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first broadcast - 28th October 1967


(VICTORIA comes face to face with the aged emaciated form of PADMASAMBHAVA.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: Come in, my child. You have no alternative. Do not be afraid.
VICTORIA: Are... are you?
PADMASAMBHAVA: I am Padmasambhava.
VICTORIA: I'm sorry to intrude. I know this room is meant to be private, but...
PADMASAMBHAVA: You need my help. Is that not so?
VICTORIA: Oh yes. Please, the Doctor...
PADMASAMBHAVA: (Holding up one hand.) One moment child.

(PADMASAMBHAVA stares straight ahead, but in his mind can see the courtyard.)

VICTORIA: What is it?
PADMASAMBHAVA: The courtyard is empty.
VICTORIA: Courtyard?
PADMASAMBHAVA: I must do what I am compelled to do.

(Reaching out over the model landscape, he picks up a miniature Yeti.)

VICTORIA: What's that?

(He holds it up in the air and VICTORIA looks at it.)


(With a mixture of amazement and horror VICTORIA recognises it for what it is.)

VICTORIA: It's one of those horrible creatures, a Yeti.
PADMASAMBHAVA: Indeed. But you have not seen it.

(He puts VICTORIA into a trance and places the Yeti model plus two others right inside the monastery.)


(Out on the mountainside, three Yeti lumber off in obedience, down the mountain.)


(Back in the crowded little cell, JAMIE's wondering why Victoria ran off from the monks.)

JAMIE: She must have had some reason, I mean why would she run off like that?
THOMNI: Her motives were not clear to me, Mr Jamie.
JAMIE: Oh headstrong, that's what she is.

(With a yell, TRAVERS regains consciousness.)

TRAVERS: No... no... no!
DOCTOR: All right, Travers, you're quite safe.
TRAVERS: Doctor?
TRAVERS: What happened? Oh, my head.
DOCTOR: Just relax, you're safe, in the monastery.
TRAVERS: Monastery?
DOCTOR: What happened? Where did you go to?
JAMIE: Was it the Yeti?
TRAVERS: No, no, not the Yeti. It was a... something else, it was a light. A blinding... white light and a noise... a piercing noise that went right through my head... I couldn't stand it... then I... I can't remember anymore.
THOMNI: You spoke of a pyramid.
TRAVERS: Pyramid?
THOMNI: Yes, at the gates when you returned.
TRAVERS: Pyramid? No, no. I left the monastery, then um... then... It's no use, my mind's a complete blank.
DOCTOR: You just rest.
DOCTOR: What is it?
THOMNI: We are taught that it is better to share a memory of fear.
TRAVERS: Evil. A feeling of evil. Like um... shadow on my mind.
TRAVERS: I felt as though I was going to drown.
JAMIE: But where did this happen?
TRAVERS: I... I don't know, I can't remember. Oh, I'm tired, so tired.
DOCTOR: You just rest, you'll feel better. Poor fellow he's completely exhausted.

(TRAVERS, exhausted, falls into a deep sleep.)

JAMIE: What does he mean a shadow...?
DOCTOR: Wait. We'll just let him sleep.
THOMNI: What could it be, this evil of which he speaks?

(A rumbling sound rocks into the cell.)

JAMIE: What was that?

(The Doctor starts fiddling again with his signal measuring device.)

SCREAMS: The Yeti! The Yeti!

(JAMIE rushes out of the cell and runs straight into KHRISONG and RINCHEN.)

JAMIE: Khrisong, what's happening?
KHRISONG: The yeti have broken in! You are safe here.

(KHRISONG rushes off leaving JAMIE with RINCHEN.)

JAMIE: But Victoria, where is she?
RINCHEN: Who can tell? But she will be found. She must be stopped.

(RINCHEN rushes off.)

JAMIE: Doctor, is there nothing we can do?


(KHRISONG rushes into the Hall.)

SONGSTEN: Khrisong
KHRISONG: Forgive me, Songsten, I have failed to defend the monastery.
SONGSTEN: Failed? No. This disaster was written. Man cannot alter his destiny.
KHRISONG: I should have obeyed you, my Abbot. My desire to fight these creatures was foolish, but I will defend you with my life.

(SAPAN comes rushing into the Hall.)

