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by GERRY DAVIS (Uncredited) and KIT PEDLER


first broadcast - 11th February, 1967
running time - 24mins 18secs


(Continuing on from THE UNDERWATER MENACE - Intending to go to Mars, the Doctor has tried to set the co-ordinates but the TARDIS, in usual style, is out of control and everybody (DOCTOR, BEN, POLLY, & JAMIE) is being thrown about the room as the DOCTOR wrestles with the controls.)

BEN: Doctor, do something!
DOCTOR: I'm trying to!

(More cries are heard as the Doctor wrestled with the controls and soon everything returns to "normal" as the lights come back on and the floor stops shaking.)

DOCTOR: Everything back under control again.

(BEN, meanwhile, has been watching the scanner.)

BEN: Here, we're landing! Look!

(On the scanner, a small planetoid can be seen rushing towards them at a great rate of speed.)

BEN: Coming at a fair rate!
JAMIE: (Standing up and rubbing his head.) Oh, thank the lord for that. You know, Doctor, I'll never ask you to do that again.
DOCTOR: (Staring at JAMIE.) There wasn't any call for that.
POLLY: (Staring at the Scanner.) Anyway, Doctor, you... you've done it. It's Mars! It must be. You've landed the TARDIS exactly where you said you would.


(With its usual wheezing/groaning sound the TARDIS fades into existence on a cold rocky surface. Wherever the TARDIS has landed, it certainly isn't Mars.)


BEN: Hey, wait a mo! This doesn't look like Mars to me.
POLLY: How do you know? You never seen it.
BEN: No, Duchess, but I have seen pictures of the moon surface and that's what this looks like.
JAMIE: That's the moon?
POLLY: Doctor, is it the moon?

(Shamefaced, the DOCTOR only nods.)

BEN: (Laughing.) Oh well, you weren't too far out, were you? Only two hundred million miles!
DOCTOR: (Deadly serious.) All right, let's move on - while we can.

(He starts to turn back to the controls.)

BEN: What?
POLLY: Now wait a minute! You don't expect to land us on the moon and let us fly off just like that, do you?
BEN: Yeah, at least let us have a look around!
JAMIE: That picture canna be the moon? The moon's way up in the sky.

(BEN and POLLY start towards the main doors.)

DOCTOR: Where do you think you're going?
BEN: You're not going to tell us there is no shore leave.
POLLY: Oh please Doctor. The TARDIS isn't out of control or anything is it?

(This puts the Doctor on the defensive.)

DOCTOR: Oh no, no, no. Just a bumpy landing.
BEN: (Half laughing.) Yeah?
DOCTOR: (Making a decision.) Well, if you must go ashore..... only half an hour.
BEN: Right.
POLLY: Super.

(They both make for the doors again.)

DOCTOR: You can't go ashore like that! You need space suits, there's no atmosphere out there. Come on, there's some in the chest.

(The DOCTOR and POLLY opens the chest and starts to take out four space suits, meanwhile BEN and JAMIE look at the scanner.)

JAMIE: Maybe we'll meet the old man in the moon.
BEN: (Laughing.) You won't meet anybody mate if you don't get some gear on.
JAMIE: What? Oh aye.


(The landscape is briefly illuminated by a series of pulses from a strange spacecraft, hidden from the TARDIS by an overhanging crater. Some time later, all four of them leave the TARDIS and look around.)

DOCTOR: Come on now, lets go over here.

(He starts to move away.)

POLLY: Hey, look at this.
DOCTOR: It`s deserted.
JAMIE: Yeah, I don't think I like it.

(They carry on walking. Suddenly POLLY, who was in the lead, stops...)

POLLY: Look, over there.

(POLLY sees the flash of a landing spaceship, however by the time the others get to her, it has long gone.)

JAMIE: I'll don't see anything.
BEN: What did you see?
POLLY: Some sort of great glow in the sky.
BEN: Probably your eyes getting used to the lunar light. Hey, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Possibly.

