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(A slight bearded man, MEDOK...)


(...stares intently into space.)


(A heartbeat sound reverberates through his head...)


(...and his eyes open wide in terror...)


(The entrance to the colony is a futuristic archway at the top of a short flight of steps. Two brightly illuminated pillars stand in welcome either side of the entrance. Cheerful music is being played as happy crowd of colonists, including a young man called QUESTA and two young girls called SUNNAA and CHICKI, are watching a DRUM MAJORETTE and her six assistants perform to the accompaniment of a band playing a chirpy synthesised electronic tune. Everyone seems happy. The leader of the colony, PILOT, turns to the organiser of the display, BARNEY. All of the people gathered wear uniform-like tunics.)

PILOT: Oh, splendid! Splendid! You've got a very good band there, Barney.
BARNEY: Thank you, Pilot
PILOT: Mind you, I don't say you'll come first at the festival, but never say die, hmm, what? Nothing succeeds like success, ha!

(He looks to the smiling people around him.)

PILOT: "If at first you don't succeed...?"
ALL: (Enthusiastically.) "...Try, try, try again!"
PILOT: That's right.

(There is a sudden commotion.)

OLA: (OOV.) Stop him! Don't let him get out!
BARNEY: What's the matter?

(MEDOK suddenly runs into view, bursting out of the colony. He is obviously being pursued. Wide-eyed, he struggles through the people gathered at the entrance, who try to hold him.)

QUESTA: Medok!
MEDOK: Let me go!
PILOT: Medok! This is very foolish of you Medok. It's for your own good.
MEDOK: Out of my way!

(MEDOK pulls himself from their grasps and runs off.)

PILOT: He's far too dangerous to be allowed to escape.

(OLA, a burly sinister man dressed in a dark uniform comes into pursuit, together with three guards. They wear helmets with mirrored glasses making them into faceless automatons. OLA stands between PILOT and BARNEY.)

OLA: (To his guards.) Get after him! (To a colonist.) You should have stopped him!
PILOT: What happened, Ola?
OLA: He refused treatment in front of my guards, so I dismissed them and he made a dash for it.
PILOT: Well get after him.

(OLA runs after his pursuing guards. PILOT watches them go.)

PILOT: (Concerned.) He must not get away!


(MEDOK runs through the featureless terrain, pursued by OLA and the guards. MEDOK hides in the rocks and grass, waiting for the guards to pass. They do so, but just as he starts to get up, MEDOK hears a strange noise. With engines grinding, the TARDIS materialises nearby. MEDOK observes in amazement. The DOCTOR, BEN, POLLY and JAMIE emerge. All of them seem jumpy and nervous because of the hideous claw they saw on the time scanner. JAMIE has even armed himself with a large stick, just in case. BEN comes up behind JAMIE and jumps him.)

BEN: Hey!

(POLLY and JAMIE turn round in shock.)

POLLY: Oh! Oh, Ben! For goodness sake!
BEN: Well, what's the big stick for Jamie? Nothing's happened yet.
JAMIE: Have you no sense? Have you forgot what we saw on that time scanner?
POLLY: Don't, it was horrible.
JAMIE: Aye, well, I'll not being left without nothing to defend ourselves with.
DOCTOR: I'm afraid you're wasting your time, Jamie.
DOCTOR: Unless I'm very much mistaken, these creatures are so big they're going to see us long before we see them.

(MEDOK emerges from his concealment and, seeing the stick that JAMIE carries, makes a run for him.)

POLLY: Look out Jamie!
BEN: Hang on, mate, I'll get him!

(MEDOK throws himself at JAMIE. BEN joins in the fracas. There is a huge commotion as the time travellers fight their single but strong attacker. They are struggling to hold the little man...)

POLLY: Sit on top of him!
JAMIE: What are you doing?____!

(...when OLA and his guards arrive and take MEDOK from the time travellers. He struggles in their grasp as the travellers dust themselves down. BEN holds him arm.)

POLLY: Ben, are you all right?
OLA: We don't know who you are, strangers, but we are grateful. Medok is one of our last patients in the Colony.

(He approaches the struggling but firmly held little man, sounding threatening.)

OLA: We've done our best for him but he gets worse day by day...

(He turns back to the travellers.)

OLA: I wasn't informed you were travelling across our territory.

(He snaps his fingers and a guard steps forward.)

OLA: Hurry back to the Colony and tell the Pilot what's happened.