SAPAN: Abbot, I fear for Rinchen's safety.
SONGSTEN: Is he not here?
SAPAN: No. He would not seek safety. He is so sure that the girl is responsible.
KHRISONG: He is still searching for her?
SONGSTEN: Find her!
KHRISONG: If it is not too late.
RALPACHAN: The Yeti! They are turning back.
KHRISONG: Then you are safe for the moment. Ralpachan, come with me.

(The two Warrior Monks rush over to see if it is true that the Yeti are leaving.)


(RINCHEN is screaming out in the courtyard for VICTORIA to call off the monster Yetis.)

RINCHEN: Stop! Stop! She-devil, wherever you are, call off these monsters. Spare us!

(But the cries have drawn one of the remaining Yeti to him. Turning around he sees it with one giant claw raised.)

RINCHEN: Oh, no. Oh, no. Aaahhh!

(The MONK dies as the CLAW slashes down. The YETI walks off as KHRISONG and RALPACHAN burst in, responding to RINCHEN's screams.)

KHRISONG: He's dead.
RALPACHAN: The monastery of Detsen is accursed.


(With their work completed, the Yeti depart and head back to the mountains.)


(PADMASAMBHAVA muses over the recent attack.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: Now it is complete. Now the monks will leave. By nightfall the monastery will be emptied, the mountain yours. Will this then be your final command? Will you then be content?

(PADMASAMBHAVA hears the silent answer.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: I do not understand, but I will continue to serve.

(He turns to VICTORIA who is still standing in her trance.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: And now we must consider the problem of you and your friends. The Doctor is not easily frightened, like my poor monks. Therefore my child you will assist me. Together we will make sure that he leaves. Come closer. This is what you will do.


(THOMNI has now got a map of the Monastery and JAMIE has now got the DOCTOR's device.)

THOMNI: (Pointing to the map.) This is the courtyard and we are here, to the south.
DOCTOR: I see Thomni, so here lies north. What are those readings again, Jamie? Jamie, the readings?

(JAMIE was staring into space.)

JAMIE: What? What?
DOCTOR: The readings?
JAMIE: I'm sorry, I was thinking of Victoria.
DOCTOR: Yes I know, but there is nothing we can do about her.

(JAMIE checks the device.)

JAMIE: Two ninety-seven, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Two ninety-seven. Now that will give us a bearing roughly there.

(He marks the bearing on the map.)

THOMNI: Does your science help us, Doctor?
DOCTOR: No! We want another bearing, say, from there. And where those two cross, that'll be where the transmissions are coming from. But that won't tell us why.
DOCTOR: Yes, what is the purpose behind all this. That's what we have to find out, eh Jamie?

(TRAVERS wakes up and spots the DOCTOR.)

TRAVERS: Doctor?
DOCTOR: Are you feeling better?
TRAVERS: Better? What are we doing in here? What's happened?
DOCTOR: You had a spot of trouble on the mountain.
TRAVERS: Trouble?
JAMIE: Aye, with the Yeti no doubt.
TRAVERS: Funny, I don't remember. Sorry, I'm a bit confused.
JAMIE: Well you sounded it, with all that talk about...
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm... I'm sure it'll all come back to you in time.
TRAVERS: (Rubs his head.) Yes, with the headache I've got, no wonder I can't remember anything. I think I'll get a bit of fresh air.

(He moves to the cell door and tries to open it but it doesn't open.)

TRAVERS: Why is this door locked?


(The monks gather about their fallen brother.)

SONGSTEN: Do not blame yourself, Khrisong, death is inevitable. Sambhutar, Ghentan, take up our brother. We will take him with us on our journey. There will be a time to mourn our brother.
KHRISONG: Put to the test I ran and hid like a mountain rabbit. I'm not fit to be called a warrior. We must lead out our brothers before more of them are destroyed.
SONGSTEN: Gather what is needed, my brothers. Soon it will be the hour for meditation, then we must depart.
KHRISONG: What of the strangers, master Abbott?
SONGSTEN: They will be taken with us to a place of safety.
SAPAN: But the girl is lost.
SONGSTEN: Khrisong and his warriors will find her.
KHRISONG: And the Master? What of Padmasambhava?
SONGSTEN: His powers are great, he will remain.

(VICTORIA arrives, in a trance, carrying the holy ghanta.)

SONGSTEN: The holy ghanta.
KHRISONG: Child, how came you...?