(They carry on walking and then POLLY again stops and looks down at her heavy footwear.)

POLLY: Hey, what do we need this great clogs for?
DOCTOR: Try a little jump.
POLLY: All right.

(POLLY jumps but she jumps about 10 feet, higher than a normal person can jump. She rolls over as she lands. BEN and JAMIE laugh, both jumping too but colliding in mid-air.)

DOCTOR: (Concerned.) Careful! One tear in that space suit and you'll suffocate.
POLLY: (To BEN.) You never told me that you took ballet lessons, Ben.

(Everybody laughs at this. POLLY does another jump, higher than BEN's.)

POLLY: (To JAMIE.) Come on, it's easy.
BEN: Look out, here I come.

(JAMIE, with his jump jumps too far and flies off over a ridge.)

POLLY: Where's he gone?
BEN: Over there.

(The three plod over the ridge to find JAMIE and...)

POLLY: (Staring.) What on Earth? Look!

(....see some kind of Moonbase. A large dome seems to dominate the centre of the base but there are lots of small buildings nearby. JAMIE is lying unconscious at the base of the dome.)

BEN: Blimey! What is it?
POLLY: Doctor, what is it?
DOCTOR: I don't know.
POLLY: (Seeing JAMIE.) Hey, I can see Jamie, there he is.

(It's clear that JAMIE has crashed into a plastic dome near to one of the buildings.)

BEN: Hey, there's somebody coming out.

(Two men emerge from a nearby door wearing space suits and carry JAMIE inside.)

DOCTOR: (Starting down.) Come on, let's go.

(The others climb down and bang on the door, which is closed. Suddenly the door slides open and they enter. Behind them the door closes.)


(Inside the dome, men are busy in a weather control room. It has lots of control banks and personnel. Dominating the room is some kind of telescope but it doesn't look like one. There are three main control personnel, HOBSON, a English man and the controller, BENOIT, a Frenchman and his assistant and Number Two and NILS, a Dutchman, and communicator and Number Three. All three of them look worried and under some kind of strain. Nearby is the power room where the power for the "telescope" (The Gravitron) is stored and created. Suddenly an alarm sounds as one of the personnel in the room, all wearing caps, collapses and HOBSON, BENOIT and some of the others rush in to see what the problem is. Black veins snake up from his neck to his face.)

BENOIT: What on Earth is it?

(It's seems that the man was poisoned due to some kind of plague.)

HOBSON: I don't know. Get him along to the Medical unit.
BENOIT: But Doctor Evans has gone down with it as well.
HOBSON: Yes, I know that but the relief doctor from Earth should be here on the next shuttle. Roger.
BENOIT: Yes, of course. (Turning to another man.) Bob, give me a hand, will you?
BOB: Yes, right.

(BOB and BENOIT pick up the man, careful not to let the black veined skin touch them, and move out of the room.)

HOBSON: And... (Pointing to another man.) Jules, you take over.

(JULES looks a little worried at being given a large and important task.)

HOBSON: Come on, he won't bite you.

(JULES takes over the position.)

HOBSON: (Thinking.) There must be some source to this infection. (To NILS.) We better get the lads in here and tell them what's happening. Get them on the blower will you, Nils.
NILS: Okay Nobby.

(He turns and speaks into a microphone.)

NILS: Nils, speaking. We, er.... We got a bit of a flap on up here.....


(While the DOCTOR and the others are entering the room, without their helmets but still in their spacesuits, NILS' voice can be heard over the loudspeaker.)

NILS: (OOV.) Mr. Hobson wants a word with you all...

(The man himself walks in and stops and the sight of the three new arrivals (JAMIE has been taken off somewhere).)

HOBSON: Hello. Where did you lot spring from? Don't tell me the shuttle rocket arrived already?
DOCTOR: No, it hasn't.

(One of the two men that carried JAMIE inside the base turns to HOBSON. His name is SAM.)

