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first broadcast - 6th January 1968
running time - 23mins 5secs


(Guards file in escorting DENES. JAMIE is one of them.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: Prisoner and escort... Halt!
SALAMANDER: Bruce, you are head of World Security, I hold you personally responsible for this man Denes.
BRUCE: Why? Don't you trust your own security?
SALAMANDER: Do I have to insist? My name carries some weight in the councils of the world.
BRUCE: Of course it does.
SALAMANDER: Well do as I ask.
BRUCE: Very well.
SALAMANDER: Fedorin, come with me. We must make a report to the world authority.
DENES: They won't believe a word you tell them.
SALAMANDER: We shall see. Fedorin.


BRUCE: I'll do what I can for you, but I don't want any trouble.
DENES: Don't worry. I'm looking forward to facing Salamander in public court. I won't run away.


SALAMANDER: You've done very well, so far, Fedorin.
FEDORIN: It's nothing but a blackmail.
SALAMANDER: Blackmail? What have I threatened you with? Nothing.
FEDORIN: No. But you would if I refused to.

(SALAMANDER produces a dossier.)

SALAMANDER: Fedorin, I keep on telling you, this is just a form of comprehensive insurance, huh? Is nothing for you to worry about. Oh, my dear man, I've done nothing but praise you ever since we first met. I said you should be European Controller. I said I would support you.
FEDORIN: You found out things about me, lies that would damage me.
SALAMANDER: On the contrary, I'm doing you a good turn. I'm actually suppressing facts about you.
FEDORIN: Lies, I tell you!
SALAMANDER: Lies, truth, who knows. But we wouldn't want to put it to the test, would we, huh?

(He returns the dossier to the safe, takes out a small container and locks the safe.)

FEDORIN: What's this?
SALAMANDER: Used in the right way, at the right time, it can dictate your own future, and the future of Alexander Denes.
FEDORIN: Poison?


BRUCE: I want you to take a message...

(The guard turns around. It is JAMIE.)

BRUCE: McCrimmon? What are you doing dressed like this?
JAMIE: Leader's orders.
BRUCE: Well as you're here, I've got some questions I want to ask you.
JAMIE: I've better things to do, thank you.
BRUCE: I want to know what Salamander and Giles Kent were discussing when I saw you last.
JAMIE: It's not for me to tell you that.
BRUCE: I'm concerned with Salamander's safety. Giles Kent is supposed to be his bitter enemy.
JAMIE: Look, if Salamander wishes you to know that, I dare say he'll tell you himself. You'll get no confidences out of me.


DENES: Well how much longer am I to be kept here?

(The guard does not reply.)

DENES: You choose to be insolent?
GUARD: We're waiting for the security hover-car. The volcanic eruptions have disrupted everything.

(The GUARD CAPTAIN appears.)

DENES: Well, Captain, isn't there a room I could wait in?
GUARD CAPTAIN: I am simply obeying orders.
DENES: Perhaps you might interpret your orders differently, huh?
CAPTAIN: Mister Denes, what can I do? You are no longer the Controller. You're a prisoner here.

(BRUCE enters.)

BRUCE: Captain? Why is Mister Denes being kept in the corridor here?
CAPTAIN: It's easier to guard him here.
BRUCE: Hmm. (To DENES) You alright?
DENES: Yes, thank you.
BRUCE: Something to read, perhaps?
DENES: That would be a comfort, yes.
BRUCE: The Controller is not to be treated as a convicted man before his trial. See he has whatever he wants.

(BRUCE leaves.)

CAPTAIN: What can I get for you?
DENES: Well if we have to wait, something to eat and drink.
CAPTAIN: Very well...
GUARD: Prison rations, Captain?
CAPTAIN: Certainly not. Nothing but the best for Controller Denes. From our Leader's own kitchens.
CAPTAIN: And to read...?
DENES: Something light, um, a book about foreign travels, perhaps, hm?.


(FARIAH has brought VICTORIA to GRIFFIN the chef.)

GRIF: So you reckon you know about cooking, eh?
VICTORIA: Yes, I used to do lots at home.
GRIF: All right, give me a menu.
GRIF: Yeah, now.
VICTORIA: Uh... uh... soup... fish... meat and pudding... ah...
GRIF: Dessert?
GRIF: Go on, what else?
GRIF: Yes, you're a bit too smart for me. Alright then, let's have a recipe.
VICTORIA: What, now?
GRIF: Yeah, now.
VICTORIA: Uh... uh... Oh, yes! Yes! We used to have a lovely pudding at home, with lots of almonds, eggs, lemon peel, candy peel, oranges, cream and, oh it was lovely!
GRIF: You wouldn't know how to make it?
VICTORIA: Oh it's quite simple, really. You sort of whoosh it up all together.
GRIF: Well that sounds easy. What's this whoosh-up called, then?
VICTORIA: Kaiser pudding.
GRIF: Oh that's great, just great. Yes, I've got a job for you, alright. Peel those spuds. Yeah, now.