(SAPAN realises where she had been to get the ghanta.)

SAPAN: Shh! She has entered the Sanctum.
KHRISONG: Then let me...
SONGSTEN: Silence. See she is about to speak.

(From her lips the voice of PADMASAMBHAVA speaks.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: This is a time of much danger.
SONGSTEN: Padmasambhava
PADMASAMBHAVA: I have chosen to speak to you myself through the lips of this maiden. She bears the holy ghanta. Bear it away to safe keeping. Treat this child with kindness. She and the strangers are innocent of any malice towards you. Their wish is but to help you against the Yeti. But in my wisdom I tell you there is no help. Detsen must be abandoned. When the wind destroys the nest, so the bird will build another.
SONGSTEN: But what of you Master.
PADMASAMBHAVA: Go, with my blessing.
SONGSTEN: But Master.
PADMASAMBHAVA: Do not question. I will remain here to the end.


SAPAN: Will a day come for our return to Detsen?
SONGSTEN: (Takes command.) Take her to rest. Ralpachan, release the strangers. Bid them make ready.

(A gong sounds.)

SONGSTEN: It is time for prayer. The last time at Detsen. Come, my brothers.

10. CELL

(RALPACHAN unlocks the cell door.)

RALPACHAN: You are released.
TRAVERS: I should jolly well think so! What the devil do you think you're up to!
RALPACHAN: You must prepare to leave with us.
TRAVERS: I shall have a short few words to say to the Abbot before I go anywhere.
JAMIE: Never mind about that! Have you found Victoria yet?
RALPACHAN: She is safe. Khrisong is with her.
JAMIE: (Very pleased.) Ah good.

(KHRISONG brings the lady in question.)

KHRISONG: Are you recovered? Child?
JAMIE: There you are, I've been worried sick. Where have you been? Victoria? What have you done to her? Doctor! Doctor, I think she's ill!
DOCTOR: Let me see.

(The second the DOCTOR speaks, VICTORIA responds.)

DOCTOR: Yes, Victoria.
VICTORIA: There is great danger. You must take me away! Take me away! Take me away!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes of course.
JAMIE: Victoria, what's happened? Tell us? What's the matter with her? Victoria, it's me, Jamie.

(VICTORIA says nothing and looks straight again.)

DOCTOR: How long has she been like this?

(VICTORIA speaks up again, this time a little bit louder and frantic.)

DOCTOR: Yes, Victoria.
VICTORIA: There is great danger. You must take me away! Take me away! Take me away!

(KHRISONG works out what all this means.)

KHRISONG: The child is still in a state of trance.
DOCTOR: Still! What do you mean?
KHRISONG: She spoke to us with the voice of the Master.
THOMNI: Then she did reach the holy sanctum.
JAMIE: What are you talking about?
THOMNI: She was certain that Padmasambhava would recognise the Doctor.
JAMIE: (Puzzled.) Recognise the Doctor?
THOMNI: Yes he has been here before.
DOCTOR: But that was three hundred years ago. It's the same man!
RALPACHAN: Khrisong, the Abbot Songsten wishes us to join our brothers in prayer.
KHRISONG: Very well. (Turning to the strangers.) You will prepare to leave. Get Mr Travers ready.
RALPACHAN: He is in the courtyard.
KHRISONG: Come, Thomni, to prayer.

(Both MONKS pause by the door.)

THOMNI: Khrisong, will you forgive me?
KHRISONG: We have both of us strayed from the path of obedience.
DOCTOR: Jamie, there is something I have to do.
JAMIE: Right. Hey why are we whispering?
DOCTOR: It's my voice. She reacts to my voice.
JAMIE: (Understanding.) Oh it's that hypnotism thing. Can you not do anything about it?
DOCTOR: Yes I can, but I need more information. Now, you wait here.
JAMIE: Where are you going?
DOCTOR: I'm going to see a very old friend.

(JAMIE sighs.)


(PADMASAMBHAVA is trapped in an argument with the Intelligence.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: Oh Intelligence. You promised to release me, yet still I feel your grasp upon this frail body. Why? What is happening? This was not your plan. But if you continue to expand.

(He realises what the Intelligence plan really is.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: I have brought the world to its end.

12. CAVE

(In the mountain cave the ooze gushing from the pyramid spreads further and further.)


