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by GERRY DAVIS (Uncredited) and KIT PEDLER


first broadcast - 25th February, 1967
running time - 25mins 15secs


(The CYBERMAN stands and pulls out its weapon and points it at the DOCTOR and the others. It notices that one of the crew is trying to leave the room unnoticed.)

CYBER 1: Stand back, stand back from that door.
HOBSON: You're right! It is them!

(BOB, one of the Moonbase crew, tries to rush the Cyberman.)

HOBSON: Quick! Get out of it!
DOCTOR: (Screaming.) No!

(A second of the giants appears through the door and fires it`s weapon. BOB falls to the ground, smoke ebbing from his horribly charred body. HOBSON goes over and checks the body.)

CYBER 1: Remain still.
HOBSON: You devils! You killed him! An unarmed man!
CYBER 1: Get up.

(While HOBSON does so and moves back to the others, The first Cyberman communicates with the second.)

CYBER 1: See that they remain there.
CYBER 2: Yes.

(The first Cyberman now tries to communicate with another via a transmitter, operating a control on his chest unit.)

CYBER 1: Operational System Two now complete. Operational System Two now complete.


(We see a Cyberman's spacecraft which has landed on the lunar surface not far from the base.)


(We see the face of another Cyberman who is looking into a small screen in which a lot of little lights can be seen.)

CYBER 1: (Over communicator.) Ready to start Operational System Three
CYBER 3: Understood. Operational System Three will now begin.


(The first Cyberman turns back to the group and moves closer to the DOCTOR and looks down on him.)

CYBER 1: You are known to us.
DOCTOR: (Looking a little scared.) And you to me.
CYBER 1: Silence.

(The Cyberman turns back to the whole group.)

CYBER 1: Who is in command?
CYBER 1: (To HOBSON.) You will be needed.
HOBSON: (With anger.) What have you done with my men?
CYBER 1: They will return.
HOBSON: (Surprised.) They're not dead?!
CYBER 1: No. They are not dead. They are altered.
BEN: Altered? What have you done to them?
CYBER 1: They are now controlled.

(HOBSON takes a step forward.)

HOBSON: If you do anything to my...
CYBER 1: You will do nothing.

(Meanwhile the other Cyberman examines the other patients. He comes to JAMIE.)

CYBER 2: This one has not received Neurotrope. Stand back!

(It levels it's gun but POLLY moved forward into it`s path.)

POLLY: Please leave him alone. He's head is hurt. He had an accident.
CYBER 2: His head? Then he would be of no value.

(He turns to the first Cyberman.)

CYBER 2: The others are ready for conversion.

(The first Cyberman turns to HOBSON again.)

CYBER 1: You will now take us to the control centre.
HOBSON: I'll be damned...

(The first Cyberman moves forwards threatening with his weapon and HOBSON, seeing it, keeps quiet and seeing that he has got no choice leads the way.)

HOBSON: Through here.

(The whole group starts to move towards the door but at the last minute, the Cybermen change their minds, and turn to BEN and POLLY, who are the last two people in the room...)

CYBER 1: You will remain here. If you leave you will be converted like the others.

(BEN and POLLY see that they are staying behind to assist the patients who are still in their cots and all bar BEN and POLLY are pushed through the door and the door closes behind them.)

BEN: I don't like that word - "converted."


(The three missing men, fitted with metal skull caps, are tested for control. The caps are spring clips running from forehead to occipital.)

CYBER 3: Raise your left arm.

(Like a zombie one of the missing men raises his left arm.)

CYBER 3: Raise your right arm.

(Same again but with the opposite arm. Another Cyberman enters into view.)

CYBER 4: Control is excellent.

(He points to one of the men.)

CYBER 4: Transfer that one to the capsule.

(The chosen man stands. Some Cybermen wheel a steel cylinder forwards, the shape and size of a man. CYBER 4 picks up the human and lowers him into the capsule.)


(In the control room, BENOIT is trying to contact the men fixing the antenna...)

BENOIT: It's about time that we heard from those two outside. Let's have a word with them.

(Joe operates some switches on his console.)

NILS: (At the communicator.) All yours, Roger.
BENOIT: (Into the communicator.) Survey party, come in please.