SAM: There was another one with them, sir. Bob taken him along to the Medical unit. He's all right. He's just knocked himself out or something.
HOBSON: (Sighing.) Oh no, if we haven't got enough troubles already. They've been through the sterile room?
SAM: Yes, Nobby.
DOCTOR: We don't want to cause you any trouble. Just let us collect our young friend and we'll be off.

(POLLY starts to move towards the door. HOBSON grabs her on the arm.)

HOBSON: Hey, not so fast.
POLLY: Please let me go and see Jamie.
BENOIT: I will take you there Mademoiselle. If you come with me.
HOBSON: (Makes a choice.) All right, young lady. You can carry on.
BENOIT: (Showing POLLY the way.) This way.

(They both leave.)

HOBSON: But I just like to have a word with you two.

(Looking at the DOCTOR's manner of dress and hair-style.)

HOBSON: You can do with a extra bactical check by the look of it.
DOCTOR: (Slightly annoyed.) Bactical check?
HOBSON: That's what I said.
BEN: Well, thanks.
DOCTOR: I'll let you know that our TARDIS is as sterile...

(He stops as he sees that HOBSON is fishing for information.)

DOCTOR: Our space craft.
NILS: (Coming across.) They're all here, sir. Any time you're ready.
HOBSON: Right. (To the DOCTOR.) Well, we'll learn about your spacecraft a little later. Meanwhile, you better come along with me and meet my team and listen to what I have to say.
DOCTOR: Thank you very much.

(They all move forward into the control room which is now packed with people.)

HOBSON: Well, you know what this place is?
DOCTOR: Well, it looks like some sort of weather control centre.

(He notices the Gravitron.)

DOCTOR: Ah, yes. And that's the thing with which you control the weather. That's the culprit then.
BEN: Hey?
DOCTOR: Hmmm. That's what gave us a bumpy landing. Some sort of gravity device.
HOBSON: (Incredulous.) Some sort of Gravity device?! You are from Earth aren't you?
DOCTOR: (Shifty.) Yes.
HOBSON: Well, where have you been for the past 20 years. Every school kid knows about the Gravitron in there.
DOCTOR: (Seeing.) Ah, yes. It must be about the year 2050, Ben.
HOBSON: We've got a proper Rip Van Winkle here.

(Some men laugh.)

HOBSON: It's 2070, in case you like to know.
DOCTOR: (Beaming at BEN.) There you are - I was only twenty years out.
HOBSON: (Turning to the crew.) Well, before we all forget what century we're in, I'd better tell you why I have called you here.
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) Won't you introduce us first. I am a Doctor.
HOBSON: The Doctor? You're arrived just in time. We need your help.
DOCTOR: Do you?
HOBSON: I'll see you in a moment.

(He turns back.)

HOBSON: Now, this virus...
DOCTOR: I may be able to help you if you introduce us.

(HOBSON gives up.)

HOBSON: Right, Doctor. You'd better meet them all. We're all scientists you see. No room for idle hands, I see to that. Roger Benoit, beside you here, is my assistant. He takes over as Chief Scientist if anything happens to me.

(BENOIT nods a greeting.)

HOBSON: He's a physicist like us and Joe Bentsburg. Nils, our mad Dane, is an astronomer and mathematician as is Charlie here. Ralph, Jules and Frances are geologists. When they are not acting as cooks, looks-outs, general... you know... handyman.
DOCTOR: And this is where you control the Earth's weather.
DOCTOR: I see.
BENOIT: The gravitron controls the tides, the tides controls the weather.

(He shows a console.)

BENOIT: And from this console we can plot it all on that map.

(He points to the map of the world on the wall.)

BENOIT: Simple, eh?
BEN: Yeah, very simple.

(Closer to the DOCTOR.)

BEN: Wish we had this back in 1966.
DOCTOR: (Smiling.) Why? Was it a bad year.....

