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first broadcast - 21st October 1967


(THOMNI, searching frantically for VICTORIA who's given him the slip, suddenly hears screaming coming from the Great Hall. When he gets there he finds that the "dead" Yeti is now very much alive and free from its various chains and ghost traps.)

VICTORIA: Oh no! Thomni! Help, Thomni!
THOMNI: Run, Miss Victoria, run! Fetch Khrisong.

(VICTORIA runs off to get help while THOMNI tries to hold the creature off...)


(VICTORIA runs straight into SAPAN.)

VICTORIA: The Yeti! The Yeti! Fetch help! Where's Khrisong?
SAPAN: But where is Thomni? What has happened?
VICTORIA: He's in there. He's coming, now hurry!

(They both run off towards the courtyard.)


(THOMNI tries to stop the Yeti, but to no avail, the Yeti seeming hardly interested in THOMNI's futile attacks. It lumbers off towards the courtyard...)


(...where Khrisong and a couple of warrior monks are... but by sheer chance VICTORIA and SAPAN get there first.)

SAPAN: Khrisong, the Yeti, it is alive!
VICTORIA: It's true Khrisong! Quick, it's coming, do something!

(A fight starts.)

KHRISONG: Get back! Get back! Ralpachan, help him! Get him! Get up! We can't stop it! Get a net! We must destroy it!

(The monks, however, have little chance against the Yeti and seeing this, through all of the shouting, VICTORIA urges THOMNI to open the gates to let it out. KHRISONG orders Thomni not to do so but THOMNI disobeys and the monster is allowed to escape.)


(Halfway up the mountain JAMIE and the DOCTOR, on their way back to the TARDIS, stop for a breather.)

JAMIE: What's the matter, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm just taking a breather, that's all.
JAMIE: You've heard something?
DOCTOR: No, no, nothing.
JAMIE: Well come on then!
DOCTOR: Listen.
JAMIE: Nothing.
DOCTOR: Yes, that's what's worrying me. It's too quite. We've not seen a sign of the Yeti since we left those three back there.
JAMIE: Aye, well lets just be grateful and get to the TARDIS.
DOCTOR: I don't like it. There's something happening on this mountain. I can feel it.
JAMIE: Hey, you're giving me the willies. Come on.

(And they both walk on...)


(Further up, by the cave which JAMIE and VICTORIA had visited earlier, TRAVERS crouches in hiding, waiting for what he hopes will be a real Yeti returning to its lair. Two Yeti do arrive: the ones that attacked KHRISONG by the gate. One of them holds the recovered sphere in its giant paw. They enter the cave to deposit the sphere, then stride off back down the mountain, watched by TRAVERS the whole time...)


(Finally, JAMIE and the DOCTOR reach the site where the TARDIS landed...)

JAMIE: Look, Doctor!

(...only to find that a Yeti is standing guard outside it.)

DOCTOR: Thought we'd been too lucky.
JAMIE: What now?
DOCTOR: I don't know. We've got to get to the TARDIS somehow.
JAMIE: Aye, well you can't frighten one of those things away.
JAMIE: I wonder what he's waiting for?
JAMIE: Well he couldn't have known we were coming.
DOCTOR: It's a robot, Jamie. It merely follows instructions.
JAMIE: Who's giving them?
DOCTOR: That we shall have to find out, won't we?

(He starts to move forward but JAMIE pulls him down.)

JAMIE: Get down, Doctor!


(PADMASAMBHAVA is in a trance...)

PADMASAMBHAVA: Oh, Great Intelligence, have I served you well? After so many years, can I feel the grip of your power loosen? How long before your great experiment begins and I can rest?

(He is told.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: So soon? I am not sorry. What of the others?

(Again he is told.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: It will be done. Songsten is making final preparations.


(SONGSTEN, with his escort of three Yeti, reaches the cave where TRAVERS is still observing secretly from behind a rock. TRAVERS is amazed to see the Abbot, trance like, carrying a glowing pyramid, enter the cave with Yeti in attendance. Soon after, they all emerge and start off back down the mountain towards the monastery.)