(Static comes from the communicator.)

BENOIT: Survey party, come in please.

(More static...)


(We see two empty spacesuits floating in the lunar gravity and hear the beeping of the Survey party's communicator but there is nobody around to answer it.)


BENOIT: Survey party, come in, we are not receiving you, over.

(More static comes from the speaker. BENOIT turns in puzzlement to NILS.)

BENOIT: Can we see the control antenna from here?
NILS: No, Roger. It's just around that first block just outside the main port.
BENOIT: So, we have to send somebody outside so get ready...

(HOBSON starts to come through the doors, BENOIT turns to him...)

BENOIT: We have to...
HOBSON: Get back! Get back! These things are lethal!

(NILS, BENOIT and the other crew are amazed to see the first Cyberman come into the room, followed by the rest of the party and then the second Cyberman bringing up the rear.)

CYBER 1: (To everybody.) None will move.

(BENOIT moves a little bit.)

CYBER 1: You will remain still. If you move you will be killed.
BENOIT: (Amazed.) What are they?! How did they get in!?
CYBER 1: Silence! We are Cybermen! You will listen.
BENOIT: (Still amazed.) But you were all killed!
CYBER 1: We are going to take over the Gravitron and use it to destroy the surface of the Earth by changing the weather.
HOBSON: (Shocked.) But that will kill everybody on the Earth.
CYBER 1: Yes.
HOBSON: You're supposed to be so advanced. Here you are, taking your revenge like children.
CYBER 1: Revenge? What is that?
HOBSON: A feeling people have.....
CYBER 1: Feelings? Yes, we know of this weakness of yours. We are fortunate. We do not posses feelings.
BENOIT: Then why are you here?
CYBER 1: To eliminate all dangers.
HOBSON: (Half anger/half shock.) But you kill every single thing on the Earth!
CYBER 1: Yes. All dangers will be eliminated.
BENOIT: Have you no mercy?
CYBER 1: It is unnecessary.

(He turns to his companion.)

CYBER 1: Keep watch on them.

(While the second Cyberman keeps guard on the crew, the first Cyberman goes over to another corner of the room. He unfolds an aerial from his chest unit. Nearby NILS and BENOIT, who have moved to be with the others, try to move forward but HOBSON stops them.)

HOBSON: Don't rush them!
CYBER 1: (Into communicator.) Operational System Four. Operation System Four. Operational System Four complete. Entry to base now completed.

(This pips the controller's interest.)

HOBSON: Entry? How did you get in?
CYBER 1: It was very simple. Only stupid Earth brains like yours would have been fooled.
HOBSON: Go on.
CYBER 1: Since we couldn't approach direct, we came up under the surface and cut our way in through your store room, contaminating your food supply on the way. A simple hole that's all.
HOBSON: A hole! That explains those sudden air pressure drops we been having.
CYBER 1: (With what might have been sarcasm.) Clever! Clever! Clever!

(Clearly a sudden computer error resulting in a moment of emotion filtering into the machine`s computer brain, before it`s central computer realises that "Clever Clever" is not a very tough Cyberman thing to say.)


(In the sickbay, BEN sits gloomily while POLLY picks her nails. JAMIE awakes. He tries to get out of bed and this causes POLLY to rush over to him.)

POLLY: Hey, what do you think you're doing?

(She feels his forehead.)

POLLY: You seem to be better.
JAMIE: (Trying to get up again.) Aye, I feel myself again.
POLLY: (Pushes him back.) Lie back there!
JAMIE: But I'm better!

(Some thing causes him to rub his head - perhaps getting up too quickly.)

JAMIE: Oh, my head.
BEN: Well, take it easy, mate.
POLLY: At least, you know it is not your McCrimmon piper.
JAMIE: It had me worried though, I admit that.
BEN: Yeah, those Cybermen have got us all worried mate. We see them in action before.
POLLY: (Thinking.) They must have some weakness.
BEN: They have, don't you remember. They can't stand radiation.
POLLY: But where do we find that here?
BEN: (Thinking too.) There's the Gravitron power pack but that's thermonuclear. None can get near it once its going.
POLLY: Why not?
BEN: Because Duchess, the temperature inside is about four million degrees, that's all.

