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first broadcast - 18th February 1967
running time - 24mins 40secs


(JAMIE lies half unconscious on a bed. Suddenly he sits up. There is a CYBERMAN in front of him.)

JAMIE: It's you. The phantom piper! No! No, I'll not go with ya.

(The CYBERMAN leans over him.)

JAMIE: Do you hear me piper? No, leave me.

(The CYBERMAN moves away.)

JAMIE: Leave me, I'll not go with ya. Do you hear me? Leave me. No, I'll not go with ya.

(The CYBERMAN goes over to another bed.)

JAMIE: I'll fight ya every inch of the way.

(The PATIENT on the other bed stirs.)

JAMIE: I'll not go with ya. No.

(JAMIE continues to mumble as the CYBERMAN begins to pick up the PATIENT.)

PATIENT: No! Aah! Aah! Ahh!

(The PATIENT tries to struggle but it is useless. The CYBERMAN slings him over his shoulder and starts to leave the sick bay.)

JAMIE: Leave me piper. No, leave me, I'll not go.

(JAMIE continues to mumble deliriously as POLLY enters with some water through the doors opposite the CYBERMAN. POLLY starts to go to JAMIE but she notices the CYBERMAN carrying the PATIENT. The CYBERMAN leaves through the doors opposite her.)

POLLY: (Screaming.) Aaaahhh!

(The doors close and POLLY drops the water container. HOBSON, the DOCTOR, BEN and two base crew, SAM and JULES, rush in.)

DOCTOR: Polly!
HOBSON: What's going on?
DOCTOR: Polly, what's happened?

(POLLY rushes over to the DOCTOR.)

POLLY: Oh, Doctor! Doctor, it was horrible. A great creature like a... like a Cyberman.

(POLLY begins to sob.)

DOCTOR: It's all right. Don't be frightened. Whatever it was, it's all gone now.
POLLY: Yes, but Doctor, the the Cyberman was carrying one of the patients out!
DOCTOR: Cyberman?
HOBSON: Cyberman? What are you talking about?
POLLY: I'm sure it was. I'm sure it was!

(JAMIE suddenly sits up.)

DOCTOR: Are you sure?
JAMIE: I'll not go with you!
BEN: Alright mate, you're safe now. Take it easy.
POLLY: Yes it did, I promise you.

(HOBSON is standing by the bed where the patient was.)

HOBSON: She's right. There's yet another one gone.

(The DOCTOR, POLLY and BEN go to the missing PATIENT's bed.)

HOBSON: Sam, Jules, you've got to find these men. They can't just disappear in a place this size. Search every square inch, don't come back until you've found them. Now move.

(SAM and JULES leave. HOBSON goes over to POLLY.)

HOBSON: Now, supposing you tell me your story. What did you see?
POLLY: Well, I went out to get Jamie some water and... and when I came back I saw this giant man or or or creature or something just going out of the door carrying one of the patients like a doll. I think it was a Cyberman.
HOBSON: Forget the Cyberman part. Then what?
POLLY: Well, then nothing. The the door shut and then you came in.

(HOBSON moves over to the DOCTOR.)

HOBSON: What do you know about all this?
DOCTOR: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
HOBSON: We'll see about that in a minute.

(HOBSON swings round to face POLLY.)

HOBSON: This thing you saw, what was it like?
POLLY: It was enormous and silver and it had holes in it's head for eyes, like a robot!
HOBSON: A robot?
BEN: But the Cybermen were all killed when Mondas blew up, weren't they?
HOBSON: Stop this Cyberman nonsense. There were Cybermen, every child knows that, but they were all destroyed ages ago.
DOCTOR: So we all thought.
HOBSON: That's enough! Now let's have a little calm thinking. For the past two weeks a completely unknown disease has appeared in the base. People drop in their tracks, they develop this black pattern on their skin. Then some of the patients disappear, right?

(HOBSON swings round to face the DOCTOR, BEN and POLLY.)