(Another alarm sounds and a man in the Gravitron room begins to wave his hands to the others before he collapses.)

HOBSON: It's Jim. Quick Francois, take over.

(Jim is carefully pulled away from his controls and Francois takes his place. The Gravitron starts to move downwards and this is quickly spotted.)

BENOIT: Cursor Five over the Pacific is starting to move.
BEN: What does that mean?
DOCTOR: Some form of change in the weather.
HOBSON: We're soon hear from Earth what it means.
NILS: (From communicator.) Here it comes!

(A voice comes from the communicator.)

VOICE: (OOV.) International Space Control Earth calling Weather Control Moon - come in please.
NILS: (Into microphone.) Moonport - standing by.
BEN: It's never done that before, Doctor.

(HOBSON is now by the communicator.)

HOBSON: Hobson here.
VOICE: (OOV.) What's happening up there? The hurricane you were guiding is now 45 degrees off course. It's threatening Hawaii.
HOBSON: One of my men were taken ill. We're operational again now.
VOICE: (OOV.) The controller would like to know the cause of the illness.
HOBSON: Yes, so would we. We now have three men down with this mysterious virus in the past few hours - including the Doctor.
VOICE: (OOV.) One moment please. Stand by for further instructions.

(HOBSON turns to the other crewmen.)

HOBSON: Just hang on for a few moments lads. We better hear what the great Mr. Rinberg has to say.
NILS: Nobby?
NILS: There it is again. I'll play it back to you.

(We hear HOBSON again but this time there is some kind of high-pitched whine behind it.)

TAPE: "Yes, so would we. We now have three men down with this mysterious virus in the past few hours - including the Doctor."
VOICE: (Tape OOV.) "One moment please. Stand by for further instructions."
NILS: Here the big noise ratio on that re-run. We're being monitored again.
HOBSON: Monitored?
NILS: Someone, not too far away from the base, is listening to every word we say.


(Inside the spaceship every word is heard. Even though, we can't see anybody, we know that somebody or thing is here. Listening. We can hear the voice from Earth and Hobson over the ship's radio.)

VOICE: (OOV.) "Moonbase, Moonbase, come in Moonbase."
HOBSON: (OOV.) Still standing by.
HOBSON: (OOV.) Well?
VOICE: (OOV.) Your instruction's to send blood samples back to Earth for investigation.
HOBSON: (OOV.) Well, when can we do that? The next shuttle rocket's not for another month.
VOICE: (OOV.) Then they must be put on that rocket. In the meantime the Moonbase is to put into quarantine.


HOBSON: Quarantine!! What if these men aren't fit enough to get back to work. I shall need replacements.
VOICE: (OOV.) If you radio information about this virus, we can do our best to identify it and suggest treatment.

(HOBSON is not happy about this state of affairs.)

HOBSON: I demand to speak to Rinberg.


(Again every word can be heard.)

VOICE: (OOV.) The controller is busy - sorry. Over and out.


NILS: That whole conversion was monitored by someone or something.
HOBSON: Oh, never mind about that now. That Rinberg fellow won't talk to you. How can we trace down this mystery illness with the Doctor himself down with it.
DOCTOR: (To BEN.) We better get out of these things and see how Jamie is. (To HOBSON.) Perhaps I can be of help in the sick bay.
HOBSON: Anything you can do..... Bob!

(Another crewman comes over.)

BOB: Yes, Mr Hobson?
HOBSON: Show them to the Medical unit will you?
BOB: Yes, of course. (To the DOCTOR and BEN.) If you will come this way.
DOCTOR: Yes. Thank you.

(All three leave the room as HOBSON turns back to the rest of the crewmen.)

HOBSON: Well, you all heard the position. We don't know what this inflection is and how it got into the base but I want you all to take extra precautions while this emergency is on. We may be short-handed for quite a while.


