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first broadcast - February 3rd 1968


(As the TARDIS takes off with the doors still open, Salamander is flung out of the craft. The DOCTOR and VICTORIA cling to the base of the console, while JAMIE grabs onto a roundel in one of the control room walls.)

DOCTOR: Jamie! Jamie! The doors... we've got to close the doors! Can you do it?
JAMIE: I... I'll try, Doctor, but I'll have to get to a better position...

(JAMIE inches his way around the walls, while the other two cling on precariously.)

DOCTOR: That's it, Victoria... Hold on, whatever you do, hold on!
VICTORIA: I'm slipping!
DOCTOR: No, no you're not - I've got hold of you... Don't look out there, concentrate on holding on!
VICTORIA: I can't!
DOCTOR: Yes you can, that's the style.
JAMIE: Right, Doctor, I'm going to try and fall to the control panel.
DOCTOR: Alright, but watch the TARDIS doesn't jump again!

(JAMIE staggers to the console.)

JAMIE: Made it - so far, so good.
DOCTOR: You know the switch?
JAMIE: Aye, I've found it...

(JAMIE reaches for a lever.)

JAMIE: I'm nearly... there...

(As the DOCTOR and VICTORIA begin to lose their grip, JAMIE pulls the lever and the doors close.)

DOCTOR: They're closing! Oh well done Jamie, you did it!

(The DOCTOR stands up.)

DOCTOR: That was a near thing, wasn't it? Are you alright, Victoria?
VICTORIA: Oh, what happened? Are we safe now?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, I think so. Salamander started the TARDIS without first closing the doors. He was sucked out!
JAMIE: Aye, and I nearly joined him!
DOCTOR: Well, I'm very glad you didn't... he's not in a very enviable position, you know, at the moment, floating around in time and space. (Playfully.) Now then, where shall we go?
JAMIE: Oh, let's just get our breath back first before we start tearing off anywhere. Anyway, as you know the TARDIS has a mind of its own. You know you can't control it.
DOCTOR: Can't control it?
DOCTOR: We'll see about that... we'll see about that...

(He operates the central console, and the Time Rotor starts its up and down movement.)

VICTORIA: Here we go again!
JAMIE: I wonder where it'll be this time.
DOCTOR: Yes, I wonder!


(A dim, candle-lit museum, in which the main exhibit is a lifeless robot YETI. PROFESSOR TRAVERS stands looking at it; he is now much older than when we saw him in Tibet, probably in his mid-sixties. The voices of a young woman and a Jewish man can be heard from the next room.)

ANNE: (OOV.) Mr. Silverstein?
SILVERSTEIN: (OOV.) Yes, who are you?
ANNE: (OOV.) Anne Travers. Is my father here?
SILVERSTEIN: (OOV.) Yes, he's here...

(SILVERSTEIN opens the door and enters the room, followed by ANNE.)

SILVERSTEIN: Come and see him, and take him away! He's a fool, an old fool!
ANNE: Father? Father.
TRAVERS: Anne, what are you doing here?
ANNE: Looking for you. You're supposed to be meeting me!
ANNE: At the airport. Father, what is the matter? You sent me a cable saying you're in grave trouble, and I have flown half way around the world...
TRAVERS: Trouble! Yes, a great deal of trouble. And it's that thing!

(TRAVERS points at the YETI.)