HOBSON: Well, they can't leave the base without wearing space suits, there are no space suits missing, so where are they?
DOCTOR: I must say it does sound a little odd.
HOBSON: More than a little. Well I do know one thing. A new disease starts, people disappear and then you turn up.

(POLLY and BEN walk towards HOBSON.)

POLLY: And you think we did it.
BEN: Oh, come off it, we haven't done a thing!
HOBSON: That's as maybe. I don't know who you are, what you are or where you come from... (Pauses.) ...but you can get off the moon now.
BEN: Yeah, well that suits me fine. The sooner the better!

(BEN goes over to the door.)

DOCTOR: No Ben, we can't go yet.
BEN: Well why not? They don't want us here.
DOCTOR: Because there is something evil here and we must stay.
HOBSON: Evil? Don't be daft!
DOCTOR: Evil is what I meant. There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything that we believe in. They must be fought. This disease, for instance. It isn't really a disease at all but I can help you with it. You'll see. I'll find the cause for you.
HOBSON: Will you indeed?
DOCTOR: Yes, certainly. Just need to examine a few things, that's all. Should be simple.
HOBSON: Well, I'm not sure. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give you just one Earth day cycle to find the cause.
BEN: Earth what?
HOBSON: Twenty four hours.
BEN: But that's no time at all!
HOBSON: It's all the time you're going to get. Then you get off the moon, complete with this bloke here.

(HOBSON indicates JAMIE.)

POLLY: But you can't move him, he's very ill!
DOCTOR: We accept. Now, tell me, (Clearing throat.) hmm, you have pathological equipment here, yes?
HOBSON: Yes, Evans was working on an extensive research project. It's all in here.

(HOBSON indicates a small round area in the middle of the sick bay.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I'll have a look in here. (Clearing throat.) hum.

(They enter the research area.)

HOBSON: It's quite a small unit. We're not equipped to deal with a full scale epidemic, you understand. Do you think you can manage?
DOCTOR: (Examining all the equipment.) Yes, I think I can.
HOBSON: Right. Well, I'll leave you to it. But don't forget, twenty four hours.

(HOBSON leaves the sick bay. The DOCTOR carries a tray of medical equipment over to one of the patients.)

BEN: What are you going to do Doctor?
DOCTOR: I'm going to start with this one. (Clearing throat.) Hmm.
POLLY: Listen, are you really a medical doctor?

(The DOCTOR is taking a skin sample from the patient.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I... I think I was once... Polly, I think I took a degree once in Glasgow, 1888 I think. Lister.

(He passes POLLY a container with cotton wool inside.)

DOCTOR: Hold that Polly, will you?

(The DOCTOR takes a swab of cotton wool and rubs it on the patient's wrist, where he took the skin sample. The patient's hand convulses.)

POLLY: Uuuhh!

(POLLY holds her hands to her face.)

POLLY: Uh! Uuh!
DOCTOR: It's all right. He's quite unconscious. (Clearing throat.) Hmm.

(The DOCTOR carries the tray back to the research area. BEN and POLLY follow.)

BEN: Well look, what can we do to help?
DOCTOR: I shall need to examine everything. Clothes, boots, food, towels, soap, everything. Will you get them for me please?
POLLY: Have you any idea what it might be?
DOCTOR: No. Not an idea. But we'll find it out.


(One of the base personnel leaves the gravitron control room. He wearily puts away his protective cap and leaves the control room.)

HOBSON: I don't understand it. I'm sure there's a lack of coordination somewhere.
BENOIT: Yes, but where?
HOBSON: On the indicators, look!

(On the indicator screen a carefully plotted point moves.)

HOBSON: Should be steady as a rock.
BENOIT: The fault must be in the gravitron.
HOBSON: Nils, here.
NILS: Yes Hobby?

(NILS joins HOBSON.)

HOBSON: I'm going to run a test. Move the probe and we'll see if the indicators move the right distance on the map.

(NILS sits down.)

NILS: Right.
HOBSON: Benoit, keep an eye on the probe itself, will you?

(BENOIT turns to BOB.)

BENOIT: All yours, Bob.
BOB: Right.