(This room is half-full with beds which are full of people and instruments. JAMIE is currently lying on one of the beds and BEN and the DOCTOR are now back in their normal clothes and are looking at some readings. POLLY is here and has, by now, some understanding of some of the units about her.)

POLLY: (Attaching a circular unit to JAMIE's chest.) Is this how its goes, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, that's right. Then, this unit automatically controls the pulse, the temperature and the breathing.
POLLY: A sort of electronic Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes. Almost got stripe trousers.
BEN: It even give you medicines too.
DOCTOR: Yes. It will do very nearly everything.
POLLY: Can't be nice to him. How do you think he is, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, he's not too bad. He's a bit concussed and feverish but he'll be all right with rest.

(JAMIE starts to groan.)

JAMIE: (Softly.) The Piper! The McCrimmon Piper! Don't let him get me!

(He struggles to sit up but he collapses back to his bed.)

DOCTOR: Piper?
POLLY: Some legend of his clan. As far, as I can make out - this piper appears to a McCrimmon just before he dies.
DOCTOR: Has this phantom piper appeared to Jamie yet?
POLLY: You don't believe it, do you?
DOCTOR: No, but he does. It's important to him.
POLLY: He keeps asking us to keep the piper away from him.
DOCTOR: Good. We can see if we can do just that.

(He walks away thinking.)

BEN: Well, carry on Nurse.
POLLY: (Hotly.) Well, at least I try to help. There's a ward full of sick men and no doctor. Somebody got to do something.

(One of the men on the beds starts to groan. All three go over to him.)

POLLY: I wonder who this is?
DOCTOR: (Cautiously.) Don't get too near. Have a look on his chart.
POLLY: That's a good idea.

(She takes a look.)

BEN: It's Dr. Evans.
DOCTOR: Oh, yes. The station doctor. He was the first one to get it.
POLLY: He looks one of the worst.
DOCTOR: (Thinking hard.) There's something about this epidemic that I... I just don't understand. It's not like a real disease at all! It's almost like...
BEN: Not real! What more do you want?
DOCTOR: I don't know. But there are certain signs and symptoms which don't add up.

(He makes a decision.)

DOCTOR: Ben, I want you to go to the control room and keep an eye on things.
BEN: How?
DOCTOR: Give a hand, do anything but keep your eyes and ears open.
BEN: Right.

(He leaves the room.)

DOCTOR: There's something very wrong indeed.


(The Control room is in darkness, aside from the glow from the world map. Everybody is very busy. BENOIT comes into the room and notices that HOBSON is still there and is looking very tired.)

BENOIT: Still up, Nobby. Why not take a rest. Go and get some sleep.
HOBSON: How can I rest with that thing up the spout. (Pointing to the Gravitron.) You know the score as well as I do. Five units off centre and we lift half London into space! Five more and the Atlantic water level goes up three feet! Rinberg don't understand the pressure we're under.

(He spots BEN who has just come into the room.)

HOBSON: Hey you! What do you thinking you are doing?! Skulking here?
BEN: Just wondering if I can help, sir.
HOBSON: Well, how can you help?
BENOIT: We can do with an extra pair of hands - he can help me.
HOBSON: Well, keep him away from me, that's all. All right, I'll go and lie down. Call me if anything happens.
BENOIT: Yes, of course.

(HOBSON turns to leave but he remembers something and turns back.)

HOBSON: Oh, by the way, there were two more of those momentary drops in air pressure while I was on. I have put them in the log.
BENOIT: Right.

(HOBSON leaves. BENOIT turns to BEN.)

BENOIT: Well, there are some coffee cups to clear away if you want to be helpful. And... oh and Ralph, no. 14, needs a hand down in the food store. Can you find your way there?
BEN: I'll find it.
BENOIT: Good boy.

(He turns and walks to a control bank while BEN turns to leave the room.)


(The big stores room is a huge system of racks, each shelf lined with plastic sacks. Ralph, a well built dark skinned man, is disposing of a broken sack. He is amazed to see that it has some holes in it. He slings it into a large bin marked "WASTE CONTAINER UNIT".)