(VICTORIA sets about her peeling.)

FARIAH: Is that the best you can do for her? The girl must learn.
GRIF: Back at school, are we? Well I suppose there are worse things. The place could be overrun with rats gnawin' holes in the gas pipes so the ovens catch fire and burn the building down, hahaha...
FARIAH: It isn't that bad, Grif.
GRIF: Look, I'm only trying to help with the see... There you see, this chicken's brownin' too soon already, it'll be as tough as rubber.
FARIAH: Oh, Grif...
GRIF: Now the soup's boilin'. Did I put any salt in it? Dinner tonight's going to be national disaster. My mother was right.
GRIF: She wanted me to be a dustman. Here, look, you want to do something useful?
VICTORIA: Oh yes please.
GRIF: Well sit down and write out the menu. First course interrupted by bomb explosion. Second course affected by earthquakes. Third course ruined by interference in the kitchen. I'm goin' out for a walk. It'll probably rain.

(GRIF exits.)

VICTORIA: He doesn't like me.
FARIAH: It isn't you. He's the same with everyone.
VICTORIA: Even Salamander?
FARIAH: Listen. You must go away from here. Don't get caught up in Salamander's world.
VICTORIA: Why? What do you mean? It sounds as if you don't like him.
FARIAH: Like him? I...

(JAMIE enters.)

JAMIE: Oh hello there.
FARIAH: Finish writing those menus.

(FARIAH leaves.)

VICTORIA: Do you hear that?
JAMIE: Aye. Work on her. I have a feeling she can tell us something about Salamander.
VICTORIA: Alright. As soon as I can. What have you been doing?
JAMIE: I managed to slip out and tell Astrid everything that's happened.
VICTORIA: Oh you might have told me, Jamie.
JAMIE: There wasn't time, she's trying to get Denes away.
VICTORIA: And take him to the Doctor? He'd believe Denes.
JAMIE: Aye, he would.
VICTORIA: But how will she get in? Salamander's got guards everywhere.
JAMIE: She's got friends here. They're going to arrange passes and the right sort of uniform.
VICTORIA: What sort of uniform?
JAMIE: Don't know. Messenger delivery or something. Shh!

(Voices are heard from the garden.)


(JAMIE watches two guard commanders walk pass.)

ONE: ...Controller Denes has been arrested. I can't make up my mind whether Fedorin is to be regarded as the new Controller or not?
OTHER: The burden of office is heavy, my friend. I remember when I was...

(The voices trail away as the two move out of sight.)


JAMIE: Alright, they're gone.
VICTORIA: Astrid and Giles Kent were quite right, Salamander is an evil man. I can somehow sense it from all the people here.
JAMIE: Aye, he's bad alright. He's had Denes arrested, and he's got this man Fedorin eating out of his hand.
VICTORIA: Why should he do that?
JAMIE: Remove the honest man, and put a weaker man in his place - but somehow have a hold on him. That way Salamander can take over the territory.
VICTORIA: I see. And when everything's in a turmoil because of the earthquakes.
JAMIE: Aye, and that's lucky to say the least.
VICTORIA: But y... you don't really believe that Salamander could cause earthquakes, do you?




(The lava flow is seen on a portable television, watched by KENT and the DOCTOR.)

KENT: I'm certain Salamander's causing the earthquakes, Doctor, and I'm sure your friends Jamie and Victoria will tell you just how bad he really is.
DOCTOR: Why make earthquakes?
KENT: Well years ago, Doctor, when one country wanted to invade another, it set about attacking the confidence of that country, throwing it into confusion, making it weak. Then it was ripe for takeover. Now isn't that exactly what's happening here only in a different way?
DOCTOR: Well what you're saying is that Salamander's found a way of... of harnessing the natural forces of the earth. It's a little difficult to accept. I'm not saying it's impossible, mind you. You said it's coming from the research station, Salamander's research station, eh?
KENT: That's what I believe, in spite of... Shh!

(He nervously looks around.)