ANNE: The Yeti?
TRAVERS: Mmm... you're a stupid old fool, Julius Silverstein!
SILVERSTEIN: Oh, me the fool? You would like me to be the fool and give you back my Yeti, huh?
TRAVERS: Well you must man, don't you understand? It's dangerous!
SILVERSTEIN: Huh! For 30 years it stands here in my museum, and now he tells me it is dangerous!
TRAVERS: I wish I'd never brought it back from Tibet.
ANNE: Father, what has happened?
TRAVERS: Well he won't listen to me, the silly old goat won't listen to me! I've told him, warned him! Dammit, he knows it's a robot!
ANNE: But father, the Yeti isn't dangerous - it can't work unless it has a control unit.
TRAVERS: But I've done it, Anne! I have reactivated a control unit.
ANNE: Father, this is wonderful news!
TRAVERS: Is it? Yes, I suppose it would be, except for one thing...
ANNE: What?
TRAVERS: The sphere - it's gone! Disappeared! Look, you must let me have the Yeti back, Julius - oh make him understand, Anne!
SILVERSTEIN: Oh, I understand - I buy the Yeti off you thirty years ago, and now it is valuable. You try to scare me, take your Yeti back. Why? Money! You want to rob me.
TRAVERS: Alright then, I'll buy the thing back if that's what you want!
SILVERSTEIN: No, no, it's priceless. The only one in the world - and it is mine.
TRAVERS: You fool!
TRAVERS: I'm not a thief.
TRAVERS: Stubborn old goat!
ANNE: Father!
SILVERSTEIN: Take him away - out of the house!
ANNE: Father, look, perhaps you've made a mistake. You put the sphere away somewhere in your laboratory and forgotten it. You've done it before, you know.
TRAVERS: No, I've looked everywhere.
ANNE: Well let's go home and look again, shall we? You know what you're like.
TRAVERS: But suppose...
ANNE: Let's go and have a quiet dinner and you can tell me all about it. Then we'll go home and we'll look for the sphere.
TRAVERS: Alright - but I warned you, Julius, I warned you!
SILVERSTEIN: Get out! Take him away! Nobody destroys Julius Silverstein's collection, nobody!
ANNE: Come on, father!
SILVERSTEIN: The Yeti's mine. You can't scare me with your mad stories. Go on, out, out!

(As he ushers them out, a small bleeping silver sphere hovers unnoticed outside the window - a Yeti control sphere. It drops from sight as SILVERSTEIN returns and blows out the candles. As SILVERSTEIN's back is turned, it propels itself through the window towards the YETI. SILVERSTEIN looks around anxiously.)

SILVERSTEIN: Travers, is that you? I am not frightened by your stupid tricks. Travers? I know it's you, I'm not a fool!

(The YETI's eyes glow as it comes to life. SILVERSTEIN turns in horror to see the creature towering above him; its giant arm strikes down as he screams in terror...)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE are standing near the central console. The DOCTOR is eating from a plate of sandwiches, while JAMIE is looking at an indicator on the console.)

JAMIE: I tell you it did, it was flashing!
DOCTOR: Now Jamie, if that light had come on, we'd have landed, wouldn't we?
JAMIE: I'm not arguing about that.
DOCTOR: But we're still travelling, aren't we? So how could it have done?
JAMIE: Look, I don't know. All I know is - that thing came on. Now I'm not taken to seeing things - at least I don't think I am.

(VICTORIA enters in a new dress.)

VICTORIA: Hey, do you like it?
VICTORIA: I found it in the chest. I think it looks very sophisticated, don't you?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, very sophisticated, Victoria. (Nudges JAMIE.) Go on, Jamie, don't you?
JAMIE: Aye - now look, I'm not daft you know, Doctor.
VICTORIA: Why is that light flashing?
DOCTOR: I see - are you two playing some sort of game?

(The DOCTOR moves around the console and sees a small indicator flashing.)

JAMIE: There you are - told you so!
DOCTOR: Well, then we are landing, aren't we?

(The groaning noise of the TARDIS materialisation is heard.)

VICTORIA: Let's hope it's somewhere pleasant.
JAMIE: Hey, it might even be Scotland.
DOCTOR: Shush! The scanner, that will tell us.

(Operates scanner, which shows only a formation of stars.)

VICTORIA: Where are we?
JAMIE: Nothing but stars - what's it mean?
DOCTOR: I don't know - something strange has happened. We're suspended in space...


(The TARDIS is slowly enveloped by a white, web-like substance. As it spreads, the flashing light on the roof is slowly obscured.)


(The three travellers are checking the instruments.)

DOCTOR: Gravity?
DOCTOR: Power?
DOCTOR: Control?
JAMIE: Yeah - on.
DOCTOR: Flight?
VICTORIA: That's on too.
DOCTOR: There you are, you see. I was right, it is all working.
JAMIE: You mean we've landed, yet we haven't landed?
VICTORIA: (Gasping.) Doctor!
DOCTOR: Just a minute, Victoria - if the time lock has slipped...
VICTORIA: Doctor, look at the scanner!

(They all look as the view from the scanner is slowly obscured by a mass of pulsating, white web-like substance.)

JAMIE: What is that stuff, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I don't know... but something or someone is holding us here...


(CORPORAL LANE, a middle-aged soldier dressed in full battle-gear, is sitting at a radio desk in the corner of the room, talking into a telephone receiver.)