(The DOCTOR, thinking of an idea of getting inside the TARDIS, comes up with a plan.)

JAMIE: Have you thought up some clever plan, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, Jamie, I believe I have.
JAMIE: What are you going to do?
DOCTOR: Bung a rock at it.
JAMIE: Oh be serious, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Jamie, I am.
JAMIE: Hey no, Doctor!

(The DOCTOR bungs a rock at it, and the Yeti does not react.)

DOCTOR: There you are, you see? Just as I thought. It can't see and it can't feel. Come on.

(The two move up to the TARDIS door, JAMIE keeping a eye on the Yeti for any signs of life.)

JAMIE: Don't be daft, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Well it's quite all right, Jamie. It's like those three back there, it's either switched off or not receiving. Come along.
JAMIE: Are you sure it's quite safe?
DOCTOR: Well quite frankly no, Jamie. But there's only one way of finding out.

(The DOCTOR starts to look inside the creature's centre for its flap.)

JAMIE: Don't, Doctor, you might switch it on.
DOCTOR: No I don't think so, Jamie. There, just as I thought. Now then.

(He gets the flap open.)

DOCTOR: Now, Jamie, will you hold this flap open for me please. Thank you.

(He starts to take the control unit from its chest with a screwdriver.)

JAMIE: Hey you're taking an awful risk, Doctor.

(The DOCTOR brings out the Yeti's sphere.)

DOCTOR: Well I'm glad that's over. Catch!

(He throws it at JAMIE who catches it.)

JAMIE: Hey I just thought of something, Doctor. The man that made these robots is very clever, right?
JAMIE: And yet we were able to walk right up to it and put it out of action just like that!
DOCTOR: You mean why didn't they build in some sort of protective device?
DOCTOR: Well perhaps they didn't think it was necessary. I mean look at him. Would you walk up to a creature like that with just a screwdriver in your hand?
JAMIE: No I would not.
DOCTOR: No there you are. I'm really rather pleased with myself.

(And the DOCTOR enters the police box, while JAMIE looks on guard.)

11. CAVE

(Finally plucking up courage, TRAVERS enters the cave... Inside, SONGSTEN has rearranged the spheres into an intricate pattern with the pyramid at its centre. The whole construction gives out a sickly glow and an eerie, alien, hum. As TRAVERS watches in dreadful fascination, the pyramid cracks open and a viscous sludge bubbles out and starts to spread around the cave floor. It seethes, it oozes, it reaches out towards the explorer and it looks very much alive. Half crazed by fear, TRAVERS screams...)


(...and runs out into the wilderness.)


JAMIE: Have you not found it yet?
DOCTOR: Yes, Jamie. Sorry, I'm just coming.

(The DOCTOR finally emerges with a signal tracing device which he intends to use on the Yeti's control units. As if on cue, the sphere in JAMIE's hand begins to give off a loud beep and, alarmingly, to force itself towards the Yeti it was taken from.)

JAMIE: Hey Doctor! Look!
DOCTOR: Ah, splendid! Splendid, it's sending out signal. That's just what we wanted.
JAMIE: Hey Doctor, you'll have to help me, I'll let go!
DOCTOR: Oh no, you mustn't do that. Jamie, no!
JAMIE: It's no use, I'll have to let go.
DOCTOR: Whatever happens, you mustn't let go Jamie!
JAMIE: It's no use, Doctor!

(Panic ensues as the DOCTOR intercepts the sphere with his body; it wrenches itself away from JAMIE's grasp and thuds into the DOCTOR's chest, leaving the DOCTOR a bit out of breath.)

DOCTOR: Jamie get a rock!
JAMIE: What?
DOCTOR: A rock! Put it in the hole in its chest!

(...when this has been done the sphere goes dormant once again and it stops trying to push down on the DOCTOR's chest.)