(JAMIE tries to help.)

JAMIE: Well, in my day, they used to sprinkle witches with holy water.
BEN: (Laughing.) Fat lot of use that would be on them.
POLLY: (Thinking hard.) Sprinkle... Holy Water... Ben!
BEN: Yeah?
POLLY: What are the Cybermen covered in?
BEN: As far as I know, their suit is a metal of some sort.
POLLY: (Groans and then.) What about that thing on their chests? You know the part that replaced their heart and lungs.
BEN: Some kind of plastic I think.
POLLY: (An idea comes to her.) I thought so. You see, it's simple. Nail vanish remover dissolves nail vanish. Nail vanish is a plastic so we do what Jamie says, we sprinkle them, see?!
BEN: No, clear as mud if you ask me.
POLLY: (Turning to the bench.) Anyway, I am going to try an experiment.
BEN: Yes, Professor.


(A hush falls over the room as the door to the corridor opens and some men and another Cyberman enters the room. The Cyberman is holding (and operating) a small control box. Each of the men is one that was taken from the hospital and is covered with the marks of the nerve virus. To the crew's amazement, one of the men turns on to be...)

HOBSON: Dr. Evans! I thought that they were all dead!
BENOIT: Better if they were by the look of it.

(The controlled men stand by the first Cyberman who turns to the normal crew who, having not moved, are still by their normal working stations.)

CYBER 1: You will leave your places. Go over there.

(He points to where the DOCTOR, HOBSON and co. are standing. Some move but one doesn't move. The Cyberman speaks to him with a slight bit of menace in his voice.)

CYBER 1: You will move. Tell the operators in the power unit to come out.

(The crewman looks torn.)

CYBER 1: Now.

(HOBSON moves to the windows of the power unit and talks through a microphone.)

HOBSON: All right, you can all see what is happening. Come on out, leave the machine and don't try anything.

(The normal crew leaves the power unit room and each of the controlled men takes over a key control point in the room. The Cybermen are taking no chances this time.)

CYBER 1: They will now take over the Gravitron power unit.
CYBER 2: Yes.

(The controlled men starts to move controls causing the Gravitron to power up.)

BENOIT: (Into shock.) But you can't send them in their without protected helmets.
CYBER 1: Why?
BENOIT: The machine produces very intense sonic fields. Without the helmets, those men will be insane in a few hours!
CYBER 1: How many hours?
BENOIT: Twelve possibly.
CYBER 1: Then there is no problem.
CYBER 1: Our purpose will be achieved before that.
BENOIT: But what about the men?
CYBER 1: They will be disposed of.

(The DOCTOR, HOBSON and co. give each other shocked looks. The controlled men continue to change the Gravitron co-ordinates and the light on the map of the Earth on the wall begins to wander all over the Earth. The DOCTOR looks at the control box held by the Cyberman, which is humming.)


(POLLY has got lots of bottles covering the bench while JAMIE and BEN stand back seeing that POLLY is concentrating. She test droplets of plastic into various liquids.)

BEN: Yep?
POLLY: What is nail vanish remover?
BEN: Sort of finish, sort of acetone isn't it?
POLLY: Acetone, of course!

(She checks her collection of bottles and finds the one she was looking for.)

POLLY: Great, we have some of that.

(She pours some of it into a glass.)

POLLY: Now, keep your fingers crossed.

(She puts some bit of plastic into the glass and it dissolves.)

POLLY: It's works!
BEN: But I still don't know what you are on about.
POLLY: If we can sprinkle some of that on their chest units, it might help to soften them.
BEN: (Realising.) I get it! It will clobber their controls or something.
POLLY: Yes, that's it.
BEN: Yeah, but how do we know that acetone will dissolve their sort of plastic?
POLLY: Hmmm, haven't thought of that.
BEN: (Thinking.) Just a moment though, if we make up a mixture.
POLLY: Of all the solvents.
BEN: What have we got?!
POLLY: (Looking through the bottles.) Belezine, Ether, Alcohol.
BEN: We brew up a right little cocktail.

(They start to pour it into the bottle but then POLLY stops.)

