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first broadcast - 30th December 1967
running time - 23mins 48secs


(The door to the office opens and the DOCTOR enters... But he has changed into a suit like the one SALAMANDER was wearing on the video. His hair is now almost perfectly combed. It is almost impossible to see that it wasn't the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (In an attempt at SALAMANDER's accent.) Hello Bruce, what are you doing here, eh?
BRUCE: (Surprised.) I was under the impression you were in the Central European Zone, Leader.
DOCTOR: That's what you were meant to believe.
DOCTOR: (With mock anger.) I do not care to be questioned by my own security!
BRUCE: Well that's just it. How can I possibly maintain security when you behave like this? I'm at least entitled to know your movements.
DOCTOR: You have a policeman's mind, Bruce.
BRUCE: That may be! Only a few days ago you questioned me about this man and his activities. And we agreed that he was dangerous! Now, I find you in his office.
DOCTOR: Sometimes I like to deal with matters in my own way.
BRUCE: They're not holding you here?
DOCTOR: (Mock surprised.) Holding me?
BRUCE: Under some threat or other.
DOCTOR: No one threatens Salamander!
BRUCE: I still think I deserve an explanation, Leader.
DOCTOR: Yes, of course, you shall have it. But not now. When I return from the Central European Zone.
BRUCE: Very well.

(He turns to ASTRID.)

BRUCE: Now what about the dead man found in your bungalow. He was one of your lot, wasn't he?
ASTRID: Yes. Um, he was trying to protect me. The other two wanted to kill me.
BRUCE: (Doesn't believe it for a moment.) Now why should they want to do that to a nice young girl like you?
ASTRID: Well I...
KENT: Obviously they thought I was there.
KENT: Yes, Bruce, just like you a lot of people don't like me.
BRUCE: (Snaps.) Don't get clever with me, Kent! I've a good mind to...
DOCTOR: I am prepared to accept his story.
BRUCE: Well I'm not!
DOCTOR: That's interesting, but not important. I accept it! That's all that matters.
BRUCE: It's beginning to look as if these people are working for you now. Is that right?

(The DOCTOR has had enough of this.)

DOCTOR: You still dare to question me! They have information! I shall get it! I will see you on my return. Now leave me!

(BRUCE turns to JAMIE with a "Sizing Up" look.)

BRUCE: McCrimmon, you said?
BRUCE: Well you just watch your step, that's all.

(BRUCE storms out.)

JAMIE: I never said a word.
DOCTOR: (Back in his usual voice.) Must be the way you look, Jamie.
VICTORIA: You were splendid, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Thank you.
ASTRID: That was a dangerous game to play.
KENT: It paid off. All right, are you with us?
DOCTOR: (Puzzled.) I don't know where you stand, Mr Kent. But you and this Salamander are obviously on opposite sides. That at least is clear. But which side is good? Which side is bad? And why should I interfere?
ASTRID: Well you're the only man who can help save the world.
VICTORIA: But isn't that what Salamander's trying to do?
ASTRID: Don't you understand? Salamander...
DOCTOR: Just a moment. Jamie, you're unusually quiet, what do you think?
JAMIE: Well to save the world, aye, well it sounds grand, but... Oh, we couldn't turn our back on a challenge like this Doctor. Well, at least I know you wouldn't.
VICTORIA: We don't know anything about these people.
JAMIE: Astrid saved our lives. She was wounded because of it.
VICTORIA: Oh but Jamie, you don't think...
JAMIE: Look, she was...
KENT: Look we're right about Salamander! It won't take you long to find out for yourselves.
DOCTOR: How do you propose we do that?
JAMIE: He'll be well guarded for a start.
VICTORIA: We can hardly steal into his study and go through his papers.
DOCTOR: That man, Bruce, said that he was in the Central European Zone.
VICTORIA: It's a long way from Australia.
ASTRID: It's only two hours by rocket.
KENT: You could leave almost at once.
DOCTOR: Oh, what then?
ASTRID: I've had a plan for infiltrating into Salamander's inner circle for some time. Well I could adapt it for your two friends.
KENT: I can arrange three travel warrants and visas. Everything you need.
JAMIE: Just three?
KENT: Well one for Astrid, one for you and ah...