(They manipulate some controls. BENOIT walks over to the gravitron probe.)

HOBSON: Deflect probe five degrees - now.

(As NILS operates the control the gravitron probe moves.)

HOBSON: Way off! Five degrees should put him over Iceland. Move the probe back again.

(NILS does so.)

HOBSON: Right.

(BENOIT walks over to them.)

BENOIT: The probe seemed to deflect alright.
HOBSON: The fault must be here. This could be a major disaster if we can't stabilise the Earth's field!
NILS: If we lose that hurricane Mr Hobson all hell will break loose on the Earth! I've a wife and family.
HOBSON: Yeah, you're not the only one. Roget, check the predentiometers.
BENOIT: Right.

(BENOIT walks over to the gravitron control area and puts on a cap before entering.)

HOBSON: Nils, check the... check the gravitation units. Check it out for everyone one time.

(BENOIT goes over to the controls in the gravitron control area.)

NILS: Field stabilising at 48, Mr Hobson.
HOBSON: Prepare to move probe. Check co-ordinates. We've got to hold that hurricane in the Pacific. Stand by - now.


(We see the gravitron probe raise itself.)


(BENOIT leaves the gravitron control room and goes over to HOBSON.)

BENOIT: Twenty degree tilt. Complete.
HOBSON: Field's not correcting. We'll have to increase the reactor power.
BENOIT: You can't do that! The torus will burn out!
HOBSON: It's all we can do.

(The communication centre comes into life.)

SPACE CONTROL: (Over radio.) International space control.
RADIO OPERATOR: Earth calling.

(HOBSON walks over to the communications centre.)

SPACE CONTROL: Earth calling Moon weather control. Stand by. Stand by for the controller.
RADIO OPERATOR: This is moonbase. Come in please.
SPACE CONTROL: We wish to speak to Mr Hobson.
HOBSON: Hobson speaking.
SPACE CONTROL: Stand by for the controller.
HOBSON: Right. He's actually going to speak to us this time.
RINBERG: (Over radio.) Controller Rinberg speaking.

(HOBSON clears his throat.)

RINBERG: Is that you Hobson?
HOBSON: Yes, Rinberg.
RINBERG: The directional field is showing a progressive error. Reports have come in of wide-spread pressure fluctuations in Atlantic zone 6. You must get the gravitron back into balance.
HOBSON: We're trying to compensate by re-aligning the probe. We have an error in the servos.
RINBERG: Well there's no sign of any improvement here. We've just had a report from Miami, Florida. Thirty minutes ago they were enjoying clear skies and a heat wave. Now hurricane Lucy is right overhead.
BENOIT: There is only one thing to do.
HOBSON: What's that?
BENOIT: Shut it down.
HOBSON: What, switch the gravitron off?!
BENOIT: Yes, it's the only chance.
HOBSON: We can't do that, man. The collapse of the gravity would devastate half the globe. There'd be storms, whirlwinds, hurricanes...
RINBERG: I overheard your conversation. It's quite out of the question. You're not to shut down the gravitron under any circumstances. And that's an order. I er... (Coughs.) I think perhaps you don't appreciate how serious the situation already is.
HOBSON: I bet he gets a knighthood!
RINBERG: We spent years in a general assembly negotiating methods of agreement between farmers and landowners and so on.

(We see the anxious faces of all the base's crew and the furious face of HOBSON.)

RINBERG: Now the weather's out of control they're after our blood. I must say I can't blame them. You've got to get that thing under control. Quickly. Now please get on with it.
SPACE CONTROL: Earth control over and out.
HOBSON: Well, you're all in the picture. We've got trouble, bad trouble, we haven't got much time. We're going to run through every circuit, every field pattern, every damn nut and bolt on Charlie boy in there...

(HOBSON indicates the gravitron control room.)

HOBSON: ...until he's running sweet and smooth. A full class A test, in fact. Now you all know what to do so let's get on with it.

(They all move away except BENOIT and NILS.)

HOBSON: Right, we'll start on the main tape program.
BENOIT: Right.