POLLY: Wait a minute, how are we going to throw it at them?
BEN: Well, in bottles I suppose. (He thinks.) Just a tick though, I got a better idea.


CYBER 1: Prepare to align the field rectors.

(The party of normal crew including the DOCTOR are powerless. We hear power building up into the Gravitron as RALPH alters the controls and the cursors on the main map move.)

CYBER 1: Main power into projected radius now.

(More controls are thrown.)

CYBER 1: Service pumps to full pressure.

(Nearby, the DOCTOR and HOBSON draw closer.)

HOBSON: Why have they gone to so such trouble?
DOCTOR: What do you mean?
HOBSON: Why didn't they operate the control themselves?

(The DOCTOR has an idea. He takes out his recorder and blows a high-pitched note from it. The controlled men stops working the controls and stand dazed.)

CYBER 1: What is happening?
CYBER 2: There is loss of control.

(The DOCTOR stops playing the note and the controlled men turn back to their tasks.)

DOCTOR: (Thinking to himself.) Thought so, sonic control. That should be easy.

(A puzzled look comes over his face.)

DOCTOR: (Thinking to himself.) Funny. (Out loud.) Funny. (Thinking to himself.) To go to all that trouble to make the men do the work. Why? (Out loud.) Do it themselves, easy. (Thinking to himself.) They're using the men as tools. Why? (Out loud.) Don't know. (Thinking to himself.) Yes, I do though. (Out loud.) There must be something in here they don't like. (Thinking to himself.) Pressure? (Out loud.) No, no. (Thinking to himself.) Electricity? (Out loud.) No. (Thinking to himself.) Radiation? (Out loud.) Maybe. (Thinking to himself.) Grav... Gravity! Now there's a thought. Gravity. (Out loud.) Oh yes, Gravity.


CYBER 1: Start probe generators. Realign the probe.

(The Gravitron probe starts to move upwards, under the power room direction until it is in a vertical position.)

CYBER 1: Probe field to full power. Now.
HOBSON: (Speaking louder.) They devastate the whole Earth when that field takes hold.
BENOIT: We got to do something.

(A voice echoes into the room from the communicator.)

VOICE: (OOV.) Earth Control calling Moonbase. Come in please.
CYBER 1: (To the captives.) Remain still.
VOICE: (OOV.) Hello Moonbase, come in please.
CYBER 1: You will all be silent.
VOICE: (OOV.) Moonbase, come in please. Hello? Hello? Reading on five centimetre band. Come in. Your last routine signal was not received, over.


VOICE: We are not receiving you, over. If you hear us and cannot transmit, fire sodium rocket. We will see the flare.
CYBER 1: (To HOBSON.) What does that mean?
HOBSON: It is a distress rocket. It injects sodium into space and the sunlight turns the sodium into a solar flare.
CYBER 1: What will your Earth do if they do not see the flare?
HOBSON: Well, they'll think....

(He thinks that a lie would be preferable.)

HOBSON: ...we're all dead, they'll do nothing.
VOICE: (OOV.) Standing by to observe flare. Standing by...

(The first Cyberman switches off the communicator.)

HOBSON: If they don't get our next transmission, they'll send up a relief rocket.


(BEN is holding a fire extinguisher and explaining it to JAMIE.)

BEN: So, get it. This bottle holds the stuff that puts the fire out and this cylinder pushes gas into the bottle so that the stuff comes out here. Now, all we got to do is to undo it...

(He unscrews the lid. The smell of the fire extinguisher causes both men to wrinkle their noses.)

BEN: Poar! Empty it and fill it with Polly cocktail.

(POLLY comes over with a big container of the liquid.)

POLLY: I got it all ready here.
BEN: Good. What did you put in it?
POLLY: Let's think.... Belezine, Ether, Alcohol, Acetone and Profane.
BEN: Blimey, one of them should do it.

(Holding up the extinguisher.)

BEN: Now, we need another one of these.
JAMIE: Right I'll get it.
BEN: No, you stay where you are Jamie.
POLLY: Jamie, you`re not well enough.
JAMIE: It's take more than a wee crack on the head to keep a McCrimmon down.
BEN: Look mate, we don't want you cracking up on us. I'm sure Polly's very impressed....
JAMIE: Look I said, I'm feeling better. Now, would you like me to prove it to you?

