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first broadcast - 4th March 1967
running time - 23mins 28secs


(A group of CYBERMEN are marching towards the base. The lead CYBERMAN beckons them on.)


(HOBSON walks over to the telescope by the gravitron probe. The DOCTOR follows.)

DOCTOR: They can't just march in here can they?
HOBSON: Not now we've discovered how they got in.
DOCTOR: Oh yes. They tunnelled into the store room.

(JAMIE rushes over.)

JAMIE: Doctor, Mr Hobson, come quickly.
HOBSON: What is it?

(HOBSON and the DOCTOR follow Jamie to the communications console. It starts to receive a message.)

CYBERMAN: (Over radio) Moonbase. Moonbase.
NILS: They've got our wavelength. We hear you.
CYBERMAN: You are surrounded. All resistance is useless. You must open the entry port.
HOBSON: Let me.

(HOBSON walks over to the microphone.)

HOBSON: You're wasting your time. We've discovered your passageway and blocked it. You cannot enter now.
CYBERMAN: Resistance is usele...

(HOBSON turns the radio off.)

POLLY: Can they get in?
HOBSON: I don't know and I'm not stopping to find out. Get me Earth as quick as you can.
NILS: Right.

(NILS activates the radio.)

NILS: Weather control moon calling Earth. Come in please.

(There is a burst of static. Everybody groans at the noise.)

JAMIE: What's that?
HOBSON: Switch that...
POLLY: Ohh... ohh... terrible noise.
BEN: Wasn't like that before.
HOBSON: We'll never hear anything through that if they're jamming it.
BENOIT: Perhaps or... or could it be...
HOBSON: The aerial! They're having a go at the aerial.

(HOBSON goes to leave.)

BENOIT: Where are you going?
BENOIT: You're crazy. They'd get you in a flash!
HOBSON: Well someone's got to go.
DOCTOR: It's too late. Come and see.

(HOBSON follows the DOCTOR to the telescope. HOBSON looks through it and sees two CYBERMEN wreck the aerial.)

HOBSON: They get us every way, these creatures.

(HOBSON walks away.)

DOCTOR: I refuse to believe that.

(The DOCTOR looks through the telescope.)

DOCTOR: Everything's got a weak point. It's just a question of waiting until it shows up, that's all.

(BENOIT is talking to HOBSON, NILS, BEN and POLLY in the main part of the room.)

BENOIT: They're bound to send a relief rocket within 12 hours. If no signals are received from us.
BEN: A lot of good that is.
NILS: Well with all the trouble we've been giving them I'd say it's certain the rocket is on its way. Sent off hours ago. Rinberg's very quick off the trigger. Right Hobby?
HOBSON: I'm sure of it. There's a replacement for me aboard, no doubt.
POLLY: But that's wonderful!
HOBSON: Thanks very much.
POLLY: Oh! No, what I mean is what are we all worrying about? The Cybermen can't get in and help is on its way.
BEN: Ahh, it all sounds too easy for my liking.
HOBSON: Get the scanner lined up on the flight path between moon and Earth. Let me know the moment you spot anything.
NILS: Right.
HOBSON: All we have to do, Doctor, is to hold on here.

(HOBSON walks towards the gravitron probe.)

DOCTOR: Yes, that's all. It doesn't depend on us though.
BEN: What do you mean?
DOCTOR: Depends on what the Cybermen are hatching up. If the rocket is on it's way, they're bound to be aware of that already.


(A Cyberman saucer is on the surface of the moon.)


(A CYBERMAN operates some controls and a radio comes on. He listens to the CYBERMAN speaking over the radio.)

CYBERMAN: (Over radio) Emergency. Emergency. There is a spaceship approaching from Earth. It will arrive on the lunar surface in 15 minutes. Immediate offensive action must be taken.


(A CYBERMAN operates its communicator.)

CYBERMAN 1: They have blocked up our way into the base. Another method to gain entry will be tried.


(The CYBERMAN inside is issuing orders to the CYBERMAN who is talking to him.)

CYBERMAN 2: The machine from Earth must first be destroyed. There are 14 minutes left.
CYBERMAN 1: (Over radio) Understood.


(The CYBERMAN who has just been given orders turns to two other CYBERMEN.)

CYBERMAN 1: Transmit control signal.

(A second CYBERMAN operates a device it is carrying which emits a high pitched sound.)