LANE: Hello, hello?... Hello?

(Another soldier, also in the uniform of a CORPORAL, enters the room.)

CORPORAL: Do you know where the Captain is?
LANE: Yeah, he's upstairs, being chatted up by that TV bloke.


(Two men sit at a desk. HAROLD CHORLEY is dressed in civilian clothes, and is holding a small tape recorder under the nose of CAPTAIN KNIGHT, a dark-haired officer in his mid-thirties.)

CHORLEY: (Speaking into tape recorder.) And finally, Captain Knight, could you tell us your own feelings about Colonel Pemberton?
KNIGHT: Well, he was certainly a brave soldier, no doubt about that - he gave his life for his country, and I was proud to serve under him. (Looks up.) Is that alright?
CHORLEY: Oh, super, sterling stuff! You talk in pure quotes, old boy.
KNIGHT: Not just quotes, Mr Chorley. I meant what I said.

(The door opens, and the CORPORAL walks in and salutes.)

CORPORAL: Professor Travers is here, sir.

(TRAVERS brushes in past the soldier.)

TRAVERS: What the devil's going on? Why have I been brought here like this? (Looks at the Captain.) Who are you?
KNIGHT: Knight...
TRAVERS: Never heard of you. Who?
KNIGHT: Captain Knight. OK, Corporal.

(The CORPORAL salutes and leaves.)

KNIGHT: Look, it's no good shouting at me, Professor. I didn't ask for you.
TRAVERS: Who did, then?
KNIGHT: Your daughter.
TRAVERS: Anne?... She's like a mother - always interfering in things she knows nothing about.
KNIGHT: I understood that you'd sent for her to come back from America and help you.
TRAVERS: What do you want me for, anyway?
KNIGHT: I don't - I consider this to be a military matter. Others disagree.
TRAVERS: You haven't had much success so far, have you?

(KNIGHT leaves, exasperated.)

TRAVERS: Army - what the devil do they know about it? (Looks at CHORLEY.) Who are you?
CHORLEY: Harold Chorley, London Television.
CHORLEY: Harold Chorley, Lon...
TRAVERS: Television? Never watch it. You an actor or something?
CHORLEY: (Laughs.) Journalist, actually. The Government, in its infinite wisdom, decided only to allow one correspondent down here - the Press chose me. (Reaches for his tape recorder.) Tell me, Professor, will you be in charge of the scientific section, or will your daughter?
TRAVERS: Mind your own business!
CHORLEY: And how long do you think it's going to take you to come up with the answer? One week? Three perhaps?
TRAVERS: How the hell should I know? (Looks at tape recorder.) Is that thing working?
CHORLEY: Of course.
TRAVERS: More than likely we won't be able to defeat this menace. London, in fact the whole of England, could be completely wiped out. There, d'you get that?

(TRAVERS storms out, leaving CHORLEY lost for words.)


(The DOCTOR and VICTORIA are sitting against the base of the central console; the DOCTOR has a box-shaped electronic device on his lap. JAMIE walks in carrying a small component.)

JAMIE: That's the only one I could find.
DOCTOR: Oh... (Taking it.) oh yes, that'll do, Jamie, I think... just get that in there... (Fixes the component to his device.) and that'll be excellent. There we are, that should work!
JAMIE: What's it do?
DOCTOR: Nothing.
JAMIE: Oh no!
DOCTOR: Well, nothing yet. But it will do once we start moving again.

(JAMIE groans.)

VICTORIA: Do you think we ever will? We've been here so long...
DOCTOR: Yes, of course we will, Victoria. You see, whatever's holding us must let go sometime.
JAMIE: Doctor, the scanner! It's clearing!


(The thick web covering the TARDIS slowly starts to dissipate.)


VICTORIA: The scanner's cleared!
DOCTOR: Right... Jamie, give me a hand while there's still time.

(THE DOCTOR puts his device onto the console.)

JAMIE: Plug this in?
DOCTOR: Yes, in there, that's right. Now listen, both of you - as soon as we land, whatever you do, don't let go! Hold on!

(They all grab hold of the console.)

VICTORIA: What's going to happen?... We're landing...
DOCTOR: (Adjusts device.) There - now, hold tight...

(THE DOCTOR flicks a switch, and a piercing electronic noise surrounds them.)