(BEN rose to the challenge.)

BEN: Any time, mate.

(POLLY decides to be peace-maker.)

POLLY: Now, come on. Haven't we got enough trouble without you two fighting.
JAMIE: I go.
BEN: Come on then.

(They all start toward the door.)

BEN: Not you, Polly. This is men's work.


(HOBSON starts to worry about the state of the controlled men as one of them collapses.)

HOBSON: You'll kill them!
CYBER 2: (Raising his weapon.) If you will not remain silent you will be put under brain control.

(The Cyberman with the control box alters it`s settings and the collapsed human rises to his feet, like a puppet on a string...)


(BEN and JAMIE moves towards the door of the control room and Ben jumps a little when he sees POLLY coming up behind him.)

BEN: Polly! I thought that I told you to stay behind.
POLLY: (Determined.) I'm coming with you.
JAMIE: Maybe not, now go back.
POLLY: I'm coming with you and that's that! You still need someone....

(She waves a fire extinguisher in the air.)

JAMIE: I don't want....

(BEN, fearing the Cybermen might hear them, steps in.)

BEN: Look! There's no time for that now. If you're coming, come on.

(They hover outside the door as BEN turns about for the team's final instructions.)

BEN: Now look, we only have one chance at this. When I open the door, drop down as low as you can, aim this things... (Holding up the cylinder.) their chests and squirt like mad. Right?
JAMIE: Right.

(BEN peers through a small window in the door.)

BEN: Get ready.


(The first Cyberman hears Ben, Jamie, and Polly outside the door.)

CYBER 1: Someone is there.

(The DOCTOR seeing that BEN, POLLY and JAMIE have a plan decides to move some of the sonic controls which are behind him as a distraction. A shrill tone rings out and all the controlled men jerk about before freezing. The Cyberman with the control box struggles to maintain control over them, but without success.)

CYBER 2: The beam is jammed!

(He aims his weapon at the DOCTOR just as...)

(They burst into the room squirting the liquid at the Cybermen.)

BEN: (Shouting.) Quick, get their chest things!

(The Cybermen's chest units begin to dissolve. The Cybermen try to aim their weapons on them but fail as almost as one they fall and struggle as if they were dying. Their limbs collapse, their chest units dissolve in a fury of foam and melted plastic.)

DOCTOR: (Rushing into the power room.) Quick, get these things off their heads!

(The caps are removed from the controlled men, who stand frozen in their last positions of motion. The normal crew dash back to their places.)

HOBSON: Come on! Quick, there isn't a moment to lose. We got to get the Gravitron down to base level.
POLLY: What about those poor men?
HOBSON: Shift them off to the medical unit, as quick as you can.


CYBER 3: (Into communicator.) We are not receiving you. We are not receiving you.
CYBER 4: They must have failed.
CYBER 3: Yes. We must invade now. Prepare the weapons.
CYBER 4: Yes.


(Everybody is busy and the controlled men have been moved to the sickbay.)

BENOIT: Before all this, we lost contact with those two men outside.
HOBSON: Well, send somebody else out.
BENOIT: Can't spare anyone. I'll go myself.
HOBSON: Field strength is stable, isn't it?
BENOIT: Yes. Yes, it's all right.

(He moves towards the door.)

HOBSON: Keep in RT contract and be quick.

(He moves over the NILS who is back manning the communicator.)

NILS: Yep?
HOBSON: Hook your controls into Joe's channel and keep an eye on Roger when he's outside.
NILS: Right.

(He leaves the room.)


(BENOIT pulls his spacesuit on and his helmet down. There is a hiss of oxygen escaping as the airlock glides open. BENOIT shimmies up a ladder to the Moons surface, where he catches sight of the broken antennae. He finds the two empty spacesuits. But something moves, just out of view...)

BENOIT: (Into communicator.) Hello Base, Hello Base. I've found them. Hmm, At least, I found their suits. They got them, I'm afraid.


(HOBSON is by the communicator.)

HOBSON: Well, there's nothing we can do about that now. You better come inside as quick as you can.
BENOIT: (OOV.) I will.