(A light above the beds flashes. One of the patients, DR EVANS, sits up on his bed. He is in a trance. EVANS picks up the metal control cap and puts it on his head. He rises from the bed and walks towards SAM, who is on duty. EVANS approaches SAM from behind. SAM moves and EVANS walks away to pick something up. EVANS walks back over to SAM and hits him over the head with a heavy object. There is a sickening crunch and SAM falls to the floor.)


(The first CYBERMAN takes the control device and speaks into it.)

CYBERMAN 1: You will listen to me and follow my instructions.


(BENOIT and NILS are by the communications console.)

BENOIT: Switch on again.
NILS: Without an aerial?
BENOIT: We can pick up local signals.
NILS: Local? Oh I see, the Cybermen.
BENOIT: If they have any more words of cheer for us we might as well hear them.
NILS: Right.

(NILS activates the radio.)


(EVANS picks up a gun from a chair. He holds it.)

CYBERMAN 1: (Through control cap.) Those are your orders.

(EVANS turns slowly around and starts to walk somewhere.)


(BEN is sitting at a console. BENOIT is telling him what to do and JAMIE is watching.)

BENOIT: That is correct. But watch the digital counter.
BEN: Right.

(HOBSON walks towards them.)

HOBSON: How's he shaping?
BENOIT: Not bad for a beginner, I suppose. But it will take a long time yet.
HOBSON: Well, at least the gravitron's stable at the moment.

(HOBSON looks into the gravitron control room.)

HOBSON: I don't know how they can take it for long in that room.
BENOIT: How's Benson standing up to it?
HOBSON: Yes, he's...
BENOIT: He's been on for 6 hours on the trot.

(BENSON is operating controls in the gravitron control room.)

HOBSON: He says he'll be all right for the time being.
BENOIT: Yes I know but should he be on it alone?
HOBSON: Who... who else have we got? You're the only other operator who could replace him and you're needed right here.
BENOIT: Well that's a bit tough on him isn't it?
HOBSON: I know Roget. It's tough on all of us but the lives of millions of people depend on this weather control unit.

(POLLY enters the control area carrying a tray with drinks on it.)

POLLY: Here we are. I've brought us all some coffee to keep us awake.
BEN: Huh, without sugar this time I hope!
POLLY: Of course, don't remind me.

(POLLY passes coffee to everybody.)

HOBSON: Take some coffee to the Doctor, he's in the dome.
POLLY: Right.
HOBSON: (HOBSON passes BEN some coffee) Ben... aah!

(HOBSON sips some coffee. POLLY walks over to the dome and gives the DOCTOR his coffee. EVANS is standing unnoticed by the entrance to the gravitron control room. EVANS enters and hits BENSON from behind. BENSON collapses to the floor and EVANS takes the protective cap off of him.)

CYBERMAN: (Over control device) You will now change field co-ordinates as instructed.

(EVANS puts the cap on and sits at the controls. Outside in the control area BEN turns towards the DOCTOR and POLLY.)

BEN: Doctor!

(The DOCTOR and POLLY walk over to BEN.)

BEN: They've spotted it on the scanner!
BEN: The relief ship!
POLLY: Ben, where?
BEN: Over here.

(BEN walks to the consoles.)

DOCTOR: Let's see.
NILS: No doubt about it. I told you they would be on their way.
POLLY: That's a spaceship?

(POLLY looks at the scanner.)

BEN: No, that's the scanner!
DOCTOR: It's not far off.

(A blip representing the rocket is moving on the scanner.)

HOBSON: Far off? It's coming in now off parking orbit. It'll be down in six minutes.
POLLY: Well don't you think you ought to warn them?
BEN: Yeah, the Cybermen will be waiting for 'em.
HOBSON: Don't worry, they've got their own warning system and weapons. They'll blast the Cybermen and their spaceship to kingdom come in about four minutes from now.

(On the scanner the blip moves towards the centre of the screen.)

POLLY: Come on, come on! It seems to move so slowly.

(The blip moves way past the centre of the screen and towards the top right at an accelerated speed.)

BENOIT: What are they doing?
JAMIE: Looks like they've changed direction.
HOBSON: They've changed into an escape orbit. Follow it.

(NILS moves the scanner.)

NILS: But... it's going too fast. I... I can't keep up with it!

(The blip has disappeared from the scanner.)