(Looking at VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: Victoria.
KENT: Of course.

(This causes the Doctor to look up.)

DOCTOR: Oh that's very clever of you. How can you do that? I thought you said you had no official position?
ASTRID: We have a contact there.
DOCTOR: He must be a very important person.
ASTRID: He is. Denes, Controller of the Zone.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see. What about me?
KENT: I think we better have a look at Salamander's research station at Kanowa.
DOCTOR: Yes. Ah, yes, but from a safe distance of course.


(This is the office of the Controller of the Research Station. However BENIK is very high up in SALAMANDER's office. BRUCE storms into the office and BENIK looks up from his desk.)

BENIK: What is all this? I'll just give you a couple of minutes. I have a meeting.
BRUCE: This is important, Benik!
BENIK: I hope so! Well?
BRUCE: Salamander's left you in control of the research station?
BRUCE: Did he go on the rocket for the Central European Zone?
BRUCE: Did you see him go aboard?
BENIK: Hasn't been an accident, has there?
BRUCE: Did you see the rocket take off?
BENIK: (Sarcastically.) Do you mean, did I stand there waving my handkerchief? Hardly, I had too much to do.
BRUCE: You're not a very funny man, Benik! Not to me. Now answer me! Did you actually see him leave?
BENIK: What is all this?
BRUCE: I've just driven straight here from having spoken to Salamander. Not two hundred miles away.
BENIK: (Stands up with surprise.) That's impossible!
BRUCE: I don't lie! Even to someone like you. He was with Giles Kent.
BENIK: But he hates Kent.
BRUCE: Exactly.
BENIK: Kent wasn't holding him by force, was he?
BRUCE: No, I thought of that. Salamander... was a wee bit odd, I admit. Not quite his usual self, but he was perfectly in control. All he had to do was bat an eyelid and I'd have knocked off everyone in sight.
BENIK: Oh, well I don't understand it.
BRUCE: Now Salamander suggested that he was on his way to the Central European Zone. Now you're in radio contact with him. I want you to talk to him, make sure that Kent hasn't got some hold over him that... we don't know about.
BENIK: He instructed me not to bother him until the conference was over.
BRUCE: (Sharply.) Well, I'm countermanding that instruction!
BENIK: I'm telling you, Bruce, he won't answer! Not till the conference is over. It's too important.
BRUCE: How long will it last?
BENIK: How should I know!? They last three hours usually.
BRUCE: All right, that'll have to do. Let me have a report as soon as you've spoken to him. Is that clear? Is that clear!?

(BRUCE leaves the room. BENIK waits until he is sure that BRUCE is out of hearing and then turns to the Communicator on his desk.)

BENIK: Yes. I want a direct channel link to Leader Salamander, Ariel TLXKZ. Notify me as soon as he is able to accept transmission. That's all.


(In here, the Controller of the Zone, DENES, is talking with SALAMANDER. The look on DENES face is a look of horror. SALAMANDER is pointing some places of the Zone on a big map. Also here is FEDORIN, DENES's second in command.)

DENES: This is dreadful news, Salamander. I still can't believe it.
FEDORIN: Terrible, terrible.
SALAMANDER: I don't say it will happen. I say it can happen. Your Zone is in danger, Denes. Here, here and here.
FEDORIN: We've had no trouble for years in those mountains.
SALAMANDER: You don't imagine I make it up?
FEDORIN: No, no, of course not.
DENES: Those volcanoes have been dead since sixteenth century. Fedorin is right to doubt.
SALAMANDER: A volcano is a strange thing, my friend. I tell you the truth. It's like a man in the hot sun, sleeping... still... lifeless. Then boom! He wakes full of energy! I know volcanoes.
DENES: Isn't there a possibility of a... miscalculation for a few degrees.
SALAMANDER: I'm never wrong. Every one of my predictions has been accurate.
DENES: Yes. You're record is good. I don't deny that.
SALAMANDER: You are too kind. (Now sharply.) Now will you listen to me!

(The Communicator set starts to beep. FARIAH, a big West Indian girl come into the room.)

