did you hear something?
JAMIE: What?
EVANS: Listen.

(A distant seething, pulsating sound can be heard; it is gradually getting louder and closer.)

JAMIE: Look! The fungus, it's here!

(A bright glow of white light emanates from the tunnel, and a glowing mass of the web fungus appears, blocking their retreat. The noise is becoming deafening.)

JAMIE: We'd better get out, fast!

(They turn to run away from the web, but find the tunnel opposite bathed in the same pulsating glow.)

JAMIE: We're trapped!
EVANS: We've had it, boyo! We can't go forward, and we can't go back!

(The noise crescendos, and the fungus continues to close in on them from both sides...)

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