JAMIE: You all right, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm all right. Just a bit puffed, that's all. Jamie, these things are programmed to return to their Yetis! That one that disappeared in the monastery! That wasn't taken!
JAMIE: It moved itself! It could have got to the Yeti! The one we captured. Come on!

(The DOCTOR locks the TARDIS doors and they both run off back down the path.)

13. HALL

(Having recovered from the Yeti's attack, KHRISONG whirls round in anger to THOMNI.)

KHRISONG: You deliberately disobeyed my orders!
THOMNI: It was the only sensible thing to do...
KHRISONG: Be silent! If you had not opened the gate the creature would not have escaped.
VICTORIA: Khrisong, you know we couldn't stop it. You'd have been killed! Anyway it was my idea to open the gates.

(RINCHEN decides to question the girl.)

RINCHEN: Was it? Was it also your idea to breath life into the Yeti?
VICTORIA: What do you mean?
RINCHEN: Were you not with the creature when it came to life?
VICTORIA: Yes, but...
SAPAN: You think that she was...
RINCHEN: Who else could have done this?
THOMNI: Oh, this is foolish!
KHRISONG: Continue, Rinchen.
RINCHEN: The creature was here, dead. What reason had you to enter this room?
VICTORIA: I was hiding.
RINCHEN: Hiding? Why? For what purpose?

(VICTORIA looks a little subdued.)


(THOMNI tries to come to her rescue.)

THOMNI: She means no harm...
KHRISONG: Be silent!
RINCHEN: Your young warrior seems too anxious to protect this stranger. What are they plotting, these two?
THOMNI: No! You do not understand!
RINCHEN: Where is your authority, Khrisong, that your warriors forget their allegiance?

(This makes KHRISONG furious and he turns to four warrior monks.)

KHRISONG: Lock them up!

(And THOMNI and VICTORIA are dragged away.)


(Halfway back to Detsen, the sphere in JAMIE's hand begins to beep again.)

JAMIE: Hey Doctor!
DOCTOR: What is it?
JAMIE: It's started again! The signal's started.

(The DOCTOR checks his device...)

DOCTOR: No! No that's another sort of signal.


(Further down the mountain, the three Yeti with SONGSTEN pause, as if listening, then turn around and start moving back up, leaving the Abbot to continue his return journey alone.)


(The DOCTOR is getting excited.)

DOCTOR: Jamie, I've just picked up another signal!
JAMIE: Oh, Doctor, let's get to the monastery. You said you do all your tracking from there.
DOCTOR: Jamie, you don't seem to understand.
JAMIE: Oh don't I though! While you're fiddling with that thing, this sphere is calling up all the Yeti in creation.
DOCTOR: What a perfect opportunity to trace the main transmitter.
JAMIE: A perfect opportunity to get ourselves killed.

(As if to confirm his fears, the three Yeti arrive from below, blocking their progress further, two others arrive behind them, blocking their retreat.)

17. CELL

(VICTORIA, meanwhile, is locked in the DOCTOR's old cell with THOMNI.)

VICTORIA: I wish the Doctor would come back.

(THOMNI wonders about this and decides to ask VICTORIA about the DOCTOR.)

THOMNI: This... a... Doctor, is he your guardian?
VICTORIA: I suppose he is in a way.
THOMNI: He is a good man?
VICTORIA: I think so.
THOMNI: Tell me, Miss Victoria, how did he come by our holy bell?
VICTORIA: I don't really know. Why?
THOMNI: It disappeared three hundred years ago.
VICTORIA: Oh stolen, you mean?
THOMNI: No it was given to a stranger, for safe keeping during a time of trouble. It was never returned.
VICTORIA: A stranger? Of course, the Doctor. They're one and the same man.
THOMNI: But three hundred years?
VICTORIA: Oh dear. Well I know this sounds silly, but the Doctor can travel through time and space. He has a machine you see and... and well... I don't really understand it myself. It's rather difficult to explain.

(However, the young monk takes all of this in his stride.)