DOCTOR: Oh, it's not as bad as I thought...

(The TARDIS jolts, and the shock throws the crew to the floor.)

DOCTOR: Is everyone alright?
JAMIE: (Picking himself up.) Aye, what did you do?
DOCTOR: Well, I... I've managed to move us on a bit. Not very far, perhaps half a mile from where we were expected to land. For the moment, we have eluded our captor. Look at the scanner, both of you.

(The scanner shows that the TARDIS has landed in a long, dark tunnel, the walls and roof of which are smooth and rounded.)

VICTORIA: Well, where are we?
DOCTOR: I really don't know, Victoria. Shall we go out and have a look?
VICTORIA: Now is it safe?
DOCTOR: (Mischievously.) Oh, I shouldn't think so for a moment! Jamie, I think we're going to need torches.


(The DOCTOR, JAMIE and VICTORIA explore the tunnel; the only light is cast by their torches.)

DOCTOR: Some sort of grille...
JAMIE: Don't say you've landed us in a prison!
DOCTOR: It could be the dungeons of a castle.
VICTORIA: It's so dark!
DOCTOR: Ah, steps. Come along, be careful.

(He leads them down a flight of stairs.)

DOCTOR: Yes, there seems to be a large wall - tiled walls, curved ceiling... come on!

(JAMIE moves to the right of the tunnel.)

JAMIE: The floor seems to end here - there's a sort of trench, look!
VICTORIA: Hey Doctor, come and look at this.
DOCTOR: What have you found, Victoria?
VICTORIA: See for yourself...

(The DOCTOR shines a torch at the wall, where VICTORIA indicates, and reads.)

DOCTOR: Covent... Garden. Oh yes, of course! It's an underground station - we're standing on the platform.
VICTORIA: Underground station?
DOCTOR: Mmm, trains, underground trains. Little after your time, I think, Victoria.
VICTORIA: Is it always as dark as this?
DOCTOR: No no no, it's probably the middle of the night. Come along, let's go up top. There'll be lots of light up there. Funny, isn't it?
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: How we keep landing on your Earth!

(The three head off up a long stairway.)


(JAMIE and VICTORIA walk out of a door to see the station exit - with a barred gate across it.)

VICTORIA: Oh, the Doctor was wrong.
JAMIE: Aye, it's not the middle of the night, it's broad daylight!
DOCTOR: (Arriving from behind.) Just let me get my breath back - those stairs...
JAMIE: Looks like we're locked in, though.
DOCTOR: Well, that's strange!
VICTORIA: Doctor...
VICTORIA: Listen...

(There is absolute silence.)

JAMIE: I can't hear anything.
DOCTOR: It is quiet, I see what you mean. Middle of London, there should be some noise.
JAMIE: Hey, Doctor, there's an old man over there. Let's ask him.

(He walks over to the gate, outside which an old man is sitting, motionless, with his back to the station.)

DOCTOR: Yes, come on.
JAMIE: Excuse me... excuse me...

(JAMIE reaches through the gate to tap the old man on the shoulder. The man slumps limply to the ground; he is covered with cobwebs, and as he falls he reveals a newsstand, bearing the headline "Londoners flee! Menace spreads".)


(The travellers emerge onto the platform.)

VICTORIA: Oh Doctor, did you see his face? It was... sort of... covered with cobwebs!
JAMIE: Hey, it's nothing to be so scared of!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes. Now come along.
VICTORIA: Oh no, don't let's go into the tunnel, please!
DOCTOR: But we've got to get above ground, Victoria. Now let's try the next station.
JAMIE: Aye, come on.

(JAMIE jumps down from the platform onto the tracks.)

DOCTOR: (Frantically.) Jamie, no! Don't move! Don't touch the rails!
JAMIE: (Standing one leg either side of a rail.) What's the matter?
DOCTOR: Whatever you do, stand still!... Stand, still, don't move!...

(The DOCTOR produces a small meter from his pocket and holds it over the rails.)

DOCTOR: Keep quite still, Jamie.

(He looks at meter, then sighs with relief.)

DOCTOR: It's alright, you can relax. The electricity's off.
JAMIE: What was all that about?
DOCTOR: If there had been a current running through these rails, you'd have been fried!
DOCTOR: Electrified. Brunched! Burnt up! Now come along - it's safe now, I think, but we'd better be careful. Follow me...