RALPH: Anyone would think we got rats up here.

(He hears some noise (a tin being knocked over) and there is a tall shadow.)

RALPH: Who's that?!

(Total silence but Ralph gets the feeling that he isn't alone.)


(BEN enters from the doorway.)

BEN: Only me, mate.
RALPH: Oh, for heaven's sake. Don't go sneaking about like that!
BEN: Blimey! You lot aren't half edgy.
RALPH: You would be too, mate, if you have been up here long enough.

(He notices BEN's look at the broken sacks.)

RALPH: Say, are you responsible for the broken bags here.
BEN: Come off it, I only just arrived, haven't I?
RALPH: Okay. See and you can find that lamp. Round the back, most likely.
BEN: Okay.

(He walks off into the gathering darkness of the big room.)

RALPH: (Talking to himself.) Let's see. Still need some more... Milk and Sugar.

(Suddenly he gets that feeling that he wasn't alone again. He turns towards a rack but from behind it comes a silver, three-fingered gloved hand. The new arrival is just off-shot and seen only by the end of its hideous silver claw. The hand touches his head and RALPH cries out in pain. The figure catches him and carries him off.)

BEN: (Calling out.) Ralph!


BEN: Where are you?

(More silence.)

BEN: Scarpered. Funny bloke.

(BEN leaves, puzzled.)


(POLLY is asleep in a chair but starts as the Doctor enters.)

POLLY: What is that?

(The DOCTOR appears by her.)

DOCTOR: Shhhh, it's all right Polly. It's only me. We don't want to wake everybody up do we?

(POLLY rubs her forehead as she checks the patient - a sure sign of being tired.)

DOCTOR: You look if you can do with some sleep yourself.
POLLY: I'm all right.

(She notices that the DOCTOR is carrying something.)

POLLY: What have you got there?
DOCTOR: Oh, I been doing a little investigation.

(He shows POLLY what he is carrying: a strip of silver metallic material.)

POLLY: A piece of silver paper. What is it?
DOCTOR: I don't know.

(The lights in the room become lower.)

POLLY: What's happened?!
DOCTOR: Oh, it's nothing. It probably just a changeover in the time cycle.
POLLY: What do you mean?
DOCTOR: Oh, you see - it's rather interesting really - you see on the moon, they have a fortnight of days and a fortnight of nights.
POLLY: Well?
DOCTOR: Well, it's oblivious isn't it? They have to make their own day and night artificially up there - or it would upset their own biological time clock.
POLLY: Their what?
DOCTOR: They won't know if they were coming or going. Get it?
POLLY: (Not completely.) Yes.
DOCTOR: Clever girl. QED. That's why it's dark up here.
POLLY: (Seeing.) Oh, I see. Yes, of course. How stupid of me.
DOCTOR: Of course along the control centre it's probably broad daylight.

(POLLY has a slight grin on her face and the DOCTOR spots this.)

DOCTOR: Polly, you wouldn't be making fun of me would you?
POLLY: (Laughing.) No.

(Dr. Evans screams out loud and both of them rush back to his bed. He is tossing restlessly, his face covered in swear.)

POLLY: Dr. Evans.

(EVANS, who is very weak, speaks in almost a whisper.)

EVANS: The hand. No, don't touch me. No. The silver hand.

(He cries out again and then goes limp.)

POLLY: Doctor, is he...
DOCTOR: (Feeling EVAN's forehead and wrist.) Yes, I'm afraid he is.

(The DOCTOR draws EVAN's blanket over his face to hide it from sight. He then draws POLLY aside who is slightly crying over the unexplained death.)

POLLY: What are we gone to do?
DOCTOR: What does he means by the silver hand. I better report this to Mr. Hobson.

(With a reassuring hand on POLLY's shoulder. The DOCTOR leaves the bay.)