THOMNI: There is no need, I understand perfectly.
THOMNI: Yes. You see, it is said that our Master, Padmasambhava, can free himself from his earthly body and travel great distances.
THOMNI: This can only be obtained after many years of strict discipline and self training.
VICTORIA: You mean... You mean that you might be able to do that sort of thing?
THOMNI: Perhaps, one day.


(Back in the courtyard, KHRISONG meets up with SAPAN and RINCHEN.)

KHRISONG: Rinchen, where is Songsten?
RINCHEN: No one has seen him for many hours. He will be with Padmasambhava.
KHRISONG: Padmasambhava.
SAPAN: To seek guidance.
KHRISONG: (Snaps.) Or is it to escape his responsibilities?
SAPAN: Khrisong, you should not say such things.
KHRISONG: Why not? Has anyone seen Padmasambhava? (Turns to the guard.) Ralpachan! Inform me when the Doctor returns!

(He storms off...)

SAPAN: Khrisong would be wise not to voice such thoughts.
RINCHEN: Perhaps, but brave men are impatient. And he is no fool.

(They both move off and there is a knock at the Gate. Ralpachan opens the gate to admit SONGSTEN who again puts the guard into a trance.)

SONGSTEN: Sleep, Ralpachan. You have not seen me. You have not opened the gate. No one has entered. When I leave the courtyard you will not know that you have slept.

(He closes the gate, moves off and the guard then wakes up and is alert again.)


(SONGSTEN, a little later, reports to his masters - the Great Intelligence and PADMASAMBHAVA.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: You have done well, Songsten. Already the Great Intelligence begins to take on material form. But it demands more. It must expand.

(The hiss voice comes....)

SONGSTEN: Leave the monastery, Master. I understand. And the strangers?
PADMASAMBHAVA: The strangers, oh yes. I will tell you how to deal with them... if they return.


(JAMIE and the DOCTOR are near to the Monastery, but the Yeti are guarding the way...)

JAMIE: (Meaning the sphere.) I wish this thing would keep quiet.
DOCTOR: Not much further. Well, we were expecting it.
JAMIE: Now what do we do? Trapped!
DOCTOR: Jamie, it thinks we are. Give me the box.
JAMIE: What now?
DOCTOR: Follow me slowly. Jamie, when I say run, run. Run like the wind. Don't worry about me.
JAMIE: Doctor...
DOCTOR: Now, Jamie, please. No heroics, Jamie.
JAMIE: But surely, Doctor...
DOCTOR: Now Jamie! Run! Run! I know what I'm doing - I hope!

(He allows the three from below to get close and then rolls the sphere back up the path towards the other two. The three Yeti ignore the travellers and follow the signal from the sphere instead.)

DOCTOR: It worked!

21. CELL

(VICTORIA has been trying to plan her escape.)

THOMNI: It's no use, Miss Victoria. Even if Padmasambhava would consent to see us, we can't get out.
VICTORIA: Can't? We haven't even tried.

(RAPALCHAN arrives with some food for them.)

THOMNI: Thank you, Ralpachan.
RALPACHAN: I am sorry about this, Thomni.
VICTORIA: Oh, good. I am thirsty.

(She drinks some water.)

VICTORIA: Urgh! A funny taste. Oh, Ralpachan, has the Doctor... oah!
THOMNI: Miss Victoria, what is it?
VICTORIA: No, no, no don't touch it. The drink. No... oah!

(She collapses on the bed in pain.)

RALPACHAN: I will fetch some water. Stay close to her, Thomni.
THOMNI: Miss Victoria.

(RAPALCHAN runs off to get help. Then, when THOMNI's back is turned, she slips out of the cell and locks it, with THOMNI still in it, behind her.)

THOMNI: Miss Victoria!
VICTORIA: I'm sorry, Thomni.
THOMNI: Miss Victoria!

22. HALL

(The Monks are hearing the latest news...)

SONGSTEN: And in his wisdom our Master, Padmasambhava, has given me his guidance. We must all leave the monastery. It is impossible for us to defeat the Yeti.

(KHRISONG is not happy with this.)