(Some distance from the station, the DOCTOR pauses to run a finger along the rails.)

VICTORIA: What are you doing, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Just confirming something - yes, just as I thought. There haven't been any trains here for some time.
JAMIE: (Spots something on the ground.) Hey, what's that over there?

(They go and examine the object.)

DOCTOR: It's a power cable. I wonder what it's doing down here?

(A row of overhead lights suddenly comes on all along the tunnel. The travellers look around and see a nearby alcove.)

DOCTOR: In there, quick!

(They hide; the DOCTOR cautiously peers out to see three soldiers unwinding a cable drum along the tunnel. He waits until they are out of sight.)

DOCTOR: Soldiers! I wonder what they're doing down here?
JAMIE: Let's go and ask them.
DOCTOR: No, I think we'd better tread carefully. Let's find out what's going on first.
VICTORIA: What do you want us to do, Doctor?
DOCTOR: You follow the soldiers - but keep out of sight. I'm going to see where this cable goes to. Meet back here in a few minutes.
JAMIE: Right.


(The three soldiers - Staff Sergeant ARNOLD, Corporal BLAKE and Craftsman WEAMS - continue to unwind the cable drum. WEAMS stops, turns and looks around.)

BLAKE: What's the matter?
WEAMS: Thought I heard something.
ARNOLD: Getting a bit jumpy, aren't you, Weams?
WEAMS: It's no wonder, is it, Staff?
BLAKE: Shall we connect the new drum now, Staff?
ARNOLD: Yeah, alright Corp.
BLAKE: Good thing we fixed these lights, eh?
WEAMS: You can say that again.


(VICTORIA and JAMIE pause, and cautiously start whispering.)

JAMIE: Can't hear anything.
VICTORIA: Are they still there?
JAMIE: I think they must be moving. Come on!

(VICTORIA's face brushes against a cobweb, and she lets out a startled gasp, which carries down the otherwise silent tunnel.)


(The soldiers hear VICTORIA's gasp.)

WEAMS: Told you I heard something, didn't I, Staff?
ARNOLD: Yeah... Come on!

(He starts back down the tunnel.)


VICTORIA: I'm sorry!
JAMIE: It's only a cobweb!
VICTORIA: Do you think they heard?
JAMIE: Hope not - come on.

(They continue cautiously. As they pass another alcove, ARNOLD steps out, pointing a rifle at them.)

ARNOLD: Well, well, well, would you believe it? The babes in the wood.


(The DOCTOR has followed the cable to Charing Cross station. Jumping onto the platform, he sees the cable is attached to a pile of crates - he then hears the familiar high-pitched bleeping sound of a Control Sphere, and ducks back under the edge of the platform as the giant form of a YETI appears above him...)


(Corporal LANE is sitting hunched over the radio, while Cpt KNIGHT stands leaning against a table, clipboard in hand.)

LANE: It's no good, I can't raise them, sir.
KNIGHT: The truck was due there twenty minutes ago.
LANE: I shouldn't worry, sir, we've never had any trouble at Holborn before. They're probably on their way back by now.
KNIGHT: Yeah, perhaps you're right, Corporal Lane. Keep trying Holborn.
LANE: Yes, sir.

(ANNE TRAVERS enters, carrying a piece of equipment.)

KNIGHT: Oh, hello!
ANNE: This blast recorder's working now, Captain.
KNIGHT: Fine. Let me give you a hand.
ANNE: It's quite alright, I can manage...
KNIGHT: No, no, I insist. Come on.

(Harold CHORLEY blusters in.)

CHORLEY: Now look here, Knight, I really must protest.
KNIGHT: What's the matter now, Mr Chorley?
CHORLEY: Professor Travers! He's being obstructive, secretive - now I was led to believe that when I came here, I was going to be given full facilities. Look, perhaps you can help, Miss Travers...
ANNE: I really am very busy, Mr Chorley.
CHORLEY: But so am I!
KNIGHT: There's not time for talking, Chorley. Travers is busy.

(CHORLEY protests.)

KNIGHT: Now don't worry, I'll see that you're not left in the dark.

(KNIGHT ushers CHORLEY out of the room.)


(A second bleeping noise, differently pitched to the first, can now be heard. The DOCTOR cautiously peeps over the edge of the platform, then quickly ducks down again as he sees a second YETI arrive. The creatures aim small gun-like weapons at the pile of crates, and to the accompaniment of a sweeping, rushing noise, smother the crates with a thick white web-like substance.)