(BENOIT and NILS enter a small room off of the control room. HOBSON follows with a clip board.)

NILS: It's running now.
HOBSON: Right, give it the analogue value on module 6, will you?
BENOIT: Will do. They look alright. AF-10 milligons. BF-15 milligons, CF-26. That fits, doesn't it?
HOBSON: Yes, they're in normal levels.

(He passes BENOIT the clipboard.)

HOBSON: Roget, finish checking here, will you? The answer may be in the control panel.

(HOBSON leaves and the DOCTOR enters carrying some tongs and a tray.)

BENOIT: I'll sing out the binary conversion values, you check them on read out, ok?
NILS: Right.
BENOIT: Right.

(The DOCTOR takes a sample of loose material from BENOIT's T-shirt. He places it on the tray.)

BENOIT: Channel one.

(NILS looks at some tape protruding from the machine.)


(NILS checks the figures against the tape.)

BENOIT: Eight.
NILS: Right.
NILS: Mm-hm.

(The DOCTOR starts to cut a square of material out of BENOIT's trousers.)

BENOIT: Three.
NILS: Yau.
NILS: Yau.
NILS: Right.
BENOIT: Eight.
NILS: Right.
BENOIT: Twelve.
NILS: Yau.
BENOIT: Right?
NILS: Right. All spot on.
BENOIT: Right.

(Suddenly BENOIT notices the DOCTOR who is just finishing cutting the material off of BENOIT's trousers.)

BENOIT: Eh là, qu'est-ce que vous fabriquez, imbécile d'idiot!

(The DOCTOR removes the material and places it on the tray.)

BENOIT: Vous n'avez rien d'autre à faire? Vous croyez que nous sommes en train de nous amuser?

(The DOCTOR rises and smiles.)

BENOIT: (To NILS) Oh, come on. (To the DOCTOR.) Get out of the way!
DOCTOR: Enchanté monsieur.

(BENOIT and NILS enter the control area. The DOCTOR follows.)

BENOIT: Now, where were we? Ah yes, the fluid servo pressures. I reckon this is probably where the fault is.
NILS: Er, do you want them all or just the main tank readings?
BENOIT: Just the main will do.
NILS: Right.

(NILS examines a console.)

NILS: Header one-45 pounds.
NILS: Header two-47
NILS: Three-42.

(The DOCTOR starts untying NILS' boot.)

NILS: Sin values equivalent.
BENOIT: They all fit. Nothing there.
NILS: It must be the potentiometer nut, then.
BENOIT: Looks like it. Take us some time to do that. We'll need the digital volt meter.

(Someone walks over to NILS and the DOCTOR.)

NILS: Right, I'll get it.

(As NILS steps away the DOCTOR is left with the boot in his hand. The DOCTOR stands up, only to come face to face with HOBSON.)

HOBSON: What the blazes are you doing?!
DOCTOR: I'm, er, just collecting specimins.
HOBSON: Specimens? Oh yes, yes. Well get on with it!


(BEN is examining a bottle labelled "INTERFERON". He takes it over to POLLY.)

BEN: We're nearly out of this interferon stuff.
POLLY: Oh, well you'd better go and ask Mr Hobson where the rest is.
BEN: Yeah, right.

(BEN takes the bottle and leaves. POLLY walks over to JAMIE. JAMIE is tossing and moaning.)

JAMIE: Uuhuuh! Uuhuh!
POLLY: Sshh. It's all right Jamie, you're going to get better but you must lie still.
JAMIE: Uuhuh, what is this place? Is it the home of the piper?
POLLY: No, we're on the moon. You know, the moon, up in the sky.
JAMIE: Oh no, I can't be alive. I I've just seen the piper.

(Suddenly JAMIE sits up and looks past POLLY.)

JAMIE: Aahah!

(POLLY turns to see what JAMIE is looking at and comes face to face with a CYBERMAN.)


(POLLY backs away.)

POLLY: Uh! Uh! Uuh!