(The guard leaves.)

BEN: Pilot?
OLA: Yes, the Pilot of our colony. No doubt he will want to thank you in person.

(He turns back to the guards who are trying to secure MEDOK.)

OLA: Tie him up tighter. Come on, tighter! I don't want any more trouble with him. Come on, I'll show you myself. Get out of...

(OLA pushes the guards to one side and proceeds to tie MEDOK himself. JAMIE turns to the DOCTOR.)

JAMIE: Er, uh, any good asking where we are?
DOCTOR: Well, according to my calculations we're, er, certainly in the future and, er, on a planet very like the Earth.
JAMIE: How do you know?
DOCTOR: I don't know. I'm guessing.

(OLA finishes tying up MEDOK and approaches the travellers.)

OLA: My name is Ola. I am the Chief of Police.
POLLY: That sounds very important.
OLA: Oh, it's a very responsible job. I take my instructions from our Control centre. Oh, it all works very well, as you will see. Please follow me.
DOCTOR: Oh, thank you.

(The DOCTOR turns to the guards who are tying up MEDOK)

DOCTOR: Ah, not too tight it's bad for the blood pressure.

(He follows OLA and the others.)


(There is a signal tone and then cheerful music can be heard issuing from a loudspeaker, accompanied by the voices of high- pitched female singers.)

MUSIC: "Run, run, run, run...
Run, run, run, run!
Thank you shift...
Thank you shift...
Number one!
Time, time, time, time,
Time to have fun!
Thank you shift two,
Thank you shift two,
It's up to you!"

(The tune continues as OLA brings the time travellers up to the waiting PILOT.)

OLA: Pilot, these are the strangers that have helped us.
PILOT: Very well, Ola. I will look after our guests. You will no doubt wish to take care of poor Medok. You may leave.

(OLA leaves. The PILOT turns to the DOCTOR and his friends as the background music and slogans continue.)

PILOT: (Expansively.) Well, our thanks to you and welcome! You are indeed a brave man to tackle someone as disturbed as Medok.
DOCTOR: Well, it was nothing. Anyone would have done the same. Well this is gay! Why all the music?
PILOT: Oh, we regulate our day by music.
PILOT: Yes...

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

PILOT: ...and now my friends, I suggest you take advantage of our refreshing department.
BEN: Oh, lead me to it mate. I'm starving.
PILOT: Oh, you will eat later. Here we revive the weary body.

(PILOT leads the DOCTOR and BEN up the steps and into the colony. Following shortly behind them, JAMIE sidles up to POLLY looking round nervously.)

JAMIE: Keep your eyes skinned.
POLLY: Why? What's the matter?
JAMIE: Well, they're a weird sort of folk. I don't know that I understand them.


(The refreshing department is a type of health spa, complete with attendants. Calming tonal music plays as a lady relaxes on a couch having her hair washed by SUNNAA, watched over by BARNEY. PILOT leads the travellers into the room.)

PILOT: Come along in, my friends, It's just through ___ there.

(The travellers chat excitedly between themselves as they enter the room. BARNEY sees PILOT and approaches him in something of a panic.)

BARNEY: Pilot! Pilot! Control wish you to call them immediately. They wish to welcome our guests.
PILOT: Oh, but of course.

(He turns to a SUNNAA.)

PILOT: Switch on please, my dear.

(SUNNAA activates a control and a screen lights up. On the screen is a still image of the CONTROLLER. He is a handsome authoritative man.)

POLLY: Hey, who's that? He looks smashing.
PILOT: (Proudly.) That's our Controller.

(A five-note fanfare sounds. A voice, full of energy and authority, bursts from the speaker whilst the still image of the controller remains unchanged.)

CONTROL VOICE: We wish to welcome joyfully the visitors to our colony. We are very grateful to them. They have performed a valuable service. The Colony is to make our guests happy and contented during their stay. Welcome again, friends. Now, back to work, everyone!

(There is another fanfare to end the message.)

POLLY: Well that's great! I'm really going to enjoy myself.
PILOT: Splendid! And now my good friends, let me put you into the hands of our supervisor, Barney.

(PILOT gestures to BARNEY.)

PILOT: Dear old Barney, everybody calls him.
BARNEY: Well, thank you Pilot.
PILOT: And I must leave you calls you know, and hard work never hurt anybody.

(They all laugh except for a sullen JAMIE.)