HOBSON: Well keep trying!
NILS: I can't hold it! It's accelerating too fast!

(The scanner screen flashes white.)

BENOIT: Look out man! You're on the sun.
NILS: But that's where it's heading!
BENOIT: The acceleration it's... it's gigantic!
HOBSON: Get RT contact with the ship.
NILS: No good sir. The Doppler effect. It's going too fast.
BENOIT: It's had it I'm afraid.
HOBSON: The sun...
POLLY: Will somebody please tell us what it all means?
BENOIT: The rocket has been deflected towards the sun. Nothing can save them now.
POLLY: Save them? What are you talking about?
BENOIT: From plunging into the sun.
BEN: But the sun's millions of miles away!
BENOIT: Once they get into the sun's gravity belt they can't change course. It may take a week but they'll end up there just the same.
HOBSON: What on earth could have caused it?
BENOIT: The rocket was deflected of course but why and how?
DOCTOR: Deflected? Yes, of course. The gravitron!
HOBSON: Have the Cybermen got a gravity weapon do you think?
DOCTOR: No, they haven't but we have.
HOBSON: You're not suggesting that...
DOCTOR: There's only one way that rocket could have been deflected into the sun. From this very room!
BENOIT: I see what you mean!
HOBSON: Of course, the gravitron! Benson, he must...
BENOIT: I told you he'd been on duty too long.
DOCTOR: If it is Benson.

(HOBSON and BENOIT walk towards the gravitron control room and look through the window. EVANS turns to face them.)

HOBSON: It's Evans!

(HOBSON walks to the door.)

BEN: But he was in the medical room!
DOCTOR: They must have got control of them again.
BEN: And the other men in there?
DOCTOR: They may not be affected yet. Get along to the medical room. Barricade the door with everything you can find. Keep them in there at all costs!
JAMIE: Right.

(BEN and JAMIE leave.)


(The light above the bed flashes and a high pitched noise starts. All the men who are affected by the neurotrope disease put the control caps on, get off the beds and walk towards the door.)


(JAMIE and BEN walk towards the sick bay door.)

JAMIE: Well that's all right. We haven't passed any of them.
BEN: Well maybe it's only Evans who's been reactivated.
JAMIE: Aye. We'd better keep watch just here.

(BEN walks to the door and looks at it.)

BEN: We could stick that thing against the door

(BEN indicates a table).

JAMIE: It won't hold them for long I'm thinking.
BEN: They're not Cybermen mate, they're just flesh and blood like us. Come on, get hold of the other end.

(JAMIE and BEN move away from the door to pick up the table. As they move the table towards the door the door opens. Jamie drops his end of the table in shock. BEN has his back to the door and hasn't seen this.)

BEN: Hey!
JAMIE: Behind you!

(One of the men starts to walk through the door.)

BEN: Quick! Ram him!

(They pick up the table and smash it into the man. The man groans and is thrown backwards into the sick bay.)

BEN: Press the locking button.

(JAMIE presses it.)

JAMIE: It won't hold them for long, will it?
BEN: No. Look, get those chairs and we'll block 'em in.

(JAMIE and BEN move away to pick up the chairs. As they do, one of the men starts to lever open the door with a piece of metal.)


(HOBSON is attempting to talk to EVANS over a speaker system.)

HOBSON: Evans, can you hear me? Listen Evans, this is Hobson talking. Evans, you've got to concentrate. Your brain has been altered by the Cybermen. You're being controlled by them anyhow.

(EVANS carries on operating controls in the gravitron control room. He picks up the gun he took earlier.)

HOBSON: We've got one or two of those things as well, you know. You can't shoot all of us so why not be a good fellow and come out of there.

(EVANS is still sitting at the controls.)

BENOIT: What's he doing in there?

(On the map indicators are moving wildly up and down.)

BENOIT: Look at the field reactors.
BENOIT: We must get back control soon. He could flood half of Europe if he keeps the gravitron aligned with spring tides.
HOBSON: That settles it, we'll have to rush him. Get those weapons out.

(Suddenly the radio springs into life. Everyone rushes over to it.)

CYBERMAN: (Over radio) Resistance is useless. All further ships from Earth will be deflected. Open the airlock to us. If you do not we shall destroy the base and you will be eliminated.

(HOBSON walks over to the microphone.)