KENT: spite of a number of reasons. He invented the sunstore, a brilliant advance, he found a way of directing conserved energy to areas starved of sun.
DOCTOR: What made you suspicious?
KENT: The money he was spending at the research station, the materials involved, the food stores, it didn't make sense. I had all the papers, all the requisition orders.
DOCTOR: But that's valuable evidence!
KENT: All destroyed, and new ones appeared, and I was made out to be the criminal. All by suggestion, of course. I was discredited. And every accusation I made against Salamander was put down as an attempt to throw suspicion off myself.
DOCTOR: A sort of Jekyll and Hyde character, perhaps, our Mister Salamander. It'll be interesting to see what report Jamie brings back.

(A siren is heard. We hear a car pull up.)

KENT: Security, quick! Here.

(The DOCTOR climbs into a trunk.)

DOCTOR: I hope there's plenty of air in here.
KENT: Yes, yes.

(KENT closes the lid. The door bursts open. BENIK enters.)

BENIK: So... it's you. I might have known.
KENT: Do you have any authority?
BENIK: You are on research station territory.
KENT: Not quite. Have a look at the boundary lines.
BENIK: That's very clever. Well, what are you doing here?
KENT: I don't have to answer your questions.

(BENIK notices KENT's telescope.)

BENIK: Birdwatching, no doubt?
KENT: Perhaps.
BENIK: Yes, there's a perfect view of the research station from here.
KENT: Really?

(BENIK takes a framed picture from the wall.)

BENIK: Well, well, well. A memento of the old days.

(He smashes the picture on a table corner.)

KENT: You have no right to...
BENIK: Guard!

(A guard steps inside.)

BENIK: It's just an accident. Now then, you won't be staying in this vicinity, will you?
KENT: You can't make me leave here.

(BENIK nods to the guard. The guard systematically smashes KENT's crockery.)

KENT: Hey now, watch that!
BENIK: Alright, that's enough.

(The guard exits.)

BENIK: Well there's not much point in your staying here now, is there? Oh I wouldn't complain to anyone about this if I were you, Kent. After all, nobody would believe you, would they?

(BENIK exits. KENT opens the trunk and helps the DOCTOR out.)

KENT: Come on. Now do you believe the sort of people we're up against?
DOCTOR: Unpleasant, yes, destructive, but not necessarily evil.
KENT: Why won't you believe me?
DOCTOR: It is too important. I must be sure. Oh... such pretty crockery this is. Sad really, isn't it? People spend all their time making nice things, and other people come along and break them.
KENT: That's what I'm trying to tell you about Salamander, he's trying to destroy the world!!
DOCTOR: Facts, Kent, I must have facts. That's what I hope Jamie's going to bring back.


GUARD: Halt! Why are you running?
ASTRID: I have an urgent message for Leader Salamander.
GUARD: Hm. Your pass?

(ASTRID produces her pass.)

GUARD: You have not been here before.
GUARD: I thought so. Next time, do not run. It is dangerous to run here.
ASTRID: I'll remember.
GUARD: Wait! You like wine? My name is Yannos. We drink wine together tonight?
ASTRID: I have to go and deliver my message.
GUARD: Yes, but later you will come back?
ASTRID: Oh yes. Yes, I will come back.

(She turns and immediately bumps into the CAPTAIN.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: Just a moment!
ASTRID: I have an urgent message for Leader Salamander.
CAPTAIN: Yes I heard you. Where is it?
ASTRID: It's private and personal.
CAPTAIN: I don't want to read it. Keep still.

(The CAPTAIN tries to look at ASTRID, she avoids his gaze.)

ASTRID: I have to deliver this to Salamander personally.
CAPTAIN: You do have a message?
ASTRID: Of course.
CAPTAIN: Then show me.

(ASTRID produces her message.)

CAPTAIN: Very well. I know you from somewhere...

(DENES, watching, drops his book on the floor. It momentarily distracts the CAPTAIN.)

DENES: Oh, I think I must have dropped off.

(The CAPTAIN picks up the book.)

DENES: Thank you.

(ASTRID takes the opportunity to get away.)


(JAMIE is enjoying a meal as ASTRID enters.)

ASTRID: Sit down. Go on with what you're doing. We've got to rescue Denes - get him away from the building.

(ASTRID checks the windows and doors.)

VICTORIA: There are guards everywhere.
ASTRID: I know, but we must try.
JAMIE: It's a pity we can't get him to the Doctor.
ASTRID: That's exactly where I intend to take him.
JAMIE: Well what's your plan, then?
ASTRID: Look, I want you to, well, cause a diversion.
JAMIE: What do you want me to do?
ASTRID: Well, anything. But do it at eleven o'clock precisely.
JAMIE: Eleven o'clock, right.

(GRIF returns.)