PILOT: Till later!

(He leaves. BARNEY turns to his charges.)

BARNEY: Delighted to see you. Delighted to have you with us. Now you have a complete choice of all our treatments. We have steam baths, beauty treatments, perhaps a massage. (To the DOCTOR.) You sir, of course, would like your clothes cleaned.

(The DOCTOR'S smile instantly disappears to the amusement of his companions. BARNEY does not notice.)

BARNEY: And there's sunlight treatment, moonlight treatment, sparkling and effervescent sprays...
DOCTOR: (Indignantly.) I feel perfectly all right as I am, thank you.

(POLLY and BEN disagree.)

POLLY: Ah, go on Doctor. Don't be such a drag. It all looks super. (To BARNEY.) Please, may I have a shampoo?
BARNEY: Shampoo, of course, for the young lady.
POLLY: Thanks very much.

(POLLY is led away by an assistant. BARNEY turns to BEN and JAMIE.)

BARNEY: And for the young gentlemen, our very latest treatment in our cubicles over there.

(The DOCTOR takes his turn to laugh at the expression of horror on JAMIE'S face.)

JAMIE: Me? Oh, hey, you're not going to do that to me. I'm no lassie.

(Two female assistants take JAMIE away. Laughing BEN looks at his own waiting female assistants and laughs.)

BEN: It's no good, Jamie, the lassies have got you! And believe me mate, I'm not going to struggle.

(BEN is led away. The DOCTOR continues to laugh. BARNEY turns to him.)

BARNEY: And now sir, for you...

(The DOCTOR'S laugh disappears...)


(POLLY has returned with her blonde hair now cut shorter and wearing new clothes.)

BARNEY: Oh, very nice. Very nice indeed. You must certainly be the most beautiful young lady in our Colony and are quite sure to be elected our next beauty president.
POLLY: (Embarrassed.) Thank you very much.
BARNEY: Oh, not at all. It's all part of our service.

(BARNEY walks over to where BEN, wearing goggles, is sat underneath a sun lamp and receiving a shoulder massage.)

BARNEY: To your liking sir?
BEN: Ah, marvellous. Like being at anchor in the Med.
BARNEY: Some protective oils for our guests and a little suntan.
BEN: Ha ha! This is the life.

(BARNEY steps over to where JAMIE is being dealt with by his two female attendants. He wears a similar uniform to that worn by the other colonists and is having his hair stroked into place.)

JAMIE: Hey mister, would you call the ladies off? I'm frightened what they might do to me.
BARNEY: But you look charming, sir. Charming.
JAMIE: That's what I'm frightened of.

(BARNEY moves off again to a large square machine from the top of which emerges the DOCTOR'S head. His hair is immaculate. Electronic noises emerge from the machine.)

DOCTOR: Please get me out of here! I'm done to a turn!

(BARNEY changes a control.)

BARNEY: Clothes reviver.
DOCTOR: My clothes don't need reviving!

(The electronic noises change and a steam press type noise can be heard...)

BARNEY: Oh, while we're about it, sir...and off.

(He turns a switch, the doors of the machine open and an immaculate DOCTOR emerges, neatly groomed and tidy. Even his shoes sport a shine. His companions laugh.)

POLLY: Oh, Doctor. You look gorgeous!
DOCTOR: Oh, my shoes!
BEN: Oh, they're fantastic. You can see your face in them.
DOCTOR: Precisely. Who wants to see their face in a pair of suede shoes?

(He points to another machine.)

DOCTOR: What's this one?
BARNEY: Oh, that, sir, is our rough and tumble machine, for toning up the muscles.
DOCTOR: Exactly what I need!

(He activates a control.)

DOCTOR: Full on!
BARNEY: Oh, but no, sir! No!

(The DOCTOR throws himself into the machine, despite the protests of his companions. The machine hums and buzzes.)

POLLY: Turn it off.
BEN: Come out of it!
POLLY: Come out of it, Doctor.

(The machine stops and the DOCTOR emerges.)

DOCTOR: Oh, oh, I feel better. Oh, that's what I need.

(He is messy and crumpled once more. JAMIE returns, immaculately groomed.)

POLLY: (To JAMIE.) Oh, you look smashing. You really do. You look like a prince. Jamie that's super. It really is.

(JAMIE doesn't look impressed.)


(OLA and some guards enter with MEDOK still under restraint. A group of colonists watch at a distance...)