HOBSON: Can you hear me?
CYBERMAN: Everything you have said in the past half hour has been overheard.
HOBSON: Well you can hear this too then. We're not done yet and we'll fight you to the last man. You'll never get inside this base!
CYBERMAN: We are ready to ready.

(The signal breaks up. The lights go off in the base and there is a whooshing noise as the air escapes. Everyone staggers about unable to breathe.)

HOBSON: (Coughing) They've punctured the dome!
BENOIT: The oxygen masks! Quick everyone, take a mask, over there!

(NILS, BEN and JAMIE rush over to where BENOIT indicated. JAMIE opens a hatch in the ceiling and as he does two more open. Oxygen masks fall down which they all take. The DOCTOR has found two more masks by a console where he and POLLY are standing. The DOCTOR is using one but POLLY cannot reach the other one and the DOCTOR struggles to pass it across to her. HOBSON and BENOIT have gone over to the dome. There is a hole in it.)

BENOIT: I do hope we don't lose... too much oxygen.
HOBSON: Could we patch it, do you think?
BENOIT: We can try.

(HOBSON struggles to take his coat off.)

HOBSON: Give me a hand off, will you?

(BENOIT helps HOBSON take his coat off. By the console, POLLY still hasn't got an oxygen mask.)

POLLY: Doctor, I can't breathe! Uh!

(In the dome HOBSON has manage to take his coat off and he and BENOIT are holding it.)

HOBSON: Put the coat up then.

(HOBSON and BENOIT lift the coat up and put it over the hole. The coat fills the hole and the gushing stops.)

HOBSON: Thank heavens, I can breath again.

(The coat starts to get sucked through the hole.)

BENOIT: Oh no!

(The coat is sucked through the hole and the oxygen starts to escape again.)

HOBSON: Is there anything else we can patch it with?
BENOIT: No... nothing. Wait... over there!

(BENOIT indicates the tray POLLY brought the coffee in on.)

HOBSON: Slide it to me but don't let go of it.

(BENOIT manages to bring the tray over.)

HOBSON: We'll have to do it in one action. No second chance. Are you ready?
HOBSON: Hurry... now!

(They lift the tray and it covers the hole completely. On some dials the oxygen and pressure levels rise.)

HOBSON: Stopped them for the moment.

(HOBSON gulps in some air.)

BENOIT: I wonder for how long.
HOBSON: Well, let's have a look.

(HOBSON and BENOIT examine the hole through the plastic tray. Nearby, POLLY is just getting her breath back. The DOCTOR rushes over.)

DOCTOR: Polly! Are you all right?

(POLLY manages to nod in response. NILS releases the reserve oxygen supply and POLLY gulps it in relief.)

POLLY: Oh yes... oh... oh! Where's that air coming from?
NILS: Reserve tanks of oxygen.
POLLY: Oh... well why couldn't we have had those before?
NILS: And lose all our oxygen?
POLLY: Oh, I see. Ooh, ahh.

(POLLY realises something.)

POLLY: It's so quiet.
DOCTOR: Yes, it is isn't it. The gravitron's stopped!

(In the gravitron control room EVANS has collapsed.)

DOCTOR: Quick, before he comes to! Ben, Jamie!

(The DOCTOR, BEN, NILS and JAMIE rush into the gravitron control room towards JOE EVANS.)

NILS: Joe!
BEN: We barricaded the sick bay with half the tables and chairs in the base but it won't hold forever, Doctor.

(The DOCTOR takes the protective cap off of EVANS and BEN and JAMIE help him carry EVANS out. NILS carries BENSON out of the room.)

DOCTOR: Well done Ben. Here's another one for you.
JAMIE: What do we do with him, Doctor?
DOCTOR: That's your problem. Just make sure he doesn't come back here for a while.
BEN: Blimey, I'll be after a job as a copper when I get back to 1966!

(BEN and JAMIE carry EVANS out and NILS carries BENSON away. The DOCTOR drops the protective cap on the floor and examines EVANS' control cap. He puts it in his pocket.)

DOCTOR: Mr Hobson, I've got an idea.

(The DOCTOR rushes over to HOBSON, who is by the hole in the dome.)

HOBSON: Doctor, what do you make of this?

(HOBSON indicates the hole and the DOCTOR looks at it.)