FARIAH: Leader, the communications...
SALAMANDER: I know! I know! I told you I was not to be disturbed!
FARIAH: Yes, Leader.
SALAMANDER: No, wait! No, wait Fariah, ah? You like some refreshment, perhaps?
FEDORIN: Thank you.
DENES: No, no, not for me.

(He moves towards the door.)

SALAMANDER: You're going so soon?
DENES: I must consult my scientific advisors.
SALAMANDER: You still don't believe me?
DENES: I believe you sufficiently to want to... have your information checked. Before I alarm my people unnecessarily.
SALAMANDER: Your scientists won't help you. They don't know. They are amateurs.
DENES: No, Salamander, they are not amateurs. They are very clever men dedicated to their work. But they are men, capable of human error like anybody else.
SALAMANDER: Do what you wish. Captain!

(A Guard marches into the room.)

SALAMANDER: Controller Denes is leaving.
CAPTAIN: Yes, sir.

(The CAPTAIN blocks the way to the door so that DENES can't leave.)

SALAMANDER: You will soon see that I am right. Oh, you will stay, ah? Have a drink. We have a great deal to talk about, you and I. Fariah, see to him.


(The Garden is full of flowers and benches. We see JAMIE and VICTORIA who sit down on one of benches.)

JAMIE: Are you sure this is the right one?
VICTORIA: I'm not sure of anything after that rocket. But Astrid said it was the third bench on the south walk of the large gardens. Well here it is, I counted.
JAMIE: Here we are.

(ASTRID arrives with some things for JAMIE.)

ASTRID: It's all arranged. Salamander is in residence in the President's Palace.

(ASTRID gives JAMIE a card.)

JAMIE: What's the card?
ASTRID: That'll get you through the front gate. Find the terrace facing west.
VICTORIA: Good luck Jamie.
ASTRID: Yes, keep your wits about you.
JAMIE: Right.


(ASTRID is talking into the communicator.)

ASTRID: Hello... Hello! Australasian Zone... how much longer? Look, don't talk to me about sun spots. What? Well, the Central European Zone. Please don't worry about procedure, this is urgent. Connect me!


(A small Caravan, which is like an office and a bedroom, because there is a small bed and the whole room is filled with papers. The Communicator on the small table bleeps.)

KENT: That might be her now. Yes.
ASTRID: (OOV.) Hello, Giles? This is me, Astrid.
KENT: Right lets have it. What's happening?
ASTRID: (OOV.) Everything's gone fine so far.
KENT: Speak up, we can't hear you very well.


ASTRID: Oh, it's these spots.


KENT: Oh, she's having spot trouble.
DOCTOR: Oh yes.
KENT: Right, how is the plan working so far?


ASTRID: It's gone fine. And the rocket arrived right on time in Hungary. And Jamie's got his entrance pass and has started phase one.
KENT: (OOV.) Do you think the boy can handle it?
ASTRID: Well I hope so. My goodness they're a pretty odd lot though, aren't they?


KENT: Well actually the Doctor's with me right now.
ASTRID: (OOV.) Oh, I am sorry. Oh I know... I'm sure they'll be fine.
KENT: What news of Denes? We must keep him posted as to what is happening.
ASTRID: (OOV.) It's all right, we've contacted and we've arranged to meet.
KENT: Be careful, he's pretty well known.
ASTRID: (OOV.) Oh, don't worry. We've ar... I suggested that we meet under a disused jetty by the river.

(The DOCTOR looks up at this.)

DOCTOR: Disused Yeti?
KENT: No, no, no. Jetty, jetty! (Back into the communicator.) Ah, anything else to tell us?


ASTRID: No, if the plan goes through, I'll try and contact you again.
KENT: (OOV.) Right. Goodbye, good luck.


DOCTOR: Good luck, Astrid. Jamie and Victoria will look after you.
KENT: Astrid, are you there? We're... She's gone. And I'm not surprised after that last remark.
DOCTOR: Well I'm sorry.


(FARIAH and FEDORIN were talking. FARIAH pours a drink for FEDORIN.)