KHRISONG: But there may be a way. The Doctor...
SONGSTEN: No my son, they are invincible. They will destroy us all. Therefore in order to avoid further bloodshed it has been decided...

(A Monk arrives and whispers into KHRISONG ear.)

KHRISONG: Songsten, I have just been informed that the Doctor has returned. He brings with him equipment which will help us to defeat these monsters!
SONGSTEN: Khrisong, the Master...
KHRISONG: The Master? My apologies, Abbot. I have felt the strength of these Yeti, but still I will not meekly turn away. I mean to fight!

(KHRISONG exits.)

SONGSTEN: Brothers, Khrisong thinks only of our safety, we know, but in this matter he has been led astray. He has forgotten his vow of obedience. In due time he will realise his...

(RAPALCHAN comes rushing into the room.)

RAPALCHAN: Master Abbot, the girl has escaped. She tricked us by feigning sickness.
RINCHEN: She is a devil women!
SAPAN: She must be found.
SONGSTEN: Find her, my brothers!

(The Monks start to move out in search of VICTORIA.)


(The DOCTOR and JAMIE have been brought up to date with the latest news... the DOCTOR and JAMIE are caught in the general confusion, some monks supporting KHRISONG, some SONGSTEN.)

KHRISONG: We had no defence against it, yet it just walked through the gates. Doctor, we must act quickly or the Abbot will prevent us.
JAMIE: Yes, but is Victoria all right?
KHRISONG: I did as you asked, she is locked up. Is this your equipment?

(There is a knock on the Gate and KHRISONG raises his stick as he motions the DOCTOR and JAMIE aside.)

KHRISONG: Stand aside!

(It's a dishevelled TRAVERS.)

JAMIE: Travers!
TRAVERS: Thank heavens! Doctor... up there... the pyramid.
JAMIE: Well what's he saying?
DOCTOR: Shh! Go on.
TRAVERS: The pyramid... it's a...

(However... RINCHEN spots the new arrivals and comes rushing over.)

RINCHEN: Seize them! Seize the strangers! Khrisong, the girl has escaped. She is a devil woman!
JAMIE: Victoria! Hey what's happened?
RINCHEN: Take these people to...
KHRISONG: No! These people can help us. Besides this man is ill. I cannot allow it!

(SONGSTEN comes over.)

SONGSTEN: Khrisong, you will obey. Take them.
JAMIE: No, but...
DOCTOR: Where is Victoria?
JAMIE: ...Doctor, what did he mean 'a devil woman'?
DOCTOR: What is this about Victoria? Where are you taking us?

(But the DOCTOR, JAMIE and TRAVERS are dragged away.)

KHRISONG: I cannot allow this!
SONGSTEN: You cannot allow? These are the orders of our Master, you must obey.
KHRISONG: But these people can help us!
SONGSTEN: The Master tells us that there is no help against the Yeti. He tells us to leave.
KHRISONG: We will not leave!
SONGSTEN: Khrisong, do not defy me. Find the girl. Instruct your warriors. Go after them Sapan.

(He enters into a trance.)

SONGSTEN: Advise me Padmasambhava. Khrisong turns his warriors away from the path of obedience

(The master's voice comes from thin air...)

PADMASAMBHAVA: I hear, Songsten, and I understand. Well if they will not be lead, then they must be driven from the monastery. This is what you must do.
SONGSTEN: I understand, Master.

(He goes to the gate and turns to the sentry, the only other monk left in the courtyard.)

SONGSTEN: Help them search for the girl. Go quickly!

(Then the Abbot opens the gates wide - leaving the monastery defenceless...)


(Meanwhile, VICTORIA has reached the Anteroom again. PADMASAMBHAVA's voice calls out to her:)

PADMASAMBHAVA: (OOV.) Come in, my child, Come in...

(VICTORIA feels forced to obey as the great bronze doors swing open.)

PADMASAMBHAVA: ...You have no alternative.

(Step by step, VICTORIA slowly moves, as in a trance, into the Inner Sanctum and the doors close behind her...)

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