DOCTOR: Made by a laser beam, I woul... should think.
HOBSON: Is there anything known to science the Cybermen haven't got?
DOCTOR: Well they haven't got a gravitron or they wouldn't be after yours.
HOBSON: We'll just have to stand guard in here with those cyberguns.

(BENOIT is looking through the telescope.)

BENOIT: Not much use, I'm afraid. They are getting reinforcements.
HOBSON: What?!

(BENOIT moves away from the telescope.)

BENOIT: Looks like another of their spaceships.

(HOBSON looks through the telescope.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes, there.

(The DOCTOR points and HOBSON looks in that direction. A Cyberman saucer lands.)

HOBSON: Another one!

(Another saucer lands. The communications centre springs into life and NILS and POLLY turn to face it.)

CYBERMAN: (Over radio) We have brought up reinforcements with other weapons, newer functions. You must open the entry port. You cannot stop us now. You will all be completely destroyed.
POLLY: What does he mean "other weapons"?
NILS: We'll soon find out. You stay here.

(He sits POLLY down so she can watch the communications centre.)

NILS: I must report this to Mr Hobson.

(NILS rushes away.)


(Five CYBERMEN lift a large object out of a box.)


(Three CYBERMEN are inside. One of them is talking to the base.)

CYBERMAN: I shall count to ten. If you still stupidly remain silent we shall fire. One...


(NILS rushes over to HOBSON, BENOIT and the DOCTOR, who are in the dome.)

NILS: Hobby! They've got another weapon. They're going to...
HOBSON: Yes I know. There it is. Everybody take cover. Get down, all of you!

(Everyone except the DOCTOR crouches on the floor.)

HOBSON: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Is the gravitron still switched on?
DOCTOR: Then I shall certainly stay here.


(A group of CYBERMEN are aiming the large gun at the base.)

CYBERMAN: (Over communicator) Nine, ten, fire.

(A CYBERMAN lowers his arm and the others fire. A beam flies towards the base but goes way off above it, deflected by the gravitron. The CYBERMEN recoil through the force of the blast. The lead CYBERMAN looks at the base and sees there was no effect.)

CYBERMAN 1: Again.

(The CYBERMAN lowers its arms again.)


(They fire and the shot is deflected over the base. The lead CYBERMAN examines the gun and then indicates for the CYBERMEN to retreat.)


(The DOCTOR smiles. HOBSON stands up.)

HOBSON: What happened?
DOCTOR: It just deflected over the dome!

(The DOCTOR sways.)

BENOIT: Doctor, are you all right?
DOCTOR: Yes, of course.

(HOBSON and BENOIT support him.)

HOBSON: The gravitron deflected it, the force field.
DOCTOR: Yes, and that gives me an idea.

(The DOCTOR looks through the telescope.)

DOCTOR: What are they doing now?

(The CYBERMEN are putting the gun back into its box.)

DOCTOR: They're packing it away.
HOBSON: What'll they cook up next, I wonder?

(The DOCTOR moves away from the telescope and stands next to the gravitron probe.)

DOCTOR: How far down can this be aimed?
DOCTOR: Can it be brought to bear on the surface of the moon?
BENOIT: I see!
HOBSON: Ah, well I don't...
DOCTOR: Well has it ever been tried?
BENOIT: No but... but we should try!
DOCTOR: With Evans gone the gravitron is all yours.
BENOIT: Splendid! Magnifique!

(BENOIT rushes away to the gravitron control room.)

HOBSON: It can only go to here

(HOBSON points his hand at the dome at about six feet up from the ground.).

HOBSON: Any further down and the field may affect the base.
DOCTOR: What does that matter now?
HOBSON: Well I suppose you're right, yes.
DOCTOR: Get someone to stand by that window...

(The DOCTOR indicates the gravitron control room window.)

DOCTOR: ...and relay instructions direct to Benoit.
HOBSON: Right!

(HOBSON walks away. The DOCTOR looks through the telescope. BENOIT enters the gravitron control room and puts on the protective cap. POLLY is standing by the window ready to give instructions. She signals to HOBSON that BENOIT is ready.)

HOBSON: Ready.
DOCTOR: Start moving the probe down.

(HOBSON lowers his arms. POLLY repeats the action to BENOIT, who operates some controls.)


(A group of CYBERMEN, eleven in all, advance towards the base. They stop.)


(BENOIT operates more controls. He lowers the elevation but the controls will not lower the probe any further. He signals this to POLLY. POLLY repeats this to HOBSON, who is standing by the DOCTOR in the dome.)