(PADMASAMBHAVA spots the DOCTOR watching him from the doorway.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: Come in, Doctor. Good to look upon your face again? So many years...
DOCTOR: (Amazed.) Padmasambhava, so it's true.
PADMASAMBHAVA: I have been kept alive so many years, but now our time left is very very short. Listen carefully, perhaps you can...
DOCTOR: Kept alive? I don't understand.
PADMASAMBHAVA: I didn't know, I didn't realise...
DOCTOR: What? Try to tell me.
PADMASAMBHAVA: Intelligence... formless in space... I astral travelled...
DOCTOR: I see, you've made mental contact with this intelligence.
PADMASAMBHAVA: It used my mind... it controls my body...
DOCTOR: But why?
PADMASAMBHAVA: Experiment... Wished material form. Ah yes, it said... I believed... experiment... but now... help... you must help me.
DOCTOR: Yes, of course I will help you. But first you must tell me things. Why are the monks been driven away? What is the purpose of these robots, the Yeti? Where is their control? Padmasambhava? Padmasambhava?

(PADMASAMBHAVA'S body has gone limp, apparently dead. Sadly, the Doctor leaves the Inner Sanctum, not seeing PADMASAMBHAVA's body jerk back into life, its eyes glaring with the malevolence of the Great Intelligence as it once more regains control.)

14. CELL

(The DOCTOR joins his companions back in their old cell. VICTORIA is motionless. JAMIE is watching her with concern.)

JAMIE: I wish there was something I could do.

(JAMIE picks up a stool and throws it to the ground, just behind VICTORIA, with a loud crash. She does not react. The DOCTOR rushes over.)

DOCTOR: What on earth was that?
JAMIE: Oh, it was just an idea.

(However the DOCTOR's voice again triggers off VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: Doctor! There is great danger. You must take me away! Take me away! Take me away!
JAMIE: You've got to do something. Did you find out what you wanted to know?
DOCTOR: Not about Victoria, no. But I found some very interesting clues as to what's been happening.

(As usual, JAMIE natural concern for VICTORIA causes him to snap at the DOCTOR.)

JAMIE: Oh, never mind about that! It's Victoria you ought to be worrying about.
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, you're quite right. Victoria must come first. Trouble is I really need more information. However, I'll just have to take a chance. It may just be simple post hypnotic suggestion. On the other hand...
DOCTOR: It may be something worse.
JAMIE: What if it is?
DOCTOR: Well let's just hope it isn't. Victoria.

(VICTORIA, like a tape recorder, switched on again with the usual three sentences.)

VICTORIA: Doctor! There is great danger. You must take me away!
DOCTOR: Yes, Victoria.
VICTORIA: Take me away!

(The DOCTOR now tries to snap VICTORIA out of her trance.)

DOCTOR: Listen to me. You've been taken away. You're no longer in the monastery. You're safe in the TARDIS. Now do you understand. You're safe... in the TARDIS. Yes. Look at me. Look at my eyes. You're feeling tired, very sleepy. Drift away, let yourself drift away into sleep. Deeper... deeper... sleep... sleep... sleep... sleep.

(JAMIE's head droops as he falls off to sleep along with VICTORIA. The DOCTOR spots this.)

DOCTOR: Oh, not you Jamie!
JAMIE: (Snaps back to alertness.) Aye, what?
DOCTOR: So far so good.
JAMIE: Hey. I never knew you could do that sort of thing.
DOCTOR: No, neither did the person who hypnotised Victoria.
JAMIE: What now?
DOCTOR: Well, I'm tempted to ask her what happened, but I don't think I dare probe too deeply. The important thing is to get rid of this implanted fear. It's growing every minute.
JAMIE: What if you can't?
DOCTOR: We shall just have to do as she asks and take her away. If we don't...
DOCTOR: She'll go out of her mind.
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: Well, that's the object of the exercise, to get us away from the monastery. But I'm not beaten that easily.
JAMIE: Hey, you're taking an awful risk!
DOCTOR: I know what I'm doing, Jamie.

(He turns back to VICTORIA.)