OLA: Come on, move back! This prisoner's not to be trusted. He's violent and suffering from delusions.
MEDOK: I'm not the one suffering from delusions, it's you! All of you! You don't know what's happening in this Colony!
OLA: Be quiet Medok!
MEDOK: There's only one way to silence me, Ola.

(One of the crowd, the man called QUESTA, who was at the band rehearsal earlier, steps forward as OLA, MEDOK and the guards pass.)

QUESTA: Medok, old fellow, it's Questa. Remember me? What's happened to you?
OLA: It's no good. You can't reason with him.
QUESTA: Just a minute. He's an old friend. One of the best.
OLA: (Contemptuously.) Ha!
QUESTA: He's as cheerful as any of us. Medok, what's happened to you? What's all this about you seeing things?
MEDOK: I don't see things Questa, you fool! There are things...horrible things...creatures, infesting this camp at night.
OLA: That's enough! (To QUESTA.) Have you seen the Pilot?
QUESTA: He's with the strangers. I've no idea where they are.

(There is a sudden fanfare from a speaker heralding an announcement. The assembled people stop to listen.)

BROADCAST VOICE: Back to work! Shift rest is over! No time to be lost! The Colony needs you! Preparation to be made for tonight's reception - a welcome for the strangers!
QUESTA: (Happily.) A reception tonight! A Colony party! Medok, join in with the rest of us, like you used to.
BROADCAST VOICE: It will be fun for all!

(A fanfare ends the announcement.)

QUESTA: You hear that Medok, fun for all.
MEDOK: All right! Have fun while you can, before they crawl all over you!
OLA: That's enough! Right, get back all of you.


(The DOCTOR sees MEDOK in the refreshing department, still bound and escorted by OLA and the guards. With a set of keys, they are unlocking a cell door.)

DOCTOR: There you are. I wondered what had happened to you.
MEDOK: I don't know you. You don't belong here.
DOCTOR: Do you belong here?
MEDOK: No, not any more.
OLA: We don't talk to him. He sees things. Come on Medok.

(OLA pushes MEDOK into a room and locks the door. As soon as OLA is gone, the DOCTOR starts picking the lock. He is surprised by SUNNAA.)

SUNNAA: Can I help you?
DOCTOR: (Surprised.) What? Oh, no. No, it's all right, thank you. I... (Coughs.) ...I just thought I'd dropped something, that's all.

(She leaves. The DOCTOR watches her go and then turns back to the door. He manages to pick the lock, opens the door and enters the cell.)


(MEDOK is alarmed at the sight of the DOCTOR.)

MEDOK: Ha! What's ___?
DOCTOR: Shh, I'm going to set you free.

(He begins untying MEDOK)

DOCTOR: Just hold still a minute. There we are. One more.

(He takes off MEDOK'S bonds.)

DOCTOR: Don't bother to say thank you. Now, tell me something about these things that you see, hmm? Do they, for instance, appear to crawl slowly over the ground?
MEDOK: How do you know?
DOCTOR: Oh, just wondered that's all.

(Despite his freedom, MEDOK is very nervous and jumpy.)

MEDOK: Listen!
DOCTOR: (Pauses.) I don't hear anything.
MEDOK: Someone's coming.

(He turns to run.)

DOCTOR: It's all right, I won't let them hurt you.
MEDOK: (Incredulously.) Get out of my way!
DOCTOR: Why don't you listen to me?
MEDOK: I am not being caught!

(MEDOK pushes the DOCTOR and runs from the cell. Immediately an alarm sounds.)


(OLA is in the corridor. He sees MEDOK running.)

OLA: Stop him! Don't let him escape!

(But MEDOK already has.)

OLA: How did he get away? Who's responsible?

(PILOT, BEN, POLLY and JAMIE come running up. They enter the open cell...)


(...where the DOCTOR waits.)