FEDORIN: Why don't you sit down?
FEDORIN: Why not?
FARIAH: I have never sat here.
FEDORIN: Salamander won't mind.
FARIAH: I would never sit down here.
FEDORIN: If you don't like him why do you work for him?
FARIAH: He has a way of persuading people.
FEDORIN: Yes I could imagine that.
FARIAH: (With feeling.) Brujo!
FEDORIN: What? If only I knew what he wanted to talk to me about. Would you know?
FARIAH: Salamander talks to many people. Some only once.
FEDORIN: Well I shall know soon enough I suppose. What exactly do you do here?
FARIAH: I serve.
FEDORIN: Yes, but you're obviously not an ordinary servant.
FARIAH: No, I'm not.
FEDORIN: What then?
FARIAH: Would you like some more refreshments?
FEDORIN: No... I'll get it myself.

(He pours again.)

FEDORIN: Oh that's good.
FARIAH: Is it? I'm very glad to hear that.
FARIAH: I'm Salamander's food taster.
FEDORIN: Does he need one?
FARIAH: There have been many attempts to poison him.
FEDORIN: Dangerous job.
FARIAH: Um. That's why it's very nice to have help for a change.
FEDORIN: (Staring at the glass in horror.) You mean... You mean you haven't...?
FARIAH: No. I didn't have time. Still taste good, nothing bitter?
FEDORIN: (Checking himself.) N... No. I... I don't think so.
FARIAH: You would know by now, I think.
FEDORIN: Oh... Oh, you... You had me worried for a moment. But what on earth made you take a job as a food taster?

(SALAMANDER enters from the room out onto the terrace.)

SALAMANDER: She was hungry. Only thing is, now she has all the food she needs, she has lost her appetite. (To FARIAH, sharpish.) Give me a drink!
FEDORIN: You are well protected.

(While FARIAH pours SALAMANDER a drink...)


(...a young officer rushes out onto the terrace aiming a lethal-looking gun straight at the terrified Deputy. FEDORIN backs away and collided with the table. SALAMANDER laughs at FEDORIN.)

SALAMANDER: Very well protected. Be calm. Sit down, drink your drink.

(At that moment, JAMIE appears, clambering stealthily over the stone parapet at the end of the terrace behind the guard.)

FEDORIN: (Seeing JAMIE.) Ah! Gua...

(JAMIE fells the guard with a single chop to the neck and scoops up the rifle as he lands. SALAMANDER is now being covered with the gun. FARIAH drops her tray of drinks.)

JAMIE: Thank you for calling the guard. I was wondering what to do about him.

(SALMANDER's hand begins reaching for the intercom on the table behind him.)

JAMIE: Now don't move for that box! Not if you value your life. Now all of you, back over there! That's it. Not as well protected as you think you are, eh? Now when I say duck... Duck, get down!

(JAMIE picks up the intercom and throws it over the parapet. Immediately a huge explosion rocks the terrace and a huge orange fireball roars into the air. JAMIE sees ASTRID through the gaps of the parapet as she runs for cover. Then as the others recover, he puts the gun on the table and three guards appear and cover him with their guns.)

SALAMANDER: (To the guards.) Look at this! What do you do boys, eh? Read? Sleep? It's a fine thing. Here we have an attempt to destroy me and where are you? It's not so good, boys. It's not so good. (Regarding JAMIE.) I'm watching you. Look after him. Better still get rid of him. What's all this about. Eh?
JAMIE: I heard two men talking. They said they'd planted a bomb of some kind in your radio telephone. I tried to warn them at the gates, but they wouldn't pay any attention.
SALAMANDER: So you break in? How you break in?
JAMIE: Well I'm here on holiday with a friend. She's very pretty, so the guard didn't see me slip past him.
SALAMANDER: Why didn't you call out and warn me? I nearly used the radio telephone several times.
JAMIE: Ah you'd have had me shot, most like.
SALAMANDER: Why do you risk your skin to save me?
JAMIE: Well without you the Earth hasn't much of a chance, has it?
SALAMANDER: You like to work for me, eh? You like that?
JAMIE: Oh no, you don't have to do that. I mean, you owe me nothing.
SALAMANDER: You're quite right, boy.
JAMIE: And I'm on holiday.
SALAMANDER: You won't find what I pay you disappointing.
JAMIE: Aye, there's my girlfriend too though.
SALAMANDER: Oh we might be able to find something for her. Eh Fariah?
FARIAH: Yes, your chief could use an assistant.
SALAMANDER: See to it. What do you say, eh?
JAMIE: Well I'll give it a go. But I'll say this though, your security system's rotten. There'll have to be changes.
SALAMANDER: Oh what a boy, ah? Fariah, see he gets some proper uniform instead of this skirt.