DOCTOR: Victoria. Now, Victoria, you can hear my voice, can't you?
VICTORIA: (Softly.) Yes.
DOCTOR: Oh, good. Now I'm going to take you a little way back in the past, Victoria. You are in the cell with Thomni. Do you understand?
DOCTOR: Good. Now you're going to forget everything after that. You went to sleep. Is that clear?
DOCTOR: Good. Jamie and I have come back to the monastery and you are in the meeting room with us. You're feeling happy, but a little tired. Do you understand?
DOCTOR: Good. Now when I count three, you're going to wake up. One... two... three.

(VICTORIA's head jumps up again and VICTORIA returns to her normal self.)

VICTORIA: Oh, ooh. Ooh dear, I must have dropped off.
DOCTOR: (Pleased.) Yes, I believe you did. I've got work to do.

(He leaves and VICTORIA spots JAMIE grinning in relief at her.)

VICTORIA: What are you grinning at?


(His work done with VICTORIA, the DOCTOR goes off towards the gates and meets up with TRAVERS.)

DOCTOR: Travers! Travers!
TRAVERS: Yes, Doctor.
DOCTOR: How are you feeling?
TRAVERS: Oh, much better thanks. Look, I've been taking a look up the mountain. Those robots are still there. They're just standing, not moving. I don't like it!
DOCTOR: Yes, I think things are coming to a head.
TRAVERS: What are they up to? What are they waiting for?
DOCTOR: Instructions! Travers, can you remember any more of what happened to you on the mountain?
TRAVERS: I'm afraid not, my mind's a complete blank.
DOCTOR: Are you prepared to risk it again?
TRAVERS: I thought we're supposed to clear out.
DOCTOR: Yes well, the monks are, but I want to get back up the mountain. One more bearing and I shall know where the control centre is.
TRAVERS: I see, you want me to help you.
DOCTOR: Yes, if you will.
TRAVERS: What about your young friends?
DOCTOR: Well they're leaving with the monks, but I want to get out of here before anyone sees us. Will you help?
TRAVERS: All right, I'm on.
DOCTOR: Oh, good, come on.

(They both move off.)


(They move up the mountain towards three immobile Yeti, stopping just short of them.)

DOCTOR: What's the matter?
TRAVERS: I don't know. I've got a feeling I've done this before. Now, what do you want me to do?
DOCTOR: I want you to stay here and take some readings. Those Yeti are not transmitting. I'm going over there to stir things up a bit.
TRAVERS: I don't understand that thing, you'd better let me go.
DOCTOR: Oh no, it's far too dangerous. I can't ask you to take that sort of risk.
TRAVERS: Rot, I can take care of myself. Now, wish me luck.
DOCTOR: (Reading the instruments.) No wait!

17. CAVE

(The Intelligence has grown to already cover the tunnel floor, and is expanding faster and faster.)


(The DOCTOR is still checking the instruments.)

DOCTOR: That's odd.
TRAVERS: You got your readings? Because if you've got the reading...

(The DOCTOR looks very worried.)

TRAVERS: What's up?

(The DOCTOR is too worried to answer.)


(All of the Monks are ready to leave.)

KHRISONG: Is there any sign?
RALPACHAN: No, every room is empty.
THOMNI: Mr. Travers and the Doctor are nowhere to be found.
KHRISONG: It's as you wished. The monastery is deserted.
SONGSTEN: This is well. I will ask a final blessing of our Master, Padmasambhava, then we will depart.

(This triggers something off in VICTORIA.)

VICTORIA: Padmasambhava.
JAMIE: Try not to think about it.

(The DOCTOR and TRAVERS arrive back at the gates.)

JAMIE: Doctor!
VICTORIA: I think.
DOCTOR: Khrisong, I have found the control.
KHRISONG: It is too late, Doctor, I can no longer help you.
DOCTOR: But you don't understand! It's here! In the monastery.
TRAVERS: What? That's impossible!
SAPAN: But the monastery is empty, we are all here.
DOCTOR: Are we? Are we all here?
THOMNI [or KHRISONG ?]: The Master!
SAPAN: Songsten is with him!
KHRISONG: Then he is in great danger! Stay where you are. All of you.

(KHRISONG rushes off. TRAVERS is suddenly able to remember everything that happened to him.)

TRAVERS: I remember. Songsten, the Yeti, on the mountain. Yes, yes, it's all coming back to me.
JAMIE: Tell us.
TRAVERS: There was this cave...

20. CAVE

(And in that cave, the Intelligence has grown to cover the entire floor, and is expanding faster and faster...)

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