PILOT: What happened?
DOCTOR: I... I told him he wouldn't get hurt and he wouldn't believe me.
PILOT: You mean you let him go?
DOCTOR: Well, no, not exactly.
OLA: He let the prisoner escape. That is a crime in this Colony. For that, men must work in the pit. Guard!
POLLY: You can't touch him. He doesn't know your laws!
PILOT: Er, that's true, Ola. He is a stranger here.
DOCTOR: There's something else you're forgetting gentlemen - I set free someone that we caught in the first place.
PILOT: True - a reasonable point of view, Ola.
OLA: Medok is dangerous. He should have never let him go. The Colony will be petrified when they know he's out there in the night.
PILOT: Well, send your patrol after him. He can't have got far.
DOCTOR: He can run you know. He's got legs. He doesn't have to crawl over the ground.
OLA: (Agitated.) Why did you say that?
DOCTOR: Why, no reason. No reason at all.
OLA: Anyone who spreads that kind of rumour in this Colony will find himself in the hospital for correction.
DOCTOR: Oh...oh, that's where Medok is, is it?
PILOT: I think, Doctor, you will understand more about Medok if you talk to some of the people who knew him best.
OLA: Pilot, I think....
PILOT: (Interrupts.) Now take the strangers to the labour centre Ola. See they learn something about us. (To the DOCTOR.) Please, go with him.
DOCTOR: Oh, well thank you.

(The DOCTOR'S party leaves the room and goes with OLA, leaving a worried-looking PILOT behind.)


(MEDOK is hiding in the shadows of the shoring timbers of what looks like a construction site. The DOCTOR and his party are led through by OLA. The DOCTOR sees something there and realises that it is the fugitive.)

OLA: What is it?
DOCTOR: Nothing, come on.

(He moves off before OLA can get suspicious.)


(In the labour centre, a number of colonists sit at desks carrying out various duties on a console that includes a chequered board and adjusting controls. A fanfare sounds stopping the group in their tracks as they look up at the still image of the CONTROLLER and listen to his announcement.)

CONTROL VOICE: This is your Controller speaking. There is no need for alarm. You may all continue your work and play, confident that the best is being done for you. But our unfortunate companion Medok has been allowed to escape. Emergency Patrols two and three are now searching the Colony and he is sure to be caught before it is dark. Now return to your work and play with fresh heart and renewed energy!

(Another fanfare sounds. The DOCTOR'S party have entered the room.)

BEN: They got that bloke all over the place like a blinking politician.

(ALVIS, the young man in charge, steps forward.)

ALVIS: He is our controller. We are always pleased to see him. He brings us encouragement.
BEN: Oh, he's not a politician then!

(Another fanfare.)

BROADCAST VOICE: Number nine shift to stand by. Leader to report to Youth Centre.
ALVIS: Work shift ready to leave.

(A Jingle suddenly plays out of the loudspeakers.)

MUSIC: "We're happy to work,
Happy to play,
_____. "

JAMIE: That's a nice wee tune Doctor.
BEN: Yeah, if you happen to like work.
OLA: It's a privilege to work for the Colony.

(QUESTA enters and goes up to ALVIS.)

QUESTA: Shift leader reporting: Shift number nine, all present and correct.
ALVIS: Good. You're the first of the night shift.
JAMIE: Uh, what do ye do then? Farming or fishing?
ALVIS: We work very hard here.
DOCTOR: Yes, but what do you do?
ALVIS: We tap and refine gas.
POLLY: For heating?
OLA: No, we use it for many things. The Colony depends on it. It's absolutely essen....

(An alarm sounds. Two workers stagger in through a glass door from the pit-head. The colonists rush forward to help.)

OLA: Emergency! Quick, give me that! Come on!

(He helps the injured men.)

ALVIS: (Into intercom.) Accident! Stand by, oxygen supply. (To OLA.) Take them away. Any other losses?
OLA: Two with gas sickness. Come on.

(He leads the injured men away.)

BEN: What happened?
ALVIS: Their work. It can't be helped. The work must be done.
POLLY: Do you hear that, Doctor?

(She looks round but realises that he is no longer with them.)

POLLY: Where's he gone?


(The DOCTOR has returned to the construction site and finds MEDOK in the shadows of a building that is partially erected. The man is still frightened and nervous.)

DOCTOR: Shh! I saw you.
MEDOK: Get out!
DOCTOR: Oh, that's not very polite. I was interested in what you were saying.
MEDOK: Who else knows I'm here?
DOCTOR: No one. Why should I tell them? Now these creatures - have you seen them clearly? What do they look like?
MEDOK: What has it to do with you?
DOCTOR: Well, I'm interested. What do they look like?
MEDOK: All right. If you really want to know. It's hard to say. They move at night, in the dark. And look horrible. giant insects.
DOCTOR: With big claws?
MEDOK: Yes, that's it.
DOCTOR: You've seen them in the Colony?
MEDOK: Oh yes.
DOCTOR: Has anyone else seen them?
MEDOK: A few, but they've lock them up in the correction hospital.
DOCTOR: Why do they do that?
MEDOK: Control tells them to. They'll put me back there when they catch me.