(HOBSON is back on shift and BEN is telling him about RALPH's disappearance.)

HOBSON: Can't find him! Ralph!?
BEN: Well, I was helping him load some stores and he just disappeared.
HOBSON: What! In this place. Well, there are only nineteen of us.

(The DOCTOR arriving hears this.)

DOCTOR: Have you tried his quarters?
BEN: Yes.
HOBSON: Why didn't you report this to me?
BEN: Well, I just telling you now, aren't I?

(HOBSON notices the DOCTOR.)

HOBSON: What is it now?
DOCTOR: Terribly sorry. It's Dr. Evans.
DOCTOR: I'm afraid he's dead.
HOBSON: (Staring.) Dead? No.
BENOIT: This must be reported at once.
HOBSON: Yes, yes.... No! No, we haven't got enough data yet. You know what they're like down there. I'll come to the sick bay with you. Come on.


(POLLY is trying to give JAMIE a class of water.)

POLLY: Here.

(JAMIE takes too much of a gulp.)

POLLY: Gently, Jamie.

(JAMIE takes a couple of more sips. He suddenly point to behind POLLY at a large shadow before passing out.)

POLLY: Jamie!

(She puts the glass down and turns about slowly. It was almost too late but she sees a shadow and screams. The shadow seemed to be carrying something. The shadows leaves and the door closes behind it just as the DOCTOR and HOBSON enter with some others. POLLY runs into the DOCTOR's arms.)

HOBSON: What's the matter?
POLLY: (Pointing.) Something just went out of that door!
HOBSON: Nils! John!

(Both men immediately go towards the other doorway.)

DOCTOR: What was it?

(NILS and JOHN returns.)

NILS: Nothing. Nothing there.

(HOBSON looks at POLLY with a look that states "You been working too hard.")

HOBSON: Your nerves are getting the better of you. Where's Evan's body?
POLLY: (Pointing at the cot.) Over there.

(They all walk over to the cot in question.)

HOBSON: All right, let's get it over with.

(The blanket is pulled back but the body is not there. In it's place is a pile of pillows shaped into the form of a man.)

HOBSON: (Angry.) Is this somebody's idea of a particularly bad joke?
DOCTOR: (Anxious.) This is no joke, believe me!

(BENOIT comes rushing in.)

BENOIT: Mr. Hobson, Mr. Hobson, you are wanted! Another man's collapsed at the controls and the Gravitron has been thrown off alignment again.
HOBSON: Come on!

(He turns back to the Doctor's party.)

HOBSON: And you better find that Doctor's body or out you all go - quarantine or no quarantine.
POLLY: (Near to tears.) I don't understand what could have happened. I must have dozed off or something but one thing I am sure of - something went out of that door just as you came in.
DOCTOR: That body can't just have vanished. Polly, I am going to leave you alone...

(POLLY looks worried.)

DOCTOR: ...just for a minute.
POLLY: All right.

(JAMIE stirs as the DOCTOR leaves.)

JAMIE: Water. Water.
POLLY: (Walking to JAMIE's cot.) I'll go and get you some.

(She picks up a cup and makes for the exit.)

JAMIE: Water!

(POLLY leaves the sickbay leaving JAMIE turning restlessly in his cot. Suddenly, we hear another door open and somebody comes into the room. JAMIE rises from his cot to take a good look at what has been stalking the men of the moonbase... It's silver. Strange black tubes run from some kind of chest unit in the centre of the body. It's face has two holes that might have been eyes and a square slit for what could have been it's mouth. Two pieces of metal connect it's ears to some kind of device in it's forehead. They have changed in the past 84 years since mankind has last seen them, but they are certainly back, for the thing that is facing JAMIE is astonishing enough and in no doubt - A CYBERMAN!)

JAMIE: It's you! The phantom piper!

(The CYBERMAN moves forward as it looks like it is going to scoop JAMIE up and it extends its arms ready to stun him...)

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