(Staff Sgt ARNOLD and the cable-laying party arrive at the base with JAMIE and VICTORIA in tow.)

ARNOLD: (To JAMIE and VICTORIA.) Alright, you two, stand over there. Keep an eye on them, Blake, will you?

(WEAMS struggles in with the cable drum. Another SOLDIER walks briskly past.)

ARNOLD: Hey, you there. Give the Craftsman a hand.
SOLDIER: 'Ere, but Staff, I'm on this other job...
ARNOLD: Don't argue, lad, just get on with it. I want that in the Operations Room upstairs.


(ANNE stands working at a bench; KNIGHT throws a knowing glance at LANE, and leans against a table behind her.)

KNIGHT: How's it going?
ANNE: (Warily.) Just fine.
KNIGHT: What's a girl like you doing in a job like this?
ANNE: Well, when I was a little girl, I thought I'd like to be a scientist... (Sarcastically.) so I became a scientist.
KNIGHT: Just like that?
ANNE: Just like that.

(ARNOLD enters the room.)

KNIGHT: Been a long time, Staff. Everything alright?
ARNOLD: Yes, alright sir. Weams is just struggling up with the cable now. Come on, you two, chop chop!

(WEAMS and the SOLDIER appear, carrying the cable drum between them.)

WEAMS: In here, mate, come on.
KNIGHT: Any trouble at Charing Cross?
ARNOLD: No trouble, sir. Alright, lads, you can buzz off now... By the way, I brought you back a little present, sir.
ARNOLD: Found a couple of youngsters loose in the tunnel.
KNIGHT: What the devil were they doing down there?
ARNOLD: I dunno, sir. I thought perhaps you'd better chat 'em up, so I brought them back here.
KNIGHT: Put them in the Common Room, Staff. I don't want to waste any more time on this demolition job.
ANNE: Staff Sergeant...
ARNOLD: Yes, miss?
ANNE: You're sure there were only two of them down there?
ARNOLD: Yes miss, why?
ANNE: Well, I don't like the idea of the tunnel being blown up if there's anybody else down there.
ARNOLD: I see what you mean, miss.
KNIGHT: Make sure there's nobody else down there - have a word with them, Staff. I want that tunnel blown as soon as possible.


(BLAKE stands guard over JAMIE and VICTORIA.)

JAMIE: How much longer are we going to be kept here?
BLAKE: What's the matter then - don't you like it here?
VICTORIA: No, I don't. Where are we, anyway?

(ARNOLD enters.)

ARNOLD: Alright, Blake, I'll take over now.
BLAKE: Righto, Staff.

(BLAKE leaves.)

ARNOLD: You two, in here.

(ARNOLD herds JAMIE and VICTORIA through the door to the Common Room.)


JAMIE: D'you mind telling us where we are?
ARNOLD: Oh, this place has been here a long time. It were a transit camp in the Second World War.
JAMIE: What d'you do down here?
ARNOLD: Now now, everybody knows what's happening. And you know very well you shouldn't have come down here. By the way - you were on your own, weren't you?
JAMIE: (Stopping her.) Yes.


(The YETI complete their task and walk off, leaving the crates covered in smoldering web. The DOCTOR waits a moment, before climbing onto the platform and examining the crates.)


ARNOLD: You're quite sure you were alone?
JAMIE: Look, how many more times...
ARNOLD: Well, that's alright then.

(KNIGHT pokes his head round the door.)

KNIGHT: Clear to fire, Staff?
ARNOLD: Yes sir, they were on their own apparently.
KNIGHT: Right.

(KNIGHT leaves.)

JAMIE: What was all that about?
ARNOLD: Suppose there's no harm in telling you. You know, you two are very lucky. We're going to blow up the tunnel.
JAMIE: What!
ARNOLD: That's what we were laying the cable for.
VICTORIA: The Doctor!


(WEAMS stands by a plunger as KNIGHT returns from downstairs.)

KNIGHT: It's alright, they were on their own. OK Weams, no sense in wasting any more time. Off you go.
WEAMS: Right, sir.

(WEAMS pushes down the plunger.)


(The sound of an explosion fills the platform, and as the crates detonate the web glows with a brilliant white light. The DOCTOR is thrown from the platform with a scream...)

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