(The alarm is heard in the distance)

MEDOK: And they'll put you back there for helping me.
BEN AND JAMIE: (OOV.) Doctor! Doctor!
MEDOK: Go on! Quickly! They're looking for you!
BEN: (OOV.) Doctor!


(The alarm sounds throughout the refreshing department. BEN and JAMIE have returned and are talking with POLLY.)

POLLY: But we searched there, I'm sure.

(The DOCTOR'S recorder can be heard. The man himself walks into view, playing his instrument.)

DOCTOR: Were you looking for me?
POLLY: Where have you been?
DOCTOR: I'm just looking around, that's all.
OLA: It's dangerous to go off on your own after dark.
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm used to the dark. I like it.

(The alarm ends...)

OLA: We're confined to rest cubicles at night by order of Control. Anyone who wanders around the Colony at night...may be killed.

(There is a fanfare, interrupting OLA'S threat.)

CONTROL VOICE: Curfew time. All personnel not on duty must retire to quarters.
OLA: Do you hear that?
CONTROL VOICE: Emergency patrols two and three to remain on duty. Work shifts to remain at their posts until dawn. Visitors to retire for the night to the refreshing department.

(Another fanfare)

OLA: That's you. You're confined here.

(He walks out.)


(BARNEY shows the DOCTOR to his room in the refreshing department.)

BARNEY: Here we are, Doctor.

(He points to other doors.)

BARNEY: Your young friends are in their rooms over there.
DOCTOR: Thank you.
BARNEY: I, er, I hope you sleep well.
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm sure I will. Thank you. Goodnight.
BARNEY: Goodnight, Doctor.

(BARNEY leaves sliding the door shut behind him. The DOCTOR listens at the door, slides it open and leaves.)


(The DOCTOR starts to leave the colony through the refreshing department. A fanfare precedes an announcement. The DOCTOR looks at the image on the screen that dominates the darkened room.)

CONTROL VOICE: It is now dark. No one will go outside into the Colony. A dangerous man is in hiding. Our patrols have orders to shoot on sight. Happy sleep time everybody.

(There is another fanfare)

DOCTOR: And the same to you!


(Strange noises disturb the night air as a patrol of guards march past.)


(The strange noises can still be heard as the DOCTOR enters the darkened construction site. He hides in the shadows as the guards and OLA enter the construction site. )

OLA: Patrol two over here, Patrol three follow me. If you see him, shoot to kill.

(The guards move off and the DOCTOR moves over to one of the new buildings where MEDOK is hidden. The little man is still nervous and jumpy as the DOCTOR approaches.)

OLA: (OOV.) I'll have a look over there.
DOCTOR: (To MEDOK.) It's all right. It's me. Stay where you are.
MEDOK: Why are you back?
DOCTOR: Don't move.
OLA: (OOV.) Have a look in those new houses they're building.
MEDOK: He's coming! We'll have to get out!

(MEDOK is about to run off but the DOCTOR holds him back.)

DOCTOR: Wait! If he comes in this way, we'll go out the back. If he comes in the back, we'll go out here.
MEDOK: He's the front of the house.

(Outside the construction, OLA calls his guards...)

OLA: Over here. I heard something.

(Inside the construction...)

DOCTOR: All right. Go back.
MEDOK: You can't stay here.
DOCTOR: I'll try to create a diversion.
MEDOK: No, they'll kill you!
DOCTOR: Do as I tell you.
MEDOK: (Considers, then...) Thanks.
DOCTOR: Go on. Go on.

(He pushes him towards the rear of the room. They reach an opening at the back of the construction.)

DOCTOR: All right, we'll go through this opening when I give the word.

(He checks that the coast is clear then...)

DOCTOR: Right. Now!

(The DOCTOR is about to jump through the hole but MEDOK grabs him back...)

MEDOK: No, look. Out there.
DOCTOR: I don't see anything.
MEDOK: In that patch of moonlight. I told you I'd seen them!

(The DOCTOR looks where MEDOK is pointing. In the patch of light is a hideous crab-like creature with giant claws similar to that seen on the TARDIS scanner and luminous eyes on stalks...)

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