(The CYBERMAN raises its arms. Some sort of flash comes out of it's fingertips. POLLY convulses and collapses onto the floor. The CYBERMAN then turns and advances on JAMIE.)

JAMIE: The piper! I I knew!

(The CYBERMAN fires another flash and JAMIE falls unconscious. It advances on JAMIE, but after looking at JAMIE's face the CYBERMAN turns away. The CYBERMAN goes over to another bed and effortlessly picks up the patient. The CYBERMAN leaves with the PATIENT in its arms. The DOCTOR enters with his tray and sees POLLY lying on the ground. He hurriedly puts down the tray and rushes over to her.)

DOCTOR: Polly! What's happened? Polly!

(POLLY does not respond.)


(HOBSON is supervising the tests. He walks over to BENOIT, who is by the gravitron probe.)

HOBSON: Anything out on the probe's servos?
BENOIT: The aero detectors show a slight discrepancy. Normal limits, though.
HOBSON: What about the overall feedback valve? We haven't checked that.
BENOIT: Well, that's an idea.

(BENOIT walks away from the probe.)

HOBSON: You know, I don't think it's likely to be a mechanical fault.

(JOE, one of the base personnel, rushes over.)

JOE: Mr Hobson, an air pressure drop again.
HOBSON: Same as before?
JOE: Yes, just the same. Lasts about five seconds.
HOBSON: Something odd. It's not the pumps, I'm sure of that. Has anyone asked permission to leave the base?
JOE: No, as far as I know the compression chamber's empty.
HOBSON: If I find anybody's been fooling about in there without permission, I'll tear their hides off!


(We see a pile of food in bags against one wall. Suddenly, a CYBERMAN pushes the pile down and emerges from a hole hidden behind them. He walks into the store room and starts to pile the food bags back against the wall to conceal the hole.)


JOE: Pressure's up again now sir.
HOBSON: Thank heaven for that. I'm going to check over the control loop monitor.
BENOIT: Control loop monitor. Huh! I think you're wasting your time.
HOBSON: Nothing's a waste of time till we trace this fault, and don't you forget it! You saw what's happening on Earth, we can't afford to miss anything, now get on with it!

(HOBSON begins to walk away.)

SAM: I think I've found something!
HOBSON: What is it?
SAM: One of the probe control antennae.

(HOBSON walks over.)

BENOIT: Well? What's the matter with it?
SAM: Well, according to these readings there are at least two pieces of it missing. It's just not coordinating.
HOBSON: Missing?
BENOIT: Meteorites?
HOBSON: Could be. There could be a simpler explanation. Roget, when did these people arrive here?
BENOIT: The end of period 11 this present lunar day.
HOBSON: And when did the gravitron start playing up?
BENOIT: About the beginning of period 12.
HOBSON: Sam, when was the last time we had anyone outside?
SAM: During period 13. Two men went outside to realign one of the solar mirrors.
HOBSON: That's it!
BENOIT: I'm not quite with you.
HOBSON: Well it's simple. Strangers arrive period 11, the gravitron goes up the spout period 12.
BENOIT: I understand! But that means...
HOBSON: Come on! It's time we put that Doctor and his friend in cold storage.

(HOBSON, BENOIT and SAM start to leave. HOBSON stops in mid stride.)

HOBSON: Just a second. Get two men outside to look at the antennae, will you Sam?
SAM: Ok.

(Sam walks over to JOE, who is sitting at a console.)

SAM: Right, Joe nip along to the mess deck, tell Jules and Franz I want them here pretty sharpish.
JOE: Right.

(JOE starts to leave but he stops when he sees BEN enter.)

HOBSON: Well, now what is it?
BEN: Another patient's gone sir.
HOBSON: What?! Come on!

(HOBSON, BEN, JOE and BENOIT all rush out of the room.)


(The door opens and JULES and FRANZ enter. They are wearing space suits. They check each other's pipes are securely in and pat each other on the shoulder to communicate this fact. They walk through another door and start to climb two ladders. They reach the top and one of them presses a button. Two doors open that lead out onto the moon's surface and they walk through them.)