ASTRID: I see, the second corridor on the right, thank you so much.

(She leaves.)

JAMIE: Ah... yes.
GRIF: Now we're a travel agency. I haven't met you before. What's wrong? It's bound to be something serious.
VICTORIA: This is a friend of mine, Grif.
GRIF: He's not a cook like you, I hope?
GRIF: Oh well that's alright then. Well I suppose this is as good a place as any for meetin' friends. Come one, come all, I say! How's the food?

(He tastes some.)

GRIF: Terrible. Terrible. I'll get the sack tonight, I swear I will. Maybe they'll shoot me. I won't have to worry anymore. No, they wouldn't do that, the firing squad'd miss me.

(FARIAH enters.)

FARIAH: How are you getting on with the food for mister Denes?
GRIF: Well it's ready, such as it is. Now we don't want too much of a crowd in here.
JAMIE: Well I'll be on my way, then.
GRIF: No no. You stay. I'll go. I'm only the chef here.
FARIAH: Now, what can we give mister Denes?
JAMIE: Ah, do you like working for Salamander, Fariah?
VICTORIA: It must be wonderful travelling all over the world with him.
FARIAH: I don't enjoy travelling. Hmm this is good. That Grif's a genius.
JAMIE: Why travel then?
FARIAH: Sometimes we do what we have to do, not what we want to do.
JAMIE: You don't have to work for Salamander.
FARIAH: Don't I? Don't I? What do you know about it?
JAMIE: Sorry, I was just...
FARIAH: To you, Salamander is a god, isn't he? The saviour of the world, that's why you work for him. You saved his life, didn't you?
VICTORIA: Don't you protect his life every day?
FARIAH: Yes! As I say, sometimes we do what we have to do, not what we want to do.


BRUCE: Nevertheless, whatever he's done or not done, he should be treated according to rank.
SALAMANDER: He will be moved soon. You can't expect much sympathy for him, you know, Bruce. Word gets around. I warned him about the earthquakes. He could have cautioned the people. Some of them might have been saved.
BRUCE: Maybe.
SALAMANDER: No maybe about it.

(BRUCE begins to leave. He turns.)

BRUCE: Who's going to control this zone now? Fedorin?
SALAMANDER: Fedorin? Oh what a good idea.


(VICTORIA sets off with DENES' meal on a trolley.)

GRIF: Be nice to mister Denes.


(GRIF follows after VICTORIA.)

GRIF: Give him a smile. It might make him forget the taste of the soup.


(FEDORIN bumps into VICTORIA and the trolley. He palms the salt shaker.)

FEDORIN: Oh, is this for mister Denes?
VICTORIA: Yes, yes, I'm taking it to him...
FEDORIN: May I look?
FEDORIN: Mmm. Delicious. Ah, very good. Eh, where, where's the salt?
FEDORIN: You, you forgot something.
FEDORIN: Will you run and get it, huh?
VICTORIA: Yes, yes.

(VICTORIA leaves the trolley and heads back to the kitchen for another salt shaker. FEDORIN nervously looks around and produces his poison.)


GUARD CAPTAIN: The same girl I saw in the park, I... I suddenly remember it.
SALAMANDER: You say she was talking to the boy and girl?
CAPTAIN: She was on the same bench.
SALAMANDER: Coincidence?
CAPTAIN: She wasn't in messengers' uniform then. She is now.
SALAMANDER: Yes... She certainly hasn't delivered any messages to me.
CAPTAIN: Shall I alert the building?
SALAMANDER: No. No, I want to know where she comes from. Let her escape but have her followed. Frighten her away.
CAPTAIN: I understand. And the other two?
SALAMANDER: Oh, I'll deal with them.


(FARIAH waits for VICTORIA.)

FARIAH: Ah, good.
VICTORIA: Sorry I've been so long.
DENES: Oh, I'm looking forward to this. Haha. Thank you.
GUARD CAPTAIN: Just a moment. Has that trolley been checked?
GUARD: I was just going to, Sir.
CAPTAIN: Don't any of you know anything?

(He takes the knife.)

DENES: Do you imagine I'm going to try and cut my way out of here? How do I eat without the knife?
CAPTAIN: It's none of my concern.
FARIAH: Try the spoon, mister Denes.
DENES: And how do you cut a steak with a spoon?

(The CAPTAIN cuts DENES' steak, and retains the knife.)