(NILS, who has been watching out the window, comes rushing over to HOBSON.)

NILS: Sir, sir! There's one of those things outside. He's after Roger Benoit.
HOBSON: (Into communicator.) You hear that, Roger?


(BENOIT looks around nervously. Another crewman is with him.)

BENOIT: (Into communicator.) Yes, I did but he must be mistaken. There's none to be seen around here.

(Then, suddenly, a Cyberman appears and makes a grab for BENOIT. BENOIT cries out and jumps back out of the Cyberman's reach.)

BENOIT: (Backing away back towards the dome as the Cyberman approaches.) No! No!

(The other crewman, having one of the Polly-cocktail cylinders, tries to fire it at the Cyberman but nothing comes out. To the other crewman:.)

BENOIT: Did you see that? Those things don't work in the vacuum!


(Everybody is watching the chase.)

POLLY: Why can't you squirt it at them, like you did just now?
BEN: Because duchess, it would evaporate in the vacuum before it hits them. There, now come on.

(They both rush out of the room.)


(The Cyberman chases the two spacemen back across the surface.)


(We see POLLY helping BEN into another suit.)


(The spacemen get nearer to the door.)


(BEN, now fully in a suit, and POLLY outside in the corridor, opens the airlock door. BENOIT and the crewman has made it to the door with the chasing Cyberman right behind them. BEN throws a bottle of liquid at the Cyberman which hits it square in the chest unit. It collapses and dies.)

BEN: Come on, quick.

(All three get back into the airlock and the door closes and locks behind them. Outside we see another couple of Cybermen arriving at the airlock.)


NILS: (Excited.) They're in! That fellow Ben got one of them.
JAMIE: That was Ben?

(HOBSON decides to make an announcement.)

HOBSON: Now listen everybody. I don't know how many more of these Cybermen there are, but our point of view we are under siege. I'll reckon they will be back in a bit...

(He turns to a crewman who has taken over at the communicator.)

HOBSON: Now communications. Charlie, keep trying to get through to Earth. Right?
CHARLIE: Right, will do.
HOBSON: (To everybody else.) The rest of you, lower the armoured doors at all exits. (To POLLY.) Make up as much of that gubbins that you got, we may need it.

(POLLY rushes out of the room to be greeted by BEN and BENOIT coming back in.)

DOCTOR & JAMIE: Well done, Ben!
HOBSON: (Into communicator.) Ground radar?
SAM: (OOV.) Ground radar speaking.
HOBSON: Have you got a fix on their ship yet?
SAM: Yes, Mr Hobson, we are getting a strong pulse from five four degrees North about three kilometres.
HOBSON: (Checking a chart.) That makes it over the rim.
DOCTOR: (Coming over.) Mr Hobson, how far can the probe be lowered down?
HOBSON: About thirty degrees.
DOCTOR: That's no good.
HOBSON: What do you mean?
DOCTOR: Can any other part be lowered?
HOBSON: (Thinking.) Well, the main coil lenses can be shifted about without too much trouble but too much trouble.....

(NILS comes rushing over.)

NILS: (Pointing.) There's something outside there!
HOBSON: What is it?
NILS: It's a long way off.
HOBSON: I'll come.

(The DOCTOR and HOBSON moves forward to the window...)


(DOCTOR, JAMIE, BEN, POLLY, HOBSON, NILS and BENOIT are looking outside the window.)

POLLY: (Rubbing herself.) Oh, it's freezing. Do you think we should have our suits on?
BEN: Oh no, it's all right love. Get a gorgeous suntan.
HOBSON: Can't see anything.
NILS: Just to the left of the launching area. Around a bit to your left.
HOBSON: (Peering.) Still can't see anything.
BENOIT: (Pointing.) No, it's there, look! Reflections from the sun!

(We see a flash of silver.)

HOBSON: You're right. There is something.

(He rushes over to a telescope and peers through it. He scans through the area looking for any movement. Everybody is in silence as they wait... And suddenly, HOBSON sees them! They seem to be carrying some huge unknown apparatus.)

HOBSON: It's them! Everybody back inside! Quick!

(They all rush back inside the protected dome as we see lots of Cybermen. It's clear that they are intending to succeed - one way or another...)

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