(The DOCTOR is examining slides in a microscope. He stands up.)

DOCTOR: (Tutting.) Ttt. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
POLLY: Isn't there any clue at all?
DOCTOR: No. It's a complete blank. All the tests are negative.

(He leaves the research area.)

DOCTOR: As far as I can see this whole ridiculous place is completely sterile!

(He picks up some stuff on one of the empty beds and examines it.)

POLLY: We'll have to go and tell Mr Hobson, I suppose.
DOCTOR: He's not going to like it very much.

(The DOCTOR picks up NILS' boot.)

DOCTOR: I simply don't understand it.
POLLY: Doctor, erm, it it wouldn't... I mean it couldn't possibly have anything to do with Lister, could it?
DOCTOR: Lister?
POLLY: Well, I mean, you did say that you took your degree in Glasgow in 1888. It does seem an awful long time from now, 2070 or whatever it is.
DOCTOR: Polly, are you suggesting that I'm not competent to carry out these tests?
POLLY: Oh no. No, no no, no I was just wondering if there was anything that Joseph Lister didn't know in 1888 that might possibly help you now.
DOCTOR: Sshh! Somebody's coming.

(The DOCTOR walks towards the door.)

DOCTOR: It's Mr Hobson! Out for blood. Ours! (Coughs.) Hmm, look busy. Quick!

(The DOCTOR rushes into the research area just as HOBSON, BEN, TED and BENOIT walk into the sick bay.)

HOBSON: That's as might be but that's the third person to disappear in the past few hours. It's completely illogical. Single beds, no way to get out...
DOCTOR: Do you mind?!

(He stands up from the microscope which he was "examining".)

DOCTOR: Would you mind standing away from the door and allowing it to close? The slides, the dust!
HOBSON: Benoit.

(He indicates the doors and BENOIT closes them. HOBSON walks over to the DOCTOR.)

HOBSON: It must be you people. We've got some straight talking to do, you and I!
DOCTOR: Polly.

(The DOCTOR looks as if he's found something on the slide.)

DOCTOR: Another boot.
POLLY: Right.

(POLLY goes to get another boot from the bed.)

HOBSON: Do you hear me?!

(He looks at HOBSON.)

DOCTOR: This is extraordinary!

(POLLY walks over and passes the DOCTOR a boot.)

POLLY: Here we go.

(Polly places the boot on the table by the microscope. HOBSON walks over into the research area. The DOCTOR removes a lens from the microscope.)

HOBSON: Now look here...
DOCTOR: Excuse me please.

(The DOCTOR goes to get a different lens for the microscope. He then fits it onto the microscope.)

DOCTOR: We are trying to help you, you know.
HOBSON: Help? Is that what you call it?! You can all get off the moon now!
POLLY: Now, wait a minute, you said...
HOBSON: I don't care what I said!
HOBSON: Found something?

(HOBSON is intrigued.)

DOCTOR: I think perhaps I have.
HOBSON: Really?

(HOBSON leans closer to the microscope.)

DOCTOR: Yes I... I may be onto something but - I must have some room! (Coughs.) Hhh. How can I work under these conditions? Now out, please!

(The DOCTOR pushes HOBSON out of the research area.)

DOCTOR: Come along, outside. I'm trying to work in here! Ben, see that they stay outside.

(BEN, TED, HOBSON and BENOIT leave.)

POLLY: Doctor, did you mean that?
POLLY: You've found something!
DOCTOR: Oh Polly, I only wish I had.

(POLLY shrugs.)

DOCTOR: Why not make some coffee to keep them all happy while I think of something?
POLLY: All right.

(POLLY leaves.)


(JULES and FRANZ walk over to the antennae. They begin examining it. Suddenly they turn around. Two CYBERMEN are standing there. The CYBERMEN raise their arms and strike the two men. JULES and FRANZ collapse to the ground.)


(HOBSON, SAM and BENOIT and another crew member, TED, are waiting outside. The DOCTOR emerges from the sick bay.)

HOBSON: Here, Doctor.