(JAMIE, not being watched so closely now, makes a face at word "skirt.".)

SALAMANDER: And bring him and his girlfriend to see me.
FARIAH: (To JAMIE.) Come along then.

(JAMIE, FARIAH and the three guards walk off through the terrace doors.)

FEDORIN: What an extraordinary young man.
SALAMANDER: I prize loyalty very highly, my friend. And I repay it very generously. Like I do the girl Fariah, eh.
FEDORIN: Can I... Can I ask you something?
SALAMANDER: What is it?
FEDORIN: What does "Brujo" mean?
SALAMANDER: It's a word we use in Mexico... for sorcerer. Why?
FEDORIN: Nothing... nothing.
SALAMANDER: You stay for dinner, eh? (Slight laugh.)


(VICTORIA is still sitting on the bench. ASTRID appears a little later and sits down at the other end of the bench, reading a newspaper. JAMIE finally appears, whistling a small tune.)

ASTRID: Here comes Jamie.
JAMIE: Everything's fine.
VICTORIA: Oh good.
ASTRID: Careful, you might have been followed.
JAMIE: Oh don't worry, they think I've saved his life. Hey, he's offered me a job... (To VICTORIA.) To you as well.
VICTORIA: That's perfect.
ASTRID: Well done, Jamie.
JAMIE: Well it was nothing. All right at your end?
ASTRID: Yes. But it was nothing.
VICTORIA: Jamie. Jamie!

(She finally gets JAMIE's attention.)

JAMIE: What?
VICTORIA: Does he look like the Doctor?
JAMIE: Aye, it's so uncanny.
ASTRID: Careful.

(ASTRID has spotted FARIAH and a guard approaching them from the entrance of the palace. ASTRID picks up her newspaper and walks off.)

JAMIE: What's the matter?
VICTORIA: What is it?

(JAMIE spots FARIAH and the guard approaching.)

JAMIE: She must have eyes in the back of her head.

(Raising his voice so that FARIAH and the guard can overhear him as they arrive.)

JAMIE: he's offered the both of us a job.
VICTORIA: Oh, good.
CAPTAIN: Who was that?
CAPTAIN: The other girl who was sitting there?
FARIAH: (To the CAPTAIN.) Why don't you leave them alone? Do you have to treat everyone as if they're criminals?
CAPTAIN: He had no right to leave the Presidential Palace.
FARIAH: He had every right! He came to fetch his girlfriend. Salamander ordered it.
CAPTAIN: I didn't hear Salamander order it.
FARIAH: Very well, go and ask him.

(The CAPTAIN's face gives FARIAH her answer.)

FARIAH: No? Perhaps you're wise. He would follow me. (To VICTORIA as the CAPTAIN walks off.) I am Fariah, how do you do?
JAMIE: This is Victoria.
FARIAH: Hello. Jamie tells me you're studying the arts of the kitchen.
JAMIE: Aye, she's a great dishwasher.
VICTORIA: I like eating, and I'm hungry.
FARIAH: Then let's see if we can't find you something to do. You can work with me if you like.
VICTORIA: Thank you.


(Here, ASTRID waits for a new arrival beneath the jetty. She hears footsteps and she loads her gun. However she lowers it when DENES appears.)

DENES: I used to love to do this sort of thing when I was a boy.
ASTRID: I'm sorry. It was the safest place I could think of.
DENES: Oh, it's all right. I'm still fit enough.
ASTRID: Thank you for getting me the necessary documents.
DENES: Have you been successful?
ASTRID: So far. Salamander's swallowed it.
DENES: I thought he would.
ASTRID: The boy's very confident. The girl, not so much.
DENES: See, the point is that I'm near enough to him to pick out something. This was the first time I met Salamander. I must say that you were right about him, Astrid. We must get rid of him. He must be stopped.
ASTRID: He will be stopped! I'm returning to Giles Kent. Can you wait till we can take action?
DENES: Oh, with a bit of luck, yes.
ASTRID: Fedorin, can you trust him?