HOBSON: That's as far as it'll go.
DOCTOR: What? But it's way over their heads! There's one chance. We'll try bringing it down by hand.

(The DOCTOR tries to move the probe and fails.)

HOBSON: Right.
DOCTOR: Is this still switched off?
HOBSON: No, no, yes it's off.

(HOBSON and the DOCTOR try to lift it from the front.)

DOCTOR: Round the back!

(The DOCTOR and HOBSON push the probe from round the back. It hardly moves.)

HOBSON: Aaah! It won't move.
DOCTOR: All your weight, once more.

(They push again but the probe still hardly moves.)

DOCTOR: Uhh! It's no use, it won't shift.
HOBSON: Aaah, stupid of me. Of course it won't.
HOBSON: Well, the angular cut out. It's obvious isn't it?

(HOBSON moves over to a box at the bottom of the probe and opens it.)

HOBSON: You see, there's got to be a safety cut out on the angle of the probe otherwise it might affect the whole base.

(HOBSON pulls a switch.)

HOBSON: There, that's done it.

(HOBSON closes the box and stands up. The DOCTOR gets ready to move the probe manually again.)

HOBSON: No no no, stand back. Benoit can do it now.
DOCTOR: Polly!
HOBSON: Switch on.

(HOBSON signals to POLLY. She repeats his signal to BENOIT. BENOIT pulls a lever.)


(The probe lowers itself. Two CYBERMEN are lifted off their feet. They struggle to stay on the moon's surface but they are pulled up into space. More CYBERMEN are pulled up by gravity. One of the Cybermen spaceships is lifted off the surface, followed by another and another.)


(Everyone is standing in the dome watching the Cybermen's defeat. They all cheer hooray.)

DOCTOR: We did it! Ha ha!
HOBSON: Well that's taken care of the Cybermen. Now then, everybody, we've got to get this gravitron in operation again as fast as we can.
DOCTOR: I'm so sorry we damaged it.
HOBSON: What? Oh, yes.

(They all walk into the main control area.)

HOBSON: Nils, rig up a temporary aerial, call up space control. Tell Rinberg that we will be operational in er, oh about two hours. He won't like it but it's the best we can do.
NILS: Right.

(The DOCTOR, BEN, POLLY and JAMIE slip away unnoticed.)

HOBSON: Two hours, that's all we've got to get the world's weather back under control again. Benoit, take charge of your side.
BENOIT: Right.
HOBSON: And er, Doctor... what the?

(The doors close behind the DOCTOR's group just after they leave.)

HOBSON: Ah, ah ha, well perhaps it's just as well. We've got enough madmen here already. Now come on, I want to see our first weather plot in two minutes.

(All four base personnel by HOBSON chorus "Right" together.)

BENOIT: Right, come on boys.

(They all go to their stations.)


(The DOCTOR, BEN, POLLY and JAMIE are walking back to the TARDIS wearing their space suits. They take a final look back at the base and move on. The DOCTOR starts to unlock the TARDIS doors. POLLY looks up into space.)

POLLY: Doctor, look.

(POLLY points to the sky. There is something being propelled through space.)

POLLY: Could that be them?
DOCTOR: Possibly. And I hope it's the last we see of them.

(Whatever it is disappears. They all enter the TARDIS. BEN closes the doors behind him. The TARDIS dematerialises. The moon is quiet again and there is nothing left except the Moonbase.)


DOCTOR: There we are. In perfect flight.
POLLY: Yes, and look what happened last time.
DOCTOR: Oh, that. What a lot of fuss. Just a bumpy landing, that's all. It won't happen again.

(BEN and JAMIE exchange doubtful glances. A thought strikes the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: I know.
BEN: What are you up to now?
DOCTOR: Let's have a look at the time scanner.
POLLY: The what?

(The DOCTOR throws a switch.)

DOCTOR: The time scanner. Instead of the normal picture showing where we are it gives you a glimpse of the future.

(The DOCTOR coughs.)

JAMIE: The second sight? Very dangerous.
DOCTOR: Oh nonsense. I haven't used it very much. It's (The DOCTOR coughs) not very reliable as you can see.

(POLLY is looking at the scanner.)

POLLY: Doctor.
POLLY: Look! Uhh!

(On the scanner there is a giant claw opening and closing.)

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