(He beckons the DOCTOR over.)

HOBSON: You've completed your examination?
DOCTOR: Yes, just about.
HOBSON: Turned the base upside-down, poked into everything?
DOCTOR: Yes, clothes, boots, food...
HOBSON: And you've found?
DOCTOR: Absolutely nothing.
HOBSON: Just as I thought.
DOCTOR: Oh, thank you.
HOBSON: So what I told you still stands.

(POLLY enters with a tray of coffee.)

DOCTOR: Ah, coffee! Splendid. Thank you Polly, er, I think we could all do with a cup.

(POLLY places the tray on the floor.)

HOBSON: Benoit, you'd better go outside and see how Jules and Franz are getting on.
BENOIT: Right.

(BENOIT leaves.)


(There are two empty space suits lying by the antennae.)


POLLY: Coffee?
HOBSON: Well Doctor...
POLLY: Sugar?
HOBSON: Oh er, er, thank you.

(POLLY passes HOBSON a container of sugar.)

POLLY: It's very hot. Doctor, what about you?
DOCTOR: Thank you Polly.

(JOHN is drinking some coffee.)

HOBSON: Well Doctor, as I was saying, you've had your chance and you've come up with absolutely nothing. Now I want...

(JOHN sways, then screams and collapses onto the floor.)

DOCTOR: Now, don't touch him! Let me look.

(As the DOCTOR looks a black pattern appears on JOHN's skin.)

HOBSON: Here, Charlie and you - what's your name, Ben, give us a hand to get him into the medical unit.
DOCTOR: Try not to touch his skin.

(JOHN is carried into the sick bay. HOBSON, POLLY and the DOCTOR sit down. HOBSON picks up his coffee and the DOCTOR realises something. The DOCTOR looks at the sugar.)

DOCTOR: Don't drink that!

(The DOCTOR knocks HOBSON's coffee out of his hands.)

DOCTOR: It's the sugar! Don't you see? That's why the disease doesn't affect everyone. It's the sugar, not everyone takes it!

(HOBSON goes to pick up the sugar.)

DOCTOR: No, don't touch it!

(The DOCTOR produces the tongs from his pocket and picks up the container with them. He enters the sick bay and rushes over to the microscope. He puts some sugar onto a slide.)

HOBSON: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: Just be patient.

(He examines the slide under the microscope and we see some sort of organism is on the slide.)

DOCTOR: Just as I thought. A large, neurotropic virus.
HOBSON: What, like the space plague?
DOCTOR: No. It's a large, infective agent that only attacks the nerves. That's why the patients have got these lines on their faces and their hands. It follows the course of the nerves under the skin.
HOBSON: That's all very well, but how did it get in here?
DOCTOR: Oh, it is the Cybermen. I believe they have deliberately infected the base.
HOBSON: My men have searched every square inch of the base. There's no space to hide a cat, let alone a Cyberman! Anyhow, how did they get in?

(The DOCTOR realises something.)

DOCTOR: One moment.
HOBSON: What is it?

(The DOCTOR, HOBSON, BEN and POLLY walk over to a bed.)

DOCTOR: You say you searched all the base?
HOBSON: Yes. What of it?
DOCTOR: Every nook and cranny?
DOCTOR: No chance of anyone hiding anywhere?
HOBSON: None whatever.
DOCTOR: Did your men search in here?
HOBSON: Well...
DOCTOR: Did they?
HOBSON: Well, (Sighs.) there are always people in here so they thought that...
DOCTOR: (Whispering urgently.) Did they search in here?
POLLY: But there's nowhere in here they could hide.

(Everyone follows the DOCTOR over to a bed. The DOCTOR inspects all the beds in turn until he comes to one particular bed. He sees the boots of a Cyberman sticking out.)

POLLY: Oh no!

(The DOCTOR indicates for everyone to back away.)

POLLY: No! No! Oh no!

(The CYBERMAN gets out of the bed. The whole bed shakes with his strength, as even this simple movement shows. He withdraws his gun from it's holster and advances towards the DOCTOR and co...)

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