(Booted footsteps can be heard on the actual jetty.)

ASTRID: Oh, I've been followed. I thought I'd thrown them off.

(ASTRID pulls her gun out again, and aims it at the guard that was still walking on the top of the jetty, but DENES pulls her arm down.)

DENES: No! There is enough violence as it is. Besides, Salamander mustn't get suspicious. You kill his men and he will begin to think.
GUARD: You understand that strangers are to be picked up. There's been an attempt on Salamander's life. Very well, return to your patrol.
ASTRID: It's all right. Fedorin, would he betray you in some way?
DENES: I'm trying to think of some reason why he should.


(As darkness falls, SALAMANDER and FEDORIN sit alone in the lofty, ornate salon leading off the East Terrace. FEDORIN is drinking more and more and is protesting his innocence, while SALAMANDER has revealed that he possesses cast-iron proof that FEDORIN had been involved in elaborate interzonal fraud.)

FEDORIN: But these are all lies, Salamander. Lies, I assure you.
SALAMANDER: So you say.
FEDORIN: What are you going to do? My family... my friends.
SALAMANDER: (Laughs.) My dear man. (Laughs.) My dear Fedorin. You don't suppose I intend to make your swindling public, eh? This is... this just an insurance, um. Sit down, forget it. I tell you what I'm going to do for you.
FEDORIN: (Shocked.) What?
SALAMANDER: You are going to replace Denes as controller of this Zone. But, don't say anything. I'll know you'll accept.
FEDORIN: What do you want?
SALAMANDER: I'll tell you. There will be disaster in this Zone. I cannot stop the disaster, but I can come to the aid of this Zone when it's happened.
FEDORIN: And take over? I see. The Zone would be yours!
SALAMANDER: Oh ours, Fedorin, ours. It's a partnership I'm offering you. Either you have half of everything, or you have nothing.
FEDORIN: But there's Alexander Denes.
SALAMANDER: Oh yes, the popular, well beloved Denes. What a pity.
SALAMANDER: Oh didn't I tell you, Denes is going to die. Mysteriously... an assassin... terrible.
FEDORIN: I can't do that! You can't ask me!
SALAMANDER: I think I can ask you to do anything I want.

(The ground starts to shake and eruptions can be heard. SALAMANDER now has to shout to make himself heard, as both men move out onto the terrace.)

SALAMANDER: My predictions are accurate! The entire Eperjes-Tokaj Ranges are in eruption! Fedorin, come and look. It's very pretty. The history of Hungary is about to be rewritten!


(We see footage of eruptions and volcanoes.)


(As the two men watch, BRUCE and two of his policemen stride onto the terrace.)

BRUCE: Salamander.
SALAMANDER: What are you doing here, Bruce?
BRUCE: I had a report there was trouble here, an attempt on your life.
SALAMANDER: It was nothing. Come and look.


(More eruptions as BRUCE watches.)


BRUCE: Terrible. Those poor people.

(There is shouting as DENES storms out onto the terrace.)

DENES: Salamander! What have you done?
SALAMANDER: I warned you!
DENES: You couldn't have known! You've done this somehow yourself!
SALAMANDER: The man is mad! Worse still he is incompetent! I warned this man that this zone was in danger of natural disaster and he did nothing! Issued no cautions to the public. You deliberately allowed your people to suffer and die! You're a traitor!

(Out of fury, DENES grabs SALAMANDER.)

DENES: You're a traitor! You contrived this for your own ends.
SALAMANDER: (Wrenching free and turning to BRUCE.) Bruce, I order you to arrest this man.
DENES: But this is nonsense. Fedorin, you were here. You know this is nonsense.
SALAMANDER: Denes you are too naive. At your trial, Fedorin will be the chief witness against you!

(DENES is angry, FEDORIN looks totally lost, BRUCE is puzzled with the whole thing, and SALAMANDER looks totally triumphant...)

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