DENES: Haha. It's a long time since I had my food cut up for me.
CAPTAIN: Watch him carefully.
DENES: Thank you for your courtesy.
CAPTAIN: Fariah, come with me. I want a word with you and, eh, Griffin about breaking regulations.
FARIAH: (sarcastically) Yes, Sir.
VICTORIA: What's the time?
DENES: Six minutes to eleven.
VICTORIA: May I stay with you? I'm Victoria.
DENES: Yes, of course. I'd be glad of your company. If you forgive me, I'm really rather hungry.


FEDORIN: There must be some other way. I... I couldn't do it, Salamander, I couldn't do it. I stood there, with this man's life in my hands, and this powder, I couldn't use it.
SALAMANDER: I give you the chance to become something. Somebody. You failed to take it.

(He takes the poison capsule back from FEDORIN.)

FEDORIN: There must be some other way?
SALAMANDER: Hahaha. Of course my friend. Don't worry.
SALAMANDER: Don't worry. You try, you fail. So what, huh? The moon doesn't fall out of the sky. Come, sit down, have a drink, huh? Cheer up, we find another way.

(SALAMANDER's back is turned to FEDORIN. He empties the poison into an empty glass, fills it with wine, and pours another for himself.)

FEDORIN: I really did try.
SALAMANDER: Of course you did. Don't worry. Forget it, huh? I have an alternative.

(He hands a glass to FEDORIN.)

SALAMANDER: Your health. I hope you'll appreciate this wine, it's made for me especially in Alaska.

(FEDORIN drinks. He convulses and dies.)

SALAMANDER: One chance, my friend, I said one chance.

(The GUARD CAPTAIN enters.)

CAPTAIN: Some trouble in the kitchens, Leader.

(He notices with some surprise Fedorin's body.)

CAPTAIN: The new man says he's seen someone in the kitchen gardens.
SALAMANDER: Very well, oh and see to that, will you? Suicide, of course, such a pity.


GRIF: I can't see anything.
JAMIE: Over there by the trees. Hey, he's armed, too. Get down. Look I'm going out there, you stay down here. When the rest of the guards come, send 'em out after me.
GRIF: Yes, alright.

(JAMIE runs outside.)

GRIF: This is just about the end of a perfect day.

(A shot rings out.)

GRIF: Yeah, I know the food's bad, but you don't have to go that far!

(Two more shots are heard. GRIF seeks cover under a bench.)

GRIF: Alright, have it your own way. Why did I ever leave Woolloomooloo?


VICTORIA: (To DENES.) We're going to try and get you away.
ASTRID: (To Guard.) An attempt has been made to rescue this man. Get him out to the car.

(The guard turns his back on ASTRID. She fells him with a karate chop to the neck.)

ASTRID: Sorry, Yannos.

(DENES stands and hurries towards ASTRID. From the other end of the corridor the GUARD CAPTAIN and four guards appear.)


(A shot is fired and DENES falls.)

CAPTAIN: After them!

(VICTORIA pushes her trolley in front of the guards, who fall over it. ASTRID escapes.)

CAPTAIN: Get that girl!


(VICTORIA stands flanked by guards as more guards bring JAMIE in.)

SALAMANDER: Well, we all seem to be here, except the third member of your escape committee.
JAMIE: I don't know what you're talking about.
SALAMANDER: You were seen speaking with a girl in the park. The one who tried to escape with Denes.
VICTORIA: We don't know anything about that. We don't even know her.
SALAMANDER: A diversion was caused! There was no one outside the kitchen.
JAMIE: Of course there was someone, and they were shooting.
CAPTAIN: Three shots have been fired from this gun. It's yours, isn't it?

(JAMIE stays silent.)

SALAMANDER: Pretending to save my life was ingenious. But ingenuity requires a constant stream of new ideas. Yours seem to have dried up. I come to the Central Zone, an attempt is made on my life. Denes proves to be a traitor, Fedorin commits suicide because I uncover him. Do your job, Bruce. You can see they are all in this.
BRUCE: All right, take them away.
VICTORIA: Take your hands off me!

(The guards drag JAMIE and VICTORIA away.)

BRUCE: Salamander, I think it's about time you told me what's going on. One minute I see you with this lad McCrimmon, you're working together, the next minute...
SALAMANDER: I thought he saved my life.
BRUCE: No, I mean before that, in Kent's office.
SALAMANDER: What are you talking about?
BRUCE: Well I saw you there.
SALAMANDER: But I haven't seen Kent in months.
BRUCE: Yes, you were with Kent, the Ferrier girl, and those two youngsters. I thought it was so curious I spoke to your number two, Benik, about it. That's really the reason I came to this zone.
SALAMANDER: But I tell you! I must get back to the research centre. You will come with me.
BRUCE: It was you! Or... someone like you...

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